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Click on Attachments that appear as titles in Red to read them. They are good background materials. For those new to Transcendia the Kenan Proposal will clarify the thing. The Super Letter to Gore will get you on current issues of energy and war. The things jump to your downloads.

Well I simply don’t know all I need to know, all the time, when I need to know it, in my opinion. I go all glazed reading the instructions for rectifying technical difficulties.

I’ve not figured out how to make the store part of Transcendia, wordpress, work for me.

I’m grateful for the support of Ed Hettig, and Heath Hettig.

I need to figure out how to put videos on this site that Heath created for me when I wanted to make the store to sell the christmas tree stickers. It now exists as a prototype. I don’t even want to know the particulars of why it failed as it was.

There was a presence on Amazon. My TV Channel is Transcendian on youtube. The point of the art of Transcendia is to prevent apocalyptic riot.

Summer and we could see Central Europe explode with a pile on afterwards.
Way it might well go is that there would be a Russian tank assault on their local enemies that don’t co-operate with Russian wishes. Then of course there would be dog fights above the tank buster planes hitting Russian tanks trying to hit somebody, like Poland.

The day of the drone is setback from the jamming Russians have learned to do in the Ukraine. The Drone that went down in Syria while Putin was missing may have well been a Russian experiment there.

The Hybrid war in the Ukraine has been much a test of tactics and strategies Russian war departments have developed.

The Russians have not been happy about sanctions. It much replicates the situation when Roosevelt put on Japan sanctions for Japanese aggressions in Manchuria in the late 1930’s. These sanctions caused the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.

The US has been strong and aggressive in pursuit of foreign markets for a long time, and has won the economic war.

I again maintain that the perfect resolution of the Cold War would have been statehood for Russia. Then they would have gotten a tradition of contract law. What has happened is that capitalism for them has been the worst sort of financial engineering as practiced by Wall Street for Wall Street.
Everybody with big money in the bank gets it from the efforts of labor. Most people are trained to go to work, get a skill, and get a paycheck from their labor.

Looks like labor in Russia has been ripped off royally, but then convinced it is all the fault of the US and others around them.

Labor in the US is ripped off daily.

It does turn out that a basic socialism is required for strength and prosperity for the majority. Socialism for the rich certainly works out.
I did complete the Transcendia Passport with the invention of the Insurodollar. Getting it sold in the airports is my current problem, for Hudson won’t buy self published work. Independent bookstores won’t buy my works either.

I have gotten old enough that when depressed I don’t turn to a psychiatrist but turn to an attorney.

Well I encourage you to read the attachments.

Stuck in mY Craw/RSD

My Money Your Money

There are the pennies we picked up and counted to buy beer and cigarettes with when we ran out of money.

I've made some posters to encourage people to vote, this is one.

I’ve made some posters to encourage people to vote, this is one.

Vote Darling - Version 2

It was decided in the legislature of NC that medical marijuana could not be made legal and available because it was not throughly understood.

Further it was rejected as possibly leading to the recreational use of it.
What right the people who successfully prohibit the use of recreational pot have to decide that it is such a terrible thing is a pathetic right seized by those comfortable with denying the rights of others.

Never has anyone in thousands of years ODd and died from the recreational or medical use of marijuana in any form from hash oil to smoking a joint.

Police I’ve known have told me the only time they arrest people for pot is if they can’t get them on something else, when they are out to get the individual.

The use of pot is a folkway for those of my generation and political inclinations.

I myself with a friend tried to smoke ten different types of hashish he had in his personal stash, and stopped at 7. I admit I felt good, and sat in one chair watching what people did around me. I have decreed in the Transcendian Passport that pilots ought not fly for three days after ingesting hashish. I have decreed that in the case of smoking a joint, it is to be 24 hours from joint to joystick for commercial pilots, and 12 hours from joint to joystick for the Private pilot.

If there were to be a crisis that closed the drug stores pot is known as the drug that would replace other drugs I take for pain management and the spasms I experience without another specific drug. This is known.

I have become limited due to disease that forced the installment of two hip replacements, a bridge in my neck to prevent my being paralyzed from the neck down, and two plastic cornea replacements. I have no cartilage left in my right shoulder. I am on morphine along with an array of drugs that forestall further damage from my disease. Sometimes I am unhappy.
There are drugs that could or are given to diminish my natural unhappiness due to my physical diminishments.
Marijuana has less unhappy side effects. This is known by doctors.

In the course of one pilot physical I was open with the doctor about my use of pot at the time, and his request that I not use it when flying was obeyed.

