Israel & Palestine and the Insurodollar Skew

Transcendia and Transcendian Passports

The Insurodollar fixes lots of problems, giving labor leverage with capital.

Noam Chomsky and Alan Dershowitz had a debate that I watched about the violence in Israel, and the history, along with the agreements laying around that haven’t been implemented.

I made the suggestion that to create a disincentive for the continuation of killing and destruction of property, an aspect of the Insurodollar could be applied.
What I was proposing that by either the One State solution, a de facto solution of occupation, or in the Two State Solution, Palestinians and Israelis are insured.
Now the concept for the Insurodollar is that all the citizens are given Whole Life Policies from birth, and the National Bank of the Nation pools partially the equity of these policies from which to found the bank and the currency of the bank, the Insurodollar.
National leaders all the time are saying that the great value of their nation is their people. Company leaders are always saying the great value of their company is their people. The Insurodollar would sure be a proof of that. The Insurodollar would definitely recognize the national capital that is human capital.

Natural death, and violent death are two different things. William Godwin the father of Anarchy points this out. -Saying that it is one thing for people to be swallowed by a fissure in the earth, and another for people to be bombed and shot to death. The fissure, characterized as Force Majeure is often written out of many policies.

In the case of the Israelis and the Palestinians and the one state de facto situation it would be a disincentive if the national bank of the Insurodollar was prompted to pay death and destruction benefits when civilians of either side were killed in acts of violence.

There is the story of the British export of its criminals to Australia. They paid shipping companies to transport the prisoners to the place by the bodies put on the ship for awhile. The shippers crammed as many on as they could and delivered a high rate of dead. Eventually so many were starved and otherwise killed by disease that the British began only paying for those delivered alive, which changed the rates of death.

I’d call that a paradigm change.

It is a solution that otherwise needs to be applied in conjunction with a smothering Peace Force. The UN does not have an army, a regulatory peace force of its own, though it should have. The UN looks to be a dumping ground for connected bureaucrats who get to live in NYC and go to La Trapeze on Wednesday nights. The Organizations of the UN have a recognized and consistent value that most all nations accept, like the World Health Organization, or International Civil Aviation Organization. The utility of these organization helps people keep the world running.

There are a good number of flaws to the system that is the UN. It’s goals are to eliminate war, all war, all war forever is to be eliminated through meetings and the deployment of Peace Keeping Forces. Because they have been aimed at eliminating all war, they have been slow to pick up properly the regulating of wars.

The failure to create a situation that is stable in Israel certainly calls for answers to why this is so. If the theologies represented were really all that great, you would expect less death and destruction. Don’t these people have any shame? If God is all powerful, do they show it by sending so many to the mythical heavens of paradise delivered in pieces as if his greatest teachings amounted to lessons in butchery?

Whomever it was that invented insurance to make money, for the love of money, starts to look better.

A System wherein mass murder pays, over a system in which mass murder costs is a system I’ll put on a tall white hat and say was suggested to me by elders and oracles.

So if there is constituted a Bank based on Human Capital, represented by Whole Life Insurance policies for all the citizens, paying for the missing man, paying for the bombed docks and destroyed shopfront, as proven by one side or another, then prompting death benefits, and property reimbursement, It has another advantage as a concept to apply: It would be a fair system.

Immediately you can say not. But you cannot say not in relation to Palestinian numbers, as compared to the numbers of Jews. An ostensibly democratic nation must value all the lives of it’s citizens the same. Slavery doesn’t work out because the slaves become inspired to operate at a consistent level of eroding sabotage, in Democracies.

The CSA was right to fear the slave that could read and write.
The fact that Poets in the Middle East get more respect than they get around here gives me something to think about. I have plenty of cause to be happy I am not famous, but to complete my work, I must become famed.

I must get sponsorship to speak to the General Assembly on this issue of Israel, as for Transcendia might as well be the same as a rogue airport in the Transcendian System of Airports. This is my motivation to think and speak of it.

My Transcendian Goal is to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot.

I see now that prior to the July publication I did not have all of the governing principles of Transcendia, along with it’s need for a currency worked out properly.
Alan Greenspan insulted me, saying I, an American Worker needed to be retrained.
Well, I vowed then to become an Economist, and a Creative Economist is what I became with the introduction of the Insurodollar into the Transcendian plans.

If I had sales from Amazon of the Transcendian Passports, I could make a case for strength enough to be allowed to speak to the UN Security Council.

Transcendian Money by Dave Ripton

I believe you can download the Currency Note of Transcendia all 1,000, print all you want and write your deal memo’s on the back.

Radio Net

Some Radios of a type I loved really.  A town CB radio net has community power in my mind.

Some Radios of a type I loved really. A town CB radio net has community power in my mind.

