Read the Chapel Hill News about Bias, and noted it ended on the advice that we contact legislators concerning the Marijuana laws the police enforce with force and discretion along with inspiration for hatred in the people from early ages on.

It was not mentioned this hatred engendered by the hassle if not imprisonment for selling a drug that is non addictive and hasn’t killed anyone in the 5,000 years of its known use, 2,000 not even in the age of written words.

Contact your legislators is an empty bit of advice considering the recent legislation further forestalling any sanity or peace as police have not enough crimes to keep them busy if it were not for marijuana arrests.

All media all over the nation continue to attack Racial bias which is a red herring. More Black people are less well off, and as usual it is more a factor of your wealth to be given tickets for minor infractions because they are crimes of poverty.

About all my crimes have been crimes of poverty, and being white and working class one is attacked by cops and criminals at home or outside the house. I used to grow my hair long in solidarity with Black people. It was very effective at bringing down on me or my friends the same sort of treatment from Authorities.

For my entire life past the age of innocence there has been the attempt to see legalized marijuana, and long the Federal Government has bloated till without marijuana criminals to chase and capture 2 thirds of their little dealer victories would mean joining the army for a steady paycheck.

The wisdom of complete recreational and medical marijuana legalization is accomplished in now 4 states? Washington, Colorado and Alaska I can think of. For well off Californians the medical marijuana legislation seems to satisfy them regardless of the injustice for some dealer in Oakland.

Well, for me, an Old Man now, yes of course keep praying that the stupids and fearful always wanting to do either some moralizing in the maintaining of evil as pleading ignorance as if that was a good enough argument to destroy lives and prevent any hopes of cultural tolerance, will just die, so the rest of us can have some peace, if not also happiness before we expire while the police so often used to beat labor when some corporation wants cheap and pliant labor may as well get used to the idea that every time they bust some kid with a little pot they inspire 5 plus to hate them.

92 thousand dollars for 42 cigar cams seems like an awful lot of money to me. As much as the government spend spying on us via the NSA or DEA, or police with bugs and cameras it is small to pay to let them see how it feels to be in constant contact like all of us are voyeurs all the time everywhere which is some sign of insanity when there is driving all the hate laws going back to 1951 aimed at the poor Black and Hispanic on the Texas border who smoked pot they then somehow got into the hands of beatniks who were akin to commies somehow making an excuse to arrest artist types and Hispanics and Whites just driving around.

Drug War, may as well be again named the Make Hate War.

In this case it is about voting for the dog

In this case it is about voting for the dog



Trolling Police Woman Succeeds

I could tell there would be no warning, no mercy from CM Ferrraro when she took my license back to her patrol car. White woman about 5’6″ a bit pudgy with the blank face. All by the book with no interest except in issuing a citation that would help add to the Kings coffers. Or in this case of this area where all must be the best with no expense spared for the equipment and some extra hands with good jobs and nothing to do but lurk in the parking lot where the poor or frugal shop.
I had no recollection of the sticker being needed having not driven much in 4 or 5 years now. My wife usually gets all we need and I rarely go out.
She has been very sick and sent me out for the medicines she needs to aid in her recovery or she will have to see a doctor.
So I was feeling good about going out for her.
Oh but the penalties will likely be waived if all is corrected, though you know they throw on the Court Costs for the dispensations and their trouble.
I could be as charged by the church before for dispensations of crimes. The Lord would want tax for the conduct of their wars.
If they weren’t more concerned with keeping the peace than extracting pounds of flesh from the poor, they’d not be so hated.
I trembled with hurt and anger for this ticket. I wanted to stick out my hand and give the police officer the finger but she had gotten in front of me and gone for more prey on her easy Sunday hunting in the Food Lion Dollar Store parking lot.
I want to know how many citations she writes and for what on Sunday the 24 th of May.
My wife gets little to run the household from me now that I am disabled and retired for all practical purposes.
I’ve experience with the police in three states. It was the New York City Cops of the East Village in the late 80s and early 90s that were the most reasonable and best for the ideal of peace keeping.
There was a cop in Alamance County that was decent to me.
The horrors of Greensboro police and Fort Lauderdale police and Rochester Highway Patrol brought me to tears.
I don’t know that it will be possible for me to forgive Officer Ferraro, and am reminded of the way the police think around and within our Communities.
She didn’t have any interest in all in getting to know me. I live here and I’ll get to see her again.
She probably needs to find justifications to keep her around if she is set to the easiest pool of possible malefactors when it comes to minor violations which are a ready source of income.
However it goes I’ll work at identifying the Judges and Aldermen to vote for that may have some influence over these cops.
Police are best when acting as peace keepers, and not as oppressors.

On the score of the charges for swimming in Carrboro and Chapel hill which add up when a poor family has children that need to be made as strong as only swimming will make them is not as it used to be. Public pools went away in Greensboro and many places during the integration that the Civil Rights Movement demanded.

No free and public swimming pool for such a supposedly fair and egalitarian community is a full sign of more hypocrisy set in place and accepted as the way. For the working class poor all getting $12.50 and hour if they are lucky, the charges for public access keep them down.

In the public sphere the fines have greatly increased, especially when there is no real way to feel as if one has won anything with the tack on of the Court Costs in all instances.

When I was living in the motel and making thirteen an hour a fine and court costs for a crime of poverty would have mean living in the car for a week at least. Pay for labor in the state of NC and most of the USA hasn’t gone up for 30 or 40 years.
Rents have doubled and gone up another 5th typically. What was a 350 a month place is 850 a month.

Of course if you are jammed into the really low classes of the 8 dollar an hour range, to stay around here you need to appeal to the governments and tell them everything about your life, your pitiful life. A revolt in the streets would have happened already if not for the isolation in the rolling boxes with radios required by all for life.

C.M.Ferraro is a type. Good hunting, easy and profitable for the department hanging there in the destination for the poor. Not the Weaver Street parking lot jammed where if I had gone I would not have suffered a citation. I’m sure she was very pleased with herself. I am aware of her type, the new woman in uniform with power.

She really ruined my day for no more questions after, “Did you know your Inspection and Registration was expired.”

“No.” as my wife has taken over taking care of me because I’ve been sick and to the hospitals and doctors so much as to exult if a week goes by and I don’t have to see a doctor.

She had put it off. I just put the insurance card in with my license. I’d not thought at all of the Registration, for all is now in her name. So balancing the money in light of rare driving on my part till she was sick I went out for the medicine and some meat.

Court Costs of 133 at the best is a lot of groceries where the poor shop for food.

In kindergarden the children need to learn the Scandinavian tongues since the socialist capitalist balance there is reported to be good to labor, and if instructions can be written for your job you are extra depending on exchange rates. The recent currency manipulations and the lay down of the US to the low peg for exchange with China all point to oppression of labor which does not engage in economic crimes because they want to.

No public free swimming pool and mostly all white kids swimming.

