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Russell Scott Day Poster

The night was one perfect at the airport and who we called Aunt Keaton had died. Chet Gant and Keaton were in a Burlington NC family that was civilized and wonderful and I am sorry I broke their lawn mower trying to mow their lawn.

One day I did gain patience to mow lawns, but delivering newspapers was what I was better suited for. I like to go around in circles. You know great and powerful people go around in circles all the time doing whatever it is they do.
Golf is one of those circle things. The solar system is circular. Molecules and atoms have that sort of shape of circles.

Then is when I thought up how having a nation of airports would be a great thing. Atlantic Aero is still far as I know a good place to hang out. No real big surprise that Hondajet did from there their test flights and I am impressed about that for the state of NC.

We used to see the Nike` missiles pointed up at the sky in Burlington off the highway. I was young. They are impressive looking rockets. Those things ought to be just fired off more so that we can learn to do something more with them. Taking pictures with drones is wonderful as a growth for no good reason industry. Radio shack toy drones would be good string haulers for cat play during the day.
Occupy could use them to watch the police with.

I heard that years ago people where using ultralights to get to work in the flatlands of the dusty west. They supposedly flew into parking lots of big box stores. I never saw it happen. It sounded possible.

RC controlled airplanes and now the small go pro type cameras on gyroscopically stabilized drones mean that the real dream of going to the driveway and taking off isn’t that far away. The way things are going it will take another war for us to get left overs.

Maybe not.

The Curtiss Jenny sold by the government surplus didn’t do Boeing much good, nor did it apparently kill it. The early planes weren’t that fast and used lots of anywhere. Dumping poisons became profitable.

Lots of time young men do things old men don’t approve of. We’d mostly all go broke if that wasn’t the case.

It is now 100 years since WWI. Who was the last pilot to die.

There is the old wonderful saying every old man needs to at least say to every young man, or woman now. “There are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots.”

Lately I’ve been concerning myself with wondering what sort of government will men be ruled by on Mars. Now I really don’t want to go.
I am old now so I’d be less trouble. There really is conflict associated with chasing women. Getting loose and cutting the women out of the herd is looked down on. When and how to get high, have sex?

What was the most fun submarine to live and work on? Dave Marquet knows. I don’t mind advertising his textbook on leadership Turn the Ship Around. It sounds as if he created a good powerful and useful environment on the boat. That “boat” looks essentially what colonies on Mars must be like. There won’t be but so many choices for how to do things. So thinking about how to govern ourselves over and over again has to be done because we forget.

Look at the facts. There are now no living WWI pilots.

The drone quadrocopter made possible by the electric gyroscope means that we won’t need as many airports again.

Obviously it is not that big a joke to Amazon that wants to deliver books and christmas toys with drones. The Oblivion movie has that flying machine in it. Wow. That’s a looker. Can I have one?

I was at peace out there by myself at night at Atlantic Aero in a city of about 170 thousand at the time.
The night is amazing.
A port at night is quiet and it is when I thought and did some writing. I remember what the moment of my important and simple thought was like when the weather was perfect and the cockroach heads had just left.

Cockroach heads were big in a Learjet sort of looking space ship real pleased and laughing with themselves for getting to the similar place not needed. They were the black hole surfers.
Only young cockroach heads were strong enough to be cockroach heads.

Truth is the Target

My Arsenal, Marker on panel fixed about 24′ by 32′. or Truth is the Target


RESUME`don't hear nothingAttack on the Hill 2

FACE altered


When the Tardigarde was first being bred for life on Mars we segregated all the bigger ones we could find. It was easier for us partially because our tools weren’t very good. I had a terribly weak microscope for instance. That meant I could only see the biggest Tardigardes in the first place.
“Hey baby, want to see a gigantic Water bear?”
My wife was most sweet even calling me a Waterbear. I felt really cute when called a “Waterbear”.
The six hands and then that face and the arms the body the facts of cuticle being. My god! they are fantastic.
I made them bigger and bigger

There is credit on this

Russell Scott Day Poster


At Ackland Museum

Painting at Ackland

So then it is at Asheville (AVL) airport that they have a small art gallery. The whole story isn’t fully clear. Art is submitted and then put in the gallery and sold from the airport gallery. 20 percent commission is given to the gallery.

In Greensboro (GSO) they show art that has a card credit nearby. If someone wants to buy something they can contact the artist and make an arrangement. They do not take a commission. Just now they are creating an Art Master Plan.

