Two Worlds Labor & the Deed Owners

Bhudda? is that it?

Ear flaps

When Labor is in the majority why can’t it unite to get a fair world?

The System is a creation of elites & the rich.  The Elites are either effectively rich having access to the wealth of others in aggregate, or just rich as a result of inheritance & the ability to collect deeds when debt sold as wealth turns on the buyers of debt.

Rich Nations & their systems dominate poor nations and their systems.  There is one big system of stock traders, gamblers known as speculators and Finance bankers able to bamboozle poor national leaders into borrowing.

How can we unite labor against the power of a system long established to determine who gets to work, for what, when, and where?

My own view is that the technology is available to help labor work it out.  You have from Google telephone translations programs that will instantaneously translate from one language to the other.  This means where there are Unions and Business Agents they can talk to each other same as the Captains Of Industry, those Masters of the Universe.

They do say in AA that if you want what someone has you do what they do.

I have no memory of seeing a TV show where the cameramen turned the cameras on each other and talked about what they get from their union membership.  I’ve wanted to see that.

Lots of times labor has a tongue tied problem.

Sometimes they are afraid.

Really, we of Labor need to learn to write contracts to ourselves.

You have people who need to be told what to do, and you have people that have ideas and vision even rough and raw knowing what they know from experience, and from nothing else.

Labor suffers from holes in their educations.  I know I accomplished understandings over 40 years on my own that maybe I might have accomplished in 10 if I hadn’t been busy trying to make a living.

Labor in the US was spent by neoliberals to make themselves look good & feel good.  Generous with us they have been.  Generous with our lives.  They had plenty and could afford to give a lot away.  Less and less could we even keep up and give our families Christmas presents.

There was the debt trap.

If you are labor you can’t really avoid the debt begging trap.  You don’t get paid enough to live so you must beg borrow or steal.

Labor must create then its own Industrial Service Banks.   Labor leaders must talk with each other and move their members around to where they will have work.

Hence I made the Transcendia Passport that labor as station agents at the airports, pilots will recognize in order that people can move same as corporations and their people move around themselves & their money.

The Insurodollar concept is perfect, since every one of us has value that an insurance company knows from its actuary tables.  The more you know, the more certifications you have, the more your life is worth.

Make our own Insurance Company Treasury from the value of our lives & educate and certify each other and we can move each other forward.

More later.  More later. Details.