The Propaganda Deluge

I have turned to my autobiography as Facebook harasses me to write on my foolish placeholder pages for Transcendia which I intend to see continue till absolutely from model to reality.

I thought I was going to maybe die, or as a minimum have a heart operation so it got all the photo albums out and looked at photographs I’ve made. Life, my life.

Overall it looks pretty good, what is left of it. Shadows. Pieces of paper. The chemistry is not so great as a real photograph. I’ve made all these drawings. They are oblique odd cartoons. There are long story captions to the drawings. I have so many to colorize my pencils are running out.

Sometimes I think about the CDs I made. I can’t even seem to buy them at my price. Createspace is what I used to produce my CDs and it was crushed as I had begun to fear. It was done in a rude way. I have little money so stocking up before the dissolution of what was great, and actually fun in that the Createspace phone support staffs were friendly and helpful on the phone. They didn’t do streaming which was how people were now making money. Now I’m not sure what is going on. I had paid for Reverbnation after putting some things on Number one Music. I don’t know how I got involve. Hardly any category works for my music.

“I Phone Lifestyle” is “Beat” a beatnik jazz album for nutcase college radio. I got so I understood myself and hoped to sell a song to Mac DeMarco. Really, it became an ambition. I haven’t traveled looking for the guy. What with his things about his father that came up I felt like he didn’t want to know another old guy as myself is.

He doesn’t follow me anymore on Twitter and I don’t do instagram. What a life. I made it to 66. My mother’s side of the family seems to live forever. Her brother, my uncle is 90 something. I think he has the arthritis I have but I don’t think he does enough about it. He was an Episcopal priest. I haven’t thrown the I Ching lately. China pisses me off since my writing about bringing the Bible by season and the I Ching by throw on was blocked. Sure seemed that way. I was getting emails from the Chinese trying to sell me airport fueling equipment.

The most ambitious thing a Western writer could do would be to write a chapter for the Bible. Best I could do was to write a chapter that brought the I Ching readings and the Bible readings together. It is probably my most grand achievement. It is a great spiritual practice. Really all you do is read the Bible Reading for the Day and the I Ching Reading you get with your question in mind or let your mind go and it will refer to the Reading in the Bible. That is about it. In Fact it can take an hour and a half.

When my wife & I got married Bishop Curry approved the Special Service for our marriage by Tim Patterson of Holy Trinity in Greensboro NC. Was at St. Matthews in Hillsborough, NC. Beautiful church back to the times of the Revolution. There are a lot of Confederate graves. There are a lot of Spanish Flu graves. Nice trees. I stopped fitting in at church. I tried to get Michael Malone to help me sell my screenplay. He didn’t like it or me our me and my wife. It’s okay. Nancy Alex told me she was now an atheist so she could sleep in on Sundays. I was caused to think of Bishop Curry when he married the royals. I felt connected. It was hard to put a good face on the Ching reading. “Time of Decrease” is what the marriage service reading from the Ching had been. I fell through the floor on the job not long after.

The TV is on. Nancy Pelosi the one who wants to put through the foolish PayGo economic plan that really is as Stephanie Kelton says is ignorant of the real way things work and will prevent any progressive successes.

I got to eat dinner now.

Warren Mosler The Most Important Man, You Never Heard Of

For the Insurodollar, write deal memo on the back.

Far as my model and its money, or currency, for a long time this is as far as I got. Part of the success of my work as a conceptual art is that it is understood by some people and they have expressed my thoughts for me.  This was the case with both iterations of the flag and the case with the design of the paper money.  Early on I myself drew a bill that had on it an astronaut and the phrase:  “In Science Salvation”.

It wasn’t until I reinvented the Transcendia Currency specifically to make the Transcendia Passport Manifesto better and salable to the masses that I began a much more in-depth study of economics and finance.  The Transcendia Insurodollar was invented before I did my readings.  It was invented from what I knew from living and operating my NYC Grip Truck business.

One of the first things I learned about real business was that insurance was the difference between a real business and something fly by night and vulnerable.  People in real businesses understand insurance.  The currency of Transcendia is based entirely on human capital.  The model nation of airports is essentially a confederation of same flagged, secure, standardized islands.  A portion of the equity of these policies is used as the basis of the currency.  I combine the functions of the Treasury and the National Insurance Company.

Every citizen is given a Whole Life Policy at birth or buy in.  It is when they are cheapest.  It is used for all circumstances you need insurance as an individual.  If you grow up covered and educated and reach the age of maturity, called majority, and are entering into a career you are fit for by destiny and education, then you begin to pay into the system.

I have a problem with start up money.  My plan to make movies that were profitable enough so I could pay for national territory airports has not worked out.  My project does not seem to fit well into Kickstarter campaigns and I have no support from spies or mercenaries or much of anyone.  I’m glad I was fired by Piedmont though I ought have sued them for it.  Personally it meant that I ended up working in Manhattan on movies and TV shows and music videos and worked my way up to Director of Photography.   It was work I liked.  That my career was on the East Coast and not in Hollywood is in some part to blame for limited successes.

That I was removed from the ramp meant I was removed from a position where from I might have by now recruited more supporters.  It is not as if those who work in Ground Services have had any hopes of improving their lots much in the past 40 years since I was most involved in that work.  It is another of the areas where there are jobs but wages haven’t gone up in 40 years.  In fact wages of even union workers in motion pictures, especially in NYC have gone down.

My overall work life is just a perfect story in that when out of High School and the Community College Education I got, from hard labor in construction by the time I was 50 I was returned to doing what I did when I was young and strong, construction.  It wasn’t exactly the same but it was the same.  “Renovations” are still carpentry and construction.

