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I can lose on my own by myself. In Travels With Charley by Steinbeck he tells a story about getting the car stuck that taught him not to waste time trying to do something that wasn’t possible.

It is impossible to work with the Democratic Party to win. When I presented the resolution to advance the Insurodollar as an alternative to the Petrodollar, the people in the Executive Committee did understand it, but thinking for themselves to approve the resolution was impossible.

I was asked to give them more of an authority from some academic they would respect more than me. If I don’t count for much far as they are concerned, screw it, I know what I’m talking about. The Petrodollar is wobbling.

The death of the French President of Francois Hollande Lukoil Christophe de Margerie, in my mind as Total had all the earmarks of a political assassination. That plane, the Dassault Falcon 50 is about the safest in the world having a thrust to weight ratio that will allow it, a three engined business jet to take off like a rocket if it wants. The only other fatal crash of a plane of that sort was a political assassination in Africa where it was shot down. It would be more proper to say “They were shot down.” Since people were killed.

The death of Christophe de Margerie came three months after he had said that there was no longer any good reason for transactions for oil to be done exclusively in US dollars, which are Petrodollars by definition. The currency was invented by Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon.

If you really want to know how to read between the lines when reading news reports, the best primer I know of is The Bourne Identity, which I think now is by Fredrick Forsyth, though it could be by Ludlum. My most published story “In this Medium Town” is a spy story. I was put on the trail of espionage tactics due to my work contributing to the Canadian Inspector Gadget Show. I did detective work recovering stolen property to get my flight lessons through solo.

Sure enough professionals do not leave witnesses or evidence. You follow the motive and the opportunity. It is not a small thing that de Margerie was challenging the Petrodollar. The Petrodollar was invented specifically to deny France gold. It is no wonder a Frenchman with great power over fossil fuel distribution and the currency used might work a bit at pushing up the prestige of the Franc, oh, sorry, Euro.

The way the story read it looked to have been written before Christophe de Margerie was dead. Evidence is everything. I cannot say for sure. Looked like a thermite bomb burning at the wing root at takeoff did the work of killing a man who was undermining the Petrodollar. I imagine there are some Cold War warriors stationed in Moscow who took care of it. There was some sloppiness to the story. The truck the plane hit was one thing then another, and the driver wasn’t supposed to live from the looks of it.

This is politics. War never ends at all for spies and mobsters, now all the same for a long time with all the off book money from drug running and aviation ground services. Page Avjet was definitely CIA MI6, or whatever the British Military Intelligence number is. There was a cooperative set up between the US CIA and British Military Intelligence as the last thing Wild Bill Donavan did.

The ownership of Page disappeared into Malaysia, perfectly situated to keep tabs on Indochina. That President Obama got on Air Force One to go and deliver condolences to those in Malaysia when that airliner went missing meant there was a need for some face to face intelligence briefings. The FSB and the GRU are at war with the USA and the UK. Wars since WWI have been over access to oil.

The way American Airlines moved into Haiti looked like CIA now to me. I’d not surprised if American Airlines was CIA now. Still it is selling the aviation fuel where the money can be better hid, especially in cooperation with the UK because of the oblique banking that keeps the Cook and Cayman Islands rolling in cash. Since my study of the JFK murder I have suspicions that US Presidents are not fully in control of their intelligence services, that were started with separate agendas of their own from the get go.

The sun shines everywhere. It is a threat to the business. The sun is harder to control. With the gutting of tax credits and retention of the so called Renewables Targets, all goes to Duke Power and Tesla. The Tesla Powerwall will need experienced installers and electricians. Apodoca or another of the Not Conscious C.S.A. will do all possible to protect their own, and their own are not at all the Not Conscious small businesses they tout as the real job creators.

Keeping North Carolinians desperate and ignorant with a 25 percent poverty rate working or not is no accident. The C.S.A. resents still the freedom of slave labor. Convenient for the University System they are by law prohibited from paying the working classes any more than comparable private industry pays. No ethical leadership allowed from what is the employment hegemon in all the University towns and cities. What is called private industry has not raised wages for many of the jobs I’ve had in 30 or 40 years. Only the raising of the government mandated minimum wage has kept private industry from paying what they paid in 1982.

The US government New Deal programs like Social Security get a break in all the C.S.A. States since the dole, that given to those washed out of the employment numbers through age or disability get a fixed income determined by what they made when working. There is not a single former C.S.A. State in which a worker gets more than in the Northern USA States. MBAs are simply taught to do everything in their power not to pay labor.

Dividing the working classes with religious policies, or along racial divides works well. The history of redress by the working classes in the auto industry, and in the coal mines required violence. That it requires violence now may be too obvious and any sane person understands that to win there is blood spilt from which they shy if they can get by.

You young people from Not Conscious will go looking for work where it pays, and helps pay off those bigger loans you took on thinking Dad or Mom must have done it, and they are paying for you. Up North you will find the reputation of where you come from makes you look stupid, and less desirable to HR. UNC-CH committed fraud and is on the edge as far as its accreditation is concerned. It will follow you. It is meaningful.

My Union Local 491 Motion Picture card was worth less than the one you buy in NY for Local 1 or Local 52.

I know what I am talking about. “My Past Is Your Future.” There is the Freelancers Union based in Brooklyn started by the MacArthur Grant recipient Sarah Horowitz. To get the right priced ACA insurance I had to get my wife to get it from there. Here in Not Conscious she kept getting quotes the same as she got before the ACA was put in place.