I looked for information about this sort of thing because of the local community airport I live near where I was told the University wouldn’t want to show my art, or the art of anyone at the little FBO shack because that would mean someone would make a profit. The first time I visited Horace Williams, I found it oddly unpleasant. Even thinking about it is unpleasant anymore. I thought about it when I thought I personally ought not think about it because it was hard to think about. Then I did a painting about thinking and throwing up your hands. There is that expression about throwing up your hands.

“I throw up my hands.” The idea is that you give up.

When I thought about it there was an ethical component involved. Ethically is is bad to give up, when the cause is right. The determination of right and wrong is at what benefit does it do for others. it would do other artists besides myself good if people with money to spend on art were to see it. Some of my reasoning about the art at the airport of any size is that people with money to spend on art come through. Art is a sign of civilization, like good plumbing.

There is some good use of the old doublewide that was where AHEC or Med Air had offices. Some people are teaching people who are autistic? I don’t have details. It is a better use than the original plan to use the place to store lawn mowers. That plan I’d heard of caused me to lose my temper.

A couple of few times I have tried to get through to the Freelancers Union. To replace Tareel Temps with a Freelancers Union Hall for Chapel Hill represents futuristic movement. During my working life I was most successful, happiest and respected when operating the lighting and grip truck. That was freelance really. I got a union card and worked freelance for about the next 15 years. The NYC procures lockout of the early 90s, and the migration of film and television out of NC caused me to drift into what I did when I was young, strong and very inexperienced, carpentry.

We recognize now that carpentry, or building, was a growth industry in NC if not lots of the nation until 2008. This represented a full circle for me. I had been a willing worker. Alan Greenspan indicated that people like myself, the American worker, needed to be retrained. It is my ambition to become an economist now. Now that Henry Petroski puts Finances into the discipline of Engineering, I am made happy. I was looking for another word for happy besides happy, but happy seems best now.

The essence of financial engineering seems to be that banking and insurance and stocks and bonds need to have proper fencing. They really are not the same, and just because you have some control of some money, don’t try to do everything with it. The proper role of the government now, or in case of disaster as now is to invest in shared infrastructure and the people. Government is not a business.

War and corruption keep the people poor. There are the people and people. Too much fracturing of the economy is just as bad as too much central control as they evolve towards themselves. Someone needs to be paying attention and have a goal that guides them.

Einstein says you can’t really go wrong if you have the right goal.

The point I got out of William Faulkner’s Abasolam, Absolam!, was that you wasted your life if you served the ideals of the Confederacy. Then by the time it was done it was ok if you ended up stabbed to death in front of everybody. That means to me it is a tragedy to serve overly self-serving elitist unreasonable ideals. If your ideals serve no one but yourself, then good enough, fine if you get strung up like Mussolini.

Too bad about Tony Soprano. He went just a little too far kicking that guys teeth out. I think that is what got him killed, not robbing everybody in town. It for that fictional mobster was kicking a guys teeth out after he had made his point.

I lust to knock over Silent Sam.

Silent Sam was put up as propaganda for the cause of the South. The cause of the South as to maintain the wealth of plantation owners through the ownership of slaves who on their books were wealth. These landowners were re-empowered, after the American Civil War by politicians who were of the same sort as the landowners in relation to their view of the working classes who were made into wage slaves.

The lineman at Horace Williams Airport gets Nine dollars and thirty 5 cents an hour. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Preventing Atomic War

The  Lady Pilot

I believe that tis is from a wedding at the Station in Carrboro where I used to drink.

The Caravan was a plane often used for sight seeing and for some reason got crashed a fair number of times.

