Revolt & Revolution in the US strategic Ordering

Twelve O'Clock High/Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort frame from watercolor story.


Working Class Corner/Letter Form, Even Burrough’s Cut Up form.  Time, time is short.

Notes/Camera Eye, Chorus, Notes:

We are lucky to be alive.  JFK and one of two or three other guys saved us from the Apocalyptic Riot, which at the time was simpler and just Atomic War.

JFK was assassinated by Richard Helms and James Angleton, the counter intelligence officer in the FBI, for the Joint Chiefs of Staff who JFK never believed capable of such a treasonous act.

LBJ & J. Edgar Hoover went along for reasons of their own.  The coup that followed maintained and expanded the war against the commies, both in and out of the US.  The pivotal prohibition of pot was more codified in law and propaganda and incentives created a blockhead class of special police.

As both sides of the Drug War danced together the techniques of constant surveillance and the destruction block by block of societal well being produced a society now dominated more and more by block heads and hopheads that set the baseline of nervouiosity and fear we get to share in the Retro states of the C.S.A. that enriches the private prison system, and piss processing industry.

Hedonism is illegal.

Nobody is any fun.  Ignorance is not bliss.

Fuck Southern States Rights, All bullshit to mask oppression.

Wow, Finance Bill, Banks get to take Drug Businesses Cash, but it isn’t legal?  Give me a fucking break!

……Notes, Revolution is one thing.  Revolt is first.  Revolt to cause the Revolution that sticks.  Big nation.  Who is in Charge?

President, War Dictator, Executive Orderer.  Gets kill power.  Fast Track for Corporation plans to advance wage slavery in collusion with elites.  Some get money, some get status, elites all laugh down on those they have narrowly educated, mind control is real.  Who owns the TV, owns the minds of the people.

Airport Bar TVs…  The UNTV is on your computer and is impossible to watch.  Go to Instagram:  “Syria is suffering.  Syria is suffering.  We must do something to stop the suffering.  Syria is suffering.”

While we are protected by the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Pacific Ocean on the other, we are still vulnerable and cannot sort out our government and make it work as it should in a vacuum.  If we want to effectively Revolt, and end up with a Revolution that is aimed at making the myth of America real, we have to do things in order and that means getting the military command and control structure to actually protect the nation during the Revolt and Revolution.

An Inventory of Generals, and assets is then required.  Often intelligence officers are called assets.  There is a formidable power structure that threatens the people of the US.  The National Guard will do as they are told and they have more and better weapons than the people.

The Front Businesses of the CIA & MI6, where does their money go?  What do they get to do with their profits.  They sell a lot of jet fuel.  Is American Airlines a CIA Front?  First in Haiti.  So goes Haiti goes the West.  Youtube is the best of UNTV.

They shot us and beat us during the Civil Rights and Viet Nam era and assassinated the leadership.  People like me got the message and withdrew and  tried to do less provocative things so we wouldn’t become targets.  I worked to strengthen the UN through Television.  I failed and now believe it is time to found another UN.  Let’s see if two will work since one hasn’t been doing what I would see as as good a job as we need to be done.

We in fact do need a Government of Governments to enforce a ban of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The population is too large as it is.  At the time the UN was founded there were only about half the people that there are now.  The organizations of the UN that exists are vital to world civilian operations.  Leave them in place and create a parallel UN with an army and secret services that fight all comers who would deploy and use nuclear weapons, or other weapons that would kill us all off before we become a Big Time Species.

We could achieve species immortality if we do things right now.

Far as the US and is, corrosion and corruption, the Liberal Elites like Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, and whatever friends they have that will work with us to set the stage for an effective revolt and revolution must open lines of communication with the Generals and those of the Armed Forces that must be convinced that they will best serve their honorable positions and uniforms and swears to, by making clear that there will be no disruption in command and control of the US Armed forces during the Revolt and Revolution.

They must agree to not take over and kill us.

The situation is this:  The US Currency is not very trustworthy because of the corrupt practices of the Corporations whose charters have been allowed to seem permanent and detached from the public good.

Corporate Inversions must be made illegal.  I want to see David Cay Johnston’s Tax Code.  I would commission him to design one for the Nation of Transcendia, if I sold more passports or and had profits from the VR scratch & sniff adventure love war movie to spend.

The Federal Drug War must be ended across the board without delay.  Hippies, Old Hippies, Old Hippies smoking pot wearing guns is a terrifying image isn’t it.  The Movie Quest is supposed to end in reality with shipping container passport offices at Washington & Colorado airports moving pot & hashish back and forth and into the rest of the nation legally or illegally using Falcon 50s, my favorite corporate jet.

Gerrymandering must be ended.

