Guitars, My Intendors

Apocalyptic Riot

What’s Your Job, Mine is Preventing the Apocalyptic Riot

It is my plan to use guitars to bring my people together.  I have defined my people as those of the FBOs, the Filmmaking Community and my old alumni Rochdale College Toronto.

I said all along that Transcendia was for Poets, Pilots, and Engineers, though I got engineers involved as much as I could.  I got banned from CR4, and you can still find my legacy as Transcendian there, or if you go back in time on Internet Archives.  I was actually proud that my gaffer grip experience got me good enough to compete for “good answers”.

They had a Thread going “Can We Make a Better Government”, and I was into that one.  They shut it down as unengineering like.  It was a poke in my eye so I cursed about it with real curse words and got banned.

Weird reality conflicts in the internet world, web world.  IHS now owns CR4.  I haven’t been there in a couple of years now.

I was vindicated when reading Henry Petroski and saw his story about how it was the hydraulic engineer Henry Roberts that wrote Roberts Rules of Order.

We had got along with a White Paper about Haiti shelter designs from shipping containers.   Deeds are impossible for the regular people to get so there is no place for them to have such a thing as strong as a shipping container to live in.  Clemson designs are superior.

The Red Cross was useless to us as it seemed as if it had turf war issues with the US and the International.  You never seemed to get the right person.  USAID didn’t just tell us that only the Elites get the deeds.

This is where my saying for us Capitalism means a fight with those whose Greed and Deeds combine to get them power over the rent.  We were really screwed when the bailout money went to buying the foreclosed properties.

Instead of investing in stateside manufacturing entities of some amphorous benefits to the people in trouble.  Just took their houses. Of course it was all about “rent”.  Baubles and Rent as the drivers of an economy mean it is collapsing.  What is that I Phone that runs a Watch and the Watch is made of special weird gold?, but a bauble?

What is it about 250 thousand or 450 thousand who have it all?  Seems like the Communist Party Members and the number of the rich and influential matched there before it all came tumbling apart for the USSR.

Career like there is the number of pilots that is about the same as these 450 thousand of them last I looked.  The size of powerful Medium Towns is there in like Green City, Greensboro NC which is now a great airport haven for the wealthy who get wooded lawns and cheaper than millions homes.  They can make it to the airport in 20 minutes all the time.

AVL has a nice art gallery at their airport and GSO, PTI is supposed to soon or already have one.   I don’t think about RDU because I don’t have any history there.  GSO, FLL and ROC are where I spent my ramp rat days.

They saw the flag the most over the back of the Lighting and Grip Truck.  Eventually in NC I got an IATSE card.   IATSE’s Matt Loeb signed me up but wouldn’t talk about my Intendor status for US Senate.  I told my wife without them I wouldn’t run.  I learned some things between the Democratic Party apparachitcs functionaries on the line.  Taking the line.

Now that I am old and the old man and have been around with it all I can at the very least point to the right directions.  Eliminating all nuclear weapons from all arsenals are worth killing about.   Really when you think about it the USSR and the USA were several times on the verge of disarming of them, the atom bombs unilaterally.

It is an insult of horrific proportion to the honest working people the prospect of atomic annihilation from one way or the other.  Let us have wars.  We have wars.  We do not have to involve the civilians who represent no threat.   Is it forgotten that there are rules to war?

The Beats knew right away that the Atom Bomb changed everything.  War by Threat doesn’t work forever.

Will we will have eternal peace between nations when all of them are armed with nuclear weapons?   I think that at some point out of the 193 nations were last called that one of them would end the suspense of War By Threat.

Umbrellas?   NATO?

The Germans sold Poland 250 Leopard tanks.  I think there is a ceasefire but that Russia still wants a road to the Crimea port on the Black Sea.

The three years of economic warfare between the US and Russia has festered badly.  We have to watch out for “Crisis Overload”.

I have to have the currency of fame.  Watch Transcendian and buy a passport from the place on that my books sit ready to be printed.  Does me little good if you buy from the guy in Germany selling them on E Bay.

I will try to inspire a large enough group of togethered people to build up the nation.  It would work if we could get the UN to help get us some of the airports.  Offices in Colorado, well I think of legal pot and an office for wholesale distribution.  Maybe it is not to be allowed without big money.

I must get some territory if it is just that you see the posters in the lineshacks of the worlds airports.  Territory.  Offices.  the reason of supporting the passports is a perfect reason.   For my people I want that Passport to mean they can go anywhere there is a Transcendia airport, and otherwise captains will honor the document as enabling carriage.  Transcendians are supposed to have something better than Triple A.

We have to have our own Treasury Insurance Company for Transcendians and the Passport is the start of legal documents that are preceding any 3D VR scratch and sniff war movie game that would fund the nation and make it together.   I believe we have the communications movie technology to make it feel like a real war enough.

It is sort of amazing that what I propose as a spawn of the “best practices” of well engineered government.  I expected to be co-opted at one point.  Possibly if Andre` Lewin had been younger and not died on me.  Time will run out for me too.

I have seen the flag fly though.  There is Documentary of a Small Nation on the channel Transcendian.

I am very aware that 20 years goes by in the blink of an eye and 10 years is going like a 100.  Airports and then spaceports was the original logical progression towards full security for mankind.  Transcendia makes the best name for humanity in outer space.  But Outer space is better for robots.

Still we have to have an outpost close in and then further out.

Grand idea.  Great work of Conceptual Art.