Independent Scholar, Me, as that.

My wife judged me to be a working class aristocrat around the time of our getting married. That is what she told me I was when we lived in the condo. I liked the condo. It was a well designed set of abodes. We had a deck and all the cats once stood and saw us off from the parking lot. I figured looking at 7 cats sitting there together watching us leave was what God must feel like.
If nothing else God is a necessary construct. I’m over it.

Now the key to my polymorpholocal polymorphism, is that I had questions to answer from the time when I lost innocence. They are still connected to that innocence in that I feel capable of answering my questions.

No man who feels incapable of finding the truth will find it. He won’t even know it if he does. We know some of what Jesus was like. I know what Jesus was like from all the stories I heard about what he did and what he said. He was a professional carpenter who was a better advocate than the system wanted to tolerate.
In general he sounds like the best company you were likely to find among your mates.
I was particularly impressed with how he is quoted to have said, “Hate your parents.”
I heard a good sermon about it. Quakerism doesn’t work out for me. It is stressful when I say things. Besides that the spiritual season is a necessity to notice.

My questions were: How can I prevent Nuclear War? Most of that question came from newspaper delivery work when I was the towns biggest, if only paperboy. We in fact as a family might have been a paperboy dynasty If I had been more astute as a Business Leader.

I was not born innate as a manager, or leader. Or if I was, I had to mine the lode of traits to get anywhere near perfect at it.
A trait of the sailor was in there and I never really for a long time was unwilling to let a business go when it stopped being profitable.
However, every business needs an accountant.
It was forever later when my brother confessed to embezzling out of my quarters can. In fact the business was still making money when I let it go.
The NYC business of the grip truck was another story.
Every now and then I did give a speech, or go around and launch rockets with 5 or 6 people at a time.

This was fun with police and children.

Yeah excited peace and fireworks. Yeah Rockets my brothers and sisters. It is time the Vatican put some money in the space program. I’m not joking.

The other question was how can I see outer space people.
I figure there is some TV there. Coherence is my problem partly according to experts and the educated. I have a theoretical answer that works for me to suggest at least the experiment. We are supposed to have coffee with Laura Mersini Houghton sometime. I want to photograph her and Henry Petroski together. They are local heroes to me. John Loftin of the Duke Divinity School too. If Hillary Burnet would talk with me again I could do some with the Divinity. My wife and I were married in a “Special Service” at Saint Matthews in Hillsbourgh. With the Readings I was allowed to throw the I Ching, which came through with “Time of Decrease”.
It worked out that way.
Soon after I fell a story through an open stairwell breaking my hip and when I was recovered I was back at the same position and job, but had gone out of the loop for my film jobs.
Sometime later my guts wrapped up shut and Liz Dreesen had to cut me up. Thank God she kept me from having to have a colostomy bag.
Then I got psoratic arthritis triggered that ate all the cartilage in my hips, my spinal cord was threatened by stenosis, and I started to go blind.
There was a fantastic infection and what they call “hospital psychos”. That was because my kidney about stopped all workings, and I was brain poisoned. As I was losing sanity I told my wife she could hide the pistol.
I was then in the hospital.

Maybe there are holograms on photons the solar panel could send to a decoder? The knowledgeable say not: so far. Coherence smashes the images they say.

The question of if I could write a chapter for the Bible just snuck in there the more I wrote.

If you combine Readings from the Bible Seasons, with Readings from the I Ching you get a good compass setting of the times, more a measure of what time it is than exact, though the exact suggestions are typically puritanical enough for most rigid types I’d say. The two different senses of time represented in the books work well together.

It is not a particularly emotional dancing and singing spiritual practice, maybe appealing to the intellectual sort.

It takes about an hour and a half to do it all seems like.
The internet makes it easier. You can find the Bible Readings quicker than flipping around in the Book of Common Prayer.

I was raised Episcopalian.
Meaning the spiritual seasons are the same as in the Roman Catholic Church.

Holy Trinity in Greensboro was my mothers church.

I can’t any longer say the Nicene Creed.
I spent a little time with Fred Hampton the COINTELPRO program murder victim. It is reputed that J Edgar Hoover ordered his murder.
It is undisputed that Chicago Police murdered Fred Hampton.
The fact is Fred Hampton could well have been Jesus, and I encourage Kanye West to sing about him at least once.
I’d give it a try myself I feel so strongly about it.
Chicago was wrecked by the murder of Fred Hampton because he was a good role model for Black Panthers. Fred was the best of them.
He was as Christlike as you get far as I am concerned.