The principal of one man, one vote must be reinstated.  All “Best Practices” regarding voter registrations must be applied as understood from practices in other best operating democracies of the world.

Fuck the replicated voting rights bullshit of North Carolina that reuses the tactics of the 1898 ’99? Coup.

The C.S.A. was the first Stalinist State.  “My Past is your Future.”  -RSD

The misuse of States Rights which is code for oppression in all former C.S.A. states must be ended.

The only real legitimate roles of Government must be recognized as Defense and Education.

The US military & the US secret services must be brought to an accounting and inventory and properly deployed as it is now.  We are obviously in great danger due to unresolved economic warfare.  The fact is that the Saudis no longer want to give the US the power that it has had from the Petrodollar invention of Kissinger and Nixon and have turned the US method of econ war against us.

Better stop and take account and go on a realistic war footing while straightening up our affairs at home.

(Might have to send tanks into North Korea after their sub ports, telling China to stick it.  Adults don’t keep on using fighting words and throwing beer bottles without getting arrested or just beat up.)

Of course the US could bomb some places with bags of popcorn, yah know.  I do offer the Pro Active Civil Demonstration like that.  Happy balloonist clowns was unworkable.  Law of unintended consequences. When they shoot down the happy clowns throwing food and flowers to our enemies, we get to bomb them bad.  Of course don’t shoot at things and people you can’t see, is a gun use rule drones disguise.

Waking notes without further comments:  Mail- Communications, make secure.

Lie, a lie, I made comments.

Nothing here is going to work unless the Engineers make it work.  Remember always: Nothing works that you don’t believe in, and want to make work.

Scientists are depressed.  Engineers would be happier if set to work on the fun stuff.  So what if this universe gets cold and stops?  There is another one.  There is one with slow light as a constant, and another with fast light as a constant.  Periodic Tables change all the time.

List Real Enemies.

List Real Allies.

Food, Clothing, Shelter.

Institute rent controls.  Too much greed creates a need.

(Examine the Wall Street use of TARP money to collect more Deeds instead of aiding in the strengthening of vital US industry.)

John Commons thought capitalism was great except for its tendency to demand socialism because human nature is greedy, and needs a system to keep it human and not recreate the jungle laws.

Make universal food production systems that draw in all needs for food within the 50 mile circles that electric vehicles and horses could handle.  Build Urban Frame Farms as needed.  Apply the Energy law of renewables that starts with Solar, meaning Tall buildings downtown and shorter as moving away from the centers.

Build electric roads.  (What I mean here is that electric vehicles ought be able to use batteries to get to the electric road which from they may get power to run anywhere in the nation without the need to stop if the situation warrants uninterrupted travel.)

I am for making the infrastructure support the way Americans like to live, instead of making Americans conform to a new infrastructure that is all confused.

Public Government Responsibilities:   Defense & Education shall not be privatized and for profit.   The Commons shall not be free to be used by Private industry.

Co-ops shall have greater protections under our laws of business formation and creation than corporations which may have their charters revoked and be effectively kicked out of the nation if they are shown to be taking advantage of the nation and its people, and its structures, and its armed forces.

Who writes & signs the Checks?  Tell the Secretary of the Treasury to create a Treasury Insurance Company that gives everybody Whole Life Insurance from Birth.   (Insurodollar preview)

Civilian Authorities & Military Generals?   Secrets.

Nuke Submarines.  Swarms.

Bonds?   What Bond holders deserve to be paid, and which ones don’t?

The US Currency as the Reserve Currency of the World has effectively make the US the Government of Governments.  With the Collapse of the Petrodollar, while the US still holds this advantage, its Financial System just simply must be made into a Trustworthy system.  The drama of this is profound.  The Economists of the US Government with their models made up of phrases and based on prizes that make them fine little reputations have simply wrecked the system.  We desperately require a bunch of Financial Engineers going into the guts of it all and applying Best Practices that can be in short order announced before we see collapse which is likely to lead to a war of desperation.

My own little model nation, the one that has no army has been useful for out of it comes a useful and understandable currency within the system that changes the system only so much as to make it work for us, and not against us.

