My Transcendian International Party

I have a platform.  I have an agenda.  The prevention of the apocalyptic riot is a serious goal you ought be already joined up to help me achieve.  “You make as many enemies doing the right thing, as you do doing the wrong thing, so why not do the right thing?”  Machiavelli

The plan, the eventual goal, is a nation of airports all under my flag, of course aimed at becoming a nation of spaceports, but first a nation, government, not of governments, but in all governments.

My plan to fund this grand end of the model nation Transcendia, a Grand work of conceptual art was never based on begging.  I loved making movies.  Now I could make a 3D Virtual Reality Scratch and Sniff War Movie, followed up by a game, that would make enough money to buy the airport leases I need.

I wanted to start with book sales.  I wrote some books.  I put them on Amazon.  I wrote the Passport, and put it on Amazon.  If Social Media is so great at bringing together people, and motivating them, I sure haven’t seen it.  Moving forward, well I now offer the CD Beatniks & Spiders.  Profits from these things, well I’d use them wisely.  I need to travel.  I need to meet some people.  I need to spend some time in NYC and LA.  I need to spend some time in Washington DC, and Paris.

It was the addition to the Passport of the Insurodollar that completed them.  Human capital, I’m putting the the human in capitalism there.  I’ve got simple plans.  Insurance company treasury is one.  I am a creative economist.  I have talked about it on Transcendian, my youtube channel.  It seems complicated to a lot of people.  I don’t know what their problem is.

I build on strengths.


Elon Musk can’t get Space Right Fast enough

For the Insurodollar, write deal memo on the back.

For the Insurodollar, write deal memo on the back.

The turn backwards was away from colonizing the Moon. There on the Moon water was a secret. Meantime the impossible fixing of the Earth first was raised up. Sure, fine, The Vatican is going to pay for both projects. Populate the plastic oceans.

Space itself is for robots and tardigardes with human heads engineered in a lab. AI is stupid now and will be stupid later, as dependent on its programer and if not with another agenda.

We need the Waterbears scaled up to live on Mars and be able to fuck naked.
We will be able to talk and joke with them.

What humor can a technical being really have? They will be like their engineers ready to erase anything made they don’t like, or like who made it. The technicians, all picky. Angry. People can’t produce outputs as inputs are intended by the engineer.

You go to engineers and attorneys and tell them what to do. They don’t want to think further about it. It can be depressing really.

No wonder too then see the politicians bowing to God right and left and love the Pope and the Catholic agenda is the Right Wing. 10 years is a century now.

Launching straight up is not the way to survive 10 out of ten. Or did Russia sabotage two big rockets and a little one in a couple of weeks? The Russians are the US enemy and get cash for their buddies to skim plant off the top when a ticket is sold.

Their engines work fine for them?

What about the modifications by Boeing? There were better magnets for telephones in Germany, because Germany simply had better magnet ore. People don’t even know all their secrets.

What about the Jetsons? What a world. Too happy by far.

So half the planet is already extinct. Is it a sign?

The reduction of the US Space program was like the Chinese inversion, and turn from curiosity and science made starvation a regular occurrence. They didn’t even have Christianity, just more food till there wasn’t as the reason. Christianity is fine with starvations too, it makes people pray more. They give alms for solace.

Everybody wants to be loved so they say Jesus loves them. It works every time. Jesus loves you.

So now we, as humans are as behind the power curve as we can get and all the MBAs love the poverty that makes people love Jesus, since if they substitute the boss they will kill him. He obviously doesn’t love you, he wants you poor and desperate, which is fine, except for free people with the vote, or a gun, and free speech and democratic principles. All they here is don’t pay labor till they burn down the factory, or slit your throat.

If there is a shutdown of the US Government I will have a strategic plan in place so that an orderly change of the US from governance according to the Electoral Presidential Democracy is altered in favor of a Parliamentary System.