I took the challenge to invent something better as far as a government and nation and that decision has matured me as a polymath. I had to become a general, in the sense that I had to understand war and how it is conducted.
The rules are: Warriors fight out of love and soldiers out of fear. Everybody of the nation must know how to defend themselves and the nation. I can’t have people in my nation that won’t fight for it. Transcendia as a nation of airports has to use the siege circles of Napoleon. One circle metaphorically will always look in and the other always look out. This strategy is metaphorically correct as much as it is physically meaningful.
So I am in fact demanding love of the nation that will be run off of the INSURODOLLAR as opposed to the Petrodollar, whose time is ending.
In this time of multipolar power balance you had better just face it that the formally undersurface world of espionage and back ally stabbings is above surface all the time. The Drug War made that of our world. At least that is the case for North and South America, and lots of Europe.

For the war I shied away from a war of aggression by which to take over all the cocaine airfields and ports of South America. However it would make a good Virtual Reality War movie. I have 64 pages. They are inspired by my experience of seeing Elvis Presley at the Memphis Tennessee airport when I was 4 or 5.

How about that.

Founder Stories

King Founder of Transendia around coming to be able to walk again.

Neighborhood Stories

Unguarded Grid Point

All stations at wartime means a real man at the Grid Transfers at the bull switch.

I called to Dublin today looking for Robert Armstrong. Gaye Dowling Gabby and Robert were our friends at the corner of Dewey and Emerson Rochester New York, 1972. Pretty sure it was ’72. Not sure exactly when they left, might like be ’73. Not remembering but we had to move because there was too much danger in the neighborhood. I think the day I came home and the concrete stairs had a lots puddle of crystalline blood on the step I just made it happen.
We traded violent for stupid and crazy driving around out Honeyoe Falls after till on Park Ave. Rochester. 100 Park about sure.
I called to say Robert and Gaye, Gabby are in and contributed to Death is the title, or I slept on the porch. The things I used from Robert were originally for the dream to a movie I had imagined and he wrote title cards for. The comic book photo book was improvised. It is like a personal film. Turned out better than I thought it would. For a long time it was traditional for Irish young to come and make some dollars at a bar and go back to Ireland to do their lives.

I wonder what the poorest county in North Carolina is? I need to take the arbitrary county wealth for a place with an airport as compared to the wealth of a county with out an airport. The arbitrary 100 counties of NC must be arbitrary for I don’t otherwise see why there would be 100 just.
It is my habit to have a long way to go in any discussion for then I have catch phrases invented to help you navigate the stranded threads of my thought.
Honestly I was looking at photographs and they set me off so I was going to write the essay column working mans corner is what the title of my columns was that worked for my sets of columns like a Wittgenstein book I saw once the Transcendia War Commentary and led then to with now the store I want to sell out of this website. It fails because the DGA wouldn’t connect me to speak with John Waters. I ought to write a letter there care of but the Talent something is full of the rudest people I’ve ever done phone with.


So that is the store and this site I left and leave alone as long as it works. I hope they like the comic.

……… Transportation Planning for Carrboro A Port type Town.

A classic downtown bus depot in the sense of a place of civilization and civilizations rubbing shoulders with each other. Is Larry McMurtry to say he was right: All My Friends are going to be Strangers. He made writing look easy didn’t he. His Pulitzer Prize is deserved for the message that we can simply be most sure that we are here and our best selves are helping each other get around. “Get through it.” could be a catch phase.

The little Horace Williams is close enough for our benefit but if we moved it all over to the landfill location on Eubanks everybody in the world would be happier.

I mean you gotta think that way. If I had an electric scooter of 36 volts and 8 miles I could get from my house in Carrboro to the airport and back. From IGX I could get a Tomahawk or some other little thing to Greensboro where I know there is more money. Raleigh now could have a 6 seater shuttle to RDU twice a day in a twin for about 25 per person. 16 gallons of fuel a day might be the burn. 250 for the day for the pilot and 25 gallons. It actually would be 62 fifty for 6 people with daily operating costs of 375. I’m tempted to see if there is a pilot who would run three around to RDU and GSO. I think it is doable for a set.