Insurodollar Summary

My Resolution Gift

“If you can’t even imagine a Utopia, you ought not call yourself a human being.”  -RSD

Current influences:  David Cay Johnston, David Willis for “Beatdom”, William Faulkner, always for Absolam,Absolam!, John C. Mearsheimer, Len Deighton, Blood Tears & FollyChris Hedges, Days of Revolt, Noam Chomsky “Who will listen?” correspondence Andre` Lewin, Points for Reinvention of the UN, March 15 NYTs 2003, correspondence, addition of UNTV under my name to his points. PIKETTY, (fuck spell check)   David Hume, James Jones, (Some Came Running, The Thin Red Line,)  John Dos Passos, The USA Trilogy,  Emanuel Litvinoff, Death out of Season,Blood on the Snow, the Face of Terror, Dan Sherman, The Prince of Berlin,, John Commons, Economist.  Naked Capitalism commentators & Yves Smith, The Bible by Season, the I Ching by question or to the Reading of the Day by spiritual season, Sam Harris, The End of Faith, John Loftin, The Big Picture?  Divinity, Duke, Attorney Hillsborough, NC.   Donald Barthome, Unspeakable Acts, Unnatural Practices) Phd. Astrophysics UNC-CH, Cambridge Laura Mersini Houghton


In My Skin, Sinking

Accounting & the US

Just my last poster.


Uploaded a jazz performance of the other day.  Intendors Tm #s played 15 & 10.

So I want to leap into the conversations about systems.  Then I go The Disadvantaged must go where there are the Advantaged, which is physically at the airport.

Of jobs I have had where riches and the people having them was simply all in your face and you can’t make it without the cash tips, which are a way of insult to the professional.  Things are supposed to be simple and go through accounting.  But you have to take the tips.  Have they wiped out cash yet?

Here in town I have thought that I would have thrived working at or for the airport, but it is too small and anti me personally nearly about too much to think about.  The world small.  It is so now for me that I really do need the airplane to go just to Roanoke fast enough to be home after my best hours are gone.  Would be maybe an hour to 45 minutes and total time back and forth manageable for me alone.

I am pretty fucking sick.  Like a hangover every fucking morning.  Only thing I can be grateful for is no headache.  Most uncomfortable in my own body physically for no apparent reason but it, the body.

Like hey, now you are the dying tree.  “Don’t talk to my friends.” my brother said.

IGX is open, and some have based there.  Saw a guy going to Beaufort, the other day with a three bladed Mooney.  I think they will do 240 knots cruise.  Sharing gas for private flights is the limit of it as the private licensed.  Was part 135 for that other air taxi operation I forget the name of.

My wife’s life is centered here, so we would have to have big draw and travel possible to be too far away for her.  My circle is only as wide as the internet world or my 3 mile orbits gone without Triple A, I forget as part of the Insurodollar model sometimes.

Still haven’t gotten the lyric of the Economics Song perfect,t hough last take was good to go.  Good enough to go.

Want Mac DeMarco to pick out something.  Maybe yeah, You Failed me Completely.  Elizabeth Dupree.  They are on the channel which takes a good part of my working day.  Then there are the Intendors.  I may have to use the real pick up for this last one.

Meantime back at the ranch.  Economics for the Insurodollar have to be best practices of the currency could fail.  How much Bonds can go?  I was happier as a man before I ever went into debt.  I was advised to go into debt when living with my first live together girlfriend who I still can’t quite really figure out how come she lived with me as long as she did.  Was one of those kill yourself breakups.  I prayed a lot to get through it.  Forgive me I have been forced to use the Lords Prayer as a Mantra.  It did change my poetry quite a lot.

Where it not for the I Ching and the Bible Readings together I would have to be a stone cold atheist.

I tell the disadvantaged to go physically to work where there are the most advantaged.  So you would put your Freelancers Labor Offices at the FBO side of the airport.

The Renewables from Hog Waste processes and the yam tuber made genetically exactly for fuel generation with high enough btus to blast through the skies was going well in NC before the recent era.  What I call an actively stupid era, kicked off by HB 819.  That one legalized broker lying selling beachfront property on the coasts of NC.

I had suggested Wing In Ground Effect Fast Ferries as opposed to rebuilding the bridges.  Bonner Bridge.

Covering the culture of the US Military shows they are themselves A Front business.  The unaccountability and tricks to give money to their friends for about anything, still using the shown to fail McNamara attempts at one size fits all, hypocrisy to the max over nuclear weaponry means that after the JFK murder & Coup, you effectively got an army that did what it wanted and was an enemy armed to suppress the will of the people since then.

The Defense.  Of course if I were to engineer a viable political and civil revolution there would be times of instability and that would mean Command and Control of Nuclear Weapons would have to be made known, while all other critical Defense of the people and the bordered nation would be most critical to turn in the proper direction instead of inwards on us which we know is the plan.

For Occupy to really win it would mean Seats in Parliament.  The Parliament Buildings would have to be occupied by representatives paid by the people to be there.   If all Institutions of the Government were to be made Accountable to the People & the National Interest of the people it would there not be enough till also the Critical Command and Control of the Armed Forces was made with the people and not the Corporations who have put public funds in their pockets unaccountably so long that they are convinced it will go on till all is worn out and starvation grips the land.