I have read and read and read, and the history recommends to me for Transcendia the Airport Authority and a Parliamentary System to oversee and satisfy the needs of the nation’s people for Defense, Education, and Development and Research enablement. Tools will be provided and the crisis of Energy will be addressed in radical speed so that pressure on the environment is diminished or stopped at least where it is.

The Drug War will be ended so as to include more people in our democracy, and free people from the surveillance all allow because of its outgrowth as a result of J. Edgar Hoover prejudices and bigotry. Separating Smugglers from Weapons smugglers must happen. It is not a small threat. I hazard that the benefits to the CIA front companies and their desire for another source of funds off book means their known use of drugs as a business means that organization is not to be trusted.

At some point you must believe and know for certain that your spies are working for your nation’s interests.

I would highly suggest the alternative currency the Insurodollar. Think for yourself this time. Human Capital is figured out as worth more or less every day on actuary tables and it is understood that health well educated skilled people are worth more than sick ignorant people. Pooling some of the equity of policies, “good policies” will build up a bank and a treasury and an insurance company that creates some loyal citizens.

People with good healthcare stay citizens of the nations they lucked out to be born into. It is like how people work for companies that pay and provide them a living and security so all is not lost.

A nation has an army, period, to be a nation it has the monopoly on force. Laws are enforced when people don’t believe in them. You know what I am talking about.

You understand what was wrought when gold was the basis for the currency. You know people would do anything to get gold. The Native Americans has treaties broken and land taken because of gold. You know what is happening around oil, and the Petrodollar deal with the Saudi’s.

Think for yourself about the Insurodollar. It is my gift if I have any to give.

Two Gifts/Letter to Good People/Pearls to Swine?

Transcendian Money by Dave RiptonT

Two gifts to the world from Transcendia.  One is the Insurodollar, and the other is a way to cut down the killings between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  Both are related.

When people finally get to Transcendia, the work of conceptual art, this is the page they are going to see.  They aren’t scrolling through the years and years of columns, contributions, as thoughts were developed.  Only as good as your last job.  This is the last job.  Here it is.

For the Middle East, Israel is there.  It was there and then there was a long break, then the Jews returned to their home.  OK, done deal.  Wilson believed in Majority Rule.  Minority rule is the rule.  That’s it.  Done.  Live with it.  Everybody who knew anything knew it was trouble.

I thought about it.  I watched Noam Chomsky debate Dershowitz.  Oh my god!  Dumb shit out of Dershowitz.  I’m not cowed by these people.  Stick a stamp on them.  Move a wall around?  Crazy stupid shit.

Cut it out.  Democracy isn’t always anything more than mob rule.  What’s the goal?  Whoever it is, what is the goal.  Good King, good goals.  Peace Prosperity, food shelter.  People who live normally.  They just want a family.  They know friends come and go.  Blood.  The land. They have to fight for it.  People want what you have.  You bought it up and you made it work, grow food, and they want it.

The main thing, goal of Transcendia is to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot.  Starts where?  Israel.  They’ll fight.  Life or death struggle.  All the time.  Surrounded by enemies.  High ground.  They have to keep the high ground.

People are all over the place.  Poor people.  Israel needs to keep them poor?  They are enemies.  They are sick of it all.  There was the Mandate.  They were a Protectorate.  They are a nation.  Both of them see themselves as Nations.  OK.

So the skew of the Insurodollar is that they insure each other.  If they kill each other they have to pay for it.  Run the coffers low if they kill innocents.  Death and destruction benefits go out of the National Insurance Company Human Capital Bank that is the basis for the currency, if it is an Insurodollar.

Whatever they call their money.  Palestinians have friends, supporters, so do the Israelis.  What is the money spent on?  Keeping a lid on it.  War.  Threatened and they fight.  Teenagers and they follow the gangs of unsocialized gangs.  Stupid.  Nation has to have a monopoly on violence.  It’s a rule.  I got less respect for the nation, Israel, for doing war things because of the teenagers.  What the teenagers do.

