Mechanized March/Working Class Corner

I do not want my followers arrested or beat up or gassed.  Hence when I talk in hopes of a July 16th march on our US Treasury I have in mind a mechanized march.  The original two letters about my tactics for a march, marching all I know as rational were apparently written the month before this.  So go back a month to find original thinking for a march that is designed to minimize hurt to be put on our marchers.

Marching is about the best we can do.  We must however march on specific symbolic destinations.  In the midst of class war it is economic war, domestic economic war.  Our power is in our Treasury and we have been made into reinsurers of the reinsurer, AIG is what I am talking about now. It is not that long ago this history.

Those who can move fastest and furthest win,  My own endgame is to make all my fellows jet setters in their own right.  My idea is that the parking lots of the airports around DC be where people meet and organize with motor vehicles so that on the way to the US Treasury none of our marchers is out of site of rescue or preventative maneuvering of the motor vehicles so that they will leapfrog along the routes they decided to take on their way to the US Treasury Building.

To be successful one needs communication equipment.  Phones these days are extremely capable.  At the great demonstrations of my youth in Chicago Phil Ochs sang and sang and sang.  I myself have some guitars and a powerful amp.  I will speak and sing if the money tool is to enable it.

Stephanie Kelton, Randall Wray, Warren Mosler, Michael Hudson and whomever they would want to see at the stage speaking to our marching activists at the US Treasury July 16th works for me.

I have made the case that Economists are like Scientists in that it is Scientists that provide the knowledge that the Engineers put into practical practice.  It is Economists that provide to people like David Cay Johnston precepts that enable the building of systems.

Again it is Economists that create the science that the Financial Engineers apply.

War?  It is Class War and it is about who gets the money.

In fact it is a last chance for the continuation of civilization that we take back from the elite bankers control of our Treasury.  This is a world under great pressure.  Extinction is common and happening all around us.

Education is key to the reduced pressures of overpopulation. It makes sense to me that electrification and modern water supplies free women to make their way.

Sen, I think it is Sen, the economist of India says it is always poor ignorant women and children that die first when there is created the situation of famine.

I thought that there were no famines in worlds where there was a free press, but Churchill did engineer the starvation of the poor of India in later stages of WWII.

It is depressing to know of the failures of our heroes who undermined our reasons to revere them. But I only thought of this as thinking of the economics of education and the fact that if one is ignorant one is vulnerable.

I do not want marchers in the continuation of the class war that has been going on since forever to be hurt. Way it has always been it is us, the nameless who really make the difference.

Is School Too Important to the Youthful Mass Murderer?

I Phone Lifestyle

What I’d Do if I had the Money.

The incidents of mass murder in the American Schools was not a thing when I was growing up.  I was young in a town where there was an attack on a school.  The town was Jonesboro, Ark.  One of the chapters in my ebook, audiobook, “The Revolutionary” is based on my experiences at 5 walking around in the woods with some other kids now and then shooting a tree with the shotgun we had with us.

I think the oldest of us was 12.

Their were more than one there in Jonesboro that got on high ground and picked off kids at the school.  That there were kids playing with guns, or a gun, in the woods of Jonesboro Arkansas does fit with my experiences there as something consistent to the place, while the targets were changed from trees to young children.

What in the minds of kids like myself was changed?  I’d have to return to that town and hang out asking questions to really know.  It has been at least two decades since Columbine.  Originally I believed the youthful mass murderers were motivated in the pursuit of fame, but I’m confused by the profiles and simply can’t be sure what the hell their motivations have in common anymore.

I am aware of the processes that turn a young boy into a man.  As children we are unsocialized savages.  Growing up we are supposed to take on responsibilities.  We are supposed to learn how to take on and carry increasing responsibilities.  It is an irresponsible act to murder your classmates or their proxies.

Kids today?  What is seriously so different about kids today that they would kill so many people at a time.  Where is the bullying so extreme and unresolved that young boys, young men, would do these things?  What makes them suicidally murderous so often?  Why aren’t they essentially “socialized”?

Is the school the only institution where they interact with society?  I am certain that I was more successfully socialized because there was more than school where I competed for status.  As agnostic as I was, I liked the friends I made in church, and say that the Boy Scouts saved my life.  Elementary school was stressful.  The attacks did not stop until I fought back and hurt those that hurt me.  Some of the fights were to protect my younger sisters and brother.

When I got in fights I believe the teachers who witnessed them approved.  There were no police in the schools.  I tried to bash a tormentors head through the floor in 6th or 7th grade.  I wasn’t even sent to the Principal’s office.

I remember the school coach who put me in the boxing ring with boys who had picked on me for years.  It helped a lot for me to have the permission of sport to fight, hurt, beat, those who loved to hurt me.

As I understand things in the schools of today a 10 year old may easily be arrested for fighting in school.  Could it be that when on the way to manhood boys are not allowed to fight, things build up and guns are available, so pressure builds up inside them and they get a gun and go to school and kill teachers and students because of grudges?