Wall Sculpture

My Last Wallet, wall assemblage

Transcendia, Original Plan

The original plan had become to get the financing for a movie from someone of the many with money I met and worked for as a servant at the FBO.
Then I was to take the money from the profits of the movie and put that into buying control of the land for the airports. It was decided by me that leasing of the land for the free trade zone airports all under the one flag of Transcendia, was better than buying the land.
Transcendia was intended to be anti war, not be founded by war. I became across the bridges of time, aware that to make real money in the movie and television business you had to make three movies with distribution before you were considered in the game, and would start seeing big money.
The precedents for Transcendia were Pan Am, Hong Kong, and Disneyland. As it is in the end Disneyland is the best precedent for the creation of a nation without the typically accepted war. The control of a body of armed soldiers is the one necessity for the recognition of nationhood.
There is no single perfect form of long term government that I know of other than Parliamentary Democracy. Westminster Parliamentary Democracy has the longest record of surviving. Godwin Anarchy is able only to really provide the institutional missions of Defense and Education as permanent and necessary focus.
I call all Transcendian Schools Flight schools due to the need for pilots affiliated with Transcendia. The all rounded man is well read in philosophy, which does knock on the door of Theology. One must accept the spiritual life as part of the physical life to be best able to summon up the necessary courage to overcome and defeat disease of the souls.
For that I was lucky to have lived so as to experience a vision. So then there is a Transcendian Theology as it seeks wisdom and truth combining the two best spiritual books, what sort some best call “living” books. As a spiritual practice I throw the I Ching, and read the Readings for the Day. If I am just in seek of commentary on what tone my spirit is in, I throw the I Ching. For one overall commentary on the general being of all humanity, it works well to simply read the Readings for the Day, and throw then the I Ching. The Ching will give commentary on the Reading for the Day.
Aside from any gifts of insight in what one would be best to do gotten out of these books, which ought not be always without your own commentary, regardless, fairness to all ought be the aim, as that is ethical. Ethics work in the commons when morality doesn’t.
It is only ethics to provide for the governance of Transcendia. Transcendia has a body of law and practice that is International to apply so as to be the great neutral nation. In my mind it is a great human benefit I propose in all known and unknown manner. It would be of great spiritual uplift for a nation to be spawned of the great mythical life of respect and freedom for the individual.
In one of my poems I stated that the pilots rule the world, but don’t know it.
Sea Captains came before them and were welcome in many ports. The Sea Captains were the cause of Admiralty Law, and Maritime Law as we moved into the Modern Era out of the Middle Ages when ships had the boom sail and tacked into the wind.
All human maturity rests upon travel anywhere at any time under any circumstance. So it is that the facts of human life in outer space mean as we left the limits of the ships that required either human strength, or the lucky sail, on to now when some look at Mars as I did in my youth as a evacuation destination the hurry of Elon Musk to put humanity on Mars is a rush project I want to encourage since we are coming to the terrible times here.
It is a retreat for the seeds of man to move to Mars. The intelligent powerless man sees only to flee the conflict area, abandon the battlefield to survive when they are not well enough armed to defend themselves.
There is an infrastructure of airports that are badly managed. These airports are the cheap ones that Transcendian Flagged would be made greater destinations at the lowest costs.
I keep at my local conflict which is perfect practice at changing a medieval management technique.
The entire state of North Carolina is Medieval in its point of view regarding the Labor of the state, who are of no real part of the power structure. The influence of the church people in the government as having the last word regarding personal rights is similar to the influence of the Papacy, but any name for the keepers and active institutions legislate from Catholic influences regardless out of the Pope’s mouth to NC citizens.
The morality they push down on the common man through there laws fearful of democratic and ethical rights makes living amongst them dangerous and mean spirited. The ideal of a separation of church and state is aggressively fought when it comes to Womens Rights, The War on Drugs, and even Labor.
It is no wonder Billy Graham was so loved by Presidents. He preached from the pulpit and in his offices saying that to Unionize was sinful.
So much of the life of an American United States citizen has pivoted from a dream of economic freedom accessible to labor into the abyss of wage slavery. The current situation of debt slavery for the graduates of higher educational institutions is nothing less than a greater compromise of all classes of labor dependent for their livelihood on the efficient standardized franchise, offices.
My favorite servant job was FBO work on three different airports. Rich people were around and in Greensboro I was accepted as diversified and got some photographic work contracts. The pure enjoyment of it and life was on the ramp of Business Air Center. Page Avjet, a CIA front Company was most miserable. Piedmont was the topper for a most horrible corporate life experience.
There was a year there in transition and a heroic beating I drove a taxi and made light shows then moving on to NYC to run and direct the operations of the Chelsea Film and Video Grip truck. For a moment of Second Ave after buying a fan to take home to the apartment on East 11th when I was perfectly successful. It was work and fight and get the money.
Then I was destroyed by the Producers Lockout called a Strike in the Daily News. Between Unions and the LA Producers and changes in the Codes applying to my electrical distribution system, I was not able to keep the business going. As a businessman I learned the necessity of insurance as a reality. I also learned that I was their enemy. An Independent such as myself was wiped from the contests.
That is unless they were sufficiently capitalized to survive the typical 2 year squeeze the producers are capable of applying.
As an individual man in labor discovering that the middle-class was not my class anymore, I stayed from then on desperate and broke, working rarely again with the higher caliber people of mind and manners I worked with in the Independent film making world of NYC.
For some reasons of culture I did not get much acting or modeling work, finding often my weak agents were incapable of closing for me, and the jobs offered were “Christian”. In Wilmington I heard of a Producer who only hired “Christians” to crew whatever jobs they had.
In the truth there is now the desire to fight it out for a foothold of secure and happy life as I move towards death at the likely regular time of 76. Being chronically sick, takes some time off as I would have killed myself from the pain as not even my wife could longer bear me when I was grinding bone on bone from legs to hips that lost all cartilage. Starting at 57 it was about trying to keep me alive and it was accomplished mechanically.
Back before modern times 57 was when the strongest would die. I can see why.
Now I have returned to the original plan, and see the Virtual Reality War Movie and a game of Transcendia ™ the way to get enough money to operate and raise the flag as many places as possible before I expire.
Last time I threw the Ching I was advised to expand my little orbit of personalities and friends if friends can be still made at all once one is the Old Man.
I see myself as the Westminster part of the overall Transcendia in my position as founder made from questions touched to the touchstone of the vision. A nation spawned peacefully that has a physical flagged presence in all nations is the aim. The advantage for commerce for all is clear. The advantage of the airports and ports coming from their general cultural neutrality as enforced by the Airport Authorities operating according to systems of best practices is profound.
UNTV and Transcendia are striking as a wonderment to not have already been part of the mission of the UN. Physical expansion of the UN with a network of ports under their flag is not done yet. What the UN ports ought to mean is islands of commerce run for the people living in World Citizenship across all classes is life according to the Declarations of Human Rights, The US Bill of Rights, and ethics as the predominate spirit of the laws.

    The Revolutionary

, which I am rewriting for paperback was always envisioned as good foundation for a movie.

    Jet Beach

is in shape for a Love Story Date Movie, with the TV Series follow up, Learjet. The book of it available on Amazon is a package as a package was made for studios, with the all important Readers Report.

Otherwise there is the 64 pages of the Transcendia War Movie which has Elvis as King in it. I am in difficulty for the War part after the 64 pages frankly.

There is the great play my father wrote and left me to do as I could with.

Two Novellas are in the pile next to the computer. These works were done when I was shed living working stage hand jobs from my IATSE 491 card that did not often produce. There was a fantastic job with Industrial Light and Magic.

But I moved from Greensboro to Chapel Hill for a steady paycheck. I was reduced to carpentry construction as that was the least of my skill set but the work most regular outside of the corporate world, some fitting for my circle way of working.

Citizen time was devoted to UNTV. It is fitting that Al Gore is screwed for his money by Al Jazzera. He and Clinton ought have supported UNTV, but didn’t. You can be sure I can give good enough phone to close deals. I did it from pay phones on the streets of Manhattan.

The phone conversation is now the equivalent of “In Person”.

North Carolina is for me now littered with a series of defeats nearby and far away. Only Celebrity Disc Golf will alter that status of failure. Cheapest production in the bag.

