My Transcendian International Party

I have a platform.  I have an agenda.  The prevention of the apocalyptic riot is a serious goal you ought be already joined up to help me achieve.  “You make as many enemies doing the right thing, as you do doing the wrong thing, so why not do the right thing?”  Machiavelli

The plan, the eventual goal, is a nation of airports all under my flag, of course aimed at becoming a nation of spaceports, but first a nation, government, not of governments, but in all governments.

My plan to fund this grand end of the model nation Transcendia, a Grand work of conceptual art was never based on begging.  I loved making movies.  Now I could make a 3D Virtual Reality Scratch and Sniff War Movie, followed up by a game, that would make enough money to buy the airport leases I need.

I wanted to start with book sales.  I wrote some books.  I put them on Amazon.  I wrote the Passport, and put it on Amazon.  If Social Media is so great at bringing together people, and motivating them, I sure haven’t seen it.  Moving forward, well I now offer the CD Beatniks & Spiders.  Profits from these things, well I’d use them wisely.  I need to travel.  I need to meet some people.  I need to spend some time in NYC and LA.  I need to spend some time in Washington DC, and Paris.

It was the addition to the Passport of the Insurodollar that completed them.  Human capital, I’m putting the the human in capitalism there.  I’ve got simple plans.  Insurance company treasury is one.  I am a creative economist.  I have talked about it on Transcendian, my youtube channel.  It seems complicated to a lot of people.  I don’t know what their problem is.

I build on strengths.


Dream of Nike`

I was visiting.

There was a mother?

Nike` was close.  Her face was close to mine.

I was in-between these two women.  My hand was not where it ought be.

Well it was a pleasant dream, I have to say.

They drift away.  All you, or I remember one, or two details.

Feelings, sensory.

I still see her in my dreams from time to time.

“Just because you think someone is your soulmate, doesn’t mean they think you are theirs.”

Listless and drifting suicideally, and when did I start to get over it?

Up their in the air, trying to keep my balance with three stories down the little of cinderblocks and construction trash.

Fear, took ahold of me.  I steeled myself to put the rafters together.

The boss, who could walk the top plates unconcerned, probably laughed to himself.  Mike, Mike Walker.  I picked up after him too.

It is something I do.

Clean up after the boss.

Posters & Pop Scatter shot

Artists as Civilizers not valued

Alone I fight.

How about Drafting Refugees IntoThe UN Army?


If you click on the posters they get bigger.  Least ways they did for me.

Hum, Well, I was up for the civilian seat on the Airport Authority and by myself when I am working at things to affect my lack of ability to pay bills so collectors don’t call the turnip as job security jobs created jobs, important jobs as collectors making the phone a monster then never to be answered an evil intruder wired to the house that is best cut the fuck off. Well this last thing was attempted. I want to be a gentleman, really I do. I can’t afford to be beaten. I’ll leave nothing for my family if I am beaten. Why do I have to accept injustice?

“We are not here to figure out how not to do it.” Easy for them to figure out how not to do it. Spending other peoples money is their job. Saying fuck you, shut the fuck up. Die will you. Not Conscious. Fine.

I’ll get on that for yah.


Bowie said on the radio show I heard that he felt like the worst thing he ever did was reveal he was bisexual. He got hurt for it. Down in Florida the mechanics got to call Mick Jagger a fucking queer. Well you know Mick and Bowie will leave money for their families pretty good.

Far as all the young men escaping war work for Assad supported by Putin, what about the women abandoned? Andre` Lewin said the UN needed an army. What about these draft dodgers. Why not make them work for the UN army? Send them back armed behind tanks. The US, how come it is so willing to do all the bloodletting? The Pakistanis, they are in the Peace Keeping forces. What do they do? You know the way it ought be is that if the UN means it when they call a leader a war criminal, it means the army goes in, or some covert guys with skills get dropped in, and they stop the guy from continuing on with their “policies”.

Do we really want Ban Ki Moon running the world? Not likely really. “We strongly condemn this war crime.” Maybe we will do something about it. If we are allowed by the Security Council permanent members, one of which has a veto, and is colluding with the war criminal. Two of the allies, one a NATO member kills US allies as represented by the Kurds who have been repeatedly betrayed, and become more and more corrupt. Milo Minderbinder.

Catch 22. was a great novel.

Really it is just the Posters to look at for you. Incomplete thinking going on. I must turn to the Intendor #10. Check out my TV channel on youtube Transcendian. I’ll finish the thought, or not.

State of Transcendian Theory

Outdoor Cats CD Imprint (1)

Transcendia of course is built for people like myself. They then do not necessarily exist. I have been a willing worker, willing to do what was in front of me to do. I am now reduced to a full time artist. I was trained in Rochester, NY as an audio visual technician. My father wanted me to be a writer. I know this because I asked him to help me become a pilot. “We are too poor for that.” Then he bought me piano lessons.
I was writing and even wrote poetry by the time I was in high school. In Junior High my teachers threw my stories out. They said they were too violent? Something. Two of them drove me around in Greensboro the night Martin Luther King was killed.

Schooling for me had been hell in Elon College. I’ve written about it. I was attacked as a Yankee from the Second Grade on. When it came time for me to go to high school at the high school all these people were going to go to, who had tormented and attacked me and I had had to fight with for myself, and for my brother and sisters, I simply walked to the next school district.

I went to the end of the bus line and got on the bus and went to school with strangers. All of a sudden I was popular. It was better for me to be popular. I was tired of fighting.

