Technical Difficulties

Mondale & Red Wife

(c) Russell Scott Day first time published here.

First off I can say I am now able to call myself a music producer. The composition “Beatniks and Spiders” is in the can, cut, in the works. It will be figured out. It will be published via createspace.

I can say however to others that you need to simply use what is now called a PC to make it happen because I tunes, which is the Mac default for audio and even your little or big movies you might make, does not play well with others.

If you live in Rochester NY I’d appreciate it if you called WBER and asked them to play “Beatniks and Spiders” by Outdoor Cats. You can’t yet buy it, but that isn’t all of the point. I made the thing and it is a battle to defeat the failed artist Hitler, in the failed artist becomes Politician dictator since he didn’t make enough money selling his landscapes. Something about Hitler as an artist, pissed the academics off. They didn’t accept him into their school.

Growing up with Hitler I got the impression that Artists were not even supposed to ever try and become political leaders because of how Hitler turned out.

As the Grand Artist and Founder of Transcendia, which became the work of conceptual art, I want to do as much good as Hitler did bad, and I must be an artist regardless. My early recognition came from my poems.

I’ve given speeches. The best experience giving a speech didn’t seem to be as great at the time as it does now. I got a permit to speak at Dag Hammerskold Park, Plaza, is maybe the better word. I was at loose ends and broke and alone in my apartment. I remember that. I remember some lonely scene before I went to the place and showed the Transcendian Flag and spoke to no one. I doubt even the cop that the City sent heard anything I said.

I was glad they sent a cop to watch me though. He was a motorcycle cop on a white Harley.

Dag Hammerskold Plaza is made of rocks, cut rocks, rocks cut and arranged. It isn’t very big a place. It is the kind of place where you sit on a bench and have your lunch and maybe learn about Dag Hammerskold since it is named for him. I’ve forgotten whatever it was I knew about Dag Hammerskold. I think he was shot down.

Early on people all over the world put a good deal of hope in the UN. It was fairly wrecked by ideals that didn’t work and were abandoned for Zionism and the Korean War.

The UN was supposed to really become the “Government of Governments”.

I recognized that this was an impossibility because nations want unfettered sovereignty. They are in the UN for whatever is in it for them. Institutions and sociological realities cut off the head of the UN. What I mean is it is not going to be allowed to dictate any conditions that upset the community of nations competitive wins and losses of power of as war and war games.

In the stated goal of ending all war, war is then guaranteed. The goal is too big to be achieved. Mankind must have war. There are warriors who are destined to fight. Getting the best warriors to fight for your borders and your people and lastly your ideals is what the leaders attempt to do.

Transcendia overcomes the impossibility of a Government of Governments by being a government it all governments. This can work.

Follow me, I am the great leader of a Grand nation of airports. See my flag and you see freedom and security at the same time, there on the Silk Road.

I accept war.

I want warriors who believe in me and what I am trying to do. I am trying to do as much good as Hitler did bad.

Getting rid of all the Weapons of Mass Destruction is a job that the UN could help with.

There would be plenty of war for the warrior class ensuring that no one could use the atomic bomb. For the warrior class working for the UN they would be at war all the time to prevent anyone or any “State” from getting the atomic bomb.

It would be intolerable for the Nation of Transcendia, a nation of vulnerable ports to do any more than any other nations killing those that would pursue atomic weapons.

My correspondence with Andre` Lewin was more than a boost of my ego. His plans and Points for Reinvention of the UN are sound. I want to take up his work where he was forced to leave off by death. He died in 2012.

Assad will find a home at the international airport. Assad would not want to go to Elba. Transcendia is a perfect out for the dictators of today. They end up at the airport with their stolen wealth anyway. We can make sure they have enough to live on in luxury if they want.

That was one point out of the Points of Reinvention of the UN that Transcendia was perfectly practical for.


Mom and her friends at era

painting I did the day after my mother died.

The point is to live with class. I’ve been around class. The Episcopalians at Holy Trinity were classy. Still I didn’t go out with them socially where class is part place. And it was the South too.

At some of the ballet Nike` did there was class doing classy things. The Conductor gave me his card. It had only his name on it. To myself I thought, “Wow, this is class.”

Manners. Then?

I was around. I looked at art. I read.

But then we got round it all and there was the party at the place on Irving Place with Garth Fagan and I shot up and gave away polaroids and he said I was certainly generous, which I was.

We used to dance a lot. For a long time I was a good dancer. Skip said it was the wild foot. Nike` was a good dancer and Garth asked her to join the Bottom of the Bucket, but she didn’t.

I ought make some cards that just have my name on them. I think about it sometimes.

It was a fair long time that I was ever in again going to see Ellen at the Monkey room on the mid upper East Side in that hotel like the Carlyle or something like that. She sang on a grand piano. She had a piano player she worked with. It was fantastic a place. I was treated well. I got by on the minimums. Ellen did great.

But the guy that came and played and made up songs was just mind blowing. And all that fine wall paper. It was a small room. I’d at least wear a jacket.

World at war. Fine places and food and measured and genus doing their thing for you? “You’ve been a great audience.”

I hope I was a worthy audience.

If you perform enough you mean it when you say, “You’ve been a great audience.”

I was just thinking about classy times in my life. I got to go up in a Lear 35 for a joyride once. It was an experience. Not like I really was in a fully classy situation. Don Godwin, the pilot, I don’t know, they took me with them sometimes. Some distance. They owned the place.

There had to be equality for it all to be fully with great class. Journalists get killed for what they report. They have a right to feel equal.

Big meeting going on of all the powerful people I hear. Money is a big deal. The US has been at war with Russia. It’s an economic war that has been going on for three years.

Everybody needs to change their currency to reflect a change in values. Environmentalist will fail if the Petrodollar keeps going along as the currency, which it can’t, and shouldn’t.

The engineers can give us all that is most possible to cut it back and give us energy from the sun and form the gulf stream and tides and holes in the ground and wastes and wind.

I came close to equal with Laura Mersini Houghton, at least near, as she gave me some hope of a technical solution to one of my major problems. It was sweet of her. Jeff writes poetry. He advises governments on economic development. He is a nationalist, not a corporatist himself in his business.

Everybody is supposed to be equal under the law. The reality has long been that the rich are more equal just for their defenders, advocates that are in the right class, orbits of parties, functions.

Is a Trump place really classy? Seems like there is the luxury in some of his places, but an edge of the crass at all the turns, decorations.

What entertainer would he invite to the Inaugural Ball, some state function? Cher? Anyone playing Las Vegas is likely as far as he would know to go, be comfortable with.

I been around classy people, and things.

In the video I said Swing dancing and witches scared me. I wasn’t kidding. Being a witch, I don’t think it is classy myself. What kind of dancing is the classiest for just people now, that all people ought know how to dance? Do they teach it in the schools?

That card. The Monkey Room.

Community College & University

Twelve O'Clock High/Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort frame from watercolor story.

University education is a luxury in the liberal arts. The reason for it now is gone. You may as well do what I did and go to a community college and learn to use some tools.

