Insurodollar for Greece

Order from Karl

Karl Konig Poster of Russell Founder of Transcendia
Order from Karl

The Insurodollar would work for Greece as a currency. Human capital is what they have. Primarily it appears they serve tourists. The ATMs must function dispensing money to tourist travelers.

In fact if even the banks stay closed the ATMs could still dispense money to tourists.

In past studies I was told that it wasn’t the banks that had the money, but the Insurance Companies. US Citizens became the reinsurers of AIG, an indication of how much the looting as practiced by un regulated banks, if you want to call them that anymore had gone.

Either way the financial system is dependent on insurance of their products to make their financial products appear to be legitimate. Meyer Lansky is the Financial Engineer who founded the current practices. Criminal financial practices were made legal in the US. Some of the system is dependent on UK protected banking systems of the Caymans and Cook Islands. In general London bankers and the Canadian banks both operate obliquely.

There was a fair amount of evidence to support the theory that Rochdale College the hippie haven and dodger hide out had been part of the mobster enterprises, part of Lansky enterprises.

In my reply to the story on Naked Capitalism about the ATM system, tourism, and Greece, I replied that I felt that it ought to be clear to an insurance company that they could capture all of the Greek insurance business by saving Greece. Even without helping to create the Insurodollar they are integrated enough into the financial system to provide funds predicated on the insurance worthy assets and the human capital of Greece.

A move by Russia to grasp Greece at their lowest is in the background, though Russian economic stability is dependent on war now as the petrodollar is dependent on war in regards to US financial instruments. The Petrodollar deal engineered by Kissinger and Nixon is losing sway because of peace plans by the US in regards to Iran. Saudis have run off to experiment with their own weapons systems in Yemen while Russians perfect Hybrid War in the Ukraine.

Lionel Douglas VP and President of Rochdale College hired me as a poet who had been ripped off by the Tuedaily for a Security job at Rochdale. He told me I was a barometer, and I am. Even my ideas are turned out as ways out at the right time.

I do offer ways out as a leader. The Insurodollar is the most valuable of my offers to this world. There is no way that environmentalists will beat the Petrodollar Imperative as there was no way the American Indians could beat the Gold Imperative.

Even the skew of the Insurodollar would offer powerful disincentives for peace in the Middle East if Palestinians were forced to insure Israelis and Israelis were forced to insure Palestinians. It would be fine and good of course if they volunteered to do so, but I do not realistically expect them to do such a thing as they seem wedded to force, and the threat of the nuclear weapons they have.

Noam Chomsky is right that Israel intends to the be Hegemon in the region. The US seems intent on being the Government of Governments in the world. Certainly whatever it does, the US, is designed to satisfy the plans of the Corporations who have been taught in business schools to crush labor at every opportunity. This is because they value little human capital which ought be given greater value by the insurance companies who would then benefit. These people who are often my enemies are no smarter than I, but their motives make them do what they do. I have different goals.

My goal is to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot, so I am forced to create systems that work to do that. The Insurodollar putting human capital first behind fossil fuels shifts the paradigm causing the actions of the corporations to have a different set of motives. Things done that diminish health and wellbeing of human capital, like the destruction of the environment, of a sudden are no longer profitable if human capital instead of the Petro Power System are put in place.

I am terribly weak as a nation. I am looking for a breakout success. I am sorry I did not sooner focus on the problems of Greece. Of course it is not as if they would have any prospect of paying attention to my financial system offered until in such desperate straits as they are.

This is an explanation, of a bit, written because I tweeted to Greece, a guy I read about in the NYTs, I tweeted him. It appears now that it is only Twitter messaging that has any hope of getting through to anyone.

You, if you are a supporter of my theories could add some tweets around. I have been gaining twitter followers and am near the tribe threshold number of 500 with 400. Certainly I have eschewed just buying them for $29.99. I want people who actually follow me because they understand my goals and the systems I have developed over a lifetime of wondering how I might prevent Nuclear War, I call now the apocalyptic riot.

Again: The Insurodollar is whole life policies awarded to citizens at birth or buy in. A percentage of the equity of these policies is shared with the nation to form the Treasury and National Insurance Company that together use that shared equity to issue the currency. The policies themselves function as normal Whole Life Policies do, but with more than a death benefit. There is a point at which the individual begins paying into the system for their policy. At that point, somewhere between 18 and 21, maybe even up until 24, that they are given money to pay for education or the starting of a business. Then when they die their family is provided the inheritance of a death benefit.

Obviously this overcomes the horror of communism which becomes corrupted by the elites ending up with all of the assets of individuals and families to either squander, or steal.