See Yah, we are fine here in New Zealand, except for the threats of Asians and or is not China a big, now territorially ambitious nation?

So you have to see the unaccountable made to believe in the nation as of them and for them, and decide what Chain of Command has Goals proper to the warrior, who loves the nation, loves his people, Goal, & Mission as a professional national instead of a mercenary.

Soldiers fight out of fear and warriors fight out of love.  I noted the increasing use of the warrior description of the US Armed Army man, from knowing the difference.  What do you really have when you have an all volunteer Army but a mercenary force come to work at the bidding of the oil corporations?  Say it had turned out differently?  I am looking at the evidence.

Was my brain in Canada a brain drain on the US enough that they wanted to keep me?  What about the Carter pardons?  I was invited to his Inaugural and went and you can see the documentary movie on youtube.  I really don’t know how that movie got there exactly.  I though I had it.

Did Carter’s CIA sell Afghani Hashish in the US to finance the war with the Russians before Congress voted funds as the movie is about.  Finest view of Julia Roberts ever.  They don’t tell you everything in the movies.  Carter’s Library won’t answer me.  I was dropped after the election.

Wrote Bezos a few times.  I go on record predicting Musk and Branson and Bezos all build or have launch pads in equatorial regions since there is the dead not moving much air.  Go there for barge landings, about where the space elevators were to go of Ecuador.  Musk got the Falcon X down because the air wasn’t moving so much.  Wind is a thing.

If JCs of Staff Killed Kennedy It Follows

It follows the assassination and coup of the Joint Chiefs of staff when preventing extreme peace with Russia, the USSR being engineered by John F. Kennedy, that subsequent governance was adversarial regarding the people and the Armed Forces, and they became enemies of the people.

We have had two if not three governments running our lives for a long time.

For convenience sake I can speak of the enemy relationship between the people of Woodstock Nation and Law Enforcement cued by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.

Poor people and hippies were not so much into private property as the masters.  There exists the real fear that private property will be expropriated.  Chinese money was flooding the Wall Street banks in search of safety from expropriation after getting it.  Communism being the official governing system where private property doesn’t exist.

Northern wage slavery shared by the working classes was preferable if one could eat.  They moved to Chicago.  The ones that stayed had a garden and would not go hungry if they stayed out of the way, they might be safe.

NC had the coup.  Their Coup.  They took over the state and had many public buildings named after them.  US literacy fell after WWI.

Manipulation of the papers was common.  Du Pont bought papers, foreign language papers specifically intended for their workers.  Workers were educated on the American Way that way.

I thought I knew something about motive and opportunity and crime and had done detective work that had a real paid off.  My experience was that evidence was everything.  There have been Commissions.  And Carter left the Freedom of Information Act.

There are still secrets.  They even hide in the open since it is hard to remember their Acronyms.  I can’t really remember the name of the Commission that one writer had been on that produced another of the two main books about the assignation and coup carried out by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Richard Helms & James Angleton.  These people were either full blown psychopaths or within the Institutions at the top, they would and did do anything since their power was very very great.

The people of the US do not even get any real accounting of money that disappears into the Military Complex.  It would make some sense for the Secret Services to have independent funds from their Fronts, but is the whole edifice deserving of this hubris and these machinations?

The title of my last Art Show was “Balance”.

Overall I live in fear at a low level to high all the time.  Living in Not Conscious now really makes it all worse.  I have written a lot of questions which get bad answers.



Accounting & the US

Science Fiction Memories & My Driving Song

Tent People of the Park

Anarchist in the East Village

The guy with my megaphone got captured by the police and arrested.  I never got my megaphone  back.  I did finally replace it.  I have one on the mantle above the fireplace.  I have equipment.

Last time I did LSD was in something like 1975.  I had a book.  I had just read John Creasy’s 15 Battles that Changed the World, and was inspired by the Democratic conduct of the Generals of Athens at the Battle of Marathon.  I knew a guy who always had Wednesday night for himself even though he was living with a girl.  I think I did some acid with him. I think he gave me the acid. He was the guy that lent me the book.  I did what I hate, and never remember giving it back to him.

The freakout of the last time in Toronto of where I knew the world as a police state and there was a secret I had figured out about the telephones related to the finite number that there was of these telephones enabled the Police State, that Ghost government to have complete control meant I had to be careful, came rushing back same as it had left off.

I had not planned well.  I knew what to do.  All was fixed the way it was and wasn’t going to change.  I had gone far enough.  I hijacked a guy in his car and got him to drive me back downtown.  I was forceful and rude.  He lives with a story to tell.  I apologized.

Too bad, things stopped being fun.  Best of times and worst of times.  Best of times worst of times.  Go to the best place.  Go to the beach.  I need it to be dry now for my bones.  I need to look at the sea.