I can’t expand on it that much.  It’s too simple.  If there is a killing of an innocent, the insurance company has to pay.  Palestinians pay for killing Israelis and Israelis pay for killing Palestinians.

You have to be delusional to think that you will beat the Petrodollar Imperative as long as it is the basis of the currency.  Oil and gas are like gold to the world.  In this world.  Burn everything up and it gets hotter.  Surprise.  Play with Carbon Credits?  You’re still playing with fire.  Everything is dying.  Plastics all in the oceans.  Too much.

Fukushima is swept under the rug.  Goddammit, the mobsters get to make money sending the poor into work there.  They don’t care.  They’re mobsters for gods sakes.  But it shows.  The Energy is the key.  You have all these people.  They need electricity.  Everything is about electricity.  Cheap electricity.  Capture it from the Sun and put the generators in the oceans.  Let the engineers do it.  The engineers want to work on it.  They like the problems.  Give them the money and leave them alone.  They don’t like talking to you.  They have problems with stupid time wasting crap.  They want to solve the problems.  You need to protect them from being interfered with.

You add up the value of the people and it’s on an actuary table and there it is.  It’s understandable to capitalists.  Labor is international.  International labor.  Poison the water it hurts the people.  Goes on like that.  Changes the paradigm.  People worth more than gold or oil, it changes the direction of things.  That’s why the Insurodollar is better than the Petrodollar.

Okay.  I wrote down the two gifts to the world I made up for the work of art that is Transcendia.  Am I throwing the pearls to the pigs?  Are you swine?  Am I wasting my time?  Always.  Always wasting my time.  It’s running out.

Every day the Apocalyptic Riot is more likely.  You can’t have all the nuclear bombs and the pressures and the economic wars.  Germany just beat the shit out of Greece.  Something about the Germans.  They need to just stay in their place.  Culture.  It’s in their hearts.  Winning is everything.  Put the Greeks in their place.  They, the Greeks, too bad, they are not together.  Like the Russians got screwed by their own and the invaders they didn’t know how to do business with, they get looted.

Finance now is all about looting the next guy.  Find a weakness and exploit it and wipe them out.  Take all their stuff.  Hide it.  Put it somewhere.  Buy some art.  Finance.  It’s hardball.

The Insurodollar, if the Netherlands adopts it, it doesn’t have to fear Germans so much.  The Euro is a failure.  The Insurodollar creates for the people inheritance, and creates loyalty for the nation that runs the system.  It’s superior.  Alan Greenspan pissed me off.  I fixed his goddamned wagon.  I’m as good an economist as Alan Greenspan.  I have the goal of peace.  Winning the peace means making the money.  Making the money work for my class, the working classes.  All of them.  International.

Insurodollar for Greece

Order from Karl

Karl Konig Poster of Russell Founder of Transcendia
Order from Karl

The Insurodollar would work for Greece as a currency. Human capital is what they have. Primarily it appears they serve tourists. The ATMs must function dispensing money to tourist travelers.

In fact if even the banks stay closed the ATMs could still dispense money to tourists.

In past studies I was told that it wasn’t the banks that had the money, but the Insurance Companies. US Citizens became the reinsurers of AIG, an indication of how much the looting as practiced by un regulated banks, if you want to call them that anymore had gone.

Either way the financial system is dependent on insurance of their products to make their financial products appear to be legitimate. Meyer Lansky is the Financial Engineer who founded the current practices. Criminal financial practices were made legal in the US. Some of the system is dependent on UK protected banking systems of the Caymans and Cook Islands. In general London bankers and the Canadian banks both operate obliquely.

There was a fair amount of evidence to support the theory that Rochdale College the hippie haven and dodger hide out had been part of the mobster enterprises, part of Lansky enterprises.