I was encouraged that the Future Tax Credit Currency was discussed as an alternative internal currency for the Greeks. It is near to the concepts of the Insurodollar, but inferior because the Insurodollar gives to the citizens reasons to feel a loyalty to their nation. The Insurodollar in that way helps keep money in the national banks. The Insurodollar provides reasons for the citizen to stay with the nation.




Remember how I told a story about how I felt C.M. Ferraro, the cop, had been hanging out in the parking lot of the place where more of the poor shop locally looking for those who were committing the crimes of poverty the poor are more likely to commit than the richer people so as to be able to write a bunch of county court income producing tickets?

My wife was sick and I was glad to be well enough to drive and go do something for her since she needed a particular sort of cough syrup. It was right expensive cough syrup. She likes to shop at the place where the less well off shop you know. They like her there. They like my wife in all the store where she shops.

I had had no idea that there was anything wrong with the car. Turned out it was out of inspection and late on the taxes. It was my fault really because I’d had a problem with how the car window was fixed at her favorite garage. She was emotionally conflicted about returning and put things off as a result.

We were going to go to another garage. I ended up at the real nice looking place Carolina Car Center now it is. Used to be Chapel Hill Tire, there near the nicest PTA thrift shop in the nation. They said it, the Camry, needed twelve hundred dollars worth of work to pass inspection. I had no idea this car was in such terrible shape. It certainly didn’t seem so. I asked why they thought I needed to get it 4 new tires, considering the tread didn’t look bad. They said the tires were 10 years old and dry rotted.

I’ve not been driving much after all the operations and the then broken leg. I asked about the tires and my wife said the tires weren’t as old as the Carolina Car Center said they were. Other things said to be wrong with the car were fixable with some attention to grease and fluids. But we were in a bind and I was trying to think of ways to salvage the car or even parts of it.

My wife and her mother took it to the garage where I, now an apparently crotchety old man, had had a problem with the way they fixed the window last winter. The window had stopped working. It was the drivers side window and wouldn’t go up and down. Before I broke my leg, I had started to drive, and this thing with the window was a problem.

I did a good deal of mechanic work and was aware of the mechanics getting all mad about it if you tried to fix something yourself, but had tried anyway. I had tried to show them where I was and what parts they needed to be aware of that I had put in a box. They hadn’t looked at it saying it was okay they could deal with it. If they had looked at it things would have gone better. My wife gets along with them. I don’t.

In fact anyway when my wife and her mother took it to the garage, the one I’d had a problem with, the car was passed without needing more than windshield wipers. Windshield wipers don’t last near as long as they used to.

Luckily when my wife went to the court all the charges were dismissed.

So C.M.Ferraro would have done as well to have written me a warning ticket instead of a full fledged citation. I did ask her Supervisor to check on the citations and warning tickets that Officer Ferraro wrote that Sunday to see if there was a pattern.

It isn’t good for unsafe cars to be on the roads. I don’t think she actually really thought that there was something unsafe about the car. (I wrote a story about the stop earlier on this site.)

The Carolina Car Center lied to me about why I needed to spend 12 hundred dollars to get the car to pass inspection. The tires are not as old as they said and do not have dry rot. It is actually fraud to lie to your customers you know.

If their defense is that they are incompetent, then it is fraud for them to put up a sign and say they will properly fix your car.

My revenge here and now is the simple truth of the story which if widely known in the community ought drive down business since if you have need of a mechanic for your car, then you are forewarned Carolina Car Center isn’t a sane and sensible place to take it since they are either liars or incompetent.


On another issue about policing in the community, it is standard operating procedure for the Carrboro police to stop you if they think you are a stranger in town. Does being a stranger, a visitor maybe, amount to “probable cause”?

Should we put up a sign where you enter town on 54 or from the direction either way on all roads entering that announces: In Carrboro We Stop Strangers.

Is stopping strangers “best practices” for all police everywhere? I have a suspicion that it does not reach legally the level of true probably cause.

Apocalyptic Riot

It was a winter morning. Not to terrible bad. Some damp. The Sun was coming up. Still it was grey. All the homes of Elon were painted white, or covered in brick.

My bicycle was red. I had 103 papers in the steel chrome baskets on the back sides and in the front. A portion, the ones in the front were folded for throws to porches. Other flat papers were laid down or shoved under doors on the last part of the route.

I was standing up on the right pedal ready to power push down so to ride along the road on the other side of the tracks. Other side of the tracks where the Blacks lived, the tall pole with the bicycle wheel sans the tire was like the flag of the little ghetto he didn’t enter ever the whole time he lived there.

The above the line fold of the Greensboro Daily News was about the coming nuclear war. Goldwater was going to get them all killed. He knew that. Johnson had landed in a helicopter on the campus and he’d gotten his autograph. I got the autograph.