Yeah, it was the 9th Grade teachers that read my English stories. Repeatedly in my academic life teachers have simply destroyed my work. I don’t know why I put up with it at all. Oh yeah, then they took an interest in me. That was the blonde and her brunette friend drove me around Greensboro during an unrest. My father by then was working at A&T, the traditionally Black University.

His story of that night is depressing. He was crawling around in the bushes as he had done on battlefields in France and Germany. There were National Guard machine gunners on the tops of the campus buildings ready to kill Black people.

My family had become divorced. My father had a life long interest in helping Black people as he was a bisexual. It has been common in the Black Churches to look down on gays. My father was betrayed repeatedly during his life. I got the idea from my mother I didn’t need him, we didn’t need him. I got the idea I shouldn’t love him, or want to be like him.

He taught me about how to be an actor. He taught me how to talk. It is fucked up to attempt not to love your father for a boy. I’ve been a good man. I was a mean son in a lot of respects. I am so sorry I wasn’t there for him as he was dying. You have no idea. I am crying now as I write. My throat is constricted.

I can hold onto what he said about my humor. “I’ve never liked your sense of humor, it always has to mean something.” My answer was then, “So what, you don’t have one.”

I think he liked slapstick. Okay, I told Mom she could base the divorce on lack of good humor. Okay. Has to be some good reason.

Regardless of these things, it was the Boy Scouts that saved me. We had all become Episcopalians, as we were. That was Mom’s life long religion. Upper crust she was. He came from the working classes being the first in his family to go to college. He was more grounded and serious than my mother.

In Greensboro, where we moved, I made friends with an outsider. We listened to Frank Zappa. He said go to the library. Jim Morrison recited Lizard stories and all was generation gap. The war made a difference. His brother was a returned Vet. He told us about it. I’d had letters telling me never to go, from the guys there from when I was in the 9th Grade. It was lost and lies from the beginning.

Failed Morality and Wasted Courage, the story of America my whole life. Generation Gap, and nobody sees us still as adults. I am the old man now. I do know what I am talking about. Cut the crap. Nobody dies from pot. You just want to take property from us. You don’t want us to make a living our way, with our crop.

I was sent to Chicago for threatening to drop out. There I got scholarships about the writing. I was led to believe I’d get something for it.

I went to Rochdale College Toronto eventually. My mentors failed or abandoned me. My ethics nearly got me killed. My number came up high and I could return, no problem.

I had come to love sometime along the way, cameras, filmmaking.
They wouldn’t give me a writing job at the big newspaper later. I was a Circulation Manager. I could drive like a race car driver because of the Boy Scout leaders I had from NASCAR. Later I heard my Scout Master killed himself in his Z28. I got fired from the Circulation Manager job.
I had been a reporter photographer in Honeyoye Falls.
Things are out of order.

The point being OK, I worked at jobs that were what I could get in the South, and in the North. I was not ever unethical. I was not a thief or barbarian. My twenties, those years of youth and strength and passion went fast. “No Shame in Honest Work.” Mom had said.

“Your Grandfather never had a degree as an engineer. He was making 50 thousand a year as a VP for Revere Cooking Ware, and as an Efficiency Expert during the Depression. He was the Design Team Chief for the team that made the Norden Bomb Sight used for high altitude bombing from B-17s in WWII.”

He was a bad example for me. I got the idea of meritocratic rise, and when after 9 years of Aviation Ground Services on three different airports, I ended up fired by Piedmont for something I did not do. I ended up in NYC working on commercials, music videos, and independent features.

“Mint Julep” is as high as I got up that ladder.
It looks good.

What I shot was shot in 1994. It was released as a feature in 2010. I had suffered the failure of my lighting and grip truck business because of a producers lockout that damaged many others who of the smart ones moved from NY to LA.

Having family and a place to stay in NC, which I now call Not Conscious, after a lonely impoverished year in FLL, working though a nearly exploded disc I had returned to NC, and got that feature job as the Director of Photography. You can see it, how good I was with the camera.

The other good job was with Industrial Light and Magic, far as filmmaking jobs. Worked second Unit Gaffer on He Got Game the whole 4 days it shot in Not Conscious. How about that. 4 days. Only one got the whole four days.

When I worked with the Local 574, on my acquired Local 491 card, nothing went to my pension and welfare. Stagehand work, well I could do it as a movie electrician. Pay was half my film rate. Film jobs went away by the turn of the century in NC.

If you were from LA, where all the money and jobs were, the culture different, you didn’t work in NC unless you couldn’t get other work. NYC and Wilmington are two different places as well. Wilmington to my experience as a year actually with a place to live there in a room was discovered to be a racist xenophobic place. An Episcopalian isn’t really their kind of Christian.

NC is not that welcoming a place to the creative classes. Only place in all my travels I though I could get shot in the back of the head was in Wilmington. The grocery store was robbed near closing on a Saturday night while I tried to get some coffee and bacon. I cooked over a fire in the backyard. I was burning anthracite coal in the fireplace. I got around on a motorcycle that was on its second engine.

Finally I ended up giving up and got work as a carpenter in Chapel Hill.
Thinking of Jack Kerouac with his mother in what, Rocky Mount, I’d rewritten manuscripts I started when I wanted to be a novelist. The book out as an ebook, and an audiobook, now called The Revolutionary is one of them.
From that book I learned that anarchy leads to isolation and despair.

On the floor of the Coliseum in Greensboro a guy pointed at the Mexicans cleaning up the place, up there walking through the hard aisles of seats, a guy asked me what I had to say to them, something, he asked me, and I said, “My past is your future.”

I’d been an immigrant, illegal, Canada, poor, even ignorant about some important things.

