Executive Committee Notes, Voting is First

Methaphors for Power

Power Lines which could be as well transportation corridors, but laws have made that impossible.

Executive Committee Meeting

I did not announce myself as a candidate for the Democratic Senatorial Seat contest.  I mean the US Senate.  It was on the tip of my tongue.  I felt less brave and berated myself for my lack of courage to stand up.  I still have time.  I am still looking at things.

I awoke this morning in pain all throughout.  PT is in 45 minutes.  I have doubts that I will be able to get through and live another 6 years, 7 years, when waking up is such a painful experience.  If the Union had gotten back to me to talk about support, I would have stood up. If the Democratic Party had gotten back to me, instead of ignoring me, I would have stood up.

Doesn’t matter too much since I’ll have Transcendian work till I die.  I was thinking that the failures meant I had to return to nationalism towards my nation, I have never abandoned, except for that time I went to Canada because I wasn’t going to waste my fighting years on Viet Nam.  Soldiers in letters home told me not to, and I believed them.

I’ve already said that Orange County Democrats are not all that progressive.  There was proof when the best of the commissioners up was a Republican.  There are a couple of rabid ideologues out there running with Koch jobs for County seats.  County politics affect the regular walking around person a good deal.

The lack of willingness of people to run or vote was discussed.  I can certainly empathize.  Involvement eats time.  No wonder the politics go to dedicated pros who get paychecks from it.  Names went by too fast to write down.  I about wished for a chalk board as opposed to the big screen TVs.

As an anarchist like I used to be I believed in voting as just another thing possible to do.  Like one more tool if you wanted government to work a bit for you and yours.

Locally in Carrboro and Chapel Hill their have been secured by Election Board Members who volunteer for the work involved three convenient Early Voting Sites

Town Hall Carrboro, Chapel of the Cross, the Episcopal Church next to the Morehead Planetarium on Franklin St., and the Seymore Senior Center.  I have no idea where the Seymore Senior Center is.

Far as my own political action success, I got Verla Insko to finally call Mike Williams who is NCSU Head of Department of Presage Poultry, and the NCSU Point man concerning Renewable Energy engineering out of NCSU.  NCSU research is much used in China.  Some of what they are doing with Hog Wastes hasn’t been done before.  Costs are hard to figure when it hasn’t been done before.  Everything costs more the first time done.  Solar applied to the recovery of gas from hog wastes would alleviate the costs of the electricity.  Integrating energy capture takes a little thought that pouring gas in the tank doesn’t.  CNG is held back by the need for trained technicians handling gas that is under high pressure.

I encountered failure setbacks when trying 17 years ago to move exoskeletons forwards to combine with forklifts for sheet rock delivery in its last stage that produces 70 percent disability.

Thow away people were and are preferred.


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