I have long loved two way radios, or just radios even. I’ve listened in 80 meters to people talk about their chainsaws. The thing in Monument Men was a nice touch for me. I think those things really did work for about 50 miles.
I’ve seen specs for some of the old radios. The newer SWs are incredible for I saw a guy tune in Spainish hams in the daytime clear as a bell on his system with the real antenna up over his home.
It would be a fun little victory to lead us in the community to have some CB nets for the burrows, as this town is like a rabbit warren of homes in backyards like all over the place.
The commonality of the CB, along with the no license required is like at least one little fun thing people can do to get to know the people around them without knowing them.
Like in my mind a fun way to get introduced.
And the CB is cheap. I found one that worked great for 5 bucks, and regret giving it away.
I gave one to a friend so I might have someone to talk to on mine. My range is apparently short, and I wrote a note to the FCC about some guy I think boosts on channel 6, dominating the channel.
If I have no hope of ever reaching the guy, it’s like a crime.
But if you live nearby, in Carrboro, what time once a week would we think best for a radio net?

We are Prototype.

It is the time of year to think of Xmas.  Buy a cling.

It is the time of year to think of Xmas. Buy a cling.

Click the top Store button to see what I am talking about. It is there, Store.

I don’t know know what is up with the store I created that was supposed to sell these. My wife’s phone is connected to the orders and the paypal etc. supposedly. I can’t tell. My sister ordered and got some. Some family bought some.

I’d asked the printer to let the edges square. The Photographer who contributed and with whom a handshake deal was done, tells me that he lost money when through the Amazon listing orders came into him.

I think to sell it, the store, for it would work better as stand alone in the web market appearing when someone asked for a Xmas Tree Wall Sticker.

I’d take 20,000 grand now to be done with it. That’s the buyer having to pay for the rest of the work to get it right. Price could go up. It might have worked better if I could do the metro TV ads to sell it in the season. One percent of the market for decorations like Xmas trees would be 500,000 grand according to our estimates.

I’ve asked John Waters to do a tree for it, as his aesthetic of kitsch with cheer in contrast to the Classic is legendary. It is hard to get these things done by myself not traveling.

I’m scared to leave the house, since so often I end up having words with people. Otherwise or near to it.

I lust to have a good spirited and “productive” meeting, where things are closed. The deal is properly closed.

There are some people I get on with, though seems like they are scattered up and down the East Coast, not much unified. Transcendia needs an office at the little airport.

However this post is a note as concerns the store on this site, which may or may not work now, not never working on this end, and needs some tweaking I ain’t got means to apply now.

Pragmatism & William James, What I can Tell

Truth is the Target

My Arsenal, Marker on panel fixed about 24′ by 32′. or Truth is the Target

I am aware that I work independently in a vacuum, and am rough around the edges an don’t mind being direct. I feel as worthy as any CEO.

I ought to have gone to the Film Festival, but went to an art show. My own will miss the Xmas buying season except for some who may have some Xmas money.

I bought a Phil Blank about Monks, the best thing I ever saw of his I’d sell off for 5 Grand before I’d let it out of my hands. I need to check up on Soventure, for whom I attempted to find from festivals films to distribute in Russia.

For “Drinking Games” I was told they’d give the producers one thousand dollars, back even in the mid ’90s, when supplying a print would cost that much, nor pay for translation subtitles even.

I found out that Howard Coble, an NC Congressman was a Committee Chair with the purpose of protecting US International Intellectual Properties. I’d come to judge that the Republicans of his sort got a free ride of US Cultural Dominance and the spread of the American way, letting the Russians and Chinese black market all the movies and music.

The US Consumer became the champion of the Free Rider System of Artist Abuse. For long I felt as if Russia and the US were essentially becoming the same. It is no great leap to see the Wall Street Financial Engineering being practiced in the same ways in the financial world orbits of State Capitalists.

But there is conflict after conflict whenever I walk out of the house. I want to wear my officers pistol, though I’d rather have a carry permit to hide it, for the sight of a gun incites too many spoiling for a fight.

William James knew of the luck of his times and his friend and family that surrounded his being in 1905. I sort of wish I’d gone to a place like Harvard, and maybe I will one day submit my oeuvre as I am competing with Marx and Engels for the impact for the Transcendia Passports, which also include systems of governance.

A good King is a good thing,
Tried and True,
and Nothing New.

So then I explain how Anarchy is only perfect when it is perfect, when everyone is at the same level, believing even in the same thing, and things, believing in the company so as that the flaws of the system are rectified by a willingness to make it all work, knowing manners cannot be legislated.

William James said in one of the Lectures of 1905 that Democracy was fragile, so I looked and saw what was most long lived and it turns out to be in democracy to be Westminister Parlimentary Democracy.

It sure seems to be all right by the English, who did I believe invent manners. They had some reason that right now I can’t remember.