Of course the experimental college I went to in Toronto is collapsed from corruption. You can buy a book about it. The book alludes to the corruption, whereas I was driven out of the country worried for my life when there towards the end. Lucky that I could go with a high number in the lottery of ’71, the year I graduated.

The opening chapter of Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter is about the most significant events far as my view.
There is where I learned more concretely in adulthood about the difference between real enemies and luxury enemies.

So you can’t go there.

There are still some experimental colleges around.

Of course I could be making excuses. I’d got up with the girl who was in at UNCG and as being from NY was paying more than her family could really afford, so we then drove to Binghamton NY in the cracked transmission Pontiac Star Chief we poured fluid in on the drive from inside while it was moving. The girl who I once said was so pretty she thought no one would ever do anything bad to her whether she was there or not, parked the Star Chief in a no parking zone. For such an old car to have been towed was too much for it and cracked the rust that was holding it together.

I still miss that car.

It was the Educational Opportunity Grant that paid for my Community College pursuit of an Associates in Audio Visual Technology.

My electives in Sociology and History and Microbiology were wonderful. Ms. Osborne came in all frazzled on morning obviously a glow from sex. Maybe she taught Creative Writing. Or it had to have been one of them. My grades went progressively up for required papers. I didn’t change. I asked her why my grades went up and she said she just got used to the way I wrote.

In my main courses there were some sad cases really. Rochester Institute of Technology was just down the road. They hadn’t been hired there. Jerry LaMarsh taught Filmmaking and when I turned in an animation that had taken me many hours of 3 frames at a time bursts with a camera not made for single frame, I never got it back. He said he lost it.

Over the years I’ve gotten less forgiving of that loss since losing all the drawings myself. Never think you get another chance to make a print, or any work of art. You make it and you ought go on anyway. Whatever Jerry LaMarsh did with my movie, lost it or threw it away, I despise him for it. It helps me to understand those of the Audio Visual Department who were there to teach me the tools I’d need to survive, to make a living.

I’d worked in a camera store and worked in one while going to college there. The owner of the store was going to have me teach. I wrote up a whole syllabus. My girl ran off with the bosses son we’d had a menage a trios with. I nearly committed suicide.

Mean time I never finished my History paper, because I was hesitant to make a decision as to whether it was the great man that made history, or history that made the great man. I didn’t know enough to make a discussion. I had trouble believing in the Great man.

I wanted to believe in the people, democracy. It is twisted up. Do the people prevent the great men from leading when they become too ignorant, and the great man can do without the trouble.

Overall because Presidents become Presidents in the US because they win votes the effects of the Presidents for ill and for good, become clear indicators that make the Great Man theory of history more true, than untrue. Corrupt lazy or stupid Presidents and bad things happen to the nation as a whole. Strong smart and ethical, and good things happen.

The presidents have that much influence. We have the New Deal, or what is left of it because Roosevelt knew what to say, how to present it and how to present himself to make it happen.

Far as the best education, well, it is your mind. Ben Franklin made sure you could get the best books to read if you wanted to read them.

I’ll get back to some of this thread, wrap up what Hitler did to the artist as leader, and talk about who ought teach at a Liberal Arts College of today, and who ought not, and why.


President King Makes a Difference Good or Bad

Poster of Russell 1

The leader, Supreme, at the very top, even in a democracy such as the democracy that is the US Democracy, a Presidential Electoral Democracy, Does make a difference. They do make a difference.

I could not decide whether the great man made history, or history made the great man, but the great man makes history. I did not want the great man to be that important. I wanted the mob to matter more. The mob needs a good leader.

Churchill as a war leader is not my favorite, but he was right about enough things to matter more for the good than the bad. All leaders will waste lives somehow. When the great leader makes a mistake, and people die, they have to live with it.

Aristocratic families offered up their best to the stupidity of authorities that wasted the flower of France, and many of the best of the English, and many of the best of the USA. It was a terrible and stupid war the Germans ought have paid more for then when you really think about what happened.

The man in Fukushima who felt that the nation was done, would no longer have the right to be a nation because of it had a point at the time of the crisis. The C.S.A. had no right to exist after it lost. The monuments to its heroes that are tolerated ought not be tolerated at all.

Silent Sam as a tall image of heroic sacrifice on the university campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has no right to be there. I ought go an pull it over. I learned how to rig steel rope and shackles, snatch blocks and boom trucks or a little crane or just thirty people and a inch hemp rope jerk with wedges for rest till it goes over to the level of a dead man on the ground.

Knowing how to pull it over makes me itch.

Robert E. Lee made a difference.

Ulysses S. Grant made a difference.

Jesus didn’t say, “Follow my ideals.” He said, “Follow Me.”

The great man, like Confucius, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or Alexander the Great, or King Albert, or Franklin D. Roosevelt embody the ideal and are the men that get followed so well that their ideals are employed, enough. Hitler kept the home front safe? -Till it wasn’t.

(I am in a fight with Hitler now, for Hitler’s image as a “failed artist” has done in the subsequent aim of artists to be aspirants and leaders from their identities as artists. Since Hitler an artist as a leader is dismissed. The artist is not to be trusted in a leadership role because Hitler was a failed artist. This is the essential message of “Beatniks and Spiders” my soon to be released CD. I mean by soon within in two weeks. Then my campaign starts off in earnest. I intend to publish the CD and by then the inverter will have arrived, and so then the grand experiment will begin as I aim to gain the currency of fame by playing the guitars Intendors TM I have made while speaking my message: “We don’t have to live like this.”)

Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

It is the Nationalist against the Corporatist. To be clear Bernie Sanders is the Nationalist here. We must make him President, or revolt. This is clear.

Our votes as stolen as gerrymandering makes possible, in a system led by the corrupt who have given all power to the few who are not at all good leaders of even their corporations, and cynically have taken the money we gave them as reinsurers of AIG and bought up the deeds to raise the rents on where the work is aiming to get all the money for the spaces, the roofs over our heads will not be stopped by Hillary Clinton. She will not enable or cause “free” University educations for the people of the nation who are supposed to accept wage slave status earlier than ever in their lives.

The Insurodollar will go missing if I do not gain the currency of fame. Bernie Sanders wants to bring back the New Deal, and Americans need to lead the world in its treatment of its people.

“No shame in Honest Work.” accompanied my avatar on CR4 where the engineers in cyberspace hung as a community there for awhile. The teachers of the 5th graders hated me and banned me like how I got banned from OCSC.

Early on I got used to being hated and had to fight and beat all of them in Elon College. Some sorts will not understand anything but force. You must be willing to get down in the dirt and fight it out. The adversarial nature of all negotiations in business in the US abandoned quickly the negotiations towards win win resolutions. From the mud I say follow me towards the win win resolutions to the most serious threats to our competition for Big Time Species status in the threatening Universe.

We might better convince the aliens that Star Trek is the reality, not the reality of Kerry and Putin right now.

