Update/Late Letter

As for my pivot to the UN I have continued to send notes to Nikki Haley & Francois Delatte.  The United Nations needs to be doing the work to protect civilians in war zones.  The slaughter of civilians in other parts of the world contributes to my fear that it could easily happen to me and my family where I am.

My plan was to make a movie and buy an airport, or really an airport lease, put up the flag, run it all on great old precedents like Maritime Law, and then up to into the ’76 Covenant on Civil & Political Rights.  I want to make Labor get paid right on my airports at the least.

I was disgusted by people in Wilmington who got people to show up to be extras in movies for free.  I like to pay people and it contributed to my business failure in NYC that I didn’t take more of a cut from the Labor I hired.

The fact is that I am isolated and not nearly as strong as I need to be.

There is hope I will get enough help to get into the City & do a speech at Dag Hammerskold Plaza.  The UN has to be made stronger.  I learned from Andre` what has to be done.  It isn’t happening.  I had better make a personal appearance.  To do so I have to be sick in the mornings alone in a hotel room before I appear.

Far as it is about Trump days, they are Civil War times of ignorance and meanness.  A lot of it is connected to MBA learned business practices which boil down to not paying labor.  Some new bill in the GOP/CSA avalanche of mean bills is Financial Modernization, or like that that gives employers more power to not pay labor.  Comp days were accrued in airlines for overtime and this new thing is like that only worse for time pushes back & means essentially you are less likely to get paid ever for overtime either in comp days or the overtime pay money.

Labor cannot keep up.  Overall in the world it can’t compete with the jet setters.  They can move money and work around whereas labor is trapped by all sorts of disadvantages.  I can’t become Dutch because I can’t speak the language.  I don’t have 100 thousand dollars to pay to become Canadian.  It is doubtful my own created Transcendian passport will be honored because the nation has no army.

Transcendia is a great model nation.  My currency overcomes the flaw of communism.  I’m great.  Really.  Great job.  Took me over 40 years to get the whole thing assembled, but I did it.  Buy my book Poor Buzz will yah.  I need at least 3 grand to do the trip and do the performance.

I found out there is some more of a problem with my heart.


Trump fired Comey.  Now who might arrest him for his crimes?  Who in Counter Intelligence is fearful for their life because they have evidence of his crimes.  He sure put it in our faces meeting the day after firing the one expected to arrest his campaign operatives that arranged for open season on the Clinton Unit.   Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the other side of the line helped surround the honest working people of the nation.  The Clinton Unit was all in with neoliberal free trade policies that have made US labor fearful & poor.  The Wall will do more to Trap Americans than keep others out.  Too bad Mexico is more corrupt than the US.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a world currency that all of international labor would demand to be paid with.  Certainly a hard thing to create, but the modeling is worth the thinking.

amazon.com/author/transcendian I’ve read enough books to know the ones I published are worth the money.  The Passport is of great artistic success & eventual utility if not immediate if pilots & station agents learn to support it.  Price went up to what was paid by those at my great art show & Transcendia Event at Alexander-heath.com in Roanoke last Sept. 2 2016.  Ask Ed there to sell you a painting or commission a blow up of a photograph I made.



Two Worlds Labor & the Deed Owners

Bhudda? is that it?

Ear flaps

When Labor is in the majority why can’t it unite to get a fair world?

The System is a creation of elites & the rich.  The Elites are either effectively rich having access to the wealth of others in aggregate, or just rich as a result of inheritance & the ability to collect deeds when debt sold as wealth turns on the buyers of debt.

Rich Nations & their systems dominate poor nations and their systems.  There is one big system of stock traders, gamblers known as speculators and Finance bankers able to bamboozle poor national leaders into borrowing.

How can we unite labor against the power of a system long established to determine who gets to work, for what, when, and where?

My own view is that the technology is available to help labor work it out.  You have from Google telephone translations programs that will instantaneously translate from one language to the other.  This means where there are Unions and Business Agents they can talk to each other same as the Captains Of Industry, those Masters of the Universe.

