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my grand show at

I get sick to my stomach naturally before a show, before a performance and this was no different.  I did not know if I could make it, or if I did if I would be in any sort of condition to perform.  Once told the show as up I started to feel better.

My plan had been to have the video screen playing my films from the playlists of the Transcendian Channel on youtube in the gallery space itself, and not off to the side where as it went the kids sat down as it was rolling and put on a shoot ’em up game to play.  They came out from that to play with my megaphone, and the sticks, but got confused when I told them to watch out for splinters.  I gave the child my sanded sticks, since I had run out of time to sand sticks, and they didn’t like the sticks as much.

They loved that megaphone.

My art is long somewhat rough around the edges.  Slick, well slick is slick and I somehow don’t get to that till a lot more money is spent on framing.  To get around that I paint or draw or mount my photographs on wood.  I get good plywood to use.  I paint the edges now to try and keep the painting on the wood, but if someone peels it off, or leaves it out in the rain, it will be destroyed, like anything else.

There are two dream inspired works in this show.  I like to try and capture a dream for a painting.  If you want real and detail from me you get a photograph.  Otherwise it is a straight ahead painting or what I call a wall sculpture.  These works may or may not have some political component.  The main thing is to certify from my art Strength, Wisdom, Beauty & Humor. That is what I try to do in my writings.

The pictures and wall sculptures are aimed at being good company for you, on your walls.  Many of them have been “livability tested” since my wife puts them on our walls.  She used to move the furniture around every day when we were first married, and it is better when she moves the paintings around, from my perspective.

I like it and you can bet for sure it is a good thing my wife likes what I do.  There is one piece in the show that I insisted on.  I know one of them she initially did not like, but grew to like.  She’ll never like the one I insisted on.  It was nice someone told me at the show it was their favorite.

Took me awhile to figure out why someone started crying from looking at my show.  I heard from a witness they were overwhelmed with empathy from work that in some ways tells my story of bad luck and pain.  It doesn’t look like that necessarily you know.  I think “Night of Pain” is a fine cartoon.  I have been through a lot of bad luck, two serious beatings, and my crimes are crimes of poverty.

I fear the police and I fear robbers.

I fear barbarians.

I make movies.  Since I am not getting paid, have no ensemble cast, I make a lot of radio.  I mean Car Episodes as a Transcendian Playlist has come into its own.  You can watch it as my music.  I made the instruments and broke a lot of them up for not working in any satisfying sort of way.  What is left, and in the show at the opening were available to play, They work.

It was extremely helpful that many of the people there had been primed to expect me to says some things directly about Transcendia the model nation.  I was not fully on my game with my composing and jamming.  Brian helped a great deal.  It is very important and a good thing that Brian liked Intendor tm #13 and I do hope he plays it around town as he said he would.  That #13 is also my Australian best friend in IGX.  I had made a place for Roxy, now Roxanne Roxanne on FB because I believe in her talent.

I want to put her on some civilized stages, or in some civilized small intimate room as I saw Ellen Kaye sing in when I was welcome at the Monkey Room.  Whatever anybody, or she might have to say, that place, the Monkey Room, in that hotel, that was the height of civilization and I want to believe her place Moscow 57 gets that back and keeps that experience going.

I was the savage beast calmed by music.

All the Hettig kids are inheritors from me of the name Transcendia.  Too bad that it is under assault.  Work defending the name is created if if is to keep all of its value.  For me it is same as the name Disney is to Disney.  I need you to buy my art and my books so I can push on with my work of creating a nation of airports that becomes a nation of spaceports.  We really do not have time to be worrying too much about the barbarians.

Barbarians steal what they want, and the Civilized work for it.

Keeping onwards has been my tactic.  Those in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Ann Arbor, using my name without honor are a late to it.  They would benefit better then from their stealing, if honor was given and I was turned into their ally and partner instead of pissing me off.

Really, dishonor and theft of what is most dear to me and mine hurts me in my heart and then I want to bad mouth those people.  They hurt me.

An attorney in Intellectual Property working on contingency might well make some real money as there is every evidence of my commitment long ago to Transcendia.

Now the plan is for me to achieve the Currency of Fame in order to really make some big budget love stories and a war movie in order to have the funds to pay of the leases where to put my airports and also put in passport support offices and run the services businesses of Transcendia.  This was my original plan from my early adult youth.  It did not work at the time, but as things have turned out over the years there is no other plan that will work.