When I was young I did know where my father’s pistol was.  I wasn’t supposed to know where it was.  Whenever I went to secretly handle it my interest in it was just as a thing that ought someday be mine.  (My mother made my father sell it.)

Motives for murder in our day and age appear to be expanded.

For those of us who were seen as different and were attacked in the schools we went to back in the 60s we had other places where we were accepted and encouraged.  Our revenge on our tormentors was either living well, or the fist fight.

If we wanted to join the outsiders hated by authority there was the hippie life of sex and drugs.  Are these young men trapped in their minds?

This last kid, this last kid was rejected by a girl and murdered her and teachers and other students.  He sure seems to be an insecure petty case.

If we are producing so many of these flawed young men, we definitely need to limit the use of guns to those who are trained, and I think have a place to fire them.  I’d be tempted to go into the schools and ask “Who wants to shoot guns!”

I’d say “OK.” take them all to the firing range and watch them shoot and ask them what they had as motives to do whatever it was they did in life, in school, about girls.  What books have you read?  What did you think?

I imagine that in such a set and setting one, as an authority on life and the values of a civilized man, which ones needed some work.

The Cave Story/A Hippie’s Story

Trump Jam [Historic]

I’m tired and hurt all the time from this type arthritis I have so I have not the energy to go out to clubs to witness performances of great import in our locally competitive world.

Music is Carrboro and Chapel Hills primary world export and the place of the Cave in that is pivotal.  Hauling my Amp & guitar & sound processors and wires down to the Cave stops me dead.  I need to be booking a stagehand.  I have a hand truck.

First Time I was in the Cave I was just getting off with my girl from some Purple Haze we got.  Maybe it was Orange Barrel.  No it was clean ass blotter.  She and I did acid the weekends, and I think we even did some Wednesdays.  Since she was my Art of Film Teacher in Greensboro we came over to Chapel Hill.

I remember liking the Cave a lot.  There were those netted red jar candles on the table.  It was a cool afternoon as outside it was Sunny and hot as hell that day.

Sun went down.  I wasn’t 18 yet at all.  Or did I turn 18?  LSD.  Sun was going down when we headed back.  I was driving on 54 towards 85 what it was back then.  All of it but I was on 54 & there had been a little hot rain the mist coming off the blacktop and I was going 95 miles and hour with a mind screaming and Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress blaring out the radio.

Car backed into the road and there was oncoming traffic.  My girl I called Flick as code since she was a secret affair.  Of course a young man has the compulsion to think of this is going to be forever.  I remember later my friend telling me to shut up about it.  It was over, you’ll find another girl.  17 to 24 does influence your expectations.  So I stepped on the gas.

I stepped on the gas and whipped the car around the tail end of the other white mid size muscle car like a Le Sabre back in our lane.  Her body had been thrown my way and I asked her if she was all right, which she was not.  That is an acid trip impression violating some of the peace of set and setting.  From calm candle table rush looking up at each other deeply taking off to beautiful highway and near carnage death as seen in the papers pictures of head ons combined speed of at least 140 miles per hour and she was crying so hard rivulets down her cheeks that I felt mean for what I had done and apologized.

Chapel Hill has long time been the place to come to for some sort of adventure in hip but now not so hip or even happy.  I’ve come to feel a little oppressed.  I take it personally what has happened to the airport.  May 30 is also the day all of the small planes based at Horace Williams have to fly away.  It is so backwards and disturbingly ironic I failed to make the airport nice, fun to be at.

May 2018 is going to go down in North Carolina History as the month the perfect little airport where Presidents learned to fly closed and the Cave Closed.  What a perfect Beat place even with Poetry Evening my wife made.  Mouse asked her to bring it to the Cave and she did and then I met her.  I went down there when I moved here from Greensboro to read what I wrote out loud.  Yesterday I made a CD of performances meant to be on the NPR Local Radio as a challenge to the University Poetry Classes & Writers living after the boxes and grass.

Hippies got off on Beat places.  The Cave is Beat to its soul.  It is a set.  I wanted to make a Jukebox changing eras movie down there with a good camera & ensemble cast with Jack Whitebread in it.  I might go down there tonight.  Nancy Alex says she will only go the last night which I thought was the 30th.

I wasn’t barred from the Cave.  John Howie was sweet to us about the sound system.  My guitar is heavy and I ought say stuff independent of my addiction to my guitar now.  Most of you play guitars.  I might let someone play Intendor Tm #13.  What a monster I built that one is.  So I remember now the other Cave Era and why all has returned to “Beat”.  I am explained by it.  Also Rochdale, but in North Carolina.

The Rathskeller got cockroaches down there and the pizza was perfect.  I ate down there with another love.  I stayed down in Wilmington for a year.  It has been NY and NC places I’ve been.  Being there for since I was in high school and seeing it die makes me understand I am really getting old and near dying myself.

It is interesting to be here so close to the end of humanity as civilization again.

People now must not want to be in a real Cave, with cave drawings.  Underground was where we had to go.  Us, Beats.  People with candles and playing music and singing and shooting the shit.  God I was horrible drunk when my friend Joe Bell & and Slingblades sang and and to walk home because I couldn’t get a cab.