They do say in AA that if you want what someone has you do what they do.

I have no memory of seeing a TV show where the cameramen turned the cameras on each other and talked about what they get from their union membership.  I’ve wanted to see that.

Lots of times labor has a tongue tied problem.

Sometimes they are afraid.

Really, we of Labor need to learn to write contracts to ourselves.

You have people who need to be told what to do, and you have people that have ideas and vision even rough and raw knowing what they know from experience, and from nothing else.

Labor suffers from holes in their educations.  I know I accomplished understandings over 40 years on my own that maybe I might have accomplished in 10 if I hadn’t been busy trying to make a living.

Labor in the US was spent by neoliberals to make themselves look good & feel good.  Generous with us they have been.  Generous with our lives.  They had plenty and could afford to give a lot away.  Less and less could we even keep up and give our families Christmas presents.

There was the debt trap.

If you are labor you can’t really avoid the debt begging trap.  You don’t get paid enough to live so you must beg borrow or steal.

Labor must create then its own Industrial Service Banks.   Labor leaders must talk with each other and move their members around to where they will have work.

Hence I made the Transcendia Passport that labor as station agents at the airports, pilots will recognize in order that people can move same as corporations and their people move around themselves & their money.

The Insurodollar concept is perfect, since every one of us has value that an insurance company knows from its actuary tables.  The more you know, the more certifications you have, the more your life is worth.

Make our own Insurance Company Treasury from the value of our lives & educate and certify each other and we can move each other forward.

More later.  More later. Details.


Racism, Weeds, Flowers

Photo on 3-5-13 at 4.08 PM 2I was changing the work situation.  Farr Associates Leadership Workshop was all set up and I got the messages all around and went far down till I was living in the motel across from the Greensboro Historical Museum.   The credits say who I was with.  I spent another week on the motel room to finish the video film I made that ended up titled Contractors Creed.  It’s in the lineup of Transcendian on youtube.  I’ve not done a show yet today.  It’s way back towards the beginning.  The cut is fine.  It works a lot like The Wild Palms.  Nobody who knows me likes it.  They turn their head.  It’s fucking videotape, a waste of time.  All I had.

The breaking point was when I found a place for 375 a month and I knew I could hold it up.  The stagehand jobs were ridiculous in that the tours were getting a fantastic deal on the labor, union labor, good labor.  I think I tied in people like Prince for 15 dollars an hour after 8, maybe ten.  It never seemed enough by the time I paid single mans taxes and the union got their little bit of 3 percent.  Nothing was doing anything for my card.  It was another local, another line of work.

The producers coming down out of Washington, from NY, from anywhere, as headed South, all of them laughing up their sleeves.

The little man in his little grey suit looked me up on line and refused to rent to me.   I had to go.  I’d met these people through the girl I was chasing.   I started painting houses.  They used my bank account to float for things.  I lost count, of it.  Painter culture.  Ended up in motels.  They drank heavy.  Heavier than I ever thought about.  I’d had a girl did real crazy things.  Hail cabs when I told her we didn’t have money.  Nearly got me arrested.  Showed up later.  You can’t live like that long or things get really bad.

You can see the tape.

There is another part.

I was in the hotel.  Back then I had a semi automatic .22 long rifle Smith an Wesson.  Fun to shoot.  Really these guns, they are all too big.  You can’t hide them.  Carry them in a holster people see them.   They get riled up.

I went to a motel bar.   I can’t remember it.  The name of it.  One of those places.  So I met this black girl and she invites me to go with her to a Black club in the Black part of town and I go.  Think we take a cab.  Yeah we take a cab.  I’ve been to places.  I went up with the girls and we saw Shaft in the balcony South Side of Chicago.  All Black.  Dawn said I was Blacker than most black guys.  She was in the class.  Sex crazed she got during the time we were in class.   They were teaching us to be writers.  Scholarship.    I was disadvantaged.   Broken home and  all that.