Spent a day stacking cinderblocks.  Then there was the time in the meat freezer.  Couple of times in the meat freezers.  Butchers take that stuff serious.  Just cut that rotten part off.  Cook the freezer burned pork chops with lots of garlic and peppers.  Don’t come right.  Meat.  Baloney.  Falls off the dock.  Eat it in big hunks later in the trailer.  Thing there like a wrecked boat.  Trailer parks.  Rent world.  Rent world.

Hey baby want to take a ride with me?

Go out in the CounTry?  Let the engine run, An the wheels go round.

Roll me a Mexican joint from the plastic box.  Talk to me.  Nothing on the Radio but Sunday.

Find a creek.  Look at the water.  Get run off by an angry man with a long shotgun.  Want to take a ride with me?  In the night.  I drive to fast, your tears will run.  I’ll stop the fun.  Story to tell.  Go to hell.

We never needed China, but they needed us.  You fucking Communist.  We never needed China, but they needed us.  You fucking Communist.  Stop writing anything true.  What do they do?

Yeah Foxcomm.  I heard they jump.  Put nets around the building.  We blow our heads off in the bathroom to keep it neat.  Wally got a motorcycle.  Put his girl on the back.  Hit a truck so hard they went right through the big side panel stuck in time.


Driving Song, sort of.

Concrete is the Roman way.  Build a Coliseum.  Walls go high.  Round they go.  Round they go.  Spears and bullets fly.  I’m not your guy.

Want to take a ride with me.  What you think we’ll see.  Just see some counTry Tree.  Contrree Con Tree Con T Ree see that Con Tree Are E.  Want to take a ride with me.  This is our Hiss Tor E!  Want to take a Ride With Me.  I got a Mem Or EE.  Give me your ComPan EE!  Want to Take a Ride With me.

We never needed China before?  New money got made.  They are buying Gold.  Keynes said it was BarBarEee.  What’s that mean to me?   It’s in the DNA or our HISS Tor EE.

Steel is Real, and Wood Burns.  Firemen love to burn a house.  Firemen love to burn a house.  Some guy likes to blow up the Power station, and call it in.  People are fucking Crazy.  Block Heads and Hop Heads run the streets.

Want to take a ride with me?   Let the engine run, and the wheels go round?

Faster Faster Faster now.  Faster Faster Faster Now.  Want to take a ride with me?

Let the heat roll over me.  Concussion lifts the heart.  Ears pop and bones tremble.  Wow.  Wow.  Gears and the motor is a break down the long tall dark hills in the night.  Some where in Connecticut.  Want to take a ride with me.  I’m a driver.  I’m now just a survivor.  I got MeM Or Eee.  The future is not mine.


After the future:  The World Came together to give all everything they needed by building the complete distribution network for the things.  Food, Clothing & Shelter.  Food was distributed around the world wherever there were people there were supermarkets.  If they were not connected by roads they were connected by rail or by air and air connected, with the hybrid airships if that is the way they had to be.

Food is first.  Food was airdropped from any height.  If all that could be done was above the missiles or below the missiles the United Nations, Government, The Government of Governments was charged with delivering food bought and paid for from the money of its Central Bank Insurance Company, and Insurance was meant to mean insuring the peace.  War for peace if it had to be that the end the threat of nuclear annihilation of anybody.  Ignorance of the future was not allowed.  Ignorance was not allowed.  Food is number one.  Hand in hand Education.  World Education.  My nation of Airports Transcendia is allowed to grow.  Military bases become mine, my supermarkets growing and distributing food.  Food, Food, Food.  Food for all there are starting now.  You can drop bags of popcorn if nothing else.  If you are so strong prove it with food first.  War goes like this.  Food bombs first.  I have to admit I am thinking of civilians being starved by Assad and the Russians.  Richest Strongest and more fucking bombs because the war profiteers are allowed to do it that way.


Proactive Civil Demonstration.  Food Bombs first.

Too corny aye.  Not glamorous aye.  Fuck it.  I don’t care.  There were rules of war, and there are rules of war.  Starving Civilians isn’t right.  The Government of Governments has an Army to stop it.  Do it differently.

War by threat of nuke works, well that worked but doesn’t, isn’t going to work forever.  Face it.  There are the warriors who are destined to fight you know.  Battlefield boys they are.  War, okay buddy lets do it for the right reasons at the least.  OK, OK, I’m Sold On War, I want some MOrre give it to me ON the TV,  Show me all War, all the Time Close up on them body parts, and the blood in the ground.  I’ll call it mine.  All the time.  WAR, War More and more, here there and everywhere.  Disease and distrust we Must!  Give it to us.  Why not now?