In my reply to the story on Naked Capitalism about the ATM system, tourism, and Greece, I replied that I felt that it ought to be clear to an insurance company that they could capture all of the Greek insurance business by saving Greece. Even without helping to create the Insurodollar they are integrated enough into the financial system to provide funds predicated on the insurance worthy assets and the human capital of Greece.

A move by Russia to grasp Greece at their lowest is in the background, though Russian economic stability is dependent on war now as the petrodollar is dependent on war in regards to US financial instruments. The Petrodollar deal engineered by Kissinger and Nixon is losing sway because of peace plans by the US in regards to Iran. Saudis have run off to experiment with their own weapons systems in Yemen while Russians perfect Hybrid War in the Ukraine.

Lionel Douglas VP and President of Rochdale College hired me as a poet who had been ripped off by the Tuedaily for a Security job at Rochdale. He told me I was a barometer, and I am. Even my ideas are turned out as ways out at the right time.

I do offer ways out as a leader. The Insurodollar is the most valuable of my offers to this world. There is no way that environmentalists will beat the Petrodollar Imperative as there was no way the American Indians could beat the Gold Imperative.

Even the skew of the Insurodollar would offer powerful disincentives for peace in the Middle East if Palestinians were forced to insure Israelis and Israelis were forced to insure Palestinians. It would be fine and good of course if they volunteered to do so, but I do not realistically expect them to do such a thing as they seem wedded to force, and the threat of the nuclear weapons they have.

Noam Chomsky is right that Israel intends to the be Hegemon in the region. The US seems intent on being the Government of Governments in the world. Certainly whatever it does, the US, is designed to satisfy the plans of the Corporations who have been taught in business schools to crush labor at every opportunity. This is because they value little human capital which ought be given greater value by the insurance companies who would then benefit. These people who are often my enemies are no smarter than I, but their motives make them do what they do. I have different goals.

My goal is to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot, so I am forced to create systems that work to do that. The Insurodollar putting human capital first behind fossil fuels shifts the paradigm causing the actions of the corporations to have a different set of motives. Things done that diminish health and wellbeing of human capital, like the destruction of the environment, of a sudden are no longer profitable if human capital instead of the Petro Power System are put in place.

I am terribly weak as a nation. I am looking for a breakout success. I am sorry I did not sooner focus on the problems of Greece. Of course it is not as if they would have any prospect of paying attention to my financial system offered until in such desperate straits as they are.

This is an explanation, of a bit, written because I tweeted to Greece, a guy I read about in the NYTs, I tweeted him. It appears now that it is only Twitter messaging that has any hope of getting through to anyone.

You, if you are a supporter of my theories could add some tweets around. I have been gaining twitter followers and am near the tribe threshold number of 500 with 400. Certainly I have eschewed just buying them for $29.99. I want people who actually follow me because they understand my goals and the systems I have developed over a lifetime of wondering how I might prevent Nuclear War, I call now the apocalyptic riot.

Again: The Insurodollar is whole life policies awarded to citizens at birth or buy in. A percentage of the equity of these policies is shared with the nation to form the Treasury and National Insurance Company that together use that shared equity to issue the currency. The policies themselves function as normal Whole Life Policies do, but with more than a death benefit. There is a point at which the individual begins paying into the system for their policy. At that point, somewhere between 18 and 21, maybe even up until 24, that they are given money to pay for education or the starting of a business. Then when they die their family is provided the inheritance of a death benefit.

Obviously this overcomes the horror of communism which becomes corrupted by the elites ending up with all of the assets of individuals and families to either squander, or steal.

I was encouraged that the Future Tax Credit Currency was discussed as an alternative internal currency for the Greeks. It is near to the concepts of the Insurodollar, but inferior because the Insurodollar gives to the citizens reasons to feel a loyalty to their nation. The Insurodollar in that way helps keep money in the national banks. The Insurodollar provides reasons for the citizen to stay with the nation.

