Wake Up

Not For You

Frame from cartoon I am working on History of the World for Innocents

It helps me a good deal to make noise, strum the guitar when I get up and say a few things to forget the pain and maybe a nightmare or two.

Waking up is hard to do.

I do not want to have to leave the house. I will have to.
I have to soon.

NC is Not Conscious.
Did the voting start. Who can I vote against?
Well I ought go and write in Transcendian, as I am the Party. That is what you could do too, as a protest for the stupidities.

Okay, Police that support Law Enforcement against Prohibition, are the only police I’d support. Fucking drug war.

There Defense is taken care of.
Then what, Energy policy? Divide the Grid from the Roofs, and give the Grid to the Legacy producers and the roofs to the roofers.
A twisted little thought.

Make the Ports function and put a superhighway where one ought go.

Trains, put passenger cars on the freighters and make the freighters run on time.

Otherwise make the buses act like subways. .