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Well this is related to the Citation I got for driving a car without a current inspection sticker and paying of some taxes.

I didn’t know I didn’t have a current sticker, and you can refer to the Trolling Officer Succeeds post for that part of the story. I went to the place in the picture that used to be Chapel Hill Tire. Everything in sight is being purchased as if EV Grieve of the East Village blog and I are experiencing the same world events.

When I went out of the house to talk for Modular buildings, and a factory at IGX Horace Williams to convert shipping containers and then graduate to folding homes and workspaces as following Habitafex up in Quebec. It was to me a win win sort of enterprise for the land here is so expensive you need to put the package together so to keep the mortgage payment down at the bank and bring in lower rents than otherwise possible, I think my wife dropped me from the Camry.

Camry’s are great cars and the inspection was still failed and they want 13 hundred dollars to fix it and pass it. I had no earthly idea this great old car was in such horrible horrible shape. It was made in 1995. They say the tires are dry rotted. I’m thinking that if we simply got new tires and kept at the leaks it would go safely down the road.

Since 2012 I have been in and out of the hospital getting a spinal cord protection dam put in my neck so I wouldn’t be paralyzed. Then there was the two times on the right hip operation that slowed all down because of that MERSA infection that led to near death and hospital psychosis which is a dirty mental experience unlike any other.

If there are any strangers for me to visit it is the ones gone insane from infection. Dr. Shahum and Dr. Keating, and Dr. Delgazo have saved my life and Dr. Lawrence put a couple of eyes in and then there was Liz Dreeson that saved me once. I was dying then of this gut wrap from the covering.

Those are just the dying notes.

I’d worked at Sids after being out of work as a carpenter, not able really to do much physically and at Halloween sitting and watching while in such intense pain I was the Halloween fright to see there in the chair in the dim light of the cold October.

Finally some help came through from form filing at the time the bones ground together bone on bone. Put in the nursing home in Greensboro long away for all and with sweet thieves and incompetents I had been pushed out of the UNC hospital when so constipated that when it happened there was a crowd of at least 5 standing and watching the horror of my delivery.

The point being that I wasn’t driving much. Then I broke my leg after the second hip was going well. Along there while recovering from the second hip replacement, and right happy to walk at all, I had to take the car to the Good Old Boys under wife and mother in law orders. Somehow the drivers window was broken.

I’d taken the door apart to figure out if I could get it in a track, but it was the motor, so I needed a motor. Arriving there at the garage I apologized for starting the work and asked the “Good Ole Boy” to come and look where I was at.

I understand mechanics. I did a good deal of that sort of work with big old airplanes and was good enough to think of an A&P test. (A & P is airframe and Powerplant.) The old good old boy said they had it under control. I’d left the screws and parts out in a tray box.

When we got the car back I had to use some gaff tape to hold the window controls in the door arm rest where they put that stuff. I called back to complain. I was cursed for fucking it all up and bringing it in by the mechanic that I thanked for not throwing the parts away.

“At least you left the parts.”

If that guy had got off his fat ass and looked at what I needed to actually show him, there would have been no problem. I wrote them a letter telling them they obviously didn’t like their job.

It is so that I really don’t like to go out of the house hardly. I have written awhile ago about the insulting manner in which I was told by David Andrews that the “Town Would Never Work With Me over anything.” I’d run for mayor to fire him since I’d not been treated that way since in high school in Greensboro when I was barred from the graduation ceremony.

I’d been on Student Council and made Honor Roll, so it wasn’t like I was some low life malinger that needed to be somehow shamed over anything. That was when we were fighting paying for the first time for our diplomas. I was the last holdout of the Council, though I had rented the gown. Clendenin at Page had blackmailed a guy who was protecting the teacher he was sleeping with into ratting out his pot smoking friends. He killed himself after being ostracized in his teacher lovers yard with a hose of exhaust to the interior of the car.

