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from trip to C/21 museum and hotel

It pisses me off that I can’t properly run for US Senate, which really means I wasn’t taken seriously and given any support that in fact has nothing to do with money or my rolodex.

I just need a flatbed truck for a stage, like a stake back to go around the state from which to be Outdoor Cat from Transcendia talking with my guitar I made, if you can really call it that, which is possible. I can go to the TV station’s buildings and plug in somewhere to run my amp and sing and speech right there where it would be easy to be filmed.

If I dressed up and wore my uniform and my gun and sword I’d really get press, or get shot. You wear the thing on your hip and it is an incitement, though the sword and the uniform would help stave that off. I may have to go it all alone. Getting people to help me isn’t at all easy.

This is the reason for a Party that ostensibly knows it must work with others to affect change, or go retrograde into the dark ages like what is going on in Not Conscious.

Being nether conservative or liberal nor even “Middle of the Fucking Road” my supporters must simply think for themselves when I say what I support. The State level elections are all gerrymanded, so if I run for a Federal office and actually was to get on the ballot, then that is overcome by voters who know about me and my policies.

The policies are an end to the Prohibition of Pot Federally and Recreationally and Medically across the board: Period. It is a sick hold over from the oppressions of the J.Edgar Hoover FBI days of Beatnik Commie Pinko hatred codified into the laws of the land and making it possible for those who want to push the different, Blacks, Whites, dissidents around.

They used to call them, us, non conformists. Now they call them us still “hippies”. Though in my case and for people such as I, it is old hippies, which as an identification certainly besmirches ones past to a good number of people.

But you know rednecks have been smoking pot for a long time now. They got the pistols and they got the rifles and they got the 3/4 ton pickups with a trailer hook on the back and even a rifle rack for a couple of them sometimes, shot gun is the best thing all around for it all.

When I was moving out after all the messages that I was wanted out along with the insults. Nobody but Nell and this other woman that was roaring drunk pretty in her “My little “Trailer”!” and hung gauze on the posts of the deck and all of that theater. She and Nell thought it was fine an man live with his mom.

When you are poor you want a good place. You want a place you can hang onto. It has to be safe or you get driven out soon enough. Last straw was the 375 micro studio on Mendenhall in Greensboro, better to be called Green City since nobody takes Boros seriously, and the little mean suited man says he wouldn’t rent it to me because of my credit report, which while is not superior I hear on the Tv of much worse. Where do people live?

Girl in the bar told me of the place we have lived in for 10 years? 5 years out of my marriage I have been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes and to top it off broke my left leg all to hell in February. Sucks. Reading with the Reading for the Special Service of the marriage at St. Matthews was Time of Decrease and I had to put a good face on it from the Pulpit.

They didn’t respond to my requests for more of the Special Services. I drifted away from church. Poor teenagers in Hillsbourgh seemed tortured. There had just been a murder between church members I think. It was a bad feeling time for them out there. Starting to know the Commissioners and situations Hillsborough is rough with even the well dressed thinker Episcopalians.

I tried to get on with Michael Malone who was writing Tv and gave him a copy of Jet Beach, probably too racy for his and his wives mind. I was maybe new and am constantly desperate to pay and make something good as Hitler made bad before I die and that is a hell of a goal.

Being aware of the news and intelligence from either IHS or naked capitalism, it is certain that I am behind the power curve and need a great number of follows for an international PARTY of Transcendia. I think I kept thinking of a necessity of an army as defining. Everybody who is a Transcendian is supposed to be trusted with weapons to defend the nation. A monopoly on violence still stands. The weapons are to defend the nation is to be clear as it is on any airport that the fuelers and everyone is to be some focused aware and willing to defend the transit innocent traveler. Especially like your older mother who we hear complain.

I guarantee you that if I even just drove the car out there to the TV Stations and ran my electric cord out and play and speak. It is frightening and depressing to imagine doing it from the start entirely alone. I need guards. I am talking about making some noise. Rock and roll hippie what all guitar and my way of talking will work traveling to all of them, and just using the hordes of television. Like I want teenagers and college students to film and I don’t know who in my band, the Outdoor Cats.

“Progress through fun!”

The Transcendian Message Rocket Program as an act of a strong nation pro-active “Civil” Demonstration went very well. That was when Brownies was going perfect as a bar before I had to stop drinking for awhile from so much Harp and the beating and all the business going out of town for the producers lock out and I was diversified for in front or behind the camera, but that is all in the same business.

So if running there is a point to make that I am a Librarian of Work. I have insights into pain. It is the spiritual struggle for the material necessities, and this nation and all the world are in turmoil with some having itchy trigger fingers for their nukes.

Separating Drug Smugglers from Weapons Smugglers happens right away if they are legalized. Coke is a dangerous drug. You smoke some hash oil you get high without the side effect. Hash oil would prevent my spasms. I am a spastic without Tazanadine.

The point of the port airport nation of Transcendia is sociologically sound for ports are inherently tolerant. Spreading tolerance and good business practices from the port network would moderate world economies.