I am alive and still get up everyday with a fight on my hands. The strategic necessities for success stay the same. Time is running out and we will be lucky if thermonuclear war doesn’t happen in Central Europe this summer. North Carolina is perfect lands, but politically impossible for the independent scholar, or labor. Racial politics divide labor and ought not be so. The standard Media is successful in dividing labor through seeing disturbances through the lens of race, and racism, and sexual politics, and all manner of categorizations of people who in fact are one in a struggle between Labor and rapacious capitalists who are on the brink of complete victory over the people never experiencing great inheritance and without prospect of it.

My Creative Economist position inspired by the insults to my class of the ideologue Alan Greenspan produced the Insurodollar I see understanding of in a room of the Executive Committee I became a member of as I obeyed the advice of the Ching to seek out more people. As mostly an anarchist at heart I became isolated. The illness didn’t help.

I became the Vice Chair of the Town Hall Precinct of the Carrboro Democratic Party and have learned some of “Resolutions” as a first kick towards a bill. I’ve gotten to know a few more people.

It is important for people to get used to the way I think I think. I was once told that my grades had gone up as my Instructor simply got used to the way I wrote. The Insurodollar Resolution was defeated first gift offer to the Executive Committee. On the agenda it was at the last as many wanted to escape and wanted to stop thinking, or where in the habit of not thinking.

If you have not studied economics you may not be even at all aware of what the currency is based on. The currency of the US in its status of Reserve Currency eliminating all economic reasons for social failures and abdications of the mission to protect the weak, the people, dependent on the wages from their labor does for a moment not exist as its status as limited is most preached by those with all the money.

To preach this insanity while capable of extending sanctions of economic warfare wherever wanted is stupidity.

Acting now as the reinsurers of the most powerful Insurance Companies that were of the one name AIG is giving little benefit for the status of the people as de facto shareholders. The people of the US are the Reinsurers of the entire edifice that steals from them, instead of being forced to make a “Contract with America” that is a share in the Corporation of America.

The Insurodollar is Nationalistic as compared to the Bitcoin that has no army, and is an undermining of the strength of the Petrodollar which is wobbling. Independent military action of the Saudis is a sign that the deal underpinning the Petrodollar could be wrecked. If the US does not leap into the age of Renewables the moment of ascendancy in the world will have been wasted.

The Insurodollar is designed to provide to a citizen an inheritance.

The Insurodollar is again Whole Life Insurance for all citizens awarded at birth (when cheapest) and also because of its nature as a nation to join, at buy in. There are to be two pay outs at the age of maturity and at the age of death to the families.

At the age of maturity the individual citizen will begin to pay in to the National Insurance Company and Bank. A portion of the equity of their polices will be the basis for the currency put into circulation for goods and services exclusively on the Transcendian Ports. The foreign Currency exchange of Transcendia will hold or sell currencies with the utmost of honor. (I cannot determine the percentage of the share of the equity given to the purposes of the Government and its mission without the aid of an accountant.)

The examples of the Zionist State of Israel represent a wayward port of Transcendia. In the original plans I was of the judgement that when a Transcendian port could not peacefully co-exist with the government of lease, it would evacuate.

In the case of Israel I offered to Noam Chomsky and Ban Ki Moon, the skew of the Insurodollar. In that case of the ongoing forever violence between the oppressed Palestinians and the Masters by right of might Israel and the US, all would be insured forcing payouts to innocents killed in the conflict by way of either the de facto One State Solution, or of the Two State Solution whereby Palestinians would pay from their insurance for destruction and death of Israelis, and Israelis would pay from their policies on Palestinians same when killing them.

For Peace in Israel and Palestine overwhelming force of Gendarmes and the Insurodollar Skew that creates a fair killing disincentive is what I proposed. I still propose it. I believe I mentioned it in a letter to Obama wherein I explained the alternative currency to the petrodollar. An alternative to the Petrodollar as I propose is necessary to advance renewable energy.

Otherwise the Petrodollar Imperative means fossil fuels will continue as the primary source of energy, on which the civilization depends.

Last night my only dream was of a farmer and his robot in the rice fields of Viet Nam.

Insurodollar Summary

My Resolution Gift

In the Normal Sense

It did not make us crazy in the normal sense.
But there was always a blanket of struggle to our lives,
At least I remember it that way with the always hiking.
Not running but trying to get there faster walking,
and we knew we were always walking a long way.

At least I did.

At least I felt that way,
and felt that way
as that
was what I was made to feel.

Dad said I made him feel some way about the garden.
Like because I didn’t want to work in his flowers
I didn’t love him.

In love songs I heard about how people made them feel.
We had it like that in those songs as if it was OK.

I read the short story in the college short story collection.
Some girl wrote about a tom cat getting on top of her for sex as a lover.
I got it. It was clear enough.
I was a bit confused wondering about what the college was really like.

She must have been an outsider.

There was the band of leather and motorcycle longhairs
Singing “Salty Dog” on the Main street when they opened the bar full of dried wood and dust and I saw it right there, an early glimpse of the revolution.

The main guy like other main guys had the right black leather vest,
A black beard and a black helmet and a black Triumph.
He’d be going somewhere same time as me 6 O Clock or 6:30 AM up the hill by the RR tracks, trailing vapor like a high bomber and jets.

We weren’t crazy by normal standards at all,
Just wary and oppressed knowing we lived in a town of enemies.
Every day, pushed into a fight.

At least for me it was that way.

I told my brother it was okay to deny he was related.

One day he just stopped being the happy one.

A couple of years ago it got to me to be glad my father
Had the opportunity in the war to kill the enemy.
NAZIs were as much his enemies as they were enemies of the Jews.

He was really bi later, after he was married.
He said it was great for the first 7 years, and then there were 7 more.
He volunteered for what they call conversion therapy now,
It’s just stupid and you never ought let enemies see you weakened.

You’ll never make anyone happy.
You’re not the bank for their feelings.

The poor guy with the lobotomy that wandered the streets
Showed me about the girls, no better than the boys.
I saw them on the side street having caught him out alone
They held up what they had of breasts and cat called to his
Far away and terror stricken face with laughter and delight
His pained and confused face the writ of the horrors of a scrambled mind.

They had been serious about fixing that man.
Didn’t they start with an ice pick in your brain?
They went after the thinking part.

They weren’t joking about the “non conformists” or how “You have a bad Attitude.”
With Hoover and “Death from Above”, or some righteous claim on whatever way someone else walked,
It was all to be fixed for their feelings.

It did not make us crazy in the normal sense.
Us kids.
Brother and sisters not born in town and then their babies.
But Targets as soon as seen in town where there was no way
to drive so fast to even be a stranger that way.

From the first day at school there were was tight clique
that all reported their discoveries back to
on the TV
Peyton Place looked like a better neighborhood.
Some did what was a distraction while another
smashed you in the balls from behind.

From behind, from behind they would come, or attack your sister.
We were having fun there with the rest in the snow at the town hill perfect for the sledding. Like in those prints, dusty browned paper that you know will crack easy.
We were not going to be allowed to have fun with the rest of them, and were only part as apart.

So you make me feel anger, and have put in me
a bank of feelings.

Wary, I hear every bump and have the necessary weapons, along with some for ceremonies.

I know where the South is all the time.
Someone thinks I deserve to be hurt, and around me it’s assumed
They are my betters.
Don’t hurt their feelings.

You are their bank and they can draw on your life for their piggy bank of emotional needs. They must be looked up to. Their family has been here a long time. They were there owning everywhere before you. They get more rights for that.

You are an invader.

Mom and Dad had the cars and were somewhere around. There were pancakes, OH Boy!, Spaghetti and “I want a meat ball!”