The movie I shot as Director of Photography didn’t come out for over 10 years after I shot it.  I took to telling youth that working your way up the ladder was not a very good plan.  Sure it is that what you know is more firmly grounded in real experience, but the way the world has turned out is that you are going to have it easier and go further if you can pay for an expensive education shared with well off youth you get to make friends with.  Rich people don’t give money to poor people.  Rich people don’t know any poor people with nothing but Community College educations.  I don’t have the time here to go into all that jazz, the point of this letter is that I took up a serious study of finance and economics driven by my modeling of a new nation.

I bought a Textbook, I bought books about crashes and somehow came across the website Naked Capitalism, and from there discovered Michael Hudson the author of “Killing the Host”.

Now I know that it was Warren Mosler that started all that has become a School of Economic Thought for he paid for it to become the Economics Department at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.  What has happened is that Warren Mosler’s Economic Truths were named Modern Monetary Theory.  He is considered the founder of Modern Monetary Theory, though Stephanie Kelton named it, from what I can tell.  Randall Wray is also vying for the position as inventor of MMT.

There is a lot of “Cultural Lag” associated with the understanding of what is real about Economics.  Post WWII an economist who I think had been the Fed Chairman wrote down how the Treasury worked.  Governments spend money first and tax later.  Governments create the currency and they can destroy the currency.  “Finances are Finite, and Economics, are infinite.” is the way a found to put it most simply.  If I said that “Finances are Finite and the Treasury has nearly infinite power, that’s a longer sentence.

Back in the days of King Alfred the Great he did need to collect taxes from England’s coastal businessmen and take that money to pay the army and arm it and train it and buy it boats to go and kill and hack the Danes who kept showing up in fast boats and raping and pillaging and going back to Viking land with their loot.

WWII and the US created a lot of currency to pay labor to make a lot of airplanes and tanks and all the tools of war.  They could have done so all along the way but simply didn’t think it through.  As it works out the Nation with Sovereign Wealth, meaning a nation that makes its own dollars, lira, Drachma’s, pounds, or whatever can buy whatever it is in services or goods that is for sale in their currency.  The limits occur when their is a shortage within their orbits of what they want or need for sale in their currency.  There was a shortage of factory labor during the war for before the war men did the factory jobs.  Women did the jobs of men because the men were in the Army fighting on two fronts.

So, anyway, it became clear during the war that the US wasn’t going to run out of money.

Now Warren Mosler is running for Governor of the US Virgin Islands.  In doing so he is demonstrating not that he just has revolutionized Economic Thought by pointing out the realities of where currency comes from and where it goes, but also becoming a Financial Engineer.  He has moved to the Islands which are not at all a model and are at the extremes.  I believe that he is motivated as are classic gentlemen motivated when they know the best ways that any particular engineering problem may be solved.  For engineers the phrase “Best Practices” is big.  When he said to the Italian “There is a right way, and a wrong way.”  he was saying that there are best practices and you can’t expect to solve your problem using the wrong methods and just hoping things will work out.  Politicians will often promise to do what everybody wants when everybody doesn’t know or even have an interest in doing things the right way.

“Let us just do it the wrong way for a little longer.”  is what a lot of the power structure asks of governments all over the world anymore as regards fossil fuels.  Reagan’s tearing Carter’s White House Solar panels represents the big money paying to keep on primarily the use of fossil fuels as the primary way of powering Western Civilization till all of it has been found or forced out of the earth’s body.

Burn everything up and it gets hotter.  The Russians are all for it.  So you have that problem the Trump Administration is imitating.  As it was during WWII there is the time factor.  In 1942 the US nearly ran out of time to defend and hold territory in the sea and on Pacific islands with what it had on hand.  Had it not been for the fact that the US had broken the Japanese codes and was able to read their radio communications the US Navy would not have known where and when to find the Japanese aircraft carriers that they sank.  During the extremes it is really clear to ignore what the intelligence tells you means death.  “Let us just do it the wrong way some more.”

Warren Mosler knows all the best ways to use currency.  When he says he is running for the position of Governor of the US Virgin Islands he says “It is a matter of conscience.” that drives him.  One of my favorite writers is Nevil Shute who is best known for “On the Beach” an end of the world book.  He used in his writings many English gentleman engineer sorts of sayings.  “It offended me.” is what one of his characters would say and think when the wrong solution to a problem appeared in the story as something that had to be overcome.  After getting some idea of the financial situation of the US Virgin Islands I can see why he would think “That’s not the right way to be doing it.”

I can see him thinking to himself, “It offends me they are going to go on and enter into contracts that are the wrong solution to real problems.

What I wanted from Warren Mosler, once I discovered he is the man, he is the man of it in regards to it, was vetting for my modeling and my concepts.

There is no way that I will be ever able to fully and best financially engineer the Transcendia Financial System.  He’s not going to have time to deal with me as a creative economist and conceptual artist with the goal of founding a nation of airports meant to moderate somewhat international economic  disparities till his campaign for Governor of the US Virgin Islands.

I’m also duty bound to do whatever it is I might to help him win.  It will offend me if he is not understood by those who will have the opportunity to vote for him as the very best possible Governor they could ever have.  We are in an era of nearly unrestricted Economic Wars Domestic and Foreign.  Warren Mosler is the man most equipped to win at Economic War.

If I had had my way I’d have him running for US President and consider that the people of the US Virgin Islands had better recognize the chance they have to have the best man to be in a position of a Government Executive.  And look at the guy!  He’s always smiling!  That has to be what the Islands have that many places simply make impossible.  He’s not wealthy because he’s a grouch.  He’s wealthy because he knows the reality of systems and acts accordingly.

I’ve watched him on YouTube, most recently in the Island Radio interviews.  When he says he will go to the cruise lines and give them what they need so that they will bring the sources of wealth to the people on that island it is clear that he is the man who can make it happen.  What the people of the US Virgin Islands want has to be a fun island of a strong civilization.  I cannot see any way that his completion is going to offer that or be able to make it happen.