Using the Insurodollar then happens too. The Insurodollar put into the system will compete with the Petrodollar which having its Petrodollar Imperative will destroy Environmentalists intentions. Too much power.

Love, Make music of your own.

All Transcendia TM Party and Nation & Company and Art Now

I can lose on my own by myself. In Travels With Charley by Steinbeck he tells a story about getting the car stuck that taught him not to waste time trying to do something that wasn’t possible.

It is impossible to work with the Democratic Party to win. When I presented the resolution to advance the Insurodollar as an alternative to the Petrodollar, the people in the Executive Committee did understand it, but thinking for themselves to approve the resolution was impossible.

I was asked to give them more of an authority from some academic they would respect more than me. If I don’t count for much far as they are concerned, screw it, I know what I’m talking about. The Petrodollar is wobbling.

The death of the French President of Francois Hollande Lukoil Christophe de Margerie, in my mind as Total had all the earmarks of a political assassination. That plane, the Dassault Falcon 50 is about the safest in the world having a thrust to weight ratio that will allow it, a three engined business jet to take off like a rocket if it wants. The only other fatal crash of a plane of that sort was a political assassination in Africa where it was shot down. It would be more proper to say “They were shot down.” Since people were killed.

The death of Christophe de Margerie came three months after he had said that there was no longer any good reason for transactions for oil to be done exclusively in US dollars, which are Petrodollars by definition. The currency was invented by Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon.

If you really want to know how to read between the lines when reading news reports, the best primer I know of is The Bourne Identity, which I think now is by Fredrick Forsyth, though it could be by Ludlum. My most published story “In this Medium Town” is a spy story. I was put on the trail of espionage tactics due to my work contributing to the Canadian Inspector Gadget Show. I did detective work recovering stolen property to get my flight lessons through solo.

Sure enough professionals do not leave witnesses or evidence. You follow the motive and the opportunity. It is not a small thing that de Margerie was challenging the Petrodollar. The Petrodollar was invented specifically to deny France gold. It is no wonder a Frenchman with great power over fossil fuel distribution and the currency used might work a bit at pushing up the prestige of the Franc, oh, sorry, Euro.

The way the story read it looked to have been written before Christophe de Margerie was dead. Evidence is everything. I cannot say for sure. Looked like a thermite bomb burning at the wing root at takeoff did the work of killing a man who was undermining the Petrodollar. I imagine there are some Cold War warriors stationed in Moscow who took care of it. There was some sloppiness to the story. The truck the plane hit was one thing then another, and the driver wasn’t supposed to live from the looks of it.

This is politics. War never ends at all for spies and mobsters, now all the same for a long time with all the off book money from drug running and aviation ground services. Page Avjet was definitely CIA MI6, or whatever the British Military Intelligence number is. There was a cooperative set up between the US CIA and British Military Intelligence as the last thing Wild Bill Donavan did.

The ownership of Page disappeared into Malaysia, perfectly situated to keep tabs on Indochina. That President Obama got on Air Force One to go and deliver condolences to those in Malaysia when that airliner went missing meant there was a need for some face to face intelligence briefings. The FSB and the GRU are at war with the USA and the UK. Wars since WWI have been over access to oil.

The way American Airlines moved into Haiti looked like CIA now to me. I’d not surprised if American Airlines was CIA now. Still it is selling the aviation fuel where the money can be better hid, especially in cooperation with the UK because of the oblique banking that keeps the Cook and Cayman Islands rolling in cash. Since my study of the JFK murder I have suspicions that US Presidents are not fully in control of their intelligence services, that were started with separate agendas of their own from the get go.

The sun shines everywhere. It is a threat to the business. The sun is harder to control. With the gutting of tax credits and retention of the so called Renewables Targets, all goes to Duke Power and Tesla. The Tesla Powerwall will need experienced installers and electricians. Apodoca or another of the Not Conscious C.S.A. will do all possible to protect their own, and their own are not at all the Not Conscious small businesses they tout as the real job creators.

Keeping North Carolinians desperate and ignorant with a 25 percent poverty rate working or not is no accident. The C.S.A. resents still the freedom of slave labor. Convenient for the University System they are by law prohibited from paying the working classes any more than comparable private industry pays. No ethical leadership allowed from what is the employment hegemon in all the University towns and cities. What is called private industry has not raised wages for many of the jobs I’ve had in 30 or 40 years. Only the raising of the government mandated minimum wage has kept private industry from paying what they paid in 1982.

The US government New Deal programs like Social Security get a break in all the C.S.A. States since the dole, that given to those washed out of the employment numbers through age or disability get a fixed income determined by what they made when working. There is not a single former C.S.A. State in which a worker gets more than in the Northern USA States. MBAs are simply taught to do everything in their power not to pay labor.

Dividing the working classes with religious policies, or along racial divides works well. The history of redress by the working classes in the auto industry, and in the coal mines required violence. That it requires violence now may be too obvious and any sane person understands that to win there is blood spilt from which they shy if they can get by.

