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I read a lot. Now I’m reading Len Deighton’s WWII history, Blood Tears and Folly. I read these histories and think of the guys like me, killed for nothing. Most guys get killed in inconsequencial misadventures of life wastes in nameless battles.
History is repeated on the basis of old ideologies made new, like “Free Trade” a policy made to cover the take over of the Financial sector that somehow repeatedly gets to ruin the prosperity of a nation.
The UK or England, or Great Britain, whatever you want to call it since it calls itself by those names. The Netherlands is right, but then they are Dutch, and it is Holland.
They do all right over time. I believe they invented capitalism for the Western Modern era, meaning since 500 years.
It is a lot harder to become Dutch since they had such a good way of taking care of everyone who was a a citizen, all these freeloader Islamist were moving there and setting up shop, pretty much taking advantage of a good thing. Now to become Dutch you have to speak Dutch.
It works to cut down on the invaders after an easy ride.
In capitalism the take over of the entire nation is a gambler and thieves paradise. It is done by yelling the virtues of “Free Trade”. There are no virtues in Free Trade. Look at England. When it did its own stuff importing little it built an empire. After that it was drug down till it was a beggar full of fear and in debt to its eyeballs.
Its people were made stupid and ignorance reigned till WWI and WWII killed countless working class guys who were patriotic. They volunteered to be led by idiots.
Idiots and fools and vain land owners with rent money pouring in to big houses with servants.
It could have been me every time. The guys working for Patton were proud with good reason. Bradley and Eisenhower and that other guy general were sitting around in some nice place in Paris. They had treated all the warnings from by then half decent intelligence service agents and battlefield reports as if the news was of no account. The war was already won far as they were concerned. Enjoy the willing secretary. What a beauty Eisenhower got. Patton too. So all these guys that had lost friend after friend got it themselves when silhouetted against the snow in green battledress not enough to either keep them warm.
What is up with that? No winter clothes? No white camouflage?
Oh well.
Vietnam was stupid. All the CIA went running drugs, and hard drugs too.

The Financial Engineers of Wall Street wrecked the US along with all the “Free Trade” same as the Free Trade wrecked the British Empire. London and Wall Street and the crony capitalists of the former USSR all out completely for themselves walking over bodies.

Ignorant peasants get going every now and then and just shoot people in the back of the head. It is too much to think about.

Look now and there is the secret war called Economic War, using sanctions. Sanctions lead to war. That we have got this far without war in the Ukraine more bigger and better this summer is nearly in my mind, a miracle. I have started to fill a bag. Knife and matches.
Fallout could be a bitch.


I do wonder about the goals of the leaders of the state I live in. Hey, come here where our labor is kept ignorant, is convinced unions are bad for them, and will work for as close to nothing as you want to give. Obviously the people with the money plan to take it out of the flesh of the workers.

Round here they are excited to build a new prison. How many of the prisoners are put in jail for marijuana offenses of possession or dealing or growing do you think the new jail will be housing? It is a good jobs program still even same since the so called decriminalization. The officials are in their 40s and are apparently throughly indoctrinated with the idea that marijuana is an illicit vice. It keeps the police state that J Edgar Hoover put in place going.

Not For You

Frame from cartoon I am working on History of the World for Innocents

20 In a Blink

IGX Movies
The film Mint Julep is out as having a premier. It has gotten excellent reviews. I do get credit as DP, which I was, and it was difficult, a good project, that unfortunately was very expensive to me professionally, as well as being difficult, and never yet has led to a career worth much to talk about.

Angelica Torn, now Angelica Page is a fine actress. Mez as well had something, so the cast was good. Even Kathy Fehl and Ian Teal are good actors.

The sound man, Chris Stanley was a good sound man. I was a good DP. Herb Harton was competent as an AC, but had a big ego and had been made promises that were not of the place of the one giving them out, and was resentful and contradictory a character.

There were severe problems about the budget and cash flow etc. that a real Line Producer would have made different. I ought have sent back most of the distribution and big lights. I inherited the package and went to work from days far away from the excellent base, used last at night in the last 15 minutes as pressured by Herb, who then sat around and drank for 2 hours.

The scene in the yard close up of Ian and Johnny Mez fighting I was awakened not knowing whether it was morning or evening. I got slapped for the soundtrack.

Originally Johnny had been a house painter but I noticed the train depot, all oily as I like things with tools and rusted metal and light. I love my handheld scene with Johnny playing the tools. It is all mine.

There were two failures of window reflections when Kathy of a sudden gave the camera to visitors somehow promised a day playing with the camera. I directed, and wasn’t looking in the camera enough to see the reflections of the crew in the storefront window. Kathy must have been missing then for guilt.

Originally the film was supposed to have been done in S8, but Angelica, rightly for her, refused to do it that way. S8 is and was a waste of time, for those certainly not related in LA for a window of time.

I came from Lighting. The Arri 3 did a good job. I didn’t pull a tape late in low light and Ian’s dick is hanging out of his pajamas. Big deal 20 years ago.

Tourism in Aberdeen ought benefit. It is a really likable little place. I loved the mansion we had to stay in for the shoot. I was used to such things after Bail Jumper, a film that was a good script, with moments, but flawed by the lead actor’s lack of charisma.

Far as what is now “Mint Julep”, better late than never.