NC is supposed to be doing big with bio fuels which the armed forces want and offering free biofuel to corporate planes running the PT6 turboprops like the King Air would be a winner. For an NC progressive environment we need to up the airport culture of tolerance as found in NYC as a destination. When it is LGA you are really there.

Out of the light pole you can grab power to charge scooters. We need the electric scooters. I want one I saw that will do 8 miles for a 240 pound load. I’m stuck at 209. I might get killed, but I need some exercise. I need to get out more. Everybody says so.

Anarchy and the Insurodollar

Soldiers of the world

Toy Soldiers engaged in battle.

Some Anarchists that are somehow spawn of Internationalist Books smashed out the windows of some police cars to show solidarity with the other anarchists of Fergeson, St. Louis, MO. It is not known if the anarchists of Fergerson know that they are anarchists. It looks more like they are out of work youths and their mothers who all have little control and matter only as system end consumers of cigarettes and beer.
We might throw in some crack. We might throw in guns, knives, automobiles, and army gear someone was dying to put to some sort of use.
People in power do not want to fuck with people with power.
Powerful people want to show off the fashions of their times and participate in the roil, and be photographed.
It was a manly show the police put on that no one was happy about because the raw threats of assault rifles from Sci Fi battlefield of our realized dystopia are the reality you get from a nation eat out from universal war.

They pulled the same stunts on a smaller scale at an abandoned car dealership in downtown Chapel Hill. Police showed up with war weapons.
The USA is a nation of anarchists at its best, but the fringes are gone as fluid and are now just jagged edged and mean.
The whole world is being emptied out is what it feels like, and I for one think how it feels matters.

I myself prepared an entire system gone through and adopting the Godwin Anarchist precepts of what a government is actually supposed to do, and then compelled to follow through rationally past the fuckit all, kill the rich. At its end basis is the money.
So there is the Insurodollar to replace the Petrodollar because once you make the money from people you need to grow better people. The people are worth gold.
The way it works is that all the citizens are given from birth and buyin Whole Life Insurance policies that pool the value of the policy equities to the bank that issues the money you get and spend on the airports of the airport nation of Transcendia.
The Airport Nation of Transcendia adopts the civilization of the international airport that is generally culturally neutral, in particular in many nations equalizing of women when they are on the airport.
That’s my main thing. That’s what I have to offer as an anarchist who moved from pure simple Godwin Anarchy through to the acceptance of Westminster Parliamentary Democracy, with a strong emphasis on Roberts Rules of Order since we have to have these meetings in public and private to figure out how to spend the money.
Making sure there is a surplus of energy is pivotal, and that now means generalized solar power as the grid base. The Sun is simply more reliable for everywhere.

The airport anarchist despises the mob destructo forces with too much testosterone and nothing better to do than shoot and bomb for some reason that was a cloak of lies as many years as there have been modern wars.
Letting anarchist start wars of nationalism is about as stupid as it gets.

Most recently in Israel and Gaza one gang of teenagers killed and tortured another gang set and individual. The real reason turns out to be tunnels so missiles are fired at fantastic expense calling for housing on cruise liners and the otherwise call for modular buildings to replace the bombed out neighborhoods.

Lots of these conflicts would and could be turned around by a song. The song of the Insurodollar. It doesn’t yet have a good ring to it.
Euro to Suro? Ding a ling.

About shipping Containers

It is the time of year to think of Xmas.  Buy a cling.

It is the time of year to think of Xmas. Buy a cling.

I went down to the Town Hall where they told me that they were not going to support building with Shipping Containers in the pursuit of creating “affordable housing”. Essentially they just don’t want to do anything new or different and will continue to depend on HUD Federal dollars to subsidize rents wherever they can get people to take them.