You young people from Not Conscious will go looking for work where it pays, and helps pay off those bigger loans you took on thinking Dad or Mom must have done it, and they are paying for you. Up North you will find the reputation of where you come from makes you look stupid, and less desirable to HR. UNC-CH committed fraud and is on the edge as far as its accreditation is concerned. It will follow you. It is meaningful.

My Union Local 491 Motion Picture card was worth less than the one you buy in NY for Local 1 or Local 52.

I know what I am talking about. “My Past Is Your Future.” There is the Freelancers Union based in Brooklyn started by the MacArthur Grant recipient Sarah Horowitz. To get the right priced ACA insurance I had to get my wife to get it from there. Here in Not Conscious she kept getting quotes the same as she got before the ACA was put in place.

You know people lie to get what they want. The company you work for most of the time will say over and over that they are losing money and would like to pay you more, but simply can’t.

Billy Graham taught all everybody that it was tantamount to a sin against God to harbor suspicions that your employer wasn’t fair with you. I mean come to Jesus? They will tell you Jesus was a great political orator for the Sermon on the Mount. It works as a secular and ethical speech if not inspired by God. I myself would be a stone cold atheist were it not for how the Bible readings by their spiritual seasons, and the I Ching work together. People learned to write and wrote two books better at living as books than ever before and since. All of the others like that Book of Mormon, or the Koran, are just aping on them for the love of power that some dictators had.

You can think for yourself and as a walking body you represent money to all these entities preying on your honest good nature, or even that mean streak that wants to assert your value, and your values. Face it, if an abortion in fact could be characterized as a murder, it is still a woman’s unique right and decision to carry it out if she judges it to be the best thing all around. We tolerate murder as self defense. We accept murder on the battlefield. There are unpleasant decisions people have a right to make about their private lives. Let it go.

But long and short of all I got to say is that I am totally Transcendia and Transcendian and my policies are to support and fund the Engineers, and get energy captured and get pot legalized and get people paid a living wage and get the highway in NC, Not Conscious paid for out of the highway taxes not a loan as a bond, and eliminate 25 percent poverty in NC, Not Conscious.

I am going to have to claim TV Land territory, and I will go to their hideouts and yell and play my guitar, for I can wear a big hat and I can be the man for the Red Necks who want to see a strongman, a winner. I will be the Rat Rider, The Outdoor Cat. I still have bills left over from when I was strong. Just another old sick white man, perfect for the US Senate. And do you really want to pay Burr or Tillis, or me? I’m like you, only different.

This and That Show, Balance


from trip to C/21 museum and hotel


I cannot afford to think but so much and believe it is not so much that one always makes the right decision, but that one can make it. Meaning make the decision.
For the artist the frame provides hope of perfection. It has to do with the fact of the limits. Because the frame is limited I may create a perfection in that frame.
Of course then you, having a finite life have the prospect of a perfect life then. There is nothing to do. It is perfect because it is, and it is finite.
Free will gives you the power to make it imperfect. You create for yourself an imperfect world when you set for yourself goals that you cannot achieve.
There is history and prehistory. From prehistory no art survives. Sometimes bones and foot prints are found, but no art is found. Cave art and the petroglyphs are nearly perfect for the time that they survive.
How much does the goal determine the perfection of the art? Can art be art at all if it has a political goal?
The modern pop art revolution was political since the goal of the art was to confirm that there were people living different lifestyles than that which was approved by the authorities, and to which one was expected to conform.
In balance I conform to the degree that I decide is good for me. There are authorities who now say that the laws of the land are not good for us.
They have a desire to be the monopoly. NC is Not Conscious. I want to live in Montevideo, Uruguay. They are a small nation of 3 and a half million. It is damp, which makes my bones hurt, but warm. The winds blow. Pot is legal. That is the big thing. I want to get stoned. It is good for me. There are many medical reasons I have discovered since I got so sick that it is good for me, besides I was not born to be sober all the time.
I have told the story of the morning when I came to have for the rest of my life two questions that make my life imperfect. How can I prevent atomic war, and how can I meet, now see, people from outer space.
These are perfectly good questions.
All they have to do with the art on the wall is that the more money I have the more good I can do. I could afford to make speeches. I could afford to rent a stake back and go around to the TV Stations and play my guitar and talk. I could make a scene.
Poverty equals ignorance. I am anti ignorance.
This has to be so if I am to answer my questions in ways that create an infrastructure that lives to do the job of preventing Apocalyptic Riot.
For the other job it is Superconductors.
On the wall is the brush drawing of Laura Mersini Houghton, the astrophysicist who understands string theory with words and in the math. My wife arranged for me, us, to have coffee with her and her husband Jeff. Jeff advises nations on issues of economic development.
There are a lot of things I need to know to most perfectly prevent the Apocalyptic Riot. I have 425 followers on Twitter. I beg them to tweet to John Kerry that he must find a resolution to the Economic War between the US and Russia.
This sort of thing comes to be necessary for me to do in my position as Founder of Transcendia, my Grand work of Conceptual Art. It is suppose to be my nation under my flag, of confederated international airports. The idea being that the ports being culturally neutral would be good places for trade that otherwise could not happen. This would moderate world economic disparities preventing some of the motive that cause war.
You are more likely to go to war with people you do business with than not, so the good can only come from Balance.
My art made and put in this show is divided from the work at some point because no one wants art that is not good company on their wall.
All cave art of animals and the pornographic pictures not shown, is good company. All of it is good company now even if some contemporary viewer didn’t like it simply because it survives.
Time has created from prehistory art a perfection.
For us to be great politically is for us to not be a finite species.
Good honest hard working artists must learn engineering. The tools they use become important. You cannot have perfection of the infinite. Then the goal becomes the only perfect thing about the work of conceptual art. The more people that understand the goals of the artist, then the more perfect it is and that is why a mere Andy Warhol signature is art.
Pop Art was part of the revolution.
Stalin was a revolutionary as well, but he robbed banks.