You know people lie to get what they want. The company you work for most of the time will say over and over that they are losing money and would like to pay you more, but simply can’t.

Billy Graham taught all everybody that it was tantamount to a sin against God to harbor suspicions that your employer wasn’t fair with you. I mean come to Jesus? They will tell you Jesus was a great political orator for the Sermon on the Mount. It works as a secular and ethical speech if not inspired by God. I myself would be a stone cold atheist were it not for how the Bible readings by their spiritual seasons, and the I Ching work together. People learned to write and wrote two books better at living as books than ever before and since. All of the others like that Book of Mormon, or the Koran, are just aping on them for the love of power that some dictators had.

You can think for yourself and as a walking body you represent money to all these entities preying on your honest good nature, or even that mean streak that wants to assert your value, and your values. Face it, if an abortion in fact could be characterized as a murder, it is still a woman’s unique right and decision to carry it out if she judges it to be the best thing all around. We tolerate murder as self defense. We accept murder on the battlefield. There are unpleasant decisions people have a right to make about their private lives. Let it go.

But long and short of all I got to say is that I am totally Transcendia and Transcendian and my policies are to support and fund the Engineers, and get energy captured and get pot legalized and get people paid a living wage and get the highway in NC, Not Conscious paid for out of the highway taxes not a loan as a bond, and eliminate 25 percent poverty in NC, Not Conscious.

I am going to have to claim TV Land territory, and I will go to their hideouts and yell and play my guitar, for I can wear a big hat and I can be the man for the Red Necks who want to see a strongman, a winner. I will be the Rat Rider, The Outdoor Cat. I still have bills left over from when I was strong. Just another old sick white man, perfect for the US Senate. And do you really want to pay Burr or Tillis, or me? I’m like you, only different.

This and That Show, Balance


from trip to C/21 museum and hotel


I cannot afford to think but so much and believe it is not so much that one always makes the right decision, but that one can make it. Meaning make the decision.
For the artist the frame provides hope of perfection. It has to do with the fact of the limits. Because the frame is limited I may create a perfection in that frame.
Of course then you, having a finite life have the prospect of a perfect life then. There is nothing to do. It is perfect because it is, and it is finite.
Free will gives you the power to make it imperfect. You create for yourself an imperfect world when you set for yourself goals that you cannot achieve.
There is history and prehistory. From prehistory no art survives. Sometimes bones and foot prints are found, but no art is found. Cave art and the petroglyphs are nearly perfect for the time that they survive.
How much does the goal determine the perfection of the art? Can art be art at all if it has a political goal?
The modern pop art revolution was political since the goal of the art was to confirm that there were people living different lifestyles than that which was approved by the authorities, and to which one was expected to conform.
In balance I conform to the degree that I decide is good for me. There are authorities who now say that the laws of the land are not good for us.
They have a desire to be the monopoly. NC is Not Conscious. I want to live in Montevideo, Uruguay. They are a small nation of 3 and a half million. It is damp, which makes my bones hurt, but warm. The winds blow. Pot is legal. That is the big thing. I want to get stoned. It is good for me. There are many medical reasons I have discovered since I got so sick that it is good for me, besides I was not born to be sober all the time.
I have told the story of the morning when I came to have for the rest of my life two questions that make my life imperfect. How can I prevent atomic war, and how can I meet, now see, people from outer space.
These are perfectly good questions.
All they have to do with the art on the wall is that the more money I have the more good I can do. I could afford to make speeches. I could afford to rent a stake back and go around to the TV Stations and play my guitar and talk. I could make a scene.
Poverty equals ignorance. I am anti ignorance.
This has to be so if I am to answer my questions in ways that create an infrastructure that lives to do the job of preventing Apocalyptic Riot.
For the other job it is Superconductors.
On the wall is the brush drawing of Laura Mersini Houghton, the astrophysicist who understands string theory with words and in the math. My wife arranged for me, us, to have coffee with her and her husband Jeff. Jeff advises nations on issues of economic development.
There are a lot of things I need to know to most perfectly prevent the Apocalyptic Riot. I have 425 followers on Twitter. I beg them to tweet to John Kerry that he must find a resolution to the Economic War between the US and Russia.
This sort of thing comes to be necessary for me to do in my position as Founder of Transcendia, my Grand work of Conceptual Art. It is suppose to be my nation under my flag, of confederated international airports. The idea being that the ports being culturally neutral would be good places for trade that otherwise could not happen. This would moderate world economic disparities preventing some of the motive that cause war.
You are more likely to go to war with people you do business with than not, so the good can only come from Balance.
My art made and put in this show is divided from the work at some point because no one wants art that is not good company on their wall.
All cave art of animals and the pornographic pictures not shown, is good company. All of it is good company now even if some contemporary viewer didn’t like it simply because it survives.
Time has created from prehistory art a perfection.
For us to be great politically is for us to not be a finite species.
Good honest hard working artists must learn engineering. The tools they use become important. You cannot have perfection of the infinite. Then the goal becomes the only perfect thing about the work of conceptual art. The more people that understand the goals of the artist, then the more perfect it is and that is why a mere Andy Warhol signature is art.
Pop Art was part of the revolution.
Stalin was a revolutionary as well, but he robbed banks.