The operation of airports internationally goes like this: Simple and practical it is run directly by the Airport Authority, and otherwise governed by the County, State, and beyond. Now in the US planes fly that are fantastically safe and wonderful, but do not operate on a Part 121 commercial carrier part, therefore cutting out the common man who could be flown on deadheads. There are some companies that will sell you a seat, but it is an up there cost.

I did see Tom Boy in the position of where there were two sick infants that needed fast relocation to a different hospital. One set of parents had the money for the charter, and the other would be a mercy carry.

Of course he chartered to those who could pay.

There is little reason that the nation doesn’t have enough to care for all so that all have the opportunity to rebound from tragedies.

I want to pay my hospital bills so that others can receive good care as I have gotten.

The UNC-CH Hospital System for me has been a blessing even if I did suffer a near death event, what with the infection. I can’t understand why other homes don’t have toilet risers. I made a film of a great toilet.

Life itself is Grand and full of conflicts and we are delicate. Go ahead and gravitate to the inner perimeter of the walled campuses.

There Williams James ended up being the American Philosopher. Some say he is the only internationally recognized American Philosopher of any account.

I actually read Alan Watts, Ayn Rand, and the stevedore out of San Francisco. His name will come to me.

There were Sermons. There are meaty stories to lay your mind into in the Bible, and I heard some good sermons. It is good to know the standard power religion of the Anglians, Episcopalians. My invention of the Transcendian Spiritual Practice of throwing the I Ching, and reading from the Reading of the Day, is best I could do for writing a book, chapter for the Bible, which is not one at all, but a system for getting the best reading on the time and your questions of it.

Try it, you’ll like it.

I used to go otherwise to some Friends Meetings. The active sparking peace of my Quaker Aunt Phyliss caused my interest, and at least I was inspired to blurt out attacks on the material world in some meetings. I went to some at the NYC place up in Gramercy Park with the Episcopal across the street.

People wander back and forth to keep their balance for the structure of the spiritual seasons is lacking in the Friends Meetings, so they can devolve into a conversation about each other.

Nevil Shute has been an influence as he moved to Australia due to the threatened confiscation of his inheritance. His ethic was that the aristocrats like himself were duty bound to create companies to employ his countrymen, and that without the passing down of property from generation to generation, innovation was stymied.

    Round the Bend,

was a story for me to try and emulate. I of course want Transcendians to try the spiritual practice of throwing the I Ching, and Readings for the Day.

In Round the Bend the new religion was created by and for around airplane mechanics that prayed after each work of mechanics that insured that the aircraft was properly repaired and safe to fly. Since it improved the reliability and performance of the airplanes the owner of the Company became servant pilot to his mechanic who spread the practice to other airfields.

My theory is that great leaders are also great followers. I identify who my heroes are and why I want to follow their examples.

Repetition is crucial to the politician and the comic. You don’t seem all to mind the flags all over the place, as if we might forget which nation we are in. The CSA Flag is a flag that pisses me off to see. Real Southerners are not successfully Federalized. “We don’t care how they do it in NY.” is a favorite sort of phrase.

Next to: “You can’t get there from here.”

William James was living in and vital coming off the end of Belle Epoch influence. The Civil War was just long enough in the past for some sort of period of peace. The bank failures of the 1890s, I think that was done. The imperial war in the Philippines was back like Viet Nam.

Won. I think it was a won military adventure. They say the US doesn’t beat up on the weaker nations to its people, but it does in Mexico, and the Philippines. WWI is ten years off. Isn’t Ford get to going? There were motorcars transforming the way of life.

Transformational products. You could talk on the telephone.

William Faulkner pins down the way you might waste your soul. Absolam, Absolam! and if you can’t love, if your life is put in service of bad ideals, your life is a tragedy.

It is a tragedy to live in the service of bad ideals, and those ideals are to be ethical and humanistic. Government simply takes a great deal of work, because it is delicate.

I like the image of the Dutch Trader. James Boy was like a Master of the port, his ramp, his kingdom, as were they as a band of brothers, real, with the spirit of the older left to guide them. They mourned for him I believe. Then the kid killed by one of them, one of the family I think, that ran back over the boy with a forklift.

I got to fly co-pilot seat with James. Back from Orlando in the Twin Beech in the weather of a small hurricane of 100 mile an hour headwinds and shear off the numbers. That Twin Beech was a hell of a robust plane. Ground speed was 135 mph, and the plane was pulling airspeed of 235.

In most cases as I have discovered it is not profitable in the long run to work for family businesses, or for cover fronts.

What is practical for me, may not be practical for you.

The working class Transcendian is to be given World Citizenship as a result of the Transcendia Airports and wherever the Transcendia Passport is honored.

I was concerned when writing the application about the issue of the use of civilian carriers as death weapons, and some think Muslims are crazy because of their honesty. I asked point blank if the potential citizen would approve of, or do such a thing themselves.