I have indicated that you cannot have a surplus of housing in the local market in any sort of time frame that doesn’t create suffering for those being forcibly evicted.
They are being evicted however you want to adverb it.
The region is in unrestricted land gambling and investment buying for a multitude of speculative reasons. Before it was lots of people in the investment and flipping chain, and now it is just a few who will get all there is to get.
I am reminded of Payola and how that shook out, strangely enough. In NC the Payola scandal sort of ended as a conflict where DJs got paid to play songs people didn’t care about before. By the time it was over it was only the Station Managers that got paid.
Leadership is work and I studied infrastructure and economics and see to say that to win you need to consult with Engineers and PEs are deserving organizational leaders at the top, in many many cases.
Bobby Wolston the NC DOT Director of Aviation is a PE for example. Public Engineer. There are important Civil Engineers.
I think this concept is a new one on Carrboro governance for they don’t apparently employ a permanent engineer for much that I know of. Carrboro has an outside agency they sometimes ask engineering questions. Local Leadership of this time hasn’t apparently asked how to build fast and safe, and quiet to give working people getting working wages housing, but thinks the old way that has failed will work again later.
Originally I hadn’t expected much but since they asked I showed up to tell them what I would do with their help, or anybody else’s help,to solve the problem of not enough housing, for a long time. The last housing bubble was temporary housing for many who saw no reason to not take advantage of the offers since they were being pushed around in the rental environment anyway.
I would now build using modular techniques starting with stacking up converted shipping containers as I moved to a good company community building corporation. Urban farming in buildings works for me so I need to get with the possible ally of Generosity recent of the papers. 71, Pollock, wants to share via Kickstarter how to build and create a kitchen and a garden.
My own lifetime work is to create a nation or airports. For Carrboro my little offering is to at minimum tell to the people how a Fair Housing environment might be created for all, temp, transit, uncaring, dorm space desiring students of wild and dangerous youth, and the rest of us trying to live where we are now old and connected.
The Town Manager, who is just that as I encounter front men from middle management, and the Affordable Housing guy, told me that the Town will not help me, so, so.


Truth is the Target

My Arsenal, Marker on panel fixed about 24′ by 32′. or Truth is the Target

From War

From War come victims. Victimhood will fuck up tough guys.
I know that because of what happened the second bar fist fight.
I got through the first fight, which was three on me and a night in the hospital,
and Three days seeing Double,
and then sat bruised up in my long bathrobe, seeing double,
knowing beat detective movie scene would be longer hiding
which of one Clint Eastwood movie is about the right for any recovery time.

Now myself I am the best in 5 years as a thing for at a managed level of broken and repaired.
After the ROC Club Zero movie master, VJ of ’87 beating Cheryl and them and even family helped me move to NYC.
Whereas the work done to advanced levels and status was great, the business being beat and then another beating and the back wrecked I did Aviation for a year in Fort Lauderdale living more victim out there under the condemned flight path, and then burnt selling bum papers Sun Times Union what all on 440 Powerline when I rode the motorcycle then.

Poor boy motorcycle life like an Asian was mine there in sunny FLL. I got to fly left seat the DC6 766 Whiskey Charlie. Crew moves of a Kubake orange genny cause it was dangerous forklift work and then Tom was impressed and angry I made them pay me for the work. Pilot Captain was Dave Mason I think. Best thing of the whole year. Flying around does fix victimhood psychosis.

It’s in my logbook.

I’ve been writing one Bio after another for the BASIC Bulk distribution of books I’ve done.

But now the international warning I give you all in the world of power and wins and losses in days of Apocalyptic Riot for the Palistinians and Israelis. Whatever people as individuals and as a group that is a nation with a shared myth then they will lose and experience and do victimhood, which is fights with loved ones, divorces, physical wreckage, like back gives out etcetera, business failures and travels like Carriagivio, the painter’s end.

I love my sword, knowing my knife is as advanced as his sword that he was too good with, as it was a good sword. There were some great swords. You can still get one, but people would react in fright to see a sword good on your side all the time. Guys can carry a gun in a holster better.

Most of the time all you really need when you are small is a good long sword.

Modern everybody carries a phone.

Now that I am old and vulnerable I want to be near my weapons at least.
The saber needs a horse.

The law of unintended consequences meant that when founding Transcendia I had to accept war, and the potential for war. The great study of secret wars gets to be weighty in ways of the accreted spirit. Losing takes forms for the spirit when even the treasure are still kept under the control of the looks like the winner.

Chinese and Russian theft of Intellectual Property in the final insult that is the F35 Chinese version leaves the US standing there as smartest to buy the Chinese version of the jet.

The most damning part of the tale is the resolution factor for the helmet being so that eyesight is better like how writing in space with a pencil is a good simple solution to the problem, though I really know there is something missing to the andictodte antidote. andectodt fuck it.

