Barbarians Versus Civilized

Clintons as Bill wakes

Bill looks at Michelle




The Democratic Party & the Republican Party as GOP & C.S.A. are now one party with the Clintons as one candidate from them and Trump as the other candidate from them.  Within the One Party which ever candidate is anointed Emperor does matter.

Thanks to Nader for creating the Green Party.  All that is left standing now is the Green Party versus the GCD Party, meaning Gops, Confederates, & Democrats.

The New Normal, a New Normal, event comes from death of old normal.  Actions, things happening that are criminal or and ethically wrong, resulting in no difference.   When crimes are committed against the victim & nothing happens to redress that crime it is called an injustice.

Sanders has been Gored.  He is right to revert back to his former affiliation and any complaints about that ought go dry if Sanders money in Clinton’s pockets.

It was Gore’s moment to stand for something.  He choked.  He endorsed the Clintons.  We can only make suppositions as to his reasons for endorsing the Clintons over Sanders.  New Normal.

There is a case in Delaware over unpaid bill with Al Jazzera that is dead now but owes him for the “Gate” what Current represents in TV market.  Like the Uranium mines sold to the Russians is RT, as who controls TV controls the mental landscape.

RT & VICE, or VICE & RT show how far one can get with youtube access even.  “Content is everything.”

Rove Tricks now normal.  New Normal.

Corruption is king.

Same moment Congress has sit in the law Paul wants enacted makes lying by investment advisors more legal.  International love of the US for its meritocracy being murdered.

The role of the USPO in establishing the principles of Meritocratic rewards for work performance, rights to privacy, private currency, money transfers is profound.  Sabotage of the USPO represents the very worst of our internal enemies.

Those who say that the USPO is not equipped to handle Service Banking are lying.  USPO Money Orders exist for a reason.  Service Banking would eliminate the need for Check Cashing centers that charge exorbitant fees to cash a paycheck of the poor.  Finance banking has collected all the deeds with TARP money pretending they were Industrial Service Banks.

It ought mean lit up that these Finance Banks do very little in aid of the commonly shared economic fortunes of the working classes forcing the Treasury to respond with the real thing.

What happened to the money that the Sanders Campaign raised?  Most Sanders supporters would be repelled to find that it went through the Democratic Party and because the Clintons won, goes into coffers to be spent on her.

Sanders loss is a real loss.  If he asks for more money to replace wad blown he needs a better plan than the one he used.  The run as a Democrat made sense only if they operated fairly.  The process was rigged against him and as a part of it his time and ours was wasted.

Middle?  Working Classes are in the squeeze of two sets of Barbarians.

To fight, and I mean fight in a civilized way as you do when your heart is broken and you live on Madison Ave. fight for control of your Treasury & the National money, its Currency, a Unique currency still holding the reserve status that the US Dollar holds, it is just spending the money in whatever amount necessary on Education & Defense, then Infrastructure which is part of the Defense, and Education which is part of the Defense.

The nation must always be on the Defensive.

There is a limit to War by Threat.

The US did not make Russia a State when the time was ripe for it.  It participated in the looting of the Russian assets.  Then in reaction a strong man out of KGB culture & using Active Measures took over selling NG to Europe & China & getting spending cash for rocket delivery to the ISS.

The US Trades with its enemy & enemies under the cover of Fronts if need be, to get what IT wants, and IT may well be no more than 5 operators of intelligence services reporting to generals over what war will be next and who will supply and profit from the MaterEal.

Israel has the status of a C.S.A. State with nukes.  The abuse of the Palestinians is the same as Jim Crow was for the South that puts up monuments to Generals who were Traitors to the Union fighting for the spread West of Slave LABOR.

I have proposed in that case that the Palestinians insure Israelis against death and destruction, and the Israelis insure the Palestinians against the same.  It is fair on its face and a disincentive to violence on both sides of the conflict over water & territorial freedoms.

The US only supporting Zionism with only force equipment and thinking means revolving pivotal move towards fulfillment of Apocalyptic Visions out of no improvement in mental capacity covering 30 thousand & then 6 thousand years.

Israel was not given Palestine by God, or the Gods, but by Rome.

In essence while I have my model Transcendia always to fall back on long as I have no borders or any armed forces a second UN is required.  This second UN must have a commitment to banning the bomb that it can enforce, and gendarmes that work with weapons to protect the people & give them confidence in a Government of Governments that by international law does not tolerate barbaric behavior at either end of the stick.

You can credit Andre Lewin the French Diplomat with confirmation and leadership regarding Reinvention of the UN.  My correspondence with Andre began after his article in the NYTs of March 15 2003.  At that time I was pursuing the establishment of a UNTV that was on the fireplace where we look in our modern homes for news that affects our lives and needs to be truthful.

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I’m here.  Here in Carrboro.  Not Conscious.  I have to make some personal appearances.  I want a guard when speaking a speech in public.  I need three people at least to show up.

Living is hard and gets harder into the age when naturally things break down or get broken.  Wisdom, institutional memory is supposed to matter for us survivors who are to be respected for our experience, and experiments with ideas.  Philosophy, there is a lot of it?  Is that the line in the song.  It is a line that leaps into my head.

I did my show and it was good and it was a real Feature Scene where I used myself as had been used in Restless only different.  I was a star of the indie academic scene!  Skips movie he paid me 135 dollars to be in.  Me naked, me there.  Twitching.  Syracuse Oxberry, and a cold black room.

The Bathtub Reality Television Series of Shows is very serious as I as the leader and founder appear vulnerable and unarmed.

I feel up the Mind Control.  I feel the Mind Control that sways me towards the bad Ideals.  Bad Ideas. Bad philosophy.

Alan Greenspan said guys like me needed to be retrained, I have said before, it pissed me off being one who had been perfectly useful as Labor & even Management at the centers of Power that are the FBOs, or where.  American Airlines may be the bought out Front of them.

It would be most Grand Perfect if for the show Nancy Alex & I were flown to ROA from IGX in a small plane.

The Revolutionary does not buy into the distractions of the Reactionaries.P.S. Great Leaders Call on the Great Engineers to save them.   Now there are so few great leaders to phone then the Engineers must rise, raise up a leader for them.  I would be that leader.  Transcendia, it’s a friend to yah.” is what Mike Sang.  Watch the latest 7/23/ Transcendian Channel Gore I Phone Reality Bathtub Transcendian Television Feature Scene & subscribe to my channel.

