About Russell Scott Day

I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

The Propaganda Deluge

I have turned to my autobiography as Facebook harasses me to write on my foolish placeholder pages for Transcendia which I intend to see continue till absolutely from model to reality.

I thought I was going to maybe die, or as a minimum have a heart operation so it got all the photo albums out and looked at photographs I’ve made. Life, my life.

Overall it looks pretty good, what is left of it. Shadows. Pieces of paper. The chemistry is not so great as a real photograph. I’ve made all these drawings. They are oblique odd cartoons. There are long story captions to the drawings. I have so many to colorize my pencils are running out.

Sometimes I think about the CDs I made. I can’t even seem to buy them at my price. Createspace is what I used to produce my CDs and it was crushed as I had begun to fear. It was done in a rude way. I have little money so stocking up before the dissolution of what was great, and actually fun in that the Createspace phone support staffs were friendly and helpful on the phone. They didn’t do streaming which was how people were now making money. Now I’m not sure what is going on. I had paid for Reverbnation after putting some things on Number one Music. I don’t know how I got involve. Hardly any category works for my music.

“I Phone Lifestyle” is “Beat” a beatnik jazz album for nutcase college radio. I got so I understood myself and hoped to sell a song to Mac DeMarco. Really, it became an ambition. I haven’t traveled looking for the guy. What with his things about his father that came up I felt like he didn’t want to know another old guy as myself is.

He doesn’t follow me anymore on Twitter and I don’t do instagram. What a life. I made it to 66. My mother’s side of the family seems to live forever. Her brother, my uncle is 90 something. I think he has the arthritis I have but I don’t think he does enough about it. He was an Episcopal priest. I haven’t thrown the I Ching lately. China pisses me off since my writing about bringing the Bible by season and the I Ching by throw on Popwars.com was blocked. Sure seemed that way. I was getting emails from the Chinese trying to sell me airport fueling equipment.

The most ambitious thing a Western writer could do would be to write a chapter for the Bible. Best I could do was to write a chapter that brought the I Ching readings and the Bible readings together. It is probably my most grand achievement. It is a great spiritual practice. Really all you do is read the Bible Reading for the Day and the I Ching Reading you get with your question in mind or let your mind go and it will refer to the Reading in the Bible. That is about it. In Fact it can take an hour and a half.

When my wife & I got married Bishop Curry approved the Special Service for our marriage by Tim Patterson of Holy Trinity in Greensboro NC. Was at St. Matthews in Hillsborough, NC. Beautiful church back to the times of the Revolution. There are a lot of Confederate graves. There are a lot of Spanish Flu graves. Nice trees. I stopped fitting in at church. I tried to get Michael Malone to help me sell my screenplay. He didn’t like it or me our me and my wife. It’s okay. Nancy Alex told me she was now an atheist so she could sleep in on Sundays. I was caused to think of Bishop Curry when he married the royals. I felt connected. It was hard to put a good face on the Ching reading. “Time of Decrease” is what the marriage service reading from the Ching had been. I fell through the floor on the job not long after.

The TV is on. Nancy Pelosi the one who wants to put through the foolish PayGo economic plan that really is as Stephanie Kelton says is ignorant of the real way things work and will prevent any progressive successes.

I got to eat dinner now.

I Am Reminded/A Poem

Above Social Media poster has no bearing on the poem that follows.  It is about the Financial System.  I last completed Warren Mosler’s book “The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy”.  Read an article by Michael Hudson on Naked Capitalism and wrote a letter comment there earlier this day.  I see the requirement of a Gov. of Govs.  John C. Mearsheimer wrote “The Tragedy of Great Power Politics”. That means everyone needs nukes.  There is no World Police for the Peace between nations.  He just says there is no Gov. of Govs. to call.  He is right for the UN is toothless.  Having no armed forces of its own means the US, or China, or France, or some nation like Russia will get its way.  They can really just have all the nukes they want amongst themselves, have all the wars they want.  The Econ Wars usually become battlefield wars littered with body parts.



I am reminded when I see your name.

Is that you Carol, with that byline?

You were so depressed.  I don’t think you are alive.

The Chicago sidewalk all dust blonde of it.

I’d never seen you look so bad.

You said I could have just stayed in the City.

Did you think I was welcome?  Really?

& something made me think of Elizabeth.

You don’t answer through Linked in.

I get 16 Searches a week there.

No joke.  I wanted to be hired to be on the Board.

If I gave them 4,000 dollars I could be a

Board member.

Panavision got sold, but they are keeping Kim.

I’m not too happy about it.

“You’re young, and I’m not.”  is the thought

when I see the young alone or in groups

on the sidewalks.

I ought have left Elaines that damp

Tires whooshing night when invited by

that handsome guy with a few women

he was entertaining, squiring.

I’d have had to ask him to “loan” me


I only had 15 dollars left.

It was cash, and they were going to a club.

In NYC you can spend 100 dollars at a Club


The price of a beer was all of a sudden 8 dollars.

At a neighborhood place, by ’94.

The Guiding Light didn’t pay much.

Sonja, you had such green eyes.

I ran into you in Battery Park City

Nearby Gristedes and Modern Head.

I know you were no extrovert.

Whatever happened to you?

There is Nancy who is a rich woman last

known to be playing polo in Wilmington.

I regret I have no photograph.

Something on the radio makes me think

Harry Dean Stanton.  When will I see his last movie?

“Make yourself at home in my heart.”  It was a

beautiful song I found in the stacks at the radio station.

That never led to anything either.

My god!  I met with the goth girl in Winston Salem.

Play Misty for me, and damn right run.

Too young.  I was crazy.

So glad I’ve never been famous like famous people.

I wasn’t an all out gentleman till I was 40.

The other day I thought of my contribution to Aviation.

Well not exactly.  I created a checklist for the FBO

About how to wash a plane.  It was a money maker.