In my mind the question was “How can I prevent nuclear war?” To this day the question never leaves me. At the beginning of the summer I tried tweeting to the State Department. Kerry’s State Department. Still the Russians are the ones with nuclear weapons and threats to use them.

Ideally the resolution of the Cold War would have been Statehood for Russia. If Russia had become a state of the Union it would have gotten a tradition of contract law that enables capitalism. As it was capitalists rushed in first to loot the nation and make contracts with the friends of Yeltsin, after Gorbachov was retired? How did that go?

I’d stood to make $500.000.oo if a deal for an Ilyisun 29 had gone through. I didn’t know what to do, with bladder bags of vodka. The plane could go 8,000 miles with a heavy load. I’d found a potential buyer with a route from like London to Melborne Australia, or Sidney. It’s been 30 some years now.

Immediately the price was doubled and the buyer had to agree to taking the pilots in the deal. It was a case of the pilots this time trying to jump in on the action. The plane was in Kazakistan.

In price negotiations for cars and planes you do not typically start low and then raise the price, but the other way around. My cut was a finders fee. The FAA excludes for one reason or another many of the Russian planes. Boeing really doesn’t want competition. Airbus is bad enough.

If I had been acquainted with bottlers, maybe the vodka would have been the way to go. Sounded like it would taste some of rubber. They have these big frack trucks I think they are called that use big bladders that rest in truck tractor trailers typically used for water supplies for traveling armies. I think these had been filled with vodka. I should have gone with the vodka.

Then I was going to become a distributor. Soventure was the name of the company. My friend who made the introductions had said he didn’t know how they really made money. They distributed things that were in the public domain in Russia. There are people in this world who make a living selling things that are free.

I was going to NC film festivals looking for films to be distributed in Russia. I found a nice little independent called Drinking Games. They were offered a thousand dollars. This wasn’t enough to make a print. Films in Russia are free. They are ripped off copies from the major studios. In college I was a seat counter. I got to go to movies and count seats that were full. Around that time even the President of one of the Studios, I think it was 20th Century Fox went to Moscow to do that job himself.

Howard Coble was head of the committee that was charged with protecting intellectual property of US producers and distributors of movies and music. I got the feeling that it was fine with him and the rest of the Republicans if Hollywood didn’t get paid. The liberals of Hollywood were seen as the enemy. They made free propaganda of the American Way. Go ahead and let the Russians and the Chinese steal it all. The honest theaters and music producers could get their money from European Theaters and music stores. The Russians and Chinese were simply going to steal it all anyway.

Thanks a fuck lot there Howard.

Toronto, New York, North Carolina. Oh yeah North Carolina, third in movies in the US! I never went out to LA to live. I forgot to list Fort Lauderdale. New York wasn’t all New York City. I lived in Rochester, NY too. A lifetime is that: Time.

50 and I got married here in Chapel Hill. I was back to doing what I did when first out of school in NY, returning home to Mom’s house in Greensboro and sitting in the back yard making “Bicycle Disaster” an assemblage of wood from trees and old bicycles and drawing pictures with crayons. I was suffering from a broken heart. I was depressed. I was suicidal. I worked for a high school friend who had become a contractor in one of the building booms that crashed like they seem to do.

Trying to get the roof rafters together on the ridge, standing three stories up on the end of a diving board two by ten, I got so scared I didn’t want to die and became less suicidal.

There were a couple more jobs. The world kept changing. I didn’t dress right. Now it’s okay in IT world. At the TV station the guy said, “If I was going to hire anybody, I’d hire one of my friends.”

I’d always wanted to fly. I started going out to Atlantic Aero and spending the money. Some guys got killed on the clock on a joy ride, test flight of a Conquest. A bolt fell out of the elevator mechanism in the back empenage, tail of the plane so the elevator jammed and it, the plane went up and then down.

I was hanging around anyway, so I got hired. People are supposed to die, retire, get out of the way.

By 1978 I judged the US was so corrupted and corporatized that reform of it was impossible. I started to work on Transcend-O-Ray from the vision I wrote about in the latest book: Poor Buzz and Stories from Warnings for my Daughter.

I got a writing job, kinda, freelance on the Canadian Inspector Gadget Show. It was because of the Transcend-O-Ray newsletter I would make 30 copies of every month. I left the airport in Fort Lauderdale. James Boy said, “Can’t blame a guy for wanting to better himself.” There was a complication with one of his daughters. It was better if I left.

Fools Die, by Mario Puzo is the best book about the writing life I know. There are people that offer a deal, and then they change it. It’s not them, but the other guys, guys with the money. “Don’t pay him.” I left Canada.

“Transcend-O-Ray is a good name for a vision, but it doesn’t work so well for a country.”

