Reign Of Terror Ending in Canada

where & how to time travel

about multi universes etc. Scott Day “I Phone Lifestyle”  Beatnik Ear Movie in Tracks for nutcase college radio.  Whatever is left of it anyway.

Canada is finally coming through.  They’ll probably keep Rosie.  They had him for trying to corner the market in Hashish.  He was importing 3 and a half million dollars worth or was that pounds.  30 grams was a brick in linen from Afghanistan or Lebanon or Nepal.  I once smoked Black Nepalese Temple Balls that are contaminated with a little, a percentage of opium.

North Carolina ought have replaced tobacco with pot but it hasn’t and won’t.  I hate hearing about states rights.  Again I am reminded of the Mason Dixon.  Changes for the better above that line and going backwards all the time below.  I also read Naked Capitalism and am saying NC needed to issue its own notes since otherwise it is set up for asset forfeiture.  Just decided to give those buy this another Bond, a loan folks, give up 80 million in interest in USD.

For Roads, and Roads we can get the DOT to pay for or not pay for far as you ask me.

“North Carolina, roads where no man has ever gone.”  is what our family friend Harvey said.

I nominated the economist Warren Mosler for President and since it appears she is on the same mission Stephanie Kelton can be the VP.  I watched Mosler in Italy and Stephanie in the UK.  This stuff is suppose to be secret in the US.

One reason to nominate Mosler for President is that he displayed a willingness to run when he ran for Senate from Ct. I can’ spell Connecticut.

Stephanie Kelton was told by Bernie Sanders he would  have to be led by the people to become a Deficit Owl.  “Change comes from below.”  He had admonished her with a twinkle in his eye you’d think for certain.

If I just vote for Warren Mosler and her I don’t have to explain how the Financial System Works to you.  I’m your unwashed masses who wants you to volunteer to make my model work.  Be practical and pragmatic and done with my flag up, again.

You do need to have a good many flags made.  One of the main 6 was torn apart by a hurricane  at FLL.  They are a specialized thing, Flags.  It is a stress of the mind to make a flag of your own.   I told that to the American Airlines Captain I met.  How much of a Front American Airlines is remains to be figured out.  Like IN-Q-TEL they have been getting 685 million a year as a subsidy.  Odd similarities in Congressional grants in the public interest.

Turkey will nullify the F-35 buying them and the Russian Missile Defense System.  How about that?  How about that Brothers and Sisters, all that money spent for an advantage of speed and intelligence gathering capabilities and sell them to a country has NATO membership to rip us off.   Americans cannot be friends with the people Trump loves, but he makes it so.  It is unbelievably bad.  Putin may push where he wants land while sure Trump is in office.

Trudeau and Canadian Parliament have ended that part of the Drug War and I think of how little I am wanted as an immigrant there now.


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