We didn’t turn out crazy like the funniest clown of the class who I was told in hushed tones by the sheet rocker who drank two 6 packs of Coke a day. “He hung himself in jail. Something about he set fire to a house.”

I one time called in my thirties to the guy that opened the first real bar on Main Street. He said he was old and bald then. I think some things were really getting confusing, again. I was happy alone and video taped it.

Not at all crazy in comparison to the mob like some hostile village, as if a Jew in Europe during the plague that must be same for invading from the North.

A rally, a rally “Rally” Give ’em the Rebel Yell! The suicide led the team. I was always picked last.

There was the most beautiful baseball field of weathered wood. It was a magical place, now gone.

Everything and everybody was real close like nature made it to be so you could be watched till out of sight in the woods of farm roads and whatever else a mystery of dirt roads by fields where insects were loud.

I really don’t remember talking with Mom, and it felt like something was wrong with Dad no matter what.

Lighting the grill was the best thing ever. Us kids watched our parents drink, and we took turns throwing the match on the gasoline soaked briquettes, a word on a bag that must have been gourmet charcoal hadn’t come along yet.

We got meat and equal shares of a Coke.

So I feel alright not buying all their lies and Not opening my heart to the lies and myths, from people that would be surprised at the concept of “peeping Tom”.

“Commodehead” they called the girl that looked like Ava Gardner. There was all this hate just spread like peanut butter on bread in the commercials so thick it was hard for the actor kid to hold it to his smiling face.

“Hit him.”

You don’t even need to hear the story of the circles they make.

I can hardly remember a conversation I was glad I had with anyone I knew. There weren’t that many around and when you saw anybody they hit you or pulled the trigger on their .22 rifle repeatedly staring.

They all came over to a summertime kids party, like as if they were friends because you are supposed to be friends, and they beat me up.

There is a good pile of anonymity, as is best, in Cary. Everybody is in their condo, or just in.

Better everywhere to only know the people at work, see some at a well lit bar with tables and servers and stay in the isolated world of TVs and cars.

Good weather for driving so goes by over and over, some faster foot who thinks signaling is too much trouble and just is at flooring it and racing and the race is to the burial, memorial service, somewhere in another state.

People know about you, as here now.
Yankees making expensive drugs and the software campus.
The money came from up North. They could see it.
Making all the world look like Stanford or RIT.

I saw my home town a few years ago. Everywhere I went looked more beautiful, or more ugly, like the prettiest trees died and were never replaced.
Willow trees had still been growing and they need lots of water.
The Maples were gone.
There was a parking lot where the yard used to be, and an apartment building where we had a wild place of ours we needed.
The college had succeeded in sucking the life out of the town around it.
The rest, for 50 miles in two directions could only be painted on 70 to overcome its ugliness.

I’m sorry since there are great swaths of reality not ever to be escaped by all strangers and one dumb fate after another.
Only destiny and fantasy of better, better somewhere else keeps us from being the normal crazy of the Serling reverse O Henry.

I didn’t know you were beautiful Commodehead. I knew the town was mean and hated the Blacks and Yankees, and we were good enough,from somewhere else.

A bad attitude near a sneer, sad for all that didn’t get out of town, if only 50 miles, and long later when it seems same as it ever was over and over going backwards towards 1348 in France with Priests selling dispensations.

There are people with real investments in your sins. You made them feel angry, so they get to burn you at the stake and take all your things.
They will succeed at running you out of town.

“We freed the slaves and now we just rent them.” As if “We” was them giving permission since the Yankees left and there were reasons Blacks didn’t. “We.”

They get so happy when their team wins.
You’d think it mattered.
It would be unfitting to just pay for them to bounce the ball
or hurt each other strategically.
So every thing is built up on fraud and appearances.

I’d rather go to a strip joint, and think we need one in this town I live in. I went to the one in Little Rock where the girls dance in a boxing ring, which must mean something about that Capital town.

So it is late in the history of the world from my studies as a scholar. A scholar I can declare myself. No easy books out of me of even the easy ones, not even the heartbroken photographs and captions.
Beauty is truth.

Which feels better? The lies that you pay for, or unnoticed what is missing?


NC State Hog Waste Renewable Gas

I’m going to look in my files for the photo of Winnie. Winnie was a pig, not a hog. We ate her. I didn’t know the other pigs we ate.

NC State has created a way to capture and make usable “natural gas”, from all the hogs in North Carolina. I believe North Carolina has hogs in numbers second to none.

There is an entire 40 or so miles where you really know it in the summer or even spring and fall if you ride from Wilmington to Cary on your motorcycle.

I’ll get the numbers soon for how much hog waste gas NC could start generating forever from the hogs and their technology tomorrow.

It will rival or surpass in a year what might be expected from the Petro Industry. The Petro Industry is committed to their rigs and the crews that know nothing else to do. In lieu of the portrait of Winnie I put up the poster about how I hate the oil companies being in charge.

Of course they ought pay a good price for gas they can get close to where it is to be used. It is their business to distribute gas and oil and natural gas. Long ago in Franklin’s time it was called swamp gas. People used to think it was the souls of unbaptized babies, or fairies.

But what with the Court either doing right or putting on a show, it is the last time that North Carolina has a hope of saving its water in the aquifers. Fracking is not safe, and it is understood that it can’t be made so, no matter how many times the commercial is played to convince you otherwise.

Even if the concrete seal, cement seal, holds, the pressure of the chemical water will break the seal that is the rock above the oil and natural gas. It is a leak like from a tin roof that travels some crazy pattern.

I called the NC State Chancellors office and begged him to get on TV and Radio and youtube and tell North Carolina that they do not want to destroy the water. To destroy your lands you pollute the water and cut down all the trees.

Hog waste generated natural gas would be perfect far as natural gas is concerned. It is renewable, and gives permanent employment to North Carolinians and would be a permanent addition to the finances of the state.

Fracking is bad, hogs are good.

Oil in Control RSD poster

Oil in Control Poster for Democrats and North Carolinians.

Photo Identification NC

I’ve been calling people on a list. Their are lots of organizations that sure do know a good deal about us, is one thing that crossed my mind when I saw the list.
Of course there is a lot wrong with it. There are wrong numbers and disconnected numbers and no numbers at all.
I’m sort of glad it is so flawed, though when you think of people captured and done things to on the basis of incorrect lists, then that is terrible.
Kafka knew that world well.

These are the things you need to vote in 2016, which are basically a photo Identification from the DMV or a a current drivers license from the DMV. If you have an out of state license, and want to vote in the 2016 election, don’t register to vote till it is 90 days before the election.

NC Drivers License, learners permit or provisional license. Remember it must be unexpired.

NC special identification card for non-drivers.
US Passport
US military ID or veteran ID card.
Tribal enrollment card from a federally or NC recognized tribe.
Out-of-state drivers license, but only for the first 90 days after you register to vote in North Carolina.

November 3rd of 2015 there is an election for Aldermen, and the Mayor of Carrboro. There are some seats open or possible to be contested. As of this time there is no one running in opposition to Lydia Lavelle, who is the current Mayor of Carrboro.

Of late I read in the paper, the Chapel Hill News there will be more farming allowed in the buffer zone. I would like to see a downtown tall building farm, for food is the number one ingredient of peace and food security for the community ought be aimed for. It is sensible to know that all the food needed to sustain the population of the towns can be brought in and distributed from a known set of suppliers within 50 miles.

This area is similar to areas that the Romans resettled to as Rome was falling apart. Romans were not stupid. The corruption and population were clearly understood, as in this time we can see a great number of threats to individual security for one reason or another in the big urban centers where things happen and your youth is put to the test even. To make up for the backward, backwoods character of NC it is required you leave in your youth to gain skills, friends, and sophistication not possible for you in your orbits here. Here is now a place for the successful to escape to, as the Romans did escape and attempt to take care of themselves.