Mark Sampson the photographer, me and Craig Hafner were getting stoned. Craig was in advertising. He said, “Well countries end in IA. The vision then became Transcendia, a nation of airports that moderates the world economies. Airports are culturally neutral. That helps in business, international business. A woman can try and do a deal at the airport.

The liberals believe that if you do business with people they will then have an interest in peace between the two of you. It is wrong. The more business you do with anybody, the more likely you are to go to war. There are lots of divorces. Think of divorce with children. It can get ugly.

You got to watch it and keep it under control. There is a balance to be achieved. Never believe in anything too much see. Port cities live forever. People do deals. There are illegal things. Smugglers have work. They want to go legit.

Now things are so that there is war all the time. There is always war. The spies are supposed to keep it hid. England and France were at each others throats for near like a thousand years. Maybe it was only 800. English women wanted French dresses anyway. Men had lumps of gold. The women got jewels and diamonds they stashed in their bosuns.

When it really got good the peasants were put to work in factories. Then they needed money too. They couldn’t grow up food or sheep so much. There were too many of them. Communism became a thing. There was going to be a workers paradise.

“If you can’t even imagine Utopia, you ought not call yourself a human being.”

In the business schools they teach financial engineering and teach not to pay. They teach the deal. You can find the labor. You got the money first. Don’t give it away. Labor is never satisfied. Fuck ’em. Go bankrupt, change the name of the company.

America! All it had till the very start of the 20th Century was a little Coast guard. Mahan wrote a book about sea power. America got some battleships and Spain lost Cuba and Puerto Rico. American Battleships went to the Philippines. To much product. Sell it in the international marketplace. You need battleships for that. The Filipinos are little people. Torture them to make them come around.

Right now the US is involved in economic warfare with Russia. I tweeted to the US UN Mission, the State Department, the President. They need to talk to Putin till that spy war revolving around the Ukraine, some issue with territory, a land route to the sea, is resolved.

In fact I went to all the trouble to write a letter about that and the Insurodollar on paper I sent to the President. I should have used Zhukov read seal, more impressive stationary. It’s been months. I know I wrote about the Insurodollar.

The letter I wrote Ban Ki Moon, there’s a copy in my book. I forget now all the details of the letter to the President.

Anyway, what about those rockets that keep exploding? Russia has the rockets for getting to the ISS. We were supposed to be allies in that area. The price is real high per seat. Gore got that going so the scientists wouldn’t freelance making bomb rockets for higher bidders.

Biden is supposed to be in charge of the US Space Program. He was right about Iraq. It ought be three countries he said. Maybe they will get around to the Kurds, give the Kurds the tanks. Tanks run over infantry. Victory looks like tanks with your flags on them.

Poland has its tanks at the border. Russia is flying invisible bombers around Europe. The US sent more tanks over starting last February. Warthogs, like you know, the tank busters, ground support planes that actually work. Hybrid war jams all the radios of the planes and the tanks. Russia has tried that out. It works. Drones wander around and fall out of the sky. Putin went to Syria and a drone fell out of the sky.

You’re a civilian? I’m a civilian. We get killed, and there isn’t much the new foreign markets do for us then. Instead of Carter’s neutron bomb, that nobody liked, it kills tank crews, they stopped talking about it. They figured a way to set the thermonuclear bombs. They call it dialing. They dial them down. They would work on the airbases and the tanks. Either Russians or the US might try it out.

Summer is the season of love and war. Try a tweet. Say the President and President need to talk on the phone till there is an end to the economic warfare. Send Elon Musk over there to the airport where Snowden hid out. Snowden told us about the TPP. God almighty. Do our Presidents really really have to sell us out?

Back when it was Goldwater, we might could have won, sort of. This get out of hand and we’re fucked. It would be an apocalyptic riot. No big problem for China. If the US doesn’t put men in the grid, it can mysteriously just break down all over. Electricity distributed like that has to be balanced.

Intendor News/RSD

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

You will gain information about how to run for office from me as I intend to run. All the FEC cares about is when the committee has 5 Grand. I called them today. They were nice to me on the phone and will send me the guidance for running information packet. They gave me the number to call in Raleigh, and I called and got a machine for Carlos.

I left a message.

If we, for it will be a we by the time I get to the filing fee get that up, afterwards I’ll be looking to be flown or fly to all the State airports where I’ll give my speeches.

Then I’ll win and serve, seeking to get the US changed over to renewable energy out of the ocean’s tides and solar in amounts of electrical power that surpass what we can hope to get from fossil fuel sources.

I will be supporting engineers and engineering.

The other issues socially to be changed much revolve from the War on Drugs, or Make Hate War. I will denounce, or simply do denounce J. Edgar Hoover laws and policies which are racists, and basically evil.