In the State of North Carolina, growing and selling tobacco is still legal.
Essentially the prohibition of medical and recreational pot dooms a segment of the population to be in the criminal class, and eliminates a source of income that has shown to advance prosperity for many in Colorado and Oregon.
Certainly people like me are determined to stay out of jail and will not take up work that subjects us to the prospect.

When I asked to have art shown and sold at the Local Community Airport I was told that would not be allowed by the University that manages it, “Because someone would make money.”
In the State of North Carolina there are people who decide all the time who get to make money and who doesn’t.
It pisses me off.
What amounts to recreation for these people is apparently limited to recreational hunting and basketball.

It used to be that those who went to the University of Chapel Hill, were expected to get out of town after graduation, and find work in the cities of Greensboro, Charlotte and Raleigh. Now it is best for them to simply leave the state, and go to LA or NY if they are in the arts, and any other East coast Northern state so as as either unprofessional labor or professional labor to have respectable income, which in either case will determine the comforts of their end of life periods.

It is a flat out lie that 30 is 20, or 50 is 40. In the construction industry by the time you are 50 you are well worn. 35 to 55 are ones best working years regardless of what anyone lies to you otherwise. Aviation used to be a decent job, but in Aviation prospects and pay haven’t improved in 30 years. I abandoned that field, though I loved it, and work to improve it.

Motion pictures in NC have no maturity of industry. To change that will take a change of the way the money available is spent. I have proposed an event that for 17 years at least I have pushed for. It is a Disc Golf Invitational Televised tournament meant to bring to the State Above the Line personalities, and cause personal contacts to be made adding investments across the handshake range to the finance, in the state.

Legalization of pot would work as well as when liquor by the drink was made legal, as opposed to the bottle clubs that existed when I was young, and were known to inhibit Northern investments in NC.

The pseudo aristocrats that control who makes money and how in the State of NC anger me. 26 percent of the people of the state are forced into servile poverty when there is no excuse for it other than hatred empowered.

Bullets points

For Sale Block and piece of pie

This is for sale you know.

Well since I’ve been sick, I’ve done what I have been able to. We put up 2 shows of my art. Photos were shown at the coffee shop, and 4 were sold for pretty much cost or below, to make. Making art costs money.
Just call me to buy things. Prices are from 12 hundred to 40 dollars, though that is a wholesale price. 919-960-8446. Don’t call to harass me please. is the email to write if you want pictures of things I’ve done. They are made by a conceptual artist who makes things for your walls too.

The work shown, What, I want 250 for it. Make an offer.
I’ll be making a store somehow here. The Store about the Xmas Tree cling stickers is for sale. It is a prototype now.

I’ve done some intense reading. My wife says she thinks I ought to read some fiction. Mearsheimer’s The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, points at the need for a Government of Governments. Peace means war. Peace means the elimination of Mass Murder weapons. They will first be dropped on tanks. Tanks and tank buster aircraft strips and it will be apocalyptic riot with nuke nations like North Korea piling on. The roiling is going on now in the Ukraine. Tanks are targets.

Sanctions lead to war, as Japan reacted to sanctions and attacked Pearl Harbor. The UN sure is failing to do the right things about these things. Incredible stories of UN failures, I don’t know.

When the diplomats hang at La Trapeze watching sex all friendly it would be good if they did some Wednesday night business. Someday I’ll get to go and undress I guess. It is where the action is.

Ah, well it sure was at least back when I lived on Madison Ave. I once had an emotional thing going and thought the best thing to do was make my adversaries for the affections of my girl lose money. Where you live does affect how you think.

If the US really wants to be the Government of Governments, the time is now while they still have strong money. The Economic war won is hard to keep as a peaceful situation.

Mearsheimer says all you need to do is get some nukes and you will be a secure nation in an anarchistic world. Anarchy is educated, so the word doesn’t really mean Chaos like it ought to. Anarchy is insulted.
I sent a note to Noam Chomsky asking what he’d want Transcendia to do. No answer to that one.

The state of war in the Middle East is a mess, and Netanyahu wants to bomb Iran. People from Iran are poetic. They are good at comedy. This disconnect between peoples and their leadership is intolerable.
Truth on TV would mean the overthrow of the nations that lie on TV. Russians eat lots of TV lies apparently.

The Israelis ought be forced to give Palestinians Insurance Policies, and pay death benefits when they kill them. The US has never yet bombed anyone with flowers from their fucking jets or fucking drones. Grow the fuck down. Grow the fuck up. Thinking you are too strong to be hurt is simply stupid.

MacDonalds workers are on the front lines. They ought to just take the money out of the registers and pay themselves in cash at the end of the day, and remit the remainder to the Company. I’m for myself as living property too, and don’t steal from me, don’t steal me, whoever you are. I’ll die and you’ll die too. If you won’t do the right thing it is time to fight, and fight means fight.
The job I’ve got is the job I’ve got.