US & China as Corporations & Wage Slaves

Twelve O'Clock High/Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort frame from watercolor story.

In my show at This and That there is no sex, and I, like the rest of you have heard that sex sells.
In the guest room is Dream of my Wife, which was created from a dream of sex to happen with my beatnik wife.
She does wear black a lot and that is the original beatnik, serious beatnik dress code.

I got the uniform for Transcendia on, which is blue jeans and suspenders and a white shirt.

The Radio keeps the show alive. I called out to the thing that we all had to become nationalists now. Not any choice so the complicated thing of love of country, when it has betrayed you comes up.

Well like the Kinks said, “It’s a complicated life.”

More and more you had better have dual citizenship. Buy a Transcendian Passport. Buy my books, they are how I intend to make money to do my work.

I am behind the curve on the preventing of the Apocalyptic Riot. I can tweet to John Kerry to resolve the Econ War with Russia. Apologize for all the Wall Street Looters that rushed in screaming “Give us that steel cheap! You’re in a jam and we get to take advantage of that because we are all Capitalists now see! Buddies.”

Capitalism that steals and loots and rips good companies apart and these hedge fund sons of bitches, Shadow Banking, it is a failure for the people either locked in dead end jobs with no hope of an extra dollar to pay for their garage ideas, fails us all.

Insurodollar makes sense but no authority in a big hat will tell you so so you can’t make up your mind. I am telling you. Think about it for yourself for Gods Sake! Human Capital made sense to slave traders, how’s that? We can take possession of ourselves and our values and fight the Petrodollar imperative. It is a complication of the Nationalism that is for the good of your heart, and not to sell you war.

At least we got Free Speech in the US as its wage slaves trying to get a better deal than wage slaves of China. What of India. Yeah, them too.

I want to win that job of US Senator from Not Conscious, so I need a truck, a flatbed, and I need to show up on it talking real loud in front of the TV Stations. There is the battlefield.

Nikon or Panavision?

IGX is area identifier

imaginary event poster

When Zuckerberg paid a couple of billion for Instagram I thought Panavision was leaving money on the table. I wrote the CEO Kim Snyder suggesting so. I suggested that Panavision make software that gave all cameras a Panavison look.

I had made a unique package for this. I wanted to make a piece of paper, document that would be identifiable in a pile. I kept a copy of the bald concept that I found some couple of months ago. This was found in my novel manuscript.

I know how I keep things so make things to be possible to find by the messiest of minds.

I sent this all in after working on it. I got no answers. I asked my webmaster if he could work something up along these lines.

Google Glass appealed to me as perfect for the Celebrity Disc Golf show I keep trying to do as a simple show. I tried to get through to them. On their sites there is a place to submit Business Plans. They say there once submitted it is theirs.

In 2012 I made a little movie about it all. “Dead End Street”. It is on my youtube channel Transcendian.

On Linked in a few four months ago I saw notice of the Panavision release of a new free app for I phone that is essentially what I pitched to Panavision. It is called Panascout.

“Hey.” I called Panavision. ‘What can I recover from my work?’

Their attorney called. They won’t pay. “You can’t win.” They say.

There is some more to it but it is like my experience writing for the Canadian “Inspector Gadget Show”. I wrote three teleplays. They were rejected. I was living in a hotel. They asked me to write synopses. They being the Creative Director. They said I was good a the stories.

LA Producers came to Toronto and said, “Don’t pay him.”

I wrote 10 of those. I was paid a hundred and 25 Canadian dollars for the one used. It is about the theft of a satellite.

They had offered me a job as a secretary. I’d not quit my job in Florida at Business Air Center, to come up to Toronto and be a secretary. Fuck adventures you know. I was probably 29 at the time.

“Don’t pay him.”

I’d wanted to get along with Panavision and pointed out that from a Marketing Standpoint, if they could support, find distribution for my simple show, using I Phones, in NC, it would do them good.

“No, don’t bother me.” Pretty much. No exact quote.

Panavision was worth 60 million when I last looked. Their receipts were on the low side of 193 million when I looked it up last night. People with fortunes can get revenge when things like this happen by buying the company and doing as they see to do. Fire people that hurt them.

Last time I tried for any revenge I got the short end of the stick, so I am careful. Still I’ll be using Nikon or my Olympus, or whatever, if I can make it work out.

Of course I can just do it all for nothing.

As Compromise Support Cut for Targets

Photo on 3-5-13 at 4.08 PM 2

From what I understand of the NC Budget as regards Renewables and Energy Capture, the target of 10 percent is left in place, but the tax credits are withdrawn.
What this means is that Duke Power that has had years and generations to write the legislation that favors it, gains more power over the small entrepreneurs who leapt into Renewable Energy systems and their installations.

I had worked at making sure that the Legislature would have no chance of pleading ignorance of the importance of Renewables and Energy Capture. My roads lead to NCSU where the engineers are. The system for hog farms to get good natural gas from hog wastes with the side benefit of cleaning the air for the burnt nose corridor requires inexpensive solar.

Withdrawal of the tax credits will likely put small businessmen in need of the subsidy out of business, or make it much more difficult to get established. They have positioned themselves to become experienced installers of Tesla Powerwalls, for residential use and businesses. Now it is likely they will be eaten by Duke Power.