Who knows but maybe from this end there will be some movie or a national TV show with James Taylor the most famous of players I knew of around here thinking I don’t know as much as Mouse & Dave Robertson and the rest of you.  I only been back around now 17, 18 years.  You that I know around here have been here and it has always been here for you all.

All the local Beats is what I see.  All the stories.  The Cave Underground to end being, Damn.


Working Class Corner/I Phone Lifestyle/Reverbnation

Carrboro Music Festival

Scott Day at the Frank Cole Stage Sunday September 24th at 4 to 4:30

Just a picture from my semi recent past.

The thing to think of now is the means is the ends.  Otherwise you are simply a hypocrite.  Good to see Ryan go.  Really Really wonderful.  But there had better be wins.  Major counter revolutionary actions as parallel voting system of paper at rainy desks.

Finance is finite & economics is infinite.  Deficits don’t matter any of the big much Ryan said to get us a completely feudal oligarchic dystopia.

Having some trouble here with the site.

Oh the record I Phone Lifestyle is partially on Reverbnation.

It is taking me some work of a new thing to get it all right.

Started charting on Number One Music.

Buy the CD on Amazon.

Stay tuned & Patient.



NY Fame, Power, Work/Trump as Exponent of Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead

They wouldn’t have shoved the Fountainhead at me in my high school.  I had to get through “Tom Jones” for it’s supposed historical place in the novel as literature.

There was “Cane” we read, “Sleep”, and to this day when was “Catcher in the Rye” taught?

I had read “Catch 22″ when I was 13.  I laughed out loud for the first time to a book.

I probably did read The” Fountainhead” during my school years, formal school years.  There in there after all the Sci Fi, short stories, magazines & movies meant to make one see the world as it is, for what it is.

All I got from “The Fountainhead” was as a parable of what sort of man wins the best girl in the end.   This woman, what’s her name?  That woman ended up with the man who was famous and powerful and important for his work.  So he ended up with the woman.

The book and most all of Rand’s philosophy are dated back to a Russian writer of the 1890s who was Utopian with the sort of stories popular amongst Politico Science Fiction Prepper Survivalists of about 2 centuries.

The common man’s experiences as labor either in Russia, France, Germany, or the US generate common dreams.  We all want to take our girl for a ride in our flying car.

For the Russians Science Fiction was what they got to read since it hadn’t happened yet there was less censorship.

All round and as I come to the point the Rand Philosophy was not original.  I do not, and never did take her work so seriously as have our juvenile representatives such as Paul Ryan.

The real feeling of poverty is not having enough to give to others.  It is painful to be selfish for me, and I think most people.  Every single book by an author such as William Faulkner has a profound point to remember when experiencing the Human Condition.

He is a better writer than Ayn Rand.  In particular “Absolam, Absolam!” means that you have wasted your life if you spend it in the service of bad ideals.  It doesn’t even feel right to work at increasing selfishness.

Ironic to my pragmatism is the airport nation considering how in Rand’s story “Atlas Shrugged” everybody who is this Titan of Industry ends up out at the airport island with their TravelAir, Beech Staggerwing, or maybe Hughes Lockheed.

My ears were pricked up when I heard about how Betsy DeVois had started up a pilot training program for high schools students.  In Transcendia everyone will be encouraged to learn to fly, and it will be paid for by the Nation as in our national interest.   I come from the line as a ramp rat where I went to work because I wanted to fly.

It was said of the program to train young pilots that it was not scalable, and this isn’t true.  The people of the United States as a whole are being systematically denied the good that their Treasury can do for them.  “The States are going to have to learn to get along without help from the Treasury.” said Steven Minuchin.

Why is that?  In our faces has been the ease with which the Department of Defense can get all the dollars in the world for weapons & weapons systems that just cost a lot, while not demonstrably protecting our lands or our vital communications systems or advancing much of anything, or we’d not be so afraid.  I’d hazard to say we are afraid because we are lost.

Hubristic lying bank & investments Financial Engineers made up a bunch of toxic things to sell suckers, they could using fraudulent ratings, indicative of the sorts of things people who care only for themselves.  The Rand & selfish a philosophy jettisons integrity right quick if a dishonest unethical way to get away with the money this instant, can be engineered.

Billions we can’t count and will never see thrown our way more than a car loan or part of a house the bank lets us have as a penny on a dream they can decide time to substitute with a nightmare went to these real people at our expense because they were seen & certified as special, & smarter.   There is no question that these feudalists start with money.

We whose greatest times of security benefited when families were founded on the prospects that the GI Bill made real.  It is such a common story that there is no need at all for me to tell my story.

Look at the debt weighing down on people in their thirties now?  In what industries does that education pay?  Software engineering does give those so skilled a lot of freedom but we can’t even expect our government to protect the internet in the ways that give us nationally shared security.  That is to some great effect the fault of the NSA determined to sweep us so much information they have none.

If you are looking for gold you are not so likely to find it digging up all the sand on the beach.