Follow me to make the basis of our currency reflect the best of our values which share with the world the prosperity of ideals. “Reason wins because Reason Pays.” -John Landes

Follow me to the world of the win win and reasonableness.

Experience is the great teacher. I followed the precepts of Andre` Lewin, who in the last of his life gave to us the Points for Reinvention of the UN. It was to become then the Government of Governments. I am little, Follow me as I say Transcendia is not to be the Government of Governments, but a government in all governments, as an honored guest. Transcendia will never have atomic bombs, but will support the elimination of them.

Do you know who John C. Mearsheimer is? I feel safe to say that political scientists and advisors to heads of governments know who he is and what he has to say about defense of the nation. I put John C. Mearsheimer in the class with Mahan, and say he is our eras Mahan, and that his book leads to apocalyptic riot with nuclear weapons being used, same as Mahan said nations had to have big dreadnought battleships. It was the battleships that contributed mightily to the eruption of the First World War. The need for coaling ports drove the end of the idealistic leadership that the US offered the world, where the nation did not have to take by force the ports of other nations, as it was aimed to take the port of Havana for US Battleships that led to the Spanish American War and the subjugation of the nationalists of the Philippines.

We must go all out and change then even Bernie Sanders into a complete leader, “Leader of the Free World”. Internationalist or Corporatist? No leader who could be to come from the Republican party as it is in this time, in name and in being, is a nationalists. It is the party of the Corporatists in total.

The win comes when we are convinced that who is the President, or the State Legislator, or State Senator, or the Congressman, or the Senator, or the President, or the Prime Minister, doesn’t matter. The proof is that Roosevelt mattered.

Fame without money sucks because you cannot defend yourself and what you have. All I have is my name. My name and my identity is Transcendia. You can ask the first wife, or the best man, or the men of the wedding party that got the Transcendia keychain engraved with Transcendia on brass. (I have no idea where mine is.) In Documentary of a Small Nation on Transcendian, Ed Hettig shows his.

There will be work for Armed forces of the Government of Governments enforcing the ban on all Weapons of Mass Destruction, because once they are banned for all, the one who gets one will have incredible destructive power that those who gave them up, won’t. When talking seriously about banning weapons of mass destruction, I aim to be pragmatic about it and make sure the military industrial complex doesn’t get all afraid they will be out of work.

Still if we are to graduate from earth bound overpopulated irrational beings to the Big Time Species, we must change for the better, which was better in the US post WWII, when surviving soldiers were housed and educated and went on to good jobs making and selling useful things internationally.

Oil is going to run out, but it is still running automobiles and powering in one form or another power plants. The air is thick from soot from diesel or coal burned to make things that people buy so somewhere a working man has a roof over their head.

Food now is dependent on tractors and combines that are huge and burn diesel and the distance from where your food is grown to where you live in the city, or on the side of a mountain in Tibet is great. Steel framed high rise farms in the cities and towns of the world and potatoes in the ground of the airport that ought be flat are some of the answer.

Traditional building techniques are not able to keep up with demand, so we must move more and more to crane set factory built building units. We are overpopulated where there are so many regardless of where there are the aged too many. The Transcendian working person must be allowed to move to anywhere there is work for them. The corporations move wherever the trapped are set to work as wage slaves.

If we are nationalists at home we must be internationalists abroad. We cannot be subjects of the Corporations. We many be subjects of our nation, but not subjects of the Corporation. The Corporations can go ahead and build all the robots they need to make things. There is work then for all mechanics.

Why from the Leader of the Republicans, now Donald Trump, do we never hear of splitting taxes between the “illegal immigrants” and their nation of origin, and us, in the US where we all hate the invaders, unless of course, they are our invader, as I once heard said on NPR. “Everybody hates the illegal Mexican, till it is their Mexican.” I have been on jobs and worked with a Mexican who everybody loved, screaming his name “Alehandro!” Payday and Alehandro got an envelope with cash, while I got an check, not even in an envelope.

Hard work isn’t so bad till you get old, and then you get sick, and then you die.

It doesn’t have to be all done in a bad spirit. We know about the International Declaration of Human Rights. Every nationalist must then share the burden of the nations, and women must have full rights, and when rights of people are so egregiously abused as they are in the nations where there is censorship of knowledge, and reporters are murdered by the leaders of the state, and the leaders torture and cut the heads off of innocents, then we must see to the use of overwhelming force and beat those irrational people out of power.

The Corporatists don’t really care as long as they can get oil, or force people to make what they sell in factories so horrible and such cause of mental anguish they have to put nets around the factory building to keep labor working instead of jumping to their deaths.

When I worked hard on UNTV I found that the UN was corrupt and fearful of the power of real TV that was possible to discover in the mix of the channels with the clicker. The TV is a fireplace, and will be on, and the children will watch it practicing the TV face, rapt, eyes wide. The wife wants to see what the other women are wearing. Then the man wants to see the soccer game, a substitute for war, it is fine. Few get trampled.

Then there is Hitler Television, otherwise known as the History Channel.

Fine, but we need to know the news, because we need to know where the food is coming from and how to build or buy a house, or who to vote for. That Vote. That Vote. That Vote matters.

Without the vote to get a great leader you have to go out there and fight others to the death to install a better King.

The King Poem

A Good King
Is a good thing.
Tried and true,
and nothing new.

Russell Scott Day, Founder of Transcendia, Intendor to the NC US Senate, Champion of UNTV, on TV.
Artist Leader, Poet, DP of “Mint Julep” Director Producer of Transcendian on youtube, Outdoor Cats, Band, Producer of the CD “Beatniks and Spiders”
Author of

    The Revolutionary

, audiobook ebook soon enough to be out in Paperback
Author of “Psychiatrists Love Insanity” poems
Photographer of the book of photographs of the Wall Street neighborhood 12/99 “Last Walk”
Author of Transcendia Passport, and Transcendian Passport
Author of Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter, stories and essays and letters

Random Credits

“In This Medium Town” Fiction Short Story, Coverstory, Espionage story, Gannett, Upstate Magazine
contributor to the Canadian Inspector Gadget Show
Pubisher of Transcend O Ray TM, newsletter
Editor of Ghetto News, Rochdale College, Toronto
Reporter Photographer for Brador Publications: Honeyoe Falls Times, Livonia Gazette, Lima Recorder
DJ, WQFS Transcendian Show

Director of Operations of Chelsea Film and Video, Grip Truck, NYC
MCI “Jordon” National VO Messner, Vetere, Berger and Smitterer
“Roy” Lead of Antagony by the Performance artist Heather Woodbury, Delancey Street Theater
IATSE 491 in abatement
Carpenter for Actual Size Builders, permanently laid off.
Great patient at the hospital UNC Hospital system, really great patient.

Contributor: War Commentary,
Writer Editor

Resigned, Vice Chair of the Carrboro Democratic Party Town Hall Precienct
Founder of the failed Talent and Engineers Party
Founder of the US arm of the Transcendian Party

P.S. I named the vision Transcend-O-Ray. Transcend-O-Ray TM (Blocked in China, after the Confucian scholars asked for a link to War Commentary writings that demonstrated the use of the Bible and the I Ching together. Confucius caused a shut down of corruption in China.)