Tom Ross, what happened there in NC? Research is now done at the universities and then sold to corporations and companies. Tuition goes up. Could he have tried to get the companies to pay more for the research as a fair thing when students are put to wage slavery in a world where you are supposed to apply with a resume` for a fucking job at MacDonalds?

Don’t bother thinking that for a second you’ll work your way up the ladder.

Soldiers of the world

Toy Soldiers engaged in battle.

There Is Work

I keep reading that there isn’t enough work for people. They say that opportunities for work in the US started being made more rare through the efficiencies of computers.
The US won all the economic contests and has the strongest currency position, a position that enables it to keep printing money because of its status as the Reserve Currency of the World.
Corporations have successfully gotten control of where labor typically turns to for a paycheck. From an early age for 200 years at least those who were educated in the public schools were trained for labor at the mines or in the oilfields.
Many were sold the idea that no matter what, they too could become captains of industry.
It could happen there for awhile. I’m thinking of Bill Lear and Motorola for the guy who raises himself up through new tech and ends up creating the Learjet from car radios. The 8 track was made for corporate jets. Record needles bounced.
I think you are supposed to show up at Wal Mart or MacDonalds with a resume` anymore.
It looks as if the Academic community has locked it up far as forcing everyone in sight to pay for some degree, as I saw an actress couldn’t sell a cookbook because she didn’t have a college degree.
The other day I imagined an All Cash Day for MacDonalds. At the end of the day the staff would pay themselves 15 dollars an hour and give the company what was left to buy hamburgers and buns.
But there is work. There are those bridges. There is all the work now cleaning up what the corporations and all everybody called externalities.
We may not be able to reclaim the water of the Western aquifers. Out there in the Pacific that plastic is the poisonous base of the food chain. How the hell did the Saudis clean the oil out of the Gulf without any real notice?
All the damage that the companies have done means there is plenty of work fixing it up. What they really mean is they simply intend to get away with not paying taxes so the governments can pay to fix all the damage.
Until employees get board seats, and labor gets representation in governments the citizens of the world who do not live in places like the Netherlands will be screwed over at every turn.
Of course there is every indication that big business is looking for a war.
I can’t see how the war that seems most likely will be good for even the biggest of businesses.
Way it is most likely to turn out is nukes dropped on tanks, and a pile on after that.
what I am saying is that there are a lot of things going on, and there are people in significant positions of power living in a world of the past.
What is it with the simple arithmetic skills that ought to make it clear that if you don’t pay the population, they can’t buy much?
Since it is a world wide reality that labor is not to be paid, and a nation like the US has always flooded its market internally and then invaded foreign markets, and they don’t have money either, what is the expectation?
Are Aliens going to show up and buy stuff?
I read a great deal of news. Apps? There is work in Silcon Valley making apps, or another computer. Sure, but there is a greater need for jobs that pay than that really represents.
There are jobs recreating slums. There are jobs fixing bridges, or making the trains work for everybody.
It does look like the jobs that are the sort that provide work for a range of labor are mostly jobs that have been government sponsored jobs.