Our Government helped people take our homes and raise our rents.  My friends with the greatest security and incomes still had to work years longer.

The man on the stage who told the most truth about what was and what could be was Senator Sanders.  He was advised by economists I found when I got far along in my economics studies.  He never said, “Modern Monetary Theory” and I cannot fathom why not.

He still had to say that the money for education could come from transaction taxes on Wall Street Trades.  I’m not against that, but there is a great deal of power possessed by our Sovereign Wealth, as well as even the unique status as the Reserve Currency for the world.

Essentially we do have all the money in the world.  We are not allowed by the parasites feeding upon our body to be wise about how the money we have meant for our well being and security wisely.

The Election of Trump is the Election of a hollow man brought to the top of the nation by those who believe in and use in a philosophy of selfishness and greed.  Trump is what an Ayn Rand hero looks like.  Melinia is his trophy.  There is no Howard Roark in this book.




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Scott Day as a musician & songwriter





The National Guard with the Mission of School Securitization


There is good thinking I do because I have my model.  For one thing I remember that the National Guard exists.  I can take the time to look up its mission and find that it works for the department of Public Safety.  There are 12,000 “soldiers”.  Soldiers are mainly meant to kill your enemies so calling the National Guard personnel “soldiers” is not accurate.  The military equipment they have is meant to be used to evacuate civilians from the harm of nature.  Otherwise they are called out to protect property when the people get angry.  When we become the threat to the peace they will kill us.  That is why they have machine guns.

I’d prefer to call the National Guard Disaster Aid & Civil Defense Force.

The National Guard is an institution we pay for already & all ready trained to kill people with guns.  For the protection of schools the use of this personnel, makes the most sense to me.  The most matured system for protecting territories like schools is the system applied to airports.  I think more of airport defense systems in countries like Denmark than I do of the TSA in the USA, but in the world there are systems for the defense of people at airports.  Those ought be adopted for the schools.

I’d suggest that for the units of men & women charged with the mission of defending the schools put to the job by the National Guard and the Department of Public Safety a unique uniform.  A uniform that makes the “soldiers” look smart & heroic is preferred.  Since the role of the National Guard is to preserve Pubic Safety uniforms of organized death machines detract from youthful perceptions of National Guardsmen as helpful or heroic.

I am aware that there are youths drawn to an image of themselves in uniforms.  Instead of wanting myself to wear a uniform that represented to me conformity, I developed my own uniform.  People who are carrying guns & have a mission to stop killers in schools need to be identifiable.  Teachers even who may be armed in the schools will inevitably be shot if they are not in a particular uniform.  As form follows function the function requires a uniform.

We in the United States insist on reinventing the wheel too often.  There is plenty of talk of Volunteer School Saviors.  That is their motive and I would about rather they be in it for the money since the whole thing is dangerous.  I am afraid of the George Zimmerman’s of the nation.  George Zimmerman was motivated to be a heroic murderer.  He was just a murderer far as I am concerned.  Inevitably there will be people like George Zimmerman attracted to becoming school guards.

When I was in High School there were always these undercover cops looking to arrest us for selling or smoking pot.  It is a phenomena of the US lifestyle policing that SRO officers, “School Resource Officers” now in our schools arresting students.  The socialization process for the civilizing of youth that is a facet of going to school and learning important skills is ruptured by the perceived mission of the School Resource Officer (Corp?).

To expect from children and adolescents adult behavior is stupid.

I told my daughter that she had a right to her secrets.  Everyone has a right to some secrets because otherwise they do not get an opportunity to be the person they really want to be.  We are prone to making the most mistakes when your are young & really don’t know better.  I pity those defined by their mistakes.

Parents & Teachers are often united in the perception of students as at school to become skilled AND socialized.

Yes, the “Bad Seed” exists.  The play “The Bad Seed” is about a little girl who likes to kill other kids and gets away with it because of the assumption of innocence afforded little girls.  I am hearing in my mind the Chevalier song “Thank God for little girls.”  She was just born bad.

The report from my friend who drove a cab in NYC, along with my own observations were that those who used crack as a pack of young boys were more vicious than juvenile delinquents of “Rebel Without A Cause” era gangs.  “Simple theives were always around robbing cab drivers of their cash, but once there was crack they would shoot you in the back of the head and then rob you.”

In the real world it had been unusual for cab drivers to be murdered.  After crack the story of the murder & robbery of a cab driver was so common the papers stopped reporting on it as that much of a newsworthy event.  There are the unsocialized and then there are the criminally insane, and then there are gangs and lone wolves.  What some people see as warnings others see as instructions.

It has become necessary in the United States that our schools be defended from mass murderers.  These young mass murderers are produced by aspects of our society, culture & desires.  I simply do not fully understand what motivates young mass murders.  Originally I believed that because in our society the most valuable thing to have is fame, and mass murderers become famous, that the motive was fame.

The hero?  There will always be those who see criminals as the heroes.  These people can get fast firing military style rifles.  If they lived in the outback of Australia they would go out and shoot kangaroos.  If they were American Boy Scouts they could shoot targets at the camp rifle range.  Young unsocialized isolated untalented youths with no potential for meritocratic fame in urban settings, urban environments, go out & shoot up people in our schools so often it is a public safety emergency.