You’d have to be an idiot to not wonder what day NYC and LA were not bombed with a nuke. The prospect of Nuclear War in Ukraine is real for this summer according to intelligence free from IHS/Janes. North Korea wants to bomb somebody, and more than anybody else it is us. Apparently they have gotten to nuke missiles that will go on submarines. The waters around North Korea are real noisy, which means that a North Korean submarine may well get past the Sono system of listening microphones in the ocean around them.

Even if all nuclear weapons were outlawed by of a sudden sensible nations there would be work for killer subs after cheaters for ever. This ought keep the Military Establishment happy, for some are destined to be of the warrior class and they need something to give their lives meaning.

I have said that the Fallout Shelters of the 60s need to be restocked, since even in this out of the way State of the Union, when the bombs of the apocalyptic riot go off in Central Europe, NATO nations, there will be lots of radioactive rain.

It does piss me off that the IDs for all voters all have to be current, for it does mean some will have to spend money they don’t have. For the poor, and we know that 25 percent of all in NC are poor, 20 dollars is a big deal. An old expired Passport at the least ought have been left legal as an ID.

Far as knowing who and what and why to vote, it is going to take some real doing to see that improve. Those who listen to NPR will still be hard pressed to really have much idea about local issues and personalities.

I myself have walked into the voting booth and been surprised at my own ignorance, and I try, so I imagine what the typical voter might face.

Time rushing past a good deal faster than most of us want it to. In the local elections there is still some real democracy, so it would be good if all the people participated in the local elections. It is a sign of not much care about it that the Mayor runs unopposed.

Of the things I disliked about all from my experiences, it was that instead of moving forward with either working with me and whomever I could assemble to start an indigenous Modular Factory Building enterprise, and getting real about the Zoning, they hired another bureaucrat to help fill out forms.

It would be a better regular expense to pay for a staff engineer. A staff engineer would best be set to inventory land, and look at the zoning of that land to make sure it was sensible. A staff engineer ought be set to advising for all decisions about infrastructure on a daily basis. It is not unusual for the Town Manager to be as well that engineer. That is what I would prefer for the way of it.

My conversations with the County Engineers have been delightful, as they are pleasant, and professional. The way they are forced to operate by the politicians they answer to is cause for depression.

Voting Labor Frightens Power

Labor and Vote and the Vote as paperwork

Local Carrboro Political Fun? IGX

I had to give up on creating a modular building company town co-operative enterprise here where I live in Carrboro, NC. I am not really sure of what part of me is such an inspiration of exclusion from anything not done as it has been done. I think I have lived in Chapel Hill and Carrboro for 15 years now. Its reputation is as a forward thinking place embracing all classes.

As it is in the US overall there is a dismissive attitude towards the experienced over the certified.

I was badly affected by the stories of my Grandfather who had careers as an Engineer, efficiency expert, and an Episcopal Priest somewhere in Harlem. His only degree was in Divinity from what I know.

I tried to find the exact information, but failed at some attempt when I was living in the City.
But I’d gotten the idea that you could just gain a set of insights and be capable and things would turn out well.

The academic institutions with their higher and higher prices must make it absolutely without exception mandatory that HR never ever hires or promotes anyone without their papers these days.

Academic institutions have a great bit more power over the policies of the nation than you, or I ever imagined.

During WWII they lobbied for higher ages for the draft to maintain their student enrollments. Now tremendous loans, debt assets have been generated for the books as students are made to understand they will have to work hard and have no security with out a college degree. The history of Capitalism in the US has been one of expanding markets and compromise.

The rise of finance as a major part of the US economy has dictated less and less to export. So eating the young is one solution for the smart financial engineers who practice what I characterize as “Play” capitalism.

While watching the Cold War roll along I noted the rich numbers accounted in the US, and the Party Members of the USSR. Accounting for differences in the populations, Party Membership, and powerful
I had to give up on creating a modular building company town co-operative enterprise here where I live in Carrboro, NC. I am not really sure of what part of me is such an inspiration of exclusion from anything not done as it has been done. I think I have lived in Chapel Hill and Carrboro for 15 years now. Its reputation is as a forward thinking place embracing all classes.

As it is in the US overall there is a dismissive attitude towards the experienced over the certified.

I was badly affected by the stories of my Grandfather who had careers as an Engineer, efficiency expert, and an Episcopal Priest somewhere in Harlem. His only degree was in Divinity from what I know.

I tried to find the exact information, but failed at some attempt when I was living in the City.
But I’d gotten the idea that you could just gain a set of insights and be capable and things would turn out well.

The academic institutions with their higher and higher prices must make it absolutely without exception mandatory that HR never ever hires or promotes anyone without their papers these days.

Academic institutions have a great bit more power over the policies of the nation than you, or I ever imagined.

During WWII they lobbied for higher ages for the draft to maintain their student enrollments. Now tremendous loans, debt assets have been generated for the books as students are made to understand they will have to work hard and have no security with out a college degree. The history of Capitalism in the US has been one of expanding markets and compromise.

The rise of finance as a major part of the US economy has dictated less and less to export. So eating the young is one solution for the smart financial engineers who practice what I characterize as “Play” capitalism.

While watching the Cold War roll along I noted the rich numbers accounted in the US, and the Party Members of the USSR. Accounting for differences in the populations, Party Membership, and powerful r
London banks and the UK the Caymans and Cook Islands, well that’s where the money goes. The average guy in the Caymans doing the honest jobs of the day, ending with meals at the television gets about 40 grand a year with benefits for taking care of the rich and giving them drinks in good weather, on a nice little island.

Your parents and the rest of us must have cars, or be trapped into limited options for where we can go for the prosaic or extraordinary.

In Chapel Hill the University has unique legacy powers of governance. I am told it is unique to the world for a University to control so much of how a community and even the County is governed. What does it mean when the Chancellor can throw out State Legislation?

As far as labor is concerned it is let off from any leadership in wages for it is prohibited from hiring at rates higher than private industry may pay for comparable jobs. For labor that is significant when the University is the major employer, capable of crowding out any other businesses. As well in this era there have been no private industry raises for labor in 30 years at least.

For the Academics, meaning teachers and administrators there has been competition for the best in their fields of research and course instruction. Whatever might be paid by any University in the world for the talents and presence of a famed teacher and research leader.

What that means overall the regular people cannot compete for living space on what they might be paid when the prosaic work is to be done, done by someone.

So then for Labor it becomes a hopeless situation.

I did not get involved in any politics locally that I was not well experienced with. Either I had done the job, or done the job and backed it up with study. Because my lifetime goal has become the founding of a nation of airports, I wrote letters to the Editor regarding the management practices of the University regarding Horace Williams.

In normal places such an asset is operated by the Town and County Governments, who find that the ports are of great aid in attracting and becoming bases for a range of businesses. I’ve seen NC State Transportation lists of airports from the NC State Transportation Department, Aviation Department, and the airports contribute a good deal.

For the entire time I have lived in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, the University has promised to close the airport.

Prior to the time of my move to Chapel Hill, there was the same promise given over and over to residents who were afraid of the airport and its airplanes. People believed that it would be shut down any day.

Then there became the plan to build a satellite campus there, and it all became a matter of time. Because an airport of a county is an important economic multiplier, it was felt that a replacement for Horace Williams ought be found.

A good deal of money was spent on consultants who wanted to locate a “Reliever” airport capable of handling an airliner, because the Feds will pay about 90 percent of what that costs because the FAA want “Reliever” airports.