Retreat is the Hardest Thing

Ways out as Write Downs

1930s moment. Fascism. War Clouds Economic slow dance of crashing.

Now that Bernie Sanders is effectively crushed a Retreat to base camp is called for.  Retreat is the hardest thing for a General to accomplish.  The aim is to save the army from complete destruction.

Absorption into a mythical good DNC is not possible.

Meantime at the same time we are told that there is no excuse for any violent reaction to continued murders of the working poor, we are told to prepare for more war, internationally at least.  2 Percent is what all ought be spending on Defense.  The Defense industry of the US is happy as hell.  Favored nations will get the most modern up to date missiles and all.

However underlying all the rhetoric and bullshit is this:  The State is to have a Monopoly on Violence.

Now the BLM movement and organization is identified as Marxist.  It is also identified as contributing to the murders of innocent police in Dallas.  Too bad it happened in Dallas since it ought have happened in other cities like St. Louis closer to the worst murder of an innocent Black man who was acting too White.

Since the Police always have the drop on a civilian in a car, with a girlfriend and a baby and live in mortal terror of a Black man with a gun, that cop murdered an innocent man and so a Black man with a rifle retaliated.  What exactly did the power structure expect?  What about the other 500 or so murdered by cops by now in the year, half and more through the year?

Cops do not necessarily carry within a live and let live keep the peace attitude after 5 decades of enforcing J. Edgar Hoover policies of oppression.  The For Profit Prison Industry gets fed via continuous arrests of Blacks & youths for minor pot violations over all throughout the Nation.  Sentences are long enough and egregious enough to ruin a lot of job prospects for the targets, but short enough that outright Revolt is forestalled.

The Clintons are for continuing this, along with both US political parties.  If one is cynical they suspect the Drug War is insisted on to run the criminal systems funding mechanisms. For Profit Prisons are simply unethical.  Many of the poor working people are also hit with fines they have no legal means, like work, to pay.  Wages are subsistence wages.  Any little extra disaster becomes a crisis.  Decriminalization is a joke in most states since it keeps the whole thing running fine, just as it was, without the claim, OH we Decriminalized it.

Workers are wage slaves and any revolt is a losing proposition on their part since they will be out manned and out gunned and are just supposed to eat it.  Race & Gender politics are promoted by all the Mass Media to keep Labor, which is Black & White from uniting together.

The Generation Gap continues even as one may be an older person, hated as an older person, unless Hollywood famous and rich.   You are not a rock star.

Any way, it is a lie that violence does not work.  The truth is it does work.  Now the gay guys who fought the police at Stonewall, an otherwise insignificant bar in the West Village are heroic.  It was a kinder day, and just a brawl.  OK that is good.  Civilization then includes fist fights?

The only police in fact I respected were the NYC Island cops.  They did seem willing to attempt to keep the peace.  I was treated with respect when I cursed them out for coming into Brownies after hours when we were continuing to get drunk.  “Sure you don’t want to calm down?”   I myself have a good list of cops and me stories.  Most cops outside of the East Village I have had problems with were in it for the power.

Pot is used by them to get someone otherwise not possible to arrest.  Pot has become a folkway.  You cannot legislate folkways away, but making any of the Woodstock Nation’s hedonistic philosophical ways illegal & making being Black illegal have kept the Drug War going till now addictive heroin is around not for its typical 10 year cycle, but all the time.

Regardless of this insidious bunch of bullshit following crack profits Sanders today endorsed Hillary or really the Clintons the power unit who are an established part of the whole Finance world that is debt dealing and grabbing and manipulating the working people into early graves and so I have called for Service Banking.

What we have to have is Industrial Service Banking which is what Goldman Sachs has pretended to be to get money they used to buy all the deeds as is the case with elites in Haiti.  So goes Haiti, so goes the West.

Meantime since the entire US economy is militarized, hollowed out for and by the military what you got from working for a company you only get now from working for the Government in bureaucracies or for the Military, which covers the globe as an Empire sucking the life out of all and planning on war to fix economic ruin they helped to cause.

Nations have forgotten they can sell land to their friends and enemies to eliminate sources of contest.  I suspect the planned war in China to explode anytime, but most likely once the F-35 actually works. And I myself don’t even like the Chinese.  They appear to have blocked me early in online web world publishing for my status as a Confucian Scholar showing how to use the Bible & I Ching together as a spiritual practice.

As a writer, I do not think much of censorship and prefer that artists understand the responsibilities they have to promote and certify strength, wisdom, beauty & humor.

Really the plan looks like kill off a lot of the population of the world with war, and use the nukes in tandem to cool things down.  This is why I say Montevideo, far from tanks, which are flash points in Europe, while ships and boats and airplanes will do it in China seas.

Low down there in the Atlantic with Mountains close, Uruguay looks pretty good.  Less radioactivity at least.  Less already as seen circulating from Fukushima.

You as youth could just evacuate to there and protect the place from us, our military.  Wow they are going to be needing help for rejecting the TPP.

What will Happen when the Chinese Show Off?

Ways out as Write Downs

1930s moment. Fascism. War Clouds Economic slow dance of crashing.

I care about my dreams.  I’ve been trying to paint a dream of a moose licking the nipple of an aroused woman in a car.  She is in the forest, like a park.  I’ve not yet gotten it right except for the one that was using up paint.  My friend liked that one.  I was using up the paint.

I like it.  There is a lot wrong with it.  It looks like a Roman cave painting, crude.

I told my wife I was like a cave man artist, though there are supposedly better cave man cave painters than me.  They never signed their work.  They had names their wives knew, we can be certain they had names.

Why didn’t artists sign their work from the beginning? Writing was later, Much later.

The Chinese, all conformist, names are few.  Confucius.  Confucius is one of the known, last writers of the I Ching.  They got at writing one way and stuck with it.  Not the same for the West, and the history we care about.  We don’t care much for Chinese history really.

