Update/Late Letter

As for my pivot to the UN I have continued to send notes to Nikki Haley & Francois Delatte.  The United Nations needs to be doing the work to protect civilians in war zones.  The slaughter of civilians in other parts of the world contributes to my fear that it could easily happen to me and my family where I am.

My plan was to make a movie and buy an airport, or really an airport lease, put up the flag, run it all on great old precedents like Maritime Law, and then up to into the ’76 Covenant on Civil & Political Rights.  I want to make Labor get paid right on my airports at the least.

I was disgusted by people in Wilmington who got people to show up to be extras in movies for free.  I like to pay people and it contributed to my business failure in NYC that I didn’t take more of a cut from the Labor I hired.

The fact is that I am isolated and not nearly as strong as I need to be.

There is hope I will get enough help to get into the City & do a speech at Dag Hammerskold Plaza.  The UN has to be made stronger.  I learned from Andre` what has to be done.  It isn’t happening.  I had better make a personal appearance.  To do so I have to be sick in the mornings alone in a hotel room before I appear.

Far as it is about Trump days, they are Civil War times of ignorance and meanness.  A lot of it is connected to MBA learned business practices which boil down to not paying labor.  Some new bill in the GOP/CSA avalanche of mean bills is Financial Modernization, or like that that gives employers more power to not pay labor.  Comp days were accrued in airlines for overtime and this new thing is like that only worse for time pushes back & means essentially you are less likely to get paid ever for overtime either in comp days or the overtime pay money.

Labor cannot keep up.  Overall in the world it can’t compete with the jet setters.  They can move money and work around whereas labor is trapped by all sorts of disadvantages.  I can’t become Dutch because I can’t speak the language.  I don’t have 100 thousand dollars to pay to become Canadian.  It is doubtful my own created Transcendian passport will be honored because the nation has no army.

Transcendia is a great model nation.  My currency overcomes the flaw of communism.  I’m great.  Really.  Great job.  Took me over 40 years to get the whole thing assembled, but I did it.  Buy my book Poor Buzz will yah.  I need at least 3 grand to do the trip and do the performance.

I found out there is some more of a problem with my heart.


Trump fired Comey.  Now who might arrest him for his crimes?  Who in Counter Intelligence is fearful for their life because they have evidence of his crimes.  He sure put it in our faces meeting the day after firing the one expected to arrest his campaign operatives that arranged for open season on the Clinton Unit.   Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the other side of the line helped surround the honest working people of the nation.  The Clinton Unit was all in with neoliberal free trade policies that have made US labor fearful & poor.  The Wall will do more to Trap Americans than keep others out.  Too bad Mexico is more corrupt than the US.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a world currency that all of international labor would demand to be paid with.  Certainly a hard thing to create, but the modeling is worth the thinking.

amazon.com/author/transcendian I’ve read enough books to know the ones I published are worth the money.  The Passport is of great artistic success & eventual utility if not immediate if pilots & station agents learn to support it.  Price went up to what was paid by those at my great art show & Transcendia Event at Alexander-heath.com in Roanoke last Sept. 2 2016.  Ask Ed there to sell you a painting or commission a blow up of a photograph I made.



Spiritually Attuned & Equipped/RSD

2Transcendian an Cover 2

It is my policy to never leave the house without a camera. I am lucky that I have an old one and a new one. The old one is obviously inferior. Especially when it comes to the motion picture setting.

Still I had to leave and go get a shot for my arm, impossible to raise even to the 90 degree from my torso. Every time I do things with my right arm, like saw out a body or make a neck for the experiments, I pay.

After the broken leg in February I had some additional pain pills, and I wanted to get off them but now miss them due to the advance in pain. I live every day now with great gratitude, zest. I feel zesty when I feel good. Zesty I tell you!

The creation of art is best I can do. I am reduced to artist I say, which is okay, though I was always an artist and Transcendia is a serious work from which I have created the gift to mankind of a competitive currency that will challenge the Petrodollar, gift of Nixon and Kissinger, that will destroy Earth as a habitat for man. Obviously near 50 percent extinction, and in the same week, or was it two, Obama called for renewables and energy capture and signed off on drilling by Shell in the Arctic, it ought be clear that the Petrodollar Imperative is powerful, and will be fatal.