Racism, Weeds, Flowers

Photo on 3-5-13 at 4.08 PM 2I was changing the work situation.  Farr Associates Leadership Workshop was all set up and I got the messages all around and went far down till I was living in the motel across from the Greensboro Historical Museum.   The credits say who I was with.  I spent another week on the motel room to finish the video film I made that ended up titled Contractors Creed.  It’s in the lineup of Transcendian on youtube.  I’ve not done a show yet today.  It’s way back towards the beginning.  The cut is fine.  It works a lot like The Wild Palms.  Nobody who knows me likes it.  They turn their head.  It’s fucking videotape, a waste of time.  All I had.

The breaking point was when I found a place for 375 a month and I knew I could hold it up.  The stagehand jobs were ridiculous in that the tours were getting a fantastic deal on the labor, union labor, good labor.  I think I tied in people like Prince for 15 dollars an hour after 8, maybe ten.  It never seemed enough by the time I paid single mans taxes and the union got their little bit of 3 percent.  Nothing was doing anything for my card.  It was another local, another line of work.

The producers coming down out of Washington, from NY, from anywhere, as headed South, all of them laughing up their sleeves.

The little man in his little grey suit looked me up on line and refused to rent to me.   I had to go.  I’d met these people through the girl I was chasing.   I started painting houses.  They used my bank account to float for things.  I lost count, of it.  Painter culture.  Ended up in motels.  They drank heavy.  Heavier than I ever thought about.  I’d had a girl did real crazy things.  Hail cabs when I told her we didn’t have money.  Nearly got me arrested.  Showed up later.  You can’t live like that long or things get really bad.

You can see the tape.

There is another part.

I was in the hotel.  Back then I had a semi automatic .22 long rifle Smith an Wesson.  Fun to shoot.  Really these guns, they are all too big.  You can’t hide them.  Carry them in a holster people see them.   They get riled up.

I went to a motel bar.   I can’t remember it.  The name of it.  One of those places.  So I met this black girl and she invites me to go with her to a Black club in the Black part of town and I go.  Think we take a cab.  Yeah we take a cab.  I’ve been to places.  I went up with the girls and we saw Shaft in the balcony South Side of Chicago.  All Black.  Dawn said I was Blacker than most black guys.  She was in the class.  Sex crazed she got during the time we were in class.   They were teaching us to be writers.  Scholarship.    I was disadvantaged.   Broken home and  all that.

It was a big deal with my dad, my family, my mother, Civil Rights.  Poor Black Lady came to our door and asked to use the bathroom.  They knew we were alright.  The whole town knew.  Mom made a big scene registering to vote about the goddamned Literacy Tests, since it was still Jim Crow in 1962.

Dad, Dad ended up teaching at A&T, and Winston Salem State.  The humiliations he went through trying to save his marriage.  I got pencil written letters.  He loved me.  He loved us.  Four kids.  Mom said he was “Having affairs with men.”   Bob was around a lot.  There were was a young guy.  Told me I’d like poetry later.  I was listening to Jim Morrison by then.   13.  Morrison was a poet.   Bob Dylan was a poet.

We lived in a fine house.  It’s made ugly now like the University sucked all the beauty out of the town.  Elon, it’s beautiful now.  I went there to work on He Got Game.  Black people turned out to hate gays, guys on the down low.   Dad.  Combat soldier in the last gasps of the war in France, Germany.  Combat medal.  That thing with the musket.  I never knew till I had it on my jacket and a Union guy called me out on it.  Don’t wear it unless you earned it.   Taught me something.

Blacks and gays are outcasts. Dissidents.  Dissidents like me.  Outcast.  When I wasn’t available for a girl I did it sometime.  Fuck it.  Nobody wants you if you need it.  I saw a prostitute twice.  I needed it.  Men need it.  Something, that’s what porno’s for lots of the time.  I love a strip club.  Some people stuck with it.  Free love.  It’s too much.  You are alone.   I had a girl was a sport fucker.   Liberated.  It’s hard to handle.  Don’t think somebody is your soulmate so much.  Just ’cause you think so, they don’t.