What, you think you want to wait to see how the Election Goes?   You know it just means war, somewhere, far from the fucking Home Land.  We didn’t used to need China.  Look at their ally.  They are scared it, will be De Stabli IZED.   They carry it all the way to the core of it all with their spies spying on everybody all the time.  Stalin would be proud.  J. Edgar Hoover.  Are You a Goddamned Communist?  Corporation Communism has worked out well.  How the hell is Face Book going to work in China?  Their is nothing to sell when there is no Free Content you know.  OK Facebook could sell war stuff.  Facebook could be a weapons marketplace in China.  China needs to sell the US McNamara’s planes.


When I was writing Transcendia War Commentary I wrote about how you use the I Ching and the Bible together.  Because I have invented since Transcend-O-Ray Tm with Craig Hefner Transcendia since 1980, they think I’m real, thought I was real, and anyway my spiritual practice, scholarly, I mean you could do it in a church and collect money.   Well I got mail from China trying to sell me old China airport Fuel Trucks and stuff like that.  There in the news it was that the Chinese Government thought they needed to cut off the access of the Chinese to all the Free Speech thinking about individual rights, and their Government hacked the doors to perception closed.  I was blocked in China. Pisses me off.

Engineers know there are too many people for the systems to run smoothly.  “Best Practices”.  Government has the obligation to employ “Best Practices” which are delightful to the problem solving mind.  I cut to the chase with the Insurodollar.  We either value human beings or we value oil.  Oil is not the best energy source.  We are in the death throes of the 100 Years Oil War.   While it is true that the Sun does not strike all territories equally, it sure does hit lots of places quite a lot.  Distribution.

DC, there is a North and a South to DC.

Too Many People?  Not necessarily.  The goal is to Save the Planet for some people, which means cleaning up a great deal of plastic in the Oceans.  Printing money on the basis of Human Capital as represented by the Insurance actuary tables changes the paradigm.  May as well look at it from a Labor, lots of labor available for the better systems.  Best Practices.

Please think Positively.

Tragedy is living your life according to the worst ideals, and that sort of thing, well, Slavery?  Slavery is bad in my world.  When people are educated and have gained useful skills, then they find their destinies.

I do not anymore like the Clintons, and see more war if they are elected.

I read The Tragedy of Great Power Politics.  It calls on nations to get their own nuclear weapons because otherwise they, as was proven when the Ukraine gave up theirs, they will be vulnerable.  That is certain as long as there is no Government of Governments.  Andre` Lewin, with whom I corresponded wrote out what a Reinvented UN, as a Government of Governments would have in order to not so much keep the peace, in our world all war all the time is the reality, but at least move in the right direction.  I cannot but see that if all nations do follow his advice, the Apocalyptic Riot will be ensured.  If all nations get the Bomb, somebody will use them.  I don’t like that idea.





I’m rewriting for paperback the book The Revolutionary, which was originally Homeless Dog.  I am at a sex scene.  It is about really love and sex, and passion.  It is hard to write this stuff for me.  You will never be good at sex with everyone.  Some people don’t fit.  Some people don’t really even turn you on.

“What’s the most attractive thing about a woman?”


What you really want is the shameless and unrepentant.  Selfishness helps.  Of course you will never measure up very well no matter how great you are with the great fucks.  Better to just see it for what it is and take it for what it is and be sure and use birth control.

Anyway that’s the way I feel about it now, looking back on it all.  I told my daughter that just because you think you are someone’s soul mate, doesn’t mean they feel the same way about you.

Commitment, well you are either committed or you aren’t.

There are women who come from different worlds.  They have different expectations depending on what part of the country they grew up in.  Out midwest they seem to have a better sense of what the game is about.  Out there in the midwest they seem to have some sense of the partnership it is about.

Everybody needs somebody.

I really really loved a woman when I was in my early twenties.  I really really wanted to make her feel good.

She felt good.  I went down on her a lot.  I wanted to get her hot and stick it in her.   I somehow had caught up with the fact that a woman’s clit is really sensitive and when they use words like eat her out and stuff like that, it isn’t quite descriptive of what you really want to be doing.  You want to play with her clit with your tongue, flicking at it, like, see.

Ask her what she wants.  That might help you, you dumbass.

Finally after about a year and a half I gave her a snapper.  I mean I liked doing it with her a lot.

Have you ever heard of “The Snapper.” Not a lot of women have a snapper.  How you do that is this:  The best way I found was she fingers herself while you are in her from behind.  She has to help herself along see.  You are lucky if you have a reasonable sized unit, cock.

Some people get small stuff to work with.  Some women never come to orgasm no matter what you do.  They still like doing it.  I knew one woman who loved doing it and was inspiring, pheromones or something. She never orgasmed.