Inverter and a Guitar

Proactive Civil Demonstration

A photograph of me giving a peace speech to children on Laburnum Crescent, in Rochester, NY circa 1990

I am not sure that it is hopeless for me to prevent the apocalyptic riot. I am sure that I require the currency of fame now to do it. My followers on Twitter are not dedicated enough to tweet to John Kerry using the name Transcendia, far as I know, or if so, I am not aware of it.

Twitter is likely the most likely of the Social Media tools that will at the least make Secretary of State John Kerry aware that I demand a resolution of the Economic War with Russia. I don’t think anything I write on Facebook does much at all, if anything. When I answer Robert Reich’s question, “What do you think?” I don’t think he really cares or ever reads, or anyone ever really reads what I wrote.

I do think that if I get in my car, and drive to the front of the local TV station, and get out wearing my Ukrainian Sub Captain’s uniform, wearing my ceremonial sword, and my sidearm, and start playing my handmade chestnut table top piezo electric guitar, singing, or talking chanting, “Ban the Bomb” give the UN an Army, and fund Killer subs and Sea, Earth, Air and Land, Teams that find and kill those who keep Weapons of Mass Destruction, Legalize Work, and Legalize Pot, and make the US Presidential Electoral Democracy into a Parliamentary Democracy, and put Turbines in the Gulf Stream, I will gain the currency of fame that I need.

I am afraid I will get hassled and arrested if I wear my sidearm, and my sword, but if I do, then that increases my fame, so I suppose it will be worth it.

If I was in NYC I would buy a permit again and give another speech either in Dag Hammerskold Plaza, where I did it before, or somewhere else.

I believe that I were to drive all over the state of NC standing outside my car and playing my guitar, I could even win the US Senate seat.

I believe so, and we will see if I have the courage and the strength to do so. To that end I ordered an inverter to turn DC power into AC power. “You can never go wrong buying a tool.” is an operating belief. The inverter for $99.99 is a better expense than if I were to buy a generator, since it will essentially turn the automobile into a generator.

This will give me a nominal 10 amps, which is enough to run a microwave, or a hairdryer. It may well be enough to run the refrigerator. Normally we run the whole house off about 50 amps. 50 amps is 5,000 watts. When running all the three air conditioners in the house the draw is 39 amps.

At any rate I can run the Foot note amp and the Alesis sound processor on at most 15 watts which really is about 1.2 amps. However we bought the inverter instead of firewood because we can salvage and scavenge wood with the 9 amp electric chainsaw. I am thinking I might get the thing to saw up trucking pallets.

So then in my pursuit of the currency of fame, I sent off for an Inverter from Inverters R Us. I trusted “Dan” to recommend the one that will work for my purposes. Dan is at extension 4. When, calling to get the info you need to buy the tool, that is the Inverter, please use my name, and the name of Transcendia, as an experiment.

In my comments to the company I explained in detail that I was pursuing the currency of fame, and for that reason was buying an inverter from Dan. I explained in the comments that my ultimate goal was to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot, and for that I need the currency of fame.

It is likely you could yourself find employment for an inverter.

Things are Charging

My Girl and the Uranium Miner

Adrian was a Uranium Miner.

I have batteries, but not enough batteries and I get confused about the recharageables as to whether or not they are recharged. I try to put them in the good place, and then the bad place, or the confused place.

It makes the Grid attractive.

I got about 200 feet of two wire that I ran from the back of the house to the front to plug in the intercom radios that I set up for the Art Sale. It is the Push Here To Talk Art Sale. I guess maybe some people will come by and buy or I’ll give things away on Halloween.

Halloween is coming soon.

My friend Barry the ex-CIA soldier who ran around in Africa fighting Cubans and getting tortured and exchanged says Halloween is bigger than you think. He makes more money selling and renting costumes for Halloween than he does during the Xmas season.

Right or not it is a good thing from my point of view that there is a Christian set of Holidays and people are supposed to do something besides work on the weekends, unlike Japan where they didn’t have that.

I read History after history and there are facts of history. One fact is that sanctions lead to wars in modern times, and corruption destroys national security. There are secrets and the ones that know the secrets can be eliminated because secrets need to be protected.

Lot of evidence that JFK was murdered by James Angleton and Richard Helms and Johnson was a beneficiary. The Cold War was going to be fought and there were corrupt CIA people who didn’t want it to end.

JFK was a confident guy. I don’t think that he took some of the threats to him seriously. He was likely used to corruption and secrets. I don’t think he recognized how crazy a lot of the powerful people running America, actually were.

The DuPonts had gone so far at one point as to try and conduct a real coup. I can’t this moment remember but think they hated Roosevelt a good deal.

They say the Poor and the Rich think about money the say way. The middle class just want to stay out of the way.

Who cares? Why care?

Who are the heroes and what is wrong with them? Even my hero Grant was a product of his time and thought it fine that his soldiers went on to gold mining and Indian killing.

It’s connected. The nation needs wealth in its Treasury vaults. People used to think about Fort Knox. Put the gold there.

When we knew Adrian he was going to be, or was, or had been, a Uranium miner. I don’t have any idea what he was going to do after that because far as I remember he was not able to really do that for very long. Something like six months and your uranium mining career was over.

Russia got the secrets and got to build and set off their bombs. It was a threat. I went to digging a bomb shelter in the garden. It wasn’t considered crazy. Normal people though just wanted to die.

I saw pictures of beatniks holding signs: Ban the Bomb. The end is near. It’s relative.

There was a whole industry around building atomic bombs. The taxes paid for it. The DuPonts got richer. They had gotten rich making gunpowder. Bullets and bombs are a sort of wealth since defense is the first thing.

Carter founded the Energy Department. Already the ecology situation, the destruction of the environment was understood as happening because there had been so much pollution that places where people were used to living were poisoned. Some place is Buffalo, all poisoned. Chemicals.

Love Canal? Randy Newman sang a song about the Cayouga River. Burn on Cayouga.

There wasn’t enough gold to cover the debts of the US so Nixon and Kissinger made up the Petrodollar and the Saudis we for it since it meant the US was going to protect not only its own borders but the Saudi oil fields since that deal was then the currency of the US and the world.

Energy. You can’t burn gold.

So energy became essentially the currency and money was made and printed and keeps getting printed and there were bombs and bombs made by the US and Russia.

There was a race to the Moon. The Russians lost. Water on the Moon that was just lying there as big rocks of Ice in shadows was a secret. All we ever saw were rocks. They really probably didn’t think they would find any ice, and ice melts.

It is enough to know it is there.

Too many people? Ah nah, never too many people. The rich want the poor to stay desperate and poor. They really do. It means they will work for less making things for the market.

The AK 47 made a lot of money for some people in Russia. What did Israel pay the US for its Atomic Bombs? War is big business. What is it about? Tanks don’t run on batteries. They will, they should.