Nearly killed myself.   Stupid.

So we get to the Club and this woman doesn’t have any ID.  They won’t let her in the club.  Stupid.  I don’t need it.  I let her go off in another car with friends of hers.  I started walking back to the motel.   I hinched up into the dark on the RR Tracks.  I’m on a Black side of Town.  I’m white.  I’d about got robbed and beaten on the wrong in of Court Street off Flatbush one night.  Was going to a party.  Had a late train after the party.   Zig Zagged back and forth when the gangs of 4, three, were walking towards me.  I didn’t want to take any chances.  End  of the two blocks a guy with an umbrella starts running after me.   I hail a Gypsy cab.  Yelling.  I had money.  Tipped him big.

“Don’t leave till I’m in the door.”

I had to cut over to the sidewalk.  I was near the motel.  I’d been wearing like dress shoes.  They weren’t good for running.  They weren’t good for walking either.

Some foot falls are coming up fast behind me.  I turn around and this Black guy is near on me.   He was going to bowl me over.   You don’t know what will happen to you when you go down on concrete.

“Hey, what you doing!”

“Nothing.   I’m not do’in nothing.  I’m not doing nothing.”

“Hey you were running up on me from behind.”

“Fuck you.”

I keep backing up.  I’m looking in the traffic.  I’m looking for a cab.  I’m looking for anything.   The guy is hinching around.  “Get away from me.”

He starts to come at me.  I go into the road.  There is traffic.  He’s backed off.  Tall skinny guy.  Wearing basketball shorts.  Tee shirt.

“I’m going to shoot you motherfucker.”

I got him on the other side of the road now.  I guess he chased me and got on the other side of the lane.  I’m looking at him.  Has he got a gun for real?   Mines locked in the motel room.  I’m looking at him.  Cab comes.  I get in front of it.  Dive in.  Cab driver.   “You got money?”

“Yeah, I got money, get me out of here.”

These women pushed Bernie Sanders off the stage screaming “Black Lives Matter.”   Makes me think of it all.  There is plenty of racism, and stupid people Black and White, White and Black.  They grow like grass.  Weeds choke out the flowers.

Latest Transcendian News

Transcendia Founder

Photograph of Russell Scott Day

Transcendian is the battlefield territory that I claim in TV Land. Since I announced on youtube that I was willing to run for the US Senate, I have been doing a daily radio show. For the most part the show is my feed read with my comments. So far I have read from Facebook feeds of mine, and also in one episode I used the Linked In feed I read.

I am old and diminished now. I will never be able to do any hard physical work again, as I did with skill, as a Gaffer, or Key Grip, or basically as a technician in Motion Picture and Television Production. I won’t be a stagehand again.

I won’t be a carpenter.

I can write, but my experiences as a journalist, as a reporter photographer were long ago and I don’t have friends invested in my success in that field. I did not commit to it early. I wrote a novel that didn’t sell and worked otherwise in Aviation Ground Services, and Motion Picture and Television production.

I don’t live in LA and don’t have friends there, and NCs business is still an immature business Above the Line.

My little life is as big as I want it to be, and I want to prevent the apocalyptic riot. I felt it was a problem and Transcendia was created in reaction to the problem of the threat of Apocalyptic Riot, closer on us than generally recognized.

In the US Senate I could influence events and hope to forestall the apocalyptic riot.

An excess of energy is necessary in the interest of civilization. The Petro Industry is driven to provide a profitable source of energy. Their imperative is the basis of the currency. We do not have a fiat currency as some would say, but we have a currency based on a deal with the Saudis that made the dollar a petrodollar.

I would support engineers that gave us the systems that will provide the energy we need for our way of life renewably.

The Insurodollar was created as a currency for Transcendia, my envisioned nation of airports. It is a nationalistic currency based on human capital as opposed to the Bitcoin, a corporate currency.

For the world, in the world the conflict is between the Nationalists and the Corporatists. I must fall to the side of the Nationalists. So I would work in the US Senate to make sure the US Currency is nationalistic and creates loyalty to the nation. The Insurodollar does this inherently for it creates an inheritance for all individuals of the nation. This makes it superior to any communistic government model. Communism takes for all, the State whatever inheritance you may have, or anticipate. Everybody’s money is nobodies money, so it gets stolen.

US Capitalism was doing well after the legislation following the Great Depression. Those laws have been changed so that now the US capitalism is run according to mobster financial engineering practices. It is a Meyer Lansky way in place now. Wealth creation isn’t happening in the normal ways at all. I’d work to change that.

People arrested for pot use, farming, or distribution are political prisoners. We live with the legacy of J. Edgar Hoover street level drug laws. Hoover needs to be denounced for he lives too much in our society. He was some sick vicious powerful bigoted man. Even Nixon knew better than to keep him around.

I’d work to end the Make Hate War that is the War on Drugs. Nobody dies from pot. It is beneficial medically for more medical issues than we think. The only reason to keep it illegal is to make sure and run the old hippies who were part of the peace movement when what was wanted was war, out of positions of power, deny them jobs, and otherwise make sure they know they lost the peace.

