The Transcendian Reading List

don't hear nothing

This is the chapter that mentions how to use the I Ching and the Bible as a spiritual practice. The idea that acts like a religion is that these are the two most “living books”. They then are at the top of the Reading List, done in some final form in 2000. I remember working in Connie Nelson’s house in the basement that was full of her sets of clothes for the local theater and little movie productions.
In the I wrote about the religious spiritual practice, which can take a long time. An hour and a half is about complete if you read the I Ching Reading and interpretations and both the New and Old Testament Readings, which have interpretations piled up from years of good Episcopal sermons and whatever else contemporary or scholarly actually gives us an additional time face about what we are living through.
So that was apparently a big help to some scholars. What I wrote then in the Wittgenstein sort of collection of that early internet writings era.
I left this out of the writings in, just presenting only the competition with the Bible and IChing, literature you know ads to our understanding of what is god the spirit. Like it is possible for me to get into trinity talk, multi universe time explanations for any divine information or inspirations pointed at discovery and understanding of life when you need to understand life at points it is possible to know what you need to know when you need to know it.
Have heroes and goals. Yes. Do that. In the papers there are things said, like speeding is bad, and stealing, and then in literature they get at reasons against murder and incest and doing it with a cow, like the Faulkner Hamlet story that always gets to me as funny.
It is hard to make somethings funny. Some tv shows dedicate themselves early on to lack of an opening for comic relief.

These are the books that form part of my memory, part of me. is how the reading list starts. I mention how I wrote my best poem called anonymous, and the I Ching, by wonder and the Bible by spiritual season and you can ask the I Ching a question brought up by the Bible as well, which is will produce a fine sermon actually.
War and Peace by Tolstoy
Absolam, Absolam! by William Faulkner
Pylon, by Faulkner (Which I would be a great feature director of.)
The Wild Palms
Intruder in the Dust, Light in August, Sanctuary, The Hamlet, and a Fable, are recommended.
Classic Readings in International Relations.
- is class and right.
The works of James Jones, Some Came Running, The Thin Red Line, From Here to Eternity, Whistle, The Pistol, Go to the Widowmaker.
A Death Out Season, Blood on Snow, The Face of Terror. by Emmanuel Litvinoff.
15 Battles that Changed the World by John Creasy.
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Nightmare Year.
Inside the Third Reich.
Les Miserables Victor Hugo
Fying Cloud by Armstrong Sperry

Round the Bend, The Legacy, Nevil Shute
The Art of Clear Thinking

The Last Picture Show,
Texasille, & Duane’s Depressed
Lonesome Dove, Streets of Laredo, Commanche Moon, All My Friends Are Going to be Strangers.
Dog Soldiers, Outerbridge Reach, Damacus Gate by Robert Stone
Lolita, by Nabakov
The Naked and the Dead, and Harlots Ghost, Norman Mailer

Gorky Park, and Polar Star by Martin Cruz Smith
The Prince of Berlin by Dan Sherman
KGB by Ken Barrows.

Time and Time Again, Clifford Simak

Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett

The Human Comedy, Wiilliam Saroyan.

Collected Poems, Weldon Kees
Collected Poems, Gregory Corso

Scientific American
The New Yorker

Fantasies and Meditations on the Illusionless Man by Alan Wellis

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Marie Remarque
The Enormous Room, ee cummings
The Norton Anthology of Modern War edited by Paul Fussell
The First Worlod War and Modern Memory, Paul Fussell
The Prince, The Art of War, Machievelli ( an engineer as a great leader would want.
Three Soldiers by John Dos Passos
Dispatches, Michael Herr
Highways to a War, Christopher Koch
In Cold Blood. Truman Capote
Executioners Song, Norman Mailer

Good-bye Mickey Mouse, and the rest of his spy stories starting with Spy Story by Len Deighton who was nice enough to my fan letters to respond with a nice postcard.
Cold Moutain, by Charles Fraizer, There is always attendant anarchy from the state of war, and war never ends. – a man and his gun.

Home Before Dark, Susan Cheever

Continental Drift, by an author hero Russell Banks, who was great enough to have a little correspondence with me, as I dearly want to be a director, wanted to be of his great book.
It defines our times of Failed Morality and Wasted Courage, which either I thought up as the summation of his great novel, or someone else did and I grasped as important to understand as truth of our times.