I would also say that for the defense of the typical school you need to have enough defenders.  For the typical school I estimate a minimum of 5 to be the number.  Think of it as would a General when they man the lines of a front.  Not enough people, your soldiers on the line & the line can be broken and your army out flanked and encircled.

The saying in film was “It takes what it takes & costs what it costs.”

For now I’ll leave it at that.  When determining the fastest way to provide the personnel “Trained” I looked around and remembered the Bond, that Education Bond of North Carolina’s that was to pay for Educational Institution buildings & the National Guard.  We already pay them and train them and it wouldn’t hurt them to have a consistent job to do as opposed to waiting for disasters.  It wouldn’t hurt for them to have a day in and day out involvement in territories all over the state.  The more they are seen as heroes hanging around the more heroes will be made from those who do not have very good heroes.

So there.


P.S. I highly recommend the book “You Can’t Win” by Jack Black.  It is a story from a man who became a professional criminal, and why he became such a person.  Eventually the man did change & become an upstanding citizen, but it took a long time.

July 15,16,17 Class War Summer

The Day before the Main March that ends at the US Treasury Building on the 16th of July Party Supporters assembling in the mechanized core of the Party are to meet at the Airport Parking lots.  I want them to assemble at the FBO Parking lots because I want them to expose FBO Linemen to Transcendian modeling.

15 assemble & plan for main event at US Treasury Building on the 16th & then on the 17th determine what permanent territory has been taken for Party Staff Life in DC.  Start and end at the FBO Parking Lots.  Try for Offices & nearby living spaces at Airports around DC.

Try for a Gov. in Exile of the US that develops the proper Parliamentary System for the US.  Imagine me as the Westminster part of the Parliament.  I’ll die off.  I’m just trying to make it to the day I see the Transcendian Flag flying again over an airport of the nation from the conceptual work to the territorial reality.

Then I die.

Look at how bad it is but see again not all the world is aiming for the worst and have left government failures behind.

Transcendia, a nation in all nations is not the impossible threat of a Gov. of Govs. that is necessary eventually.  All Wars will be civil wars when it is a one world government with the world wide monopoly on the use of organized violence.

The Bomb Changed everything, and is the existential, existing, threat.  It must be dealt with.

Far as North Koreas I want the UN to be having the International Civil Aviation Organization wheedling at the DPRK to properly provide Notices to Airmen when they do legal launches.  The only real strength of the UN is its organizations.

So I have in mind an ideal bonding & educational experience.  I want the Party members to be looking for Permanent Territory in Washington DC where to leave those Party Members who will commit to staying as outpost in post with offices.  I want for Transcendia offices to support Transcendia Passport holders.

The nature of Transcendia has become a mature model with Domestic Modeling applicable to the United States & Foreign policies aimed at becoming a territorial reality.

As the leader founder of Transcendia I have made it possible for you to work backwards from where I started because where I ended is what we need to work from now.

We start at the economic & financial system for the US and adopt for Transcendia the currency system of a united Insurance & Treasury company and financial institution functioning as the Central Bank.

I see no need for a Fed in my new nation design.  At the core of the Transendian Wealth is its Human Capital as reflected in actuary tables.  All will have Whole Life Policies from birth and buy in.  Hence private wealth is created for the citizen of the public.  A partial share of the equity of all these policies will be used to create the dollars used for all transactions public and private on Transcendian airports for food clothing shelter fuel toys or what all sold and serviced by the Transcendia airports.

In an ironic way I am formulating nothing new as Aviation has within it always had the intelligence services Fronts.  It isn’t so much the military bases but the airplane fueling & servicing companies you need in a lot of places.

The nation has pragmatic imperatives to deal with meaning all citizens and transients must have true & accurate identity passports if always the security of the airport is as certain as of human systems possible.

The nation must be fenced not because we love fences but because we have only to sell to the world safety & civilization for all who are travelers or homebodies of their ports and the ports of others.

At the outer fence & gates are the bank arms, Currency Exchanges since fuel & services must be transacted in Transcendian dollars in the territories as part of the Financial System.

Prior to any of this I have to have airport offices for the support of those who have purchased Transcendian Passports.  I have imagined the guys of the line shacks I worked from fueling airliners.  I loved the airport environment.  Greatly civilized is it.  I want to spread this civilization all over the world.

You even have little news of failing airports do you.  Airport Authorities are the Executives to look at like Submarine Captains and crews.

The last thing I became was a “Creative Economist” and that is the first thing for you to become as a member of the Transcendia, Transcendian Nation & International Party.

My modeling for another nation besides the US since the US will not reform started with defense studies often of a military nature.  For the Defense of the Nation of airports physically I have put two fences around each airport.  it replicates the Napoleon siege tactics. strategy of one circle always looking inwards and one always looking outwards, or in fact both constantly aware and ready to defend the territory.