So basically I would work for social justice for political prisoners and engineers and engineering working to give us the power the right way for now and into the future.

Far as education, it is very very important. We know how to teach since we have been doing it for a long time. In fact peer to peer learning is most powerfully effective and must be systematized within the whole of all educational systems from Kindergarden through College.

The Insurodollar will provide all life long insurance of the normal Whole Life sort with a payout for education when the individual reaches the age of majority and is either then or soon afterwards expected to be paying into the system that both is the basis of the currency accomplished by the sharing of some of their policy equity, and what takes care of their needs that are not profit based but what your government ought give you as a benefit of citizenship. Otherwise there is the payout at the event of death creating a strong reason to be loyal to the nation.

And yesterday I went to a party and shot some vid of two bands playing instead of my Intendor Radio Show. It is on Transcendian, or my Facebook page, and you are encouraged to look at it and it these clips and the announcement of them was the real primary reason I posted and published a column today.


Local Carrboro Political Fun? IGX

I had to give up on creating a modular building company town co-operative enterprise here where I live in Carrboro, NC. I am not really sure of what part of me is such an inspiration of exclusion from anything not done as it has been done. I think I have lived in Chapel Hill and Carrboro for 15 years now. Its reputation is as a forward thinking place embracing all classes.

As it is in the US overall there is a dismissive attitude towards the experienced over the certified.

I was badly affected by the stories of my Grandfather who had careers as an Engineer, efficiency expert, and an Episcopal Priest somewhere in Harlem. His only degree was in Divinity from what I know.

I tried to find the exact information, but failed at some attempt when I was living in the City.
But I’d gotten the idea that you could just gain a set of insights and be capable and things would turn out well.

The academic institutions with their higher and higher prices must make it absolutely without exception mandatory that HR never ever hires or promotes anyone without their papers these days.

Academic institutions have a great bit more power over the policies of the nation than you, or I ever imagined.

During WWII they lobbied for higher ages for the draft to maintain their student enrollments. Now tremendous loans, debt assets have been generated for the books as students are made to understand they will have to work hard and have no security with out a college degree. The history of Capitalism in the US has been one of expanding markets and compromise.

The rise of finance as a major part of the US economy has dictated less and less to export. So eating the young is one solution for the smart financial engineers who practice what I characterize as “Play” capitalism.

While watching the Cold War roll along I noted the rich numbers accounted in the US, and the Party Members of the USSR. Accounting for differences in the populations, Party Membership, and powerful
I had to give up on creating a modular building company town co-operative enterprise here where I live in Carrboro, NC. I am not really sure of what part of me is such an inspiration of exclusion from anything not done as it has been done. I think I have lived in Chapel Hill and Carrboro for 15 years now. Its reputation is as a forward thinking place embracing all classes.

As it is in the US overall there is a dismissive attitude towards the experienced over the certified.

I was badly affected by the stories of my Grandfather who had careers as an Engineer, efficiency expert, and an Episcopal Priest somewhere in Harlem. His only degree was in Divinity from what I know.

I tried to find the exact information, but failed at some attempt when I was living in the City.
But I’d gotten the idea that you could just gain a set of insights and be capable and things would turn out well.

The academic institutions with their higher and higher prices must make it absolutely without exception mandatory that HR never ever hires or promotes anyone without their papers these days.

Academic institutions have a great bit more power over the policies of the nation than you, or I ever imagined.

During WWII they lobbied for higher ages for the draft to maintain their student enrollments. Now tremendous loans, debt assets have been generated for the books as students are made to understand they will have to work hard and have no security with out a college degree. The history of Capitalism in the US has been one of expanding markets and compromise.

The rise of finance as a major part of the US economy has dictated less and less to export. So eating the young is one solution for the smart financial engineers who practice what I characterize as “Play” capitalism.

While watching the Cold War roll along I noted the rich numbers accounted in the US, and the Party Members of the USSR. Accounting for differences in the populations, Party Membership, and powerful r
London banks and the UK the Caymans and Cook Islands, well that’s where the money goes. The average guy in the Caymans doing the honest jobs of the day, ending with meals at the television gets about 40 grand a year with benefits for taking care of the rich and giving them drinks in good weather, on a nice little island.

Your parents and the rest of us must have cars, or be trapped into limited options for where we can go for the prosaic or extraordinary.

In Chapel Hill the University has unique legacy powers of governance. I am told it is unique to the world for a University to control so much of how a community and even the County is governed. What does it mean when the Chancellor can throw out State Legislation?

As far as labor is concerned it is let off from any leadership in wages for it is prohibited from hiring at rates higher than private industry may pay for comparable jobs. For labor that is significant when the University is the major employer, capable of crowding out any other businesses. As well in this era there have been no private industry raises for labor in 30 years at least.

For the Academics, meaning teachers and administrators there has been competition for the best in their fields of research and course instruction. Whatever might be paid by any University in the world for the talents and presence of a famed teacher and research leader.