Like said it was in 1978 that I determined that the US was too corrupt to save. Now since I have nowhere else to be, I must take up a nationalistic stance and make my suggestions.
All of Transcendia is a suggestion.
How many years is it from 1978, Transcend-O-Ray ™ to now? I get thirty seven. I traveled more back then. I was lucky. Toronto came before my draft number came up 346 and I could flee Rochdale College before flying out a window because I was fighting the corruption that cocaine brought in. Some of the set up for that place, may well have led directly back to Meyer Lansky. It was a great place to learn the realities of friends and enemies.
Now it doesn’t matter but the lesson that corruption is what destroys a nation. Rochdale was close enough to nationhood for the lessons to hold. Too bad the Canadians who wandered South to LA for Fame and Fortune did little for Rochdale. It is worthy of some song I’ve not thought to write. The opening story out of Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter organically became the first story. Fitting, I was out of high school and up for the draft and went to Canada before my number came up.
I was in the Music Loft of Carrboro and a Leon Russell signature was discussed as a mar on a bud wiser, miller beer promotional guitar hanging on the wall. Guy seemed to not care for Leon Russell’s name, or work then.
I’ll never forget being in my little apartment on the 15th floor of the building overlooking all of Toronto North and West from there 341 Bloor Street West. West I think for sure. I’d got some baroque Garrard turntable and a couple of tweeter woofer speakers I hooked up to a Interscope little amp and smoked some hash and listened to Leon Russell as I looked out over the city. I was awed with the fortune of it all, so grand a life. Hard to believe I lived it.
Incomparable education I got to test for truth against the vision that was the result of love, boredom and bliss not long after that in the out in nowhere stationary warehouse. I’ve written about it plenty of times. Buy the book.
The fact that I came to focus on the creating of a nation to moderate world economies as a system of ports could do, so obviously, means I know now about governance enough to have felt worthy of a US Senate seat run. Of course working your way up and through all the lies and misconceptions about everything under the sun took time. I had to change some of my thinking after reading Classic Readings in International Relations.
Now I get more confirmed in my belief in the invented currency for Transcendia, the Insurodollar than less. Operatives ask for the academic vetting. Whatever Yves Smith might ever have to say is what I want to hear. She deserves a Cabinet seat for her work. She takes up where Barbara Tuchman left off from dying. Tuchman was already where I got to by 1985 or sooner, saying that the US needed to give up on Presidential Electoral Democracy and adopt the Parliamentary System where the Party is the thing and Cabinet members can’t be fired out of hand by the President, or Prime Minister.
I felt smarter for at least getting to that view on my own.

Energy Capture Political Action etc.

Fast Minimum Wheels

Getting there by motorcycle is dangerous, but you will be able to get there when others can’t.

Everything written for this was lost.
Here you get a picture.

Verla Insko Called Mike Williams as we fight Energy Capture Ignorance and the Proposed reduction of renewables Targets and support for those targets.

I have called and written GE, and Henry Petroski, and encourage Chancellor Woodson, and the other department heads of NCSU to make sure the Superior Court Judge with Fracking permissions on his desk is not ignorant of available gas from poultry and pigs, that obviates any need for gas from out the ground.

destroy the trees and the water to destroy your state.

Taxes in the State Treasury as well as the Federal Treasury are the place to get the money to build the very important vital, superhighway from Morehead City to I 95 and I 40. A Bond is a loan taxpayers will have to pay the investors, and the bonds and stock markets have become criminal enterprises looting all our futures. Read Econned by Yves Smith. or visit nakedcapitalism.com for economic and financial news and option.

Every County of NC needs its own airport. Guilford Technical Institute trains professional who deserve jobs in the state, and would do a good job for NC. -“God Bless the Child that’s got its own.” -Billy Holliday

This is a less elegant summation of 2 hours of work. Lost.
Somewhere in there I spoke of FAA and NASA systems developed to make the smaller Local Community Airports like Horace Williams, more powerful, and useful as feeders anywhere.

Solar and the Ocean power is the major way to get all the power NC Needs. Biofuel tubers from NCSU will run tractors and jets.
Hog waste gas, horse shit gas, chicken shit gas, will run heaters, and cooking ranges.

Mallencott, is that the right spelling? There is a company in Raleigh doing great making gas from wastes.
Sun shines everywhere.

Volts DC appliances, and warranties that cover gas made from wastes in cooking ranges need to be put into the markets. Volts DC appliances need to be made cost competitive in warehouses and stores.

Tesla needs to be courted back into the state.
Hondajet and GE aviation needs to be given good notice.

Energy, is the number one thing you want for the operation of a long lived and strong nation, and State. Then you need to be a fantastic port all over. Getting anywhere in the state in no less than 4 hours needs to be a reality for all, whatever it takes. Getting anywhere in the world also needs to be a reality for anywhere in the state. Realistically I admit it may take an individual 8 hours then to get anywhere in the world.
Out of Earth Atmosphere ships are key to this plan.

I figure that if you really wanted, you could have massive amounts of electrical energy coming from NC Ocean fronts within three years from today. I’d look to GE to make it happen. They and Hondajet are two powerful companies invested in NC.

To beat anybody in the world with cheaper prices for electricity first is going to mean superconductor generators, transmission lines and motors. No cent spent on first tier tech tools for energy will be wasted. Unleash the engineers, the scientists are depressed about the end of the world, or just think it is an interesting drama to witness.

The extinction of mankind is on the near horizon. We can save ourselves only through the tools of Energy Capture. Russell

Working Class Corner/Me & the Insurodollar

My friend noted I had had jobs that filled a standard piece of paper type written single space by the time I was 28.