That other one, I’d eat her and then roll her over, and then get going with a good rhythm while she fingered herself and then she would come and I could feel rigidity and what, juiciness in there and she would cum hard and it would grasp tight around my cock and keep snapping at multiple organisms.

I’m pretty proud of that.  I’m sure others later on really enjoyed her.

Tactical Nuclear Weapons as Doctrine/RSD


Transcendia Tm, Transcendian,Tm, Transcendian on Youtube, Transcendian on Twitter Transcendian where from banned on CR4, was database driven hybrid website and can be found easiest via Internet Archives.  I read a lot of Naked Capitalism.  The Insurodollar gives Labor leverage with capital and looks even better than ever with oil down.  All things on my websites are my property (c) Russell Scott Day.   I make marks as advised by an attorney.

Military Doctrines and Lies and stupidities in a wash over the mental landscape and battlefield are mixed with My Past IS your Future.  In the case of Pakistani new love for Tactical Nuclear Weapons the idea of success is ridiculous if they fight that way with any enemies that would invade them.

US and World interest in keeping the Oil Basket from becoming radioactive as a work environment and product ought be high enough to let War by Threat hold between NATO and Russia and Syria for long enough to Proxy the hell out of ISIS.

3 Years of Economic Warfare with the Reserve Currency of the World, and they can’t win.  In Fact The US is At the Height of all Possible Powers.

Even the M1 A1 Abrams tank is superior or equal at the least to any tank in the world today.   Poland got 250 German Leopards that will do right well in the European theater of the Ukraine.  I’d rather that be settled with money.

I’ve got so I only want the UN to enforce the Rules of War.  With all this great military equipment you would think they can afford to leave civilians out of it.  WWI was ugly on the Russian Front.

Marathon’s contest on the beach with the Persians works better for me.  War is dependent still on port control.  Whatever happened to “Open City”?

It is almost as if we have gone backwards past even before the UN when it was all just International Law.  Even with a Dictator of the World we will have wars if you have to call them all Civil Wars.   So enforcement of a bit of humanity in the conduct of war means eliminating genocide on the territorial DisFated.  Those just dependent on protection by their armies.

With all the Solder Professionals and corporatization we need to know the benefits of this for us who are dependent on smart defense, or in engineering parlance:   “Best Practices”

Would I endorse killing to eliminate all possibilities of battlefield use of nuclear weapons?   I have to as working class endorse war to eliminate the threat to us that War by Threat will reach its limits before very long indeed.

The Apocalyptic Riot will follow fast from the genie really unleashed upon us, and the Mental Landscape is rife with warnings.  As Humans we have the capacity to know what we need to know when we need to know it.

If you have the time, and some money you could buy a Transcendian Passport, or something else I made, and push me forwards as important to listen to.  I hate it that I must gain the Currency of Fame, but I do.

We are close enough to Apocalyptic Riot with the threat of a Saudi led invasion of Syria.  The whole area roils as the price of oil, part of the economic war buttons that is pushed on hard, and out of control of the US to affect right now.

Government of Government?   No where but the UN in its weak form.  And what we hear from Ban Ki Moon, what does it really do to help us out of this threat, a big threat, while the TV Land Contests go on showing on the best of the channels hours of Trump.

I’d rather be watching a contest for the leader of the world right now.Wealth & Economics Starts In the Fields-2

Switched or straight gain & tone.

Guitar wiring learnings.


We Are In It Together copy

I feel stupid on one hand, but get the problem on the other.  Just because you tell someone to go to the internet and Wallah their problem will be solved, don’t think you’ve done much.  Certainly in my case with this problem i’ve been having trying to get this guitar to work I never could get much from looking at the insides of my others or taken the learning from the others I’d built to this guitar with it’s switch.

So then the thing you do is wire to the witch with the hots or norths however you want to call them.  The stuff I read kept going to the gains.  I haven’t got it fixed yet. It will be before tomorrow.  Tomorrow there will be an update.  For others I think though that for many thing at least give someone something you learned as a likely slip up divided into to good chunks.

Checklists are used by pilots for planes that can fly themselves.  For the AI people we want good checklists for the robots and thinking machines they imagine.  Aviation Systems tend to be superior.   I see little to hope for if the voice of the robots that attempt to do phone calls from Amazon driven algorithms.

The problem I read of was that for the computer controlled grid there was a terrible need for humans as safeties were cyberwarriors get through to the balance of the grid they could blow the transformers one after the other.  The dams can be breached.   Of course you can understand it better if you have a set laid out from a Genny and you have legs to balance.