Now what is my status for saying so?  Why should anyone listen to me?  Okay, I’m the Founder of Transcendia.  I’m widely read on subjects the founder of a nation better understand.  I seek to know best practices and the real “Best People”.  I’m serious.  Just because I have a sense of humor don’t think I’m not a serious man.  I was reading an article on some aspect of economics and the engineering of an equitable financial system and out of thee people mentioned I had corresponded with two of them.

When I was working at creating a vital watchable United Television I had a serious correspondence with the prior spokesman for Boutros Boutros Ghali Andre` Lewin who was at the time the Chairman of the French UN Association, but had been for France a lifelong effective and honored Diplomat.  I found Andre` Lewin after reading his “Points for Reinvention of the UN” as published in the NYTs March 15, 2003.

I have said of Transcendia it picks up where the UN leaves off.  I have told my wife that if nothing else, I can write a letter.  This is a long one.  Though I still have a lot to say I started out meaning to say that of the people I have read and researched, Warren Mosler is the man to watch.  That he is willing to run for an elective office, one of the most stressful things anyone can ever do, is a big deal.  If Warren Mosler is not elected there will in the US Virgin Islands hell to pay.  Mr. Mosler’s competition has gone into borrowing from those who the US Virgin Islands the Government ought never need to borrow from.   The relationship between businesses and the governments that are there to tax them and regulate them ought never be one in which the government is beholden to them, especially when the motivations are so transparently desperate and work to allow them to buy their office.

If for some reason Mr. Mosler was made no more wealthy than a man of labor, I believe he would still be a fine Governor.  I’ve worked with and for all kinds of people and I believe by now I can tell.


P.S. Design credits for the flag of Transcendia go to George Heyward, a prominent NY night club designer.  I worked with Chris Hickey at Page Avjet to make the first iteration of the flag and the one easiest to draw by hand.  The design in this post of this Currency Note was created by a poet singer friend of mine Dave Ripton.




News From Here

Founder Statement

This continues to be the best of my condensed positions.

I’ve been reading Warren Mosler.  I imagine helping him win in the US Virgin Islands.

Somewhere I substituted Madero for Chavez.  I went looking for my mistake.  I haven’t found it.

I don’t watch TV all day.  When I watch the news on MSNBC I lament that I have no influence and haven’t been successful in getting a real big TV Event put on TV there or on NBC or even CBS or anywhere the Show Econ Wars Domestic & Foreign.

We are now reduced to arguing for Democracy.  We are reduced to explaining to the ignorant mob why the US as a Democracy matters.  I said before the election that the sort of “Democracy” Trump thought he was getting was the Federation form which is more of a Dictatorship than it is a Democracy.

Whenever I think of Russian life now I think of cold, slavery, and hunger.  In particular the Stalinists starved people on purpose and through policy.  Russia in the East is not food secure.  One Party Rule and an Authoritarian Secret Government and people are starved.

One of my followers on Twitter pointed out that the US starved the American Indians.  Starvation as a weapon of war is particularly cruel.  It is a sign as well of an arrogant incompetence as was the case for the Romans of Italy under the Fascists rule of Mussolini.  Mao & the repetition of Stalinist collectivization brought to the Chinese famine.

So I have been saying that defense of our Free Press & Democracy is a matter of life and death as regards your likelihood of starvation due to government policies.

Meantime in America if not America and Europe the price of shelter keeps rising.  The Government creates money when it votes a bill that requires from the Treasury funding.  Banks create money when they create a loan.  The trading in real estate is the main interest of banks and they know how to do that and many of them hardly know how to do much of anything else.  The new loan for the old real estate costs more than the last loan.  I have a friend in Hoboken who is in a rent controlled apartment.  His rent is going up by 400 dollars.  So much for rent control aye?

It is getting to the point where the US Federally is facing forcing a write down on all real estate loans or forcing down rents somehow.  The idea that the US Treasury would pay the difference to the Rentiers instead of writing down demands on wage workers is distasteful.   Has capitalism so gotten out of control that fixing it calls for more drama than we really want to endure?

We can engineer some sort of working solution.  Other nations have figured out what to spend money on so they have a peaceful prosperous civilized society.  We here in the US can’t really claim to have that anymore.  If you are living in some safe green community you are finding out you are in a minority and it is costing more and more for you to stay in that community.  Boring costs.

For years now I have been saying that Barbara Tuchman is right, that the US needs to adopt the Parliamentary form of Democracy.  We are suffering through a completely corrupt administration that we need to eject completely.  Impeachment is simply not comprehensive enough when every important institutional office is filled by an opportunists or incompetent or and incompetent opportunist.  Ben Carson is raising rents on poor people in government housing.  The goal must be to increase homelessness.  Even if the man is stupid if he had a goal that was the same as the mission statement for that government institution he wouldn’t be raising rents.

There is not even any serious pressure that raises the minimum wage to a wage that pays for a place to live and food to eat and clothes to wear and a car to drive that doesn’t force the majority into debt.  All is taken from everybody including their dignity as their government sells to the rich all the rights to whatever will produce more private profits for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

I believe Warren Mosler has it in him to financially engineer an orderly systematic rescue of the US Virgin Islands.  From there I want badly to believe he and his colleagues will put together an orderly reordering of the financial system so we do not see violent chaos that will allow the declaration of martial law by this President who would suspend elections if given half a chance.

I can say clearly that yes it is clear Trump is worth the effort to impeach, but it is all so horrific and so far gone that really isn’t enough.

Review of Transcendian Ideas

There is the original homepage for the data driven website which is found if you go back a few years on Internet Archives.  That is significant for the UNTV 24/7 schedule I wrote for Lynne Constantini who was at that time VP for Development of Time Warner.

I did find a voice on that website under the name Working Class Corner.  I had no idea I would eventually claim to be working class.  Oh yeah, intelligentsia sounded smart.  Artist, poet, I was that.