I will work to free the political prisoners in our jails for the dealing or growing of marijuana. This has to be accomplished at the Federal level. I have developed over the years a jaundiced view of States Rights. In the South they have done more to hurt Black Labor, and Labor in general, than helped our society become more just and equal.

Anyway, Otherwise, I have little in the way of resources. The fact that I can compete in TV Land on youtube is a wonderful thing and I want to take full advantage of that. As I keep saying TV Land is the sane battlefield for the old revolutionary. I will try to do the Intendor Radio Show on youtube everyday. I did it yesterday, but I did it with the good camera. I couldn’t get the show to publish till this morning.

The show is a simple show that will consistently give you a very good idea of my way of thinking of things. I read from the feed I get from either Facebook or Linked In, or I’ll try to say what I can in the short time I have to deal with things about what is published on nakedcapitalism.

Yesterday I wrote a letter post on Linked In titled “I am Perfect”.


Latest Transcendian News

Transcendia Founder

Photograph of Russell Scott Day

Transcendian is the battlefield territory that I claim in TV Land. Since I announced on youtube that I was willing to run for the US Senate, I have been doing a daily radio show. For the most part the show is my feed read with my comments. So far I have read from Facebook feeds of mine, and also in one episode I used the Linked In feed I read.

I am old and diminished now. I will never be able to do any hard physical work again, as I did with skill, as a Gaffer, or Key Grip, or basically as a technician in Motion Picture and Television Production. I won’t be a stagehand again.

I won’t be a carpenter.

I can write, but my experiences as a journalist, as a reporter photographer were long ago and I don’t have friends invested in my success in that field. I did not commit to it early. I wrote a novel that didn’t sell and worked otherwise in Aviation Ground Services, and Motion Picture and Television production.

I don’t live in LA and don’t have friends there, and NCs business is still an immature business Above the Line.

My little life is as big as I want it to be, and I want to prevent the apocalyptic riot. I felt it was a problem and Transcendia was created in reaction to the problem of the threat of Apocalyptic Riot, closer on us than generally recognized.

In the US Senate I could influence events and hope to forestall the apocalyptic riot.

An excess of energy is necessary in the interest of civilization. The Petro Industry is driven to provide a profitable source of energy. Their imperative is the basis of the currency. We do not have a fiat currency as some would say, but we have a currency based on a deal with the Saudis that made the dollar a petrodollar.

I would support engineers that gave us the systems that will provide the energy we need for our way of life renewably.

The Insurodollar was created as a currency for Transcendia, my envisioned nation of airports. It is a nationalistic currency based on human capital as opposed to the Bitcoin, a corporate currency.

For the world, in the world the conflict is between the Nationalists and the Corporatists. I must fall to the side of the Nationalists. So I would work in the US Senate to make sure the US Currency is nationalistic and creates loyalty to the nation. The Insurodollar does this inherently for it creates an inheritance for all individuals of the nation. This makes it superior to any communistic government model. Communism takes for all, the State whatever inheritance you may have, or anticipate. Everybody’s money is nobodies money, so it gets stolen.

US Capitalism was doing well after the legislation following the Great Depression. Those laws have been changed so that now the US capitalism is run according to mobster financial engineering practices. It is a Meyer Lansky way in place now. Wealth creation isn’t happening in the normal ways at all. I’d work to change that.

People arrested for pot use, farming, or distribution are political prisoners. We live with the legacy of J. Edgar Hoover street level drug laws. Hoover needs to be denounced for he lives too much in our society. He was some sick vicious powerful bigoted man. Even Nixon knew better than to keep him around.

I’d work to end the Make Hate War that is the War on Drugs. Nobody dies from pot. It is beneficial medically for more medical issues than we think. The only reason to keep it illegal is to make sure and run the old hippies who were part of the peace movement when what was wanted was war, out of positions of power, deny them jobs, and otherwise make sure they know they lost the peace.

So basically I would work for social justice for political prisoners and engineers and engineering working to give us the power the right way for now and into the future.

Far as education, it is very very important. We know how to teach since we have been doing it for a long time. In fact peer to peer learning is most powerfully effective and must be systematized within the whole of all educational systems from Kindergarden through College.

The Insurodollar will provide all life long insurance of the normal Whole Life sort with a payout for education when the individual reaches the age of majority and is either then or soon afterwards expected to be paying into the system that both is the basis of the currency accomplished by the sharing of some of their policy equity, and what takes care of their needs that are not profit based but what your government ought give you as a benefit of citizenship. Otherwise there is the payout at the event of death creating a strong reason to be loyal to the nation.

And yesterday I went to a party and shot some vid of two bands playing instead of my Intendor Radio Show. It is on Transcendian, or my Facebook page, and you are encouraged to look at it and it these clips and the announcement of them was the real primary reason I posted and published a column today.