There was the vision that helped me and confused me. I got only one. That was fine. Transcend-O-Ray. Secret. My own. 1972 then later out at GSO I thought of a nation, and then Craig Heafner helped and we called the nation Transcendia. There was Bureaucratica. I misspelled Bureauratica as a dot name I made up and bought one year. It was about people sending in reports of important Bureaucrat demands. What were the normal bribery rates for getting through checkpoints, or being discovered with a bottle of liquor in a dry state, or whore prices, or black market prices for money. When was a steak really dog meat. These sorts of questions would be answered by writers for Buraucratica.com. I never pulled that all together. I own Transcendia.org, and biz, and info, and haven’t done much with biz or info, as I never did anything with Bureaucratica. Sometimes I look at the CIA Factbook. I figure deep in there for the special working spies they must have some list of Bureacrtica things as I envisioned.
I am not capable of doing everything. My goal was to save the world from nuclear war, and see people from outer space.
Since we haven’t had a war, then I at least didn’t start one.
To have Transcendia be real it would of normal nationhood start a war. I studied up and decided a 3D movie war of a Elvis worshiper would be good enough for me. The hippies fight the mobsters and mexicans for control of the cocaine airfields and their tunnels to make Transcendia. Now I think it would be fantastic to take the 64 pages of the King of Dreams screenplay I wrote, and found recently, and then start up the war from 2D to 3D. Some fantastic war things are uniforms and swords. Swords will comeback. See there the guy with his sword and his google glass!
Stab that guy that rips your google glass off your face in the subway is what I say. Don’t be a victim. Protect your things and your brain. Your face needs what you want to wear. What so if your glasses help you remember things? There is the old story of the guy who smashes the robber with his Nikon, because a Nikon is also a lump of metal.
Fight back.
Really I meant it awhile back when I wrote that Japan no longer deserves independence because of the way they have handled the Fukushima disaster. There is a serious flaw in their group thinking process. We as people need to stand our ground in relation to their passive aggressive failure of our planet. Plastic in the oceans is bad enough.
Minimization of the dangers of Cesium 137 is meaningless when we account the fish and what 15 years of circulating poison for them means. It is worse than Chernobyl. Chernobyl makes the Russians look better than the Japanese because of the reactions. The radiation is ruining the Pacific Ocean ahead of destructo time.
All the destructions are ahead of schedule.
But anyway I did my part because I didn’t start a war.
That is how I have to figure it.
At 61 getting around to doing all these great things isn’t a new possibility in a way.

In the 1990s I stayed out in the shed and fixed up what is now The Revolutionary, Warnings for my Daughter, Psychiatrists Love Insanity, and I re-wrote, and re-wrote JET Beach and Learjet. I did the writer things I was supposed to do when living with mom.
Sometimes I went to church with mom. Once I got inspired and said my important spiritual poem, The Essence of Love:

I imagine spirits bereft of identity
thirsting for this granted life of curses and bafflement.

We suffer and are made souls.

The experience demanding we give to God,
Exactly what we ask for: Forgiveness, Forgiveness,
The essence of love.

One time I visited with the priest and asked for support for my book of poems Psychiatrist Love Insanity. Farther Partarick said the book wasn’t religious enough really.
I don’t know what I was thinking.
I think I thought I had covered a range of experience.
Charlotte his wife bloomed like Tolstoy’s woman who got better looking, instead of worse looking.
I saw her at Mom’s funeral. Judge Exum was looking better too. Jim Turner was dead.
I don’t know where Tim Patterson was. He had married us.
Mom had some sort of reputation.
i knew my grandmother and father, so know more than most about something seminal to do with my family.
Wild drinkers who have some fun and die with little fantastic expectation might sum up my Grandmother. Everybody gets two sided about these people. You had better be happy with yourself. I want to leave something for my friends a little better than Grandmother did the drunken retarded companion she had.
She couldn’t do but so much.

Yeh, now St. Francis of Assisi is the again big guy. I studied him once. Seems he was very Saintly as perfectly not doing much.
There you go.
I did that not starting the war.
I have the flag, and some money drawings, and The Passport.
If you have a passport feel special.

This to follow is the cartoon captions for the book I need to color and have done.

Squirlt (a crushed together cat and squirrel) It is just one drawing.

Round Wife of Politician (maybe I will cut this.)
One Dollar,
10 Dollar,
50 Dollar,
Atom Bomb drawings.
Self scribble, and a drawing of sexual congress.

The Story of My Life.
I was born after a fall.

The first thing I did as a person was kill a fly.

I pulled off its wings.

The second thing I did was shoot a lizard.

The third thing I did was piss on an electric fence.

Then I learned to shoot and drive a car.

After that: I went to work seriously.
I studied Hitler, Ghandi, Grant, Lincoln, Churchill, Jesus, and William James.

I was in love with a Dancer.
She liked to fuck.
It made her powerful.

All wars are over women.
Pure love isn’t thrilling.

“For the love you fool!”

Wise is stupid, stupid is wise.
Dance you fool. Dance you fool.

Dance by yourself, without either mirror or lover.
Dance and sing, With all your body.