Some of the jobs stand out more than others, this late in the game.  I liked working at Business Air Center in Fort Lauderdale, nearly the most of all of my jobs.

Next to that job, and pretty much equal, if not better, was running the lighting and grip truck in Manhattan.  Independent non union.   I got hired really because I could drive a big rig.  I’d driven 5,000 gallon tankers fueling.  Once I tore a drive well apart trying to get the heavy out on the perimeter road.

So around by 30 I was settling down.  After the stint, gig, writing for the Inspector Gadget Show in Canada, Toronto, I’d ended up back in Rochester and wrote my first book, King of Dreams.  It’s around here somewhere.  The Revolutionary had been written partly first.  It gets confusing.  I kept writing all along.

There had been a couple of years of community college marred by my inability to answer the question:  “What makes History, the Great Man, or is the Great Man made by the times?”

I lean towards the Great Man now.  It’s not clear cut.  Life on earth is a series of crises.  You would about think that because the masses are made ignorant, and often stay that way, only the great man can wrest victory out of them over their adversaries.

On purpose many of the ignorant are taught lies.

So let’s see, there was carpentry in there after I got broke down by love and the sexual revolution that as tried caused me to rely on my partner, who wasn’t and because I was somewhat dependent as often is necessary for the working classes.  So there goes the respect, if you actually get to needing the partner.

The ideology of freedom and free love and the sexual revolution is hard for the working class guy to deal with.  As an ignorant impulsive Boy Scout, and what all wherever it comes from, that love affair nearly killed me.  Join the union so you have brothers and can travel with your card and you will be better insulated from such things.

The working Englishmen crushed and used by class all had hobbies you know.  It was made clear you weren’t going anywhere.  Public is private and public is public.  Men are gay till married.  The French just fuck anyway they can.

Settled down to two careers in Aviation and Motion Pictures and was a capable grip and gaffer.  Good thing since I made good money sometimes.  Acting paid the most at around 2 thousand an hour.  Got the directing of a rig up to 193 an hour after the third time doing it.   By then we knew time was going to run out eventually and it needed to be made safer.  The client wanted to make it more dangerous, so I gave up on that.  Knoxville gets well Xmas decorated.

Good thing I made good money sometimes because I got hit with the inherited disease of psoratic arthritis.  By then it had been that I had been pushed back to carpentry.  Renovations was the good paying niche, and in the small town I was at least on the best crew for it.  Luddite, the boss was a hippie Luddite.  Nearly got me killed once.  I had even objected to the assignment when really most of the time I was pliant.  Hey you learn, the boss is the boss.

Didn’t want to talk about it.  May 19.

2008 I started getting too bad off to handle things.  Unemployment happened from the collapse.  Think about that.  Wall Street fucked a lot of people.  Revolutions happen for less.  It would have been good from my perspective if some good old extremists had just blown up the offices of Goldman Sachs.  After awhile what else you going to do?  Great man.  Stalin was a bank robber.  Russians and Chinese, well the Chinese have been making out since Free Trade Economist just gave the store to them.  It’s an ideology.  The Liberals want to look good, so they give away everything the US worker depends on to make a living. People have rights.

I don’t want at all to move to China for work.  Sometimes I’ve had to work in the factory.  They paid little and hired the retarded who jumped on the forklift, broke off the internal water main about 12, 8 inches in diameter and flooded the place.  Nobody could find the cut off in time.  The fucking cut off wrench, nobody expected it.

Two pretty good guys, maritime sailors with engineering skills invented that folding baby stroller.  We used to send truckloads to China.

They lost the factory.  Hiring the retarded is dangerous.  I’m sorry.

Between the stupid and ignorant and the ideologues the regular realistic honest working man, is screwed now.

Meantime for their grandchildren the water is rising.  Petrodollar.  Petrodollar was a gift from Nixon and Kissinger.  It’s wobbling.  Bitcoin is where to put your money?  Like I say, I studied it all.

Petrodollar Imperative is in the face of the US now with falling prices for oil.  3900 wells were drilled to give the US what Saudi Arabia can get out of 390.  What do you think that means when it’s all going to run out anyway and if it gets all burned up the oceans are going to rise a good deal, not to mention all the extinctions of what is now called the Antropocene age?

Solar is the top of the energy capture technology to go at since the sun shines everywhere and Tesla offers a power package with decent batteries.  There is plenty of work.  In NY they worked up a good system to keep the Grid owners happy.   I forget what it is right now.  I put it on Founder of Transcendia.

I was going to run for US Senate.  Warren is fighting.  She has a handle on it.  She could use some help.  Who you want to pay anyway, a working class scholar like me, or some rich guy.  Any enemy is identifiable as a signer of Norquist Nation paper, the pledge.

They say Sanders hasn’t got a chance in the US and if you look at it, well if he goes along and doesn’t get outright rid of some people, doesn’t get rid of J. Edgar Hoover policing, end the Drug War, kick Goldman Sachs completely out of the country, and shut down the way too independent CIA and NSA and hire IHS to do exactly as they are told, or hire ex-seals to do exactly as they are told, then it will be pointless.  Hillary would come in and be pointless unless she divorced Bill at the same time to keep his face out of the place.

Government of Government, we need one.  Transcendia solved the problem better since it is better possible and is pragmatic like would make William James proud, by being a culturally neutral government in all governments that would allow the lease.  Besides the addition of the currency I’ve come round full circle to endorse my own original policies far as Transcendia is concerned.