Lights. Sound, Camera, Action. Make the people act. Entertain the children. Disneyland, Disneyworld, Mickey Mouse. They had a monorail. Ships went all over the world by sail, just he wind blowing.

Rivers and the tides and the wind powered everything but the lights. They went out and killed the whales and burned the whales as an improvement over candles made of dead animals and the fats made into tallow candles. Stanley Kubrick made a movie lit all by candle. I’ve never seen that one. I need to watch it.

Life of action, or life of the mind? Some people were made to kill, be warriors, defend their families and friends. It got organized and put out of sight on battlefields. Guys did it for paychecks. More living space.

Bigger is better. More is better.

Aliens are coming, there is an asteroid on its way. What has Machiavelli got to say? Machiavelli says “A Struggle with the environment is not enough to make a nation.” People have a problem with the world. It bothers them. Pave it and package it.

Oh my god someone is going to take over the world. We live on it but shit, it isn’t ours. Somebody else has the deeds. Bankers. Bankers want to get a steady stream of money. The bankers don’t like any interruptions. Storm came, and slowed things down. The poor can’t work. The big snow, the big flood, and people were busy trying not to freeze, starve, or drown.

Take the gold out of the treasury, and save them. They need to go back to work. Get rid of the seasons. Put all the energy in bottles, tankers, tanks. Keep the tanks rolling, grinding on. Get the oil fields. Oil is the money and it is the source of the energy and it is the basis of the currency, the Petrodollar. There is a Petrodollar Imperative.

The Sun shines everywhere and the Germans in their bleak world still get the solar panels Reagan tore off the roof of the White House to work. Meant more war, and more money for the war industry. Things are turned around because the War Industry is all at the first of the line for the money.

Sure Defense is a priority, but there has to be another first, and that is what there is to defend. In order you and everybody needs Food, Clothing, and Shelter. Inside the borders of the nation there must be all the food, all the clothing, and the shelter for it and yourself.

If you have to buy everything, or a crucial thing, being usually food, from outside your borders there will come a time when you can’t buy it. So what then? You have to take it. Then you go broke and make enemies. Real enemies poison your wells. Real enemies stab you and rape your wife and your girlfriend and kill your children. That is what war is about.

Why go there? It’s ugly.

There is enough bother with the weather and the asteroids.

We now have the sun in a bullet. The atomic bombs. They got bombs with dials on them according to what I read on Wikipedia. Thermonuclear bombs with dials on them so they can be dialed down to where they just kill the guys in the tanks. They make the stuff from what Adrian mined for.

Nuclear energy could power the world but it is dangerous and then it gets expensive. We have a Sun. Energy capture is the best way to get what you need. Batteries. I used to drive a Namco Electric Forklift. It was like a robot. It was like my exoskeleton. It was three wheeled. It didn’t shake itself apart. I could make a tank that ran on batteries and got its charge up power from the Sun if I had a treasury.

Should I take over the world, be the World Government and pay soldiers, warriors to find all the nuclear bombs and kill the people that won’t get out of the way so I can destroy them? Why not? Why not do that?

North Korea, if they get past their waters, noisy waters, and get close enough to launch a nuclear missile at Hollywood, they get some revenge.

I have business to do in Hollywood.

Panavision won’t help me. Panavision doesn’t care about North Carolina. Fuck North Carolina. There are lots of mosquitos at the plantation. What North Carolina has going for it is that nobody with any sense wants to deal with it. People in Wilmington like it the way it is. They just want Hollywood money for hotel rooms and apartments.

Wilmington is a racist xenophobic town. C.S.A., like the Civil War is still going on. I had a gun on me buying bacon and coffee. Had to lay on the floor in the grocery store. I just got beat up a couple of times in NY. I’m over being a victim. I already lost everything a few times.

Who wants to put up with poor ignorant people lorded over by landlords who hate strangers, Blacks, Hippies, Jews, Gays, Italians. Movie people. Movie people make the world the way it is. Get a gun. Nobody laughs at their jokes. Shoot up the screen in color. Image enhancement filters are in for it. Detail and contrast. God, war sells. War sells more than sex even. Fear bigger box-office than sex even.

Artists are using knives more. Everybody knows that hurts like hell.

I could take over the world with a 3D Virtual reality movie and a game. Really. It’s gone that far. Do it all in a big storm with an asteroid and some aliens coming all at the same time. Scare the fuck out of people. I’d make big money. I could buy all the leases to all the airports I wanted. Battery powered tanks and battery powered this and that. I’d organize the batteries better. Really, I’m not confused.

No Government of Governments and energy has to be had to have work for all the poor people who still have to buy food, clothing, shelter.

I could finance a war industry. Want to work for me? Me. Jesus didn’t say follow my ideas. Follow me. That’s what people understand. I follow dead people. I end up responsible for me, and my legacy.

If you keep all the nuclear weapons, there is bound to be a nuclear war. Mearsheimer. John C. Mearsheimer says every nation needs to get them long as they will be threatened by them in the hands of other nations leaders. China. China has them. There were so many above the ground tests and the Japanese have polluted the ocean and the Russians polluted around Chernoble, and what difference will some nuclear war really make now? One bomb and you can level the city where your enemies lead from. Just a sub and a nuclear missile and Blamo! Problem solved.

The heroes? What do they look like? Steely eyed button pushers, key turners, Captains. I got a Sub Captains Uniform and the hat and everything. I know what is going on.

Parliamentary Governance of the US Strategic Necessary Planning

Scan - Version 2

Transcendia, was a work of conceptual art that I lost all fictional distance from. I read history nearly exclusively now. It has been a good while that this has been the main reading I have done. I was sad that Paul Johnson in his New History of Art, so disliked photography which is what I am best at. I understand his views, and like concrete too.

Early on I read of Napoleon battle strategies and adopted the siege circles for the continuous defense a nation of airports would have to apply. Transcendian airports will be run on a day to day basis by the “best practices” of airport management, and I would call this as all schools are called in Transcendia, Flight Schools, regardless of the finest of curriculums. I cannot afford a standing army for the most part, and really am not wild about even having citizens not willing to carry weapons for the defense on a daily basis of the national assets and lands.

Far as what I know about governance after abandoning Anarchy, it is a daily responsible institution like an airport authority led by clear goals and a parliament of winning or losing parties that is best. It is sad that to this day governance is not understood, or even economic policies are set to belief systems instead of basic practicalities.

Corruption is the main thing to stop in all government if you want a nation that secures its borders and provides for its people. The role of engineers in a government is further not at all insignificant. You as a great leader must communicate clear goals, and when faced with problems, hire and direct your engineers to solve your problems.

Old legacy entrenched businesses now are killing us. Old stupid ways of thinking are killing us. It is Not Conscious that I live in, a State with every advantage, and it is old corrupt attitudes about the relationship between business and labor that make 25 percent of the population poor and ignorant. “We Freed the Slaves, and Now we just rent them.” is the reality of the way employers think of their semi skilled labor pool.