Barometer Skin

Body Form for working

There is a Seamstress Shop at Carrmill Mall in Carrboro and this was in the window.

All Rights Reserved Transcendia.org, Russell Scott Day
Essays stories and photographs may be purchased for syndication at a column inch rate. Photos are $200.00. Write to negotiate. 919-960-8446 is the phone number.

Barometer Skin

Lionel Douglas told me that I was like a barometer.
I had no idea that there had been a stabbing by some angry high school student at a high school. It is out there somewhere. He stabbed lots of young people badly. Some may die. These kids have been really hurt.
A few times I have fit the profile of someone who did insane things. For years, a decade about, I fit the profile of a Shed Man. The Unabomber, Kozoninski is some mangling of the spelling of the guys name.
At the end of the piece I wrote yesterday I said that if you are a bit dull, not strong, and not that good looking, you needed to join up with a group. Joining a rock and roll band works for lots of guys. It works for some girls who get real fat, but can sing well.
But what my god! What exactly prevented me over the years from living out the horrific impulses? For awhile I ascribed it to religious beliefs. I don’t think that is enough. Lots of times my religious beliefs are not very sting, and all the time they are my own.
Like I say, Try it. Try reading the reading for the day, and throwing the I Ching. Don’t stab innocents at school? Even guilty people: don’t stab them either. You won’t get anything out of it.
When you undertake some of these attacks, the idea is to win. A win Win is the best, but losing is losing and so accept losing if there is “nothing for it”.
You, whoever you are, need to accept that no matter how flawed you are, there is something you are good at, and you need to learn how to do that, and do that better and properly.
Get this, the Forrest Gump movie was about a big stupid guy. He was at least a heroic, big stupid guy. Einstein says it doesn’t matter, nothing matters, once you have the right goals.

(You can find a recording of Einstein saying so on Founder of Transcendia in the box of things on the mid low bottom right of the homepage of that FB site I made when the option was offered.)

Okay, I did a form and am waiting for the narration and have been doing study of the Tardigarde. It is an animal going back to the Cambrian age started 542 million years ago and also the Tardigarde is called a Water Bear, or Moss Piglet. It is when grown .5 millimeters big.
To make it bigger so it will be able to hold a talking head like a human has, so it will be good for space travel and do well as company for humans and cockroach heads and robots on Mars we will have to isolate big Tardigardes from small Tardigardes over an over so they are bred bigger and bigger.
Then we will isolate desirable DNA and inject that into the nucleus of the sperm and egg when they are united. I think that is how I can make a bigger and bigger and smarter Tardigarde.
Never before have I wanted to do this sort of work.

Rock on Bench

Rock on Bench

Dangerous Sticks

Decorative Bar Poster of Audie

Audie Murphy movie poster collaged in The Station.

I have a Benchmade knife that is supposedly being picked up as a replacement for the venerable KBar Fighting knife my father or any WWII soldier would have been familiar with.
For a great long time, all a man had to survive with was a sharp rock. The obsidian glass hand axe, or flint of stone age peoples was what they had to make killing tools with. They could make bows and arrows. They could make spears.
They could just hit slash or stab other living creatures. A sling thrown rock that strikes a bear in the forehead will supposedly kill it.
Sometimes I hold my knife, and think dangerous thoughts.
I will this knife to my wife when I die. It is a better knife than most people will ever have. It fits my hand with a little forefinger handle disc cut out and my thumb has a a saw ridge set to prevent slip up. There is no cross tang. The K Bar design has the Bowie sword stop and a longer blade typically.
I wanted this knife from the first time I put it in my hands at the store. I was on and in my mind and I schemed till I got it.
Sometimes now I want to stab somebody with it. Sometimes I want to slash at them.
However I have a sword for slashing at people. When riding the horse at a gallop towards those who have shot their wad and are confused afraid of the big horse I want my horse to have its hoof up so the bayonet is mitigated by the iron shoe as I lean over and sword slash at the throat of the man, as an ideal.
Ah nah, not really. My sword is ceremonial. There is a bit too much stainless steel in its blade. It is too heavy. Or I am just too weak. All considerations conspire to make my pistol better. It is unfortunate I don’t have my carry permit. I don’t want to show the gun on my hip all the time. A small gun for an old man is good.
Just shooting people is all that is going to work for me really as I am simply not in good enough shape to be fist fighting, or knife fighting.
Be warned not to fight with old men. They are really likely to just shoot you.