They probably threw it away once I was gone.

(Clean the insides first.)  Can we make that allegorical,

or is it metaphorical?

Everyday all the time moving through the liquid

that is life.



Warren Mosler The Most Important Man, You Never Heard Of

For the Insurodollar, write deal memo on the back.

Far as my model and its money, or currency, for a long time this is as far as I got. Part of the success of my work as a conceptual art is that it is understood by some people and they have expressed my thoughts for me.  This was the case with both iterations of the flag and the case with the design of the paper money.  Early on I myself drew a bill that had on it an astronaut and the phrase:  “In Science Salvation”.

It wasn’t until I reinvented the Transcendia Currency specifically to make the Transcendia Passport Manifesto better and salable to the masses that I began a much more in-depth study of economics and finance.  The Transcendia Insurodollar was invented before I did my readings.  It was invented from what I knew from living and operating my NYC Grip Truck business.

One of the first things I learned about real business was that insurance was the difference between a real business and something fly by night and vulnerable.  People in real businesses understand insurance.  The currency of Transcendia is based entirely on human capital.  The model nation of airports is essentially a confederation of same flagged, secure, standardized islands.  A portion of the equity of these policies is used as the basis of the currency.  I combine the functions of the Treasury and the National Insurance Company.

Every citizen is given a Whole Life Policy at birth or buy in.  It is when they are cheapest.  It is used for all circumstances you need insurance as an individual.  If you grow up covered and educated and reach the age of maturity, called majority, and are entering into a career you are fit for by destiny and education, then you begin to pay into the system.

I have a problem with start up money.  My plan to make movies that were profitable enough so I could pay for national territory airports has not worked out.  My project does not seem to fit well into Kickstarter campaigns and I have no support from spies or mercenaries or much of anyone.  I’m glad I was fired by Piedmont though I ought have sued them for it.  Personally it meant that I ended up working in Manhattan on movies and TV shows and music videos and worked my way up to Director of Photography.   It was work I liked.  That my career was on the East Coast and not in Hollywood is in some part to blame for limited successes.

That I was removed from the ramp meant I was removed from a position where from I might have by now recruited more supporters.  It is not as if those who work in Ground Services have had any hopes of improving their lots much in the past 40 years since I was most involved in that work.  It is another of the areas where there are jobs but wages haven’t gone up in 40 years.  In fact wages of even union workers in motion pictures, especially in NYC have gone down.

My overall work life is just a perfect story in that when out of High School and the Community College Education I got, from hard labor in construction by the time I was 50 I was returned to doing what I did when I was young and strong, construction.  It wasn’t exactly the same but it was the same.  “Renovations” are still carpentry and construction.

The movie I shot as Director of Photography didn’t come out for over 10 years after I shot it.  I took to telling youth that working your way up the ladder was not a very good plan.  Sure it is that what you know is more firmly grounded in real experience, but the way the world has turned out is that you are going to have it easier and go further if you can pay for an expensive education shared with well off youth you get to make friends with.  Rich people don’t give money to poor people.  Rich people don’t know any poor people with nothing but Community College educations.  I don’t have the time here to go into all that jazz, the point of this letter is that I took up a serious study of finance and economics driven by my modeling of a new nation.

I bought a Textbook, I bought books about crashes and somehow came across the website Naked Capitalism, and from there discovered Michael Hudson the author of “Killing the Host”.

Now I know that it was Warren Mosler that started all that has become a School of Economic Thought for he paid for it to become the Economics Department at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.  What has happened is that Warren Mosler’s Economic Truths were named Modern Monetary Theory.  He is considered the founder of Modern Monetary Theory, though Stephanie Kelton named it, from what I can tell.  Randall Wray is also vying for the position as inventor of MMT.

There is a lot of “Cultural Lag” associated with the understanding of what is real about Economics.  Post WWII an economist who I think had been the Fed Chairman wrote down how the Treasury worked.  Governments spend money first and tax later.  Governments create the currency and they can destroy the currency.  “Finances are Finite, and Economics, are infinite.” is the way a found to put it most simply.  If I said that “Finances are Finite and the Treasury has nearly infinite power, that’s a longer sentence.

Back in the days of King Alfred the Great he did need to collect taxes from England’s coastal businessmen and take that money to pay the army and arm it and train it and buy it boats to go and kill and hack the Danes who kept showing up in fast boats and raping and pillaging and going back to Viking land with their loot.

WWII and the US created a lot of currency to pay labor to make a lot of airplanes and tanks and all the tools of war.  They could have done so all along the way but simply didn’t think it through.  As it works out the Nation with Sovereign Wealth, meaning a nation that makes its own dollars, lira, Drachma’s, pounds, or whatever can buy whatever it is in services or goods that is for sale in their currency.  The limits occur when their is a shortage within their orbits of what they want or need for sale in their currency.  There was a shortage of factory labor during the war for before the war men did the factory jobs.  Women did the jobs of men because the men were in the Army fighting on two fronts.

So, anyway, it became clear during the war that the US wasn’t going to run out of money.

Now Warren Mosler is running for Governor of the US Virgin Islands.  In doing so he is demonstrating not that he just has revolutionized Economic Thought by pointing out the realities of where currency comes from and where it goes, but also becoming a Financial Engineer.  He has moved to the Islands which are not at all a model and are at the extremes.  I believe that he is motivated as are classic gentlemen motivated when they know the best ways that any particular engineering problem may be solved.  For engineers the phrase “Best Practices” is big.  When he said to the Italian “There is a right way, and a wrong way.”  he was saying that there are best practices and you can’t expect to solve your problem using the wrong methods and just hoping things will work out.  Politicians will often promise to do what everybody wants when everybody doesn’t know or even have an interest in doing things the right way.