Hiding the R&D as the key to winning the Cold War is a fascinating case in the espionage wars where aviation tech is the top of the game.
Getting the nation into victimhood syndrome there is a terrible compromise of the Defense possible.

Russian runs towards creating good excuses to more militarize outer space don’t look good as likely to come out of the aggressions circled first the great secret sub port.
SEvestapol. I love my Sub Hat!

Boats and Airplanes where the two good things in life according to Nevil Shute.
In this Bio blast did you catch a sliver there of the wild wise drift to up high at peace moving power machines?

Read: Round the Bend. Read Round the Bend and you will get it.

Russian Cyber War

Bat in a Jar

Bat in a Jar

The reports about this past weeks cyber attack are not particularly surprising, first for I got an email from Wells Fargo about my account. I have no account. The store on this site is likely unsafe now. I changed the password.

I am not at all happy about this, nor ought I be sure that it is caused by 12 men in Russia, as is finally reported. There was an effective warning that did come from the US Cert alert I get. We were recently told that the NSA has on purpose in order to spy on us, compromised the mathematics that protect the web functions we use for banking and buying.

There was a Stanford University Mathematician who said he would no longer work for the NSA because of the miss aim of the NSA and I suppose the CIA, and FBI, not to mention the rest of the Intelligence agencies working in shadows of our shadow government.

Illuminati is on the youtube with its demonic speaker, and overall Illuminati is blamed for evil Walt Disney Character and their budding sex organs. Looky there, Lookie there. Look there.

It isn’t funny is it.

More than once I have said that while the spy stories are entertaining reading, being forced to become a spy, learn and use spy craft all the time, sucks.
You ought to all get one time code books for your best friends, and buy encryption from Tommy the geek in the school along with concealable disguised weaponry.
The future is here and roiling bad a sea of secrets and threats channelling through a new world just like an ether H.G. Wells and his friends did great service working up.
Kafka is now considered Science Fiction by some.
Lament and beware. Lament and beware.

The Transcendian Reading List

don't hear nothing

This is the chapter that mentions how to use the I Ching and the Bible as a spiritual practice. The idea that acts like a religion is that these are the two most “living books”. They then are at the top of the Reading List, done in some final form in 2000. I remember working in Connie Nelson’s house in the basement that was full of her sets of clothes for the local theater and little movie productions.
In the I wrote about the religious spiritual practice, which can take a long time. An hour and a half is about complete if you read the I Ching Reading and interpretations and both the New and Old Testament Readings, which have interpretations piled up from years of good Episcopal sermons and whatever else contemporary or scholarly actually gives us an additional time face about what we are living through.
So that was apparently a big help to some scholars. What I wrote then in the Wittgenstein sort of collection of that early internet writings era.
I left this out of the writings in, just presenting only the competition with the Bible and IChing, literature you know ads to our understanding of what is god the spirit. Like it is possible for me to get into trinity talk, multi universe time explanations for any divine information or inspirations pointed at discovery and understanding of life when you need to understand life at points it is possible to know what you need to know when you need to know it.
Have heroes and goals. Yes. Do that. In the papers there are things said, like speeding is bad, and stealing, and then in literature they get at reasons against murder and incest and doing it with a cow, like the Faulkner Hamlet story that always gets to me as funny.
It is hard to make somethings funny. Some tv shows dedicate themselves early on to lack of an opening for comic relief.

These are the books that form part of my memory, part of me. is how the reading list starts. I mention how I wrote my best poem called anonymous, and the I Ching, by wonder and the Bible by spiritual season and you can ask the I Ching a question brought up by the Bible as well, which is will produce a fine sermon actually.
War and Peace by Tolstoy
Absolam, Absolam! by William Faulkner
Pylon, by Faulkner (Which I would be a great feature director of.)
The Wild Palms
Intruder in the Dust, Light in August, Sanctuary, The Hamlet, and a Fable, are recommended.
Classic Readings in International Relations.
- is class and right.
The works of James Jones, Some Came Running, The Thin Red Line, From Here to Eternity, Whistle, The Pistol, Go to the Widowmaker.
A Death Out Season, Blood on Snow, The Face of Terror. by Emmanuel Litvinoff.
15 Battles that Changed the World by John Creasy.
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Nightmare Year.
Inside the Third Reich.
Les Miserables Victor Hugo
Fying Cloud by Armstrong Sperry

Round the Bend, The Legacy, Nevil Shute
The Art of Clear Thinking

The Last Picture Show,
Texasille, & Duane’s Depressed
Lonesome Dove, Streets of Laredo, Commanche Moon, All My Friends Are Going to be Strangers.
Dog Soldiers, Outerbridge Reach, Damacus Gate by Robert Stone
Lolita, by Nabakov
The Naked and the Dead, and Harlots Ghost, Norman Mailer

Gorky Park, and Polar Star by Martin Cruz Smith
The Prince of Berlin by Dan Sherman
KGB by Ken Barrows.