For the first time in my life I have begun to see nationalization of corporation assets in the US as a rational response to corporation policies.
If the US Corporations and US Companies of power and purchased influence all intent on refusing to give labor a fair shake, a living wage, alongside their manipulations of laws created to make the criminal, criminal, mob financial engineering that denies the treasury of the nation that is supposed to defend the interests of the honest working man, use the army, and use the legal power backing contracts internationally which provide profits to corporations all given every time to stockholders and CEOs first, no matter the contribution of labor, then what other option does labor have but to appropriate what is the source of their incomes?
Our US media works at dividing labor into Black and White with great success. The reality is that there is no difference between the races because they are working class, and labor.
Not a single state that was CSA provides wages to its people that is on parity of those states that were Union. In the past the police and national guard were used to protect property of the capitalists, not protect the honest working man, but kill them if they did what they were forced to do in an attempt to secure fair wages.
Now the Drug War is the proxy war that daily subjects urban youth to arrest. What would you rather do?, Risk your freedom for the money, or work for MacDonalds? We know what many see as a better option.
In my own case my work of retreat as brute labor days are over. If I had not gained a skill and been paid a higher rate than was ever available to me in the South of my upbringing, my SS would be appreciably lower.
In the State of North Carolina, in the Greensboro area it is reported that you cannot ever expect to be paid as well as someone doing the same work in the Northern states.
Something will get you and 50 is in fact 50. If you stay in NC or any of the Southern States of the CSA you will be poorer during your best working years, and then will be poorer for what SS you might get.
I noted that Landmark, part of the Carlyle Group bought Atlantic Aero which was the first FBO I worked for. Their habit is to pay only 75 percent of what is an industry standard to their labor. On top of that they are reported as charging clients for their fuel and services premium prices. They do it because they can. They would give every cent to themselves and their stockholders if they could. Slavery in all its forms, either wage slavery, chattel slavery, and debt slavery is what they engineer for labor.
I am my property, you are your property, and the deeds these people hold do not give them the right to not pay for the use of my property.
This guy Walker is a stupid man working to split labor by denying the Union their due. The Unions will work for the benefits of all labor regardless, but he doesn’t want them paid? He must be working for the corporations while taking a paycheck from his citizens.
Labor will figure it out and his day will come.
The US Corporations are pushing it steps too far, lucky that they have succeeded in dividing labor amongst themselves buy using race, and rural interests in conflict with urban interests and cultures.
I am aware of the dangers of nationalization. In our past it was the larger corporations like DuPont that did invest in their own R&D. The US was therefore able to make the Atomic Bomb before Hitler did.
It mattered. My own father said he was certain to have died on the beaches of Japan after his combat in France and Germany.
Now the Corporations apparently can license the research of the Universities where the students pay to do the work for these Corporations in hopes of later seeing themselves in a good paying job that will enable them to retire the debt slavery they took on.
Should Labor fight and win in the nationalization of assets of the corporations that are stealing their present and future they would then already know where to go for the development and research the assets they then control so as to create products necessary for our economy and survival.
In conjunction with my currency, the Insurodollar, pooled equity of insurance policies awarded at birth we would obviously be taking self ownership seriously. A currency based on our human capital is understandable within the system of capitalism.
The Corporations use the nations army to keep access to oil, turn labor into servants, and do not pay for externalities, nor pay their fair share of taxes for protections of the US courts.
The police prey on citizens to generate operating funds so they can steal assets of those forced into the underground economy, or simply speeding. Fines and court costs force the poor to move from state to state, or sell their cars since a simple fine starts out at a level typical of a months wages for those trapped working for Wal Mart.
Innovations are supplied to the military instead of being of any benefit to the working man. I see this in the creation of exoskeletons aimed at making the movement of artillery shells, instead of being preventative of injury to the man moving sheetrock.
What difference then does innovation make for the working man if all goes to the weapons of war, which sane men seek to avoid?
The men of corporations just profit from war. Their homes aren’t bombed, and children ripped apart.
In a sane world Putin’s threats to bomb members of NATO with weapons of mass murder would have already prompted Security Council meetings. Netanyahu is applauded for his push for the US to go to war with Iran. These representatives of the Corporations who will tell you they are for peace, have become so stupid that any war will do.
The mobsters of Japan will clean it up? Are we to hope so, for apparently the mobsters of Japan ought to be getting practice as Fukushima quietly leaks Cesium 137. How long it is till the aquifer there makes any water in Japan poisoned, and all of the Pacific is polluted with Cesium 137, I don’t know.
Corporations of Japan want to build more of the exact same designed nuclear power plants, and instead of putting hydro tidal power generators in the oceans of their coasts, showed a design for solar panels in the ocean that is subject to intense storms.
Just stupid stuff.
The corporations are making it awfully clear that they do not think right, and it is about time that labor tried their hand at running things from all indicators proving their greed is a mental disease with affects more profoundly stupid than any experienced working man ought tolerate.
It looks as if Nationalization is the only answer.Transcendian Money by Dave Ripton