Twelve O'Clock High/Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort frame from watercolor story.


Party Versus Party

(c) Russell Scott Day  All rights reserved.  Mondale and Red Wife is the Title.

Mondale & Red Wife

(c) Russell Scott Day first time published here. Now second.  

I published the Carter Inaugural event photo once earlier on this site.  I prohibit it’s use without payment to me.

So I went up to the music store to get my stuff, the Intendors, prototypes for the kits I am thinking of making, though I just like making the things.

For my little cockpit, where I have all these wires going this way and that and towards the mixer, I needed a little rug matt and I needed some cheap batteries in particular for the carbon rod that is in there.  I’m trying to make a primitive telephone.  It is harder than it looks.  It is harder than you think to make the carbon condense and convey a signal.  Magnets, it’s all about magnets.  Carbon magnets and DC electricity.  God the wires for the telephones are like infinitesimal.  Hard to put them together.   I’m thinking about using a telephone, regular telephone mic for a pick up to make a guitar.

German magnets, the regular German magnet iron was better than American magnet iron.  Where do they find this stuff?  I’ve dug holes for footers and foundations.  I was looking for gold.  I never found nothing.  My back went to hell.  My back went to hell a couple few times.  I’d see the chiropractor.  Chiropractor could have saved me a great deal of pain and suffering if she had told me to see the orthopedic surgeon.  “Little arthritis there.”  Wasn’t long I was under the knife.  I got a bridge in my neck to keep me from being paralyzed.

There was a doctor put me on Embril, that shit you see on TV.  I don’t know but I got MERSA.  No kidding it lowers your immune system.  I had lots of infections all the time.  Somewhere along the line, I got hospital psychosis.  Mean dirty trip of nasty hallucinations. Hospital Psychosis.

Twice I was so bad I was in the nursing home.  All the social services, disability, charity care, Social Security, all that came from the rich sick guy, Roosevelt.  The New Deal.  Republicans want to tear it all apart.  That’s their goal.  I can’t see how a working man can be a Republican?   It doesn’t make any sense.  As all weak and confused and subject to corruption same as the rest, its a different goal in the end.  Now its save the post office and save SS and now working people are supposed to work more for people laugh up their sleeves when working people vote for Republicans.

So I decide to take a picture of where you are actually supposed to go in Carrboro to get a picture ID.  Republicans don’t want you to vote.  Republicans don’t trust you to not steal votes commit voter fraud.  They know how to steal the election.  Working people are honest.  Working people hardly ever get in a position even to commit fraud.  Republicans are afraid the Black people with vote.  Black people voted for Obama.

Working people are Black, and they are White.  Slavery was about trades of workers who were slave labor.  Labor.  If you are labor, and haven’t joined a union, even a weak union, there is something wrong with your head.  You have to get good at what you do to even be wanted for the Union!   Oh it’s paying for a job.  Now the universities and colleges get a lot of benefits from the end of meritocracy.  Certified welder.  You’ll never be out of work if you are a good welder.  What’s certification cost.  Metal breaks.  It’s dangerous if the gondola falls out of the Ferris wheel.  Everything costs to get you in a good job.  Smart kids been told never think about working hard, outside, get a degree.

Pilots, they used to be Captains, with respect.  Now they make them like bus drivers.  Not that driving a bus, being a bus driver isn’t honorable.  I was a great driver.  I could have driven a bus.  Your on the ground.  People always watching you.  Guys putting in the gas pumps can’t come over and talk a minute.  They’re all on camera.  I never minded it much at the airport.  In the Guiding Light studios though, they had us do things for show, and watched us.  Talked about us.  Don’t have to stand there in front of you and say what they get to say.

Surveillance.  You get a job you’re not under surveillance and wow, nobody after your piss?  Wow.  All for pot.  The whole fucking country fucked for illegal pot.  Hoover fixed it that way.  Vote Republican?  Chris Christe wants more drug war.  Joe Biden the same.  No wonder I thought the nation was bust.  Family.  I could have stayed in Canada.  Socialized medicine and single payer and you could survive maybe without family.  Who can survive without family in the US?  My wife saved my life at least twice.  Pulled me out of that nursing home.  Prison food.  I lost 35 pounds.  I go back there and I’ll kill myself.

You’ll be surprised.  Anything can happen.  Lucky, you’ll get old.  It will cost to keep you alive. If you had nobody, what would the Republican world do for you?  Everybody needs a gun.  You can shoot squirrels.  Start early, get used to the taste.  Squirrels.

The girl is screaming at me almost.  I’m a Democrat.  She wants her brother to come and do something to me.  “My brother’s a cop.  You can’t shoot me with the camera, show it without my permission.”   Actually if you are out in public and get shot on camera, it is like you had no expectation of privacy.  It’s legal far as I know, still picture, or moving.  Your talking in the parking lot.  You’re telling me Obama is the worst.  Say Obamacare is stupid.   Hell, really it isn’t enough what he got to do.

Bipartisanship.  Forget it.  Bipartisanship is about giving the Republicans everything they want.  Hagan was for the Keystone Pipeline. That’s when the trouble started.  I had to write my own name in.  I couldn’t vote for either one of them….