I’ve always been an artist.  The modeling of Transcendia became Conceptual Art. I have to make Politics fun at a basic degree where there is unity amongst young and old.  Since reading Nomad Land I have imagined the RVs & Campers of this segment of the nation converging on the FBO airports surrounding DC and coming to understand all together the world that the US could be because of its Treasury power.

It is a use it or lose it situation.  The strength of a fiat dollar, not even a petrodollar anymore, has to face it that it will not stay strong if it is not an admired nation.  We do not just need and want great nation paid for education for all citizens & universal Medicare health services because we are greedy or something but to change the competition for livelihoods from competing with the worst of nations for labor, but with the best.  The best are the Social Democracies, where their Corporations serve the citizens well being not the opposite.

The Cause of this March is Education Spending & Systems Design of the National Education System.  The US Treasury has the money to pay for a Nationally Standard per capita spending from preschool to university.  It is not debt that matters but what you spend money on.

In Transcendia the Treasury will pay for Flight Training and Betsy DeVos actually was involved in Flight Schooling but was told and came to believe it was not upscaleable, could not be scaled up.  This is her tragedy.  Whatever can be done to make her see where her theories go wrong would be a good thing for the mental landscape.

We can now expect cheaper flying machines to be 3 D printed and come in a box to be assembled anywhere & then flown by all able bodies pilots of the nation.  The Class War is about who gets to be a jet setter.  Essentially that is it, what it is about. There is a definite problem when our Defense Department will spend millions on training soldiers but in the citizenry ignorance is tolerated or even encouraged.

Think about the corny “Independence Day” movie where the world is saved by the crop-duster pilot who sacrifices themselves in flying into the Aliens Center ship.  In the present a pilot’s certification is an adult’s drivers license.

So I say assemble at Leesburg Executive Airport, JYO FBO (Fixed Base Operator) Parking lot at or by 2 PM July the 15th seeing yourselves as founders of the March Command posts.

Ronald Reagan National Airport DCA, Leesburg, JYO, Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall BWI, & Washington Dulles International Airport, IAD are the first landing points.  From 2 Pm take an inventory of Party Event Vehicles.  Mechanized Marcher Force for the Transcendia Party is what that and these people become.

This advanced group will plan to drive & walk and walk & drive from where they are at the Airport Parking lot the next day, to the US Treasury Building.  It is to each group to devise a plan for the achievement of location arrival for the Main Stage Event July 16 when Economists & Financial Engineers will explain how the money system works now.

Would be wonderful if from each point, the 4 Parking Lots 30 people aimed to converge.  We will have to use telephones as much as I love two way radios.  If Party members do have radios to go to Marchers and into the Vehicle Corp. that would be great.  Essentially the more communications the better.

Scouts will travel from Airport Parking lots to airport parking lots to find other Party groups assembled on the 15th.  The first job is for communications between the Party Groups at the 3 main & other smaller airports.

Use signs of Transcendia Party displayed in the FBO Parking lots to aid in assembly.

As soon as Assembled Main Speaker will always be thinking of food.  Movement & Food have to be determined in the hours left to the day.

I’ve narrowed down the things to do here.  I want to hear from my followers on Twitter who will participate & is already in DC.  Transcendian Russell Scott Day Russell S. Day has a message option.

P.S. None of this is financed.  My plan is to sell my work to finance this ambition of an airport nation moderating world economies & operating as according to International Laws and standards of Citizen’s Rights formulated over time by the UN.  Transcendia builds on precedents using eclectically “Best Practices” in governance. to find books I wrote.

CDs are spread out on Amazon.  Titles of my CDs are “I Phone Lifestyle”, “Can I Love the Masses”, “Trump Jam [Historic]”, & “Beatniks & Spiders” by Outdoor Cats.

My best CD is “I Phone Lifestyle” far as what a 13 to 24 year old will want to listen to with a friend in their room.  All the way through, like we used to do.  This is what they are made for while though “Trump Jam [Historic] is made for a Cocktail Party background play.  Really.  I made up the label “Intendor Tm”.  They are all on that label I made up. To Find The “Transcendia Passport” (manifesto) To be a real Transcendian buy a Passport.  The aim is to have the passport work with Airport Station Agents all over the world.  Failed so far to get Sir Richard Branson to help.

A review of my Twitter archives will help the newly conscious of Transcendia, & Russell Scott Day.

It is a serious situation we have in the US which is the replication of the Roman Empire with the same flaws in its banking system as for the Roman Civilization which canceled debt relieving write downs & write offs of unplayable debts.  It was called Jubilee.  We cannot have Corporations taking over through Economic Warfare whole nations since they do not care about the nation and suck it dry and enslave the people.


Solidifying Summer of Class War Marching Strategies

Assembling at the Washington DC Airports Parking lots initially appears to me as a good plan.

Pre March Communication Directors would meet on the 13th at scouted parking lots for Hyde Field Executive Airpark, Potomic Airfield, Freeway Airport, Washington Dulles International, Ronald Reagan National Airport, & Baltimore Washing International,

I imagine calling for the Class War March Communications Directors to meet in the airport parking lots at 1:30 PM on the 14th.  First order of business is to establish communications with all Communications Directors at the airports listed in the previous paragraph.