There are a lot of smart educated people around working who are ignored. I fell across General Wedemeyer’s biography by John J. McLaughlin which was of great aid in informing me of the exact specific differences between the strategies of the US Armed Forces and the British during WWII.
The fully realized strategy of a nation is supposed to consider what the world power balances will be after a win or a loss. Clearly the US expected that the War would be won, and all would return to normalcy, only better.
This General Wedemeyer was in a difficult position because of the US cultural fears about the awarding of the Army too much power in determining political policy. His understanding of Communism was well advanced. He did not trust Stalin, when Stalin had become Roosevelt’s buddy.
What I did see as difficult to swallow was the attitude towards corruption of the Chinese Nationalists. Out of my experiences I have come to see corruption as second to war as the reasons for people to be poor. I say corruption and war, keep people poor.
Corruption of ideals and subversion of aims is worse than street level corruption, but it hardly matters as one makes the other happen throughout a culture and society.
We in the US have been so propagandized that for decades the corruptions allowed and legislated into being on our streets and in our neighborhoods in the name of the War on Drugs pervade our society, at best making it a mean place we live our lives.
The deep government as it is now called must like it this way, for it keeps all living in fear of the police and each other.
The mythical US founded on the principals of equality, meritocracy, and justice has well been eroded.
And more to the point our defense is untrustworthy.
Defense and education are the only two legitimate duties of the government and we can tell neither jobs are being done well. By our government.
This guy Wedemeyer saw that Russian goals strategically were aimed at taking over as much territory as it possibly could during the period of WWII.
The US populace and leadership was aimed narrowly at defeating NAZI Germany, and going home. Of course that was the party line.
American business, the multinational corporations could apparently take care of themselves.
Now with the advance of the TPP that reality is aimed to be the monster utilizing what has become a mercenary army paid for by the American taxpayer for the benefit of the Petro Industry first, and the defense of Americans, second, If at all.
There seems to be some terrible confusion as how to address terrorist organizations. Why that is so is beyond me. Of course some observers have pointed out that US allies, and primarily the Saudi family are as much enemies of the American people and our way of life, as allies.
No wonder there is no clear idea about what is going on, or thinking that aims at the roots of threats to Americans and the West is ignored and suppressed.
The US has worked the system that was created specifically to keep the peace in an attempt to make it into another arm of US policy.
The US and the USSR did face off for 50 years of the Cold War promising to wipe each other off the face of the earth if one or the other went too far.
Atomic weapons make the fighting of a war an extra exercise. Sure Russia has an army, but it isn’t as powerful as that left to the Russians.
Working to get rid of all the nuclear weapons is considered to be a stupid thought. You are to ignore that thought, and if you want security and power, get these weapons of mass murder. After that your Armed Forces are just extra, and not really necessary.
Every week now Russia threatens us all with these weapons of mass murder. These sorts of fighting words really ought to trigger some serious talks at the UN Security Council. When I myself used to get in fist fights on a regular basis, the key to my success was to hit the guy first in the face as hard as I could.
“Do you really mean what you say there buddy?”
We understand George Bush the younger meant it when he endorsed preemptive wars and plunged the US into the war in Iraq. We of the world were amazed to discover there was no plan other than to war.
Some of us were aware that for all of US willful blindness to the strategic struggle for world dominance that roiled as Stalin took over Eastern Europe and East Germany became another totalitarianism travesty where about anybody who said the wrong thing one day, went to jail, had at least benefited from the occupying force of the US Constabulary as it trained civilian police in Germany and Europe.
There actually was some evidence of forethought there.
Fact is that on the one hand we are supposed to be comforted that Iran will swear off weapons of mass destruction, nukes that are mass murder weapons, but we are supposed to believe there is no reason at all to ever think of giving them up ourselves.
What fool thinks this will do more than put off the day when Putin, or some other cornered loser won’t blow off some of these bombs, and hope that there won’t be any retaliatory response they can’t withstand down in their own little bunker hole?
You may as well just count on it.
The only other strategy that might save us is that internationally people, real people, the mass of people, demanded the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction, mass murder.
I saw the other day that a Russian Bomber had flown the length of the West Coast. Of threats that’s one, as it is an unexpected delivery system for this day and age when we expect missiles out of silos or submarines. Little detour of a bomber over Washington DC when it flies along the East Coast is likely appealing to Putin.
This era of mulitpolar power will lead to nuclear war somewhere started by somebody for some reason sure as the sun will rise in the east the day after.
It is past time that there be a Security Council meeting to ask Putin if he really means what he keeps saying about using nuclear weapons.
“Do you really mean that?”
“Do you really mean it?”
If in fact he really means what he says, that he is for preemptive nuclear attacks, than really the US ought to just bomb him, bomb them, and as they have done, figure something out afterwards.
The reality is that you aren’t going to have any territory worth having, strategic war is done and over. In a case like that the world is destroyed and lots and lots of people are just killed, and that’s that.
Why not anyway, the Japanese mob throws radioactive water in the Pacific. There is so much plastic out there in the oceans the whole food chain is poisoned with plastic bits, now made radioactive because the Japanese are just as stupid as everybody else, deferring to mobsters to take care of problems they are too cowardly to do as a national duty.
What do the poor people care? Getting fried in an instant will be a blessing compared to disease and starvation and drowning.
What say we all just set a date and say “Get it over!”
Photo on 3-5-13 at 4.04 PM #2

The CSA Plot

There is credit on this

Russell Scott Day Poster

Timothy Egan titled his essay in my electronic delivery of the NYTs: The Plot to Kill Healthcare

