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When I last voted in a local election I wasn’t sure what sheriff to vote for and voted in ignorance for Charles Blackwood.
I saw him on Linked In and since I have only been able to get together with police over guns I asked him where the shooting range was.
He replied it was some nice family business called Handgunners out far from where I live. I may go looking for someone with vast land holdings that I knew in Eli Whitney.
I was wondering where the police practiced and was told that the police use a video game sort of system. I’d like to film that.

I ended up with Lt. Stroud over my most local questions about the local police sense of mission. It appears to me that officers may be preying on the poor who are constantly committing crimes of poverty. Food rent and the car all have to be paid, and it is such things as inspections that may well be put to the back burner as the poor attempt to navigate through there lives and restricted options.

When I went to a motorcycle in an attempt to keep my expenses low and still get around independently I was older and had no friends to help me with the motorcycle endorsement for my license. I was riding on my Learners Permit. When part of the muffler fell out one night the NY Highway Patrol caught me looking for it and wrote me tickets that caused me to break down in tears for what it was going to cost to get it all corrected. At the time I was just allowed to live in a friends attic and had been showing for work at the temp agency there in Rochester NY to work some poverty wage jobs.

Notable was the ham wrapping, cold ham sorting sending place for minimum wage. I was cold all the time that way. I’d ride the bike through snow and slush to the meet freezer and work there to attempt to find anything else, always cold and sorry and beaten by all the poverty.

The major employer for Rochester Ny is now the U of R, which has good government research contracts aside from image city training and other department discipline contracts. It seems ironic for the commonality of the ivory tower power realities of the new medieval age. I think 60 thousand people lost their Kodak jobs.

Chapel Hill NC beat the U of R as a medieval power of the University systems by 2 and a half centuries. Over and during my lifetime whatever skills I learned in the working class world lost to the certified or connected. My life is essentially over though I still live thanks to some titanium and the work of three surgeons.

Looks like I’ll have to go to Hillsborough and make a losing case in the courts there. I wonder if I’ll get stopped over there now, for being a stranger in town. In Carrboro it is the policing policy to stop strangers. I read so in the papers. I thought you really had to provide some other reason for the police to interfere with your private day.

I was caused to think of this all because I was curious about the outcome for Dylan Perry who got caught for growing some marijuana. At 450 thousand dollars for bail, you’d think they thought every one of the 956 plants they got was worth a million each. This bullshit of the misdemeanor for some low quantity and a major felony for growing or distributing marijuana is stupid.

I feel really sorry for the young man who will likely losing everything he has and be made poor for the rest of his life. Since the report of his arrest and the application of the huge bond there is no more news of him. I hope he is out somehow. Next to the loss of your life the loss of your freedom is what the government gets to take. It is miserable. I wrote this following Resoultion I wanted the Democratic Party to adopt:

Resolution to Release from Prison Marijuana Offenders
Whereas no one dies from the use of marijuana.
Whereas the reason marijuana is illegal is to make subject to arrest and incarceration citizens who live a different lifestyle, and oppress the poor.
Whereas there is no other reason the folkway of marijuana is illegal at all, than to keep a segment of the society poor.
Whereas all incarcerated solely for the growing and or distribute of marijuana are for all intents and purposes: Political Prisoners.
Be it resolved to support the immediate pardon and release of such individuals from all State Prisons.

For those in prison these days for these reasons I do imagine a visitors organization that regularly visits them.

Charles Blackwood has no intention whatsoever of joining with the Police Against Prohibition. As Vice Chair of the Carrboro Democrats Town Hall Precinct I will work to prevent ignorance of the voter. I apologize to all for my own transgressions when guessing in the voting booth. I knew not to vote for Hagan who was so bipartisan and energy engineering ignorant she was too much a gag vote which caused me to write my name in and now led to my nascent poor campaign. Far as Foushee her anti airport position, something for the flax skirt crowd who don’t have to worry after opportunities for work outside of the Ivory Tower walls diminishes whatever progressive educational positions she may work for.

Graig Meyer and Verla Insko are outnumbered so that the next election cycle is one of importance however far good government is possible in NC.
Pay attention to what is in NC Politics and what little you might get out of the papers. I’ll report or think out loud here, or on Transcendian my youtube channel. Thanks RSD

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