I want the votes of the working classes, not because it necessarily will make all the difference, but because they are of my class.  I became working class.  Well I WAS WORKING CLASS ALL ALONG.  Intelligentsia!  I was that!  No company.  By myself.  My wife is better educated.  I’m more experienced.  Read all the same books.  One of the reasons I married her.  Just to forty, see the Reading List.  Republicans like Larry McMurtry.   Well he has one thing to say.  “Help your friends.”  That’s his message out of all of it.  Republicans must like the Indian killing.  Savages.  Stone age people.  Apache.  Kill you.  Wasn’t it Apaches were the worst about that?

Wasn’t one of the a hermaphrodite?  Who are your friends.  I’d rather not have any than have the wrong sort.  Working class.  Writers are working class you know.  They have to work.   “We need somebody to fill these columns.”   Say the right thing.   There is news.

I can wait to make my decision.  I want to be drafted?  Who you want to pay 370 thousand dollars a year for life, me or quiet Burr?  Think about it.  My goals are to prevent the apocalyptic riot, more war.  The Petrodollar imperative means war, and it means end of the world for people.  The Insurodollar would make that different.  Human Capital.  Working people are worth more than they know.  Working people in NC are made poor no matter what.  What do they mean driving a nicer car than me, a rich guy?   We can’t have that.  They get something, it’s nice, they’re making too much money.  That’s the way they think.  Republicans.  Signed the Norquist Nation Pledge.  You got an accountant that gets you out of paying taxes?   They do.  Now they are going to pass a law limiting taxes no matter what.  Laws that make thinking against the law are stupid far as I am concerned.  Republicans like the Emperor Napoleon.  What a dumbass he was.  Lost Haiti, legally got to loot Haiti.  Still lost it vindictive fool lost all that was the Louisiana Purchase for all the trees in Haiti.  Had to sell it so he could waste his time beating on Haiti.  Generals, I don’t know, I don’t know if they ought be politicians at all ever.  My hero Grant, he just tore the Indians up.  Was happy as hell about the veterans becoming Indian killers and gold miners.  Sort of upset me.  He was a great general.

Lincoln, Eisenhower, Grant, Nixon, Reagan, the Bush family who joke and pal around with Clinton.  Think about it.  The country just got meaner and meaner.  Roosevelt won too much.  Roosevelt won so many times they had to fix that.  He won fair and square.  He couldn’t live forever.  Wedemeyer was doing a good job in China.  US ought have supported the honest communists over the corrupt Nationalist Chagk Ki Sheck.  Formosa.  North Korea.  War in Europe could have been over year and a half earlier if it hadn’t been for Churchill and all that underbelly nibbling and tearing at the mud in Africa with the toy tanks and their 37 mm cannon against the 75s on the Germans tanks.

Oil.  We been fighting for oil in the mideast since the end of WWI. Killing people and drawing lines.  Stalin killed his own.  Big country.  Now they got silence as the new propaganda.  Economic warfare going on.  Ukraine.  Ukraine was corrupt and the people suffered.  War and corruption keep people poor.  Working class people don’t deserve wars.

Jesus, I don’t get it, how can any working class person vote Republican?  Democrats need to carry guns too.  Working people could make the Democratic Party what it ought to be.  Strong and clear and willing to really be confrontational about the whole situation.  It is bad.  Wage slavery sucks.  Republicans aren’t making so much about Sanders being a socialist because they are buying up all the mediocre politicians for Clinton.  She must be depressed.  I’d not be surprised if she wasn’t suicidal.  Well there is the grand kid.  She’s intelligent.  She knows the story.  She knows what part she is playing.  Nobody calls the bailout what it was: Socialism for the rich.  It’s been that way.  Working people make all the rest, the little minority with bonds and stocks and lots of land and the deeds of their trusts, all that, working people make them rich.  Made the DuPonts rich.  DuPonts went into finance early.  They got rid of the bomb material plant by the rivers in South Carolina where there were the ignorant and pliant workers.  They got out of that just in time.

Girl wants to hurt me because I’m a Democrat.  Wants her cop brother to come over and read me the law.  I know the fucking law.  She knows she won’t come off looking so smart on any TV.  Girls like that, they are one end of the spectrum.  What to call them, rednecks?  I been out in the woods with them drinking bud wiser and playing their guitars and they make arrangements for messing around you know.  I was a painter for 6 months.  I went far down to get back up.  I was too old to be going through that stuff.  I got releases for Contractors Creed.  No way sign no release.  On the other end of the hippie spectrum they are witches.  Dance around trees and collect feathers and bones.  It matters what prays you say, and to what.  God or no god, everybody prays.  Nobody can help it.  We’re human beings.

Republicans pray for cheap labor, or slave labor, and wage slavery works well enough, maybe better.  “You’re free, it’s your fault.”   If you are, you know, obedient, we’ll give you a job with the government.  That will keep your mouth shut.

Too much.

Racism, Weeds, Flowers

Photo on 3-5-13 at 4.08 PM 2I was changing the work situation.  Farr Associates Leadership Workshop was all set up and I got the messages all around and went far down till I was living in the motel across from the Greensboro Historical Museum.   The credits say who I was with.  I spent another week on the motel room to finish the video film I made that ended up titled Contractors Creed.  It’s in the lineup of Transcendian on youtube.  I’ve not done a show yet today.  It’s way back towards the beginning.  The cut is fine.  It works a lot like The Wild Palms.  Nobody who knows me likes it.  They turn their head.  It’s fucking videotape, a waste of time.  All I had.