Latest Transcendian News

Transcendia Founder

Photograph of Russell Scott Day

Transcendian is the battlefield territory that I claim in TV Land. Since I announced on youtube that I was willing to run for the US Senate, I have been doing a daily radio show. For the most part the show is my feed read with my comments. So far I have read from Facebook feeds of mine, and also in one episode I used the Linked In feed I read.

I am old and diminished now. I will never be able to do any hard physical work again, as I did with skill, as a Gaffer, or Key Grip, or basically as a technician in Motion Picture and Television Production. I won’t be a stagehand again.

I won’t be a carpenter.

I can write, but my experiences as a journalist, as a reporter photographer were long ago and I don’t have friends invested in my success in that field. I did not commit to it early. I wrote a novel that didn’t sell and worked otherwise in Aviation Ground Services, and Motion Picture and Television production.

I don’t live in LA and don’t have friends there, and NCs business is still an immature business Above the Line.

My little life is as big as I want it to be, and I want to prevent the apocalyptic riot. I felt it was a problem and Transcendia was created in reaction to the problem of the threat of Apocalyptic Riot, closer on us than generally recognized.

In the US Senate I could influence events and hope to forestall the apocalyptic riot.

An excess of energy is necessary in the interest of civilization. The Petro Industry is driven to provide a profitable source of energy. Their imperative is the basis of the currency. We do not have a fiat currency as some would say, but we have a currency based on a deal with the Saudis that made the dollar a petrodollar.

I would support engineers that gave us the systems that will provide the energy we need for our way of life renewably.

The Insurodollar was created as a currency for Transcendia, my envisioned nation of airports. It is a nationalistic currency based on human capital as opposed to the Bitcoin, a corporate currency.

For the world, in the world the conflict is between the Nationalists and the Corporatists. I must fall to the side of the Nationalists. So I would work in the US Senate to make sure the US Currency is nationalistic and creates loyalty to the nation. The Insurodollar does this inherently for it creates an inheritance for all individuals of the nation. This makes it superior to any communistic government model. Communism takes for all, the State whatever inheritance you may have, or anticipate. Everybody’s money is nobodies money, so it gets stolen.

US Capitalism was doing well after the legislation following the Great Depression. Those laws have been changed so that now the US capitalism is run according to mobster financial engineering practices. It is a Meyer Lansky way in place now. Wealth creation isn’t happening in the normal ways at all. I’d work to change that.

People arrested for pot use, farming, or distribution are political prisoners. We live with the legacy of J. Edgar Hoover street level drug laws. Hoover needs to be denounced for he lives too much in our society. He was some sick vicious powerful bigoted man. Even Nixon knew better than to keep him around.

I’d work to end the Make Hate War that is the War on Drugs. Nobody dies from pot. It is beneficial medically for more medical issues than we think. The only reason to keep it illegal is to make sure and run the old hippies who were part of the peace movement when what was wanted was war, out of positions of power, deny them jobs, and otherwise make sure they know they lost the peace.

So basically I would work for social justice for political prisoners and engineers and engineering working to give us the power the right way for now and into the future.

Far as education, it is very very important. We know how to teach since we have been doing it for a long time. In fact peer to peer learning is most powerfully effective and must be systematized within the whole of all educational systems from Kindergarden through College.

The Insurodollar will provide all life long insurance of the normal Whole Life sort with a payout for education when the individual reaches the age of majority and is either then or soon afterwards expected to be paying into the system that both is the basis of the currency accomplished by the sharing of some of their policy equity, and what takes care of their needs that are not profit based but what your government ought give you as a benefit of citizenship. Otherwise there is the payout at the event of death creating a strong reason to be loyal to the nation.

And yesterday I went to a party and shot some vid of two bands playing instead of my Intendor Radio Show. It is on Transcendian, or my Facebook page, and you are encouraged to look at it and it these clips and the announcement of them was the real primary reason I posted and published a column today.