“My past is your future.”  was the answer I gave when asked what I saw when I saw people working at cleaning the coliseum seats & their alleys.  I am not sure of the truth of what I said when applied to that set of people.  They may be so far down the scale of labor that it will be generations before their parents are college educated.

They may be trapped.  That wall that the Trump people represent as useful to keep people out of the US, looks more like a wall to keep people of the US trapped to me.

I got old sooner than most of you might.  I started degrading physically in 2008.  I was 57.

Throughout my life I had ambitions to change my financial position in the world.   I have been about as versatile as someone with no great inherited wealth might be.  My careers were in Aviation Ground Services & Motion picture and television production.  I was affected by the things I saw & learned in these jobs.

Starting in 1978 I began working on creating another nation of airports.  Up until 1994 I functioned under a misconception.  That was that nations that did business together would have an interest in the well being of each others nations and that this would mean greater peace between them.

Historically nations that do business together are more likely to go to war with each other.  Because I still want to create a nation of airports, I am forced to admit I just want to.  I can get around the facts by pointing to the substitution of a fictional 2D, to 3D to Virtual Reality War Movie for the necessary real war.

I can say that in the realm of politics, human systems, aimed at unity of a peoples, Belief in the Ideals of this nation make all the difference.  Nothing works if you don’t believe in it.

It would simply be great if there was a nation of airports that ran according to the greatest ideals of humankind.  It would overcome what the economist John Commons called “Cultural Lag”.

“The future is here, but not everywhere.”  is what someone said.  There are places where everything the science fiction writers have imagined as great & revolutionary is the case.  Mostly I find these places spread around the world as airports.  Now there is just a little corner of these airports.  I am talking about civilization.

One of the characteristics of civilization is the respect for the property of others when they are not even around.  I was personally amazed when a pilot left his jacket in the pilot’s lounge closet for months.  It was there where he left it when he came back.

What sort of world did I live in that before this little event I had no expectation that anything left in a publicly used, passed through, used lounge & closet, a jacket left behind would be there when the owner returned?

I was impressed.

What I want to do is to spread around the world behaviors such as allowed this little event to be commonplace.

I do not have to reinvent the wheel.  While Dystopia is envisioned over and over these days on The TV, it does not have to be.

When I was 12 I read about the UN & a vision of World Government.  This was even before the 1976 UN Covenant on Civil & Political Rights, was given force of law, International Law.

When working up my model of a nation of airports the first things I studied were military history, strategies for defending an airport.  Napoleon’s siege strategy of one circle looking in and one looking out was adopted.  The arming of all citizens working as line crew, station agents & in general was adopted.  While we can find some sort of ideology to support that, it is simply most pragmatic.  It is simply practical for those whose nation is essentially a collection of island ports as an airport can be, to be defended in such a way.

My nation must be the safest possible place to be.  I am offended personally whenever an airport is attacked and people who were going about their private business killed.  It will be impossible to prevent all successful attacks, but it will be possible to limit as much as possible such successes of greater impact if killers are going to be stopped from finding a defenseless population.

I am sorry that on Earth there are Civilizations in conflict.  I believe ideas matter and we know that there are great numbers of people who believe in a retro theocratic ideology.

20 years goes by in the blink of an eye.  “Terrorists” suicide bombers are created in elementary schools.  I want it to be a standard thing taught in all elementary schools of the world what civilized behavior, expectations of all people in the world simply are.

The Declaration of Human Rights & its Legal reincarnation need to be put up on the schoolroom walls of all elementary schools in the world.  We are aware that those who flew airplanes into the Twin Towers were raised early in life in schools that taught them that doing such thing was acceptable behavior.

I am a product of the ideals of Western Civilization.  The Romans wanted to live like the Greeks.  What Western Civilization has going for it is Ethics.  The Greeks had plenty of gods that were prayed to and loved.  Maybe because of their multitude of gods they ended up creating Ethical standards instead of Theocracy.

I’m tired of writing this letter right now.

For the government of Transcendia, I adopted a parliamentary democracy that the Airport Authority answers to.  I have studied the UN and support the Points for Reinvention as authored by French Ambassador Andre` Lewin.  It could well be it is time to create another UN with it’s own army triggered by war crimes with a primary mission of eliminating the threat of nuclear weapons.

Primary of the UN successes has been the Organizations of the UN that exists.  Let that be what it as it has been runs while the new UN takes up the mission of enforcing International War Law, which sees wars of aggression as illegal.

Obviously far as my nation of airports, it is sort of surprising that the UN doesn’t have more of what I envision going under its aegis.

Of things I imagine doing is flying the new Secretary General Guterres around the world in a Falcon 50 to international airports and opening UN offices for Sustainable Development & my own offices for Transcendia.

I personally do not have the wealth necessary of my own to just go around doing such things.  Still writers have it not that unusual to go from the status of bum to big guy.  They have to keep working, and then there is an element of luck inherent in many instances of success.  I’m lucky to be alive.

One of the things put into the Points for Reinvention, formally titled “Improve the UN or Build Another Institution” by Andre` Lewin was the “Exile Island” where Napoleon died.  (Andre` came to have intimate knowledge of the UN from also besides being a French Ambassador to nations like India, I think it was India, but also being UN Spokesperson for Boutros Boutros Ghali.)

Despots & Dictators run to the airport with chunks of gold when it is time to get out anyway.  While I personally do not like dictators and don’t necessarily what to spend personal time with them, it is something the nation of Transcendia would be well situated to facilitate.

“All Politics end in Failure.”  – I don’t know who said that, but someone did.

Back in the days of one bad king after another in merry old England Kings who sold off the treasury and went on Crusades for the Pope returned to the Convents that they had financed.  That is of course those kings that survived.  (I read about this sort of thing in a really long book of English history by David Hume.  He is refreshing for me to read for he is the first historian I have read who uses the word “stupid” to describe what some of these bad kings did.)