I’d had so many jobs, been independent non union, and union, that when Alan Greenspan that US workers needed to be retrained I vowed to be come an economist.

All along since 1978 I had been working to create Transcendia, the Company, Country, and Work of Art.

I had been invited to Carter’s Inauguration, there is a movie of it on the web. The Common Fool’s Trip to the Inauguration is the formal title. Zelig is one of Woody Allen’s movies I appreciate. I had gotten let down by the Carter Administration.

My inspiration was to found a nation of airports that became a nation of spaceports, eventually. I had become convinced that the US was past the point of no return, far as there being any hope of reform of it.

People like me, are versatile, ethical, hardworking, dangerous people. Just being someone who liked to smoke pot puts us outside of the mainstream workforce. We aren’t even really counted since they started piss testing everybody.

I was going to declare pot legal on all our Transcendian airports, and run the nation from the taxes on the transactions.

My wife and her family, first wife, divorced me for this. I said, “So what if we can’t make it work, we’ll still have a lot of good land.”

They had known about it before I got married, but had plans for me to become a NY Life Insurance Broker. I didn’t know of their plans till the day after I was married. I did learn a lot about NY Life Whole Life Insurance Policies.

I had one for awhile.

Hence it was that when inventing Transcendia and in need of a currency, I invented the Insurodollar. I’ve explained it till I’m blue in the face.

Go look at me on Transcendian on youtube. Buy a Transcendia, or Transcendian Passport.

This is serious work.

Sure enough I want to make a nation versatile well read willing people will want to defend. I want them to want to be a citizen of the airport nation. They will have flight privileges like I had when working for Piedmont.

So really Immigration to my nation is very desirable. When I was wanted to fight in Viet Nam, I nearly became a Canadian. There was the corruption of the independent nation Rochdale that really put an end to that thought.

You can read about why I think the way I do, in Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter.

I’m still a citizen of the US. I hate the Beats for their involvement in the mobster world of heroin. I am a morphine addict now, on three time release pills a day. I have a chronic painful disease. I have two replaced hips, two plastic cornea, a bridge of titanium in my neck to keep me from being paralyzed. I am a spastic without Tazanadine. It could be replaced by hash oil, hashish if it was legal.
There is no cartilage in my right shoulder. I go into the hospital tomorrow for another operation. It is just a hernia operation. There is a fifteen percent chance my dick won’t work afterwards. It doesn’t work so great as it is now.

For the ten years when again I was working at carpentry, with the best renovations crew in town I tried to make UNTV a real TV Channel you would want to watch for the truth about international conditions, threats of war, ways to do things.
My thesis, supported by Andre` Lewin of the French UN Association was that with truth between FOX and MSNBC now, it was CNN when I started, war could be forestalled.

Youtube is the best you are going to get like UNTV, and it isn’t really on the Fireplace. TV is the Fireplace. Flickering light. The same.
This year, if I live, I have to go out and get the Currency of Fame. Do you want to help me? My plan is to take the amp I built and the guitars I built and go near the TV Stations and play and say.

The Devil was dragging on me. I was willing to run for US Senate from North Carolina. That is why I am the Intendor. My daily show on Youtube is The Intendor Tm Radio Show.

Distribution is the big difficulty in economics. Physically a Nation of Airports solves this. It also solves the problem intellectually and culturally and socially.

Regardless of religions, the people of the world know how they are expected to act at the airport.

I have always followed the rule of “Build on your Strengths”. I even tell youth to do what comes easy for them because there will be plenty of hard things for them to do. Some artists, go into the work thinking that all they will be required to know, is how to express themselves. There are a lot of tools to master far as that is concerned. I took Audio Visual Technology at the fine Community College MCC, because I just wanted to know how to use the tools of my chosen profession.

How to do, and what to do, are two different things.

(By the way the University of North Carolina won’t allow, help artists sell art at the airport they hold in trust by the pleasure of the citizens of the state, get to manage any way they want, “Because someone would make money.”) They don’t even want the artists they tout as so important to the community life, to make real money. The Hegemon that is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is a sad case really. From Silent Sam the hero who wasted his life in the service of the ideals of slave owners, slave traders, traitors to the US, invested in slave labor still in love with it never wanting to pay labor like it was the best law of the land ever proposed! Keep a hero of that sort of ideals tall on the campus with every excuse there. Then to 18 years of fraud. Then to their Big Lie, they will close the airport. That big lie. Then what is it really? A land grab to benefit wealthy contractors after the citizen tax money. Not Conscious and they let the University manage it at a deficit like a private airport to the benefit of the insiders watch ball games and write checks and say everybody loves the arts, but really they just love ball games. Will pull tricks there to win.

Some say that the US is mature, and can’t really handle all these immigrants, refugees, illegal immigrants, but this isn’t true.
If the US can’t handle these people it is because the US has become so dominated by a set of discredited economic theories, and run by Generals far as its foreign policy is concerned, plus further corrupted because of its insistence that the goddamned hippies cut their hair, and all the Blacks they call niggers stop being who the are, and live like they want, quiet in the impoverished ghettoes out of sight and out of mind while they rip everybody off that it is a real wonder more cops are not shot on sight.

Not because the cops are not working class like they are, but because the cops do enforcer work, oppression work, not just keep the peace. People like me, old hippies who got the message that hiding out and even “starving the beast” was a rational response to the failures of the nation.

Corruption was legalized by Bill Clinton. Reagan went after the FAA unionized Air Traffic Controllers because IATSE wanted to cut his face off when he was president of SAG.

The head was cut off the UN when the concept of majority rule, which Wilson so insisted on was first put prominent in the Charter, and then when made such a thing, thrown out so the persecuted jews of Germany and Russia could take over Palestine and do what the Germans did to them to the Palestinians.