Working Class Corner

Transcendian Money by Dave Ripton

Dave Ripton a poet friend of mine, editor of early Transcendian Television, designed this bill of money, some currency I never invented till long after the design on paper that looked like a 1000, of something. The design of the Insurodollar meant I could use his contribution to Transcendia based on something real and useful in the world.

In other words now it is within sight that the currency would be understood and acceptable in and out of the country. Superior in its nationalistic inspiration of loyalty. It is also if accepted by other nations as a way they can themselves free themselves from the Petrodollar creating cross border class unification.

Again: The insurodollar acknowledges the human capital of the individual and that, that is combined in the citizens of that nation. The Greeks talked of a currency based on future tax value.

Here we are getting close to human capital currency, but without the component that would inspire loyalty to Greece. There exists a quandary concerning a modern nations individual earning powers. Unless they individually or as crews and companies can travel unimpeded anywhere where their skills are best paid, their earnings are diminished.

To be viewed as a Future Tax Credit hardly even sounds right, and wouldn’t necessarily inspire in one much loyalty. Because the Insurodollar is but the currency reflecting and embodiment of an overall system of values insuring as much as will be possible a great life of childhood, maturity, and old age, the life, the whole life.

Ironic to my ex-wife would be all that would even make it so that while I failed to become a NYLife Insurance Agent and had to cash in my policy 27 or so years ago, I would use the lessons to complete the most fearful thing a man can create, a nation.

In so far as I have not given up my US Citizenship by taking up arms against it as did so many Confederates immortalized in all the town squares of the South, I am obliged to offer what I know to my primary allegiance, and Intend to run for US Senate representing North Carolina in the Union, and for the principles of the Union, and not the principles of the C.S.A. so much currently in ascendancy.

There we thirty years gone by. As labor all one could do was move and move in industry after another from place to place till there was no more endurance for all that entails and become committed to where one is likely to die.

They were saying in a VICE show about the art business that the evidence of the idea was what was selling for big money. Transcendia is the ultimate of art works. There are contributions to the work that all can make. Games are now this video art that the player can alter like as if they could crawl up on Shakespeare’s stage.

Combat has come to look like the game. There were always toy soldiers. The modern set must have atomic weapons in the box.

I have to love the US for letting me get this far.

The reputation of the North, and the reputation of the South have both worked against me. Even working for the Union as a cardholding refugee after the Labor article in Reel Carolina it was the expectation that as a Southerner I was a stupid or hateful character. You wonder where the real USA is if you travel the states of the East Coast sometimes. By the time I was done I was for some more completed Federalization.

When I arrived in Florida I had a pickup and a motorcycle. By the time I left I had a blue bicycle, which I’d been egged while riding for becoming a poor person and hence a target. Federalized automobile registrations and tags would be fine with me. However it is the FAA nationally does it with airplanes would be preferable. I never remember driving a car in NYC. It was either the Grip Truck or my motorcycle.

I was not trapped.

A trapped army must surrender or be annihilated, and sometimes the events happen in succession. Those who slaughter their prisoners are less likely to get any mercy. Losing is a haunt.

I used to have Shites and the Sunni straight but am again getting confused. It is nice that the Kurds are more distinct, or and distinctly named, with some understandable nationalistic impulse of their own.

If the Armed Forces of the US are to be doing anything over there it cannot be anything but finding and destroying nuclear weapons or any other of the kill game weapons of mass destruction.

That was the whole justification not there but since not there, created.

The local paper is slim with Tammy Grubb overworked reporting on land grabs and designs. If it isn’t a solar farm to support the last acres of the old, it is the hatred of the sight of a cell tower to cause the neighbors to lose money.

The fact that people can keep others all around all the time from making money by becoming supporters of new power infrastructures and communications for their view, certainly keeps me from wanting to see these people close up.


Working Class Corner

Poor Man's Car StoriesRich persons garage,Looks nice, Quaint,I am too poor for this

Well this is related to the Citation I got for driving a car without a current inspection sticker and paying of some taxes.