It was a horror to the County Citizens, this concept, for who knew what the University Airport Authority with right of Eminent Domain in their hands, might do.

I myself wanted the County to have an appropriate airport for its needs, which are apparently for the most part, corporate and private small planes and small jets.

An Airport Authority was authorized by the State of NC Legislature. Heavily weighted with University Teachers and Administrators, it was still understood by then, because of these letters to the Editor that I was most qualified for a civilian seat on the proposed Airport Authority, and I met with State Senator Ellie Kinnard, and Dean of the Medical School Kevin Fitzgerald.

On leaving Fitzgerald, after an interview, stated the University could work with me.

Without any warning or consultation an oppositional group went into see Holden Thorp the Chancellor at that time and succeeded in having the Airport Authority squashed by pledging to close the airport, nullifying any perceived reason for an Airport Authority by some reasoning that does not make sense unless you accept that the University has the unchallenged right to operate the Local Community Airport of Orange County, any way it wants.

I was completely caught off guard, and Ellie Kinnard was gracious at the time to call me before I found this all out otherwise.

Kevin Fitzgerald never contacted me at all.

Many perceived that the pledge meant that there would never be an airport in all of Orange County.

The reason Holden Thorp promised to close the airport, obviating any need for an Airport Authority to administratively maintain it and make it into the asset that the people of the County deserve, was that the University and the Authority by extension was to have the power of Eminent Domain, and many persons of Orange County did not trust the University with such power because of their record, and how they had used the power of Eminent Domain in the history of the University uses of power.

A very nice building had been promised to be razed for some other building. It had been where the studios of 91.5 WUNC were. It was torn down and plans were changed and it became a parking lot.

Overall people familiar with the operating practices of the University did not trust it, so the solution was to promise to close the airport, not find a location for a replacement, and leave Orange County without any airport.

Whatever reasoning makes this possible, and accepted as proper, escapes me.

Many of the locals that I came into contact with put signs in their yards, No Airport County, and some yelled at me, others said the University could not be trusted.

The man who had the power to make promises Mr. Holden Thorp, was forced to resign because his administration allowed for years and years athletes to represent the University on the sports fields who were made eligible to compete through fraud.

Why it is that someone who was so incredibly a failure as the empowered Chancellor can leave as a legacy, bequeath to us all a stunted and discredited set of decisions that are allowed to stand, more than irritates me.

Remember now, it had only been the merit of my writings that had put me in a position to help influence the management practices of Orange Counties Local Community airport. I had become recognized as a competent thinker when it came to the airport.

For a long time I imagined it being moved to the Landfill on Eubanks near the NASA Land that is Duke Forest, controlled by NASA so it would not be touched, and the Landfill couldn’t expand there.

I recently did consult with the County Engineer on that line of thinking, and found that 30 years down the road that might be possible. How the road Eubanks might be rerouted was one of his concerns. I have asked them to think about where an appropriate airport in the county might be located.

Ideally the airport would for Orange County, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill be close to railroad tracks, the super highway, and the river and the ocean. Well there is no river till the Eno, and for Carrboro and Chapel Hill, the ocean is the air.

Really where Horace Williams is, is ideal.

The “Big Lie” is that it will any day be closed, but in fact it will be open forever, according to the airport manager. At the minimum the airport is to be open for 8 years.

It is unfair to the people of the County to not know either way because an airport for a landlocked community is an important asset for all classes.

It takes 10 to 15 years to locate and get FAA certifications for a new airport. For years and years the State Legislature insisted that Horace Williams not be closed without the establishment of a replacement for it.

I had renewed my agitations for changes in how Horace Williams was managed after Holden Thorp was gone, and Carol Folt was installed. Apparently Chancellor Folt makes decisions by not making any decisions, and not letting anyone know much about what she thinks.

A few times I have been lectured by persons in power. If not insulted and condescended to or lectured I have been told to look at the plans on the web. “Go to the website.”, or “Good Luck.”, you know what I mean. Of course when I talked to the city of Chapel Hill’s engineer about what was really being done, I did get the impression there was all the time in the world. There was no deadline to do anything about anything was the way he saw things.

For working people looking for work, three weeks and they have to make serious decisions about where to live, and what to. Options get slimmer and slimmer.

I have to regard the conflict as a fun fight, or part of my duty when it is miserable to be mistreated and spoken down to. I am really too old and too experienced to be spoken to the way persons in power have around here.

In the case of the modular building cooperative enterprise Dave Andrews spoke to me about the Town’s refusal to consider such a thing in a manner I cannot remember since high school in Greensboro.

With some engineers on line who had worked to help displaced Haitians secure strong housing that was cheap, we developed plans that used shipping containers. Shipping Container converting has become a mature industry.

Nothing can be done for Haitians because of the entrenched corruption. It is further flawed in regards to who can get a deed to property. Mobsters control the clean water.

So goes Haiti so goes Western Civilization far as I can tell. It sure seems headed that way.

In my judgement there really cannot be fair housing in the community as long as there is no surplus of housing. The studies indicate that internationally only modular building techniques can keep up with demand. As they are ignored, or prevented, you pretty much ensure that the result is that shanty towns and slums are created. The steel box that is a container is strong, and can be stacked. When one graduates to folding editions of modular housing, transportation is easier and cheaper.

When slums are created in NC, they are somehow hidden, out of town, across the line into the other counties, out in rural america where live rusting cars and totems of appliances.

For here I had wanted to make some prototypes the engineers could look over. I wanted to make kitchens and bathrooms that would roll into the containers, finished off with a standard wiring harness and insulation. If we made them here and were successful with zoning and land that is very high priced calling for less expensive units to be put on them, then mortgages could come down to manageable levels.

Of course you cannot be sure of things till they are done. Habitaflex in Quebec is very good at doing the sort of thing I am speaking of. I suggested Annette Stone see if the company would want to come down here, find out what it would take. Dave Andrews interjected again to reiterate the administration refused to even entertain a suggestion that was far away from me in any way.

Nepal could use housing that was capable of being delivered by helicopter, and Habitaflex makes such housing. Galaxy Homes is a company in California making modular housing that is able to come in at 85 dollar a square foot. They refused to speak with them to find out what it would take to establish a factory here, where there is willing labor. I had nothing at all to gain by this time, regardless of my interest in making things that solve a problem.

The problem of “affordable” housing was created when Ellers and Company bought up three apartment complexes in anticipation of the increase population that would have employment at Carolina North, where the airport is. Ellers began renovating units and refusing to renew leases and otherwise aiming at converting the units they bought so as to increase the rents. Ellers and Company refused to accept HUD vouchers that a number of working class families needed in order to live where they were living. This was at the root of the manufacture of the affordable housing crisis that happened under the noses of those in Local Community Government.

People locally were asked to open their homes to the poor, and rent to them.

Seemed to me that if the community had a population interested in taking in the poor, they would have already been at it.

Building modular units there at the airport would work well for local labor, and could, if mentally installed into the options for space where the mission of the University was to be continued, could likely satisfy the needs of that mission.

The story now is that Carolina North will be built over by Finley Golf Course somewhere on land the University owns over there.

There were four of these out at the airport

From my visit to Horace Williams this past week.

