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Transcendian Money by Dave Ripton

Dave Ripton a poet friend of mine, editor of early Transcendian Television, designed this bill of money, some currency I never invented till long after the design on paper that looked like a 1000, of something. The design of the Insurodollar meant I could use his contribution to Transcendia based on something real and useful in the world.

In other words now it is within sight that the currency would be understood and acceptable in and out of the country. Superior in its nationalistic inspiration of loyalty. It is also if accepted by other nations as a way they can themselves free themselves from the Petrodollar creating cross border class unification.

Again: The insurodollar acknowledges the human capital of the individual and that, that is combined in the citizens of that nation. The Greeks talked of a currency based on future tax value.

Here we are getting close to human capital currency, but without the component that would inspire loyalty to Greece. There exists a quandary concerning a modern nations individual earning powers. Unless they individually or as crews and companies can travel unimpeded anywhere where their skills are best paid, their earnings are diminished.

To be viewed as a Future Tax Credit hardly even sounds right, and wouldn’t necessarily inspire in one much loyalty. Because the Insurodollar is but the currency reflecting and embodiment of an overall system of values insuring as much as will be possible a great life of childhood, maturity, and old age, the life, the whole life.

Ironic to my ex-wife would be all that would even make it so that while I failed to become a NYLife Insurance Agent and had to cash in my policy 27 or so years ago, I would use the lessons to complete the most fearful thing a man can create, a nation.

In so far as I have not given up my US Citizenship by taking up arms against it as did so many Confederates immortalized in all the town squares of the South, I am obliged to offer what I know to my primary allegiance, and Intend to run for US Senate representing North Carolina in the Union, and for the principles of the Union, and not the principles of the C.S.A. so much currently in ascendancy.

There we thirty years gone by. As labor all one could do was move and move in industry after another from place to place till there was no more endurance for all that entails and become committed to where one is likely to die.

They were saying in a VICE show about the art business that the evidence of the idea was what was selling for big money. Transcendia is the ultimate of art works. There are contributions to the work that all can make. Games are now this video art that the player can alter like as if they could crawl up on Shakespeare’s stage.

Combat has come to look like the game. There were always toy soldiers. The modern set must have atomic weapons in the box.

I have to love the US for letting me get this far.

The reputation of the North, and the reputation of the South have both worked against me. Even working for the Union as a cardholding refugee after the Labor article in Reel Carolina it was the expectation that as a Southerner I was a stupid or hateful character. You wonder where the real USA is if you travel the states of the East Coast sometimes. By the time I was done I was for some more completed Federalization.

When I arrived in Florida I had a pickup and a motorcycle. By the time I left I had a blue bicycle, which I’d been egged while riding for becoming a poor person and hence a target. Federalized automobile registrations and tags would be fine with me. However it is the FAA nationally does it with airplanes would be preferable. I never remember driving a car in NYC. It was either the Grip Truck or my motorcycle.

I was not trapped.

A trapped army must surrender or be annihilated, and sometimes the events happen in succession. Those who slaughter their prisoners are less likely to get any mercy. Losing is a haunt.

I used to have Shites and the Sunni straight but am again getting confused. It is nice that the Kurds are more distinct, or and distinctly named, with some understandable nationalistic impulse of their own.

If the Armed Forces of the US are to be doing anything over there it cannot be anything but finding and destroying nuclear weapons or any other of the kill game weapons of mass destruction.

That was the whole justification not there but since not there, created.

The local paper is slim with Tammy Grubb overworked reporting on land grabs and designs. If it isn’t a solar farm to support the last acres of the old, it is the hatred of the sight of a cell tower to cause the neighbors to lose money.

The fact that people can keep others all around all the time from making money by becoming supporters of new power infrastructures and communications for their view, certainly keeps me from wanting to see these people close up.


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