Mario Puzo, for Fools Die, which is the writing life, of course then there was The Godfather along with The Dark Arena, which is a heartbreaker of no replacement.
There were many Science Fiction books that I read early in my life. Andre`Norton, then Isaac Asomov, Robert Heinlen, Theodore Sturgeon, Audous Huxley, and then Kafka, with Amerika, and A Clockwork Orange was a path to real fiction all science founded in mind manipulative stories that we did and could still know as prompted by Public Relations and Propaganda of the level only possible in this industrialized gadget world getting after the Stalinist State like we see in North Korea in its most developed now. We weren’t getting involved in starvations of Chinese.
By now it is past that Russian Cosmonauts drifted till men in new uniforms showed up. There as a time of adjustment.
Cosmo had plans, or by now has interviewed a woman crew who will admit to sex in MIR, or Skylab. The rich like to inaugurate planes with mile high experience. The weightless sexual experience is reported to require a bag to do it in against. I guess a small sex box is required.

Donald Barthelme whomever, wrote some nice shorts collected in Unspeakable Acts and Unnatural Practices, something like that. They were better things in The New Yorker. Nothing about anything is the same. Still Wallace Shawn is missed far as The New Yorker editorial leadership is concerned.

Of the Charles Bukouski things I read Hollywood and a short story about male prostitute sort of status.
I saw BArFly with a broken nose from a bar fight. I found it disconcerting to be compared to Bukouski, though intrigued about how he was required reading in German High Schools.

For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Hemingway, to me about how if you are damaged, just sacrifice yourself and die.

Confederacy of Dunces, is a fantastic success for being about heroic laziness as an ok life choice.
There was then of comedic writing, rare, The Flim Flam Man, a comedy about the retail existence.
Blue Movie by Terry Southern is about making movies.
What Makes Sammy Run, is about making movies.

Movies: There is then The Sand Pebbles
American Beauty,
City Lights,
American Graffiti
Apollo Thirteen
Apocalypse Now
(there with The Moral Imperative of Passionless Violence.
Goddard’s Breathless,
A Night on Earth, and Dead Man by Jim Jarmuash. sp?
My life has been much like Living in Oblivion on some sets. It has been sort of funny. I ought to make another list of movies.
I have one for sale. I made little real movies. I make movies and work at it anyway.

Young Men and Fire, by Norman McLean
Play it as it Lays, Joan Didion
Final Drafts, ?
Final Payments Mary Gordon

Atlas Shrugged,
The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand (it is just a parable.) Lots of people want some justification for being mean regardless of the system.
My Great Uncle Bob knew Frank Lloyd Wright, who he said was actually like Howard Roauk, in The Fountain, but he said Mr. Wright was never an atheist.
Sand and Stone, but Frank Lloyd Wright

Einstein History and other Passions by Kenneth Knowlton

William Shirer defined a period of writing with the concept of a “life of the mind” people aspired to share properly in a civilization of tolerance acceptance and good spirit.

The Hardy Boys
Eyes Wide Shut
The USA by Dos Passos
Commanche Moon, Larry McMurtry

the Cormac McCarty Border Stories, which had All the Pretty Horses in it, then followed by Blood Meridian which is a masterpiece of stoic saddened wonder.

I just finished Piketty’s Capitalism in the 21st Century, and Divide by Matt Tiabbi in the economics studies.

To fulfill some destiny I must work at building with shipping containers for Haiti!

The reading list here stopped about 2000 really. Farewell, a spy story, and the Jim Shepard short stories, along with Patrick Nolan’s disturbing work of history CIA Rogues and the murders of the Kennedys.
other things, other works like Fogiven, which is well written but owes too much to Cheever, and bad Hemingway. Though the hounding of Hemingway is another part of the CIA Rogues about then criminal destruction of the american myths and functions for happiness. CONINTELPRO is a big problem in your daily life, and the situation in the schools which become an arm of a government intent on countering an image of the disobedient ungrateful worker.