What that means overall the regular people cannot compete for living space on what they might be paid when the prosaic work is to be done, done by someone.

So then for Labor it becomes a hopeless situation.

I did not get involved in any politics locally that I was not well experienced with. Either I had done the job, or done the job and backed it up with study. Because my lifetime goal has become the founding of a nation of airports, I wrote letters to the Editor regarding the management practices of the University regarding Horace Williams.

In normal places such an asset is operated by the Town and County Governments, who find that the ports are of great aid in attracting and becoming bases for a range of businesses. I’ve seen NC State Transportation lists of airports from the NC State Transportation Department, Aviation Department, and the airports contribute a good deal.

For the entire time I have lived in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, the University has promised to close the airport.

Prior to the time of my move to Chapel Hill, there was the same promise given over and over to residents who were afraid of the airport and its airplanes. People believed that it would be shut down any day.

Then there became the plan to build a satellite campus there, and it all became a matter of time. Because an airport of a county is an important economic multiplier, it was felt that a replacement for Horace Williams ought be found.

A good deal of money was spent on consultants who wanted to locate a “Reliever” airport capable of handling an airliner, because the Feds will pay about 90 percent of what that costs because the FAA want “Reliever” airports.

It was a horror to the County Citizens, this concept, for who knew what the University Airport Authority with right of Eminent Domain in their hands, might do.

I myself wanted the County to have an appropriate airport for its needs, which are apparently for the most part, corporate and private small planes and small jets.

An Airport Authority was authorized by the State of NC Legislature. Heavily weighted with University Teachers and Administrators, it was still understood by then, because of these letters to the Editor that I was most qualified for a civilian seat on the proposed Airport Authority, and I met with State Senator Ellie Kinnard, and Dean of the Medical School Kevin Fitzgerald.

On leaving Fitzgerald, after an interview, stated the University could work with me.

Without any warning or consultation an oppositional group went into see Holden Thorp the Chancellor at that time and succeeded in having the Airport Authority squashed by pledging to close the airport, nullifying any perceived reason for an Airport Authority by some reasoning that does not make sense unless you accept that the University has the unchallenged right to operate the Local Community Airport of Orange County, any way it wants.

I was completely caught off guard, and Ellie Kinnard was gracious at the time to call me before I found this all out otherwise.

Kevin Fitzgerald never contacted me at all.

Many perceived that the pledge meant that there would never be an airport in all of Orange County.

The reason Holden Thorp promised to close the airport, obviating any need for an Airport Authority to administratively maintain it and make it into the asset that the people of the County deserve, was that the University and the Authority by extension was to have the power of Eminent Domain, and many persons of Orange County did not trust the University with such power because of their record, and how they had used the power of Eminent Domain in the history of the University uses of power.

A very nice building had been promised to be razed for some other building. It had been where the studios of 91.5 WUNC were. It was torn down and plans were changed and it became a parking lot.

Overall people familiar with the operating practices of the University did not trust it, so the solution was to promise to close the airport, not find a location for a replacement, and leave Orange County without any airport.

Whatever reasoning makes this possible, and accepted as proper, escapes me.

Many of the locals that I came into contact with put signs in their yards, No Airport County, and some yelled at me, others said the University could not be trusted.

The man who had the power to make promises Mr. Holden Thorp, was forced to resign because his administration allowed for years and years athletes to represent the University on the sports fields who were made eligible to compete through fraud.

Why it is that someone who was so incredibly a failure as the empowered Chancellor can leave as a legacy, bequeath to us all a stunted and discredited set of decisions that are allowed to stand, more than irritates me.

Remember now, it had only been the merit of my writings that had put me in a position to help influence the management practices of Orange Counties Local Community airport. I had become recognized as a competent thinker when it came to the airport.

For a long time I imagined it being moved to the Landfill on Eubanks near the NASA Land that is Duke Forest, controlled by NASA so it would not be touched, and the Landfill couldn’t expand there.

I recently did consult with the County Engineer on that line of thinking, and found that 30 years down the road that might be possible. How the road Eubanks might be rerouted was one of his concerns. I have asked them to think about where an appropriate airport in the county might be located.

Ideally the airport would for Orange County, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill be close to railroad tracks, the super highway, and the river and the ocean. Well there is no river till the Eno, and for Carrboro and Chapel Hill, the ocean is the air.

Really where Horace Williams is, is ideal.

The “Big Lie” is that it will any day be closed, but in fact it will be open forever, according to the airport manager. At the minimum the airport is to be open for 8 years.

It is unfair to the people of the County to not know either way because an airport for a landlocked community is an important asset for all classes.

It takes 10 to 15 years to locate and get FAA certifications for a new airport. For years and years the State Legislature insisted that Horace Williams not be closed without the establishment of a replacement for it.

I had renewed my agitations for changes in how Horace Williams was managed after Holden Thorp was gone, and Carol Folt was installed. Apparently Chancellor Folt makes decisions by not making any decisions, and not letting anyone know much about what she thinks.

