Two Gifts/Letter to Good People/Pearls to Swine?

Transcendian Money by Dave RiptonT

Two gifts to the world from Transcendia.  One is the Insurodollar, and the other is a way to cut down the killings between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  Both are related.

When people finally get to Transcendia, the work of conceptual art, this is the page they are going to see.  They aren’t scrolling through the years and years of columns, contributions, as thoughts were developed.  Only as good as your last job.  This is the last job.  Here it is.

For the Middle East, Israel is there.  It was there and then there was a long break, then the Jews returned to their home.  OK, done deal.  Wilson believed in Majority Rule.  Minority rule is the rule.  That’s it.  Done.  Live with it.  Everybody who knew anything knew it was trouble.

I thought about it.  I watched Noam Chomsky debate Dershowitz.  Oh my god!  Dumb shit out of Dershowitz.  I’m not cowed by these people.  Stick a stamp on them.  Move a wall around?  Crazy stupid shit.

Cut it out.  Democracy isn’t always anything more than mob rule.  What’s the goal?  Whoever it is, what is the goal.  Good King, good goals.  Peace Prosperity, food shelter.  People who live normally.  They just want a family.  They know friends come and go.  Blood.  The land. They have to fight for it.  People want what you have.  You bought it up and you made it work, grow food, and they want it.

The main thing, goal of Transcendia is to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot.  Starts where?  Israel.  They’ll fight.  Life or death struggle.  All the time.  Surrounded by enemies.  High ground.  They have to keep the high ground.

People are all over the place.  Poor people.  Israel needs to keep them poor?  They are enemies.  They are sick of it all.  There was the Mandate.  They were a Protectorate.  They are a nation.  Both of them see themselves as Nations.  OK.

So the skew of the Insurodollar is that they insure each other.  If they kill each other they have to pay for it.  Run the coffers low if they kill innocents.  Death and destruction benefits go out of the National Insurance Company Human Capital Bank that is the basis for the currency, if it is an Insurodollar.

Whatever they call their money.  Palestinians have friends, supporters, so do the Israelis.  What is the money spent on?  Keeping a lid on it.  War.  Threatened and they fight.  Teenagers and they follow the gangs of unsocialized gangs.  Stupid.  Nation has to have a monopoly on violence.  It’s a rule.  I got less respect for the nation, Israel, for doing war things because of the teenagers.  What the teenagers do.

I can’t expand on it that much.  It’s too simple.  If there is a killing of an innocent, the insurance company has to pay.  Palestinians pay for killing Israelis and Israelis pay for killing Palestinians.

You have to be delusional to think that you will beat the Petrodollar Imperative as long as it is the basis of the currency.  Oil and gas are like gold to the world.  In this world.  Burn everything up and it gets hotter.  Surprise.  Play with Carbon Credits?  You’re still playing with fire.  Everything is dying.  Plastics all in the oceans.  Too much.

Fukushima is swept under the rug.  Goddammit, the mobsters get to make money sending the poor into work there.  They don’t care.  They’re mobsters for gods sakes.  But it shows.  The Energy is the key.  You have all these people.  They need electricity.  Everything is about electricity.  Cheap electricity.  Capture it from the Sun and put the generators in the oceans.  Let the engineers do it.  The engineers want to work on it.  They like the problems.  Give them the money and leave them alone.  They don’t like talking to you.  They have problems with stupid time wasting crap.  They want to solve the problems.  You need to protect them from being interfered with.

You add up the value of the people and it’s on an actuary table and there it is.  It’s understandable to capitalists.  Labor is international.  International labor.  Poison the water it hurts the people.  Goes on like that.  Changes the paradigm.  People worth more than gold or oil, it changes the direction of things.  That’s why the Insurodollar is better than the Petrodollar.

Okay.  I wrote down the two gifts to the world I made up for the work of art that is Transcendia.  Am I throwing the pearls to the pigs?  Are you swine?  Am I wasting my time?  Always.  Always wasting my time.  It’s running out.

Every day the Apocalyptic Riot is more likely.  You can’t have all the nuclear bombs and the pressures and the economic wars.  Germany just beat the shit out of Greece.  Something about the Germans.  They need to just stay in their place.  Culture.  It’s in their hearts.  Winning is everything.  Put the Greeks in their place.  They, the Greeks, too bad, they are not together.  Like the Russians got screwed by their own and the invaders they didn’t know how to do business with, they get looted.

Finance now is all about looting the next guy.  Find a weakness and exploit it and wipe them out.  Take all their stuff.  Hide it.  Put it somewhere.  Buy some art.  Finance.  It’s hardball.

The Insurodollar, if the Netherlands adopts it, it doesn’t have to fear Germans so much.  The Euro is a failure.  The Insurodollar creates for the people inheritance, and creates loyalty for the nation that runs the system.  It’s superior.  Alan Greenspan pissed me off.  I fixed his goddamned wagon.  I’m as good an economist as Alan Greenspan.  I have the goal of peace.  Winning the peace means making the money.  Making the money work for my class, the working classes.  All of them.  International.

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