I found out the Chinese got puffed up and had wars too.  They had wars as big as Rome had.  Bigger.  We can have it translated from the first and read about it all.  What stands out to me is what they did with big ships.  About next to nothing really.  They sailed them around showing off.

Westerners went out there and robbed each other.  Westerners went out there planting their flags and claiming places for the Queen.

There was the Drug war, & hop out west.  Hop heads is where hip came from.  You ever done any opium?  I smoked some in some Nepalese Hashish.  Great high.  Could be a problem.

Hong Kong.  One of the triumphs of the criminal minds.

Locally there were Methodists sent over there to make Chinese Christians of the Methodist sort.  Inscrutable.  Works.  I was married to a Methodist.  I never knew they were anything.  But hey, they were Methodists.  Christians.  How far out there could they be?

Pretty far.  Made me sit up when I heard, saw in writing that Hillary claimed to be a Methodist.  Methodists and witches, I don’t want anything to do with either anymore.  Makes a difference.

I figured I was the best possible leader for my work combining the I Ching & the Bible.  Throw the I Ching & read the Readings from that at from the Bible by spiritual season.  I figured this ought to bring the West and the East together.

Chinese with their best stuff, they use it to show off.  They made a super computer.  They have to do a big hack with it.  They absolutely have to bring down the grid or something big like that with their Super Computer.

I’d let them.

Of course I’d have all these human beings standing around at the switches doing the phase line balances necessary to keep it all flowing.


So Updated. There Take that!

Elevator spiel

still works

I go to Face Book to get depressed.  Works every time.


Reading Chris Hedges & watching Chris Hedges you would think that Communism actually worked.  I appreciate what he has to say, and what he had done, but get to comparing poets to writers, and writer directors to editor directors.

Poets make more difference than all the other sorts of writer.  Poems live longer.  People in politics fear poets more than other writers and often kill them first.  Israel killed the poets of the Palestinians first, for instance.

Howl by Allen Ginsberg did more to change the society & culture than anybody else.  He was good to his friends and got them published.  They often like Hunke and Burroughs were trying to be good Yeggs, and get with the “hop” life of dreams.

Bob Dylan could have been president of Woodstock Nation he about was.

The Dreams of Woodstock Nation were everybody got along and had a good time.  It was hedonistic.  A lot of them were and are simply silly.

Allen Ginsberg read and read, performing his poem & his poems.  It isn’t right to try and make everybody straight and white.  It isn’t right to discriminate.

William James could talk and talk and you look for the little isolated paragraphs he said in his lectures.

Primes for War

It is an unbelievable reality that war with China is being engineered.  You are more likely to go to war with people you do business with than those you don’t.

This time it’s the Navy Again.  I wrote down Chief of Staff, Joint Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces talking in the Presidents ear.  I can’t find my note.  These people, 4 & 5 star generals are said to be making Foreign Policy more than the professional Foreign Service Officers.

It would be unbelievable to go to war with China to most of us just sitting around or going about our lives.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff were ready to blow the world up for us often during the Cold War and we have been in a state of permanent hot war somewhere like quagmire in Afghanistan and the outposts of the stranded or rank seekers. People dedicate their lives to getting ahead within certain institutions and the culture of that institution.

Unless the Institution is really led from shared idealization the institution will become corrupt when the vacuum is filled from within.

If you look some at IHS free intelligence reporting you will see a great deal of money being set up towards weapons sales of US exporters.  Raytheon is of interest for parking money to avoid taxes.  War profiteering is an old business.  Some people like it.

Primacy in Subs is one thing the US still has, maybe.  I don’t know for sure.  North Korea is out to hurt us whether right wrong or indifferent.  It will do so as an accident or on purpose one way or the other.  What does it take for the UN to end economic warfare with a practical war.  “Best Practices”?

Same things that were done before the Kennedy assassination when there was a lot of money riding on more war are being done regarding China.  Malaysia & that plane make sense as war moves since the CIA & MI6 Front Aviation listening post for Southeast Asia incorporated there.  It was the last place Bill Donovan went as his mind was solidifying.  Funny how these guys with all the secrets get Alzheimers as some sort of standard practice.

I was humbled some to recognize that I hadn’t seen that Transcendia as an Economic Model was based easily in business methods for Aviation Front businesses of the CIA & MI6.  It was a significant journey for the US President to have made over a disappeared airplane.

Reading between the lines is hard.  What assumptions do we carry?  I share the one that thinks war with China would be a horror show.  Is it necessary because their friend is North Korea and they won’t fix it?

I buy guitar making parts from bang good made in China cheap.  I admit I do business with the Chinese guitar parts making class.  I was considered a Confusion scholar enough for combining the I Ching and the Bible Readings by Confusion scholars.  The Confucius scholars asked permission to link to my writings.  I was touched.  I think for sure soon afterwards I was blocked in China.  I read that the Confucius Centers of the World are Espionage centers.

I looked at In-Q-Tel to see if it had any positives as a US funded CIA Venture Capital Company.  Specifically is it in any was a Service Bank, Industrial Service Banking as what we old hippies, idealists of some justice in the world possible if you put mind to it.

Want a Model Nation Contest where the System that is the Best, Government the best, Wins an Army.   Thirty Years ago Erwin Strauss of How to Start Your Own Country out of Langley book found in Loompanics said my Model was the best he had seen so far, then, thirty years ago at least.

My drift life and not going to LA was the source of the failure.  I didn’t get paid to make movies from which to take money and found the national territorial controls.  What should the US People get back from In-Q-Tel?  Or what has Page, & Page AvJet, Become?

Cultural Lag does not exploit the inherent strengths of the airport.  That being said the CIA & MI6 together under direction of OSS former leader & alway the architect of “Intelligence” set up the FBO operations there in Malaysia and he is out of Buffalo & Rochester, (NY) a town hollowed out for the intelligence community with contracts for R & D for things to listen with and see.

If Sanders goes in, then there could still be war, but it would be less likely.  We in the US may see an attack as soon as Trump even goes into office considering his election and the installation of him would really make the US look like it had elected someone like Yung Un,  Dictator Kim Yong Gun?  What?

Whack oh with economic war with Russia & Rocket engines and all of it.  Like there it is allies on one institution, enemies on out of others.  Economic warfare must be resolved to provide stability, which is good for business more generally than war.