I am an artist, and a filmmaker.

The least expensive film I can make is the Serial Playlist Feature.  There are two playlists to which I put scenes for that movie, those movies.  Suggested Viewing for Mac DeMarco, and My New Movie, Movie Quest.

On amazon there is JET Beach, which is a package.  It is a love story adventure movie.  I know it will get made and during that time I will see a foot in a woman’s shoe on a Learjet Air Stair.  Learning how to love like a gentleman or and as a lady is pretty hard to do, especially if you have not seen if done.

The artist knows they have a lot of responsibility when it comes to movies, since kids see them and people will flat out simply do whatever it is they see done.  Rod Serling was really hurt that the barometric bomb was used after he used it in his show.  I knew people that knew that guy and I was introduced once to Rod Serling.  Something eerie did surround the guy as while we were being introduced he was wondering who it was introducing us.  I was just introduced to them.  It was at Adventure in Creativity, one of those schools I had a scholarship to.

I came from a poor and broken home.  At least we were not ignorant as both our parents held Masters degrees.  I claim my parents as good teachers.  It is unfortunate for me that they so bad mouthed the academic life and its political turmoil of “departments” that I went at the working life.

I’ve had a great life of the mind being so connected to pragmatic problems where many of the horrors of life were previewed by great literature.  But you are looked down on as stupid lumpen proletariat by the people who don’t ever have to work in the cold and misery so much for so little.  Mom said,  “No Shame in Honest Work.”

I sometimes don’t know if I might not have had an easier life if I’d just been left to become whatever it would have been I would have become from the life in the South, just that education.  I was not right for it.  I am not right for the racism and meanness of the South, and wasn’t before I was given all these scholarships that raised my ambitions and sense of place and worth.

I had no family in NY.

The Hettigs then are what I have as my great place and wealth.  Ed and I are not getting any younger you know.  I am right damned glad there were sales closed and that that helps his gallery, which he found he wanted to do.

It greatly recommends Roanoke that Ed moved his family there.

So the plan from here and this great event, this great success As I Said what I could think to say about what Transcendia, and people listened.  I said what it  is designed as and what it is for, and what my art is as if I were not now retiring and doing some paint by numbers as did Bush, but that is my job.  It is just my job now full time to be an artist.

My other job, and I take it seriously, is preventing the apocalyptic riot.

The Beats knew one thing:  The Atom Bomb Changed Everything.


P.S. I turned to a study of the Beats after making the CD Beatniks & Spiders.  I recommend Beatdom edited by Alan Willis, & Scientologist by him about William Burroughs.  I am a supporter of the diplomat who died before we could finish our work creating UNTV that showed up on your “fireplace” the real TV, like gets watched by my class of people, working class people.  If I could have made a watchable truth filled UNTV set between CNN & Fox I think I could have prevented the first Iraq War.  Reinventing the UN may be as impossible as reforming the US.  Lots of endemic entrenched corruption. is where to go to get clothes with the Transcendian flag on them. is where to go to buy my books.

It is a grand, powerful, and important show.  I had a good time putting it on, performing, and explaining my goals.  Help me.  Help your friends.  Make sure you have good friends, since there simply is no evidence that any other goal than helping your friends get through this life well matters.

Absolam, Absolam!  The Tragedy of your life is to waste it on bad ideals.


In My Skin, Sinking

Accounting & the US

Just my last poster.


Uploaded a jazz performance of the other day.  Intendors Tm #s played 15 & 10.

So I want to leap into the conversations about systems.  Then I go The Disadvantaged must go where there are the Advantaged, which is physically at the airport.

Of jobs I have had where riches and the people having them was simply all in your face and you can’t make it without the cash tips, which are a way of insult to the professional.  Things are supposed to be simple and go through accounting.  But you have to take the tips.  Have they wiped out cash yet?

Here in town I have thought that I would have thrived working at or for the airport, but it is too small and anti me personally nearly about too much to think about.  The world small.  It is so now for me that I really do need the airplane to go just to Roanoke fast enough to be home after my best hours are gone.  Would be maybe an hour to 45 minutes and total time back and forth manageable for me alone.