Time and Time Again, Clifford Simak

Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett

The Human Comedy, Wiilliam Saroyan.

Collected Poems, Weldon Kees
Collected Poems, Gregory Corso

Scientific American
The New Yorker

Fantasies and Meditations on the Illusionless Man by Alan Wellis

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Marie Remarque
The Enormous Room, ee cummings
The Norton Anthology of Modern War edited by Paul Fussell
The First Worlod War and Modern Memory, Paul Fussell
The Prince, The Art of War, Machievelli ( an engineer as a great leader would want.
Three Soldiers by John Dos Passos
Dispatches, Michael Herr
Highways to a War, Christopher Koch
In Cold Blood. Truman Capote
Executioners Song, Norman Mailer

Good-bye Mickey Mouse, and the rest of his spy stories starting with Spy Story by Len Deighton who was nice enough to my fan letters to respond with a nice postcard.
Cold Moutain, by Charles Fraizer, There is always attendant anarchy from the state of war, and war never ends. – a man and his gun.

Home Before Dark, Susan Cheever

Continental Drift, by an author hero Russell Banks, who was great enough to have a little correspondence with me, as I dearly want to be a director, wanted to be of his great book.
It defines our times of Failed Morality and Wasted Courage, which either I thought up as the summation of his great novel, or someone else did and I grasped as important to understand as truth of our times.

Mario Puzo, for Fools Die, which is the writing life, of course then there was The Godfather along with The Dark Arena, which is a heartbreaker of no replacement.
There were many Science Fiction books that I read early in my life. Andre`Norton, then Isaac Asomov, Robert Heinlen, Theodore Sturgeon, Audous Huxley, and then Kafka, with Amerika, and A Clockwork Orange was a path to real fiction all science founded in mind manipulative stories that we did and could still know as prompted by Public Relations and Propaganda of the level only possible in this industrialized gadget world getting after the Stalinist State like we see in North Korea in its most developed now. We weren’t getting involved in starvations of Chinese.
By now it is past that Russian Cosmonauts drifted till men in new uniforms showed up. There as a time of adjustment.
Cosmo had plans, or by now has interviewed a woman crew who will admit to sex in MIR, or Skylab. The rich like to inaugurate planes with mile high experience. The weightless sexual experience is reported to require a bag to do it in against. I guess a small sex box is required.

Donald Barthelme whomever, wrote some nice shorts collected in Unspeakable Acts and Unnatural Practices, something like that. They were better things in The New Yorker. Nothing about anything is the same. Still Wallace Shawn is missed far as The New Yorker editorial leadership is concerned.

Of the Charles Bukouski things I read Hollywood and a short story about male prostitute sort of status.
I saw BArFly with a broken nose from a bar fight. I found it disconcerting to be compared to Bukouski, though intrigued about how he was required reading in German High Schools.

For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Hemingway, to me about how if you are damaged, just sacrifice yourself and die.

Confederacy of Dunces, is a fantastic success for being about heroic laziness as an ok life choice.
There was then of comedic writing, rare, The Flim Flam Man, a comedy about the retail existence.
Blue Movie by Terry Southern is about making movies.
What Makes Sammy Run, is about making movies.

Movies: There is then The Sand Pebbles
American Beauty,
City Lights,
American Graffiti
Apollo Thirteen
Apocalypse Now
(there with The Moral Imperative of Passionless Violence.
Goddard’s Breathless,
A Night on Earth, and Dead Man by Jim Jarmuash. sp?
My life has been much like Living in Oblivion on some sets. It has been sort of funny. I ought to make another list of movies.
I have one for sale. I made little real movies. I make movies and work at it anyway.