There have been a lot of books that I have read aimed at educating myself about Government & Great, Grand, principles & stories of leaders & leadership.   “Best Practices”, I look for precedents & “Best Practices”.

I can tell you one thing, and that is that Great leaders pay attention to what their engineers tell them.  The great leaders turn to their engineers to solve their most pressing problems.  Now in the US we do not have a working healthcare system.  It isn’t because we don’t understand what it looks like.  It is the Medicare System that works.  The reasons for why that system isn’t just put in place for everyone of the nation have to do with a bunch of ideologues intent on privatizing everything, which will not work.

I have imagined myself as a systems engineer as I have worked at my model.  In this letter I started out trying to define myself.

If you happen to actually read this, you may want to watch me on my TV channel Transcendian.  Look through the playlists and pick the one titled in a way or segment of studies or entertainments that appeals to you.  In this letter I haven’t gone into the invention that finished the Transcendia Passport Manifesto.  That is the currency the Transcendia Insurodollar.

This is July 19th, and my CD is supposed to become live today. not this one iPhone lifestyle but Trump Jam Historic




Update/Late Letter

As for my pivot to the UN I have continued to send notes to Nikki Haley & Francois Delatte.  The United Nations needs to be doing the work to protect civilians in war zones.  The slaughter of civilians in other parts of the world contributes to my fear that it could easily happen to me and my family where I am.

My plan was to make a movie and buy an airport, or really an airport lease, put up the flag, run it all on great old precedents like Maritime Law, and then up to into the ’76 Covenant on Civil & Political Rights.  I want to make Labor get paid right on my airports at the least.

I was disgusted by people in Wilmington who got people to show up to be extras in movies for free.  I like to pay people and it contributed to my business failure in NYC that I didn’t take more of a cut from the Labor I hired.

The fact is that I am isolated and not nearly as strong as I need to be.

There is hope I will get enough help to get into the City & do a speech at Dag Hammerskold Plaza.  The UN has to be made stronger.  I learned from Andre` what has to be done.  It isn’t happening.  I had better make a personal appearance.  To do so I have to be sick in the mornings alone in a hotel room before I appear.

Far as it is about Trump days, they are Civil War times of ignorance and meanness.  A lot of it is connected to MBA learned business practices which boil down to not paying labor.  Some new bill in the GOP/CSA avalanche of mean bills is Financial Modernization, or like that that gives employers more power to not pay labor.  Comp days were accrued in airlines for overtime and this new thing is like that only worse for time pushes back & means essentially you are less likely to get paid ever for overtime either in comp days or the overtime pay money.

Labor cannot keep up.  Overall in the world it can’t compete with the jet setters.  They can move money and work around whereas labor is trapped by all sorts of disadvantages.  I can’t become Dutch because I can’t speak the language.  I don’t have 100 thousand dollars to pay to become Canadian.  It is doubtful my own created Transcendian passport will be honored because the nation has no army.

Transcendia is a great model nation.  My currency overcomes the flaw of communism.  I’m great.  Really.  Great job.  Took me over 40 years to get the whole thing assembled, but I did it.  Buy my book Poor Buzz will yah.  I need at least 3 grand to do the trip and do the performance.

I found out there is some more of a problem with my heart.


Trump fired Comey.  Now who might arrest him for his crimes?  Who in Counter Intelligence is fearful for their life because they have evidence of his crimes.  He sure put it in our faces meeting the day after firing the one expected to arrest his campaign operatives that arranged for open season on the Clinton Unit.   Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the other side of the line helped surround the honest working people of the nation.  The Clinton Unit was all in with neoliberal free trade policies that have made US labor fearful & poor.  The Wall will do more to Trap Americans than keep others out.  Too bad Mexico is more corrupt than the US.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a world currency that all of international labor would demand to be paid with.  Certainly a hard thing to create, but the modeling is worth the thinking. I’ve read enough books to know the ones I published are worth the money.  The Passport is of great artistic success & eventual utility if not immediate if pilots & station agents learn to support it.  Price went up to what was paid by those at my great art show & Transcendia Event at in Roanoke last Sept. 2 2016.  Ask Ed there to sell you a painting or commission a blow up of a photograph I made.



Democracy is Great

Mondale & Red Wife

(c) Russell Scott Day first time published here.

Mondale & Red Wife.  (c) Russell Scott Day Photo, from original SX70 print.  You can find the movie of Carter’s Inauguration Common Fool’s Trip to the Inauguration on youtube in the Carter History playlist.



What I watched last night of one part of the Clinton Unit, and Trump made clear that these people do not no more than I do, or even more or are better than we would be as President.  Democracy has a point and that is what it is.

I watched whatever it was, a Profile set of Veterans questions to a potential Commander & Chief.  Hillary Clinton mentioned the Headquarters Tent & the Foreign Service Professionals.  I think of them from some of Dan Sherman portraits in White Mandarin.  His other book that impressed me from Berlin days was The Prince of Berlin.  Berlin was the hotbed of intelligence services conflicts.  “Some of us took the Cold War more seriously than others.” is the flap line.

& Wedemeyer & China and FDR & Zionism & Foreign Service Professionals.  They told FDR things but he had friends that he barbecued with like, he was going to please because of Eleanor.  By then his brain was turning into a rock and he just died.  The UN was supposed to figure it out.

My most published story was a spy story about espionage in Rochester NY because of the great wealth of technical inventions engineered for spy machines.  Then there is the theory you can’t hit what you can’t see.  Likely the spies are still all over Rochester, NY.   The Spies do not necessarily get better intelligence or advice.  I see Hillary going all wound up with no time to think too much or work at keeping secrets.