The breaking point was when I found a place for 375 a month and I knew I could hold it up.  The stagehand jobs were ridiculous in that the tours were getting a fantastic deal on the labor, union labor, good labor.  I think I tied in people like Prince for 15 dollars an hour after 8, maybe ten.  It never seemed enough by the time I paid single mans taxes and the union got their little bit of 3 percent.  Nothing was doing anything for my card.  It was another local, another line of work.

The producers coming down out of Washington, from NY, from anywhere, as headed South, all of them laughing up their sleeves.

The little man in his little grey suit looked me up on line and refused to rent to me.   I had to go.  I’d met these people through the girl I was chasing.   I started painting houses.  They used my bank account to float for things.  I lost count, of it.  Painter culture.  Ended up in motels.  They drank heavy.  Heavier than I ever thought about.  I’d had a girl did real crazy things.  Hail cabs when I told her we didn’t have money.  Nearly got me arrested.  Showed up later.  You can’t live like that long or things get really bad.

You can see the tape.

There is another part.

I was in the hotel.  Back then I had a semi automatic .22 long rifle Smith an Wesson.  Fun to shoot.  Really these guns, they are all too big.  You can’t hide them.  Carry them in a holster people see them.   They get riled up.

I went to a motel bar.   I can’t remember it.  The name of it.  One of those places.  So I met this black girl and she invites me to go with her to a Black club in the Black part of town and I go.  Think we take a cab.  Yeah we take a cab.  I’ve been to places.  I went up with the girls and we saw Shaft in the balcony South Side of Chicago.  All Black.  Dawn said I was Blacker than most black guys.  She was in the class.  Sex crazed she got during the time we were in class.   They were teaching us to be writers.  Scholarship.    I was disadvantaged.   Broken home and  all that.

It was a big deal with my dad, my family, my mother, Civil Rights.  Poor Black Lady came to our door and asked to use the bathroom.  They knew we were alright.  The whole town knew.  Mom made a big scene registering to vote about the goddamned Literacy Tests, since it was still Jim Crow in 1962.

Dad, Dad ended up teaching at A&T, and Winston Salem State.  The humiliations he went through trying to save his marriage.  I got pencil written letters.  He loved me.  He loved us.  Four kids.  Mom said he was “Having affairs with men.”   Bob was around a lot.  There were was a young guy.  Told me I’d like poetry later.  I was listening to Jim Morrison by then.   13.  Morrison was a poet.   Bob Dylan was a poet.

We lived in a fine house.  It’s made ugly now like the University sucked all the beauty out of the town.  Elon, it’s beautiful now.  I went there to work on He Got Game.  Black people turned out to hate gays, guys on the down low.   Dad.  Combat soldier in the last gasps of the war in France, Germany.  Combat medal.  That thing with the musket.  I never knew till I had it on my jacket and a Union guy called me out on it.  Don’t wear it unless you earned it.   Taught me something.

Blacks and gays are outcasts. Dissidents.  Dissidents like me.  Outcast.  When I wasn’t available for a girl I did it sometime.  Fuck it.  Nobody wants you if you need it.  I saw a prostitute twice.  I needed it.  Men need it.  Something, that’s what porno’s for lots of the time.  I love a strip club.  Some people stuck with it.  Free love.  It’s too much.  You are alone.   I had a girl was a sport fucker.   Liberated.  It’s hard to handle.  Don’t think somebody is your soulmate so much.  Just ’cause you think so, they don’t.

Nearly killed myself.   Stupid.

So we get to the Club and this woman doesn’t have any ID.  They won’t let her in the club.  Stupid.  I don’t need it.  I let her go off in another car with friends of hers.  I started walking back to the motel.   I hinched up into the dark on the RR Tracks.  I’m on a Black side of Town.  I’m white.  I’d about got robbed and beaten on the wrong in of Court Street off Flatbush one night.  Was going to a party.  Had a late train after the party.   Zig Zagged back and forth when the gangs of 4, three, were walking towards me.  I didn’t want to take any chances.  End  of the two blocks a guy with an umbrella starts running after me.   I hail a Gypsy cab.  Yelling.  I had money.  Tipped him big.

“Don’t leave till I’m in the door.”

I had to cut over to the sidewalk.  I was near the motel.  I’d been wearing like dress shoes.  They weren’t good for running.  They weren’t good for walking either.

Some foot falls are coming up fast behind me.  I turn around and this Black guy is near on me.   He was going to bowl me over.   You don’t know what will happen to you when you go down on concrete.

“Hey, what you doing!”

“Nothing.   I’m not do’in nothing.  I’m not doing nothing.”

“Hey you were running up on me from behind.”

“Fuck you.”

I keep backing up.  I’m looking in the traffic.  I’m looking for a cab.  I’m looking for anything.   The guy is hinching around.  “Get away from me.”

He starts to come at me.  I go into the road.  There is traffic.  He’s backed off.  Tall skinny guy.  Wearing basketball shorts.  Tee shirt.

“I’m going to shoot you motherfucker.”

I got him on the other side of the road now.  I guess he chased me and got on the other side of the lane.  I’m looking at him.  Has he got a gun for real?   Mines locked in the motel room.  I’m looking at him.  Cab comes.  I get in front of it.  Dive in.  Cab driver.   “You got money?”

“Yeah, I got money, get me out of here.”

These women pushed Bernie Sanders off the stage screaming “Black Lives Matter.”   Makes me think of it all.  There is plenty of racism, and stupid people Black and White, White and Black.  They grow like grass.  Weeds choke out the flowers.

Crisis to List.