Except for the war equipment makers.  Some people have Motive for War, and will do all the advertising and public relations or even assassination to make what suits them happen.  They are armed in the first place.

Ways out as Write Downs

1930s moment. Fascism. War Clouds Economic slow dance of crashing.

How to Get & Be Stoned on Pot or Hashish

Safety First.


It is in my experience little one hitters portable in the little wooden carry with the hole and the place for a little bit of pot are best.  The whole thing is about getting as high as you want to be for the situation, so smoking allows you to regulate your high.  Like drinking weak beer all evening.  Sitting and toking.

I am solitary now, but I remember getting high with others and spending a lot of time while they figured out the stereo, or and we played it and what was key that people were after was realistic crystal clear powerful Quad Systems playing Canadian Country.  Country has always been recorded very very seriously out of Nashville you are for certain going to get that.

There is some hiss on Beatniks & Spiders if I play it through the TEAC.  I think it was from the speakers so it is there.  I figured out a way to fix it, but can’t get the help I need.  I got some help, but then it, they got busy or decided they didn’t like me that much.  Making the thing was hard.   Harder than I thought it would be.

I show you on Transcendian what the record sounds like on that particular machine.  Streaming and off my computer and as test played in the car before the choice of working that one onto a CD was done.  I showed the Documentary of that in the Movie Quest & definitely on Intendor Tm Radio Show.

But back to getting high.  Edibles or pills or mushrooms you eat will fuck you up.  You will get really really high.  Having music on, or making music, out at the park with music, pool, beach party, yeah.  Together with music real high and it is making memories in fun together.  You get to dance and flirt with a girl who is available to be flirted with.

I don’t do that anymore.  Hardly ever.  All I do is hang around the house and make a guitar thing or a show or write, and have the last of the paperback version of The Revolutionary right in my face hung on wire, right there.   I don’t want to do it.  I’ve done it.

I just heard a jet go into IGX.  Nice thing about a corporate jet is they are not too loud at all and then since faster, the noise is more short lived.  It is daytime.  Meetings for the big wigs of the University fly in.  They got to games and give money from that airport the rural people hate.  All the working people hate the University I hear.  Rural people.  Rural people, you’d thing they hate everybody.  The Furniture people of High Point, Christian People, don’t want no show business non Christian people around.  Godless Commies from show business want to use our sets in the Show Rooms.  We don’t want those sorts Hollywood types, fornicators and drug users around.

Wilmington and the rents are LA downtown 200 off maybe from LA.  Rent the hotel rooms and it is otherwise old money C.S.A. Port prices can be high, depending.  I had some offensive neighbors and then okay neighbors. I don’t see anybody from that time.  Tweet people old friends that tweet are interesting.  I liked the tweets with found easy Mark Kemp who wrote Dixie Lullaby.   He has long been a music critic.  I meet some people in NY because he was my roommate and we hung out.  There for awhile.  Then the City and women and investigations happened.

My life in the City, last apartment of my own was on Madison Ave.  55, between 27th & 28, across the street from the Metropolitan Life Building and round the corner from La Trapeze the Sex Club, and on the other side where Tesla lived.

Lived on Stone Street last with my friend from way back to Tin Star Void.  It was his place.  He had African Art like a thing I gave my father because he taught at A&T because the Black University would hire him even though he was known as gay.  He was Bi, for certain.  Spent as much time with women sexually as he did with men.  He was a brave and honorable guy with a unique courage and even tried for the family conversion therapy but mom wouldn’t have it then, though then, well humor was missing.

I could see that. He seemed humorless there for a good while.  PTSD? What is the D for.  He was a playwright and Speech and Drama teacher.  We had a Lark.  Studibaker Lark then.  And We Had A Garage and a Garden.  It all looks like hell now, Out Corner.  There is an apartment building where I garden was.  They cut down the two maple trees in the front facing the rail road tracks, and worse, paved the driveway ugly.   University got beautiful and bigger and the town had the life sucked out of it.

My Dad was in combat and it got to him.  I and my mother got hit.   She made him sell the Mauser pistol I wanted and played with out of the closet.  They had taught me how to shoot in the Boy Scouts.  He went to the mental hospital and wrote me letters with young boy pencil.  He typed normally.  He had a Masters from Cornell.  GI Bill, then NYC with mom and then me.  I changed everything.  I’ve got pictures.  They loved me.

Wednesdays on 27th where apparently for all the Diplomats from the UN.   Black cars with diplomatic plates and Drivers sitting in them smoking.  I’m a writer and a driver so I know smoking and Drivers, of which these were and are a particular type.  The 11 months driving for Town Taxi & Checker in Rochester, saved me in the City for what and in what I did there.   Small town got me pretty good through Chicago and Toronto, but it was driving the cab in Rochester that got me so I could recognize neighborhoods and knew how to use a Street Directory.  Maps are useless when you want to go fast.  North South East & West and the streets that run up and down or over and back, they got names that they cross at and numbers and later I found if you couldn’t find it it was in a Trailer Park.

I Certify for being Commercial, or Private Pilots Pot Use 24 hours Joint to Joystick, but that is only for smoking, getting it the inhalation way.

36 Hours, Three Days from Eating Hashish, to Flying.

I did the flying experiment on myself with my Flight Instructor.  I think it was the one where he pulled the throttle on me.  You will get lost.  I put the throttle back because I was not going to declare on the FLL radio an emergency and turn to a tailwind.  He agreed, though I just looked at him.

When Driving Stoned, you must not be actually of any care whether you are getting somewhere or not or going a strange place.  You will get lost.

If you get too high, which you will on good pot, you will come to your level either talking slow to a pretty girl, or talking to somebody, or playing music, or in music, or and candles if really really on LSD or like that where you had better be in pretty and safe places only for it because it is the breakdown of conscious to subconscious drug.  You will be really reactive, which is very dangerous mentally to be hair trigger reactive, one big brain, not the one with walls.

I stopped that stuff.  It sat up and said you don’t need me anymore.  There are no LSD addicts.  Doesn’t work like that.  Psylocibin hah, fooled spellcheck the spy.  That is a great high.

My buddy when we were high as hell on Younge in the black out when he was wrapped up like a mummy in toilet paper.  I asked him what the greatest thing he had ever seen was,  “That man can forget.”