Young Men and Fire, by Norman McLean
Play it as it Lays, Joan Didion
Final Drafts, ?
Final Payments Mary Gordon

Atlas Shrugged,
The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand (it is just a parable.) Lots of people want some justification for being mean regardless of the system.
My Great Uncle Bob knew Frank Lloyd Wright, who he said was actually like Howard Roauk, in The Fountain, but he said Mr. Wright was never an atheist.
Sand and Stone, but Frank Lloyd Wright

Einstein History and other Passions by Kenneth Knowlton

William Shirer defined a period of writing with the concept of a “life of the mind” people aspired to share properly in a civilization of tolerance acceptance and good spirit.

The Hardy Boys
Eyes Wide Shut
The USA by Dos Passos
Commanche Moon, Larry McMurtry

the Cormac McCarty Border Stories, which had All the Pretty Horses in it, then followed by Blood Meridian which is a masterpiece of stoic saddened wonder.

I just finished Piketty’s Capitalism in the 21st Century, and Divide by Matt Tiabbi in the economics studies.

To fulfill some destiny I must work at building with shipping containers for Haiti!

The reading list here stopped about 2000 really. Farewell, a spy story, and the Jim Shepard short stories, along with Patrick Nolan’s disturbing work of history CIA Rogues and the murders of the Kennedys.
other things, other works like Fogiven, which is well written but owes too much to Cheever, and bad Hemingway. Though the hounding of Hemingway is another part of the CIA Rogues about then criminal destruction of the american myths and functions for happiness. CONINTELPRO is a big problem in your daily life, and the situation in the schools which become an arm of a government intent on countering an image of the disobedient ungrateful worker.

The conceit is that if you read all these books, you will end up with similar heroes and myths to aspire in concert with me to participate with doing better and best and founding a nation over again like the US wreckage can make the foundation to spawn another nation. Transcendia, the nation of airports and spaceports stressed towards submarine crew like best practices for the ultimate in survival which requires clear and happy minds.
The ship is a better world than the plantation.

The Transcendian Reading List
Russell Scott Day

Immigration to Haiti

Putting a new one out on createspace this week

Buy and use a passport from me.

It didn’t feel this bad all the time. Earlier there were times when I didn’t feel like I had to be all that politically involved all the time. Now you can’t turn around without getting the distinct feeling you need to be doing something defensive.
You worked and were supposed to get things for working that came from money that came out of your paycheck.
My mother recently died. My father has been dead for a good while, but they, both had a little feeling of security about what was going to happen in the future when they got old and sick.
I think my mother got every single thing the New Deal aimed to give being born in 1928. She did lots of Church Lady volunteering for her friends and one friend in particular who she kept alive like my wife has worked to keep me alive for the past 4 years.
But I don’t feel very secure, or that anything I do, or did, was enough. I did pay attention back in the early ’90s and tried all the time from then on to work on the books, since I had been self employed, and freelance, and not being a trained accountant or an attorney, and being set back and beaten by bigger companies, or those already in the union with a better local affiliation, knew that you don’t get anything if your business fails.
I know what undercapitalization means. It is a bill of goods you are being sold being told to go out there and be an entrepreneur if you don’t get paid enough to pay for your own very expensive insurance. After the years of inflation got things like how the powers wanted you had about better be making 50 bucks an hour no matter what you do, and so the starting wage is now 15 in Seattle for a reason.
We grew up with the expectation of a nice day and some weeks that were filled with habits like “the corner bar”, and a pack of cigarettes. Forget that. That is over unless you are rich. Socialization with real people isn’t good for the societal setup at hand. Stay home in your cubicle, and watch some TV, before getting back to work at the shoe store, or bending sheet at the HVAC installer steel building in the industrial park.
Who knows, maybe you ought to take whatever they are offering in India. Nationalism is a bill of goods too.
What set this off was the request that I sign another petition. This petition was to keep me from being taxed for using the internet. I thought I was paying in my phone bill for access to the internet, (and access to some TV signal.) What am I misunderstanding here? I mean I actually wouldn’t mind if AT&T Uverse, the provider we have, paid some taxes, and it makes sense that a store charges some sales taxes, but what is the idea coming full sail over the horizon about some other tax?
We know now that all the government bureaucrats need their healthcare set ups, and they need professional level paychecks no matter what we make who are supposed to pay so they live well.
You know what I mean. The situation is now set up as it has been so that if you don’t work for the campus conglomerate companies, or the government, your company will not pay because they say they can’t compete.
When I was independent non union in NYC they wanted all of everything that the biggest and best gave at a price that eliminated my abilities to pay accountants, attorneys, and buy new equipment.
That’s how I learned about undercapitalization. I learned all you need to know as a neophyte in NYC at business. Why go to a business school when you can just run a business in NYC for a few years and go out of business, which will put you straight about how much it is all stacked against small business.
The mobsters set the minimums up with the unions, and then the government feeds off you.
So do all the math and hire an accountant and every time you charge anybody anything, if they don’t like it say that your accountant and your attorney told you you had to charge what you charge and go to town hall and complain about anybody that charges less till you get the regulations changed and put anybody that competes really, out of business.