Twelve O'Clock High/Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort frame from watercolor story.

Yeah, there is a Democratic fund raiser breakfast in October.  I have ignored the exact date, since in fact the featured speaker is Kay Hagan.  To me the measure of all that is wrong with Democrats is embodied in Kay Hagan and her policies of appeasement if there is in fact appeasement as a fair thing to call as a thing some politician is doing.

The Repulicians were to be appeased.  The Petro Industry was appeased.  The Tobacco farmers and god knows what other faction of those powers run amok in their fury that the world is changed by forces seriously willing to destroy all life on the planet in the whimper ways TS Eliot foresaw.

It is to me a big deal that Fukushima happened and continues to pollute the Pacific ocean.  It is hard to believe that it was about three days ago I read that the thing killed 16 thousand people.  True, or untrue?  I really don’t know.

I read that propaganda is out and silence is in.

Georgia lost a mile to the Russians.  I read that.  The Russians are doing a lot of provocations.  Crimea.  They took it.  They took the Ukrainian submarine back once it was got working by the Ukrainians.  Ironically I got a great Ukrainian sub captains uniform from a supporter.  It came months before the events with the Ukrainian sub.  Zaporizhia.  The thing was pretty rough looking, but they had got it going.  Russians took  it back.

Then they, the Russians have been flying their bombers into Nato airspace with their transponders turned off so the controllers can’t see them.  The US did things like this to Mexico to provoke the Mexican American war in the 1840s.  Nukes make all this a whole different story.  People are used to radioactive pollution.  After all the tests and us still being around, they are like ready to be done with tests.  No big deal.

IHS is a corporate intelligence company.  They issue reports you can get without paying them to find things out that benefit whatever corporation you have going in the world.  This sort of thing isn’t new.  You’ve heard of Banana Republics.   Iran Contra, it was in your face.  Reagan got elected.   Elected.

We think we can trust people like Gore and Obama.  They do some good and then do some bad.  Wilson and Roosevelt left things to the League of Nations, or the UN.  Was successful Zionism really the best thing for the world?  Majority rule went out the window on that.  Democracy of Israel is like in its death throes.

I’ve offered a solution that would at least diminish the violence.  That was the Insurodollar skew where the Palestinians and the Israelis insure each other so it costs when they kill each other.   Noam Chomsky said it was a good idea but nobody would listen.

Maximum effort is what it would take out of me to become a Senator and survive for a term.  I’d get the Energy Capture going that the engineers have all in their back pockets already.   Superconductors.  Get the generators in the water and have them cool their lines out.  Volts DC, people keep complaining about it.  Volts DC.  It really isn’t that big of a problem considering the stakes.

Propaganda.  You just eat it up.   War is supposed to be over in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It sure doesn’t feel that way.  I myself feel conflict and meanness all over the place.  Maybe it’s the vibrations of the Drug War.  They say 10 thousand a year at least are killed in that.

I don’t know all the stories.

Back when I was recording all the ecology lectures in the 70s they said that it was likely that there would be too many crises at one time and fantastically bad things would come about.   Looks like we had better list the most threatening crises, and come up with realistic solutions that get heard.

Executive Committee Notes, Voting is First

Methaphors for Power

Power Lines which could be as well transportation corridors, but laws have made that impossible.

Executive Committee Meeting

I did not announce myself as a candidate for the Democratic Senatorial Seat contest.  I mean the US Senate.  It was on the tip of my tongue.  I felt less brave and berated myself for my lack of courage to stand up.  I still have time.  I am still looking at things.

I awoke this morning in pain all throughout.  PT is in 45 minutes.  I have doubts that I will be able to get through and live another 6 years, 7 years, when waking up is such a painful experience.  If the Union had gotten back to me to talk about support, I would have stood up. If the Democratic Party had gotten back to me, instead of ignoring me, I would have stood up.

Doesn’t matter too much since I’ll have Transcendian work till I die.  I was thinking that the failures meant I had to return to nationalism towards my nation, I have never abandoned, except for that time I went to Canada because I wasn’t going to waste my fighting years on Viet Nam.  Soldiers in letters home told me not to, and I believed them.

I’ve already said that Orange County Democrats are not all that progressive.  There was proof when the best of the commissioners up was a Republican.  There are a couple of rabid ideologues out there running with Koch jobs for County seats.  County politics affect the regular walking around person a good deal.

The lack of willingness of people to run or vote was discussed.  I can certainly empathize.  Involvement eats time.  No wonder the politics go to dedicated pros who get paychecks from it.  Names went by too fast to write down.  I about wished for a chalk board as opposed to the big screen TVs.

As an anarchist like I used to be I believed in voting as just another thing possible to do.  Like one more tool if you wanted government to work a bit for you and yours.

Locally in Carrboro and Chapel Hill their have been secured by Election Board Members who volunteer for the work involved three convenient Early Voting Sites

Town Hall Carrboro, Chapel of the Cross, the Episcopal Church next to the Morehead Planetarium on Franklin St., and the Seymore Senior Center.  I have no idea where the Seymore Senior Center is.

Far as my own political action success, I got Verla Insko to finally call Mike Williams who is NCSU Head of Department of Presage Poultry, and the NCSU Point man concerning Renewable Energy engineering out of NCSU.  NCSU research is much used in China.  Some of what they are doing with Hog Wastes hasn’t been done before.  Costs are hard to figure when it hasn’t been done before.  Everything costs more the first time done.  Solar applied to the recovery of gas from hog wastes would alleviate the costs of the electricity.  Integrating energy capture takes a little thought that pouring gas in the tank doesn’t.  CNG is held back by the need for trained technicians handling gas that is under high pressure.