“Let us just do it the wrong way for a little longer.”  is what a lot of the power structure asks of governments all over the world anymore as regards fossil fuels.  Reagan’s tearing Carter’s White House Solar panels represents the big money paying to keep on primarily the use of fossil fuels as the primary way of powering Western Civilization till all of it has been found or forced out of the earth’s body.

Burn everything up and it gets hotter.  The Russians are all for it.  So you have that problem the Trump Administration is imitating.  As it was during WWII there is the time factor.  In 1942 the US nearly ran out of time to defend and hold territory in the sea and on Pacific islands with what it had on hand.  Had it not been for the fact that the US had broken the Japanese codes and was able to read their radio communications the US Navy would not have known where and when to find the Japanese aircraft carriers that they sank.  During the extremes it is really clear to ignore what the intelligence tells you means death.  “Let us just do it the wrong way some more.”

Warren Mosler knows all the best ways to use currency.  When he says he is running for the position of Governor of the US Virgin Islands he says “It is a matter of conscience.” that drives him.  One of my favorite writers is Nevil Shute who is best known for “On the Beach” an end of the world book.  He used in his writings many English gentleman engineer sorts of sayings.  “It offended me.” is what one of his characters would say and think when the wrong solution to a problem appeared in the story as something that had to be overcome.  After getting some idea of the financial situation of the US Virgin Islands I can see why he would think “That’s not the right way to be doing it.”

I can see him thinking to himself, “It offends me they are going to go on and enter into contracts that are the wrong solution to real problems.

What I wanted from Warren Mosler, once I discovered he is the man, he is the man of it in regards to it, was vetting for my modeling and my concepts.

There is no way that I will be ever able to fully and best financially engineer the Transcendia Financial System.  He’s not going to have time to deal with me as a creative economist and conceptual artist with the goal of founding a nation of airports meant to moderate somewhat international economic  disparities till his campaign for Governor of the US Virgin Islands.

I’m also duty bound to do whatever it is I might to help him win.  It will offend me if he is not understood by those who will have the opportunity to vote for him as the very best possible Governor they could ever have.  We are in an era of nearly unrestricted Economic Wars Domestic and Foreign.  Warren Mosler is the man most equipped to win at Economic War.

If I had had my way I’d have him running for US President and consider that the people of the US Virgin Islands had better recognize the chance they have to have the best man to be in a position of a Government Executive.  And look at the guy!  He’s always smiling!  That has to be what the Islands have that many places simply make impossible.  He’s not wealthy because he’s a grouch.  He’s wealthy because he knows the reality of systems and acts accordingly.

I’ve watched him on YouTube, most recently in the Island Radio interviews.  When he says he will go to the cruise lines and give them what they need so that they will bring the sources of wealth to the people on that island it is clear that he is the man who can make it happen.  What the people of the US Virgin Islands want has to be a fun island of a strong civilization.  I cannot see any way that his completion is going to offer that or be able to make it happen.

Now what is my status for saying so?  Why should anyone listen to me?  Okay, I’m the Founder of Transcendia.  I’m widely read on subjects the founder of a nation better understand.  I seek to know best practices and the real “Best People”.  I’m serious.  Just because I have a sense of humor don’t think I’m not a serious man.  I was reading an article on some aspect of economics and the engineering of an equitable financial system and out of thee people mentioned I had corresponded with two of them.

When I was working at creating a vital watchable United Television I had a serious correspondence with the prior spokesman for Boutros Boutros Ghali Andre` Lewin who was at the time the Chairman of the French UN Association, but had been for France a lifelong effective and honored Diplomat.  I found Andre` Lewin after reading his “Points for Reinvention of the UN” as published in the NYTs March 15, 2003.

I have said of Transcendia it picks up where the UN leaves off.  I have told my wife that if nothing else, I can write a letter.  This is a long one.  Though I still have a lot to say I started out meaning to say that of the people I have read and researched, Warren Mosler is the man to watch.  That he is willing to run for an elective office, one of the most stressful things anyone can ever do, is a big deal.  If Warren Mosler is not elected there will in the US Virgin Islands hell to pay.  Mr. Mosler’s competition has gone into borrowing from those who the US Virgin Islands the Government ought never need to borrow from.   The relationship between businesses and the governments that are there to tax them and regulate them ought never be one in which the government is beholden to them, especially when the motivations are so transparently desperate and work to allow them to buy their office.

If for some reason Mr. Mosler was made no more wealthy than a man of labor, I believe he would still be a fine Governor.  I’ve worked with and for all kinds of people and I believe by now I can tell.


P.S. Design credits for the flag of Transcendia go to George Heyward, a prominent NY night club designer.  I worked with Chris Hickey at Page Avjet to make the first iteration of the flag and the one easiest to draw by hand.  The design in this post of this Currency Note was created by a poet singer friend of mine Dave Ripton.




News From Here

Founder Statement

This continues to be the best of my condensed positions.

I’ve been reading Warren Mosler.  I imagine helping him win in the US Virgin Islands.

Somewhere I substituted Madero for Chavez.  I went looking for my mistake.  I haven’t found it.

I don’t watch TV all day.  When I watch the news on MSNBC I lament that I have no influence and haven’t been successful in getting a real big TV Event put on TV there or on NBC or even CBS or anywhere the Show Econ Wars Domestic & Foreign.

We are now reduced to arguing for Democracy.  We are reduced to explaining to the ignorant mob why the US as a Democracy matters.  I said before the election that the sort of “Democracy” Trump thought he was getting was the Federation form which is more of a Dictatorship than it is a Democracy.

Whenever I think of Russian life now I think of cold, slavery, and hunger.  In particular the Stalinists starved people on purpose and through policy.  Russia in the East is not food secure.  One Party Rule and an Authoritarian Secret Government and people are starved.