I am pretty fucking sick.  Like a hangover every fucking morning.  Only thing I can be grateful for is no headache.  Most uncomfortable in my own body physically for no apparent reason but it, the body.

Like hey, now you are the dying tree.  “Don’t talk to my friends.” my brother said.

IGX is open, and some have based there.  Saw a guy going to Beaufort, the other day with a three bladed Mooney.  I think they will do 240 knots cruise.  Sharing gas for private flights is the limit of it as the private licensed.  Was part 135 for that other air taxi operation I forget the name of.

My wife’s life is centered here, so we would have to have big draw and travel possible to be too far away for her.  My circle is only as wide as the internet world or my 3 mile orbits gone without Triple A, I forget as part of the Insurodollar model sometimes.

Still haven’t gotten the lyric of the Economics Song perfect,t hough last take was good to go.  Good enough to go.

Want Mac DeMarco to pick out something.  Maybe yeah, You Failed me Completely.  Elizabeth Dupree.  They are on the channel which takes a good part of my working day.  Then there are the Intendors.  I may have to use the real pick up for this last one.

Meantime back at the ranch.  Economics for the Insurodollar have to be best practices of the currency could fail.  How much Bonds can go?  I was happier as a man before I ever went into debt.  I was advised to go into debt when living with my first live together girlfriend who I still can’t quite really figure out how come she lived with me as long as she did.  Was one of those kill yourself breakups.  I prayed a lot to get through it.  Forgive me I have been forced to use the Lords Prayer as a Mantra.  It did change my poetry quite a lot.

Where it not for the I Ching and the Bible Readings together I would have to be a stone cold atheist.

I tell the disadvantaged to go physically to work where there are the most advantaged.  So you would put your Freelancers Labor Offices at the FBO side of the airport.

The Renewables from Hog Waste processes and the yam tuber made genetically exactly for fuel generation with high enough btus to blast through the skies was going well in NC before the recent era.  What I call an actively stupid era, kicked off by HB 819.  That one legalized broker lying selling beachfront property on the coasts of NC.

I had suggested Wing In Ground Effect Fast Ferries as opposed to rebuilding the bridges.  Bonner Bridge.

Covering the culture of the US Military shows they are themselves A Front business.  The unaccountability and tricks to give money to their friends for about anything, still using the shown to fail McNamara attempts at one size fits all, hypocrisy to the max over nuclear weaponry means that after the JFK murder & Coup, you effectively got an army that did what it wanted and was an enemy armed to suppress the will of the people since then.

The Defense.  Of course if I were to engineer a viable political and civil revolution there would be times of instability and that would mean Command and Control of Nuclear Weapons would have to be made known, while all other critical Defense of the people and the bordered nation would be most critical to turn in the proper direction instead of inwards on us which we know is the plan.

For Occupy to really win it would mean Seats in Parliament.  The Parliament Buildings would have to be occupied by representatives paid by the people to be there.   If all Institutions of the Government were to be made Accountable to the People & the National Interest of the people it would there not be enough till also the Critical Command and Control of the Armed Forces was made with the people and not the Corporations who have put public funds in their pockets unaccountably so long that they are convinced it will go on till all is worn out and starvation grips the land.

See Yah, we are fine here in New Zealand, except for the threats of Asians and or is not China a big, now territorially ambitious nation?

So you have to see the unaccountable made to believe in the nation as of them and for them, and decide what Chain of Command has Goals proper to the warrior, who loves the nation, loves his people, Goal, & Mission as a professional national instead of a mercenary.

Soldiers fight out of fear and warriors fight out of love.  I noted the increasing use of the warrior description of the US Armed Army man, from knowing the difference.  What do you really have when you have an all volunteer Army but a mercenary force come to work at the bidding of the oil corporations?  Say it had turned out differently?  I am looking at the evidence.

Was my brain in Canada a brain drain on the US enough that they wanted to keep me?  What about the Carter pardons?  I was invited to his Inaugural and went and you can see the documentary movie on youtube.  I really don’t know how that movie got there exactly.  I though I had it.

Did Carter’s CIA sell Afghani Hashish in the US to finance the war with the Russians before Congress voted funds as the movie is about.  Finest view of Julia Roberts ever.  They don’t tell you everything in the movies.  Carter’s Library won’t answer me.  I was dropped after the election.