It was a big deal with my dad, my family, my mother, Civil Rights.  Poor Black Lady came to our door and asked to use the bathroom.  They knew we were alright.  The whole town knew.  Mom made a big scene registering to vote about the goddamned Literacy Tests, since it was still Jim Crow in 1962.

Dad, Dad ended up teaching at A&T, and Winston Salem State.  The humiliations he went through trying to save his marriage.  I got pencil written letters.  He loved me.  He loved us.  Four kids.  Mom said he was “Having affairs with men.”   Bob was around a lot.  There were was a young guy.  Told me I’d like poetry later.  I was listening to Jim Morrison by then.   13.  Morrison was a poet.   Bob Dylan was a poet.

We lived in a fine house.  It’s made ugly now like the University sucked all the beauty out of the town.  Elon, it’s beautiful now.  I went there to work on He Got Game.  Black people turned out to hate gays, guys on the down low.   Dad.  Combat soldier in the last gasps of the war in France, Germany.  Combat medal.  That thing with the musket.  I never knew till I had it on my jacket and a Union guy called me out on it.  Don’t wear it unless you earned it.   Taught me something.

Blacks and gays are outcasts. Dissidents.  Dissidents like me.  Outcast.  When I wasn’t available for a girl I did it sometime.  Fuck it.  Nobody wants you if you need it.  I saw a prostitute twice.  I needed it.  Men need it.  Something, that’s what porno’s for lots of the time.  I love a strip club.  Some people stuck with it.  Free love.  It’s too much.  You are alone.   I had a girl was a sport fucker.   Liberated.  It’s hard to handle.  Don’t think somebody is your soulmate so much.  Just ’cause you think so, they don’t.

Nearly killed myself.   Stupid.

So we get to the Club and this woman doesn’t have any ID.  They won’t let her in the club.  Stupid.  I don’t need it.  I let her go off in another car with friends of hers.  I started walking back to the motel.   I hinched up into the dark on the RR Tracks.  I’m on a Black side of Town.  I’m white.  I’d about got robbed and beaten on the wrong in of Court Street off Flatbush one night.  Was going to a party.  Had a late train after the party.   Zig Zagged back and forth when the gangs of 4, three, were walking towards me.  I didn’t want to take any chances.  End  of the two blocks a guy with an umbrella starts running after me.   I hail a Gypsy cab.  Yelling.  I had money.  Tipped him big.

“Don’t leave till I’m in the door.”

I had to cut over to the sidewalk.  I was near the motel.  I’d been wearing like dress shoes.  They weren’t good for running.  They weren’t good for walking either.

Some foot falls are coming up fast behind me.  I turn around and this Black guy is near on me.   He was going to bowl me over.   You don’t know what will happen to you when you go down on concrete.

“Hey, what you doing!”

“Nothing.   I’m not do’in nothing.  I’m not doing nothing.”

“Hey you were running up on me from behind.”

“Fuck you.”

I keep backing up.  I’m looking in the traffic.  I’m looking for a cab.  I’m looking for anything.   The guy is hinching around.  “Get away from me.”

He starts to come at me.  I go into the road.  There is traffic.  He’s backed off.  Tall skinny guy.  Wearing basketball shorts.  Tee shirt.

“I’m going to shoot you motherfucker.”

I got him on the other side of the road now.  I guess he chased me and got on the other side of the lane.  I’m looking at him.  Has he got a gun for real?   Mines locked in the motel room.  I’m looking at him.  Cab comes.  I get in front of it.  Dive in.  Cab driver.   “You got money?”

“Yeah, I got money, get me out of here.”

These women pushed Bernie Sanders off the stage screaming “Black Lives Matter.”   Makes me think of it all.  There is plenty of racism, and stupid people Black and White, White and Black.  They grow like grass.  Weeds choke out the flowers.