One of my followers on Twitter pointed out that the US starved the American Indians.  Starvation as a weapon of war is particularly cruel.  It is a sign as well of an arrogant incompetence as was the case for the Romans of Italy under the Fascists rule of Mussolini.  Mao & the repetition of Stalinist collectivization brought to the Chinese famine.

So I have been saying that defense of our Free Press & Democracy is a matter of life and death as regards your likelihood of starvation due to government policies.

Meantime in America if not America and Europe the price of shelter keeps rising.  The Government creates money when it votes a bill that requires from the Treasury funding.  Banks create money when they create a loan.  The trading in real estate is the main interest of banks and they know how to do that and many of them hardly know how to do much of anything else.  The new loan for the old real estate costs more than the last loan.  I have a friend in Hoboken who is in a rent controlled apartment.  His rent is going up by 400 dollars.  So much for rent control aye?

It is getting to the point where the US Federally is facing forcing a write down on all real estate loans or forcing down rents somehow.  The idea that the US Treasury would pay the difference to the Rentiers instead of writing down demands on wage workers is distasteful.   Has capitalism so gotten out of control that fixing it calls for more drama than we really want to endure?

We can engineer some sort of working solution.  Other nations have figured out what to spend money on so they have a peaceful prosperous civilized society.  We here in the US can’t really claim to have that anymore.  If you are living in some safe green community you are finding out you are in a minority and it is costing more and more for you to stay in that community.  Boring costs.

For years now I have been saying that Barbara Tuchman is right, that the US needs to adopt the Parliamentary form of Democracy.  We are suffering through a completely corrupt administration that we need to eject completely.  Impeachment is simply not comprehensive enough when every important institutional office is filled by an opportunists or incompetent or and incompetent opportunist.  Ben Carson is raising rents on poor people in government housing.  The goal must be to increase homelessness.  Even if the man is stupid if he had a goal that was the same as the mission statement for that government institution he wouldn’t be raising rents.

There is not even any serious pressure that raises the minimum wage to a wage that pays for a place to live and food to eat and clothes to wear and a car to drive that doesn’t force the majority into debt.  All is taken from everybody including their dignity as their government sells to the rich all the rights to whatever will produce more private profits for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

I believe Warren Mosler has it in him to financially engineer an orderly systematic rescue of the US Virgin Islands.  From there I want badly to believe he and his colleagues will put together an orderly reordering of the financial system so we do not see violent chaos that will allow the declaration of martial law by this President who would suspend elections if given half a chance.

I can say clearly that yes it is clear Trump is worth the effort to impeach, but it is all so horrific and so far gone that really isn’t enough.

Putin Follows the Money/Finance is out to put States in Debt. Socialize Youth

Economic Warfare is the preferred way of war.  The USA is not Greece, but the lesson to bankers is that it is a profitable way to dominate nation states and secure for the more powerful economies of Northern Europe great profits.

The Economic War against Greece damaged and obviated their Democracy.  The German Banking System was able to force Greece to borrow money from them and were able to take from Greece interest on those forced upon them loans, as well as taking from Greece real territory.  That real territory is their International Airports.The German Company Fraport controls for at the least the next 60 years the Airports of a Nation that depends on tourism.  The acquisition of those airports was achieved when the ECB Banking system refused to write down debts attributed to the Greek nation.

Those debts were incurred prior to the change in elective representation.  At the core of the difficulty of the nations targeted for Economic War, is the EURO.  The EURO gives Germany in particular a banking and Finance Advantage over Southern European Nations.

These nations are sovereign but need to have again sovereign wealth power.  Inflation comes about when a nation must get through sales of resources in order to pay debts in a currency that is not their own.  Essentially the institution of the Euro took from the member states any competitive responses so that they could improve life for their citizens.  Essentially they are forced into peonage with the demand they pay in what has become a foreign currency.  They are artificially forced into austerity programs that diminish every aspect of the citizenry’s lives.

Germany experienced hyper inflation post WWI because they were required to pay the War debt in Francs, not Marks.  Post WWII Germany’s debts were written off.  Debts to Nazis were easy to write off.  Germany’s Bankers in co-operation with the ECB refused to write down Greek Debts.

When the Anarchists of the Occupy movement were discussing remedial action to reduce the negative impact of modern capitalism it was determined that Jubilee was the answer.  “Jubilee” means Write Down, or complete Write off of individual debts.  In the times of Egypt Debts were written down on a regularly occurring time frame.  Every 7 years there were made debt adjustments, write offs or write downs.

After 50 years there occurred complete write offs.

Jesus was in favor of the traditional jubilee and said so in his home town 3 weeks prior to his crucifixion.  Bankers have cared more about Creditors than Debtors for a long long time.  Only the Government has the power to protect the interest of its citizens and demand systematic write downs of debts when that is all that will allow the system to continue.

“Debts that cannot be Paid will not be paid.”  this is a quote from the author of “Killing the Host” and “J is for Junk” by Michael Hudson.

Sanctions are Economic Warfare.  Sanctions have been applied to Russia because of their invasion of the Ukraine and the Annexation of Crimea.  The Russian response has been the conduct of Hybrid warfare in Western Democratic Europe and in the United States.

Sanctions were also imposed on Russia for the murder by mistreatment of the Russian Attorney Magnisky.

Russia was sold by Washington a Privatization Agenda of a capitalism ideology that pushes the capture of public assets for private individuals and corporations and denies the profits or use of these assets from the citizens of that nation.  It is the Washington Consensus and the idea that Privatization was the end all and cure all for Government created the Oligarchy that now benefits from the accrued wealth, property and power of the Russian people.

The Oligarchs who had been able to wrest through tricks the small holdings of the stocks issued in the aftermath of the collapse fo the USSR knew that their holdings were founded on illegitimate procedures.  They, as do all those who own and control wealth they know well to have come into their hands because of criminal actions will seek to put their money somewhere where the national power cannot get it back.  When the system becomes an Autocratic system dependent on the will of an individual and not the system, other individuals know no security of ownership.