I read it and these were my thoughts: This is the CSA in conflict with the USA and the soldiers to honor were the ones that prevented the spread of slave labor as legal and acceptable.
Transcendia with the Insurodollar makes all labor an asset on the books and source of wealth for the nation, turning slave trading and the business of trading in souls, on its head.
So I have countered the CSA within a system they used, and use always turning to a distant unscrupulous banker, or hypocritically assaulting the Federal Government except for the military bases they covet as economic engines.
Payday lenders and modular homes that are installed on their slabs in three weeks by a Berkshire company.
The CSA didn’t want its slave labor to be able to read, and now they attack their ability to think. All labor must be somehow enslaved and somehow compromised so they will work. No one would work for them if they couldn’t whip them into doing it.
Some posit that the great debt of the aspiring class with a for certain doom to lives of disconnected labor nothing like what they imagined as “right livelihood” was cynically engineered by the masters to create a compromised pool of desperate labor.
Employers have gotten the message no matter their business, and merit without a paid for certification is as doomed.
You know nothing works if you don’t believe in it, and all that powerfully ideologues believe in is cheap labor.
There is the law, and there is the spirit of the law. The spirit of the law is CSA.
“Yeah, we freed the slaves, but now we just rent them.” That is the CSA rolling with their defeat. That is the policy. The war is conducted from within. Elected congresspersons, and Senators, will be paid well, for life, by the very government that they vow to “starve”, except for the army.
The South hires out looking for a fight. Being in the army is the best job in the world for ignorant angry young men. Women too. Serve and we’ll pay for your college education and you’ll get insurance. The army is for all nations a work program, and Southern schools train good soldiers.
Getting out of Urban inner city conflict zones is recommended for Urban blacks as well. I heard morale was low in the Nuke Launching Corp. They are just there for one thing. Turning keys.
Away from this line of thought. I need better statistics to back this line of thought up.
“They didn’t want their labor to read, and now they don’t want labor to think.” I said that.
The South is a different country now more than since the clash of uniformed armies.
To call it the GOP is a whitewash and a cover for what it really represents.
Cultural commentators have said for at least a decade and a half that the US was more fractured than ever, so why can’t we accept that the CSA has risen again, as promised?
If I led an army throughout the South knocking over every monument to the Confederacy, starting from Monument Row in Richmond, their capital, what do you think would happen?
I bet you that there would be war.

Defense of Slavery Monument to the loyal & stupid

Defense of Slavery Monument to the loyal & stupid

Incase you don’t catch it, this is a monument on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus. On the supporting plinth are bronze bas-relief praises for the soldier of the Confederacy who was loyal. I loved working in NYC because nobody really expected me to be loyal. It was clear that I was showing up for the paycheck. Nobody expected me to love them because I was working for them. In the South, there is still this master servant thing going where you are expected to somehow love your employer. “You do a great job, but I just can’t pay you more.” The last guy that said that, and I do like the guy, still said his accountant told him he was worth 5 million and then said, “I just don’t feel like it.”
Luther Hodges was one of the progressive governors of the state, and he asked all around the State of North Carolina for companies like Cannon Mills to support the vision of the Research Triangle. He tried to get them to invest in this center for invention, technology, and the biosciences.
Finally it was only investors from NY that would put the money needed behind it.
Maybe there are too many Kudzu plants, or raggley weeds by the roads. The Yankees will invade and destroy it all, we aren’t rich enough? It is a defeated nation. Anger seeps into every conversation that exposes any basic truths, or threatens change.
How to treat labor in the South, the CSA, is this: Tell them you are just hanging on by their fingernails, and you can’t pay them any more, there is too much competition.
Just tell them any lie you need to.

Show Photos from Second Opening 2/13

NC as it was, and is.

This was taken in the county of Guilford, at a July 4th parade when we lived in a trailer park and had skin diseases and my dog was tortured with acid poured on him.

Truth is the Target

Pro quality pigmented Sharpie brand markers used to create this cartoon

Going to a Party shown in Show

Going to a party

Frightening Peacenik

Hans Blix was leader of the opposition to WMDs and said before the Iraq invasion there were none.

The Last Fucking Duck

A poisonous toy meant to be played with in the bathtub.