Duke is powerful and like many powerful corporations knows exactly how to crush nascent competitors. They are also old friends of the Governor McCrory.

We are in an era where the Corporatism is an ideology. One name for it is the Market State. Its adherents of the Corporations and Financial Engineers of Wall Street and London are out to cripple the Nation State, and Nation States.

My generation abandoned the United States because of Vietnam and then afterwards when Carter was pushed out by Reagan forces of criminality and in your face stupidity when Reagan and his people sold piss on you trickle down economics as if this was some real economic plan that did any working man any good.

I in fact started work on Transcendia in 1978. After 36 years of study with a significant fact check change in 1994 I was able to issue a final form for the international public Transcendia and Transcendian Passport. The final chink in the puzzle, now a cornerstone of the edifice was the invention and reinvention of the Insurodollar I first wrote of in 2003, or was it 2002? Unless we value ourselves over oil, we are literally doomed. It is happening faster than the old hippies turned cynical nihilistic isolationist thought it would.

You saw them on the picket lines in front of the White House protesting the stupid Keystone Pipeline. These, my people of my generation have gotten off their asses and wrestling with the demand that they become Nationalists again, is wrenching. We just wanted to stay around for the prelude to the closing act, not be in it ourselves. We told youth after Carter to forget it, politics was rigged. We could do nothing about the removal of the solar panels from the roof of the White House.

I have a good ideal of what they teach in our business schools. Don’t pay labor, crush Unions. Destroy competition, and if the competition is a nation, destroy its leaders who oppose your rule. The Oil and Electric Power Corporations take all competition into account.

North Carolina is so grandly equipped with an ocean frontage, good arable land and minerals and gold and mountains that it is by design that 25 percent of its people are living in poverty. The small tobacco farms inherited by the younger generation are prevented from making money growing pot, which hasn’t killed ever anyone in 5 thousand years.

Blacks and Whites live apart and represent a victory to the Businesses who love the racial division of labor. Wage slavery, always the degree past chattel slavery is advancing by design of these corporations in the Corporation of China, as the US pretends it is a nation still.

The timing and reality of even having a legislature to protect us from the likes of a Holden Thorp and the Board of Governors is a great thing. I at least have the opportunity to tell Verla Insko to fight for the reinstatement of renewables tax credits if even only in a reduced percentage from 35 to 25 percent.

Let Duke Power and GE have the Gulf Stream to drop turbines in. I never learned to scuba dive anyway.

Russell. Vice Chair of the Town Hall Precinct of Carrboro Democrats
Writing as a blogger on, Producing Daily the Intendor Radio Show, on youtube as Transcendian, the Show so named because He Intended, still maybe intends to run for the US Senate, which would take support from a lot of people actually buying his books on Amazon.

Spiritually Attuned & Equipped/RSD

2Transcendian an Cover 2

It is my policy to never leave the house without a camera. I am lucky that I have an old one and a new one. The old one is obviously inferior. Especially when it comes to the motion picture setting.

Still I had to leave and go get a shot for my arm, impossible to raise even to the 90 degree from my torso. Every time I do things with my right arm, like saw out a body or make a neck for the experiments, I pay.

After the broken leg in February I had some additional pain pills, and I wanted to get off them but now miss them due to the advance in pain. I live every day now with great gratitude, zest. I feel zesty when I feel good. Zesty I tell you!

The creation of art is best I can do. I am reduced to artist I say, which is okay, though I was always an artist and Transcendia is a serious work from which I have created the gift to mankind of a competitive currency that will challenge the Petrodollar, gift of Nixon and Kissinger, that will destroy Earth as a habitat for man. Obviously near 50 percent extinction, and in the same week, or was it two, Obama called for renewables and energy capture and signed off on drilling by Shell in the Arctic, it ought be clear that the Petrodollar Imperative is powerful, and will be fatal.

So then I have my 5 th or 6th show. I took Intendors. One was broken. Fantastic! Four remain. I am ready to get the Big Whack Ass Intendor out again. It may be dangerous to the Alesis sound processor, for it is powerful all on its own terms.

I must however seek the currency of fame, which sucks if it doesn’t come with a check.

But I meant to write about how I went not to the nearby store where I got my shot from the doctor, but had determined to see my friends at the little store I normally go to. I go to the corner where the empty gas station that by now I begin to think would be a good place for the Strip Joint the town needs, and the unnamed place across the street from Arts and Crafts of Sarah Gress.

Like at the Carrboro Century Center, I got now sales of what was there, but it wasn’t even aimed at a review. I got not even a review from the Century Center Show. Jesse’s Coffee Shop at least saw three sales from the show of photographs that went out a cost. So far I had more fun than ever at the opening at This and That.

I must have at least from there a review.

That I am to MC an act at the Carrboro Music Festival is important to my possibilities as a Radio stand up. So then the fact that I was equipped and could film Jim Dennis of the bright spot in Carrboro, the Music Loft was great. I was able to capture some news in the making. It was confirmed I will MC and I have the 27th better to look forward to.

Zest is in me, because I have long loved cameras, and making movies with them. It is something again that the feature Mint Julep is out. It ought do tourism in Aberdeen, NC some good. The pine forests of the Sandhills are beautiful. I hear golf is big there.