The conceit is that if you read all these books, you will end up with similar heroes and myths to aspire in concert with me to participate with doing better and best and founding a nation over again like the US wreckage can make the foundation to spawn another nation. Transcendia, the nation of airports and spaceports stressed towards submarine crew like best practices for the ultimate in survival which requires clear and happy minds.
The ship is a better world than the plantation.

The Transcendian Reading List
Russell Scott Day

Immigration to Haiti

Putting a new one out on createspace this week

Buy and use a passport from me.

It didn’t feel this bad all the time. Earlier there were times when I didn’t feel like I had to be all that politically involved all the time. Now you can’t turn around without getting the distinct feeling you need to be doing something defensive.
You worked and were supposed to get things for working that came from money that came out of your paycheck.
My mother recently died. My father has been dead for a good while, but they, both had a little feeling of security about what was going to happen in the future when they got old and sick.
I think my mother got every single thing the New Deal aimed to give being born in 1928. She did lots of Church Lady volunteering for her friends and one friend in particular who she kept alive like my wife has worked to keep me alive for the past 4 years.
But I don’t feel very secure, or that anything I do, or did, was enough. I did pay attention back in the early ’90s and tried all the time from then on to work on the books, since I had been self employed, and freelance, and not being a trained accountant or an attorney, and being set back and beaten by bigger companies, or those already in the union with a better local affiliation, knew that you don’t get anything if your business fails.
I know what undercapitalization means. It is a bill of goods you are being sold being told to go out there and be an entrepreneur if you don’t get paid enough to pay for your own very expensive insurance. After the years of inflation got things like how the powers wanted you had about better be making 50 bucks an hour no matter what you do, and so the starting wage is now 15 in Seattle for a reason.
We grew up with the expectation of a nice day and some weeks that were filled with habits like “the corner bar”, and a pack of cigarettes. Forget that. That is over unless you are rich. Socialization with real people isn’t good for the societal setup at hand. Stay home in your cubicle, and watch some TV, before getting back to work at the shoe store, or bending sheet at the HVAC installer steel building in the industrial park.
Who knows, maybe you ought to take whatever they are offering in India. Nationalism is a bill of goods too.
What set this off was the request that I sign another petition. This petition was to keep me from being taxed for using the internet. I thought I was paying in my phone bill for access to the internet, (and access to some TV signal.) What am I misunderstanding here? I mean I actually wouldn’t mind if AT&T Uverse, the provider we have, paid some taxes, and it makes sense that a store charges some sales taxes, but what is the idea coming full sail over the horizon about some other tax?
We know now that all the government bureaucrats need their healthcare set ups, and they need professional level paychecks no matter what we make who are supposed to pay so they live well.
You know what I mean. The situation is now set up as it has been so that if you don’t work for the campus conglomerate companies, or the government, your company will not pay because they say they can’t compete.
When I was independent non union in NYC they wanted all of everything that the biggest and best gave at a price that eliminated my abilities to pay accountants, attorneys, and buy new equipment.
That’s how I learned about undercapitalization. I learned all you need to know as a neophyte in NYC at business. Why go to a business school when you can just run a business in NYC for a few years and go out of business, which will put you straight about how much it is all stacked against small business.
The mobsters set the minimums up with the unions, and then the government feeds off you.
So do all the math and hire an accountant and every time you charge anybody anything, if they don’t like it say that your accountant and your attorney told you you had to charge what you charge and go to town hall and complain about anybody that charges less till you get the regulations changed and put anybody that competes really, out of business.

I might get it all over with and emigrate to Haiti.
Haiti and the island where it is is being wrecked and I personally see Haiti as the future since Haiti exists in the shadow of the US and France and even Cuba, and all of South America, so if Haiti even exists as one magnificently fucked up place, it proves this is what humanity is really about and how things really are.