I’d already got it that we lived in the Police State.   That is what came from tripping alone.  I got Economics to teach you all now.

The regular guy has to live always with fear of the cops.  They either had an extra two beers since 2.5 beers and in an hour you are over the limit it is so low now.  My Commercial license was good for .04, and I blew that once arrested for a wrong turn in the rain with a rifle on the rack behind me.  Almanace County is  Alamance County.  In Mebane at the barber pistols hanging out of vests and back pockets had pieces and Quakers or Rednecks and the Paradise Lounge where I went to see naked women when I wasn’t getting along with my then temporary wife.

Watching naked women dance is a real stress reliever for me.

Her kid, her son, I did alright father figure with him.  He hated and feared me.  Was the final straw on that not marrying that she kept telling him he was this great kid when he was a mammas boy and selfish and rude then rude with his friend at the beach to my daughter who was sweet that trip to the beach.  My sister and the temp wife didn’t get along.

Scene.  Some better times on the deck looking out to the ocean, and fish.  Great rents.  Beach rents.  Beach visits.  Man.  Fun.

I told her if she really wanted to get rid of me to stop feeding me as she had since she was a great cook and food keeps me around.  Like a wolf.  I guess I was a wolf.  What am I now?  A Irish Setter that is old?  I would be like Orr, my gentleman dog with the bad leg got run over by a Vega.

There is fun in the Calvinist existence too.  I myself have become so much more introverted.  When I go out to the Music Loft, it is great for a bit.  I look at stringed instruments.  I record all the time, on the cassette machine.  I got the digital things.  I may have a back up on the digital for the Beatniks and Spiders.  I was thinking of recording off the Proof Machine, but on the computer I never heard hiss so I think the streaming may cut it down.  If I was DJing I could make it sound right going out over the air.  I feel bad, never got a sale.  All that work.  It is worth 10 dollars for the covers.

I hear about Colorado.  I’d love to have a plane to fly product back and forth between Colardo and Washington with hashish to the illegal market in NYC & Chicago.  Here in NC, Not Conscious I see nothing of the cigarette makers putting out joint packs in either of these states.  VAP machines were made for that sort of smoking I guess.

There is a paranoid element to pot.  I think guys pass through it easier than women, though my girl in NYC, & the first 3 to the one, and then the other some and I was telling my buddy that all the women might as well have been one on a different day.

What even then for the Beatles “I loved them all.”  There are Days we remember.  ”

My book Poor Buzz and Stories from Warnings for my Daughter is a good book.  You ought read it I tell yah.  Even for the 30s and around it will provide some “Institutional Memory” of what it is we old hippies been there done that know about Sanders as was our Carter.

Watch out for the Mind Control.  We get to see Mind Control work on them too you know.  The Bankers Elites snuck in on Carter too, and Obama, seems big time.

Sanders is right about the financing.  No wonder people are still voting for the guy.  Blacks got to be honest about the fact they are prejudiced too.  They got prejudices just like White people.  We all hate each other a little.  Fuck it, who cares!  They give us a war and we’re all together and they get a War Bonus.

It’s Finance Banking against Industrial Service Banking that is the real fight.

I have the back of the Post Office, in the form of the Post Office Service Bank.  I?  I am not enough.  Here is the Reading List:  David Cay Johnston, Matt Taibbi, Naked Capitalism, Pikkety, The History of Economic Thought, Ed Baptist, The Half Has Never Been Told, Jared Diamond, Collapse, Chris Hedges Tv Shows, Days of Revolt.  The Intendor Tm Radio Show is mine.  I spend a lot of time alone, getting ready to be in the show, or put on the show in September, my only booking.

There is the top guy, Michael Hudson who from I got “It”.  It is Finance Banks as opposed to Industrial Service Banks.  That is the fight to fight about and for.  I had to come up with a way to have a Revolution, for real, without a fucking war that shuts it all down.  I need the hospital system to work for me or I die.

If it all goes to hell the smugglers won’t hardly even get here.  I’ll have to get to NYC.  Or Somewhere.  If you are a Private Pilot that wants to get into Transcendia on the real nascent for the big push with Currency of Fame, doing cross country flying for fun.  I need to get to Roanoke Va and back to Carrboro often.  Out of IGX to What they got would be good and fun and I promise good people and good times.  Ed and his gallery and family, the family they got the name in my will you know.  Transcendia is bequeathed to them in my will.  Olivia is supposed to get a part of the name, but with them to share.  There were the Williams boys, but Robert is pissed I didn’t like the brown purple on his poster with curlicues and shit.  I made an Insurodollar poster in a style, out a stylebook once.

Get over it.

Remember I was the one making it in NYC & did the launch speech like was done with movie stars and people.  Flag showings.  Rocket Launches.  Was doing all that before the rich guys like Bezos especially because his rockets are the smallest.  His might do for building a Space Elevator.

Mine were for messages.  The Message Rocket Program

Fuck the Parasites & TV

where & how to time travel

about multi universes etc.

The Transcendian Economic Model is the real model of the network of airports.  People know instinctively how to act right at airports.  Things move fast so the system has to be the best.  It is superior.  There is the Airport Authority that runs the day to day operations, answerable to the host government, often high enough at the County Level creating a medieval fenced in culturally neutral territory.

You get your money from the transits right then and there because they may fly away and never come back.   You charge the money on accounts for the major companies but get your money from the corporate visitors and all unknown transits and freight haulers and smugglers.

Between companies there are fuel bills to pay one to the other.  I saw that somewhat between Florida Aircraft Leasing, National Jets, & Business Air Center all owned by the remaining brothers.  National Jets had the contract to fly diplomats and spies to Cuba.  The American Interest there was as active as it could make itself.

There was a consistent level of smuggling going on.  James Boy once said on the ramp that it was only the DEA and the Smugglers paid their bills.  Rock stars will stiff you.

Rock stars crashed and burned and we collected the working useful parts to keep the recip pigs going.

I hit on the same thing as the spies but went and go further to say it ought be a nation, this system, system of airport territories.  They are anchored by the FBOS providing parking and fuel.