Anyforth so be it, the small good thing of having a camera with me to shoot Jim Dennis was just great. I am glad that I changed destinations from what was most convenient depending on something to be good about the decision to go to a regular orbit that was temporarily inconvenient. Normally it is convenient.

Intendors (TM) Transcendia (TM) and (c) all rights reserved. Please participate and share Transcendian Television Productions, and tweet to John Kerry and the State Department to resolve the Economic War in Central Europe initiated because of the Hybrid War invasion of the Ukraine. Russia ought offer to buy the land it wants. It is too bad the resolution of the Cold War was not Statehood for Russia. As thing turned the looting training on Wall Street and in London degenerated Wall Street and the traditions of Contract Law that make capitalism possible. Capitalism for my class means a paycheck. Degradation of the value of paychecks will turn the honest labor of several nations to socialism, if not communism. It is true that Roosevelt saved Capitalism with the New Deal, as is clear in the conversation between the rich guy and Lt. Hearn. The sergeant that gets the well meaning Lt. Hearn represents the bureaucrat. The set up to see Lt. Hearn fall leads to sad long fall of the fat guy, who never hurt any of his fellows.
Okay what I say is what is good for Labor is good for the Nation State.

Fame, fame is an important currency I must have now to succeed and see the Transcendian Flag up before I die. If it happens it means I will have succeeded in forestalling apocalyptic riot.

If you are like the sergeant in the Naked and the Dead, I hope one of my supporters has the sense to push you over the edge.

P.S. I left out that the good camera was tied up.

The Company that is the USA needs to kick out the betrayers of the People.

No Alternative

Lifesaver, it is in the house, not in the show, but It ought to go, and I will show it later.

The old songs of the greats are all anybody wants to hear from them, so they go paint or go round in circles fitting something new in now and then. I’m the Worst by Keith Richards is comparable then to Working Class Hero, which I am, and also the worst. Richards does have to point out that it has been 30 years since he was a junkie. He has a nice library.
Last night after the show I did some composing with the Alesis sound processor I got for marketing advises. I’m a consultant if anybody wants to actually know. I see my profile gets an average of 5 views a week. They seem to fail to notice I can’t really work at a regular job anymore since I am chronically ill and have an odd schedule dependent on the drugs for the chronic pain and destruction of bone and associated parts.
Most of my interests, like the exoskeleton were aimed at the work to do today. Now I have to admit they are therapeutic. Nice of me to think of useful things, even when it comes to pot. It is useful as it is or as it comes from the moslems who make nice hashish.
I did offer to debate theology high on hashish with Osama Bin Laden, as I know the brain mind condition achieved when that high.
Now I have music I have made to go along with it.
Politically from a Transcendian point of view, this is soft power.
Phd. Joey Fink was aware she was witness to history, at the opening of “Balance” my small show, in a small place, right suitable for jamming with the things I have made. It was a wonderful night because one of the Intendors ™ was broken just like real early rock and roll performance events. It will burn well, later.
Of course unlike the early days of rock and roll, my Intendor number 8 simply fell over and hit some brick of the incinerator. It’s wood is not good for the neck. Even flat though it does sure vibrate well. I have an idea.
What Ideas did Einstein have in his maturity?
When I went crazy from toxins from the infection, I was on a bad trip, and was prepared to come back from early experiments with my mind.
Once it was said to me in Rochdale that they had never seen anybody get so high, and still come back. So I could apply that early training and facility to the illness.
It came back fast, the hospital psychosis when I went in for the last hip replacement.
My first ambition was to be a psychiatrist. I believe that the cost and length of stay in the educational institutions daunted me.
They said I was the “coolest” guy they ever met, the guy on a bad trip in the Rochdale College Lobby I was guarding. I had looked him in the face. I had the same experience with Pagan our old scruffy cat, who mostly did a lot of hiding under the bed.
When she was dying for a good while, she looked at me in the face eyeballs to eyeballs for a protracted time and then for the rest of her life, the next six months, slept on the pillow next to my head till she went out and went somewhere to die.
We have never come across her body. She is with me.
Hell death had a better hand on me when my guts were all wrapped up and I was in incredible pain hunched up on the examination table. Dr. Dressen put me right without a colostomy bag, and I came back.
Hell before that I fell a story on a slab of concrete and broke my hip, pelvis, part of my hand. I was doing something stupid I had been ordered to do, and figuring it wouldn’t matter gone on to doing it till I fell in the hole in the floor.
I ought have insisted then it wasn’t my job, and it wasn’t the way it was done anyway.
They teach the hardheads that the boss is the boss. I do the job in my position as third electric as a third electric. Director I do my job as Director, and as third electric.
I loved the set etiquette of movie making said to be dysfunctional, for no one is supposed to “freelance” and the third electric does not speak directly to the Director.
In families no one speaks directly to each other either and it is supposed to be a problem in families, whereas it works on a film set.
Maybe there was a reviewer at the Opening. One man watched the show as if on assignment. I asked for that. I am desperate for reviews of my work. People in general need the authorities to point at me.
My required name of fame is my destiny to work for now. I put my studio back together different last night and this morning and made some recordings on the RadioShack recorder Alex recognized and smiled about.
I never thought at all ever that I would play guitar. Never. Now I see it is required of me. Making my own machine and tuning it my way means I get to play it my way.
Phd. or Doctor Joey as she needs to settle for as her new certificated name bought a copy of Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter, and a copy of Death is the Title, or I slept on the Porch.
I need to finish up the paper version of The Revolutionary.
Meantime, I am Indending towards that Senate seat.
That’s the thing of time as you can get a statement of from the Readings from the Bible and the I Ching. Your statement is ready.
Make no plans for a life in Heaven. Death is a return to anonymity.

