Record Production

I don’t know how much of the album cover you see there. I did not anticipate the difficulties making the album covers for I had little difficulties making the book covers for my books.

I made some color compromises and flew with it far as the phonebooks for the best I could do with what I had, and knew, at the time. Death is the Title, or I slept on the Porch has a bit more flesh town than I wanted. I like the book a lot.

Going to doctors often gets to me. I am slow and patient now because I have become that way. It is faux patience, but seems the same in the end.

The meter on the inverter read 107.6 because it is not full sine and there is some kind of fluctuation between 110 and 120 in the real output. I may experience some feedback running the amp Dan at Inverters R Us says. Since I started now I could stand to trade for a better real electric guitar. I have a red one.

Making the headstock where the winders go is about the hardest part of the build for me since I’ve not made a good jig. I used some layers of aluminum foil to place the holes, but think the Fender thing is fine, other than rectangular. I didn’t want to depend on neck string guides.

I need to figure out what to sell on this place since the Xmas Tree Store isn’t working.

Subject Change.

It is of significance to me that they are closing the Station, the bar I used to drink at. Good Hangar Flying conversations with Mike Benson Senior were had soon after the Station opened. After getting banned from OCSC it was where I could go with no problems. When I was first year unemployed I drank too much from too much spare time. Meantime I got progressively sicker.

Sids, Barry had me on till I couldn’t walk and the disability aid came through some. Social Security had to be applied for early. I went through operations from 2010 on till about 5 months ago. Then I was able to walk better more and more after the final last episode when my leg got broken. Now I have a hernia. My teeth are going to hell.

Getting the inverter mounted properly is next, or I put it in and take it out.

It was my hypothesis that to achieve the currency of fame I was going to go to near a TV station and play and say. Telling the story of Transcendia can keep me going for the necessary 45 minutes if I have nothing else interesting to talk about.

Control of my space and sound is now important to me. I do what I do, out of bounds of the better experienced and trained. As I say, I made the instruments and I’ll play them my way.

DPI ran way down to 92 somehow in the graphics I made with Canva, over and over. The patience factor is gone. It is different too from building the guitars and putting the power source in the car. I sure hope the feedback isn’t too much?

So it is like after I heckled Eddie Murphy at the Comic Strip in Fort Lauderdale so bad he had to say he was on stage and I wasn’t. So I as pride point had to work out, bombing 5 times good till Joe Mullen told me sex is funny but love isn’t.

According to these people: Linda Bilmes, Amira Woods IMIRA not Amira, Woods, Brad De long, Steve Clemons, and Rob Johnson, The Factors in play as the US is running the show with the citizens paying the bills are overwhelmingly bad, and dangerous.

As I point out though there is politics, economics, and who has the trigger on the atom bomb.

Carter’s understanding of War, was good enough. It got down to tanks for him too, far as war game battlefield and he was talking finally then about the Neutron Bomb, which became the dialed down Thermo Nuclear bomb.

I look for where the tanks are. The leaders of the world in National offices are used to radioactive poisoning of great swaths of the world while the rest for islanders is sinking while round and round in the food table is the gyre of molecularized plastics.

I am fighting to kill off the Hitler idea left of him that the Artist cannot be a good leader. Then of course I looked up leaders who were artists, and there are lots of them. Even Franco was a painter of some talent.

The work of Transcendia is tough. It comes from the need that came clear to me in 1978. I was certain then that the US could not be reformed. What year was that in Afghanistan to now? People dying in war. What was it for? Can’t rights of way and all be negotiated, paid for? No Sale!

Now Muslims who are like safe Christians when they simply don’t believe too much in it all. Somehow it is like the over bearing Communists that were prevalent in the Mao era of China. Albania’s Socialist history isn’t too pretty either. Europe knows war.

John C. Mearshiemer says more than every nation needs a nuke. Says that in the absence of a Government of Governments while the US does NATO bloodletting out of every pore all Western allies and enemies are happy to watch the bloodletting and the Military guys, Generals of the world, keep buying weapons. It is a big deal that so many American made bought and weapons have been left on battlefields.
It’s like every big mistake you can make the Leaders of the US, these Generals, help make.
More people in the military bands than are in the Foreign Service they said. Linda Bilmes said some things that were rock solid bad. Overall the panel was well versed with significant observations. Most of these things are so far gone and entrenched crisis overload with all the lost weaponry and every system in a sort of slow motion aim and past as to do the contractor dance even wrecking the soldiers minds given no break.
It is bad.

London withdrew to within the city walls when the Romans left.

To top it off Obama truly does act weak, as if the nation is desperate for a payoff with the TPP no matter anything. Give away all pretense of being the great democratic hope of peoples of the world, for 4 trillion the US ought be able to make in the market place regardless.

I think of Wilson and the wreck that was Versalles, and the League of Nations and then came WWII. Then Roosevelt was leaving China and all of it, Zionism, to the UN, which was made into something else. Zionism and the Korean War, fixed real hope about the UN and majority rule as fair for a place. No. yeah Chiak Kan Shy Chek, /formosa becomes Tiawan out of that corrupt administration, but we get things and keep our toe in. Asia.

Obama’s people? Who knows whose people? Rule writer bureaucrats.

The picture of what Militarization really looks like was painted. The History, the secrets. Off record Steve Clemons had something to say. Brad wanted it to be different about the TPP.

This lack of Management, which means someone being responsible for the books. The spies get money from their fronts, so it drifted to everybody else using the name got their money off the books and the war was off the books.

Washington has these buildings and NYC has that, or had that beautiful Bowling Green Post Office.

After watching that I thought by every measure I was right to start the work of creating another nation. No doubt about it.