If he knew about me and the Art of Film teacher he had no proof. I was good at being undercover from an early age, though I talk at getting things done. Pot is still used to ruin the dissenters lives. I am sad I voted for Sheriff Charles Blackwood. So far he has no intention of joining Police for the End of Prohibition. I can’t transfer the Resolution I wrote for that sort of political prisoner reality of growers and dealers who are denied the freedom to grow a good cash crop on their small properties by the NC government and the Feds.

I must read the Dylan Perry Resolution on my Transcendian TV youtube channel. I am saying that the only sane battlefield for the revolutionary now is TV Land. I recommend you claim territory there. The revolution Will be Televised.

So the ticket that CM Ferraro gave me has led to graver and graver economic difficulties when every cent does have a predetermined place. Since I am physically ruined with little time in the day when I am near normal. I say I aim to get back to half the man I was. This is what being poor is really about.

Divide by Matt Taibbi captures it well. Lt. Stroud is supposed to look at the record of tickets C.M. Ferraro wrote hanging around the Food Lion parking lot. I ought have gone to Harris Teeter where there are fewer poor people.

My mother in law and my wife like the Good ole Boys and my wife took her car to that same garage for her cars inspection. Both of them are hers. I didn’t want anything more to do with them. She was hanging back due to emotional distress over the “firing”, as I wanted another mechanic set go.

It is not wise for me to think even that I could get around on a scooter all the time anymore. I want an electric motor and batteries to make an electric scooter and thought of getting a trolling motor and variable speed control for a belt drive scotter. I’d put some gears or and a flywheel where the propeller goes and get the scooter geared at least to go up the local hills.

I immediately thought of yanking the good motor out and selling it. I of course love old mechanisms. I’ve tried to make a carbon phone and it is harder than it looks.

I have the perfect profile of a working class independent experienced scholar and poet, warrior poet you want in the US Senate now. I would protect the engineers of the nation and get them the money to switch the US to Renewable Energy from hogs, chickens and the ocean tides.

I’d ask for cowlings on windmills that are popping the eardrums of bats, and killing birds.

I’d make sure that the AIG or what other Insurance Companies do not insure crap financial instruments like Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps that put the US in the position of being the reinsurers of them that was supposed to do the job.

You must decide what world order you will back. Will you accept that you actually need to be a clear eyed nationalist, or will you become a corporatitist. Corporatist. The signs of this endgame have appeared in the TPP. What is it with Democratic Presidents that start out speaking of the little guy or ethical justice and peace, and then do more harm to us at the ending of their administrations?

Wilson, seems like Wilson started it and Roosevelt signed on to go against the Communists of China when Check Kang Ki Sheck? the Chinese Nationalists were so corrupt the people had had it? I don’t want to get into the Zionism and its results as all that was warned. I want to see if the Israelis and the Palestinians might skew the Insurodollar and insure one and another to disincentivise the killings of innocents.

It would be fair. Overwhelming independent Gendarmes are also required. GAZA needs to be allowed to work. People need their ports.

Well it looks like there will be some lesser chance of what this summer in Ukraine. Russia is reported by IHS to want land access down through the Ukraine to the sea to not need to jog around through to the Crimea. Summer is the season for love and war.

I am only good from the neck up. I got maybe at the hopeful to 76 when people like me die. Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter is a good book like Profiles in Courage, only different from me. My politicians book and this is my newspaper. Politicians have to do and have certain things.

Great leaders call on engineers to get the things necessary done. If put in the Senate I’d do all I could to get them to be allowed to lead us out of the difficulties we face.

Energy my friends, as surplus of energy must be given us to allow for a just and wonderful Civilization. Drilling isn’t the answer anymore. Solar, is everywhere to be used. The oceans at 8 pounds a gallon moving in and out can generate massive amounts of electricity. The complaints that distribution costs money are just bullshit aimed to keep the monkey’s hand in the monkey jar.

Okay, I need to do some other things.

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