Elon Musk can’t get Space Right Fast enough

For the Insurodollar, write deal memo on the back.

For the Insurodollar, write deal memo on the back.

The turn backwards was away from colonizing the Moon. There on the Moon water was a secret. Meantime the impossible fixing of the Earth first was raised up. Sure, fine, The Vatican is going to pay for both projects. Populate the plastic oceans.

Space itself is for robots and tardigardes with human heads engineered in a lab. AI is stupid now and will be stupid later, as dependent on its programer and if not with another agenda.

We need the Waterbears scaled up to live on Mars and be able to fuck naked.
We will be able to talk and joke with them.

What humor can a technical being really have? They will be like their engineers ready to erase anything made they don’t like, or like who made it. The technicians, all picky. Angry. People can’t produce outputs as inputs are intended by the engineer.

You go to engineers and attorneys and tell them what to do. They don’t want to think further about it. It can be depressing really.

No wonder too then see the politicians bowing to God right and left and love the Pope and the Catholic agenda is the Right Wing. 10 years is a century now.

Launching straight up is not the way to survive 10 out of ten. Or did Russia sabotage two big rockets and a little one in a couple of weeks? The Russians are the US enemy and get cash for their buddies to skim plant off the top when a ticket is sold.

Their engines work fine for them?

What about the modifications by Boeing? There were better magnets for telephones in Germany, because Germany simply had better magnet ore. People don’t even know all their secrets.

What about the Jetsons? What a world. Too happy by far.

So half the planet is already extinct. Is it a sign?

The reduction of the US Space program was like the Chinese inversion, and turn from curiosity and science made starvation a regular occurrence. They didn’t even have Christianity, just more food till there wasn’t as the reason. Christianity is fine with starvations too, it makes people pray more. They give alms for solace.

Everybody wants to be loved so they say Jesus loves them. It works every time. Jesus loves you.

So now we, as humans are as behind the power curve as we can get and all the MBAs love the poverty that makes people love Jesus, since if they substitute the boss they will kill him. He obviously doesn’t love you, he wants you poor and desperate, which is fine, except for free people with the vote, or a gun, and free speech and democratic principles. All they here is don’t pay labor till they burn down the factory, or slit your throat.

If there is a shutdown of the US Government I will have a strategic plan in place so that an orderly change of the US from governance according to the Electoral Presidential Democracy is altered in favor of a Parliamentary System.

I have read and read and read, and the history recommends to me for Transcendia the Airport Authority and a Parliamentary System to oversee and satisfy the needs of the nation’s people for Defense, Education, and Development and Research enablement. Tools will be provided and the crisis of Energy will be addressed in radical speed so that pressure on the environment is diminished or stopped at least where it is.

The Drug War will be ended so as to include more people in our democracy, and free people from the surveillance all allow because of its outgrowth as a result of J. Edgar Hoover prejudices and bigotry. Separating Smugglers from Weapons smugglers must happen. It is not a small threat. I hazard that the benefits to the CIA front companies and their desire for another source of funds off book means their known use of drugs as a business means that organization is not to be trusted.

At some point you must believe and know for certain that your spies are working for your nation’s interests.

I would highly suggest the alternative currency the Insurodollar. Think for yourself this time. Human Capital is figured out as worth more or less every day on actuary tables and it is understood that health well educated skilled people are worth more than sick ignorant people. Pooling some of the equity of policies, “good policies” will build up a bank and a treasury and an insurance company that creates some loyal citizens.

People with good healthcare stay citizens of the nations they lucked out to be born into. It is like how people work for companies that pay and provide them a living and security so all is not lost.

A nation has an army, period, to be a nation it has the monopoly on force. Laws are enforced when people don’t believe in them. You know what I am talking about.

You understand what was wrought when gold was the basis for the currency. You know people would do anything to get gold. The Native Americans has treaties broken and land taken because of gold. You know what is happening around oil, and the Petrodollar deal with the Saudi’s.

Think for yourself about the Insurodollar. It is my gift if I have any to give.