My New Book

Psychiatrists Love Insanity is the new book. I don’t have any copies myself yet. I sent off for the five allowed. It was an act of bravery for me to publish my poems. I read poems on the streets of Toronto when I was 19 graduated freshly from high school. Yeah, I was going to be a hollywood type of filmmaker. I’ve had a career. You can spit on it. The facts are there I worked in a lot of different positions. I stood around getting hungry and performing.
Alone and hungry I ate up all the donuts in the box. Cake donuts. Ben Franklin did something like that.
He tells so.
I heard my mother saying she didn’t like Ben Franklin. Ben was bad about being married. I don’t think he really cared much for it. Women in Paris wore perfume.
So Ben made his money being a regular good business man. He put on businessman shows late at night working and getting things done on time. Stuff we think is elementary, still isn’t to lots of people.
There is a unity to the book.
That’s why I left it the way I did. I’d worked on it years ago and sent it out and Fred Chapell, the NC Poet laureate for some time had been kind enough to read it and review it for me, and then it didn’t have anywhere to go.
If I was famous it would have sold because people want to read things that famous people write, regardless. So I am becoming famous, again. Fame without money really sucks.


I figure I’ll die soon. My heart valve. My legs show the stress. Big depression. They won’t let me win. I can’t smoke pot legally and they got me morphine dependent because they didn’t know what else to do. Big money in drugs for my problems. I could grow my own pot and solve a good number of my issues. It isn’t allowed. I am persecuted and will be depressed to death, and or blinded.
As a legacy gift to Carrboro I recommend they build with shipping containers to start. It could be allowed. It could be done. Zoning is an issue. I am having trouble finding a good Zoning map for Carrboro. There is one. There are a couple of blue sections on it. I saw it at the meeting I went to.
I’d been working with the engineers when we tried to help Haiti. “Haiti has their way of doing things.” White, bright, and near white” racism like I learned about as significant to the way the middle class of Hyde Park South Side Chicago works runs Haiti. Haiti provides for the elite. They have water wars already there in Haiti. Bill Clinton and George Bush were given Haiti by Ban Ki Moon as a hobby work to show some sort of bipartisan spirit. Couple of worn out guys who could give a shit, asked for a truck.
Bill Clinton admitted he had helped wreck Haiti in the past by making Arkansas rice dumped there to wreck the rice farmers of Haiti.
Sean Penn went there for a vacation and put up tents and had some tent cities. It was a big gig. He came back to LA and got up with Charlez Therone, however the fuck you spell it. Things are good for Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Sean Penn.
Fuck Haiti. Haiti is incredible. Haiti is fucked up to the max. Nobody wants Haitians.
So I learned from the engineers that tried to tell Haitians to steal shipping containers off the ports and drag them to the hills to make homes in that shipping containers could be made into strong as hell housing or even working spaces. The US DOD used them all over the world. The Army used them in Afghanistan.
Leaving I think they left them.
Corruption in Afghanistan is real high. Lots of things need to be destroyed or your enemies get them. There are some missing backpack atomic weapons of the 10 megaton range somewhere. I have been assured they were captured.
What is that thing? It is the normalcy bias. Normally things are okay. Amazing how more okay than not okay things can be for one lifetime. Staying out of the way can get difficult. I don’t know how some people do it.
I need to stay near the hospital.


There was the vision that was to become a touchstone in my mind. I explained it and it was for a work of conceptual art once I stopped trying to be funny.
I gave up trying really hard to be a standup comic.
I still do make comedy on Transcendian of youtube. Soon I’ll figure how to link it all up.
My friend said he was getting 803 error messages now for the past couple of weeks. This is a bad message because it is noted as possibly causing serious damage to the computer.

I did a couple few painting this past weekend. I keep trying to learn to paint. Matching up the brush size and the canvas, or panel size is a key thing I am sure. I have to unlearn and relearn like everybody else I guess.

I did a big Mind Control study after reading my own book out loud. I’ve said the book now called The Revolutionary was about what the “revolution” of the ’60s felt like. There was CONINTELPRO and CHOAS going and it was there in the mental landscape. You could as easily end up in a Psyck ward as now you can get put on Ritilin and put in the mental hospital. Conforming was against the beatnik code.
Conforming actually is against the beatnik code.

Really I did fine without Facebook for a long time. They must have learned something from their Mind Control experiments. I am down now to about 5 friends on Facebook. I unfriended another person. It isn’t for my not liking them really, but for the images of what they are living and liking that I some lived through.
Those things became horrific for me and I don’t want to be forced to remember the events.