I got a headquarters tent from Sid when planning my go to the radio station street and do my Currency of Fame Noise from the Inverter to give me DC to AC power to run the sound equipment.  I need really a sound car or truck since I really can hardly carry everything around back and forth to the car, and the car now won’t lock.  There a lot of sticks in the trunk.  I need to move them?

What big deadlines do I face, or have I faced?

Well it is extra weight calling for more energy out the gas of the motor and pushing weight down the street is known as harder if you are on a bicycle.

The tools of government start as just nothing but the System.  It is a human system so that it falls apart if the humans don’t believe in it.   Making this from a flaw to a feature has escaped us many times. People believe in stupidities that they loved as children.  To counter that you teach children smart and true aspects of the belief system that contributes to the greatness of the system on down the road.

It was believed that the natural animal human would find its own perfection so it was a bad thing to give children systems, or discipline.  No one can believe so what is there to teach anyway?   Catholic school nuns do not have that attitude.  2000 years later they are convinced of the best way to get children to be “Of the Church”.

So what of Democracy, the United States that Spawned me with it’s great mythic heroes of our revolution?  I find now I still believe in what I have picked as the best of the inspirational stories I learned young in the nation.  There was the Encyclopedia to read as all for a good while in my youth.  National Geographic, & the Encyclopedia were not enough.  When I got paid I went to Greensboro and bought books a the news store book store, paperback store down the now hip go look at the artist zoo end of the street.

Pulp paperbacks are more a big deal when I think about it.  Amazing Tales, & whatever it was was Space.  All of a sudden in this world I was 11.   I’d gotten my paper route.  Work was freedom because it paid me.  As an independent business man the wage slavery was not the thing.  Maybe sweeping the floor at Matlocks gave my brother a mean streak early.

Personality is inherited but Character is developed.  I am still an unreconstructed Boy Scout.  I wonder if my friend is always a Catholic school boy, Jesuit educated before college.  He worked in a steel mill for awhile.  People like us are supposed to move on through.  The others are staying where they are.  He told me of the guy sang Opera in the steel mill, well, all day, while working.  It was Buffalo.

I was on the road like Kerouac a lot and spent a weekend in Buffalo after a long tour of up into Maine started as a shorter trip.  Stuck in Maine I was driven down to Buffalo then dropped off in Rochester.  Wonderful people all along the way.  Most of the time.  I was trying to write a book.  I wrote as I can write, which is the novella.  As Shirer said your first book is mostly typing.

For Hillary Clinton her mission is to fix other places in the world.  “We had to do something right then because he was killing his own people.”  The UN was supposed to have been made to do these jobs.  It is a reach too much for the United States to be the World Government in my judgement.  This is where she is going to get us all killed.

Democracy is great.  Maddow was most correct saying this is what we get when we do Foreign Policy in secret, or War is run by the CIA., “Same Difference.”

Wisdom was my answer.

Trump is absolutely no fun for me to watch.  It is all because he is such a fucking liar.  I remember covering, defending myself in a job conflict of complaints to my boss at the time when I had a boss before that wisped on after I stopped going to the office.  How much was it true that I had been training their crew, it was enough.  You couldn’t help those people and there were others making movies that just created blood vessel in the neck bursting moments that ruined beauty and peace.  You do have to think fast in New York.  Saying something for him is doing something that will help him and the intention is to shut other people up only.  He is browbeating you.

Raw Democracy right there in your face proving the People really need to understand why they have a vote because if these people were dictators, which they want to be, of the whole world, disaster will follow disaster till they die.

A good King like King Alfred of England who fought the lying Danes then built a shore navy and had all armed and ready to kill the Danes, was seen as wonderful and rare.

Since we cannot expect Great Men to be there to make our history all of the time, Democracy is the hedge.  Britain has never had a good King in my lifetime.  There was Reagan’s girlfriend Thatcher for the British and look what they got but more of whatever the stupidities of the US belief system of greed and pictures had, but more in lots of ways.

Either the Great Man makes History or history makes the Great Man.

Wonderful concept and show it was.  I’d like to see a set of retired Foreign Service Professionals ask some questions.

Love & PS, Russell

Please buy my books.

buy a bag or hat with the flag on it

The Great man and History, history and us.  A job.

The mission is to make mankind a big time insured of life forever out there and here species and it is looking touch and go.


Fuck the Parasites & TV

where & how to time travel

about multi universes etc.

The Transcendian Economic Model is the real model of the network of airports.  People know instinctively how to act right at airports.  Things move fast so the system has to be the best.  It is superior.  There is the Airport Authority that runs the day to day operations, answerable to the host government, often high enough at the County Level creating a medieval fenced in culturally neutral territory.

You get your money from the transits right then and there because they may fly away and never come back.   You charge the money on accounts for the major companies but get your money from the corporate visitors and all unknown transits and freight haulers and smugglers.

Between companies there are fuel bills to pay one to the other.  I saw that somewhat between Florida Aircraft Leasing, National Jets, & Business Air Center all owned by the remaining brothers.  National Jets had the contract to fly diplomats and spies to Cuba.  The American Interest there was as active as it could make itself.

There was a consistent level of smuggling going on.  James Boy once said on the ramp that it was only the DEA and the Smugglers paid their bills.  Rock stars will stiff you.

Rock stars crashed and burned and we collected the working useful parts to keep the recip pigs going.

I hit on the same thing as the spies but went and go further to say it ought be a nation, this system, system of airport territories.  They are anchored by the FBOS providing parking and fuel.

So in this case, like my friend said, “It was in the air.”   The spies have their economic model for their fronts while I have mine for an above the board nation that does work at moderating world economic disparities by facilitating trade.  Some places need safer places for international business to occur.

When disadvantaged go where the advantages are.  Go where the advantaged are.

For women the international airports are good places for them to put their business sales and services offices.  I want to put my passport support offices at the airports, of course.

The last place there will be oil burned for transportation will be in aviation because of the engine requirements for a type of fuel.  Michael Hudson and David Cay Johnston give me a good picture of why technology has not gotten us further along.