Show wall as altered 2/13

With Goddess Baghead, Anarchists in the Park, A Man like me, and Hans Blix

It is my tactic as part of my strategy aimed at fame to demonstrate applied knowledge in the creating of art that is good company.
I meant to burst upon the scene, as I still do. I mean to compete with any mind willing to engage me. My struggle is to achieve a dominate position in the mental landscape.
I do not have academic credentials, and must prove that I have achieved the required dais position from my capacity to work in all important fields from science to ditch digging.
I am a hero of and for my class, the working class. I am writing a reply to all the stories I follow in the NY Times, or on Linked In, or on Facebook, or Tumblr, or G plus, or just out there somewhere beyond my submarine captain’s desk.
When John C Mearsheimer says we must all get nuclear weapons in an anarchistic world bereft of a Government of Governments, I declare that we must assemble the institutions of a government of government, declare nuclear weapons illegal in any arsenal, and go after them now, and forever. It is enough justifiable war, and wars, to keep the warrior class employed forever.
The powerful position of the sub captain is to be acknowledged, and the killer sub is to be owned and operated by the Government of Governments, as are the killer teams on the covert fronts who will be the first line of defense for all of the international working class, insulted at the prospect of mass murder.
I breathe and my struggle is the struggle that is legitimate across all national boundaries.
I endorse the Reinvention of the UN as laid out by Andre` Lewin. I do so because while the UN is disrespected because of its weak responses and unrealistic goals of no war at all, the UN has had successes, and continues on as half of what it was dreamed to be, and that foundation as half is in its organizations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization, and World Health Corporation, and a list of vital to the world, organizations it sponsors, administrates, and begs money for.
From where I sit, as a citizen of the US, suffering threats from ideologues within and without, my own borders are but the borders of my office, and the borders of the US. The CSA has risen, and I fight it by name. I honor soldiers not so much of todays army, an army turned into the private army of the oilmen, but the army of the Union that fought to free enslaved, tortured, and terrorized labor.
It was not until 1952 that a black man was enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I must look up his name.
It is a crime against the Union that on the campus of the University, supposed to provide a safe harbor for those seeking the skills of scholars and leaders to be forced to pass under the gaze of the soldier who is honored for fighting to keep him enslaved and ignorant.
I myself was given the choice to become educated, and chose Rochdale College in Toronto as a citadel of resistance. As on Security I was lucky to have my lottery number come up high, so I could flee the corruption, and corrupt, who had their own greed and cynical reasons to throw me out a window, and sort it all out later.
As an independent scholar with a clear goal of discovering what it will take to prevent the apocalyptic riot so many actually lust to see happen, I am fully prepared to authorize force when it is obvious talking about it only gives more time for the forces arrayed against us, the honest working classes, are oppressed and fed lie after lie, suffering from leadership that has set up systems, and is committed to systems and ideas that all can clearly see are not going to work, and will inevitably aid in out extinction.
I am the old man now. I am not going to get but this one life to live, and I accept my destiny.
It is not the big events, but the little things you do everyday. So I do what I can, with what I have, where I am.
Earlier I wrote here Nothing Doing about my failing fight over the sharing of the transportation infrastructure represented by the making Private of the Public asset of the Where I Live airport, Horace Williams. Then there was my defeat as a small individual who wanted to work with my local government to help provide a surplus of living space that would enable Fair Housing. Maybe we do have no rights. Maybe working people need to accept nothing is their due, and that their government is for the government.
Those who already have the deeds to the land of the realm can zone it so that we will never be able to buy or rent securely anywhere for ourselves and our families.
The rich and the poor don’t care at all and have all the children their dicks and uterine equipment will produce.
We of my class don’t think that way. We of my class don’t have what we can’t afford.
We did not expect that the game would be so rigged that we could not ever have the means to afford what our parents could.
The police, the enforcers of the law know that they need tanks just on the outside chance we will start burning the money. Burning down the banks that make these laws and steal our money would be as squashed as was the February Revolution.
But knocking over all the monuments to the men of Robert E Lee, the well dressed traitorous pervert who was so loved that ignorant loyal servants of the self styled aristocrats with deeds to Tara, lost everything in his service, even their souls were made waste in service of the idea that they as labor, were to be subservient to these families who thought them stupid for trusting them.
Maybe it was the promise of owning maybe, women, the white women, and the black women.
It is an honest motive to fight for your woman, and your children with the honest goal of providing four walls and a roof over their heads and the entertainments of pets and a fire to feed.
What good is your soul if it is scarred and diseased through sacrifice and loyalty to torturers and slavemasters who think it their privilege to go beyond all ethical reason and take possession of anyone to beat into service for only the deeded top of the heap?
Knocking over the monuments to the CSA, plastering them with the names of the simply murdered and then tortured and lynched is what there is best to do as a class that can clearly see the inheritors of these sick ambitions are ramming down our throats in cascades of legislation like that restricting the vote, gerrymandering of the votes to get them seated and paid for life to destroy that Union that has been all that has stood in the way of States Rights, now nothing but a euphemism for oppression.
Would but our Volunteer army was sent to knock over these CSA insults to the sacrifices of twice the dead heaped up and bend dismembered, who served the principles of fair play and freedom. The US Civil War is just not over.
The petrodollar depends on this volunteer army to defend the Saudi family from Israel, while these monarchs and princes keep alive a culture no better than the worst of what kings and princes forced upon the people of Europe during the Dark Ages, and Middle Ages of Crusades in 1199, and 12 hundred.
What has the Vatican given to Haiti? No wonder they party so much in Spain.
Why not? God will forgive.
What if God doesn’t. What if it really does matter what ideals you serve? In this world at Nuremberg the judges and juries took the time to consider this whether God did or not.
The bankers have no idea of any different goal than the advancement and hegemony of their system. They do not know better than to make losers and winners as they have done and intend to keep doing.
The Drug War makes them winners either way. All along for long it was just the criminals that led them, but then the Cold War ended and there was a huge nation that as looted they were perfectly positioned and the laws in place set along to follow the practices of Meyer Lansky and the mob.
The mob knew and operated all along in a state of permanent war. The mob taught the legitimate corporations how to hide money, hide behind shell companies, and use new and old laws and loopholes so as to gather for themselves unaccountable fortunes and power.
Capitalism has matured into a mobster artifice. It was perfectly structured by the mob so as to absorb into its fold the friends of the Russian Princes.
All they had to do was see the right banker in London. Every benefit paid for by honest labor, defended by the armies of the capitalists was purchased with just a little for the banks, just a little.
The banks, run by mobster cronies get to keep the profits while labor is given the bill to protect them, at no expense.
Back in the 20th century the mobsters just had 16 trillion, and now the mobsters essentially are the whole fortune.
We might only be able to do as I want, and make entirely a new nation of our own.
I am isolated and poor. My books have not gained traction. The distributors will not buy them, and the independent bookstores will not buy them.
I have no academic credentials where troll the agents with knowledge and entrée into the offices of the editors with their lists.
I am not friends with powerful Hollywood actors who can tell Angelina Jolie Pitt that my passports show how to free the refugees with independent travel documents the pilots she could ask to honor the documents, would do.
I can’t fly to Necker Island for a week of fun with the premier World Citizen, and king of the hedonists, Sir Richard Branson.
Virgin is the airline most likely because of his throw it to the wind philosophy to be the first vetting organization that has the reach and stations and station agents who could meet those at the fences and have filled out the applications.
He’s not watching my youtube videos. I admit some of them suck. I was sick there for a good while. Sometimes I got the wrong face going. These latest videos are better. Better because I invented the currency.

