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Transcendian is the battlefield territory that I claim in TV Land. Since I announced on youtube that I was willing to run for the US Senate, I have been doing a daily radio show. For the most part the show is my feed read with my comments. So far I have read from Facebook feeds of mine, and also in one episode I used the Linked In feed I read.

I am old and diminished now. I will never be able to do any hard physical work again, as I did with skill, as a Gaffer, or Key Grip, or basically as a technician in Motion Picture and Television Production. I won’t be a stagehand again.

I won’t be a carpenter.

I can write, but my experiences as a journalist, as a reporter photographer were long ago and I don’t have friends invested in my success in that field. I did not commit to it early. I wrote a novel that didn’t sell and worked otherwise in Aviation Ground Services, and Motion Picture and Television production.

I don’t live in LA and don’t have friends there, and NCs business is still an immature business Above the Line.

My little life is as big as I want it to be, and I want to prevent the apocalyptic riot. I felt it was a problem and Transcendia was created in reaction to the problem of the threat of Apocalyptic Riot, closer on us than generally recognized.

In the US Senate I could influence events and hope to forestall the apocalyptic riot.

An excess of energy is necessary in the interest of civilization. The Petro Industry is driven to provide a profitable source of energy. Their imperative is the basis of the currency. We do not have a fiat currency as some would say, but we have a currency based on a deal with the Saudis that made the dollar a petrodollar.

I would support engineers that gave us the systems that will provide the energy we need for our way of life renewably.

The Insurodollar was created as a currency for Transcendia, my envisioned nation of airports. It is a nationalistic currency based on human capital as opposed to the Bitcoin, a corporate currency.

For the world, in the world the conflict is between the Nationalists and the Corporatists. I must fall to the side of the Nationalists. So I would work in the US Senate to make sure the US Currency is nationalistic and creates loyalty to the nation. The Insurodollar does this inherently for it creates an inheritance for all individuals of the nation. This makes it superior to any communistic government model. Communism takes for all, the State whatever inheritance you may have, or anticipate. Everybody’s money is nobodies money, so it gets stolen.

US Capitalism was doing well after the legislation following the Great Depression. Those laws have been changed so that now the US capitalism is run according to mobster financial engineering practices. It is a Meyer Lansky way in place now. Wealth creation isn’t happening in the normal ways at all. I’d work to change that.

People arrested for pot use, farming, or distribution are political prisoners. We live with the legacy of J. Edgar Hoover street level drug laws. Hoover needs to be denounced for he lives too much in our society. He was some sick vicious powerful bigoted man. Even Nixon knew better than to keep him around.

I’d work to end the Make Hate War that is the War on Drugs. Nobody dies from pot. It is beneficial medically for more medical issues than we think. The only reason to keep it illegal is to make sure and run the old hippies who were part of the peace movement when what was wanted was war, out of positions of power, deny them jobs, and otherwise make sure they know they lost the peace.

So basically I would work for social justice for political prisoners and engineers and engineering working to give us the power the right way for now and into the future.

Far as education, it is very very important. We know how to teach since we have been doing it for a long time. In fact peer to peer learning is most powerfully effective and must be systematized within the whole of all educational systems from Kindergarden through College.

The Insurodollar will provide all life long insurance of the normal Whole Life sort with a payout for education when the individual reaches the age of majority and is either then or soon afterwards expected to be paying into the system that both is the basis of the currency accomplished by the sharing of some of their policy equity, and what takes care of their needs that are not profit based but what your government ought give you as a benefit of citizenship. Otherwise there is the payout at the event of death creating a strong reason to be loyal to the nation.

And yesterday I went to a party and shot some vid of two bands playing instead of my Intendor Radio Show. It is on Transcendian, or my Facebook page, and you are encouraged to look at it and it these clips and the announcement of them was the real primary reason I posted and published a column today.


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