What is Fair?


Seems like a great number of people, citizens of the United States seem to have a great deal of difficulty understanding what is fair and what isn’t.

It simply isn’t fair to people who are predominately interested in their same sex sexually. Sex and the passions of love are not innocent. You are becoming an adult when there arises out of nowhere, desire, lust. I heard the man Ed, Ed was his name, when we were going to church and were contemplating teaching Sunday School. I heard him say that it was about these kids encountering adult problems for the first time, and sometimes it gets ugly.

Democracy is about both mob rule, majority rule, and the protection of the minorities. You yourself are as much a minority as any, whether you know it or not.

This desire for a fair and ethical life arises among all peoples in all forms of government. Majorities kill the minorities to keep them from achieving a fair society. What the programing is in the schools controlled by the locals is a wiping from the innocents that innate sense of fair play and sequestering it for only the privileged in the majority.

For long periods the minority will buy the self imagine as unworthy and try to become like the majority. They fail. We all fail to perfectly conform.

I told my daughter that she had a right to her secrets. In fact you cannot pass through the ordeal of becoming an adult without generating secrets. This is why a right to privacy is important. You need to be able to forget your secrets.

However the fact of the matter is that some secrets are not worth the effort it takes to keep a secret, and forget it either as something to just forget, or just forget about as anything to be bothered over. It is not fair to prevent people from being themselves when the issue for us is to become people of character.

It is not a character flaw to be gay anymore than it is a character flaw to be straight, predominately. In fact we are all bi and exist on a scale from one to ten at either end of that scale.

A girl told me that. She identified at the gay end of the scale.

Now in fact we all need someone. Why and wherefore is not anything I need to explain. Life is tough. We all need someone to share our secrets and meals with. It is not fair that any of us ought be prevented from making adult commitments that grow from our growth in character and singularity.

Commitment gives meaning to life. Commitment must be allowed for the minorities or you are a mob of the majority, and not being fair.

There are many enough citizens of the US that are committed to unfair and flawed ideals. It is too bad. Those who believe in fairness must take these people at their face value, and simply defeat them, or and defeat their flawed ideals within their mind by reminding them of their innocence as children when love between them and their playmates is neither gay, or straight.

I can’t personally think of all the levers, though sometimes they end up in the Supreme Court.

There are hypocritical demagogues now speaking to audiences as they run for offices with great power in the US saying that the flawed past judgements of the Supreme Court justify the elimination of the Supreme Court so that the mob, majority can deny equal rights under the law to commit to each other a public statement of their commitment.

It is a fair decision. These mobs that the demagogues pander to, and even lead, have been typically defeated because they do their damage to whomever is nearby, suffer for the interior knowledge that they are wrong, and run out of steam.

Like criminals who will lie to the very last degree and confrontation with the truth. They must be confronted in public with the truth by the big dog. Letting it pass and withdrawing and looking for a place where they just aren’t able to get to you, and hurt you, has been going and is pretty much gone.

This is why these things are ending up in the court to be decided for all of the citizens.

There is a very little bit of time for individuals with all their honor to make decisions that will not be at all reversible. I do not recommend going off to find yourself. Find yourself quick at the moments of confusion and then be free to do the work that is your destiny.

It is good for the nation to relieve a burden that will complicate things for the individual, like anti you laws that the mob wants applied to you due to the commitments made to bad ideals.

Fair laws are what we want. Everybody benefits from fair laws because everyone is a minority. The people who burst from the church screaming they have the moral high ground do not have the ethical right they claim. They are afraid that what they have been told isn’t right. They learn these things from a man who is invested in their childishness, that desire to please the master that he becomes as standing on the alter, and wearing a big hat.

Life is simple. What is fair is fair, and what isn’t isn’t moral or ethical. Ethics are alway moral, but moral isn’t always ethical.

This is what I think these people need to hear over the radio…

For Those Who Missed It

There was a lot of whatever might be considered good about the US that my father missed out on.

Lauds for being the Greatest Generation, the ones that fought in the Good War reached no general consciousness while he was alive. The rights of gays, if even also as some fashionable position didn’t happen for him.

He died before all that.

When Martin Luther King was murdered he feared for his life on the campus of A & T University in Greensboro where he was teaching. He said that he’d not been so frightened crawling through the bushes since his service in WWII. The National Guard had put machine gun crews on the roofs of the buildings.

I am listening the radio. It is nearly insane to hear that God has written that gay people are less in the sight of God. These fools have some great difficulty with any ethical position that they simply don’t like.

Like any other soldier’s son I asked my father if he ever killed anybody in WW II. “I shot at people, but didn’t stick around to see if I killed them.” He was a good shot.