So then I have my 5 th or 6th show. I took Intendors. One was broken. Fantastic! Four remain. I am ready to get the Big Whack Ass Intendor out again. It may be dangerous to the Alesis sound processor, for it is powerful all on its own terms.

I must however seek the currency of fame, which sucks if it doesn’t come with a check.

But I meant to write about how I went not to the nearby store where I got my shot from the doctor, but had determined to see my friends at the little store I normally go to. I go to the corner where the empty gas station that by now I begin to think would be a good place for the Strip Joint the town needs, and the unnamed place across the street from Arts and Crafts of Sarah Gress.

Like at the Carrboro Century Center, I got now sales of what was there, but it wasn’t even aimed at a review. I got not even a review from the Century Center Show. Jesse’s Coffee Shop at least saw three sales from the show of photographs that went out a cost. So far I had more fun than ever at the opening at This and That.

I must have at least from there a review.

That I am to MC an act at the Carrboro Music Festival is important to my possibilities as a Radio stand up. So then the fact that I was equipped and could film Jim Dennis of the bright spot in Carrboro, the Music Loft was great. I was able to capture some news in the making. It was confirmed I will MC and I have the 27th better to look forward to.

Zest is in me, because I have long loved cameras, and making movies with them. It is something again that the feature Mint Julep is out. It ought do tourism in Aberdeen, NC some good. The pine forests of the Sandhills are beautiful. I hear golf is big there.

Anyforth so be it, the small good thing of having a camera with me to shoot Jim Dennis was just great. I am glad that I changed destinations from what was most convenient depending on something to be good about the decision to go to a regular orbit that was temporarily inconvenient. Normally it is convenient.

Intendors (TM) Transcendia (TM) and (c) all rights reserved. Please participate and share Transcendian Television Productions, and tweet to John Kerry and the State Department to resolve the Economic War in Central Europe initiated because of the Hybrid War invasion of the Ukraine. Russia ought offer to buy the land it wants. It is too bad the resolution of the Cold War was not Statehood for Russia. As thing turned the looting training on Wall Street and in London degenerated Wall Street and the traditions of Contract Law that make capitalism possible. Capitalism for my class means a paycheck. Degradation of the value of paychecks will turn the honest labor of several nations to socialism, if not communism. It is true that Roosevelt saved Capitalism with the New Deal, as is clear in the conversation between the rich guy and Lt. Hearn. The sergeant that gets the well meaning Lt. Hearn represents the bureaucrat. The set up to see Lt. Hearn fall leads to sad long fall of the fat guy, who never hurt any of his fellows.
Okay what I say is what is good for Labor is good for the Nation State.

Fame, fame is an important currency I must have now to succeed and see the Transcendian Flag up before I die. If it happens it means I will have succeeded in forestalling apocalyptic riot.

If you are like the sergeant in the Naked and the Dead, I hope one of my supporters has the sense to push you over the edge.

P.S. I left out that the good camera was tied up.

Off the Head Top

I am reading closely economic posts of naked capitalism.  I need them, theirs Yves Smith’s contacts to think through the details of the Insurodollar. I do think that the Insurodollar is the right currency to adopt to compete with the Petrodollar.  My notes in the desk side steno pads are voluminous.  The Economist at NCSU has not gotten back with me.

There may be fear that amongst deeper thinkers that the Insurodollar would make more populous nations richer.  It will depend on the value of the Human Capital as represented by their ability to work anywhere in the world.  The insurodollar demands investments in the form of healthcare and education of your citizens.

There is no way in hell that the environmentalists will beat the Petrodollar Imperative as long as it is in place.   You can bet on that.

Nixon and Kissinger gave us the gift of the Petrodollar.   It has had a good run, and the US is in the catbird seat, capable of waging economic warfare anywhere in the world.  The Euro is wreckage as shown by Greece.   I offer the Insurodollar, a currency that creates inheritance instead of taking it away and giving it to elites of some Party.  The nationalistic character of the Insurodollar is superior because it creates loyal citizens.

Some may hate it for that, or the fact the Insurodollar gives Labor leverage with capital.