They want to have the same with skilled labor and often don’t even know what skilled labor is. I see this in regards to the stagehands and the film crews. Without IATSE there would likely be more deaths at concerts, as there were in Rhode Island. Rigging things that are heavy over peoples heads is a skill to be proud of. Making a set work is a serious skill.

But I am off track some for what I was first to be aiming at was how to change over from an Electoral Presidential Democracy to a Parliamentary Democracy in the United States.

I do look to the anarchists of Occupy to accomplish this feat. The threats of the GOP extremists to shut down the US, Federal government represent an opportunity to seize the reins of power.

Defense must always be first. A nation that is changing its government must have people willing to deal with the issue of armed powers. The US Armed Forces have tremendous international power in the lands that they occupy on their bases. Who is going to make sure they understand the good direction and goals that the new government will give them?

The People of the nation must clearly state that the mission of the US armed forces is to defend the nation. I suspect that the GRU and FSB of Russia, along with the Chinese and North Koreans understand that the USA has left itself vulnerable to shutdowns of its information grid and its electrical grid. It is understood that the only way to ensure the balance of the electrical grid is to have it manned.

Efficiency as in centralized computer control of the electrical grid goes too far and leaves it vulnerable. We are in an age of Cyberwar, and it is the duty of the National Defense Institutions to protect all of our vital Information Internet grid, for business transactions and to prevent our rockets and spaceships from being sabotaged.

I suspect that our rockets as run by Elon Musk and Space X, as run by Sir Richard Branson and Galactic, and as run by NASA, have suffered crashes due to Russian cyber sabotage. This reliance on Russian Rocket Engines is stupid. The metallurgy is unique to the engineers and metals of Russia, and we cannot expect it to work for us when we are at war with the Russians as we and NATO attempt to encircle and inhibit Russia on the cheap.

Economic War leads to War.

The US has lost its edge. The US has a habit of ignoring threats. The US is not invulnerable. While computers are a Zenith technology of our day, the hardware of our rocketry based within our borders is also our Zenith technology, and it must be pro actively defended.

Because of the corruption of the mission of the US Armed Forces and the over the top out of control Secret services known to smuggle drugs and use aviation ground support and airplanes must at the same time our people move into the seats of the Congress, both the House and the Senate and divide according to Party, as already divided, going forth to accept the situation and eliminate the cults of personality, I suggest the Coast Guard be asked to take up Command and Control of the Armed Forces since its mission is clearly to protect the borders and lands of what is rightfully USA lands.

Particular attention to who is to have Command and Control of our Submarines must be taken in hand. The CIA, NSA, and all other Intelligence offices must be occupied at the time of the change to the parliamentary system.

Cabinet ministers with inviolate portfolios must be named and installed.

We must find the corrupt and oust them. The corrupt must be named and shamed.

We must recognize that we must be Nationalists, instead of Corporatists. The TPP as revealed to us by Edward Snowden has in it a clear aim of taking from the Nations sovereign rights of law, and enforcement of laws relating to economic treaties. The facts are known of Chinese theft of intellectual property, and as a nation the US is remiss in not bringing suit in international courts that have long standing traditions meant to protect one nation from the other. The “new” courts are obviously set up to force nations to give to Corporations free reign as the corporations seek Monopoly and seek to force all labor into compromises that effectively doom workers in China, and the US to lives of insecurity and wage slavery.

It does not have to be this way. A nation has the right to protect it vital industries through Tariffs and taxes designed to enable its people to live well. Piketty offered solutions to the great inequality that is ripping out of the money supply great stores of money. When more than enough is not paid to workers, they cannot become educated properly, and cannot create new and better ways of doing work, or invent.

Piketty said that what had to be done was in the US and in the other Western Capitalist Nations, all dominated by Corporations and Trusts and Hedge funds, was enforce the Exceptional Tax, Progressive Tax, and Banking Transparency.

When I look at the Right Wing Parties who have garnered undo power over the fortunes of the working classes, enabling Corporations to shift away manufacturing to the Chinese where wage slavery is so acute nets have to be put around Foxcom to prevent the loss of labor to suicide by jumping from higher stories of the factories.

I am a product of the diminution of my fortunes as skilled and inventive working class experiences, and share my fortune with others of my class in other nations. To that end I invented the Insurodollar because the basis of the currency matters a great deal and has fantastic power to alter the paradigm that afflicts my class.

I go beyond paying lip service to Human Capital to putting Human Capital at the center of the economic system as Human Capital must become the basis of the currency in the US, and it is going to be a saving grace of the reserve status enjoyed by the US while it is at the pinnacle of its power derived from its dollar, the Petrodollar.

Some of us believe that the US dollar is a fiat currency, but the US Dollar was a gift of Nixon and Kissinger who engineered the agreement to have the Saudi’s only take US dollars for Oil, creating the Petrodollar, whose time as secure and ascendent is eroding, like a tree that grows half its life, and dies half its life.

I find the death of Chistophe de Margrert three months after declaring that the Euro ought be as easy to use buying oil as the US Dollar very suspicious for I have unfortunately had a ride in a Falcon 50 and they do not crash. One was shot down in 1985. The thrust to weigh ratio is very close, near same as for an F16 that can take off straight up at sea level. Oil prices being down and the US prosecuting an Economic War with Russia have built up to where now the US and the whole world are on the verge of serious war.

The facts of war expansion between Russia and the US are clear in Syria now. Look not at the aircraft, but at what tanks are there, and what they might do. Tanks win. Infantry with tanks win. The Germans in the Eastern Front during WWII surrounded the Russians with their tanks and crushed them over and over even as Hitler denied them the superiority in tanks and clothes necessary for them to win. Aircraft in war protect tanks and victory looks like your tanks with your little flags on them, leading or surrounded and protected by infantry.

War is a constant as mobsters and spies all know.

The spies have too much gotten independent funding from their front companies. Corrupt and into drug dealing, and corrupt on missions for their secret agendas, the spies fail us, leading to major outbreaks of war, or and prolonging war.

The people of the US as they might work to alter the government so that the President is not simply a War Powers Dictator, and the US people are not controlled and only benefit from what the Military Industrial Complex allows, as is the case with our ports and roads, civilians needs taking a backseat instead of a frontseat when it comes to ports and highways if not employment and industry, as now it is that Research and Development dominates in the Universities aims of the military, and not those aims of a civilian economy.

The great thinker and lecturer at Harvard William James said, “Democracy is delicate.”

The Greeks won because their people were invested and part of their national government. Now in the US you cannot run, and are rejected out of hand if you do not have money. Why then ought you be loyal and even concerned both with your leaders fortunes, and your own in one nation? I have no reason what soever to give a damn about the fortunes of Donald Trump, or Mitt Romney, or any of the rich guys. They do not think straight obviously or simple solutions to our internal difficulties would spill from their lips.

Build a Wall! You have to be kidding me. The nations of the South Americas have supplied workers and soldiers to the US cause for over a hundred years now. It was a fact even before the Drug War that has been a jobs program for the police. The solution is to end the Drug War and remit to the legitimate governments of South America some of the taxes that are right to be collected from a worker’s paycheck.