Currency taken out of a nation in fear means that the labor force are essentially abandoned by those with economic and financial power.

The financial system of the US is considered far and above a safer place for the stashing of property.  Money from Oligarchs and Magnates has come into the US System from two Nations that are not run with a respect for property rights. Russia and China.  The influx of this money has skewed property values, real estate values, in the US.

The skews are seen most dramatically in NYC.  Shell Companies and Fronts have grown in power incredibly.

The distance between those who create wealth through their labor and those who ostensibly own all of the profit and benefits of the government laws that are enforceable and are respectful of private property has become as great as any time previous in history.

When I designed Transcendia I designed a work of conceptual art and call it a country, company and work of art.  Learning to love is an art.  Learning how to create and maintain a prosperous, fair and just society is an art.  Engineers do not just build bridges but put together systems.  Government is Systems Engineering.  When the goal is that all citizens are respected and prosperity is to be shared in a balance with a understanding that a legitimate government is duty bound to defend and educate, the goal is good.

I build on precedents.  I was Security for Rochdale College Toronto and saw how corruption and a less than pragmatic attitude towards what a united group had achieved, meant that the Territory as an Art was lost.

I was inspired by the aims of the nation I grew up in.  My main hero of the revolution was the scientist and diplomat Ben Franklin.  I have studied Generals and know that Great Generals have a Zest for killing the enemy.  Certainly Washington was a great general and a fine gentleman in many respects.  In the case of Washington he let go of the office of the Presidency.  Possessing great power is seductive.  Many weaker men would have never let it go.

Putin is one of those who will hold onto great power using every means he has.  The US has been at war with Russia since the the Annexation of Crimea.  IHS Janes said as long as three years ago that Putin wanted a direct land route through the Ukraine to the Black Sea.

In the past nations bought and sold land between themselves.  Even after the Mexican American War where it was US policy to goad weak Mexico into a war that would give the US grand Territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific, International Law forced the US to Pay Mexico for the territory the US gained out of that war.  When most of us want something we figure out if we can buy it or not.  Those of us that are barbarians work at stealing it.

Even if a barbarian has the money to pay for what they want, they will prefer to steal it.

OK, in our world now on going are Economic Wars Domestic and Foreign.  We know that it was the sanctions against the Japanese instituted by the FDR administration that were not resolved in short order, and were strangling the civil and military power of Japan, caused them to execute a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

The point is that Sanctions are dangerous.

“The Atom Bomb Changed everything.”  Financial actors have acted in the shadow of the Bomb while making sure the people that are their targets for exploitation know that they will lose if they react violently against their enslavement.

Since Putin’s Oligarchs have sought to put their gains out of Putin’s reach Putin has engineered for himself and his the expansion of his reach. Specifically his co option of the US Executive office brings his oligarchs and Trump’s oligarchs closer together.

When Trump was Elected I said,  “The good news is no immediate war with Russia.   The Bad news is Putin takes over.”

Putin himself is following the money.

Now we know out of Russia came targeted Social Media posters spreading disinformation.  We also know it was targeted in concert with information the Trump Campaign officials gave through that Bank Server to the Hybrid War forces of Putin.

We know that 22 State Election Systems were penetrated.  Social Media posters, and all manner of Disinformation in the real press could not be known to produce an assured result.  It is the Vote Flipping that Mike1Farb describes that was sure to produce an assured result.

From Putin’s viewpoint it is that tactic I am sure produced the desired result.  Donald Trump is an agent of Putin’s campaign to take over the Financial System of the US.  He and his government have been pushed around lied to and manipulated by US Administrations since Reagan’s Administration.  That is a fact.  If for nothing but spite that Putin operates as he does, that is still the case.  When I look at the Uranium One Deal I see it as an proof of concept, for Putin gained great control of a US Strategic material.

The US and Russia and the Western Nato Nations do not work in concert for the achievement in our world of Universal Human Rights.

Clearly after World War II it was understood there needed to be a World Body that worked to achieve universal human rights and long lasting peace.  The UN represents the understanding that there must be a Unitary Power equipped to enforce the rules of war.  There is a realistic fear of a World Wide Unitary Power.

We got by and got through the Cold War.  A major reason that there did not occur what we saw as nuclear war then was that the US and the USSR did not do a lot of business between each other.  Grotius is in his essay correct in saying that you are more likely to go to war with those you do business with.

The Atom Bomb Changed Everything.  When but two nations had nuclear weapons there was the threat of nuclear war.  Now that there are 8 nations with nuclear weapons whatever happens once they are used is anyone’s guess and I expect it to become Apocalyptic Riot.

We had better get at development and a system of World Wide Unitary power that is capable of preventing this event.  Every one of us who is a human being that shares this earth and a consciousness of our humanity has a duty to do those things that mean the eternal life of our being.

I agree with Andre` Lewin about how to create a Unitary power capable of preventing the Apocalyptic Riot.  He did support my concepts for United Nations Television.  After that we had some disagreements.  He was very attached to Elba as the place to put Exiled Leaders who were criminals on a national and international and international scale.  I countered that this was a function the nation of airports could well take up.  You do want to leave rats a way out.  We had seen national leaders as in the case of Assad cause the killings of great numbers of their citizens and others regardless of others.  Imagine if there existed a powerful armed Unitary Power that cut a Dictator off and stopped their continued violations of human rights?

Napoleon was exiled to Elba.  Idi Amin ended up in apartments in France.  Despots who are being run out a nation mostly run to the airport anyway.  Formalizing how they pass into history is possible.

The use of Airports is really behind.  The phrase for which the Economist John Commons in known is “Cultural Lag”.  Seaports are longer lived cities and even towns than towns and cities that are not put at natural harbors.  Airports for these crafts that we invented that turned the atmosphere into a greater sea can be literally put into service for us and ours just about anywhere.  The world has very very much been able to continue as a civilized world because of aircraft and the ports made for them to fly from and to.  It is a bigger deal than we seem to commonly understand.