I’m glad he got the opportunity to kill racist bigots, albeit German ones.

During the war the 761st Black Panthers with their two years of training instead of 3 months, and 155 mm tank destroyer cannons devastated the tanks of the Germans. Returning to the US after the war they returned to Jim Crow.

People get tired of real fighting and war. There are places to hide out, or were in the US. My father ended up in Florida. Old soldiers sort of seemed to find each other there, and were left alone.

I can’t go on with the train of thinking and make any sort of definitive statement here and now. I am tired.

Knowing the things I know I am just glad that the law has changed and become ethical in the sight of the gods, since those who claim God tells them something different, a moral position that is so obviously unethical, their God is dead.

Far as I am concerned States Rights is for little more than the denial of rights for minorities and dissenters. The US is no place for theocracies. Firmly held religious beliefs are no more than firmly held ignorant beliefs. So what if the hedonists want to have fun in this life?




I have rushed over here to post early this morning. I continue to write on every wall allowed. Everything is graffiti. Youtube is the battlefield on the flanks of the main theater of battle to dominate the mental landscape. My work of destiny, to prevent the apocalyptic riot is near failure as time ticks and all nations are advised to grasp for weapons of mass destruction because there is no Government of Governments.

I rushed over here again to say I have intentions. I am “The Intendor”. I will attempt to be able to file to run for a seat in the US Senate. I will attempt to love my first country.

It all for me hinges on the tradition of Free Speech, long held dear when all else was wreckage and lies.

I seek the support of state, national, and international engineers. They do not want to and fear to speak. This is the moment of extreme crisis. The Petrodollar Imperative is destroying our options. It is as if there is not enough gold in the ground or in Fort Knox to support the currency. The idea that Natural Gas is the transitional fuel may have been true, but it has worked to continue the dominance of the Petro Industry Energy bet. Getting all of the oil and all of the gas out of the bowels of the earth ensures our destruction.

For the powers that are manipulating all basis of our civilization it is fine with them that they and their buddies on Wall Street use Financial Engineering not to build anything at all, but loot and destroy the trust in the dollar itself. They are feeding off of all honest working people at every turn. Already those at the top must talk and talk grasping for reasons to maintain the US Petrodollar as the “reserve currency of the world”.

The power of the nation is squandered on pandering to the intolerant and myopic who work to keep hold of a world that went away over a decade ago. A decade now may as well be a century.

We are in a moment.

Yes I would be perfect. Yes my poverty is a true thing that even makes my struggle and my perfection as a candidate real, if only I can keep it up.

I beg for the support of the engineers. I promise to speak in their favor and give them all the support they require to make fast powerful sources put into wires from the movements of the tides, the sun, and all the wastes we create.

Energy is first.

I learned from Ms. Osborne that my history was made of lies, but energy was first. My past is your future. Unfortunately you must fight to have one at all.

Between a universal tax on the Financial Sector, and the adoption of the Insurodollar we can start to pull out of the nosedive and save ourselves from annihilation. There will otherwise be a landing we will not walk away from.

Human error cannot be wished away, but must come to be mitigated by systems that prevent it from being the chaos that traps us. Jefferson wrote the rules of Parliamentary Procedure and it was the engineer Henry Roberts that wrote it again for all our little meetings in the book Roberts Rules of Order. Chaos was avoided.

I rushed over here and wrote this because of what I wrote on NC Politics. I wrote that I was perfect if the Democrats were really serious about working for the benefit of working people.


Insurodollar Summary

My Resolution Gift

Just the picture

Nice days and dreams

Nice days and dreams

You know in the end of it, it, once you see this beauty of some random day that is for the people who somehow have gotten ahold of a plane, and get to just go somewhere as they wish with a view that can feel just better and occupies one creating a holiday when there is none is hard to see as a waste, and something to destroy.

If only there had been one of these little airports near my home that I could have ridden my bicycle to, my private dreams could have been realized without any help. I could have done it all on my own.

It is unbearable to me to imagine and then see for real no love for this place. I think it was a gift of a philosopher. It had been a dump you know. The philosophy department sold it.

For one of the pilots at least it was his place to just find and take control of his destiny different from the plan to become a dentist. Of course whatever it was that he thought he was going to get from becoming a dentist went gone as he just became the pilot.

In fact the nation needs pilots of its own who are not just part of the military apparatus. There are these honorable pilots who fly civilians around doing civilian things. They never speak up because they like to keep quiet unless with their own kind.

You wonder what could really be the cause of this plan to destroy this little airport. Well it is a land grab for the benefit of developers given some sort of unparalleled power to make the cathedral.

Mostly I am just sharing the picture.