Disneyland and Walt Disney are genus for taking over large land areas and getting money from it all and becoming a government all to themselves as described in Team Rodent.
Transcendia has things to learn from Disney, but in the end has to go with Las Vegas as more like “free”, and less conformist. Pan Am, Disneyland, and Hong Kong are organizations of note when thinking about how to make a nation as I envision to augment the UN and be independent of the UN because the UN fails in some significant areas.

The UN fails women. I don’t mean that I’m not sick of how women think and act and want things to be safe all the time till they are wanting to conform to stupid fashion adventures like climbing Mt. Everest for the adventure of learning to shit in the snow with the wind blow at 22 thousand feet 10 thousand above oxygen needs and why get into situations like that?
Somebody has to.

Stupid me here going at women on a subject far from my real aggravations.
Okay if I was a woman I’d want enforced fairness which is what comes more easily around on airports where lots of businesses get going well and are safe and for the most part airports are more properly conformist with how people act, than other places.

Sadly Honduras is in bad shape.

But to get mankind through the bottleneck creating a nation of airports and creating a new currency will do about all the best possible that can be done. Certainly it fits my vision. When I touch details to the touchstone of the vision we got after discussion out of Godwin Anarchy more after defense and education through to Parliamentary Democracy with a strong emphasis on Roberts Rules of Order.

Still the current culture of Islamic societies at war for a Caliphate and willingness to go kamikaze doesn’t fit in with trust issues when we get to see what can happen when some ignorant anarchist breaks the building security system you need to keep the barbarians out.

I did learn some things from Rochdale College.


Now you can google somebody and find out a few things I hear. There was a thing that went by where someone was asking if it was right to listen to what people told you on a date, when you had googled them and found out the things the person was telling you.
“I googled you.”
You might as well listen and see what somebody says to you. You might as well see if somebody is going to lie, or is lying or is a liar.
In Manhattan when people would tell me that they had a budget of 100 thousand dollars it was such a common budget you had to get the idea that they were lying. Everybody isn’t the same. All the budgets can’t be the same unless it is the same story being retold by the same people who charge the same for the work all the time.
Liars and cheats feel pretty good about themselves. Smiling and happy throwing their arms open. Spies are supposed to lie aren’t they. The spy and the actor were supposed to be similar as pretenders accomplishing a great goal.
The boss of the movie getting the story is you sitting in a chair row there getting the story. Boss, the Boss like Stalin gets the story from his master spy who tells him the truth so when he is talking to Roosevelt he knows already what the budget for aid is.
The story in Farewell is about a Russian spy who causes Reagan to close up lots of the access to technology that made it possible for the Russians to keep up without having to pay for their own Research and Development. This is at least a part of the story of economic warfare.
Truly it was depressing last month when the Chinese were charged with economic espionage, and it was turned back and reported that they could easily say then: “So What!” “You are doing the same thing!” There was a story to point to and the point was then well then that the US Ambassadors who were given the information didn’t know which company to share the story with because there were more than one company in the US doing the work, whereas in China, the State was doing the work and the spies knew who they were working for.
The lessons about “Spooks” as they were called in the literature of my youth when there was lots to write about because of Viet Nam was that when the spooks failed, war broke out above the ground and was a bloody mess that was more generally lethal and expensive.
Some of the survivors always want to go back and look up old girlfriends. I think a good number of people of my generation are dying early. Seems like there are a good number of stories that have never been told.
In a democracy you are supposed to be as much a boss as the boss like you are getting all the same information sitting in the movie theater. Allegorical zombies and vampires imply we are getting the blood sucked out of us right and left. Next in line will be magnificently large mosquitoes.

I’ve heard so many bad stories and suffered so many insults and have been damaged by lies so much that I really do fear them and have to wonder if the people around me can deal with the truth. Jack Nickleson screamed in A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!”
Then they hauled him off.
“What happened?” “Well we did murder a guy.” That is sort of that story.

So my interest in the spy stories followed up after I’d read a great deal of science fiction. The Berlin Wall was going up and we didn’t get bombed with atomic bombs that was going to create nuclear winter. I probably still watch Dr. Strangelove all the way through every three years ago or so.