Democracy is delicate. Sanders is speaking of solutions to the wreckage that is being done to the USA. That he is judged to be a fringe candidate with no chance of beating Hillary Clinton is disturbing because his solutions are simple. But what is it? It is corporatism in conflict with Nationalism.

Look at the history of democracies and you see that all the Presidential Electoral systems turn into oligarchies and dictatorships. It is on the US now as it has been building since Nixon and Reagan. Internally the surveillance of us has been built on the drug war. You do not see people ever dying in emergency rooms from pot. Since it is a folkway amongst the poor and the blacks and those who united with them in dreams of a Woodstock Nation, and the people understand it is of vices of little to no consequence regarding worker performance or health, certainly with comparison to liquor or cigarettes, the only reason it is illegal is to give police power to search you.

Of Federally unjust laws the prohibition of pot is the big one.

So it is further true that the Financial Engineers of Wall Street have been taught to feed off the strong industries that are left of the US. They participated in the Looting of the USSR peoples assets when it was dissolved because of its corruption and foolishness and have turned to looting the businesses of the US involved in making crucial things. Timpkin Gears is that story.

Wall Street is not with us. Transaction taxes have rained down on the people of NC, and it is only fair that transaction taxes be levied on Wall Street financial activity. Nations that do not invest in the education of their people lose out in the contests for money.

It is the Kindergarden and Elementary School teachers who ought be paid the most. Children who are not given the skills they desperately need to master before they are thirteen are lost.

For reasons often mysterious, the Parliamentary System of Democracy is simply more robust than the Electoral System. Barbara Tuchman said so herself that it was time the US changed to that democratic arrangement, and historians are serious people.

But to end this, if we have a chance of altering both the system, Sanders admits and all know is wreckage, “You haven’t been in the Congress.” being the most telling line in that debate, to go to Capitol Hill with Cabinet members and Party leaders, on that day the mission of the Armed Forces must be made clear, in person, and the Secret Intelligence Organizations must also be put under the control of the people and given a clear mission, all made to know that corruption in all its forms will not be tolerated.

Elon Musk can’t get Space Right Fast enough

For the Insurodollar, write deal memo on the back.

For the Insurodollar, write deal memo on the back.

The turn backwards was away from colonizing the Moon. There on the Moon water was a secret. Meantime the impossible fixing of the Earth first was raised up. Sure, fine, The Vatican is going to pay for both projects. Populate the plastic oceans.

Space itself is for robots and tardigardes with human heads engineered in a lab. AI is stupid now and will be stupid later, as dependent on its programer and if not with another agenda.

We need the Waterbears scaled up to live on Mars and be able to fuck naked.
We will be able to talk and joke with them.

What humor can a technical being really have? They will be like their engineers ready to erase anything made they don’t like, or like who made it. The technicians, all picky. Angry. People can’t produce outputs as inputs are intended by the engineer.

You go to engineers and attorneys and tell them what to do. They don’t want to think further about it. It can be depressing really.

No wonder too then see the politicians bowing to God right and left and love the Pope and the Catholic agenda is the Right Wing. 10 years is a century now.

Launching straight up is not the way to survive 10 out of ten. Or did Russia sabotage two big rockets and a little one in a couple of weeks? The Russians are the US enemy and get cash for their buddies to skim plant off the top when a ticket is sold.

Their engines work fine for them?

What about the modifications by Boeing? There were better magnets for telephones in Germany, because Germany simply had better magnet ore. People don’t even know all their secrets.

What about the Jetsons? What a world. Too happy by far.

So half the planet is already extinct. Is it a sign?

The reduction of the US Space program was like the Chinese inversion, and turn from curiosity and science made starvation a regular occurrence. They didn’t even have Christianity, just more food till there wasn’t as the reason. Christianity is fine with starvations too, it makes people pray more. They give alms for solace.

Everybody wants to be loved so they say Jesus loves them. It works every time. Jesus loves you.

So now we, as humans are as behind the power curve as we can get and all the MBAs love the poverty that makes people love Jesus, since if they substitute the boss they will kill him. He obviously doesn’t love you, he wants you poor and desperate, which is fine, except for free people with the vote, or a gun, and free speech and democratic principles. All they here is don’t pay labor till they burn down the factory, or slit your throat.

If there is a shutdown of the US Government I will have a strategic plan in place so that an orderly change of the US from governance according to the Electoral Presidential Democracy is altered in favor of a Parliamentary System.

I have read and read and read, and the history recommends to me for Transcendia the Airport Authority and a Parliamentary System to oversee and satisfy the needs of the nation’s people for Defense, Education, and Development and Research enablement. Tools will be provided and the crisis of Energy will be addressed in radical speed so that pressure on the environment is diminished or stopped at least where it is.

The Drug War will be ended so as to include more people in our democracy, and free people from the surveillance all allow because of its outgrowth as a result of J. Edgar Hoover prejudices and bigotry. Separating Smugglers from Weapons smugglers must happen. It is not a small threat. I hazard that the benefits to the CIA front companies and their desire for another source of funds off book means their known use of drugs as a business means that organization is not to be trusted.

At some point you must believe and know for certain that your spies are working for your nation’s interests.

I would highly suggest the alternative currency the Insurodollar. Think for yourself this time. Human Capital is figured out as worth more or less every day on actuary tables and it is understood that health well educated skilled people are worth more than sick ignorant people. Pooling some of the equity of policies, “good policies” will build up a bank and a treasury and an insurance company that creates some loyal citizens.

People with good healthcare stay citizens of the nations they lucked out to be born into. It is like how people work for companies that pay and provide them a living and security so all is not lost.

A nation has an army, period, to be a nation it has the monopoly on force. Laws are enforced when people don’t believe in them. You know what I am talking about.

You understand what was wrought when gold was the basis for the currency. You know people would do anything to get gold. The Native Americans has treaties broken and land taken because of gold. You know what is happening around oil, and the Petrodollar deal with the Saudi’s.

Think for yourself about the Insurodollar. It is my gift if I have any to give.

Art Therapy/RSD Working Class Corner


from trip to C/21 museum and hotel

It pisses me off that I can’t properly run for US Senate, which really means I wasn’t taken seriously and given any support that in fact has nothing to do with money or my rolodex.

I just need a flatbed truck for a stage, like a stake back to go around the state from which to be Outdoor Cat from Transcendia talking with my guitar I made, if you can really call it that, which is possible. I can go to the TV station’s buildings and plug in somewhere to run my amp and sing and speech right there where it would be easy to be filmed.

If I dressed up and wore my uniform and my gun and sword I’d really get press, or get shot. You wear the thing on your hip and it is an incitement, though the sword and the uniform would help stave that off. I may have to go it all alone. Getting people to help me isn’t at all easy.

This is the reason for a Party that ostensibly knows it must work with others to affect change, or go retrograde into the dark ages like what is going on in Not Conscious.