I have become the Vice Chair for the Town Hall Precinct of the Democratic Party. I have so far rejected the idea of running for mayor or an alderman seat. However I would support an oppositional candidate if they were interested in pursuing policies that changed the Zoning restrictions, making an inventory of all available housing both rental and for sale or development. Doing what was possible to advance options for Labor, and increasing opportunities for working people.
I approve of the recent decision to allow for more farming in the buffer zones. I would like to see a tall urban steel frame farm built. I suggest Civil Defense Shelters be restocked and the signage for them put back up and polished. Since my main issue is the management of the airport, I would better attempt a position as a County Commissioner.
I want to see produced a Television Show of Disc Golf using Local and Touring Musical Talent. This is intended to advance the Television and Motion Picture Industry, and help fill the new hotels with either crews, and or tourists. I consider the expenditure on brochures wasted money on what I call “fire starters”. The reason to create a TV Show such as I conceive of is also that tourists are positively known to like to visit places they see on national television. My most personal chapter in

    Poor Buzz and Stories from Warnings for My Daughter

, covers some of this, as well as aspects of my career in Television and Movie production.
I’ve gotten old and I will be happy to get back half of what I used to be physically. I have a business method in my back pocket that would be a great success combining a Labor Service with a Research and Development arm.
I now consider myself a librarian of work.
Would you support me politically for an office? I have learned the “Resolutions” format. I bought an edition of Roberts Rules of Order. It was written by the Engineer Henry Roberts. This proves the worth of work by engineers in the area of governance.

Stop and Frisk

What do the police mostly stop and frisk people looking for, but pot or cocaine. These two drugs are the most commonly used. Young people out walking around may have a joint of two on them. It is the War on Drugs and that is how it is conducted.

Now in many states the discovery of some pot on a person means an arrest, and possibly jail, and likely a fine, or the expense of an attorney.

For the poor kids in lousy neighborhoods the search for some pot and loud music in the best off kids car while searching for girls may be what dark nights are all about.

The cops get to stop them and interrogate them and if they find some pot, the night or weeks or years can be ruined.

They resent the vulnerability. None of it makes much sense. They weren’t hurting anybody. They get hurt from attempting to just have a good time.

It is not like a good time is all getting together in a car, or on the corner, and conducting deep breathing exercises.

I hazard a guess that more people are arrested for having some pot than anything else.

The only reason that pot is illegal is that beatniks were hated by squares. Hippies came later and as both sets were non conformists the authorities wanted every power possible at hand so as to be able to arrest them.

That way the authorities can punish them for not being right. Young Black boys on the streets just walking around looking for a dance or a loud sound system and some girls and grab ass, find out they are vulnerable, but were vulnerable anyway.

Ending the Drug War, or War on Drugs would stop the excuses that cops have and use for stopping and frisking young people whose main mission is hedonistic at that time of their lives.

Old hippies have just tired of the arguments and cut their hair, or let the gray show and just stay out of the way.

I can find crap in the same vein I’ve written on paper over and over year after year, decade after decade, and still pot isn’t really legal and is the excuse for cutting anyone with it found in their piss out of the labor pool except if they become academics or work for others who might smoke it themselves.

Sentences and fines are never really so much as to inspire the murder of the police, or judges, or legislators.

If you really want to reduce societal friction on the streets ending the War on Drugs is a great deal of the answer.

It has been a long time since I was out walking around in the night. When I was younger I did it often. I had then long hair which was to show that I was of the counter culture, anti war, and in sympathy with Blacks suffering from discrimination. I was in agreement with the Civil Rights Movement.

It was assumed by persons such as myself that everyone ought have equal rights. We often agreed further that women ought not be forced to have babies they didn’t want.

I myself expected girlfriends to use the pill. I broke up on the spot with a girl who was not using any birth control and having sex with me.
She said, when I belatedly asked about it, “I thought you didn’t care.”
I couldn’t even figure out what she meant.

Even if in fact an abortion was chosen by the woman of any fetus still in her body, or the sort with all tubes and whatnot capable of keeping the baby alive, as if it was simply fantastically premature, I allowed for it as murder, as even justifiable homicide if that is what they wanted.

Many of them presented it as a right of control of their body and what might happen in it. I allowed that it was their body. I would put myself in the place of a woman who didn’t want to have a baby and understand it as their right of control of their body. Period. Right. A right.

Rape and pregnancy as a result of the rape and the edict of some that the baby must be carried to term seemed to me to be asking quite a lot.

In the case of incest and pregnancy, that the baby must be born seems sick to me.

I don’t think that I was the only kid that ever found pot who pledged to only use it as preferable to alcohol. Still at parties there was always both, so it was found they went fairly well together. As youths we are interested in all the adult vices.
I wasn’t the only one determined not to kill myself till I’d had sex, and after that less depressed and suicidal in pursuit of the pleasures of women.

Hippies that were tolerant of gays and wanted to help Black people didn’t want to stay involved when so many of the Black people turned out to hate gay people. A red neck Black person is no more fun company than a red neck White person.

Then in theory they, us liberals and progressives still want Black people to have equal rights, but know that if they ever go alone into the slums and ghettos, they become targets for tough guy gangs that will run them down, beat them, and rob them. White progressives were homesteading in slums there for awhile, but since they were assumed to have riches because they were White, their homes would be targeted.

Dawn it was, said that Black people were racist too. Dawn was a Black girl I knew in the scholarship class I was in run by Urban Gateways. As the class was ending we were all offered scholarships to either go to NYC for 10 days, or go to summer school for six weeks.

By the end of the class there was on gay Black guy left, and myself White, and said to be Blacker than some Blacks Dawn knew, who would pronounce these things. The other White guy Dillon stopped going because he said he wasn’t accepted as a human being.

I wanted to stay away from North Carolina as long as I could and accepted the option of going to the school in Bloomfield Hills run by Cranbrook, which was the high school Mitt Romney went to. I had no idea. The kids were rich. I had a good time. I was confirmed as a writer and filmmaker and artist because it was the sort of thing that I was in the urban setting rewarded for.

Most of the life I’ve lived in NC has been a dead end.

For a dead end, at least the weather, flora and fauna, raggley as by the road it may be, is good.

In the sad wasted last decade of my strength, before disease overtook me, I did what I could from where I was to advance UNTV. I was digging a ditch when C-Span called, to whom I had been shunted by Time Warner when at the end and so they could say “No” to it.

Gore can’t get paid now by Al Jazzera for his “gates”, the same it is as an airline, far as assets. Those at the UN aren’t going to make a UN channel based on truth, since there are too many at and part of the UN who would be destroyed by the truth.

All the youthful training I got of most value in my adult life came out of the Boy Scouts. There I was taught to drive. I drove professionally as a, News Paper Route Manager, fuel truck driver of tanker trucks Taxi driver, and Lighting and Grip Truck driver.

I tried to build a photography business as I make good photographs and was some little trained in the community college. It was of some help when I ran the Lighting and Grip truck to the point were I became a gaffer. It was events beyond my control that really destroyed that prospect of any upwards right livelihood as Alan Watts spoke of and I believed in. At the height of my successes in gaining a tradesman’s skill, running a business, and also being versatile so much as to act to the level of where I tasted residuals from SAG requirements, I was still crushed by the Producers Lockout and starving and broke fled the city finally.

It was a shock to me to become low class. It was a shock to me to understand my life as that of any good Black who went to Community College, and found some surprise that destroyed him at every turn. Attempting to be the good modern husband and father who was divorced by the woman who just did it because I wasn’t warned before the marriage I was supposed to become an insurance salesman.

Now it is the ultimate irony that I learned enough to endorse insurance as a foundation for my currency.

But meantime, looking out on the world around me, I see that regardless of anything else wrong with the United States I live in, it is the Drug War that makes life for the most people the most needlessly miserable.

Postscript: I am aware that this is brain smatter. I left out the story of the Russians and the big Ilyshin. I’ll tell that story sometime, I promise.

Death Just Around the Corner, Fight On! And Don’t go for Yosemite.