I might get it all over with and emigrate to Haiti.
Haiti and the island where it is is being wrecked and I personally see Haiti as the future since Haiti exists in the shadow of the US and France and even Cuba, and all of South America, so if Haiti even exists as one magnificently fucked up place, it proves this is what humanity is really about and how things really are.

My New Book

Psychiatrists Love Insanity is the new book. I don’t have any copies myself yet. I sent off for the five allowed. It was an act of bravery for me to publish my poems. I read poems on the streets of Toronto when I was 19 graduated freshly from high school. Yeah, I was going to be a hollywood type of filmmaker. I’ve had a career. You can spit on it. The facts are there I worked in a lot of different positions. I stood around getting hungry and performing.
Alone and hungry I ate up all the donuts in the box. Cake donuts. Ben Franklin did something like that.
He tells so.
I heard my mother saying she didn’t like Ben Franklin. Ben was bad about being married. I don’t think he really cared much for it. Women in Paris wore perfume.
So Ben made his money being a regular good business man. He put on businessman shows late at night working and getting things done on time. Stuff we think is elementary, still isn’t to lots of people.
There is a unity to the book.
That’s why I left it the way I did. I’d worked on it years ago and sent it out and Fred Chapell, the NC Poet laureate for some time had been kind enough to read it and review it for me, and then it didn’t have anywhere to go.
If I was famous it would have sold because people want to read things that famous people write, regardless. So I am becoming famous, again. Fame without money really sucks.


I figure I’ll die soon. My heart valve. My legs show the stress. Big depression. They won’t let me win. I can’t smoke pot legally and they got me morphine dependent because they didn’t know what else to do. Big money in drugs for my problems. I could grow my own pot and solve a good number of my issues. It isn’t allowed. I am persecuted and will be depressed to death, and or blinded.
As a legacy gift to Carrboro I recommend they build with shipping containers to start. It could be allowed. It could be done. Zoning is an issue. I am having trouble finding a good Zoning map for Carrboro. There is one. There are a couple of blue sections on it. I saw it at the meeting I went to.
I’d been working with the engineers when we tried to help Haiti. “Haiti has their way of doing things.” White, bright, and near white” racism like I learned about as significant to the way the middle class of Hyde Park South Side Chicago works runs Haiti. Haiti provides for the elite. They have water wars already there in Haiti. Bill Clinton and George Bush were given Haiti by Ban Ki Moon as a hobby work to show some sort of bipartisan spirit. Couple of worn out guys who could give a shit, asked for a truck.
Bill Clinton admitted he had helped wreck Haiti in the past by making Arkansas rice dumped there to wreck the rice farmers of Haiti.
Sean Penn went there for a vacation and put up tents and had some tent cities. It was a big gig. He came back to LA and got up with Charlez Therone, however the fuck you spell it. Things are good for Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Sean Penn.
Fuck Haiti. Haiti is incredible. Haiti is fucked up to the max. Nobody wants Haitians.
So I learned from the engineers that tried to tell Haitians to steal shipping containers off the ports and drag them to the hills to make homes in that shipping containers could be made into strong as hell housing or even working spaces. The US DOD used them all over the world. The Army used them in Afghanistan.
Leaving I think they left them.
Corruption in Afghanistan is real high. Lots of things need to be destroyed or your enemies get them. There are some missing backpack atomic weapons of the 10 megaton range somewhere. I have been assured they were captured.
What is that thing? It is the normalcy bias. Normally things are okay. Amazing how more okay than not okay things can be for one lifetime. Staying out of the way can get difficult. I don’t know how some people do it.
I need to stay near the hospital.