The US is consistently first attacked by its own. We might expect to always be subject to betrayal. War, as was WWI can create more problems than it solves. That one sure did.

As we are in the same time of multipolar power balance these wars by our professional volunteer armed forces, those of the nation I must hold dual citizenship of are said doomed endeavors due to the corruptions of top leadership, of all the nation actors and tribes, or sects.

My friend who designed the current flag, said working in environments like Russia, or Thailand, there were so many bribes to pay. And in such a situation there might be someone again asking for more and more if you start to do well.

I love a good strip club, and in the US now it is a terrible business where you are muscled in on by both police as in Durham where you are required to hire off duty police for security, and I am told by Heather Woodbury that the Russian mob makes it miserable, besides in most places where the Hells Angels have strong chapters, they require you use their girls.

I used to just go to the country place, Paradise Lounge, where they listened to “Fuck movies for the Blind” and nixed it as of any use to them. Fletcher Edwards and Amanda Hamilton I think, with both going all the verbal way with those erotic privacies that give call to call it an intimate relationship, where one must trust to secrets even.

If you can’t have an art business of production and sales for prices that allow you to live, you need a strip joint. I’ve said before Chapel Hill and Carrboro need a strip joint. It will keep marriages going that otherwise have no chance. I was helped there sometimes in bars where a gentleman might get to flirt a little with the girls.

There were a few times of some girl dancing in the house for me to watch. I was some there perfectly set you know.

There must be an allowed fringe of the hedonists. Some are creating intimate memories as powerful as the memories soldiers some suffer from combat. Better those memories that can confuse and cause shame, than killing that is as well an intimate act.

So what did William James have to fill his memory with but Harvard men, and philosophy.

Because of my Security work at Rochdale, and as witness same as you to national failures, at work at the core, it is the corruptions of the powerful that bring it down from approaching the unification of the thinkers with the men of force.

How other than a force of men that will muscle harder those who steal the water.




Out of Transcend-O-Ray

Somewhere someone has a complete collection of these newsletters I published in 1981 from Fort Lauderdale, as I worked the line for Business Air Center.
This is what I published as editions of about 30 per issue. I’ve been rewriting for my book of stories and essays.
I had trouble going through with the rewrite, so I tried to draw and paint a picture cartoon of the Transcend-O-Ray, and that failed. Then I saw the marbles in a bag, and put them in an old milk bottle and glued a water nozzle in the pour to close it, and it looks a little like what the vision looked like.
Next time I’ll use a more varied bunch of marbles. If I can get them in a custom blown glass perfect oval, that will be closer.

It was right after Nike` and I moved to Rochester and I was working at the paper warehouse for Scantoms. They called it the Jobbing Warehouse. I got a job there the first day in Rochester I went looking for a job.
It was the most boring job I ever had in my life.
I guess I was a modern age industrial freak. I worked with dusty boxes of blank paper.
At night I was getting the best loving of my life. We didn’t have any friends and we didn’t have any pot.
About three weeks into this insanity of boredom and bliss, I saw it.
I was in the back of the ware house lifting these 30 pound boxes of bond off of a pallet onto a shelf, and it was hot, and I was twenty, and it was 1972, and the foreman was walking around with his arms stiff wide apart, and the two old German passports were wrapping packages and bitching, and the moron tough from Mt. Morris picked pens and pencils: and I saw it.
Right before my open eyes I saw what I now call Transcend-O-Ray. It is the intelligent ray, the photon with the answers. The answer to the question, “How will I ever see the other people with eyes in the universe?”
I guess it is like, “How will I see God without dying?”

That is word for word what I wrote about it in 1981. By now, 2014 it is the nation, model nation, of Transcendia, for I used the vision as a touchstone searching for how to create a nation that would help to prevent the apocalyptic riot.
A KKK Black riot is much feared in Fergeson, MO, any day now. If we wanted to have a good go of it and end the Civil War, show that the US is one, of Blacks and Whites we would be happy to celebrate with the knocking over of all the KKK monuments.
I’d see it as cathartic.
These monuments are tantamount to Hitler statues in Germany, far as I am concerned.
How do you see them? What exact good excuse is there for them? Some black sharecropper, or progressive was pretty much murdered every time one was put up.
There are said to have been 3,900 lynchings of Blacks from during the Jim Crow era when these things went up, on through 1968. There are about 1,600, 1,700 murders of progressive Whites murdered during the same period.
Because the papers were owned by the racists it is pretty difficult to match the murders with the monuments. I tried from the list I got from Tuskeegee, and couldn’t.
I suspect it is about impossible.
“History is written by the victors.” I’m not sure who, if any individual actually can be credited for saying this, but it is certainly true.
Some say we ought to honor the sacrifice of the Confederate soldiers, but I say that we shouldn’t at all. I say that ought to be the point, that if you sacrifice your life in the service of trash ideals, you don’t get a monument put up to your memory, and that it is time now to see these monuments to the soldiers and leaders of the Confederate States of America for what they are, an insidious affront to the professed US American ideals of equality for all, justice for all.
There is no justification for the monuments to be in town squares in States of the Union. They are an affront to the Union soldiers who did sacrifice for a just cause.
As long as throughout the former states of the CSA, these monuments stand, there really is no way to see the United States as united.

the disappearing letter

It is only since July that the Passports were published and became viewable, or own able.