This book about the murder of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy and what I know about the murder of Fred Hampton and what we heard about Martin Luther King’s death has gotten me to really wonder if maybe Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin might have been OD d as part of the program. Certainly Bob Dylan was more in a position to be in counter culture leadership. The CIA and NSA are now so exposed and public that I have difficulty seeing them as anything more than cover for whomever as a unit is getting at intelligence. There was allusion to such a group independently in that movie about the Freegans who do lots of dumpster diving. The lead girl of a time travel cult and that Freegan movie gets under my skin, but she and her filmmaking partner are onto something for sure.

Personally I get as much free information as I can from IHS, which I think I’ve mentioned before. The NYTs isn’t fully trustworthy when it comes to Public Relations and Mind Control being used on you to get you to get with the program.
So at least at some of the higher levels if you happen to be gay, or bi, or mess up in your personal life, you can’t as easily be blackmailed. I read they were just going to tell potential FBI agents to stop using marijuana when we hire you.


When people say: “My Bad.” I want to vomit.

Being anti war means I didn’t want to go, and didn’t want others out in the sticks to go either. Being anti war has actually made me, Russell Scott Day, into a failure. If I was a success I could have started a war, or at least gone into the jungle mountains whatever and done warlike things.
I could have even spoken up for wars.
I do now and then declare war. After awhile I forget what war it is that I declared. This is apparently the way wars go now. A few wars were declared and then went on for the private contractors till no one in government could really think of a reason that made a fuckwad gutter condom rat food bit of insectualal sense.
Now I am for a secret war of stabbing and being stabbed maybe getting rid of nuclear weapons. Still this war is stupid while Japan gets to be Japan when you look at Japan poisoning its water and the waters of the Pacific due to regulatory capture and corporate culture that is transplanted love of Samurai? The leaders with Katani swords best better and not Buddhists?
I am not Japanese, but if I was Japanese I would not eat the fish, nor the birds, or the butterflies. Drinking the water would be scary. But I wouldn’t care because I am old and will die soon anyway, unless I could get old. Personally I think Japan should just be cancelled as a nation and given to the engineers and technocrats willing to save the world from corporate capture, regulatory corporate capture and freeze the earth with massive power from somewhere so the aquifer was saved and the Olympic medals could be fought for Kamakazi style and worse.
Kyro Syrup and red dye number 9.
War is good for keeping up a national identity. That is what war is good for.
War is also good for establishing a national identity. That is a problem for Transcendia. Transcendia cannot be anti war and pro Transcendia.
Even Disneyland was a great beneficiary of WWII because of hate monger cartoons Disney made of Japanese.
What exactly am I supposed to think good about the Japanese when I hear of the “Rape of Nanking”, or the “Battan Death March”, or “Fukushima”?
Well, my friends who fought in Viet Nam just say they fight wars over there like that. They just kill everybody.
Since Japan has suffered so from leadership failures except for Nikon, and Olympus and camera companies in general, now they have just blessed us with the whimper war T S Eliot must have been talking about.

I do have plans for a 3D War movie but the last part of the movie, the war part, just doesn’t make any sense. It was meant to be about fighting by Canadian hippie marijuana dealers and growers with Mexican Mafia and Mafia guys for Cocaine drug airfields, and could still be done so, but wouldn’t be current now that robot GPS subs will carry cocaine to Spain.

