This and That Show, Balance


from trip to C/21 museum and hotel


I cannot afford to think but so much and believe it is not so much that one always makes the right decision, but that one can make it. Meaning make the decision.
For the artist the frame provides hope of perfection. It has to do with the fact of the limits. Because the frame is limited I may create a perfection in that frame.
Of course then you, having a finite life have the prospect of a perfect life then. There is nothing to do. It is perfect because it is, and it is finite.
Free will gives you the power to make it imperfect. You create for yourself an imperfect world when you set for yourself goals that you cannot achieve.
There is history and prehistory. From prehistory no art survives. Sometimes bones and foot prints are found, but no art is found. Cave art and the petroglyphs are nearly perfect for the time that they survive.
How much does the goal determine the perfection of the art? Can art be art at all if it has a political goal?
The modern pop art revolution was political since the goal of the art was to confirm that there were people living different lifestyles than that which was approved by the authorities, and to which one was expected to conform.
In balance I conform to the degree that I decide is good for me. There are authorities who now say that the laws of the land are not good for us.
They have a desire to be the monopoly. NC is Not Conscious. I want to live in Montevideo, Uruguay. They are a small nation of 3 and a half million. It is damp, which makes my bones hurt, but warm. The winds blow. Pot is legal. That is the big thing. I want to get stoned. It is good for me. There are many medical reasons I have discovered since I got so sick that it is good for me, besides I was not born to be sober all the time.
I have told the story of the morning when I came to have for the rest of my life two questions that make my life imperfect. How can I prevent atomic war, and how can I meet, now see, people from outer space.
These are perfectly good questions.
All they have to do with the art on the wall is that the more money I have the more good I can do. I could afford to make speeches. I could afford to rent a stake back and go around to the TV Stations and play my guitar and talk. I could make a scene.
Poverty equals ignorance. I am anti ignorance.
This has to be so if I am to answer my questions in ways that create an infrastructure that lives to do the job of preventing Apocalyptic Riot.
For the other job it is Superconductors.
On the wall is the brush drawing of Laura Mersini Houghton, the astrophysicist who understands string theory with words and in the math. My wife arranged for me, us, to have coffee with her and her husband Jeff. Jeff advises nations on issues of economic development.
There are a lot of things I need to know to most perfectly prevent the Apocalyptic Riot. I have 425 followers on Twitter. I beg them to tweet to John Kerry that he must find a resolution to the Economic War between the US and Russia.
This sort of thing comes to be necessary for me to do in my position as Founder of Transcendia, my Grand work of Conceptual Art. It is suppose to be my nation under my flag, of confederated international airports. The idea being that the ports being culturally neutral would be good places for trade that otherwise could not happen. This would moderate world economic disparities preventing some of the motive that cause war.
You are more likely to go to war with people you do business with than not, so the good can only come from Balance.
My art made and put in this show is divided from the work at some point because no one wants art that is not good company on their wall.
All cave art of animals and the pornographic pictures not shown, is good company. All of it is good company now even if some contemporary viewer didn’t like it simply because it survives.
Time has created from prehistory art a perfection.
For us to be great politically is for us to not be a finite species.
Good honest hard working artists must learn engineering. The tools they use become important. You cannot have perfection of the infinite. Then the goal becomes the only perfect thing about the work of conceptual art. The more people that understand the goals of the artist, then the more perfect it is and that is why a mere Andy Warhol signature is art.
Pop Art was part of the revolution.
Stalin was a revolutionary as well, but he robbed banks.