I of course for Transcendia want the airports of the US military to do Industrial Banking and Commodities trading.  I would be selling pot for tax money.  My desire on the small scale legal would be a jet full of hash and hash oil back and forth between Washington State & Colorado, with aims at NYC or Toronto if that is the best I can get.  Out of Toronto I’d want the hashish I used to get, something the Arabs make pretty well.

Nepalese hashish selling would help the Nepalese out of their economic jam since the earthquake.  Carters CIA moved Afghan hash in the US from circumstantial evidence I picked up in my travels and reports of bicycle racers.



Parasites are the people of the inherited compound interest class demanding rent on deeds they have inherited and then manipulated into their hands by selling debt while they always make money from interest bearing bonds & stocks to an extent when manipulating the prices.

They will hound a nation to death over after selling them on debt.  Bank lending practices grabbing up deeds are stifling whatever progress would have come from Industrial Banking that supported real business development as a service to the nations have been unfair.

The Parasites now do not even make any play to appear nationally loyal.  Live wherever they want while registered in tax havens as front after front provides a cash flow untouchable by any tax man.  It is Meyer Lansky Financial Engineering the was for the most part made legal.

All the economic modeling is theatrical or aspirational.  Military spending of the US is unaccounted because, because.  How much of that is the legacy of the JFK assassination Coup providing an insulated way back there disconnect from the Civilian power that twists around to who has the bomb trigger.

Command and control of the atomic weapons is not the same in every nuke armed nation and there are more and more of them than were.  I believe Iran is under the Russian nuke umbrella myself.  The stand off of the two Cold War powers who of both nations are bankrupted by their disloyal on one hand and run out if they are smart by the other.

If I had money, and lots of it in Russia, Putin might take it at any time, as he has.  London was driven out.  Russian money & American money both playing Meyer Lansky rules.  Some banker will give interest and get some from big fees or somehow but all but a little is progressive taxing as now I discover the phrase from Michael Hudson “Industrial Banking”.

The Insurodollar looks better and better as a breakthrough.  Today on Transcendian I remembered my idea of two different currencies, as one for Finance to isolate us from them getting at the peoples money and deeds.  Deeds to the national shared commons.  Which is out there in the seas too.

All that plastic has to be taken out of the food chain.

The Democracy, while aiming at being a mob is to be moderated by Best Practices.  It is surprising how much better a democracy can be than a dictatorship.  You cannot believe how evil some with power become.  Not just made up stories exist of such horrors that there has to be force applied to the unreasoning power mad threats to everyone’s present and futures.

This is not work for private armies.  They are not volunteers.

In plans for the revolution I aim for ways out for even the rats as rats can find a hotel room at a Transcendian airport as the Exile Island option for the deposed.

Hordes of TV can work Safely!


In My Skin, Sinking

Accounting & the US

Just my last poster.


Uploaded a jazz performance of the other day.  Intendors Tm #s played 15 & 10.

So I want to leap into the conversations about systems.  Then I go The Disadvantaged must go where there are the Advantaged, which is physically at the airport.

Of jobs I have had where riches and the people having them was simply all in your face and you can’t make it without the cash tips, which are a way of insult to the professional.  Things are supposed to be simple and go through accounting.  But you have to take the tips.  Have they wiped out cash yet?

Here in town I have thought that I would have thrived working at or for the airport, but it is too small and anti me personally nearly about too much to think about.  The world small.  It is so now for me that I really do need the airplane to go just to Roanoke fast enough to be home after my best hours are gone.  Would be maybe an hour to 45 minutes and total time back and forth manageable for me alone.

I am pretty fucking sick.  Like a hangover every fucking morning.  Only thing I can be grateful for is no headache.  Most uncomfortable in my own body physically for no apparent reason but it, the body.

Like hey, now you are the dying tree.  “Don’t talk to my friends.” my brother said.

IGX is open, and some have based there.  Saw a guy going to Beaufort, the other day with a three bladed Mooney.  I think they will do 240 knots cruise.  Sharing gas for private flights is the limit of it as the private licensed.  Was part 135 for that other air taxi operation I forget the name of.

My wife’s life is centered here, so we would have to have big draw and travel possible to be too far away for her.  My circle is only as wide as the internet world or my 3 mile orbits gone without Triple A, I forget as part of the Insurodollar model sometimes.

Still haven’t gotten the lyric of the Economics Song perfect,t hough last take was good to go.  Good enough to go.

Want Mac DeMarco to pick out something.  Maybe yeah, You Failed me Completely.  Elizabeth Dupree.  They are on the channel which takes a good part of my working day.  Then there are the Intendors.  I may have to use the real pick up for this last one.

Meantime back at the ranch.  Economics for the Insurodollar have to be best practices of the currency could fail.  How much Bonds can go?  I was happier as a man before I ever went into debt.  I was advised to go into debt when living with my first live together girlfriend who I still can’t quite really figure out how come she lived with me as long as she did.  Was one of those kill yourself breakups.  I prayed a lot to get through it.  Forgive me I have been forced to use the Lords Prayer as a Mantra.  It did change my poetry quite a lot.

Where it not for the I Ching and the Bible Readings together I would have to be a stone cold atheist.

I tell the disadvantaged to go physically to work where there are the most advantaged.  So you would put your Freelancers Labor Offices at the FBO side of the airport.

The Renewables from Hog Waste processes and the yam tuber made genetically exactly for fuel generation with high enough btus to blast through the skies was going well in NC before the recent era.  What I call an actively stupid era, kicked off by HB 819.  That one legalized broker lying selling beachfront property on the coasts of NC.

I had suggested Wing In Ground Effect Fast Ferries as opposed to rebuilding the bridges.  Bonner Bridge.