This is my Party, This is Transcendia, a party in my mind as well as a model nation of airports and my ambition is for Transcendia to have established its own Transcendia Passport offices.  My people are the Aviation Ground Services people who work for the FBOs of our national and international airports.  Permanent Party Officers are to be found.

My Marchers are going to move in groups towards DC temporary and permanent destinations.  The majority of Class War Marchers will return to their homes after the Class War Marchers Educational Events & speeches while a core will be left to work permanently as representatives of the Transcendia Party in DC.

Our Cause for America is Education Spending this Summer.  Our work will be to generate a national plan for a National Education System and the money to have come out of our US Treasury for it.  We will generate a complete National Education Bill to give to all Representatives expected to continue in office or working to be elected to office.

We will have primary destinations & secondary destinations.  I want us to end up on the 17th at the US Treasury Building, or so close that it is the camera background.  What we want to do is present to ourselves and our representatives plans for our money.

Again it has become obvious that too many Americans are badly educated, a root reason for the decay of our democracy, the nation as a whole, so it is this that will be our cause as Transcendians or whatever those working with us want to call themselves.

As the Transcendian Founder & Leader I need to raise money to be in DC for the period spanning the 13th of July through to the 17th of July.

If you want to assure that buy my books at or look for my CDs that appear all over the place on Amazon. for my most accessible of works, the CD “I Phone Lifestyle”.

P.S.  I repeat I want to end up with party offices at DC airports. The way it is working out Transcendia is to have a Party that is domestic & national & Internationally the same in all nations possible.  I’ll be making calls to FBOs and giving the numbers on what that would take financially, and how much has to be raised to do such a thing.


Spring & Summer Class War Campaign Notes

Class War Notes are about Tactics & Strategies for the peoples retaking of the US Gov. & or establishing Permanent Gov. in Exile.

RVs & Sound Trucks are Mobile Destinations for gatherings of people who are committed to the Counter Revolution in agreement that the Revolution is Oligarchic Unity of Russian Oligarchs & American Oligarchs.

As said in prior posting Spring & Summer are the war season.  It is the class war we are in.  The Trump Administration has to be stopped.  It is a Bad Faith Presidency and Administration.

Taking territory and holding it is the aim.  RVs for our purposes are equivalent to Tanks.  They are mobile destinations, leading & support vehicles for necessary marches.  On the day we will call for them to assemble at parking lots of Airports & Parks.

Green areas represent assembly places for the “Army of the Counter Revolution in the Class War of the Trump Years”  Notable places to have Scouted are Mount Olnet Cemetery:

National Air & Space Museum/

Navy Yard/West Potomac Park

Montrose Park

Armed Forces Retirement Home

Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Layfayette Square, Pershing Park,

Department of the Treasury

Rawlins Park

Washington Monument Lincoln Memorial

John F Kennedy for the Performing Arts.

US Department of State

The Marches & Entertainments & Speeches have Start dates to be determined starting in May, June & July with special attention to Legislative Sessions & the end of Government operations listed as July 16th.  Post that date we are to make efforts to occupy our Government offices.

There are two KOAs:  Capitol KOA & Fredericksburg, Va. KOA.  These represent RV or even Tent positions for Counter Revolutionary Staff.

Also there are Hotels & Motels, such as Hilton Garden Inn.

Airports have parking lots which represent destinations for cars, trucks & RVs.  Hyde Field Washington Executive Airpark, Potomac Airfield VKX,  Freeway Airport are important positions to scout for as assembly and operational command posts.

All of the DC Airports represent territory to be used as they work naturally and with our additional purposes.  All outlying positions and what they can sustain and accommodate must be scouted by Location Managers using Counter Revolution Class War Campaign Checklists.

Washington Dulles International Airport, IAD

Up pops Extended Stay America North of Centerville. 703-263-3361.  Possibly this would be the main Command and Control Center.

Leesburg Executive Airport JYO.

Ronald Reagan National Airport DCA

Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall BWI.

Montgomery County Airpark GAI

Fort Washington Prince Williams Forest Park.

Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens.

American History Museum & Hot Dog Stand.

IRS Building

Woodrow Wilson Internations Center for Scholars

White House Visitor Center.

Let us pick an office living space that could be permanently under our territorial control.  One Command & Control Center in the outer perimeter behind the action with contacts for forward controls.

Breakfast lunch & Dinner, First Day Big Dinners from the First Day in the Evening, A large Dinner at the Primary Command & Control Center along with four Quadrant secondary positions having their Opening Dinners & Stage Events linked by Screen Streams of all back and forth on screens or however necessary and fun.

Main Question Is How to Spend our Money that is ours in our pockets or ours in our Treasury.  The Class War Budget will make appropriations for Defense of the Nation & its Territories, & Education First.

Education first after Defense.

Defense of the innocents and those who cannot defend themselves is to be determined first.  After that come the grown ups.