Ah, I spoke to Mary Ann, and the aspiring Engineer. I am so sorry I did not photograph. All of the best was missed by my camera. I was busy being me, the Old Man now.
In this life you need the same energy in put as a light bulb that says right on it it is a 60 watt machine. I think I am a 300 watt machine as like a light bulb. I may glow low and more pleasingly at a lower input, DC.
Remember I have a wife and a daughter, and now a grandson coming.
I may have had fun making any particular work of art, like the Intendors, or the Lifesaver, or Instructions, works of art. The price tag is there for those reasons of duty and responsibility to those around me and of me.
Pay me.
Far as the political visions coming from the one vision that works like a touchstone and prevents my stone cold atheism, I do not really want donations, but more want you to buy my book, so Doctor Joey, another Historian, was right to buy the two she got.
History is important to be written down. The collective minds competitions cannot raise us forward to more control of our environment if it is not available as a lesson. This is what the Durants say.
Just finished Lessons of History.
Now the thing to do is invest in superconductors, for they are the best of the possible magic bullets to get mankind through this bottleneck.
They give us the prospect of reducing demands for energy as there are too many of us clamoring for comfortable entertaining shelters and food.
Where I live in NC there is poverty at an unacceptable rate because the pseudo aristocrats in power despise the poor and want more poverty and desperation for them so the view they fix for themselves is not disturbed.
Did Caryle Group raise labor rates for the Aviation Ground crews at Atlantic Aero passed now from the Godwin family completely?
If not, they deserve to be shamed by the government of the people for they then are a stark illustration of the game taught in the business schools that all they are to do is to make sure labor does not get paid enough to do anything but work.
Is American Airlines now the biggest Front for the CIA and MI6? I can’t tell for sure.
Why won’t Guy Kawasaki mention Transcendia, and Transcendian Passports, to Sir Richard Branson?
I reviewed his book as requested. Took me three days of work and five rewrites to finally get it posted.
He says you ought ask for favors and ask for reciprocals. Then a No to me.
I said he was a nice guy too!

Why didn’t Panavision pay me for the concept of Panascout? The lawyer for them says they don’t think I can win. Panavision will see fewer rentals in NC because the bribes were discontinued by the GOP grasp of the Legislature. They have no idea of how the business works. I offered Panavision a marketing deal based on the aim at the use of the Panascout I Phone program that mimics the Cooke lens look of Panavision, which would bring later more rentals of the real cameras that give a standard great image that will make a movie a novel.

No. Kim Snyder has a Board to answer to. That is the reason given for no marketing contract to me. Me in NC. I’ve got my official DP credit on Mint Julep. I was afraid I wouldn’t get it. I am happier with Kathy Fehl and Ian Teal for that bit, though, why didn’t they make me DP for all of it? Money issues dogged them. I was badmouthed. Angelica didn’t get something she wanted? Jet Beach hasn’t been made.

Buy it.

My demand is that you tweet to John Kerry and demand a resolution to the Economic War with Russia. China just beat the US for major economy by crashing the company and making the US hurt for it. I have an indicator. I have one stock that lost a third of its value.

Raising interest rates will give Goldman Sachs and the rest of their kind an opportunity to take over South American businesses that have debts in dollars. The distortion of the banks allows for this. They are going on as before. US citizens are now again the source of millions and billions from the guaranteed loan debts as assets on the books that young propagandized students have taken on. HR departments reject any 40 year old experienced hands that have only meritocratic resume`s to offer. Academics are safe and the economies of college towns are safe.

The aim of the MBAs not to pay labor twists the equation around so that defaults on the guaranteed debt, leveraged to raise interest rates so the BRIC and Russian challenge to the Petrodollar Reserve status currency will crash anyone with a loan made in America. The stupidity of greed marches on.

If you need to borrow, borrow from your bank, a deposit bank that is playing by the old rule book that Roosevelt and his pragmatic capitalism put in place that worked till Clinton got his dick sucked by Monica.

The education of the labor force must be truncated and left in the realm of what is too hard and dirty for the youth of the industrialists children. That was the way of the original “Liberals” of “Free Trade” and Finance as the place of the children of the successful 19th century industrialists who also refused to pay the labor brought off the land that supported the to the factories causing a rise in Socialistic methods applied by them with their meager resources to the aid of their survival that was most pronounce in the cooperative of the town Rochdale.

I was Security and Editor of the Dissident Paper Ghetto News in Rochdale College Toronto, which likely was a front for Meyer Lansky in his waning days. Evidence implies there was money made from all the interior furniture and like that. Where exactly did the cocaine come from for the corrupted all the time from the beginning better hidden from me till recruitment times. Tests. Thefts and resale and gives to the Board.

A little microcosm of power and the hidden aspects. Regardless it is corruption that destroys the government you are invested in and dependent on. I myself couldn’t get a paycheck from some other enterprise unless I went deeper into the crime life, or was accepted as a “Landed Emiagrant” “Landed Immigrant”. I swear it looked like an e.