Covering the culture of the US Military shows they are themselves A Front business.  The unaccountability and tricks to give money to their friends for about anything, still using the shown to fail McNamara attempts at one size fits all, hypocrisy to the max over nuclear weaponry means that after the JFK murder & Coup, you effectively got an army that did what it wanted and was an enemy armed to suppress the will of the people since then.

The Defense.  Of course if I were to engineer a viable political and civil revolution there would be times of instability and that would mean Command and Control of Nuclear Weapons would have to be made known, while all other critical Defense of the people and the bordered nation would be most critical to turn in the proper direction instead of inwards on us which we know is the plan.

For Occupy to really win it would mean Seats in Parliament.  The Parliament Buildings would have to be occupied by representatives paid by the people to be there.   If all Institutions of the Government were to be made Accountable to the People & the National Interest of the people it would there not be enough till also the Critical Command and Control of the Armed Forces was made with the people and not the Corporations who have put public funds in their pockets unaccountably so long that they are convinced it will go on till all is worn out and starvation grips the land.

See Yah, we are fine here in New Zealand, except for the threats of Asians and or is not China a big, now territorially ambitious nation?

So you have to see the unaccountable made to believe in the nation as of them and for them, and decide what Chain of Command has Goals proper to the warrior, who loves the nation, loves his people, Goal, & Mission as a professional national instead of a mercenary.

Soldiers fight out of fear and warriors fight out of love.  I noted the increasing use of the warrior description of the US Armed Army man, from knowing the difference.  What do you really have when you have an all volunteer Army but a mercenary force come to work at the bidding of the oil corporations?  Say it had turned out differently?  I am looking at the evidence.

Was my brain in Canada a brain drain on the US enough that they wanted to keep me?  What about the Carter pardons?  I was invited to his Inaugural and went and you can see the documentary movie on youtube.  I really don’t know how that movie got there exactly.  I though I had it.

Did Carter’s CIA sell Afghani Hashish in the US to finance the war with the Russians before Congress voted funds as the movie is about.  Finest view of Julia Roberts ever.  They don’t tell you everything in the movies.  Carter’s Library won’t answer me.  I was dropped after the election.

Wrote Bezos a few times.  I go on record predicting Musk and Branson and Bezos all build or have launch pads in equatorial regions since there is the dead not moving much air.  Go there for barge landings, about where the space elevators were to go of Ecuador.  Musk got the Falcon X down because the air wasn’t moving so much.  Wind is a thing.

If JCs of Staff Killed Kennedy It Follows

It follows the assassination and coup of the Joint Chiefs of staff when preventing extreme peace with Russia, the USSR being engineered by John F. Kennedy, that subsequent governance was adversarial regarding the people and the Armed Forces, and they became enemies of the people.

We have had two if not three governments running our lives for a long time.

For convenience sake I can speak of the enemy relationship between the people of Woodstock Nation and Law Enforcement cued by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.

Poor people and hippies were not so much into private property as the masters.  There exists the real fear that private property will be expropriated.  Chinese money was flooding the Wall Street banks in search of safety from expropriation after getting it.  Communism being the official governing system where private property doesn’t exist.

Northern wage slavery shared by the working classes was preferable if one could eat.  They moved to Chicago.  The ones that stayed had a garden and would not go hungry if they stayed out of the way, they might be safe.

NC had the coup.  Their Coup.  They took over the state and had many public buildings named after them.  US literacy fell after WWI.

Manipulation of the papers was common.  Du Pont bought papers, foreign language papers specifically intended for their workers.  Workers were educated on the American Way that way.

I thought I knew something about motive and opportunity and crime and had done detective work that had a real paid off.  My experience was that evidence was everything.  There have been Commissions.  And Carter left the Freedom of Information Act.

There are still secrets.  They even hide in the open since it is hard to remember their Acronyms.  I can’t really remember the name of the Commission that one writer had been on that produced another of the two main books about the assignation and coup carried out by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Richard Helms & James Angleton.  These people were either full blown psychopaths or within the Institutions at the top, they would and did do anything since their power was very very great.

The people of the US do not even get any real accounting of money that disappears into the Military Complex.  It would make some sense for the Secret Services to have independent funds from their Fronts, but is the whole edifice deserving of this hubris and these machinations?

The title of my last Art Show was “Balance”.

Overall I live in fear at a low level to high all the time.  Living in Not Conscious now really makes it all worse.  I have written a lot of questions which get bad answers.



Accounting & the US

My Transcendian International Party

I have a platform.  I have an agenda.  The prevention of the apocalyptic riot is a serious goal you ought be already joined up to help me achieve.  “You make as many enemies doing the right thing, as you do doing the wrong thing, so why not do the right thing?”  Machiavelli

The plan, the eventual goal, is a nation of airports all under my flag, of course aimed at becoming a nation of spaceports, but first a nation, government, not of governments, but in all governments.

My plan to fund this grand end of the model nation Transcendia, a Grand work of conceptual art was never based on begging.  I loved making movies.  Now I could make a 3D Virtual Reality Scratch and Sniff War Movie, followed up by a game, that would make enough money to buy the airport leases I need.

I wanted to start with book sales.  I wrote some books.  I put them on Amazon.  I wrote the Passport, and put it on Amazon.  If Social Media is so great at bringing together people, and motivating them, I sure haven’t seen it.  Moving forward, well I now offer the CD Beatniks & Spiders.  Profits from these things, well I’d use them wisely.  I need to travel.  I need to meet some people.  I need to spend some time in NYC and LA.  I need to spend some time in Washington DC, and Paris.

It was the addition to the Passport of the Insurodollar that completed them.  Human capital, I’m putting the the human in capitalism there.  I’ve got simple plans.  Insurance company treasury is one.  I am a creative economist.  I have talked about it on Transcendian, my youtube channel.  It seems complicated to a lot of people.  I don’t know what their problem is.

I build on strengths.