So in this case, like my friend said, “It was in the air.”   The spies have their economic model for their fronts while I have mine for an above the board nation that does work at moderating world economic disparities by facilitating trade.  Some places need safer places for international business to occur.

When disadvantaged go where the advantages are.  Go where the advantaged are.

For women the international airports are good places for them to put their business sales and services offices.  I want to put my passport support offices at the airports, of course.

The last place there will be oil burned for transportation will be in aviation because of the engine requirements for a type of fuel.  Michael Hudson and David Cay Johnston give me a good picture of why technology has not gotten us further along.

I of course for Transcendia want the airports of the US military to do Industrial Banking and Commodities trading.  I would be selling pot for tax money.  My desire on the small scale legal would be a jet full of hash and hash oil back and forth between Washington State & Colorado, with aims at NYC or Toronto if that is the best I can get.  Out of Toronto I’d want the hashish I used to get, something the Arabs make pretty well.

Nepalese hashish selling would help the Nepalese out of their economic jam since the earthquake.  Carters CIA moved Afghan hash in the US from circumstantial evidence I picked up in my travels and reports of bicycle racers.



Parasites are the people of the inherited compound interest class demanding rent on deeds they have inherited and then manipulated into their hands by selling debt while they always make money from interest bearing bonds & stocks to an extent when manipulating the prices.

They will hound a nation to death over after selling them on debt.  Bank lending practices grabbing up deeds are stifling whatever progress would have come from Industrial Banking that supported real business development as a service to the nations have been unfair.

The Parasites now do not even make any play to appear nationally loyal.  Live wherever they want while registered in tax havens as front after front provides a cash flow untouchable by any tax man.  It is Meyer Lansky Financial Engineering the was for the most part made legal.

All the economic modeling is theatrical or aspirational.  Military spending of the US is unaccounted because, because.  How much of that is the legacy of the JFK assassination Coup providing an insulated way back there disconnect from the Civilian power that twists around to who has the bomb trigger.

Command and control of the atomic weapons is not the same in every nuke armed nation and there are more and more of them than were.  I believe Iran is under the Russian nuke umbrella myself.  The stand off of the two Cold War powers who of both nations are bankrupted by their disloyal on one hand and run out if they are smart by the other.

If I had money, and lots of it in Russia, Putin might take it at any time, as he has.  London was driven out.  Russian money & American money both playing Meyer Lansky rules.  Some banker will give interest and get some from big fees or somehow but all but a little is progressive taxing as now I discover the phrase from Michael Hudson “Industrial Banking”.

The Insurodollar looks better and better as a breakthrough.  Today on Transcendian I remembered my idea of two different currencies, as one for Finance to isolate us from them getting at the peoples money and deeds.  Deeds to the national shared commons.  Which is out there in the seas too.

All that plastic has to be taken out of the food chain.

The Democracy, while aiming at being a mob is to be moderated by Best Practices.  It is surprising how much better a democracy can be than a dictatorship.  You cannot believe how evil some with power become.  Not just made up stories exist of such horrors that there has to be force applied to the unreasoning power mad threats to everyone’s present and futures.

This is not work for private armies.  They are not volunteers.

In plans for the revolution I aim for ways out for even the rats as rats can find a hotel room at a Transcendian airport as the Exile Island option for the deposed.

Hordes of TV can work Safely!


Revolt & Revolution in the US strategic Ordering

Twelve O'Clock High/Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort frame from watercolor story.


Working Class Corner/Letter Form, Even Burrough’s Cut Up form.  Time, time is short.

Notes/Camera Eye, Chorus, Notes:

We are lucky to be alive.  JFK and one of two or three other guys saved us from the Apocalyptic Riot, which at the time was simpler and just Atomic War.

JFK was assassinated by Richard Helms and James Angleton, the counter intelligence officer in the FBI, for the Joint Chiefs of Staff who JFK never believed capable of such a treasonous act.

LBJ & J. Edgar Hoover went along for reasons of their own.  The coup that followed maintained and expanded the war against the commies, both in and out of the US.  The pivotal prohibition of pot was more codified in law and propaganda and incentives created a blockhead class of special police.

As both sides of the Drug War danced together the techniques of constant surveillance and the destruction block by block of societal well being produced a society now dominated more and more by block heads and hopheads that set the baseline of nervouiosity and fear we get to share in the Retro states of the C.S.A. that enriches the private prison system, and piss processing industry.

Hedonism is illegal.

Nobody is any fun.  Ignorance is not bliss.

Fuck Southern States Rights, All bullshit to mask oppression.

Wow, Finance Bill, Banks get to take Drug Businesses Cash, but it isn’t legal?  Give me a fucking break!

……Notes, Revolution is one thing.  Revolt is first.  Revolt to cause the Revolution that sticks.  Big nation.  Who is in Charge?

President, War Dictator, Executive Orderer.  Gets kill power.  Fast Track for Corporation plans to advance wage slavery in collusion with elites.  Some get money, some get status, elites all laugh down on those they have narrowly educated, mind control is real.  Who owns the TV, owns the minds of the people.

Airport Bar TVs…  The UNTV is on your computer and is impossible to watch.  Go to Instagram:  “Syria is suffering.  Syria is suffering.  We must do something to stop the suffering.  Syria is suffering.”

While we are protected by the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Pacific Ocean on the other, we are still vulnerable and cannot sort out our government and make it work as it should in a vacuum.  If we want to effectively Revolt, and end up with a Revolution that is aimed at making the myth of America real, we have to do things in order and that means getting the military command and control structure to actually protect the nation during the Revolt and Revolution.

An Inventory of Generals, and assets is then required.  Often intelligence officers are called assets.  There is a formidable power structure that threatens the people of the US.  The National Guard will do as they are told and they have more and better weapons than the people.

The Front Businesses of the CIA & MI6, where does their money go?  What do they get to do with their profits.  They sell a lot of jet fuel.  Is American Airlines a CIA Front?  First in Haiti.  So goes Haiti goes the West.  Youtube is the best of UNTV.

They shot us and beat us during the Civil Rights and Viet Nam era and assassinated the leadership.  People like me got the message and withdrew and  tried to do less provocative things so we wouldn’t become targets.  I worked to strengthen the UN through Television.  I failed and now believe it is time to found another UN.  Let’s see if two will work since one hasn’t been doing what I would see as as good a job as we need to be done.