How Bad It Was

I Forget How Bad It Was

I just had another tooth pulled. In a lifetime I’ve had enough of them pulled to have a good concept of what this is going to be like. Ben, Eric, and Dr. Fetterman did it, with assistance from Susan and Ester and some other girl. My wife watched preparations. There were two stages. There were 6 or 7 shots in two days. Dr. Fedderman was a West Point man from early in his life. I talked about how making a nation of airports is mostly inspired by Disneyland and Pan Am, unless I go all out for the war- went out all for a war. I missed Lionel for that charismatic thing. I am memorable, but not charismatic? I don’t know. Lots of people can’t deal with my ideas. The Insurodollar is hard for lots to wrap their heads around. Those that do don’t like it anyway. I have had lots of ideas and concepts like that now.
The other day the TV was on and a guy was getting a broken pool cue shoved up his ass. It doesn’t get worse than that. Watching shit like that is bad for your brain. Television isn’t really supposed to be where you go to get combat fatigue. May as well go kill people, which is what lots of Americans are doing to innocents. Mass fear psychosis. Mind control gone wild.
What it is about is Mind Control between waring Public Relations Agencies. They couldn’t actually be on a real government paycheck. Mind Control Department Expenses? Mind Control Agent Training? Mind Control TV and Drugs. Mind Control Sleep Noise.
A Clockwork Orange was one of the Kubrick films that showed us the future here and now.
Facebook got really ill for me when my daughter put up the face in black and white of her grandfather, the father of my first wife, who was proud of his Psychological Warfare training and got to use it to put me off balance and try and get me to hit my first wife while taking from me my daughter, starting at nine months when I didn’t get hired to be a NYS Life insurance agent. I’d gotten her, my first wife, pregnant on the honeymoon to Disney World at Orlando in the Hyatt Regency, or whatever fine nice hotel it was with the globe painted sculptures that were modern and great.
Disney World was inspired by Walt Disney and a fantastic work of conceptual art giving him a bit of heroic patina for Transcendian theory so much as I would easily consent to going there for honeymoon. Team Rodent is a fine book about that place and the rest of the “Land”, of Disneyland.
It was smart that all the land was secretly bought up so the sellers didn’t know to ask for more money. Doing things in secret is recommended in this world lots more than I personally expected. Even after study I don’t do secrets as much as I ought to.
Mind Control is paying liars too. Cigarettes aren’t good for you and don’t make you smarter. Look at the history of Bernays and then understand it is done to you and you will be brainwashed too. I got partly brain washed to sell Best Soap. I sold some soap, and then I didn’t. Brainwashing wore off I think.
But I often forget and can’t even say sometimes the whole story. It was bad. I never hated anybody really till I got married. That was a family of appearances and hate that is part of the womanly tradition from Peyton Place seen wrecking lives cause they can, with no other power to do anything. The book has the whole thing in it.
Now things are not nations, but wars between Public Relations Agencies, some in robes that are why you don’t want Theocracies.
I am answering then to the question about what was Iraq about. What is Iraq about? That is a question.
Good thing they aren’t asking more about what War it is, since it is WWIII.
I think I was confused when hedonism and anarchy didn’t feel right, and I couldn’t make settling down and just working at the airport work either.
Now when I know all and lots of course changing some in what the fashions of the times are in WWIII, lots of it isn’t reason to be confused, but to be horrified.
Will Elon Musk be able to create the mythic America on Mars? Wreckage of the physical and the spiritual on Earth sets up the Quest for freedom, or religious freedom, and then there will be the Muslium Theocratic Martian Pods to deal with whereas all they have to do is put leaks in your building.
What if we do carry all our problems with us?
Then it is pointless.
That would be bad.

Choices, Girls,

Kindle Single .99 from the Amazon Kindlestore

A cabbie’s story of lust, when there is no time for love.

Picture is an excellent cover to the short story. It is a single for .99. I sometimes think I could do better. Well I do. sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I found a poem on a napkin.

After the
& the Equator
& War.
I’m going into
Please buy
The Clothes
My Flag is on.
Freedom Fashions
-A proactive civil demonstration.
In no way
Oh There it Is.
The Future
Is Radar.
If you are locked on
You fire back.
Ought to be
To the Astronauts
Some to wear
Year Round
My T Shirts!
For their Human
Of a No Ground
Bleed into
For Nationhood
Mother Mental
Mother Paradox
Where God and
Anti God
Fight it out
Let’s Clone
& Send them
Off in Time
It will be
A new Crusade