It’s just the way the world is, right? Get real. Don’t even try.

After watching Noam Chomsky and Alan Dershowitz debate about it I offered to Noam the skew of the Insurodollar concepts a strong understandable and fair way to disincentivize the killing of innocents in GAZA.
That is the Israelis buying insurance on Palestinians and the Palestinians buying insurance on Israelis so that the Insurance Company of Israel has to pay from the treasury of the Insurance Company death and destruction benefits when they kill innocent civilians and blow to smithereens there homes, businesses, and property.

The Palestinians, and by extension all the people who give the Palestinian government money would have to do the same.

It is a fair system I offer, on its face. I’ve tweeted about it. Till you see me on your fucking Television screen, that fireplace, it won’t fucking happen.

Noam Chomsky let me down by saying no more than no one would listen to me. My point of course in exposing him to the concept was to get him to mention the idea.

My old drinking buddy and friend Beni Avini, the columnist at the Post, he has let me down to. I guess we aren’t friends really, anymore.

Of course the conflicts are so rooted in as a real justifiable hatred of each other by now, that it would take overwhelming gendarme presence in GAZA to keep the peace.

I have been high as you ever get and will debate any Muslim other on hashish while on it too. Stuff me full of any of that and I can function with the best of them from the neck up, now.

I am not going to be alive that much longer. Israel and Palestine are worth my thought as a Transcendian Airport that refuses to pack up and leave its host country.

Take away the nuclear weapons the US gave the Israelis and they have to do real war with tanks again. All of the powerful nuclear bomb equipped nations really like them since they provide the power of War By Threat.

It is the US that is most likely to bomb the shit out of Russian tanks with dialed down thermonuclear bombs if they can’t win otherwise. Look for where there are the most tanks for the most likely battlefields. In short range engagements the MIAbrams advantages are nullified. Poland just got about 250 German Lepoards Leaporads damn. I feel like misspelling it.

The Russians have put tanks in the Syrian mix.

That war area, where first was found iron to start up the iron age, and the talk of some mythical diplomatic solution could only be solved right away if Assad was captured like the King on the chessboard and put in an airport hotel room, or in Elba, which Andre` Lewin was so fond of because he was French and that is where Napoleon died of something already nearly killed me too.

Thanks to the surgeon Liz Dressen, I am alive.
I felt the hand of death on me like you hear described by people who have felt it during that one.

A Nation of Airports that is desirable because it is run according to the precepts of the Declaration of Human Rights solves a number of problems for the world. Economically it was at the very first meant to moderate world economic disparities. That was an obvious benefit. I am replacing the challenged Silk Road.

Mohammad set an example when he robbed Meccan Merchants working their way between China and India? My map isn’t too good. Isn’t that it? I have to re-study some times. John Loftin who wrote the Big Story, Big Picture, taught or still teaches Divinity at Duke. Lives over in Hillsborough, he could tell you off the top of his head.

Far as I can tell Mohammad may well have written in some kind of peace into his opus, but his example is what mattered and he and his family were about robbing Meccan Merchants, then praying towards Mecca, then taking it over and looting the place. Mohammad was liked for sharing the loot amongst his band of looters.

Jesus and Buddha, were forgivers, and they said the final law was obvious that you were best to do unto others as you would have done unto you. Jesus wanted you to love his father.

He claimed his father was God.

At the Convent where my Grandfather was the head priest I had my first drink of Scotch, thirteen, on a visit to the Episcopal Convent for the Episcopal Nuns with a very attractive nun. I can remember her face. She had curves. She was looking in my eyes. “You know why the Virgin Mary was called the Virgin Mary?”
“No.” I said. I just said, “No.”

We were in a castle in Versalles Kentucky. It was a wonderful room. My Grandfather was across the room at his big brown desk. The room was nothing but classy in that way of all the Ivy League Universities. They must mimic the rooms of the Lords come down out of King Alfred’s England, or is it King Albert? Whomever it was the historian, David Hume. I love how he just said lots of Crusader Kings did outrageously stupid things. If they survived, meaning weren’t run through or got their heads chopped off, they retired to the convent where the nuns were, like my Grandfather did.

“Well, Mary was the town whore, and Joseph was the town queer, and when Mary got pregnant, Joseph took care of her. They would be walking down the street you know, and the people said, “Yeah, there goes the Virgin Mary and Joseph.”
You’ve see people joke like that. Language, people have had humor for a long time. They write down their favorite jokes. People with impaired reading and critical thinking skills put on the serious mantle and talk like there is something different going on in the world than what the facts show us. Virgins do not get fucked by beings that don’t have bodies.

I am fully convinced that I will never get fucked once I don’t have a body.

All the spirits without bodies lust to have bodies and experience lust and passion and the physical sensations that are wildly satisfying even when you only half way know how to do it.

So then, if it is a joke, it makes sense. If you are the son of every man, any man, son of a whore, a prostitute, then you are the Son of Man, or Son of God.
I don’t even want to argue with you about it. Life is a joke. A joke is the right answer to the wrong question or the wrong question to the right answer, technically. I did Stand Up Comedy after I heckled Eddy Murphy mercilessly at the Comic Strip in Fort Lauderdale. I pretty much stopped after David Letterman, the show, Margeret Hannah, asked for a tape, and I sent in the tape and was rejected. I had a baby. I had bills to pay. Time was getting eaten up.
Back then Transcendia, hell, it was a joke.