Living in NC for me is a mixed bag. One man said that NC was in its third episode of Rip Van Wrinkleness. Change is not much interested in. Change would be represented by justice.
It is apparent to all that the continuation of the Drug War is an injustice. People still get arrested for it, the use of a drug to get high on which has little to no ill effects.
Being a victim of the Drug, is being arrested, and persecuted by corporations that won’t hire those who got caught, or those with pot in their piss.
It is not a drug that inspires people to commit violence. The price paid in fines and the ruination of careers is tolerated by all for what choice do they have?
Rioting about it has sort of happened in that in Baltimore the police probably hoped to find some drugs on Freddie Gray. Instead of drugs, or even a gun, they found a pocket knife. It is legal for the police to carry a knife that shoots the blade out at the touch of the trigger.
I once proposed that the police ought not be able to carry any weapons any other citizen can carry. Back when I was young the Black Panthers got so tired of it all that in anger they were for ambushing and murder of the police. There are people all over the country who are more willing than ever to murder police.
While people are emotional, they are emotional to the extremes when there are rational reasons for their emotional responses.
Home of the brave?
It is brave to resist when you know you will be beat. I am ground down by the years. My spirit is damaged by all the hatred and anger and lies. I strive to confirm in my art Strength Wisdom Beauty and Humor.
There is less and less and less cause for humor because I am diminish and weakened physically. I suffer for the mental landscape is angry and mean.
As a conceptual artist who has seriously studied the world and the politics of it all, I see ways out, and speak of them, and write of them.
I joined the Democratic Party Precinct of Town Hall, and am the Vice Chair. Poetry has its forms, and then there was the form I filled out for the Kenan Institute of Art, and I have created some significant forms for Transcendia, and the form questionnaire I created for my invention business method, and now I am learning how to write “Resolutions”.
I’m tired.
I’ve paid all the dues I need to pay. It is only the presentation of more hurdles to jump and all that, submission to condescending remarks, and requests for vetting from the academics.
What choice do I really have?
10 years, 20, will go by in the blink of an eye. If tomorrow I didn’t wake up, it wouldn’t be that surprising. So I am saddened that I’ve nothing but this to do, write.
I have offered ways out of the quandaries that are roiling on fronts of finance and economics as the dominant energy source that has got to be abandoned for what is clean and available is installed.
Engineers know what to do to make the tides give us great wealth of electricity. Engineers have put together with chemists and physicists ways to get us all the energy we would ever need.
I do wish in the state I live people with power accepted what the engineers offer, as I offer what I know and have invented on the fronts of governance and currency.
Great leaders pay attention to what their engineers tell them, for they know that the engineers do know the truth.
I could not vote for Hagan because she ignored the engineering offered out of NC State to address the need to change our sources of energy.
I used to be a Godwin anarchist, but all that is left of that is the recognition of Education and Defense as what a nation is supposed to give its people.
So it is a big deal for me to even attempt to influence the Democratic Party.
I know I must be strong and not vomit.

Okay, Enough of that. I do not at all recommend you put Yosemite in your fine computer. It is some lousy software of an operating system unworthy of the hardware. I may well have lost a good deal of work that I did over the twelve days I attempted to work with Yosemite. I advise Apple to just immediately withdraw the operating system. It will do nothing but buttress the belief that Apple is degenerating. Photos is simply not at all superior to I Photo even. The reputation for Mac and Apple was based on its great potential to enable the graphic artist, and the movie maker, and the photographer. I can do better work with Canva faster than ever I could get out of Pages. Aperture didn’t look much at all better than I Photo. And I Movie, and Final Cut Pro, they have never been compatible with my brain. I got a little going with Boinx. It is inexpensive but not made to do more than you paid for. I hear in the end the old standby Avid is the best for things I need to accomplish before I die. I am poor, so I can’t buy it. You tube is a great thing, and we can say it is a bright spot in the google world that is about a delusion of power in G plus. Facebook, yeah, I am down to family and a few others. There are strangers. My Founders Page would have caught on if it had been left to be as good as when it was rolled out. I had a nice magazine going there for awhile. Then it was improved, and then they wanted me to pay for it, after it was wreckage compared to what it was when it was rolled out and I jumped on it.
I am glad of this WordPress option, but understand I have few, if any readers. I was once big in China with Transcendia War Commentary on Popwars. I did have a terrific conflict somehow with the administrators of CR4 from which I still have some friends, but was banned for using appropriate curses in a compliment of the former administration. The thinkers of IHS are in on oil, and it is too bad. The free intelligence from Jane’s and IHS I get is superior, but they have oil to advance because it is reliable in their crowd of subscribers. Besides that CR4 could be useful to spies. I appreciated it to learn that it was an engineer that wrote Roberts Rules of Order. There was the justification for my leadership in opposition to the installed administration that closed my friends discussion of Can We Make A Better Government. Making a system of government isn’t out of the discipline of engineering, proved right there by the parliamentary procedure handbook, again, created by an Engineer, Named Robert, or Roberts. I know but I can’t remember every single detail. But don’t get Yosemite. It will make your machine run hot, which kills your machine.

Decorative Bar Poster of Audie

Audie Murphy movie poster collaged in The Station.


Shed of a Shedman

But for the witch thing.

As a product I was bought for stud.
The stable was clean.
I got to eat okay.
Sometimes I was happy at work.

These days it is the same but different.
Few want to buy me for I am selling all
That is me gone and going in circles.
Mostly it is just stories.

There was the “Spiral Road”. God they fed him
slivers of Glass in his food!
Spiraling up or down and around the room.

There is a pyramid? The Mayans did human

I’d rather not be so civilized. There was
art and an alter. They shoved nicotine water up their butts.
It had infrastructure.
They grew corn.

As a farmer in a petting zoo
It was an entertainment.
I grew a pot plant on the fire escape.
The neighborhood cop told me I probably
ought to move it.

There are finite number of telephones.
I want to give all my friends two way
radios. Two Say Radios!

Once I thought everything was about Communications.
Community comes from the communications.
It is too simple to talk about.

We must have learned to talk from birds.
It is my theory.
I am trying to make a simple and primitive Telephone.

I heard yesterday or the day before that the patent
for the telephone
was the most valuable patent of all time.

My life is not some movie.
All my inventions are just do overs.

The most grand thing with a flag,
Is a do over.

There you go, my new poem of the day. I once said I write a good one once a year apparently. I wonder what one thing I might remember myself for. I prevented Apocalyptic Riot and put the outer space people on the 3D Space TV.

I did it with the flag and the airplanes and the electric scooter. Renting out a Tesla from Horace Williams would be renting out a Learjet like as I am told they feel faster better than that punch off the ground not the ground.

I’d have to buy a Tesla to rent out as a rental car. I think the fleet price is 175,000 now for one of these things. Just an idea communicated and gone on by. I’d have better things like land to buy I think, maybe, or course the land is owned by the people. The whole world is being bought up. The people with the deeds to Ireland fucked them over.

Any people with the most power and money just get the deeds, and Haiti has a thing there. So goes Haiti, so goes the West in my mind. What did Haiti have that Napoleon had to have but the same thing the English had to have that made the Americans want to kill them.

Well they took power over their own lives so Napoleon sold Louisiana. All that land measured against what Napoleon and France wanted for which they stripped legally the winners of anything won that wasn’t nailed down, or but then got all the trees for sailing ships the English liked to capture.
Land, power, not thinking much well that Napoleon.
So Yair to the power mad that somehow just seem to lose it for their people. Germany comes on the scene and what but the have to do but start wars till it got 50 years without one out of them, and there was a celebration of that, period.

The birds talk about more than food and fucking. I am sure of it.