Being nether conservative or liberal nor even “Middle of the Fucking Road” my supporters must simply think for themselves when I say what I support. The State level elections are all gerrymanded, so if I run for a Federal office and actually was to get on the ballot, then that is overcome by voters who know about me and my policies.

The policies are an end to the Prohibition of Pot Federally and Recreationally and Medically across the board: Period. It is a sick hold over from the oppressions of the J.Edgar Hoover FBI days of Beatnik Commie Pinko hatred codified into the laws of the land and making it possible for those who want to push the different, Blacks, Whites, dissidents around.

They used to call them, us, non conformists. Now they call them us still “hippies”. Though in my case and for people such as I, it is old hippies, which as an identification certainly besmirches ones past to a good number of people.

But you know rednecks have been smoking pot for a long time now. They got the pistols and they got the rifles and they got the 3/4 ton pickups with a trailer hook on the back and even a rifle rack for a couple of them sometimes, shot gun is the best thing all around for it all.

When I was moving out after all the messages that I was wanted out along with the insults. Nobody but Nell and this other woman that was roaring drunk pretty in her “My little “Trailer”!” and hung gauze on the posts of the deck and all of that theater. She and Nell thought it was fine an man live with his mom.

When you are poor you want a good place. You want a place you can hang onto. It has to be safe or you get driven out soon enough. Last straw was the 375 micro studio on Mendenhall in Greensboro, better to be called Green City since nobody takes Boros seriously, and the little mean suited man says he wouldn’t rent it to me because of my credit report, which while is not superior I hear on the Tv of much worse. Where do people live?

Girl in the bar told me of the place we have lived in for 10 years? 5 years out of my marriage I have been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes and to top it off broke my left leg all to hell in February. Sucks. Reading with the Reading for the Special Service of the marriage at St. Matthews was Time of Decrease and I had to put a good face on it from the Pulpit.

They didn’t respond to my requests for more of the Special Services. I drifted away from church. Poor teenagers in Hillsbourgh seemed tortured. There had just been a murder between church members I think. It was a bad feeling time for them out there. Starting to know the Commissioners and situations Hillsborough is rough with even the well dressed thinker Episcopalians.

I tried to get on with Michael Malone who was writing Tv and gave him a copy of Jet Beach, probably too racy for his and his wives mind. I was maybe new and am constantly desperate to pay and make something good as Hitler made bad before I die and that is a hell of a goal.

Being aware of the news and intelligence from either IHS or naked capitalism, it is certain that I am behind the power curve and need a great number of follows for an international PARTY of Transcendia. I think I kept thinking of a necessity of an army as defining. Everybody who is a Transcendian is supposed to be trusted with weapons to defend the nation. A monopoly on violence still stands. The weapons are to defend the nation is to be clear as it is on any airport that the fuelers and everyone is to be some focused aware and willing to defend the transit innocent traveler. Especially like your older mother who we hear complain.

I guarantee you that if I even just drove the car out there to the TV Stations and ran my electric cord out and play and speak. It is frightening and depressing to imagine doing it from the start entirely alone. I need guards. I am talking about making some noise. Rock and roll hippie what all guitar and my way of talking will work traveling to all of them, and just using the hordes of television. Like I want teenagers and college students to film and I don’t know who in my band, the Outdoor Cats.

“Progress through fun!”

The Transcendian Message Rocket Program as an act of a strong nation pro-active “Civil” Demonstration went very well. That was when Brownies was going perfect as a bar before I had to stop drinking for awhile from so much Harp and the beating and all the business going out of town for the producers lock out and I was diversified for in front or behind the camera, but that is all in the same business.

So if running there is a point to make that I am a Librarian of Work. I have insights into pain. It is the spiritual struggle for the material necessities, and this nation and all the world are in turmoil with some having itchy trigger fingers for their nukes.

Separating Drug Smugglers from Weapons Smugglers happens right away if they are legalized. Coke is a dangerous drug. You smoke some hash oil you get high without the side effect. Hash oil would prevent my spasms. I am a spastic without Tazanadine.

The point of the port airport nation of Transcendia is sociologically sound for ports are inherently tolerant. Spreading tolerance and good business practices from the port network would moderate world economies.

Using the Insurodollar then happens too. The Insurodollar put into the system will compete with the Petrodollar which having its Petrodollar Imperative will destroy Environmentalists intentions. Too much power.

Love, Make music of your own.

Look on Your Screen

However things go I will carry on, and you all can look at your screens for updates.

Every time I have come to deliver paper for the box I built for newsletters and posters, the papers are still here, and everybody is looking at their computer screen.

I did not know that paper was really so dead. I am screen present, and this website was made mobile friendly a couple of months back. It, the original was a wedding present in 2002 or three. I had been writing Transcendia War Commentary for

I had a big readership in China for the Transcendia spiritual practice that used the Bible by spiritual seasons, and the I Ching either to that reading or to a specific question that one might have in mind. It was a big honor for me that some Confucian scholars asked politely for links to examples of Readings as combined that I did there. I apparently had a larger growing readership in China as I got offers to buy Aviation fuel trucks and the like.

The blocking of my writings by the Chinese pissed me off.

That they moved up the primary voting and are obscure about the Bond and all that also pisses me off. I may have had a better shot at a seat in the US Senate, even as Transcendian if it was as we expected to be. Filing fees had to then be paid in February.

Whatever it is that the C.S.A. policies really are, they are not good for any majority of the people of the nation I am aware of, in any way. The “Free Trade” and “Liberalism turned the British Empire into a beggar nation from the 1840s to the turn of the century when it wasn’t long and they had the Great War they weren’t prepared for, typically for them at the start of both wars linked doing a lot of retreats.

They were a hollow shell of the power they had become because the newly rich wanted to live and be for their children like the old rich and got all into the gambling of finance so not to ever get their hands dirty. All the wealth was lost that way then, and is being lost the same way now.

NC is particularly Not Conscious. 25 percent Poverty Working or Not, and the people go along with it? Far as I am concerned the Democrats are just as at fault as the C.S.A.. Mostly around here they can’t seem to think for themselves either. They seem to look up to Kay Hagan who was for the Keystone, and lost anyway.

I could stand to have money to ride around with a stake bed and play guitar with my message. I made my guitars and the work for me. Soon I’ll publish “Beatniks and Spiders” so you can buy it.

To succeed I must have the Currency of Fame, but am not really set up to take donations, so if you want to support me, and Transcendia, you’ll have to buy my books and the Single from Amazon.

I do the Intendor Radio Show every day, and there are two 45 minute Stand up recordings I am trying to get some airplay with. I’ve aimed at WXYZ and WQFS where I did a show, Transcendian Show, of old and new alternative in the mid to late ’90s.

Hey who wants a downer? Or who wants a weak loser? Sanders has to go with a Party that is as deeply flawed and bought off as the C.S.A., but I don’t, and simply can’t.

Sometimes Transcendian on youtube is just entertaining. Otherwise the messages are mine. I do something for it everyday. You will find somewhere in the scroll something you will like. Subscribe, it makes me look better.

All Righty, Raise Hell, Stay well, Get High and get by.