I did a speech at Dag Hammerskold Plaza in 1990 or 1991. Jason Epstein came. A cop came. I’d paid 15 dollars for a speaking permit. It was great. I showed the flag. We went over from Dag Hammerskold Plaza to the UN to show the flag. I want it up in that row. Somebody did try and buy it. I’d got my wife to sew up 6.

Peggy Say just died.

I gave her one of the flags because I cared about the plight of Terry Anderson, her brother. I’d driven my Caddilac over there to Buffalo. I had some Idea going. I talked with her. She was sad, had sad eyes. Back then it was Lebanon, Beirut.

I’d smoke blonde Lebanonese hash. It was alright. Not as good as Black Nepalese Temple balls, but they had a little opium in there. Red Lebanese was better. I think I smoked some Afghani hash. It was good. We tried to do 10 pipes, but throwing in the mescaline, I don’t know, we only made it to 7. Once I ate a couple of grams of some good brown hashish and sat in a chair all day, maybe three? Some mother got mad at me for letting her baby play with the ashes in the ashtray. I didn’t think it was hurting the kid get its hands dirty.

In the commune everybody wanted you to take care of their baby, and wash their dishes. The hippies all gave up on living in communes. Okay if you got your own little hut. Better anyway. I lived in an urban commune on a floor with a big common room and a galley kitchen. The sink was always full of dirty pots and pans. The Big Man locked it up in the end.
Socialism. If it is everybody’s, it is nobodies. You can wish, but there are people that fuck it up. Take advantage of the others, good people. We are seeing that now. I don’t know how many draft dodgers and deserters went to Canada. There were 800 people officially living in Rochdale College when I was on Security there. Somebody said a full quarter of the drugs, hallucinogenics and hash and pot were moved into North America out of Rochdale.

Security under Billy Littler and Fergy and Shakey and Mickey and the corrupted Board of Governors, allowed Billy to steal the cocaine of the dealers that were getting into coke, offering it, kick them out, bar them, take their coke and give it away or sell it. They were getting it from a front Rentco van delivery service they had operation on the Toronto airport.

I tried to stop it. I turned Coke at a party down. They told me not to tell Lionel so much about what they were doing. Said something about me going out a window.


I want better people than that for Transcendia. I want people willing to work for what they get. You know it looks like all the European draft dodgers from the Syrian area war, ought go back with weapons and fight for their women. Go get their own women. They didn’t make themselves look worthy of what the German people were offering. I can see the problems, but they we let fester. Obama let that Assad cross the Red Line. Sure he gave some chemical weapons up, but look how long and how much it has festered?

You know it is too much. Sure there is a need for young men in Europe to fill the jobs the old ones can’t do anymore. But too much too soon and all different without the moderating factor of their own women.
Everything, all the wars, women.

They can’t protect their women and they aren’t about to put their lives on the line for Assad, his insiders,so they just leave.

If you have an international system of airports that is absolutely totally intolerant of violence towards women, strippers, whores even, they have to go. No way can that be tolerated on a place runs according to the Declaration of Human Rights, the one that gives the rights to women, that one. Not the one the Saudis like.

I got the shit beat out of me, like I’ve said, defending a porno star. I’m like that. I want people like me. I was a good lineman.
Helpful and funny Station Agent.

Why did Piedmont fire me? Well US Air was buying Piedmont. My wife at the time was said to be having an affair with the Station Manager. Good looking Black guy, Louis. I was told that in the hallway at work. I don’t know. We were separated, I think. Yeah I was living on Culver. Cashed in what was left of the Insurance. The 25 hundred I’d inherited, was getting eaten up.

“What’s this about this thing Transcendia? Did you write an email to headquarters?”

“Yes, yes I did.” (I’d written an email to headquarters about the rudeness of some station agent to passengers. I’d not thought it was in any way horrible. Phil, this other guy wrote some email. I saw it. It was stupid. Had curse words in it. Inappropriate. He, Phil denied writing anything and they wanted to fire me, so they did.)

Piedmont was the worst working experience of my life. Really. Cecil Sayre was a liar. Promised that if I took the job I’d be making in house instructional videos. I’ve got documentary video of my training still. He, Cecil Sayre is what a working guy calls a fat fuck. You know them. They are the guys sit behind a desk, and are that, “Fat fuck.” I don’t know where they come from, how they get those jobs. I don’t want to end on that note, but I will.

I’ve put too much time into this.

A Nation of Airports with uniform proper laws and building on the strengths of the culture of civility at airports would help moderate world economic disparities. Citizens would be able to move to where the work for them was. You want the working classes to have the same freedoms as the corporations. They need mobility. Dutch people with all their education can travel for work most wherever they want for instance.

The Netherlands is well positioned to adopt the Insurodollar. If I was them, and thought about what had happened to Greece at the hands of the Germans, their bankers, a better currency than the Euro would be up there on my list of things to do. (Where were Greek Insurance Companies in the whole game?)

If you want to invest in me, buy a book or a passport, or the newly released CD, Beatniks & Spiders, by Outdoor Cats. I have some debts to pay off so I am more upstanding and free. Poverty makes you a beggar. Ambitions can do that to you to I see. I want badly to die with my integrity in tact.

If there is any war I might start, it would be the one to get rid of nuclear weapons. War by Threat, is pushing up on some limits. People are used to great swaths of the earth done in, poisoned. Fukushima was a crime in the aftermath. We can’t expect human nature to change so much that we won’t go to war somewhere over something. Sometimes you just have to. Best we can do, and we can do it, is have rules against mass murder and torture. International Laws matter. Nuremberg was an important precedent.