I’m going into

She was Ok and we did a lot of acid. We did it on the weekends and we did it on Wednesdays and we did it on the weekends. There for three months or so, was it 6? She was my Art of Film teacher.
I’d gotten those scholarships from the school in Chicago somehow. I think someone in the church basement gave me a break. Turns out one of the schools I went on to for another 6 weeks was summer school for Mitt Romney’s school Cranbrook. I got to see green 3D laser made holograms in a lab there for the science part of it Oakland University.
My memory for all of it isn’t great. I’d done LSD in Chicago and told my Uncle about it as a bad influence and he still holds my lies against me. I once told my daughter she had a right to her secrets. You can’t be yourself if you never get any privacy and can’t keep any secrets and if you aren’t a good kid by 13 you’re a fuck up for the rest of your life.
I had every good reason to be depressed besides whatever chemical biological propensity there is for it.
Mom said it was okay and good to hate dad and divorced him telling me he was having affairs with men. Men was Bob. There was another guy. Time went by and my father was depressive. There are words about it.
But this isn’t what this is about.
What this is about is why my male 17 18 high school self and her 24 year old self first year teaching job was worse than I thought then, though you know of course for most of the time it was good for me to think of how I got the teacher. It is a common desire of young guys in high school with young teachers.
I left the other girl who is hard to name right this minute I can see her. She is in some Super 8. It will come to me. Blonde nice girl whose dad had a .22 revolver I wanted and he would have sold me but I didn’t have the money. He smashed a bumper around in the car I was in with him drunk. He ran the white persons pay more exclusive school. Kindof cool he sent his child to the public school. It is good I forget now the names.
She they had a pool and nice house and the roads were going to destroy the neighborhood he and his mom knew and they got the deal on the house. I was going to be a writer, and jeff was funny and Paula was going to be an anthropologist and my teacher quit without getting caught because I wasn’t going to betray her and Jeff told her and I was already a spy and dumped him for the trip to California and went instead to Toronto.
So yeah, we aren’t friends and that was the thing that you care about now when you get old. I’m old now and think of how everybody matters.
One of my friends makes fun of me for that.
The guy Steve Talent killed himself in the high school teachers yard because the Principal got him to rat out all his friends. They were going to fuck over his teacher affair girl who was no intellectual like my army brat girl from Berkley. What a deal huh?
Steve gassed himself over his losing friends.
Like there are some places like when you say “South”, Southside of Chicago, or North, Northside up by Lincoln Park, or West, Westside where there are these gothic apartments that cost lots to live in and are in a park that they got to making like Battery Park looking new before the jets hit the Towers. Overall the point being that there are places where the choices are never that bad really. There are places where it is civilized at most every turn.
Then see there are places where the good choices are bad.

New Schools

working on covers

Cover works

Ellew W. Day 1928 2013 august 24 Wednesday am about 8:30, Evelyn Ann Day now 53. Edward Ray Day now dead since 1987 born in 1922 and fought in WWII as a gay, bi soldier across France and into Germany. He had good professional leadership as a soldier and was exactly the sort that did make the US strong. He had however already been in Elon College from out of poor Norfolk Virginia. The GI Bill certainly helped but he was aimed at being an actor, director and scholar. In considering that he was in his third year of College I wonder why exactly he wasn’t offered any officer status that I know of. He did become a theater director which does involve many of the officer traits. Oddly he was accused often of not being very confident in Seminary. I sometimes think he was just trying to keep his head down and had many people after him one way or another. At his time of greatest success his mother died and he was put in the mental hospital for homosexuality and alcoholism. Everybody who wasn’t exactly right could be put in a mental hospital during the 60s. It started earlier in mind control experiments that got out of the lab some with the stolen drugs and the idea of I’ll do my own mind control experiments on myself.
I read my book out loud and it depressed me as accurate and made me feel what I said it would make you feel. So then I read the book CIA Rogues Killing Kennedys by Patrick Nolan. Skyhorse Publishing published the book. I graduated high school in 1971 and was in Chicago on the South Side in 1969 ’70 meeting Fred Hampton in a study group in Grant Park. Fred Hampton is as much like Jesus as anyone would want to or could be.

Awhile ago I was telling stories and was asked why I bothered with fiction. I think it is because being true and open all the time is an invitation to being hated no matter. The Black Panther story is really something. Lots of hate involved there. From an inner city black guys point of view you can get it all understood without any myths of America. I want to do a difference between Myth and Reality. Some guys have made a movie of the Kennedy murder times and traced out the mind control evidence.
This guy Matt Tiabbi has been doing a good job at becoming an economist as I also set out to do. Rolling Stone nurtured him. Rolling Stone could have helped me. Playboy could have helped me.
I published TWICE that I wrote for Playboy, aimed there anyway and got a good rejection letter. They told me it was too depressing for Playboy, which wanted light hearted sex stories. We have had over the past 50 years some serious Hedonists at work in conflict with money people.