A few times I have been lectured by persons in power. If not insulted and condescended to or lectured I have been told to look at the plans on the web. “Go to the website.”, or “Good Luck.”, you know what I mean. Of course when I talked to the city of Chapel Hill’s engineer about what was really being done, I did get the impression there was all the time in the world. There was no deadline to do anything about anything was the way he saw things.

For working people looking for work, three weeks and they have to make serious decisions about where to live, and what to. Options get slimmer and slimmer.

I have to regard the conflict as a fun fight, or part of my duty when it is miserable to be mistreated and spoken down to. I am really too old and too experienced to be spoken to the way persons in power have around here.

In the case of the modular building cooperative enterprise Dave Andrews spoke to me about the Town’s refusal to consider such a thing in a manner I cannot remember since high school in Greensboro.

With some engineers on line who had worked to help displaced Haitians secure strong housing that was cheap, we developed plans that used shipping containers. Shipping Container converting has become a mature industry.

Nothing can be done for Haitians because of the entrenched corruption. It is further flawed in regards to who can get a deed to property. Mobsters control the clean water.

So goes Haiti so goes Western Civilization far as I can tell. It sure seems headed that way.

In my judgement there really cannot be fair housing in the community as long as there is no surplus of housing. The studies indicate that internationally only modular building techniques can keep up with demand. As they are ignored, or prevented, you pretty much ensure that the result is that shanty towns and slums are created. The steel box that is a container is strong, and can be stacked. When one graduates to folding editions of modular housing, transportation is easier and cheaper.

When slums are created in NC, they are somehow hidden, out of town, across the line into the other counties, out in rural america where live rusting cars and totems of appliances.

For here I had wanted to make some prototypes the engineers could look over. I wanted to make kitchens and bathrooms that would roll into the containers, finished off with a standard wiring harness and insulation. If we made them here and were successful with zoning and land that is very high priced calling for less expensive units to be put on them, then mortgages could come down to manageable levels.

Of course you cannot be sure of things till they are done. Habitaflex in Quebec is very good at doing the sort of thing I am speaking of. I suggested Annette Stone see if the company would want to come down here, find out what it would take. Dave Andrews interjected again to reiterate the administration refused to even entertain a suggestion that was far away from me in any way.

Nepal could use housing that was capable of being delivered by helicopter, and Habitaflex makes such housing. Galaxy Homes is a company in California making modular housing that is able to come in at 85 dollar a square foot. They refused to speak with them to find out what it would take to establish a factory here, where there is willing labor. I had nothing at all to gain by this time, regardless of my interest in making things that solve a problem.

The problem of “affordable” housing was created when Ellers and Company bought up three apartment complexes in anticipation of the increase population that would have employment at Carolina North, where the airport is. Ellers began renovating units and refusing to renew leases and otherwise aiming at converting the units they bought so as to increase the rents. Ellers and Company refused to accept HUD vouchers that a number of working class families needed in order to live where they were living. This was at the root of the manufacture of the affordable housing crisis that happened under the noses of those in Local Community Government.

People locally were asked to open their homes to the poor, and rent to them.

Seemed to me that if the community had a population interested in taking in the poor, they would have already been at it.

Building modular units there at the airport would work well for local labor, and could, if mentally installed into the options for space where the mission of the University was to be continued, could likely satisfy the needs of that mission.

The story now is that Carolina North will be built over by Finley Golf Course somewhere on land the University owns over there.

There were four of these out at the airport

From my visit to Horace Williams this past week.

I have become the Vice Chair for the Town Hall Precinct of the Democratic Party. I have so far rejected the idea of running for mayor or an alderman seat. However I would support an oppositional candidate if they were interested in pursuing policies that changed the Zoning restrictions, making an inventory of all available housing both rental and for sale or development. Doing what was possible to advance options for Labor, and increasing opportunities for working people.
I approve of the recent decision to allow for more farming in the buffer zones. I would like to see a tall urban steel frame farm built. I suggest Civil Defense Shelters be restocked and the signage for them put back up and polished. Since my main issue is the management of the airport, I would better attempt a position as a County Commissioner.
I want to see produced a Television Show of Disc Golf using Local and Touring Musical Talent. This is intended to advance the Television and Motion Picture Industry, and help fill the new hotels with either crews, and or tourists. I consider the expenditure on brochures wasted money on what I call “fire starters”. The reason to create a TV Show such as I conceive of is also that tourists are positively known to like to visit places they see on national television. My most personal chapter in

    Poor Buzz and Stories from Warnings for My Daughter

, covers some of this, as well as aspects of my career in Television and Movie production.
I’ve gotten old and I will be happy to get back half of what I used to be physically. I have a business method in my back pocket that would be a great success combining a Labor Service with a Research and Development arm.
I now consider myself a librarian of work.
Would you support me politically for an office? I have learned the “Resolutions” format. I bought an edition of Roberts Rules of Order. It was written by the Engineer Henry Roberts. This proves the worth of work by engineers in the area of governance.

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