My Speech/RSD

Tomorrow I have to speak for the February Opening on Art Walk night in Carrboro at the Carrboro Century Center Gallery. 7 PM.
The speech of January 9th can be seen some on Transcendian. This opening speech must be shorter. There will be changes made to the show before the opening is done.

All right I must thank you for being here. I am trouble and demanding of late.
We are going to take the opportunity to change some of the show, and I think I will add “The Last Fucking Duck”. This Duck, is something other artists have made bigger or stronger, and I was supposed to play with the duck. There is SR71 to go up as well. These are toys. They are comforts.
You can’t get the rubber duck anymore because it turns out to be highly toxic, especially when new. It was one poisonous toy. Don’t touch it.
The SR71 is the fastest airplane ever. It is the thing to use, or something like it to bomb people with toys and flowers, since otherwise the good action of Pro Active Civil Demonstration will produce unintended consequences. I used to think Clowns in Balloons would be a good why to spread cheer and international tolerance and understandings, but after my divorce I recognized there is no joking around in hostage situations.
I am an artist now. I’m a professional artist. This is my 4th or 6th show. Originally I was a poet, photographer, and I did drawings dreaming of movies I wanted to make. These became cartoons. I worked with steel and wood in my career as labor, and am used to handling it. I got some great wood from Aventine to work on. It does have the advantage of being able to be hung without being put in a frame. Some pieces would benefit from the right frame, but I am not expert like Mary Earls in that, the thing of framing.
Churchill, Hitler and my hero Grant did some paintings and watercolors. I have striven to use the best materials more and more in my work as an artist. I do desire to be a successful artist beforebecoming the great political leader I am forced by my vision to become.
The questions I set myself to answer: How to prevent the apocalyptic riot may be more important than the vision. The questions came first. The vision helps me affirm the correctness of the answers I have developed for Transcendia, the grand work of conceptual art separate from these paintings, drawings, wall sculptures about balance, and photographs.
Yeah, I’ve got a grand ambition and infrastructure of ideals and precepts of governance, but I just made these works of art to be good company.
You are encouraged to buy my books.

    Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter

was what I did last when I was going around in my circles. I have impressed myself with it, and characterize it as a jazz composition of a book.
Okay, We will be changing some things. You are encouraged to ask me questions. You can ask me prices.