History and Tears

Edward Ray Day

From Slide in legacy

There is something to music. My father told me he had sat in his living room, the small room of the small cinderblock house and cried that he could hear so well the symphony on his little stereo.

He always had had a portable radio. He must have been in his early 50s. He had begun aging. I really don’t know how he bore up from the humiliations and hurts. Most of what he did was forgotten. I got the message when my mother was divorcing him that he wasn’t needed much.

In youth and arrogance I believed such shit for a long time.

“If you want a perfect man, marry a woman.” RSD

It is like for generations the message is that boys and men would be better to behave like girls and women. To make them so, and alleviate their depressions caused by having dicks, drugs have been applied.


Sometimes I have spoken to strangers who reminded me of people I knew. It is nearly ridiculous. They have things in their ears and in their hands they look at the screen. All the world is a mirror. There are people removed and put in electric glass coffins.


Those not looking at their phones apparently develop a love for guns and plan on killing people as for a purpose. The latest wanted a race war. I think you can watch him on your smartphone talk about it. I’ve not looked but at the face going by in the Facebook feed.


It was some years ago that I began imploring the powerful to denounce the monuments of Monument Row. Northerners don’t see the South, and if they go to Florida, they bring their own aims for apartments with air conditioning. Where The Boys Are.


I’ve been reading History, the book title is History. I came to some part where the war for Rome is ended and the brother, an underground fighter has come to give some chocolate to his younger brother. He gives his mother some money for the first time, and tells her it is okay to be a jew. He insists that he and his brother though, are not jews.

I started crying because I missed my brother. I can’t say more than that. It is a common thing I find.


It is history. We are liberated by the rubbish of whatever is inherited other than property. “I’ll let them decide when they grow up.” was something you heard of the culturally advanced, as if God would speak directly to the newly named adult about what was right.

Einstein in an essay says he has no understanding of religious beliefs. As he knew the Germans and Prussians as some of us know the South, he recommended powerful weapons sooner than later.

I would not recommend the burning of Confederate flags. Vendors at tourist stops on the road have an interest in selling them.

The division of labor works for the papers and the radio and on TV. Instead of seeing themselves in the same boat as labor, they are opposed and divided.

I myself did stand in front of Silent Sam and denounce the statue as an affront to the Union. To win the Civil War with less bloodshed I would start at the monuments of Monument Row, and work down through the South with the strategic aim of uniting Black and White Labor, and redirecting whatever hatred is justified.

How many fathers and grandfathers are we now away from the war between the states? 17 as a soldier till then dead at say 76, and 76 and 76 and what now? Like Wendell Berry it is 4 fathers messages, stories of History, and who the invaders were. It is enough they were invaders from the North. Oh that flag and the statues, 39 hundred of them in the C.S.A. states.

It is okay to be Black, or a Jew, or Gay, or White, but better if you are acting like a woman. Time for a woman president. “We need to get the guns off of the streets and out of the hands of lunatics.”

If you don’t trust the Sheriff to approve of your permit, you hold back, and then those disarming themselves set a good example. Many are afraid the child will find the gun. They are afraid that they will kill themselves.

I’m afraid the grocery store will close. It is hard to get ammunition anymore for a .22 rifle I have found. I have a book on how to make a shotgun.

The proactive civil demonstrations involved message rockets. Everyone in the park, even the police wanted to see them fly in the night. The children ran after it in the day, to retrieve it. Boys liked it especially. The girls saw some joy they could share and with wonder ran as fast as the boys to retrieve it.

Physically there is a loss of innocence. Intellectually the loss must have some compensations. Well it is property taxes as still now having great influence over the love of a life of the mind so that the messages are not well spread and it is the luck of wealth and the right neighborhood along with defined jobs that are okay.

Well I am here to work at preventing the apocalyptic riot because the majority of us are okay.

The atomic weapons must be used before they are too old to work right and to reinvest in them costs more than they are worth. I can see banning atomic weapons and working backwards. The Confederacy with an atomic weapon would have long ago used it. I can feel that in my bones.

No one of the nation ought be so untrustworthy as to not be trusted to use a firearm offensively against unarmed civilians. I mean I had no enemies pointed out to me to get ready to kill when taught to shoot in the Boy Scouts. I loved my skill developed at it.

So then the invaders from the North came down into the South to prevent the spread of slave trading and slave labor in the new territories. Chicago hardly seemed to have cared at all about the Civil War. They were killing in town over jobs.

Now in the US, no matter what the hide in the woods and play war games might say, there is no sane battlefield for your cause other than TV Land. My campaign has started and I am working at looking more TV acceptable. I am trying to find reasons to love the US again. I can love the Union, but the C.S.A. which keeps my class poor even to this day, is not possible for me to love.

As a US Senator I would denounce the monuments of the C.S.A. I can explain my reasons.