Warhol was pointed to as in movies going through the progressive history of film, from Empire State Building to the Morriessy things with titles and some sort of classic unity to the story.

When I chose the path of an independent scholar and independent artist, in concentrations on the tools via Audio Visual Technology for the arts, and (TV) which can have its art, somehow, undiscovered yet, but known, it just goes on and on as one big picture show fireplace, best description of TV land, and what it is, is of it as a fireplace.
The thing does live like a monster fire drawing the eye the way a fireplace does, and serves the same purpose.

Sometimes we can narrate the old shows.

This wasn’t original with me for long ago I wrote a column about it as Grandma or Grandpa replaced, though Grandma and Grandpa were for some safe in their homes around the hearth, a narration.

With the last temporary wife who I trusted over the issues of what I would get for the work I did with her on the house, about like a dowery, her son was mean to my daughter and she was a witch, and my thing Transcendia wasn’t what she wanted same as another told me to fuck myself in outer space, by myself.

Who said, “I want a vacuum where you are?”

We like me, wanted to be Elon Musk, so more power to him. Guys like us were locked out by piss tests, but I know how to fly, and am missing it now as I get better.

It is lonely and depressing to go to an airport with 5 planes on it only.
If in NC there is a show of unethical academic behavior in its standards applied to the Football players, I judge that it is way more significant the lessons they teach when they are in positions of public infrastructure, normally understood by town and county and state as of powerful benefit to the entire spectrum.

I was a Line Dog Ramp Rat, and while I will never be an airline pilot, I can be a perfectly competent private pilot, and never ever need “counseling”.

Is it all about the South and the North, the Union against the South, hardly remembered as the CSA. They will show you some belt buckles.

Banking of the slaves was ended by that war, and the South has never been rich again.

The guy said on the Twitter clip from Vimeo, Slavery is just another form of labor, though it, as of the Slave State, affects all normal human interactions between all of the people, with proscribed rules governing all interactions, from the most intimate, to those most civic.

The voice of the slave is wiped out. Around here it is known for making nice furniture, and they by being allowed to live in the big house.

I am labor, and working class, and now to imagine my studies of governance to lead and allow leadership of a nation produce the currency for labor, that for my people, my nation, need freedom and deserve freedom as much as these elites, of the Ivory Tower, and business.

What did these people who buy the CSA do? What sort of work did they do to feel so separate from labor? I worked a commercial about South Carolina’s Redneck Rivera, Myrtle Beach and went to the Alabama Theater and saw a comic Yacking up all these policies that you would think the white working classes would be for, but hated.

Where it is rich for someone like I saw, a Ravenal, my Confirmation teacher was Kitty Ravenal, so I have difficulty remembering that dissipated boy of cocaine and Charleston.
I met you know, that Mark Sandford guy on the set of a commercial for him I worked as an electric I think.
I was amazed at how empty he seemed, and told him to read Classic Readings in International Relations.

John Edwards, who must be something about NC built a house about 5 miles where I built the barn house. She said she lost money on it.
The last Golden Rule business partnership I heard the same bullshit. It is the one having to do with the store on the site for the Xmas Tree Wall Stickers.

I never priced it out to lose money, adding profit and handling to the numbers in one of my notebooks, or on a legal pad. I swear it’s here somewhere.

It is about nice to have a bureaucratically issued and framed license for businesses, and whatever the deal they represent is ought to be there with it.

I read the Mission Statement for the FCC yesterday. It is pretty goddamned murky if you ask me. The Mission Statement and the Statement of “Vision”, don’t ring in your ears as any great aspirations, or excitement of any Vision, to me.

-All on this sort of gray blue background.

That house on 100 acres John Edwards built, I never saw it. I saw the entrance. I think Edwards might have had me spied on. Videotape was taken in a camera from a flight Craig had videotaped of us on the engagement present. I’d had some correspondence pro pot, and then a patrol car was parked by my apartment and the video camera stolen, when there were other things.

It’s going to be even greater real estate in 70 years when the ocean is likely up 39 inches.

So the story was from Edwards he was self made, as making himself an attorney that won some big malpractice cases, and why the Gary Hart game?

These people that waste their office hurt us.

There was Colin Powell’s son up in that last, and that sort of thing is worse with Biden’s son going to a murky role with a murky gas company in fucked up Ukraine, of which where my Sub Captains Uniform came from Ken, in a most tightly packed, best box packed I’ve ever seen, with two thick burn your ass up coats, and this awesome huge hat.