Antonio Guterres is pushing for Sustainable Development.  We have an overpopulation problem that if allowed to grow will end us.  Imagine if at every International Airport in the world there were United Nations Offices for Sustainable Development?  Those who can reach the furtherest the fastest, win.  Yes Sustainable Development systems are vital and knowledge and finance must be made supportive and spread.  However it is important that the UN maintain its focus on enforcement of the rules of war and the prevention of an apocalyptic riot that would wipe out our civilization or cause us to become extinct, a memory, if that.

Jet setters go wherever they want.  These corporate jets can be used to move cash.  I want to give all my citizens jet setter status.  I see a world wherein labor has as much mobility as the rich and their money. There are Front banks and Front businesses.  In a world of Unitary Power the fear is that the rich won’t be able any longer to hide money from the tax collectors of cooperating or competing nations.

We know from evidence many of the rich and corrupt object to ever having applied to them the same laws and rules as are applied to the working classes.  What makes our world better about this unfair situation?  We have a right to fight for a fair world.


Damn, I have been trying to get to the aspects of what sort of Domestic Economic War we face in the US.  We know that Puerto Rico is forced into debt and more debt and is under attack by Finance that sold them debt that it knew they were not at all capable of rationally servicing.  Again the tactic of simply refusing to write down these debts to payable levels and leaving the Territory with the ability to service the debts ends in austerity programs, restricted education and tenuous health.

This is known to be profitable to Finance.

Finance is aiming at replicating this tactic in its treatment of the States.  Every Governor needs to sit up and take notice.

Just as Warren Mosler advised Italy that it was vital to their own national interests to issue their own sovereign wealth currency it it being forced upon the States by the ideologues running Congress that they Issue their own Treasury Notes.

People like I came to become more fully socialized and found balance in our lives in organizations like the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.  I don’t know what I would have become had I not had the opportunity to become a Boy Scout.  I was good at being a Boy Scout.  I found respect.  I was not respected by many of my peers in my school.

If I didn’t fight back the attacks wouldn’t stop.  “Can’t be clever be crude.”

There appear to be a large group of unsocialized young men in the US who due to our national belief in easy access to guns, commit mass murder.

Boy Scouts have not been so much, as they used to be.  Selling guns to young unsocialized youth when they are living in a primarily urban environment with few to no places to just shoot them at targets or trees is not a good idea.

In North Carolina I watched as a Bond, (a Loan) was put into the General fund in large part to pay for the operations of the NC National Guard.  I do not see the State needing a military force that takes time out for disaster response as something we ought be borrowing money to support.

We do need a State Civil Defense and Disaster Response Force.

We do need to issue another currency so that we achieve an Economic Defenses System.  I see us drafting the youth of the State starting at 16 for our Civil Defense and Disaster Response Force.  I see these youth being paid in State Treasury Notes to use for their Education by the Community Colleges and University System.  I see those State Treasury Notes as also used to pay current or future taxes as well.

I’ve gotten it down here.  I believe this concept offered does two things at the minimum.  One it helps create some loyalty to the state one lives in and two it helps socialize the young.

That is what I meant to do when I started to write my letter this afternoon.

There are people, economists today who have given me the ideas I am attempting to utilize.  Warren Mosler, Randall Wray, Michael Hudson, Stephanie Kelton, are in the most part the economists to whom I have turned.  There are others,  Bill Black comes to mind.  I do not know of a single politician willing to tell the American People that it is only their political ideology that lead many many citizens to suffer from want, serious want of food for their children, ignorance, and bad health.

Every day money is created and spend on the US Military.  Sure that is necessary, but things are being done opposite to their correct order if not out of order completely.

Things that are based on lies do not start well or end well.  We are expected to be ignorant. We are expected to be bamboozled. I never took one course in elementary or high school on Economics.  Only because I finally had to finish writing the Transcendia Passport to complete my model did I invent a currency and then I had to see if it was a good and useful currency.

So the things I have written are the results of what I think are 6 years of study.

Insurodollar Summary

My Resolution Gift

Reign Of Terror Ending in Canada

where & how to time travel

about multi universes etc.

https://www.createspace.com/800620647 Scott Day “I Phone Lifestyle”  Beatnik Ear Movie in Tracks for nutcase college radio.  Whatever is left of it anyway.

Canada is finally coming through.  They’ll probably keep Rosie.  They had him for trying to corner the market in Hashish.  He was importing 3 and a half million dollars worth or was that pounds.  30 grams was a brick in linen from Afghanistan or Lebanon or Nepal.  I once smoked Black Nepalese Temple Balls that are contaminated with a little, a percentage of opium.

North Carolina ought have replaced tobacco with pot but it hasn’t and won’t.  I hate hearing about states rights.  Again I am reminded of the Mason Dixon.  Changes for the better above that line and going backwards all the time below.  I also read Naked Capitalism and am saying NC needed to issue its own notes since otherwise it is set up for asset forfeiture.  Just decided to give those buy this another Bond, a loan folks, give up 80 million in interest in USD.

For Roads, and Roads we can get the DOT to pay for or not pay for far as you ask me.

“North Carolina, roads where no man has ever gone.”  is what our family friend Harvey said.

I nominated the economist Warren Mosler for President and since it appears she is on the same mission Stephanie Kelton can be the VP.  I watched Mosler in Italy and Stephanie in the UK.  This stuff is suppose to be secret in the US.

One reason to nominate Mosler for President is that he displayed a willingness to run when he ran for Senate from Ct. I can’ spell Connecticut.

Stephanie Kelton was told by Bernie Sanders he would  have to be led by the people to become a Deficit Owl.  “Change comes from below.”  He had admonished her with a twinkle in his eye you’d think for certain.