We in fact do need a Government of Governments to enforce a ban of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The population is too large as it is.  At the time the UN was founded there were only about half the people that there are now.  The organizations of the UN that exists are vital to world civilian operations.  Leave them in place and create a parallel UN with an army and secret services that fight all comers who would deploy and use nuclear weapons, or other weapons that would kill us all off before we become a Big Time Species.

We could achieve species immortality if we do things right now.

Far as the US and is, corrosion and corruption, the Liberal Elites like Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, and whatever friends they have that will work with us to set the stage for an effective revolt and revolution must open lines of communication with the Generals and those of the Armed Forces that must be convinced that they will best serve their honorable positions and uniforms and swears to, by making clear that there will be no disruption in command and control of the US Armed forces during the Revolt and Revolution.

They must agree to not take over and kill us.

The situation is this:  The US Currency is not very trustworthy because of the corrupt practices of the Corporations whose charters have been allowed to seem permanent and detached from the public good.

Corporate Inversions must be made illegal.  I want to see David Cay Johnston’s Tax Code.  I would commission him to design one for the Nation of Transcendia, if I sold more passports or and had profits from the VR scratch & sniff adventure love war movie to spend.

The Federal Drug War must be ended across the board without delay.  Hippies, Old Hippies, Old Hippies smoking pot wearing guns is a terrifying image isn’t it.  The Movie Quest is supposed to end in reality with shipping container passport offices at Washington & Colorado airports moving pot & hashish back and forth and into the rest of the nation legally or illegally using Falcon 50s, my favorite corporate jet.

Gerrymandering must be ended.

The principal of one man, one vote must be reinstated.  All “Best Practices” regarding voter registrations must be applied as understood from practices in other best operating democracies of the world.

Fuck the replicated voting rights bullshit of North Carolina that reuses the tactics of the 1898 ’99? Coup.

The C.S.A. was the first Stalinist State.  “My Past is your Future.”  -RSD

The misuse of States Rights which is code for oppression in all former C.S.A. states must be ended.

The only real legitimate roles of Government must be recognized as Defense and Education.

The US military & the US secret services must be brought to an accounting and inventory and properly deployed as it is now.  We are obviously in great danger due to unresolved economic warfare.  The fact is that the Saudis no longer want to give the US the power that it has had from the Petrodollar invention of Kissinger and Nixon and have turned the US method of econ war against us.

Better stop and take account and go on a realistic war footing while straightening up our affairs at home.

(Might have to send tanks into North Korea after their sub ports, telling China to stick it.  Adults don’t keep on using fighting words and throwing beer bottles without getting arrested or just beat up.)

Of course the US could bomb some places with bags of popcorn, yah know.  I do offer the Pro Active Civil Demonstration like that.  Happy balloonist clowns was unworkable.  Law of unintended consequences. When they shoot down the happy clowns throwing food and flowers to our enemies, we get to bomb them bad.  Of course don’t shoot at things and people you can’t see, is a gun use rule drones disguise.

Waking notes without further comments:  Mail- Communications, make secure.

Lie, a lie, I made comments.

Nothing here is going to work unless the Engineers make it work.  Remember always: Nothing works that you don’t believe in, and want to make work.

Scientists are depressed.  Engineers would be happier if set to work on the fun stuff.  So what if this universe gets cold and stops?  There is another one.  There is one with slow light as a constant, and another with fast light as a constant.  Periodic Tables change all the time.

List Real Enemies.

List Real Allies.

Food, Clothing, Shelter.

Institute rent controls.  Too much greed creates a need.

(Examine the Wall Street use of TARP money to collect more Deeds instead of aiding in the strengthening of vital US industry.)

John Commons thought capitalism was great except for its tendency to demand socialism because human nature is greedy, and needs a system to keep it human and not recreate the jungle laws.

Make universal food production systems that draw in all needs for food within the 50 mile circles that electric vehicles and horses could handle.  Build Urban Frame Farms as needed.  Apply the Energy law of renewables that starts with Solar, meaning Tall buildings downtown and shorter as moving away from the centers.

Build electric roads.  (What I mean here is that electric vehicles ought be able to use batteries to get to the electric road which from they may get power to run anywhere in the nation without the need to stop if the situation warrants uninterrupted travel.)

I am for making the infrastructure support the way Americans like to live, instead of making Americans conform to a new infrastructure that is all confused.

Public Government Responsibilities:   Defense & Education shall not be privatized and for profit.   The Commons shall not be free to be used by Private industry.

Co-ops shall have greater protections under our laws of business formation and creation than corporations which may have their charters revoked and be effectively kicked out of the nation if they are shown to be taking advantage of the nation and its people, and its structures, and its armed forces.

Who writes & signs the Checks?  Tell the Secretary of the Treasury to create a Treasury Insurance Company that gives everybody Whole Life Insurance from Birth.   (Insurodollar preview)

Civilian Authorities & Military Generals?   Secrets.

Nuke Submarines.  Swarms.

Bonds?   What Bond holders deserve to be paid, and which ones don’t?

The US Currency as the Reserve Currency of the World has effectively make the US the Government of Governments.  With the Collapse of the Petrodollar, while the US still holds this advantage, its Financial System just simply must be made into a Trustworthy system.  The drama of this is profound.  The Economists of the US Government with their models made up of phrases and based on prizes that make them fine little reputations have simply wrecked the system.  We desperately require a bunch of Financial Engineers going into the guts of it all and applying Best Practices that can be in short order announced before we see collapse which is likely to lead to a war of desperation.

My own little model nation, the one that has no army has been useful for out of it comes a useful and understandable currency within the system that changes the system only so much as to make it work for us, and not against us.