There is a file to pull out for the prospective producer too busy in Bangkok to think about it all now. I don’t want to think about it again.

I see my favorite hammer. The weather is so fantastic I feel a love of life that comes now in this greatest of Falls for me to ever see. I can walk and that wasn’t the case for a long time. No thing about living is taken for granted now.

Stupidity is a problem around every town. Acceptance of the blocks put in your path is supposed to be fine with you. Apparently that is the case. We are not allowed to show and sell art at our Local Community Airport, “Because someone would make money.” That someone is me these days. I look there at the sorts of people that can afford to fly private planes around, and it is not unreasonable for me to think they can spend more money than the average guy.

Up in Asheville they have a gallery at their airport. It sells productions of the local artists. Greensboro’s airport is to follow suit, if they haven’t already. I am expected to turn away from where I have been rebuffed, and go to RDU to get it sold. I want where I live to be a place where I get the same respect as others who make money in the common spaces. Certainly the contractors will make money from buildings of the highest quality to be the most impressive from Carolina North. If they plan out the airport without notice to the locals of a real thing to happen past the Big Lie they have told all for over a decade and even after Thorp said there would be no airport in Orange County, unless maybe something different is done.

You know and I know that working people get about 3 weeks to decide where to stay and what to do when their jobs are not available to them anymore. In fact it was reported at the beginning of the big collapse where the US citizens got put on the hook for all the gamblers losses as reinsurers of AIG which insured all the crap that was Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps, it was reported that there was nowhere West to head.

Heading North to Canada doesn’t work for me. It might work for you. Things are turning rotten up that way too. Population of NC has doubled since I was a High School Graduate. My defeats always returned me to dirty work that didn’t pay. I could do it all. Aviation was a used to be good job. Desperate for work lots of people went to it and the labor was cheaper and cheaper to buy by the big guy hucksters that put on a show out there throwing bags.

So what did I do but drift to making movies. That was a glamor job full of pretty people. They were Independents and cranked out stuff for Sundance for Art, and all the actors got more and more of their share. SAG takes care of their own. For IATSE the stagehands bring down the rates because they don’t get enough to strike in the first place. Especially in the South. Crew positions are cut and wages haven’t gone up in 30 40 years like the rest of the things to do for a paycheck which is all capitalism means to the average guy. The fact that all the Chinese know they work for the Company of China means they win on a subliminal level the American Citizen loyal in spite of themselves to all the different named Corporations who really use them as the Company and Army for them independent of the Company of the USA has no good coming for the common man.

The concept of Too Big To Fail is To Big to Fail What? and the Answer is the Company of the Country, the Company is the Country. It isn’t about soaking the rich, it is looking at the obvious benefits the disloyal companies get from misusing the people, for which they deserve to be forced to either pay, or leave and go join the company of China.

This and That/new Show

Maximum Effort

crayola crayon on panel, wood really.

“Balance” is the name I have chosen for my new show at the This and That Gift shop in DownTown Carrboro. It is sort of across from Spotted Dog and the Station, bar venue complex of Mike Benson collage and poster blues and rock and roll fame. I imagine solarization to free many of these local businesses from high electricity bills. I intend to find out what legislators are responsible for reductions in renewables support and targets, and have them shamed and voted out of office where they can continue hurting only those nearest and dearest to them with their ignorance and stupidity combined so deeply that any chimpanzees in charge of the future of NC citizens would do better.

The Opening coincides with ART Walk, which turns out to be 9/11. Islamist fundamentalists are known to like anniversary dates for repeats of great horrors of death and destruction, and we may all take little solace from defensive measures of the Department of Homeland Security. They are likely undercut by bureaucratic agendas independent of any common sense on the part of the secret services more intent on surveillance of us than of our enemies. But we can hope. Likely we are told so many lies claims of successes of “intelligence” officers that they have saved us from annihilation are more suspect than dumb luck.

Prevention of the Apocalyptic Riot gets harder and harder from where I am. I can hope that now that I have built some guitar like instruments to hold or strum or beat on with sticks, people will pay more attention to me.

Either way I need to write another artist statement. “Balance” is key to belief and disbelief. It is better to still be corny enough to at least be able to imagine Utopia. I said once that if you cannot at least imagine it, you ought not call yourself a human being. We all have this concept of ourselves as beings with destinies we are charged to fulfill, counter to what we are forced by the compromises of demands for the necessities of food and shelter that only possible when there is an excess of energy, and our leaders are truly wise we get the opportunity to follow out to fruition. I admire the traditional English working man, who is certain to have a serious hobby.

The work I do to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot, is simply not enough. You all must help me. I have the impression that only a tweet and multiples of tweets get any notice these days. If you all tweet that Kerry had better get on with resolving the Econ War with the Russians since sanctions lead to war, and since they could sell Iran weapons like a couple of “wrong invoice” thermonuclear devices as brothers of the Econ Wars the US in its pinnacle power aims at everyone that crosses eyes or sticks out there tongue as Israel like a small dog that gets its bigger buddy in fights clamors for more provocations barking in our own US Senate, Kerry had better figure out something or all of Distopia as seen in end of the world scenario movies will be our big surprise.

Strength Wisdom Beauty and Humor are intended as ingredients of life my work is aimed to inspire and confirm. Things I make for your wall, are intended to be as good company in your living room as I am.