If I just vote for Warren Mosler and her I don’t have to explain how the Financial System Works to you.  I’m your unwashed masses who wants you to volunteer to make my model work.  Be practical and pragmatic and done with my flag up, again.

You do need to have a good many flags made.  One of the main 6 was torn apart by a hurricane  at FLL.  They are a specialized thing, Flags.  It is a stress of the mind to make a flag of your own.   I told that to the American Airlines Captain I met.  How much of a Front American Airlines is remains to be figured out.  Like IN-Q-TEL they have been getting 685 million a year as a subsidy.  Odd similarities in Congressional grants in the public interest.

Turkey will nullify the F-35 buying them and the Russian Missile Defense System.  How about that?  How about that Brothers and Sisters, all that money spent for an advantage of speed and intelligence gathering capabilities and sell them to a country has NATO membership to rip us off.   Americans cannot be friends with the people Trump loves, but he makes it so.  It is unbelievably bad.  Putin may push where he wants land while sure Trump is in office.

Trudeau and Canadian Parliament have ended that part of the Drug War and I think of how little I am wanted as an immigrant there now.


Mechanized March/Working Class Corner

I do not want my followers arrested or beat up or gassed.  Hence when I talk in hopes of a July 16th march on our US Treasury I have in mind a mechanized march.  The original two letters about my tactics for a march, marching all I know as rational were apparently written the month before this.  So go back a month to find original thinking for a march that is designed to minimize hurt to be put on our marchers.

Marching is about the best we can do.  We must however march on specific symbolic destinations.  In the midst of class war it is economic war, domestic economic war.  Our power is in our Treasury and we have been made into reinsurers of the reinsurer, AIG is what I am talking about now. It is not that long ago this history.

Those who can move fastest and furthest win,  My own endgame is to make all my fellows jet setters in their own right.  My idea is that the parking lots of the airports around DC be where people meet and organize with motor vehicles so that on the way to the US Treasury none of our marchers is out of site of rescue or preventative maneuvering of the motor vehicles so that they will leapfrog along the routes they decided to take on their way to the US Treasury Building.

To be successful one needs communication equipment.  Phones these days are extremely capable.  At the great demonstrations of my youth in Chicago Phil Ochs sang and sang and sang.  I myself have some guitars and a powerful amp.  I will speak and sing if the money tool is to enable it.

Stephanie Kelton, Randall Wray, Warren Mosler, Michael Hudson and whomever they would want to see at the stage speaking to our marching activists at the US Treasury July 16th works for me.

I have made the case that Economists are like Scientists in that it is Scientists that provide the knowledge that the Engineers put into practical practice.  It is Economists that provide to people like David Cay Johnston precepts that enable the building of systems.

Again it is Economists that create the science that the Financial Engineers apply.

War?  It is Class War and it is about who gets the money.

In fact it is a last chance for the continuation of civilization that we take back from the elite bankers control of our Treasury.  This is a world under great pressure.  Extinction is common and happening all around us.

Education is key to the reduced pressures of overpopulation. It makes sense to me that electrification and modern water supplies free women to make their way.

Sen, I think it is Sen, the economist of India says it is always poor ignorant women and children that die first when there is created the situation of famine.

I thought that there were no famines in worlds where there was a free press, but Churchill did engineer the starvation of the poor of India in later stages of WWII.

It is depressing to know of the failures of our heroes who undermined our reasons to revere them. But I only thought of this as thinking of the economics of education and the fact that if one is ignorant one is vulnerable.

I do not want marchers in the continuation of the class war that has been going on since forever to be hurt. Way it has always been it is us, the nameless who really make the difference.

Is School Too Important to the Youthful Mass Murderer?

I Phone Lifestyle

What I’d Do if I had the Money.

The incidents of mass murder in the American Schools was not a thing when I was growing up.  I was young in a town where there was an attack on a school.  The town was Jonesboro, Ark.  One of the chapters in my ebook, audiobook, “The Revolutionary” is based on my experiences at 5 walking around in the woods with some other kids now and then shooting a tree with the shotgun we had with us.

I think the oldest of us was 12.

Their were more than one there in Jonesboro that got on high ground and picked off kids at the school.  That there were kids playing with guns, or a gun, in the woods of Jonesboro Arkansas does fit with my experiences there as something consistent to the place, while the targets were changed from trees to young children.

What in the minds of kids like myself was changed?  I’d have to return to that town and hang out asking questions to really know.  It has been at least two decades since Columbine.  Originally I believed the youthful mass murderers were motivated in the pursuit of fame, but I’m confused by the profiles and simply can’t be sure what the hell their motivations have in common anymore.

I am aware of the processes that turn a young boy into a man.  As children we are unsocialized savages.  Growing up we are supposed to take on responsibilities.  We are supposed to learn how to take on and carry increasing responsibilities.  It is an irresponsible act to murder your classmates or their proxies.

Kids today?  What is seriously so different about kids today that they would kill so many people at a time.  Where is the bullying so extreme and unresolved that young boys, young men, would do these things?  What makes them suicidally murderous so often?  Why aren’t they essentially “socialized”?

Is the school the only institution where they interact with society?  I am certain that I was more successfully socialized because there was more than school where I competed for status.  As agnostic as I was, I liked the friends I made in church, and say that the Boy Scouts saved my life.  Elementary school was stressful.  The attacks did not stop until I fought back and hurt those that hurt me.  Some of the fights were to protect my younger sisters and brother.

When I got in fights I believe the teachers who witnessed them approved.  There were no police in the schools.  I tried to bash a tormentors head through the floor in 6th or 7th grade.  I wasn’t even sent to the Principal’s office.

I remember the school coach who put me in the boxing ring with boys who had picked on me for years.  It helped a lot for me to have the permission of sport to fight, hurt, beat, those who loved to hurt me.