(The thing with Biden looks like a fantastic opportunity for the GRU and FSB of Russia, for any e mail will be carrier, and the position of the VP traditionally in charge of the US Space Program, would imply all that communication will be accessible, and if in fact it was a software failure for US based rocketry, one using an old, old Russian closed loop engine, I’d have strong reason to see who benefited from US Rocket Company disasters.)

Meritocracy is a big deal, and the world is stratified into the wage slaves and the connected, and of course you need to live in the biggest metros downtown to end up running things, and being on the TV shown talking about how you are running things.

I looked at what it would cost for me to present and have read my books, and other productions, Soes I could get some academic credentials so I’d be worthy of correspondence.

Empire State was on the same street in Rochester New York, as Visual Studies Workshop, and I’d stop in there and visit with Tanya Weinberger who smoked English Ovals I might bum off her and visit.
I saw all Nathan Lyons Japanese tour photographs there all tacked on the wall in small 5 by 7s I seem to remember.
But I started this letter out, not like a Working Class Corner, but to consider my relationships from afar with other writers, like Russell Banks, who I wanted and still want to allow me to direct Continental Drift, his novel that defines the era of my life and feeling of America, as one a life of wasted morality and failed courage.

I figured it would cost about 5 grand for me to pay for an Independent Study approved degree, where like really you a paying for someone to read your papers.

There is a great cynicism, basing the mental landscape now after one myth after the other is trashed and we live in a present of betrayal and servitude.

Wage Slavery does have at least the advantage of a wage, and the boss can’t legally whip you to become more efficient.

I think I got pissed off and told the heroic, working class Russell Banks, great writers knew more than one disease, thinking of James Jones masterpieces wherein as in Some Came Running, people hide what symptoms of illnesses they have, till the disease can’t be stopped.

Affliction was lightweight for him, but Hollywood made it instead of Continental Drift.

It is a sin that Continental Drift hasn’t been “brought to the screen” as they used to say.
Len Deighton sent me fine note. Arron answered for his father, the great Emmanuel Litvinoff, and alerted me when his father died. The trilogy Death out of Season, Blood on the Snow, and The Face of Terror are historical fiction at it’s most accomplished and a great literary accomplishment aside from imparting a sense of a people, as you can ever expect from any author.

I wrote to the people that wrote The Collapse of Western Civilization suggesting they assumed the stability of the petrodollar too much, though I know few of us can think of everything that might happen in speculative fiction, which is more of how I labeled this than Science Fiction.
Science Fiction is more Speculative Fiction in this day and age, except for wide swaths who are more comfortable with talking bunnies.

I got a dismissive letter back from the publisher having to do with the writers wanting to start a discussion, for which I rejoined, if that was the point, than what I wrote was in that spirit of the discussion, and I hoped, as I had hoped in the way obviously the damn thing was titled and written for that discussion to take place around what I offered as a way out, the connecting the values of the ethical humanist to the value of the money through the vehicle of Whole Life Insurance policies for all the citizens, which would in turn change the paradigm that is part of the Petrodollar, war for dollars.

Somebody has already accused me of communism.

The great short story writer, what’s his name, Jim Shepard made me wonder if the bridge from someone like myself, going through all the discipline of Writing as Warhol did with Filmmaking, as opposed to someone like my first tempory wife’s father, with his book about Thomas Ottway, and pipe, and friends with pipes, and sneering about the man who was rich from shredding for pulp, books.

My poems infuriated him and he hated me for his daughter. Took her to Dallas, so I was alone a Christmas, one of my first so alone, till I picked up the Reflexologist waitress in the little Ratso’s restaurant Xmas Eve, yeah.

I found a 20 dollar bill in the slush, one of two times I’ve been broke and down and found cash on the step surface.

So, so for something I wrote, postcard, to Mr. Shepard, from him I got this semi confusing “Stop”, so for championing his work, and sharing the incase notice of The Revolutionary, it was painful.

In Light in August there is the lady who has menopause so Popeye slits her throat? No that’s Sanctuary, right.

In Light in August it is the woman who walks the dirt roads, and just walks, and walks.

End of Three Soldiers by Dos Passos pages fly out the window when he is caught for a deserter from the trenches.

Sent Ed Baptist the Passport.
Asked for support.

What would work on Mars?
Trapped and lost are the two worst of conditions at the same time, made more horrific when you are being tortured to pick cotton.
There will be no cotton to pick on Mars. What will it really be like to be trapped on the place with a million?
I think Mr. Musk could get some crews up there.

Time is running out.

I carry a compass for some reason, as if any moment I’ll need it to know what direction to take.

If the best I can get is a handshake deal, I guess it is the best possible, and better than nothing, but my life is strewn with these moments and years of trust in others in a life where ambitions are part of me.