Wrote Bezos a few times.  I go on record predicting Musk and Branson and Bezos all build or have launch pads in equatorial regions since there is the dead not moving much air.  Go there for barge landings, about where the space elevators were to go of Ecuador.  Musk got the Falcon X down because the air wasn’t moving so much.  Wind is a thing.

Look on Your Screen

However things go I will carry on, and you all can look at your screens for updates.

Every time I have come to deliver paper for the box I built for newsletters and posters, the papers are still here, and everybody is looking at their computer screen.

I did not know that paper was really so dead. I am screen present, and this website was made mobile friendly a couple of months back. It, the original was a wedding present in 2002 or three. I had been writing Transcendia War Commentary for

I had a big readership in China for the Transcendia spiritual practice that used the Bible by spiritual seasons, and the I Ching either to that reading or to a specific question that one might have in mind. It was a big honor for me that some Confucian scholars asked politely for links to examples of Readings as combined that I did there. I apparently had a larger growing readership in China as I got offers to buy Aviation fuel trucks and the like.

The blocking of my writings by the Chinese pissed me off.

That they moved up the primary voting and are obscure about the Bond and all that also pisses me off. I may have had a better shot at a seat in the US Senate, even as Transcendian if it was as we expected to be. Filing fees had to then be paid in February.

Whatever it is that the C.S.A. policies really are, they are not good for any majority of the people of the nation I am aware of, in any way. The “Free Trade” and “Liberalism turned the British Empire into a beggar nation from the 1840s to the turn of the century when it wasn’t long and they had the Great War they weren’t prepared for, typically for them at the start of both wars linked doing a lot of retreats.

They were a hollow shell of the power they had become because the newly rich wanted to live and be for their children like the old rich and got all into the gambling of finance so not to ever get their hands dirty. All the wealth was lost that way then, and is being lost the same way now.

NC is particularly Not Conscious. 25 percent Poverty Working or Not, and the people go along with it? Far as I am concerned the Democrats are just as at fault as the C.S.A.. Mostly around here they can’t seem to think for themselves either. They seem to look up to Kay Hagan who was for the Keystone, and lost anyway.

I could stand to have money to ride around with a stake bed and play guitar with my message. I made my guitars and the work for me. Soon I’ll publish “Beatniks and Spiders” so you can buy it.

To succeed I must have the Currency of Fame, but am not really set up to take donations, so if you want to support me, and Transcendia, you’ll have to buy my books and the Single from Amazon.

I do the Intendor Radio Show every day, and there are two 45 minute Stand up recordings I am trying to get some airplay with. I’ve aimed at WXYZ and WQFS where I did a show, Transcendian Show, of old and new alternative in the mid to late ’90s.

Hey who wants a downer? Or who wants a weak loser? Sanders has to go with a Party that is as deeply flawed and bought off as the C.S.A., but I don’t, and simply can’t.

Sometimes Transcendian on youtube is just entertaining. Otherwise the messages are mine. I do something for it everyday. You will find somewhere in the scroll something you will like. Subscribe, it makes me look better.

All Righty, Raise Hell, Stay well, Get High and get by.


Latest Transcendian News

Transcendia Founder

Photograph of Russell Scott Day

Transcendian is the battlefield territory that I claim in TV Land. Since I announced on youtube that I was willing to run for the US Senate, I have been doing a daily radio show. For the most part the show is my feed read with my comments. So far I have read from Facebook feeds of mine, and also in one episode I used the Linked In feed I read.

I am old and diminished now. I will never be able to do any hard physical work again, as I did with skill, as a Gaffer, or Key Grip, or basically as a technician in Motion Picture and Television Production. I won’t be a stagehand again.

I won’t be a carpenter.

I can write, but my experiences as a journalist, as a reporter photographer were long ago and I don’t have friends invested in my success in that field. I did not commit to it early. I wrote a novel that didn’t sell and worked otherwise in Aviation Ground Services, and Motion Picture and Television production.

I don’t live in LA and don’t have friends there, and NCs business is still an immature business Above the Line.

My little life is as big as I want it to be, and I want to prevent the apocalyptic riot. I felt it was a problem and Transcendia was created in reaction to the problem of the threat of Apocalyptic Riot, closer on us than generally recognized.

In the US Senate I could influence events and hope to forestall the apocalyptic riot.