Insurodollar Summary

My Resolution Gift

“If you can’t even imagine a Utopia, you ought not call yourself a human being.”  -RSD

Current influences:  David Cay Johnston, David Willis for “Beatdom”, William Faulkner, always for Absolam,Absolam!, John C. Mearsheimer, Len Deighton, Blood Tears & FollyChris Hedges, Days of Revolt, Noam Chomsky “Who will listen?” correspondence Andre` Lewin, Points for Reinvention of the UN, March 15 NYTs 2003, correspondence, addition of UNTV under my name to his points. PIKETTY, (fuck spell check)   David Hume, James Jones, (Some Came Running, The Thin Red Line,)  John Dos Passos, The USA Trilogy,  Emanuel Litvinoff, Death out of Season,Blood on the Snow, the Face of Terror, Dan Sherman, The Prince of Berlin,, John Commons, Economist.  Naked Capitalism commentators & Yves Smith, The Bible by Season, the I Ching by question or to the Reading of the Day by spiritual season, Sam Harris, The End of Faith, John Loftin, The Big Picture?  Divinity, Duke, Attorney Hillsborough, NC.   Donald Barthome, Unspeakable Acts, Unnatural Practices) Phd. Astrophysics UNC-CH, Cambridge Laura Mersini Houghton


In My Skin, Sinking

Accounting & the US

Just my last poster.


Uploaded a jazz performance of the other day.  Intendors Tm #s played 15 & 10.

So I want to leap into the conversations about systems.  Then I go The Disadvantaged must go where there are the Advantaged, which is physically at the airport.

Of jobs I have had where riches and the people having them was simply all in your face and you can’t make it without the cash tips, which are a way of insult to the professional.  Things are supposed to be simple and go through accounting.  But you have to take the tips.  Have they wiped out cash yet?

Here in town I have thought that I would have thrived working at or for the airport, but it is too small and anti me personally nearly about too much to think about.  The world small.  It is so now for me that I really do need the airplane to go just to Roanoke fast enough to be home after my best hours are gone.  Would be maybe an hour to 45 minutes and total time back and forth manageable for me alone.

I am pretty fucking sick.  Like a hangover every fucking morning.  Only thing I can be grateful for is no headache.  Most uncomfortable in my own body physically for no apparent reason but it, the body.

Like hey, now you are the dying tree.  “Don’t talk to my friends.” my brother said.

IGX is open, and some have based there.  Saw a guy going to Beaufort, the other day with a three bladed Mooney.  I think they will do 240 knots cruise.  Sharing gas for private flights is the limit of it as the private licensed.  Was part 135 for that other air taxi operation I forget the name of.

My wife’s life is centered here, so we would have to have big draw and travel possible to be too far away for her.  My circle is only as wide as the internet world or my 3 mile orbits gone without Triple A, I forget as part of the Insurodollar model sometimes.

Still haven’t gotten the lyric of the Economics Song perfect,t hough last take was good to go.  Good enough to go.

Want Mac DeMarco to pick out something.  Maybe yeah, You Failed me Completely.  Elizabeth Dupree.  They are on the channel which takes a good part of my working day.  Then there are the Intendors.  I may have to use the real pick up for this last one.

Meantime back at the ranch.  Economics for the Insurodollar have to be best practices of the currency could fail.  How much Bonds can go?  I was happier as a man before I ever went into debt.  I was advised to go into debt when living with my first live together girlfriend who I still can’t quite really figure out how come she lived with me as long as she did.  Was one of those kill yourself breakups.  I prayed a lot to get through it.  Forgive me I have been forced to use the Lords Prayer as a Mantra.  It did change my poetry quite a lot.

Where it not for the I Ching and the Bible Readings together I would have to be a stone cold atheist.

I tell the disadvantaged to go physically to work where there are the most advantaged.  So you would put your Freelancers Labor Offices at the FBO side of the airport.

The Renewables from Hog Waste processes and the yam tuber made genetically exactly for fuel generation with high enough btus to blast through the skies was going well in NC before the recent era.  What I call an actively stupid era, kicked off by HB 819.  That one legalized broker lying selling beachfront property on the coasts of NC.

I had suggested Wing In Ground Effect Fast Ferries as opposed to rebuilding the bridges.  Bonner Bridge.

Covering the culture of the US Military shows they are themselves A Front business.  The unaccountability and tricks to give money to their friends for about anything, still using the shown to fail McNamara attempts at one size fits all, hypocrisy to the max over nuclear weaponry means that after the JFK murder & Coup, you effectively got an army that did what it wanted and was an enemy armed to suppress the will of the people since then.

The Defense.  Of course if I were to engineer a viable political and civil revolution there would be times of instability and that would mean Command and Control of Nuclear Weapons would have to be made known, while all other critical Defense of the people and the bordered nation would be most critical to turn in the proper direction instead of inwards on us which we know is the plan.

For Occupy to really win it would mean Seats in Parliament.  The Parliament Buildings would have to be occupied by representatives paid by the people to be there.   If all Institutions of the Government were to be made Accountable to the People & the National Interest of the people it would there not be enough till also the Critical Command and Control of the Armed Forces was made with the people and not the Corporations who have put public funds in their pockets unaccountably so long that they are convinced it will go on till all is worn out and starvation grips the land.

See Yah, we are fine here in New Zealand, except for the threats of Asians and or is not China a big, now territorially ambitious nation?

So you have to see the unaccountable made to believe in the nation as of them and for them, and decide what Chain of Command has Goals proper to the warrior, who loves the nation, loves his people, Goal, & Mission as a professional national instead of a mercenary.

Soldiers fight out of fear and warriors fight out of love.  I noted the increasing use of the warrior description of the US Armed Army man, from knowing the difference.  What do you really have when you have an all volunteer Army but a mercenary force come to work at the bidding of the oil corporations?  Say it had turned out differently?  I am looking at the evidence.

Was my brain in Canada a brain drain on the US enough that they wanted to keep me?  What about the Carter pardons?  I was invited to his Inaugural and went and you can see the documentary movie on youtube.  I really don’t know how that movie got there exactly.  I though I had it.

Did Carter’s CIA sell Afghani Hashish in the US to finance the war with the Russians before Congress voted funds as the movie is about.  Finest view of Julia Roberts ever.  They don’t tell you everything in the movies.  Carter’s Library won’t answer me.  I was dropped after the election.

Wrote Bezos a few times.  I go on record predicting Musk and Branson and Bezos all build or have launch pads in equatorial regions since there is the dead not moving much air.  Go there for barge landings, about where the space elevators were to go of Ecuador.  Musk got the Falcon X down because the air wasn’t moving so much.  Wind is a thing.