They say it is best to live with low expectations.
There are lots of them, and some in majority more even in some places.

In the tribe, it is understood that you don’t do things that prevent the life of the tribe to go on.

So if you cynically understand but still vote for the Keystone Pipeline, you become one of the traitors to the lives of the tribes.
There are renewable resources in reality cheaper than oil sands. Only the selling out of the people can be the explanation.

“You make as many enemies doing the right thing, as you do, doing the wrong thing, so why not do the right thing.”

Italian Political Consultant.

P.S. I am likely to rewrite this piece again tomorrow. 11/14/2014



My Purse

My wife started buying me a certain sort of pants, like sweatpants since I have been ill. I had a case where I couldn’t get my zipper and waist buttons done while people wanted in the bathroom at a restaurant dinner.
They don’t accommodate belts.
For some years I have been either in the hospital, or recovering from surgeries, and if it hadn’t been for powerful pain medications, there is no way I could have survived.
So I have pants that don’t have pockets.
I’ve started bit by bit to be capable of leaving the house, a little more. When I could drink I was more of an extrovert, but if I drink now I throw up.
I sometimes miss the numbing and buzz of measured beer. Neither to get drunk or be sober was the aim. I see nothing wrong with self medicating.
The thing about drinking buddies in the is that the majority are no more than that. I was sitting at the bar some years ago and came home to tell my wife it was disconcerting that 3 out of 5 at the bar weren’t any longer allowed to drive.
If I got drunk, I called my wife, or I walked. Getting caught on a DUI is pretty bad news for the rest of your life anymore. I long had a commercial license, and once was forced to blow over in Mebane, and was legal for my commercial license, 04.
They still threatened me with arrest, were depressed they hadn’t caught another fish, where it was no more than a rain blind turn around the wrong side of the traffic island.
Other day now I went to the store and was getting out when two guys approached me wanting a bit more money. One came on talking to me like I was a yard dog to be soothed into dropping its guard. The other got to the other side and was peering at the front seat.
I felt week, and got me and my purse in the car to ride in a circle back to the store door.
Where is my pepper spray?
I can’t fight anymore. I thought about going horseback riding but remembered the wrong jar to my neck and I’m paralyzed from the neck down.
For years I’ve had two shoulder bags. One is one like you could get from the tiny notice on the original that takes you to the store of things with the flag on them. The yellow laptop and files bag, is excellent for larger needs.
The thing I am using as my new purse, has a couple of front pockets, I’ve learned to put the money and keys in. Those Armani purses that cost thousands, I wonder what they are like inside. There were some on the market that glowed inside from phosphors, that look practical.

My Political Goals

Voted the day ago. Looked at some of the results. The boggling Republican CSA power can’t be real. Mitch McConnel spouting off crush government and stop spending as if he meant on stupidities, but really means an all out assault on the suckers who gave him the powers he gets to stop infrastructure spending that would put people to work, stop the post office, a reason to have real love for your nation, our post office operations have been fantastic in our world.
Now we hear that they are opening all our snail mail too. I think to get a role of strapping tape and wrap all my mail in it, as did the OSS founder, Bill Donovan.
Over in Hungary there is a new dictator who forced the closure of any competing television and dominated the TV, so he got all the votes, like Parliament putting Hitler in power. A certain kind of corruption. Journalists are put out of work if they write anything that displeases the new dictator.

In the world there are so many assaults on the working class, and peace, and civilization, as a place to smile. That bar that from you can have a beer in Grand Central Station sort of thing. I had a beer out on a balcony up high at a nice place in Toronto and looked along an Ave seeing a sight of gleaming skyscrapers. I had some urban awe and peace for the moment.


But okay, just buy the TV news and you get elected. Where is the critical thought, the name of the place I wrote a couple of columns in as we came upon another election whereupon the working classes will wonder again what hit them.

It must have been strategic of Obama an the Democrats to have passed a healthcare law that in the CSA State of NC would cost us the amount we couldn’t pay before this, and can’t afford to pay now.

I asked the manager at the bank today if they would buy art from me from my upcoming show. They have a policy of not buying art and have what they have from the prior bank they bought the building from.

Having been in the back offices of the Chase Manhattan? Bank, an Industrial Film, Video, Things shot on beta. The art in the offices is investment art. My wife says what do I expect, this isn’t NYC. Art isn’t considered something you pay for.

When I asked that artists of Chapel Hill and the area besides myself have some stuff up in the little FBO for sale, maybe in a converted container, or hangar to show and sell, the answer was the university wouldn’t allow it because “Someone would make money.”

The best way to wrest the Local Community Airport from the University, and their unethical elitism they can’t even see as an ethical breach is to move it to Eubanks where the Landfill is and was.