I encountered failure setbacks when trying 17 years ago to move exoskeletons forwards to combine with forklifts for sheet rock delivery in its last stage that produces 70 percent disability.

Thow away people were and are preferred.


Two Gifts/Letter to Good People/Pearls to Swine?

Transcendian Money by Dave RiptonT

Two gifts to the world from Transcendia.  One is the Insurodollar, and the other is a way to cut down the killings between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  Both are related.

When people finally get to Transcendia, the work of conceptual art, this is the page they are going to see.  They aren’t scrolling through the years and years of columns, contributions, as thoughts were developed.  Only as good as your last job.  This is the last job.  Here it is.

For the Middle East, Israel is there.  It was there and then there was a long break, then the Jews returned to their home.  OK, done deal.  Wilson believed in Majority Rule.  Minority rule is the rule.  That’s it.  Done.  Live with it.  Everybody who knew anything knew it was trouble.

I thought about it.  I watched Noam Chomsky debate Dershowitz.  Oh my god!  Dumb shit out of Dershowitz.  I’m not cowed by these people.  Stick a stamp on them.  Move a wall around?  Crazy stupid shit.

Cut it out.  Democracy isn’t always anything more than mob rule.  What’s the goal?  Whoever it is, what is the goal.  Good King, good goals.  Peace Prosperity, food shelter.  People who live normally.  They just want a family.  They know friends come and go.  Blood.  The land. They have to fight for it.  People want what you have.  You bought it up and you made it work, grow food, and they want it.

The main thing, goal of Transcendia is to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot.  Starts where?  Israel.  They’ll fight.  Life or death struggle.  All the time.  Surrounded by enemies.  High ground.  They have to keep the high ground.

People are all over the place.  Poor people.  Israel needs to keep them poor?  They are enemies.  They are sick of it all.  There was the Mandate.  They were a Protectorate.  They are a nation.  Both of them see themselves as Nations.  OK.

So the skew of the Insurodollar is that they insure each other.  If they kill each other they have to pay for it.  Run the coffers low if they kill innocents.  Death and destruction benefits go out of the National Insurance Company Human Capital Bank that is the basis for the currency, if it is an Insurodollar.

Whatever they call their money.  Palestinians have friends, supporters, so do the Israelis.  What is the money spent on?  Keeping a lid on it.  War.  Threatened and they fight.  Teenagers and they follow the gangs of unsocialized gangs.  Stupid.  Nation has to have a monopoly on violence.  It’s a rule.  I got less respect for the nation, Israel, for doing war things because of the teenagers.  What the teenagers do.

I can’t expand on it that much.  It’s too simple.  If there is a killing of an innocent, the insurance company has to pay.  Palestinians pay for killing Israelis and Israelis pay for killing Palestinians.

You have to be delusional to think that you will beat the Petrodollar Imperative as long as it is the basis of the currency.  Oil and gas are like gold to the world.  In this world.  Burn everything up and it gets hotter.  Surprise.  Play with Carbon Credits?  You’re still playing with fire.  Everything is dying.  Plastics all in the oceans.  Too much.

Fukushima is swept under the rug.  Goddammit, the mobsters get to make money sending the poor into work there.  They don’t care.  They’re mobsters for gods sakes.  But it shows.  The Energy is the key.  You have all these people.  They need electricity.  Everything is about electricity.  Cheap electricity.  Capture it from the Sun and put the generators in the oceans.  Let the engineers do it.  The engineers want to work on it.  They like the problems.  Give them the money and leave them alone.  They don’t like talking to you.  They have problems with stupid time wasting crap.  They want to solve the problems.  You need to protect them from being interfered with.

You add up the value of the people and it’s on an actuary table and there it is.  It’s understandable to capitalists.  Labor is international.  International labor.  Poison the water it hurts the people.  Goes on like that.  Changes the paradigm.  People worth more than gold or oil, it changes the direction of things.  That’s why the Insurodollar is better than the Petrodollar.

Okay.  I wrote down the two gifts to the world I made up for the work of art that is Transcendia.  Am I throwing the pearls to the pigs?  Are you swine?  Am I wasting my time?  Always.  Always wasting my time.  It’s running out.

Every day the Apocalyptic Riot is more likely.  You can’t have all the nuclear bombs and the pressures and the economic wars.  Germany just beat the shit out of Greece.  Something about the Germans.  They need to just stay in their place.  Culture.  It’s in their hearts.  Winning is everything.  Put the Greeks in their place.  They, the Greeks, too bad, they are not together.  Like the Russians got screwed by their own and the invaders they didn’t know how to do business with, they get looted.

Finance now is all about looting the next guy.  Find a weakness and exploit it and wipe them out.  Take all their stuff.  Hide it.  Put it somewhere.  Buy some art.  Finance.  It’s hardball.

The Insurodollar, if the Netherlands adopts it, it doesn’t have to fear Germans so much.  The Euro is a failure.  The Insurodollar creates for the people inheritance, and creates loyalty for the nation that runs the system.  It’s superior.  Alan Greenspan pissed me off.  I fixed his goddamned wagon.  I’m as good an economist as Alan Greenspan.  I have the goal of peace.  Winning the peace means making the money.  Making the money work for my class, the working classes.  All of them.  International.