As I understand things in the schools of today a 10 year old may easily be arrested for fighting in school.  Could it be that when on the way to manhood boys are not allowed to fight, things build up and guns are available, so pressure builds up inside them and they get a gun and go to school and kill teachers and students because of grudges?

When I was young I did know where my father’s pistol was.  I wasn’t supposed to know where it was.  Whenever I went to secretly handle it my interest in it was just as a thing that ought someday be mine.  (My mother made my father sell it.)

Motives for murder in our day and age appear to be expanded.

For those of us who were seen as different and were attacked in the schools we went to back in the 60s we had other places where we were accepted and encouraged.  Our revenge on our tormentors was either living well, or the fist fight.

If we wanted to join the outsiders hated by authority there was the hippie life of sex and drugs.  Are these young men trapped in their minds?

This last kid, this last kid was rejected by a girl and murdered her and teachers and other students.  He sure seems to be an insecure petty case.

If we are producing so many of these flawed young men, we definitely need to limit the use of guns to those who are trained, and I think have a place to fire them.  I’d be tempted to go into the schools and ask “Who wants to shoot guns!”

I’d say “OK.” take them all to the firing range and watch them shoot and ask them what they had as motives to do whatever it was they did in life, in school, about girls.  What books have you read?  What did you think?

I imagine that in such a set and setting one, as an authority on life and the values of a civilized man, which ones needed some work.

The Cave Story/A Hippie’s Story

Trump Jam [Historic]

I’m tired and hurt all the time from this type arthritis I have so I have not the energy to go out to clubs to witness performances of great import in our locally competitive world.

Music is Carrboro and Chapel Hills primary world export and the place of the Cave in that is pivotal.  Hauling my Amp & guitar & sound processors and wires down to the Cave stops me dead.  I need to be booking a stagehand.  I have a hand truck.

First Time I was in the Cave I was just getting off with my girl from some Purple Haze we got.  Maybe it was Orange Barrel.  No it was clean ass blotter.  She and I did acid the weekends, and I think we even did some Wednesdays.  Since she was my Art of Film Teacher in Greensboro we came over to Chapel Hill.

I remember liking the Cave a lot.  There were those netted red jar candles on the table.  It was a cool afternoon as outside it was Sunny and hot as hell that day.

Sun went down.  I wasn’t 18 yet at all.  Or did I turn 18?  LSD.  Sun was going down when we headed back.  I was driving on 54 towards 85 what it was back then.  All of it but I was on 54 & there had been a little hot rain the mist coming off the blacktop and I was going 95 miles and hour with a mind screaming and Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress blaring out the radio.

Car backed into the road and there was oncoming traffic.  My girl I called Flick as code since she was a secret affair.  Of course a young man has the compulsion to think of this is going to be forever.  I remember later my friend telling me to shut up about it.  It was over, you’ll find another girl.  17 to 24 does influence your expectations.  So I stepped on the gas.

I stepped on the gas and whipped the car around the tail end of the other white mid size muscle car like a Le Sabre back in our lane.  Her body had been thrown my way and I asked her if she was all right, which she was not.  That is an acid trip impression violating some of the peace of set and setting.  From calm candle table rush looking up at each other deeply taking off to beautiful highway and near carnage death as seen in the papers pictures of head ons combined speed of at least 140 miles per hour and she was crying so hard rivulets down her cheeks that I felt mean for what I had done and apologized.

Chapel Hill has long time been the place to come to for some sort of adventure in hip but now not so hip or even happy.  I’ve come to feel a little oppressed.  I take it personally what has happened to the airport.  May 30 is also the day all of the small planes based at Horace Williams have to fly away.  It is so backwards and disturbingly ironic I failed to make the airport nice, fun to be at.

May 2018 is going to go down in North Carolina History as the month the perfect little airport where Presidents learned to fly closed and the Cave Closed.  What a perfect Beat place even with Poetry Evening my wife made.  Mouse asked her to bring it to the Cave and she did and then I met her.  I went down there when I moved here from Greensboro to read what I wrote out loud.  Yesterday I made a CD of performances meant to be on the NPR Local Radio as a challenge to the University Poetry Classes & Writers living after the boxes and grass.

Hippies got off on Beat places.  The Cave is Beat to its soul.  It is a set.  I wanted to make a Jukebox changing eras movie down there with a good camera & ensemble cast with Jack Whitebread in it.  I might go down there tonight.  Nancy Alex says she will only go the last night which I thought was the 30th.

I wasn’t barred from the Cave.  John Howie was sweet to us about the sound system.  My guitar is heavy and I ought say stuff independent of my addiction to my guitar now.  Most of you play guitars.  I might let someone play Intendor Tm #13.  What a monster I built that one is.  So I remember now the other Cave Era and why all has returned to “Beat”.  I am explained by it.  Also Rochdale, but in North Carolina.

The Rathskeller got cockroaches down there and the pizza was perfect.  I ate down there with another love.  I stayed down in Wilmington for a year.  It has been NY and NC places I’ve been.  Being there for since I was in high school and seeing it die makes me understand I am really getting old and near dying myself.

It is interesting to be here so close to the end of humanity as civilization again.

People now must not want to be in a real Cave, with cave drawings.  Underground was where we had to go.  Us, Beats.  People with candles and playing music and singing and shooting the shit.  God I was horrible drunk when my friend Joe Bell & and Slingblades sang and and to walk home because I couldn’t get a cab.

Who knows but maybe from this end there will be some movie or a national TV show with James Taylor the most famous of players I knew of around here thinking I don’t know as much as Mouse & Dave Robertson and the rest of you.  I only been back around now 17, 18 years.  You that I know around here have been here and it has always been here for you all.

All the local Beats is what I see.  All the stories.  The Cave Underground to end being, Damn.