I am for everybody being able to make some money from the port. ‘t the control and management of my class, and all classes in most of fact, for a reputable bank based at an airport will do a fine business as times advance. This will be true more of the coast and ILM, than Horace Williams, but it is surprising the variety of businesses that will thrive at any airport.

I’ve read of Sally Greene’s downtown revitalization as to showcase the local artists, something like the SoHo thing where people brought up the neighborhood to where they were priced out.

It is difficult for me to gracefully accept these sorts of insults.

Truth is the Target

My Arsenal, Marker on panel fixed about 24′ by 32′. or Truth is the Target

How to Read this Site

Click on my name Russell Scott Day, and you can scroll through posts. Otherwise you just see latest.
The site is connected and a combination of the old and the new, for was the original website that was then made into a database driven site to eliminate webmaster involvement, and simply allowed me to make posts.
This site, with the wordpress there on the end of the address, was made to support the store that was to sell the Xtree Wall Stickers. A paypal link was created so if you ordered a Wall Sticker it showed up on my wife’s phone then prompting communications with the photo g’s office and the printer, or just the printer.
Originally it was just set up to have orders go to the photographer from an Amazon listing who invested in mailing tubes, and was friends with the printer.
Last couple of years, we here, my wife and I never saw any orders, and they apparently continued to be received through the Amazon conduit, we filled and sent out.
The photographer did not communicate with me whenever this happened, other than to complain a few times. That was the reason for the creation of this, the option, which I liked because I could add photographs to it.
Still I am undercapitalized, you might say.
I had wanted to just pay a photographer, have the stock made to a warehouse able amount, advertise in urban metro markets with a cheap TV ad showing the delightful convenience of a Xtree Wall Sticker, I was calling Clings there for awhile, till now we have more competition.
Xmas trees that are real, and Xmas trees that are Artificial, together make up a 2 billion a year retail market.
There isn’t, other than the Xmas Tree Wall Sticker much of an alternative, and the Xmas Wall Sticker was made to compete in that market, and especially appeal to urban dwellers with little space for set up, of the real tree, or the artificial tree.
Okay, Your girlfriend you live with wants a real tree? Your wife and kids want you to hire a cab and load a tree and fight your way up the stairs with the damn thing.
It’s a fire hazard.
The artificial tree takes up in storage the space you would better use for a vampire coffin.
You want a really cool one made from canvas, with lights embedded? Fine, how much you want to pay?
I don’t know how the photographer, who wasn’t really clear with me on how he lost money, lost money, because I added things up, and added a profit margin and the shipping was separate.
The printer, hung up on me last time I was trying to plumb out and get the product made right. When it was first made I was in the hospital, and there is video of that, since I put it up and took it down in my hospital room.
Stuck really well to the wall, and because contrary to my instructions, the printer did the cut out around the limbs so that the thing at the tip folded up on itself with this glue and vinyl designed for the sides of trucks was a real bitch to unstick, allowing you, the customer to take it off the wall and reuse it for 20 years.
Okay, it is eco friendly, right?
I’m undercapitalized.
I found the photographer in my Facebook account, and called him up and asked him if he wanted to work with me on it, and he recognized the potential, and I went over there and directed it.
I tried hard to get ahold of John Waters, and make a fucked up kitschy tree like cause he is big with 25 cent Xmas.
I couldn’t get through.
“I had his contact info in three computers back.”, was what one guy told me. The DGA had a talent rep shunt where I ended up with a rude guy, who might as well have said “Fuck off”.
The big one, what is it? 3.5 by 5, something, I got to look, well my sister had trouble finding room on the wall.
We made up small cheery ones for all sizes left to put these things up so you will declare you are Xmas cheery.
Weird how you can’t tell if there are enough Xmas movies or not, and mostly not, because all through the season they show horror movies.
Few horror movies, with the exception of “The Shining” are worth watching. “The Shining” is now a real classic Xmas movie if you ask me.
They show it repeatedly during the Xmas season.
I have a Red Ryder BB rifle, myself. It’s great.

About the Store

It was a mistake for me to put the Xtree project Store here. I am not sure what to do with and or about it.
The fine photographer I did a handshake Golden Rule deal with to accomplish the idea, had indicated he didn’t like paying the freight on the Amazon sales venue.
So I made the store, and put it here.
I would have been better I judge now, to have made it entirely a stand alone store.
Well it is a live and learn thing you know.

The business of Xmas trees real and artificial is a 2 billion a year international business, with no real competition in-between real trees and artificial trees, which come in big boxes nobody hardly I knew in NYC had room to store. Carrying a real tree or a huge box up stairs in the Cities is a real pain in the ass.

The 3 by 4.5 poster of a tree then seems to find no wall space that big in the urban home either, so I had smaller versions made.

Want to buy the store?

I started work on it in 2008, and sure do know lots more now than I did then.

I’m not going to lie to you, it hasn’t made any money.

The season for buying these posters is on me at the end of October.