P.S. I dread this hernia operation tomorrow. I have fear associated with it, being dead to the world again. Some of you know what I’m talking about. It beats the alternative, being “under” but you get the distinct feeling that dead to the world is pretty much like being dead. Nothing. You wake up or you don’t.


Not For You

Frame from cartoon I am working on History of the World for Innocents

The image is of a project I’ve not finished. There are lots of them. There is the big one. I looked at Kickstarter and didn’t feel like I fit that crowd sourcing thing. Starting a Nation isn’t exactly normally considered a work of art. I can write up forms as if they were poems, but I never fit into whatever it is the other institutions want. One of the people around is appealing for money to get him some teeth. That is done via, or something very close to that.
Of course there is the necessary war involved in the building of a nation. I wanted to substitute a 3 D Virtual Reality Scratch and Sniff War movie that was followed up by a game for that, as being anti war.
Who wants to go to war with all the nuke armed nations to take away their nukes? There is the good war. We could do that.
Do you want to take over a bunch of cocaine airfields and keep it down to the pot trade. I am for that. Lots of Heckler Koch guns to work with and some tanks, preferably electric tanks.
An airport and seaport is more perfect. The perfect port is by the ocean on the end of a river with railroad tracks and served by a major highway. Really these days I may as well just move to Montevideo if they will have me. If i can get in with my Transcendian Passport.
We aren’t leaving here till I have paid off the back child support. I said to the lady on the end of the phone, “I ought have gone to court overtime my fortunes changed.” She said, “That’s right, but it is too late now for that.”
I’d done the negotiating directly with my ex-wife till my daughter was 17. Will gofundme give me money to be free of that bill? My working days with the body, doing hard labor, are over.
You could buy my books. You could by my CD and hear me think. I’m out to defeat Hitler, J. Edgar Hoover and Meyer Lansky in my record. You can hear me think about it. It is worth 9.99.
Great leaders turn to great engineers, or even bad ones to make thing happen. Falling Water’s engineer wasn’t very good in fact. It was going to fall apart.
I hate to be a beggar. Is it that now the smart guys have it down, begging. Best beggar in town! Trash or what was it? Did Warhol cast Joe Dallasarando as a Junky in something else?
“I steal from lots of people.” Doesn’t he say that? Better movie than you might expect really. is the fixed website contact me email.
To secure the currency of fame I have to go and play outside on the streets near TV stations when they have crews returning to the station minus good film. I am only good, with enough energy to do such things in the afternoons. I got the equipment all assembled. Inverter to run the sound equipment and more than enough for a couple more guitars and the keyboard maybe.
Transcendian Policies are to come out of my mouth followed by punctuating guitar banging like I do. Support for the engineers. Give the engineers grand missions such as putting turbines in the gulf stream to provide power to the legacy grid.
It is expected that because of Oil, we will all suffer fantastic losses and rearrangements of wealth. That’s on the table for this year. There isn’t enough storage space to hold all the advanced production out of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Africa who will put out more trying to get whatever they can.
The economic disruptions are expected to happen in mysterious ways because of new global interconnectedness. I read about it with graphs, I ignored on naked capitalism.
I lust for attention from Yves Smith as concerns the Insurodollar and the entire plan and polices of Transcendia, which does besides making capitalism finally conform to the best of humanistic values with cold actuary tables for the Insurodollar which even overcomes the difficulty of Communism, confront distribution.
International airports in and of themselves are there waiting to be brought more tightly together under one flag. All of them ought be flying the flag of the UN as it is.
In fact we do need a Government of Governments, but won’t get it. Transcendia as designed to be a government in all governments aims for leadership by adopting the Declaration of Human Rights and intolerance for bad manners.
I get more specific in the passports, which you need to buy, so I am not just another beggar.2Transcendian an Cover 2

Knowing In Time

All some people understand is force. You cannot talk to some people as if they are anything like you. You can try till you are blue in the face, but they simply don’t get it. The mob follows the strong idiot, before they respond to the strong measured man. There are simply too few great men, great women.

Now look at the United State and Russia and China which are the great powers which have great weaponry that will be used to force others to bend to their will. Who is leading the world? I can only name a few national leaders myself. And I think I am paying attention?

I am not sure who is running France, or China. I know Assad needs to be picked up and bodily removed from power over his army and put in a hotel room on some airport with a nice hotel room for him. The use of Chemical weapons on civilians is supposed to be a war crime. It was supposed to be the Red Line.

The muddled up situation in Syria forcing so many to flee and put so much pressure on the economies of nations who are charged first with taking care of their own is not tolerable. It is nearly unbelievable that Putin is in there mucking around. That NATO and the UN wait to see if the US will do all the work and bleed some more is the work of cowards.

All these leaders elected or whatever however put in positions of responsibility act like the people of their nations who do all the work that pays for all the weapons and everything else are their personal piggy bank. In the US the people who are willing to work as honest people who do not deserve to be so used over and over in waves of their history loving a system of capitalism that just means a paycheck to them were made the reinsurers of the reinsurer, reinsuring crap that mobster financial engineers throw back and forth amongst each other laughing while raising the rent and investing in baubles.

This is the last stage of empire dissolution.

“Howl” is the poem we all need to read again. Beat is not beat, not the beat to the dancing teens and their mating rituals, but Beatdown. The Communists in China and the Communists in Russia try to be corporations, censors are the kings of the world.

But the whole fucking planet is being fucked!

The 100 Year Oil War is coming to an end.

The engineers who know what systems and tools and turbines will give the power to us all to keep it going as it has are all hiding with their tails in between their legs.