When you get beaten up, take the counseling. If you don’t take the counseling you will enter the victimhood psychologically dangerous mental psychosis?
You will become mentally ill. This is the fact of the matter for the loser. Losers become angry and despondent and wreckage will be strewn about them.
Losers to bad weather, random bombings, suicides, war, and more, wreck their family lives and businesses.
If this happens to you, take a break, get counseling.
If you are a loser you will hate yourself likely. That is where the spiral starts, so you have to stop that with winning.
To win you can just go to the practice field and beat some other guys on the team repeatedly till your confidence is restored, or talk to someone who tells you how to think like a winner.
Think of things you do well and win at., at the very least.
You will be in trouble if you aren’t smart, or good looking, or strong. If you have none of those individual attributes, then you must definitely join up with a band of winners.

Night in urban.

Fog near nighttime Carrboro East Main from Weaver Carrmill Mall lot looking West .

Back At the Circle Start

The work is called When TVs Were Made of Wood

This used to be a great work. I an sad I let it be shown too long at Southern Rail.

I really liked this piece. It still exists. I thing there were at least 7 works done on steel. I started painting and when I started I wanted to use real steel and wood and finally sometimes canvas. Mostly I use panel to work on with brushes., and pencils. I like using a brush.
There are lots of things to tell the young artist. Whatever you are doing, do it big and in color is one.

Hey, Horace Williams still exists as an airport. The long time manager Paul Burke retired. I am sort of glad about that. I wish I’d gotten his job. I can’t do much more than I do now. It will be awhile.
One time a few years ago I asked Paul who was in charge of the airport at the University and he told me Carol Eastwood, I think. I need to pin this down as to whom is in charge. Holden Thorp put people “In Charge”.
Holden Thorp said there would be no airport in 2008, and that was the reason the Airport Authority was thrown out.
That was in late 2007 or early 2008, and a plan for Carolina North was finalized and the economy tanked and the University stopped getting as much money from tuitions and fees and the input from the State Legislature was diminished.

Tar Hell Temps was almost immediately closed. This was short sighted since it is accepted that a regular job for the US or modern world worker is not one as it was of the Kodak, IBM, or Xerox past.
A Temp Labor Service or Union Hall is where the young graduate or young person looking for work needs now and forever to look for work.
I often wonder where so many of the Chapel Hill excess administrators and managers went?
During the big roiling time of economic collapse it was said in the papers that in some departments there were 9 employees between the top, and the person actually expected to do what the “top” called out needed to be done.
Somehow this was explained.
I don’t hate the people involved one way or another. Many of them were likely nice looking friendly people.
I guess they all had cars and drove over the Raleigh and found work. Others went on vacation with good unemployment checks. Some people over in Cary were getting 525 a week in unemployment
I’m a Democrat, liberal in my mind badge, but the working class experiences give me pause about some things.
There are in fact some strange regulations put in place, laws that really did make it sensible to push back against the Federal government.
I am really sincerely sorry about that.
I’m a big believer in Women’s Rights. Some where women’s culture is more realistic. Ohio. There was the PBS movie I worked on that was run buy women producers and a woman director, and other women directors around. In the movie memoir section I’ll tell the movie story, some of the movie stories.

Department heads must be hiring research assistants. I’ve been real sick. Now I can walk.
In the Meritocracy of today, with transportation costs, and safe living requirements you need to be close to your job, and those who face to face put you in the right position.
A Freelancers Hall Is a Good Idea. Putting it out at the airport is a good idea. I’m going to see if I can do that.

Normal looking bush and wall

Wall and Bush

Notes, Memoirs

Lauren Von Klutz.

This was my girlfriends girlfriend in NYC where the girlfriends seem particularly close.

Being at peace killing insects.
I’ve covered that in some poem. at least one.
I sold the picture done on panel at out of Sids to the same person who bought War Channel.
After that there was about drowning when moving. I remember what it felt like to cramp up and start to go under. Dad had to jump in and pull me out.
I remember lots of what it looked like.
Swimming pool! Air Conditioning!

We had already had lots of life. I’d been to kidergarden and had a rug from that. I’d been in the first grade and been slapped around then.
This is a list, some of my memoir list.
Things sped up when there was some settled fact to the four of us.
I never anticipated being disliked.
Your parents need to tell you more about themselves and their histories.
You need to be told you won’t be liked.

