What is Transcendia?

Because of my third eye boredom and bliss vision I determined that the best way to prevent Apocalyptic Riot or Nuclear War was to create an independent nation of Airports and Spaceports.

I have been working on figuring out how to do that without the typically necessary war and have determined that it is a bit impossible unless Disneyland becomes a member of The Security Council.

The other way of putting that is it is impossible unless a replacement of the war experience was made proactively like Saving Private Ryan, viagra order before any war to set the story. Obviously I think that movies are more powerful than commonly recognized.

The nation of Transcendia is based on the utility and civilization common to eternal Port Cities. Maritime Law is a law of long practice and I look to that set of laws internationally as functional to be used as a foundation to the Anarchy that Transcendia.

The relative weakness of Transcendia does require it to
found itself in precepts of Universally accepted laws from the canons of Maritime Law, apoplectic and International Law, and then operate internally by Consensus Codes.

Consensus Codes are essentially good manners and boil down to doing unto others as one would have done to you.

Victor Hugo struggled with the story of stolen bread.

The evil truth is that we do want to be blown up since the experience of death is something we do not necessarily want to know about.For instance I have always wanted to be hit by a meteor since I figure it would be pretty painless as far as thing go. It would also serve to make me appear special since few people are killed by meteors. Being
hit and killed by lightning is almost as good though it makes the point that there are no particularly special ways to die by now.

Since Port Cities live forever I believe that it is a good idea to make where you live a port if you want your children to have good finite lives.

That is why I have made up Transcendia as far as I have been able.The plan is to make enough money from a Transcendian War Movie to buy an airport, or some leases for airports in a network that is the most powerful airport network ever created.

DisneyLand is the only pure precedent for this, and it does not take itself seriously enough to apply for membership in the UN, though I recommend it to them.

Best- Russell Scott Day_

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