If it isn’t grounded right you can get a floating neutral go hot.  AC flows.  AC is mean.   DC along under my fingers doesn’t get me.  I get a volt. off 9, oh, yeah, asbestos wiring insulation.  I’ve seen that stufff plenty.  Don’t let it ever get wet.  Ground and arcs and AC and DC high voltages, all that stuff will kill you.

Efficiency and safety must be the same things in a flow for balance.

My Transcendian International Party

I have a platform.  I have an agenda.  The prevention of the apocalyptic riot is a serious goal you ought be already joined up to help me achieve.  “You make as many enemies doing the right thing, as you do doing the wrong thing, so why not do the right thing?”  Machiavelli

The plan, the eventual goal, is a nation of airports all under my flag, of course aimed at becoming a nation of spaceports, but first a nation, government, not of governments, but in all governments.

My plan to fund this grand end of the model nation Transcendia, a Grand work of conceptual art was never based on begging.  I loved making movies.  Now I could make a 3D Virtual Reality Scratch and Sniff War Movie, followed up by a game, that would make enough money to buy the airport leases I need.

I wanted to start with book sales.  I wrote some books.  I put them on Amazon.  I wrote the Passport, and put it on Amazon.  If Social Media is so great at bringing together people, and motivating them, I sure haven’t seen it.  Moving forward, well I now offer the CD Beatniks & Spiders.  Profits from these things, well I’d use them wisely.  I need to travel.  I need to meet some people.  I need to spend some time in NYC and LA.  I need to spend some time in Washington DC, and Paris.

It was the addition to the Passport of the Insurodollar that completed them.  Human capital, I’m putting the the human in capitalism there.  I’ve got simple plans.  Insurance company treasury is one.  I am a creative economist.  I have talked about it on Transcendian, my youtube channel.  It seems complicated to a lot of people.  I don’t know what their problem is.

I build on strengths.


Dream of Nike`

I was visiting.

There was a mother?

Nike` was close.  Her face was close to mine.

I was in-between these two women.  My hand was not where it ought be.

Well it was a pleasant dream, I have to say.

They drift away.  All you, or I remember one, or two details.

Feelings, sensory.

I still see her in my dreams from time to time.

“Just because you think someone is your soulmate, doesn’t mean they think you are theirs.”

Listless and drifting suicideally, and when did I start to get over it?

Up their in the air, trying to keep my balance with three stories down the little of cinderblocks and construction trash.

Fear, took ahold of me.  I steeled myself to put the rafters together.

The boss, who could walk the top plates unconcerned, probably laughed to himself.  Mike, Mike Walker.  I picked up after him too.

It is something I do.

Clean up after the boss.

Posters & Pop Scatter shot

Artists as Civilizers not valued

Alone I fight.

How about Drafting Refugees IntoThe UN Army?


If you click on the posters they get bigger.  Least ways they did for me.

Hum, Well, I was up for the civilian seat on the Airport Authority and by myself when I am working at things to affect my lack of ability to pay bills so collectors don’t call the turnip as job security jobs created jobs, important jobs as collectors making the phone a monster then never to be answered an evil intruder wired to the house that is best cut the fuck off. Well this last thing was attempted. I want to be a gentleman, really I do. I can’t afford to be beaten. I’ll leave nothing for my family if I am beaten. Why do I have to accept injustice?

“We are not here to figure out how not to do it.” Easy for them to figure out how not to do it. Spending other peoples money is their job. Saying fuck you, shut the fuck up. Die will you. Not Conscious. Fine.

I’ll get on that for yah.


Bowie said on the radio show I heard that he felt like the worst thing he ever did was reveal he was bisexual. He got hurt for it. Down in Florida the mechanics got to call Mick Jagger a fucking queer. Well you know Mick and Bowie will leave money for their families pretty good.

Far as all the young men escaping war work for Assad supported by Putin, what about the women abandoned? Andre` Lewin said the UN needed an army. What about these draft dodgers. Why not make them work for the UN army? Send them back armed behind tanks. The US, how come it is so willing to do all the bloodletting? The Pakistanis, they are in the Peace Keeping forces. What do they do? You know the way it ought be is that if the UN means it when they call a leader a war criminal, it means the army goes in, or some covert guys with skills get dropped in, and they stop the guy from continuing on with their “policies”.

Do we really want Ban Ki Moon running the world? Not likely really. “We strongly condemn this war crime.” Maybe we will do something about it. If we are allowed by the Security Council permanent members, one of which has a veto, and is colluding with the war criminal. Two of the allies, one a NATO member kills US allies as represented by the Kurds who have been repeatedly betrayed, and become more and more corrupt. Milo Minderbinder.

Catch 22. was a great novel.

Really it is just the Posters to look at for you. Incomplete thinking going on. I must turn to the Intendor #10. Check out my TV channel on youtube Transcendian. I’ll finish the thought, or not.