What ever happened to Barry Commoner? What is Carter’s Energy Department saying to the President, Leader of the World? The US Congress is full of close minded fools. They would rather stick shit in women’s bodies to take pictures of embryos than let them do what they want within their own bodies than do the necessary work which means spending money that gives us all the energy we require from anything else but oil.

Find me the man with the plans for an electric tank and I’ll give him a job.

To Do List

Maximum Effort

crayola crayon on panel, wood really.

There are round about ways to find me and buy the painting. Painting was done with crayons on wood, burnished and sealed with acrylic. It is about 14 by 14, though I ought measure it and it was a spur snap addition to the post. Russell Scott Day is public on Facebook. I want 250 for the work here shown.

My friend of many years, 42 is about the right number says his friends are wearing out and he needs new ones. When I was at the doctor’s and said I ought get 10 years at least, he said, “Well you are a fighter and you have good humor…” Trailing off and ending with, “But you have a lot going on.”
So there you have it, nothing for it. I’m going to die relatively soon.
Beat down is the thing thought that was the basis for “Beat” according to Beat history as found in Beatdom. I think that is in the Money issue. Herbert Hunke is the founder of Beat. Somebody published his writings that preceded the Kerouac writings. He lived in the Chelsea and put on parties for druggies. He used and sold junk. Burroughs, Hunke, and the rest of the hangers on rockers et al were “into” junk.

Acid is hard to get addicted to. For hippies like myself of the age it was about TRIPS. You got your mind expanded. After that to keep the spirit and the music buzz pot was all you needed or really wanted. I want pot really badly. It is hard as fuck for me to get it.

Some smart guy is probably flying hash and hash oil from Washington state to Hackensack. You could finance a goddamned Falcon doing that. I did the numbers awhile back. I could see going into crime with a gun and blowing out the last three years of my life getting stoned and having fun. The doctors had no choice but to make me a junkie for all the pain I am subject to without time release pills of morphine and gabapenten. I am fucking sick.

I was up for running for Senate as a sick old white man out to prevent the apocalyptic riot. Stopping the drug war, so I could get stoned in Not Conscious, Supporting Energy Capture Engineers, and starting a good war to eliminate nuclear weapons from the arsenals of the world is the thing to be done.

Forgive and Forget & Be Clear


Since the Art Sale on the Porch I have been making tapes that are intended to be played as invitational signals to passersby that I am available to discuss sales of my art works.

I had been reduced to full time artist.

There were no sales. My wife said the music was intimidating.

For long I had had these HT 90 Motorola radios that I associated with work on airports in the past. I personally loved working on the airport, even as a lowly fueler after I was demoted from a position as the nighttime manager of Page Avnet, a lying bunch who claimed they weren’t making enough money to give us raises in one uncomfortable gathering of us.

I believe the meeting just ended when I said that, “It says right here in Aviation and Space Technology that you are well in the black.”

Page, Page was well understood in the espionage literature of the day to be a Front created by the CIA and MI6. Ownership disappeared into Malaysia which had served as a listening post during the Viet Nam War. I had wondered why Page did not ever seem to operate like a real business.

This was in the mid 80s, and I stayed on with Page through career batterings because of the healthcare policies that I needed to pay for the birth of my daughter. It was the first time in my life I had not walked away from a job when I felt like it for one reason or another.

Since my wife was making much better money at US Air and someone had to care for the child eventually I just up and took a job with Piedmont Airlines. I got the job from my resume`. It would not have been such a terrible decision if I had gotten a contract with them to start, as I had taken the job as a ramp agent with the promised caveat that I would transition to internal to the company video productions.

Hardly matters, any of it. Page Avjet doesn’t seem to exist any more. I suspect that American Airlines now serves as the CIA front business, that suspicion due to Haiti airliner service developments.

If you care you ought note that US President Obama went personally to Malaysia after that airplane went missing. It is in my mind to wonder who was so important to kill?

The fact is that the US is at war with Russia. In 2015 Antares blew up, and a Falcon rocket of Musk’s blew up, and a Branson rocketship burned and crashed all in the space of two weeks during the economic war with Russia. North Korea showed as well that it could damage a movie company for a movie it didn’t like.

It is truly odd that the American Public does not seem to grasp that there is a war going on. I mean they are afraid, but of Political Islam more than those with technical power to shut the US down.

The US Empire complex works at one thing and then the other without making much of a clear strategic plan understood. Defense is serious business, and is especially difficult when trades with the enemy are continued for reasons of appearance without much consideration given to alterations of the situation.

A bunch of unique old warehoused rocket engines were found in Russia and then they were to be installed in American NASA rockets. Gore gave work to the Russian Rocket Scientists to keep them from selling rocket tech that would enable people like those who run the Stalinist state of N. Korea to hit the US with Nuclear bombs they have been making.

Russia sends its nuclear armed subs up and down both US coasts wondering when to launch. North Korea of course wants to be able to do the same thing. Listening devices used to track the movements of North Korean “boats” are known to not be particularly helpful because of the noisy waters surrounding Korea.

The US Navy with lots of staff has been sending subs to Indochina waters.

Relax, forgive, be clear, make a new start.

I got something like that in my I Ching Reading. I’d done a forgiveness letter in regards to my cousin. I threw the I Ching because I was challenged during my campaign for the US Senate to prove that you did not need a terrific amount of money to run effectively, and had ordered an inverter that would power my kit built amplifier and microphone and sound processor, along with the electric chainsaw, and the refrigerator if there was an ice storm that knocked out the grid power.

So far that hasn’t worked out so much so that I began to believe that the Devil was Dragging on me and wanted mankind to die. I am being grandiose. I think my message matters and that if I go to the local TV station whereabouts and talk and play, I will move towards changing policies enough to prevent the apocalyptic riot.