My modeling of Education means per capita for all at the rates known as Best Practices.  Transcendians all will have access to pilot training.  From pilot studenting , ie Learning, I am aware more fully of the effectiveness of Peer to Peer learning and teaching.  I taught some children to read when I was younger and have remembered that when reflecting on how I learned to fly.  I believe in a book of tests for Certifications in all necessary things.  The educational component of the work of PoliticaL SCIENCE Best Practices Artistry and the Border and Borderless Imperatives of a Utopian society of good fair ethical laws eliminating all Victimless Crimes and lifestyle policing of the damaged patriots will be the Dinner Topic and subject of the Post Dinner Address by me, or and the rest of the Command Post Captains.

Defense & Education are the only legitimate functions of the nation.   This exercise runs off of the extreme modeling necessary for the Airport Nation.  America was the nation of the anarchists.  Being left alone was the aim of the anarchists of America out there on the Frontiers fighting for land and fighting Indians because they are there.

The Indians are the aliens to be our future made up holographic green creatures with big brains.  Dick Gregory was right Americans are forever looking for Indians to kill and take their land.  Oh no we’re not here to take your land!  We’re just here as tourists, and we like golf a lot.  Like the note said, we want your gravel.

I’m referencing a short story in the New Yorker, in the spirit of a Donald Barthamilie Barththome Bartheme ?  In my mind it is Bart Thal ah Me.  but it was alien messages to earth before they were to get here in about 30 short years.  We will eventually have warp drive.  I as Founder of Transcendia will hire or simply direct the Engineering Department to make a Warp Drive Multi Universe Ship.

I have contributed by stating that the thing demarcating one universe from another is different general speeds for light affecting then the periodic tables with multiple Big Bangs at the squeeze twist points where all waves go all tornado like into a swirl creating the true voids.  In the Balloon Cosmology it is the Hotdog Balloon model to work your physics mind around.

Not the round all by itself Balloon.  That only works for one universe.

Nothing in human systems is perfect without belief in it.  It is the spirit of the system that is more important.   Let us look now at the Institutions of the Government we have for the territory we truly control, & that being the US Treasury.  We will start there with how much and for what school systems the money will go to.  This is the system we can give to Washington DC from the grounds, steps of the US Treasury.

So then if we can get together around 4 RVs that meet at an airport disperse from there to arrange for march to the steps of the Treasury and read what we want out of it for the National Educational System.  All the currency we need is in that building.  Debt to ourselves ends up in our pockets as money when we convert it to metal coins we can make into knives or cartridges.  It is all a big art.

Big Political Artistry.  Best Practices!  Gov. in Exile.  Marches will be limited to 3 miles at a time.  Command structure street leaders will all have walkie talkies or phone tree reporting to command centers.  Aim is to advance upon the center of DC and all its Institution Buildings.  Our Counter revolution will establish permanent offices for its Government in Exile which recognizes undo control of the Government by the Rich engaged in their attacks on us.

It is necessary for us to tell the Treasury how to spend money on Education because that is the flaw in the current government, the place where it has most let us down.  It is not working to have so much ignorance caused by State control of education.

We must have established Industrial Service Banking in our Post Offices which is our real federal everywhere territory.  It is part of their mandate to serve us.  Money orders were the evidence of the Post office recognition of its place in the financial system and that best practice is to be made more real in utility banking.

Industrial Service Banking must fund business methods without any but insurance on principals capitalization.  We must have it as it is recognized by the government in IN-Q-TEL that so far is oblique in its operations and benefits to us.

The precedent for more advance systems for indigenous industry is illustrated there.

But Education under Besty DeVois with its emphasis on gouging the citizen with privatization undercutting whatever good existed in her has to go.  Her pilot training is a great instinct but said to be unscalable.  Transcendia as a nation will pay for any citizens pilot training and even encourage all citizens to have pilot certifications from Transcendia every day.  It will go into the Transcendian regular expenses.  The National FBOs of the Airport nation will require profits on sales to pay for insurance for all & education for all, even so much as Boy Scout Camps and independence training early, early in a persons move from unsocialized barbaric beast to gentleman and lady in classical character terms of habitual ethical behaviors.

Your Parents Teach you what they know and parents are required to teach what they know in our schools.  Teachers teach what parents don’t know how to teach.  Forget about spirituality and religion in public schools and know all we care about is ethical behaviors which contribute to what we call character.

Okay, I’m planning for my nation Transcendia which is spawned, by the civilization I was brought up to aspire to.  I contribute a Party as part of my work of political art as I write now because I was rejected and quite the Democratic Party.   I am aware that there is a Party structure that is real of the Democratic party and I have nothing.

That is a good place for me to end this post.

“I Phone Lifestyle” is my record cd album latest you ought buy. to buy my books and thereby advance my effectiveness.  I liked my rocket program of the message rockets but it did teach me that that is advanced as a pro active civil demonstration.  Marching is simpler.  Still if we are message rocket equipped for the July 15, 16, & 17th Campaign of Class War with feeding & territory control taken care of maybe we could get in some launches.  Russell Scott Day on Face Book.  Transcendian on Twitter.