I didn’t know I didn’t have a current sticker, and you can refer to the Trolling Officer Succeeds post for that part of the story. I went to the place in the picture that used to be Chapel Hill Tire. Everything in sight is being purchased as if EV Grieve of the East Village blog and I are experiencing the same world events.

When I went out of the house to talk for Modular buildings, and a factory at IGX Horace Williams to convert shipping containers and then graduate to folding homes and workspaces as following Habitafex up in Quebec. It was to me a win win sort of enterprise for the land here is so expensive you need to put the package together so to keep the mortgage payment down at the bank and bring in lower rents than otherwise possible, I think my wife dropped me from the Camry.

Camry’s are great cars and the inspection was still failed and they want 13 hundred dollars to fix it and pass it. I had no earthly idea this great old car was in such horrible horrible shape. It was made in 1995. They say the tires are dry rotted. I’m thinking that if we simply got new tires and kept at the leaks it would go safely down the road.

Since 2012 I have been in and out of the hospital getting a spinal cord protection dam put in my neck so I wouldn’t be paralyzed. Then there was the two times on the right hip operation that slowed all down because of that MERSA infection that led to near death and hospital psychosis which is a dirty mental experience unlike any other.

If there are any strangers for me to visit it is the ones gone insane from infection. Dr. Shahum and Dr. Keating, and Dr. Delgazo have saved my life and Dr. Lawrence put a couple of eyes in and then there was Liz Dreeson that saved me once. I was dying then of this gut wrap from the covering.

Those are just the dying notes.

I’d worked at Sids after being out of work as a carpenter, not able really to do much physically and at Halloween sitting and watching while in such intense pain I was the Halloween fright to see there in the chair in the dim light of the cold October.

Finally some help came through from form filing at the time the bones ground together bone on bone. Put in the nursing home in Greensboro long away for all and with sweet thieves and incompetents I had been pushed out of the UNC hospital when so constipated that when it happened there was a crowd of at least 5 standing and watching the horror of my delivery.

The point being that I wasn’t driving much. Then I broke my leg after the second hip was going well. Along there while recovering from the second hip replacement, and right happy to walk at all, I had to take the car to the Good Old Boys under wife and mother in law orders. Somehow the drivers window was broken.

I’d taken the door apart to figure out if I could get it in a track, but it was the motor, so I needed a motor. Arriving there at the garage I apologized for starting the work and asked the “Good Ole Boy” to come and look where I was at.

I understand mechanics. I did a good deal of that sort of work with big old airplanes and was good enough to think of an A&P test. (A & P is airframe and Powerplant.) The old good old boy said they had it under control. I’d left the screws and parts out in a tray box.

When we got the car back I had to use some gaff tape to hold the window controls in the door arm rest where they put that stuff. I called back to complain. I was cursed for fucking it all up and bringing it in by the mechanic that I thanked for not throwing the parts away.

“At least you left the parts.”

If that guy had got off his fat ass and looked at what I needed to actually show him, there would have been no problem. I wrote them a letter telling them they obviously didn’t like their job.

It is so that I really don’t like to go out of the house hardly. I have written awhile ago about the insulting manner in which I was told by David Andrews that the “Town Would Never Work With Me over anything.” I’d run for mayor to fire him since I’d not been treated that way since in high school in Greensboro when I was barred from the graduation ceremony.

I’d been on Student Council and made Honor Roll, so it wasn’t like I was some low life malinger that needed to be somehow shamed over anything. That was when we were fighting paying for the first time for our diplomas. I was the last holdout of the Council, though I had rented the gown. Clendenin at Page had blackmailed a guy who was protecting the teacher he was sleeping with into ratting out his pot smoking friends. He killed himself after being ostracized in his teacher lovers yard with a hose of exhaust to the interior of the car.