Memoirs, Make yours today!

Man Kills Rubber Duck

Man with poisonous duck in his shower angry and murderous about the situation.

Issues, Thermite, Get some!

Wigs on top of fake heads.

From Peoples Beauty Heads with Wigs

You understand that what is interior to the power struggle you live with in the US is a fantastic intellectual philosophical hatred of Hedonism by the most powerful people. Hedonists as a rule, can’t be all that powerful, because the pursuit of happiness is not the pursuit of power and money.
Therefore hedonists as a rule, are not all that rich and powerful.
Hence they don’t have laws in their favor and they get arrested for being demonstratively happy on drugs with funny haircuts pants and shirts and it is obvious to police who are employed to not only keep the peace, but enforce anti hedonism laws, however laws that exist obviously or otherwise can be construed to make being philosophically on the wrong side of the tracks clearly on the wrong side of the tracks as in jail.
Drug laws, are simply laws against being high.
Being high is a hedonistic thing.
The government takes your freedom if you are stoned, or have drugs that will make you or others stoned.

In the Kings world you are there to serve him and his family and the nobles. That means you need to be good and ready to go and stab and faithfully hack at the vital parts of another king’s peoples.
Stoned people do not make good soldiers.
Frankly this is another way of explaining the reason laws against happiness exist implicit or inferred.
In the US Constitution there is a mention of your right to Life Liberty and a “Pursuit of happiness.” That is just a technicality, as they would say. That was just put there. Anyway, it doesn’t say you can have happiness. It says you can pursuit happiness.
It is okay for you to be happy. Is it okay for you to be too often happy? How much happiness is appropriate? How ought the happiness be achieved?
The great religious saints often succeeded at not doing much of anything. They had the right attitude about it. They got along well with the Birds for instance living in a cave, for instance.
My Uncle the Episcopal Priest says God wants us to be happy and we have sinned if we went around being unhappy all the time.
A happy person in the midsts of adversity is an admirable morale builder. We see them in the war movies and hear of them in the myths.
The happiest pictures of Americans are of when WWII was over in Europe and the people danced and kissed each other in the streets.
The weather wads good. They had hacked and killed their way to happiness.
There was no good reason for all that happiness at Woodstock.
All that was about was LSD, and the birth control pill. That was a celebration of a short span of freedom that some un-entitled young people took.
Like artists they stole the time to just be.
There was art created in the permanent form of the Woodstock Movie, that eventually covered the costs.
Later that freedom was ruined by freedom lovers like the Hells Angels who murdered a guy at Monterey. There are ways to do these things, even hedonism needs to be accomplished by people who know what they are doing.
Still it is a serious problem for the harder workers of another miserable philosophy called Puritanism, or Calvinism, or Existentialism. We move from one miserable way of thinking to less miserable ways of thinking till we have at the best, Pragmatism and Hedonism holding hands.
When things go on for too long in miserablinessness too many of us start to look forward to war.
I personally want to just really really knock over statues to Confederate heroes. I know that this might be the last straw in the class war of misery triumphalism demonstrated daily with low chin shots of Ted Cruz.
But now I want to see him cry at the base of a destroyed statue of Bedford Forrest.
Thermite is the weapon of choice for destruction of these statues.
Get it and destroy the CSA for once and for all.
If it is just a pursuit of happiness, and all I’ll get, then fuck it.

Okay How about those rich people and their trips to Mars?
Some people don’t think it is fair for the Tesla Rich to get to sell their stuff and go to Mars, leaving us in the shithole created through their policies.
It isn’t fair, but this is their plan.
They expect us to kill each other over resources like water as a start, while they hide out in gated communities they will sell to standing warlords before they go to Mars.

On mars they will have a Hyperloop system from the Equator to the poles. Water conduits will transport the vital aquifer rivers to the Morlock mound towns. Things will be very fascistic like the plutocracy of Disney land till happy go lucky smiling Elon Musk dies, and then things will get like how miserable Disney land is.
That is unless something else is done.
That is also dependent on your state of mind.
Just what great fun will be possible on Mars?
The duty of the people has been recognized as keeping humankind going, so sexersize is going to be approved.
But then there will be limits to how much fun we can have doing that determined by interior design.
Woody Allen may have it too much right in Sleeper.

Cloud face

Leadership space head exuding calm and ethereal beauty.