At least I got the CD produced and can say that there is a plan for that. It is supposed to be available fully to buy on Amazon January 4th. If I do turn around and decide to work some more on it, I can by putting the redone files into one of the other title files, scrapping the available file, and that way keeping it out there for sale since getting it good enough to go is done.

Part of my tactical approach is the use of guitars which both old hippies and rednecks love.

I am admonished to not get drunk. This is not likely at all, for I am truly an outsider and watcher wherever I go locally these days, and that is not much changed at all for a long time. Drunk, is a state of mind, and does not necessarily mean drunk as in drinking alcoholic drinks, since I can’t drink because I throw up whenever I try. Even non alcoholic beer makes me vomit.

Because I am old and sick I am fully compromised and surveilled and oppressed by the system that is inherited from J. Edgar Hoover. In the US you live under the rules of J. Edgar Hoover and Meyer Lansky, by the way.


The most important gift from me to the world is the Insurodollar currency. Attacks on the environment will continue as long as the currency is the Petrodollar.

As long as nuclear weapons are necessary for a nation to maintain its border integrity while in the era of War by Threat, wars will move towards the Apocalyptic Riot.

Reinvention of the UN so that it will become the government of governments with one military goal of eliminating from all arsenals private and public, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, is necessary.
Andre` Lewin of France wrote the Points for Reinvention of the Un. They must be implemented if the World is to get through the bottleneck Jared Diamond describes facing mankind in the Anthropecen Anthropcene Era. (end of the world era)

Economics amount to nothing more than repeated attempts of the working classes to gain respect as reflected in proper paychecks. It is all about attempts to create a system that regulates the greed of those with the deeds.

I am the Intendor, and my policies are to support engineers who I would see given missions of energy capture. It is also about ending the Drug War, a monster that eats the guts out of the society and culture.

Thanks, Russell


Photo on 3-5-13 at 4.08 PM 2

Remember when screaming was a thing? What was it, ’80s? EST, not eastern standard time, but Est. The rage engendered by some of the confusion? Loneliness, intellectual assaults in the form of news, and otherwise useless information, static was to be well dealt with by screaming.

Then there was drumming, and drumming circles. I hear they still go on. Sounds good. I don’t have a drum, but could use a 5 gallon plastic bucket. I was awed by the sound of a large truck spring used in contact with concrete as thrown to that concrete to punctuate the drumming of the people assembled. I’d like to try that.

I am well experienced and not too badly was I trapped by means. I got to experience being a refugee, draft dodger, lies and crime young. There I learned that barbarians steal what they want and civilized people work for the things they want.

Most of us were raised to work, be workers. I couldn’t afford to go to college or university, and didn’t think I had to. I was convinced I had better by my girlfriend’s father who hated me. The community college education I got was dominated in my courses for my Audio Visual Tech degree by angry incompetents who did what they could to sabotage students who were likely to excel.

They wanted to be at the bigger better university for the better off. It never occurred to me to ask them to help me find a job after being there. The teachers that taught my electives were great.

All those mistakes you make when you just keep going hurt. You might do alright screaming.

There isn’t that much else you can really do about it all. Just go out there somewhere, up on the roof, and scream.

The CD

I made these guitar like things when I failed to make the electric harmonica. Somebody else makes a great electric harmonica. It uses optical pickups. For 250 dollars it is a fine deal. Different from screaming, but a fine way to deal with things. Making noise is good. Making music is good.

Once I had made one particular piece out of the hours of tape recording and some of the work put on the little digital recorder, the Olympus 702 VN I got it in my head to make a CD. So I did.

I’d gotten fairly adept at writing and publishing via createspace some of the books and the screenplay. It was akin to screaming in the woods because there is no publisher to foot the bill for anything like a book tour as you see the author experience on the Affair. The author’s first book didn’t do so well, but he came from the right set of friends and had that NYC agency and all that. There were cocktail parties in his life with the right people. He married a woman from a rich family.

Writing is a working class thing to do.

I was sick for a good while. I worked at my desk. Death is the Title, or I slept on the Porch, is a book I made that came out of a struggle with the technology, software writing and publishing programs. I am proud of that piece. Finishing is important.

For those of you who might want to make a CD, using createspace, something like another scream, they will keep telling you to read their instructions. See if you can figure them out. If you happen somehow to have a Mac, buy all the programs that make it work like a PC, as they call a Dell, HP, or the others that aren’t Mac apple products.

I really liked I Photo when I first got a Mac, getting an I Mac first from my electrician friend for 400 reconditioned. It still is something, but you will have an easier time of it using Adobe Photoshop from what I can tell now.

Createspace is preferable to me because at least by the time I am finished the work will show up on Amazon. I am invested in that entity. My books are for sale there. There is some way to link work to work. It is about On Demand printing, and that is present and future.

John Commons the economist created a phrase about how times change and many people don’t catch up to it. “Cultural lag” was his term for it. As three D printing becomes capable of making more and more robust things more and more of the factory and the warehouses will diminish in importance. Whatever you saw on Star Trek will be the way it is. It will not be long before the spaceships themselves will be made by three D printers on the Moon or in orbit.

What? Pagan Ritual Holidays

Transcendian, the youtube channel of Transcendia is a motivator and eats up consciousness and my time.
Everyday I put something there for you to watch.
most often I think of visitors to the channel, and that old saying, you’re only as good as your last act.

Far as it all well then look, I do not yet have much of a staff. The goal is to prevent the apocalyptic riot.

I highly encourage you to buy one of my books that are for sale on Amazon.

That’s all for now.Intendor