If he knew about me and the Art of Film teacher he had no proof. I was good at being undercover from an early age, though I talk at getting things done. Pot is still used to ruin the dissenters lives. I am sad I voted for Sheriff Charles Blackwood. So far he has no intention of joining Police for the End of Prohibition. I can’t transfer the Resolution I wrote for that sort of political prisoner reality of growers and dealers who are denied the freedom to grow a good cash crop on their small properties by the NC government and the Feds.

I must read the Dylan Perry Resolution on my Transcendian TV youtube channel. I am saying that the only sane battlefield for the revolutionary now is TV Land. I recommend you claim territory there. The revolution Will be Televised.

So the ticket that CM Ferraro gave me has led to graver and graver economic difficulties when every cent does have a predetermined place. Since I am physically ruined with little time in the day when I am near normal. I say I aim to get back to half the man I was. This is what being poor is really about.

Divide by Matt Taibbi captures it well. Lt. Stroud is supposed to look at the record of tickets C.M. Ferraro wrote hanging around the Food Lion parking lot. I ought have gone to Harris Teeter where there are fewer poor people.

My mother in law and my wife like the Good ole Boys and my wife took her car to that same garage for her cars inspection. Both of them are hers. I didn’t want anything more to do with them. She was hanging back due to emotional distress over the “firing”, as I wanted another mechanic set go.

It is not wise for me to think even that I could get around on a scooter all the time anymore. I want an electric motor and batteries to make an electric scooter and thought of getting a trolling motor and variable speed control for a belt drive scotter. I’d put some gears or and a flywheel where the propeller goes and get the scooter geared at least to go up the local hills.

I immediately thought of yanking the good motor out and selling it. I of course love old mechanisms. I’ve tried to make a carbon phone and it is harder than it looks.

I have the perfect profile of a working class independent experienced scholar and poet, warrior poet you want in the US Senate now. I would protect the engineers of the nation and get them the money to switch the US to Renewable Energy from hogs, chickens and the ocean tides.

I’d ask for cowlings on windmills that are popping the eardrums of bats, and killing birds.

I’d make sure that the AIG or what other Insurance Companies do not insure crap financial instruments like Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps that put the US in the position of being the reinsurers of them that was supposed to do the job.

You must decide what world order you will back. Will you accept that you actually need to be a clear eyed nationalist, or will you become a corporatitist. Corporatist. The signs of this endgame have appeared in the TPP. What is it with Democratic Presidents that start out speaking of the little guy or ethical justice and peace, and then do more harm to us at the ending of their administrations?

Wilson, seems like Wilson started it and Roosevelt signed on to go against the Communists of China when Check Kang Ki Sheck? the Chinese Nationalists were so corrupt the people had had it? I don’t want to get into the Zionism and its results as all that was warned. I want to see if the Israelis and the Palestinians might skew the Insurodollar and insure one and another to disincentivise the killings of innocents.

It would be fair. Overwhelming independent Gendarmes are also required. GAZA needs to be allowed to work. People need their ports.

Well it looks like there will be some lesser chance of what this summer in Ukraine. Russia is reported by IHS to want land access down through the Ukraine to the sea to not need to jog around through to the Crimea. Summer is the season for love and war.

I am only good from the neck up. I got maybe at the hopeful to 76 when people like me die. Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter is a good book like Profiles in Courage, only different from me. My politicians book and this is my newspaper. Politicians have to do and have certain things.

Great leaders call on engineers to get the things necessary done. If put in the Senate I’d do all I could to get them to be allowed to lead us out of the difficulties we face.

Energy my friends, as surplus of energy must be given us to allow for a just and wonderful Civilization. Drilling isn’t the answer anymore. Solar, is everywhere to be used. The oceans at 8 pounds a gallon moving in and out can generate massive amounts of electricity. The complaints that distribution costs money are just bullshit aimed to keep the monkey’s hand in the monkey jar.

Okay, I need to do some other things.