I’ll try again tomorrow. Thanks

What The Hell/Working Class Corner

I read a lot. Now I’m reading Len Deighton’s WWII history, Blood Tears and Folly. I read these histories and think of the guys like me, killed for nothing. Most guys get killed in inconsequencial misadventures of life wastes in nameless battles.
History is repeated on the basis of old ideologies made new, like “Free Trade” a policy made to cover the take over of the Financial sector that somehow repeatedly gets to ruin the prosperity of a nation.
The UK or England, or Great Britain, whatever you want to call it since it calls itself by those names. The Netherlands is right, but then they are Dutch, and it is Holland.
They do all right over time. I believe they invented capitalism for the Western Modern era, meaning since 500 years.
It is a lot harder to become Dutch since they had such a good way of taking care of everyone who was a a citizen, all these freeloader Islamist were moving there and setting up shop, pretty much taking advantage of a good thing. Now to become Dutch you have to speak Dutch.
It works to cut down on the invaders after an easy ride.
In capitalism the take over of the entire nation is a gambler and thieves paradise. It is done by yelling the virtues of “Free Trade”. There are no virtues in Free Trade. Look at England. When it did its own stuff importing little it built an empire. After that it was drug down till it was a beggar full of fear and in debt to its eyeballs.
Its people were made stupid and ignorance reigned till WWI and WWII killed countless working class guys who were patriotic. They volunteered to be led by idiots.
Idiots and fools and vain land owners with rent money pouring in to big houses with servants.
It could have been me every time. The guys working for Patton were proud with good reason. Bradley and Eisenhower and that other guy general were sitting around in some nice place in Paris. They had treated all the warnings from by then half decent intelligence service agents and battlefield reports as if the news was of no account. The war was already won far as they were concerned. Enjoy the willing secretary. What a beauty Eisenhower got. Patton too. So all these guys that had lost friend after friend got it themselves when silhouetted against the snow in green battledress not enough to either keep them warm.
What is up with that? No winter clothes? No white camouflage?
Oh well.
Vietnam was stupid. All the CIA went running drugs, and hard drugs too.

The Financial Engineers of Wall Street wrecked the US along with all the “Free Trade” same as the Free Trade wrecked the British Empire. London and Wall Street and the crony capitalists of the former USSR all out completely for themselves walking over bodies.

Ignorant peasants get going every now and then and just shoot people in the back of the head. It is too much to think about.

Look now and there is the secret war called Economic War, using sanctions. Sanctions lead to war. That we have got this far without war in the Ukraine more bigger and better this summer is nearly in my mind, a miracle. I have started to fill a bag. Knife and matches.
Fallout could be a bitch.


I do wonder about the goals of the leaders of the state I live in. Hey, come here where our labor is kept ignorant, is convinced unions are bad for them, and will work for as close to nothing as you want to give. Obviously the people with the money plan to take it out of the flesh of the workers.

Round here they are excited to build a new prison. How many of the prisoners are put in jail for marijuana offenses of possession or dealing or growing do you think the new jail will be housing? It is a good jobs program still even same since the so called decriminalization. The officials are in their 40s and are apparently throughly indoctrinated with the idea that marijuana is an illicit vice. It keeps the police state that J Edgar Hoover put in place going.

Not For You

Frame from cartoon I am working on History of the World for Innocents

20 In a Blink

IGX Movies
The film Mint Julep is out as having a premier. It has gotten excellent reviews. I do get credit as DP, which I was, and it was difficult, a good project, that unfortunately was very expensive to me professionally, as well as being difficult, and never yet has led to a career worth much to talk about.

Angelica Torn, now Angelica Page is a fine actress. Mez as well had something, so the cast was good. Even Kathy Fehl and Ian Teal are good actors.

The sound man, Chris Stanley was a good sound man. I was a good DP. Herb Harton was competent as an AC, but had a big ego and had been made promises that were not of the place of the one giving them out, and was resentful and contradictory a character.

There were severe problems about the budget and cash flow etc. that a real Line Producer would have made different. I ought have sent back most of the distribution and big lights. I inherited the package and went to work from days far away from the excellent base, used last at night in the last 15 minutes as pressured by Herb, who then sat around and drank for 2 hours.

The scene in the yard close up of Ian and Johnny Mez fighting I was awakened not knowing whether it was morning or evening. I got slapped for the soundtrack.

Originally Johnny had been a house painter but I noticed the train depot, all oily as I like things with tools and rusted metal and light. I love my handheld scene with Johnny playing the tools. It is all mine.

There were two failures of window reflections when Kathy of a sudden gave the camera to visitors somehow promised a day playing with the camera. I directed, and wasn’t looking in the camera enough to see the reflections of the crew in the storefront window. Kathy must have been missing then for guilt.

Originally the film was supposed to have been done in S8, but Angelica, rightly for her, refused to do it that way. S8 is and was a waste of time, for those certainly not related in LA for a window of time.

I came from Lighting. The Arri 3 did a good job. I didn’t pull a tape late in low light and Ian’s dick is hanging out of his pajamas. Big deal 20 years ago.

Tourism in Aberdeen ought benefit. It is a really likable little place. I loved the mansion we had to stay in for the shoot. I was used to such things after Bail Jumper, a film that was a good script, with moments, but flawed by the lead actor’s lack of charisma.

Far as what is now “Mint Julep”, better late than never.