An excess of energy is necessary in the interest of civilization. The Petro Industry is driven to provide a profitable source of energy. Their imperative is the basis of the currency. We do not have a fiat currency as some would say, but we have a currency based on a deal with the Saudis that made the dollar a petrodollar.

I would support engineers that gave us the systems that will provide the energy we need for our way of life renewably.

The Insurodollar was created as a currency for Transcendia, my envisioned nation of airports. It is a nationalistic currency based on human capital as opposed to the Bitcoin, a corporate currency.

For the world, in the world the conflict is between the Nationalists and the Corporatists. I must fall to the side of the Nationalists. So I would work in the US Senate to make sure the US Currency is nationalistic and creates loyalty to the nation. The Insurodollar does this inherently for it creates an inheritance for all individuals of the nation. This makes it superior to any communistic government model. Communism takes for all, the State whatever inheritance you may have, or anticipate. Everybody’s money is nobodies money, so it gets stolen.

US Capitalism was doing well after the legislation following the Great Depression. Those laws have been changed so that now the US capitalism is run according to mobster financial engineering practices. It is a Meyer Lansky way in place now. Wealth creation isn’t happening in the normal ways at all. I’d work to change that.

People arrested for pot use, farming, or distribution are political prisoners. We live with the legacy of J. Edgar Hoover street level drug laws. Hoover needs to be denounced for he lives too much in our society. He was some sick vicious powerful bigoted man. Even Nixon knew better than to keep him around.

I’d work to end the Make Hate War that is the War on Drugs. Nobody dies from pot. It is beneficial medically for more medical issues than we think. The only reason to keep it illegal is to make sure and run the old hippies who were part of the peace movement when what was wanted was war, out of positions of power, deny them jobs, and otherwise make sure they know they lost the peace.

So basically I would work for social justice for political prisoners and engineers and engineering working to give us the power the right way for now and into the future.

Far as education, it is very very important. We know how to teach since we have been doing it for a long time. In fact peer to peer learning is most powerfully effective and must be systematized within the whole of all educational systems from Kindergarden through College.

The Insurodollar will provide all life long insurance of the normal Whole Life sort with a payout for education when the individual reaches the age of majority and is either then or soon afterwards expected to be paying into the system that both is the basis of the currency accomplished by the sharing of some of their policy equity, and what takes care of their needs that are not profit based but what your government ought give you as a benefit of citizenship. Otherwise there is the payout at the event of death creating a strong reason to be loyal to the nation.

And yesterday I went to a party and shot some vid of two bands playing instead of my Intendor Radio Show. It is on Transcendian, or my Facebook page, and you are encouraged to look at it and it these clips and the announcement of them was the real primary reason I posted and published a column today.


At Here. Vice Chair Town Hall Precinct

It Can Now Take Up to A year and a Half - Version 4It is June 3 2015. 6 more months and we will be in a new era of stricter identification requirements to enable you to vote. As well the period when you may vote is restricted from what it was. “We only corrected the calendar.” Was what the Republican Governor Pat McCrory said about that.

Because North Carolina is an important state to focus on by outside forces such as the Kochs the machinations are intended to make sure voters of the state help cause the election of a Republican president.

I see a commercial that is played very often here on my TV extolling the Petro Industry drilling and Fracking. Fracking is said on the commercial to be safe. Lying is considered legal free speech.

The legislature of NC is Republican controlled and has been loading the government with a plethora of Right Wing Bills. Renewable energy is the path to a secure energy future. In this case Government subsidization that helps push the energy industry in that direction is required.

The Legislature may be ignorant of the great engineering done by the State University. NC State is where my paths of thought have constantly led me, not the UNC-CH. In Carrboro where I am fortunate to have lived for enough years to not be certain to count properly has rejected the idea of working with me on anything.

I do intend to fight it out. Einstein helps for he said, “You cannot go wrong if your goals are correct.” My goals are to help create good paying jobs that the working classes prefer to do.

Buddha says that one must accept that some things are not for you. Some of us actually like to work outdoors, or operating heavy machinery. There are people who felt their destiny was to fight fires. So locally I seek to advance the availability of fair housing for working class people who typically in the private sector have not gotten raises for 30 years.

This makes a difference when the Hegemon of the County hires Labor. The University by law is not to lead in pay for locally comparable labor by lawful regulations. It can compete internationally for the teachers and researchers it needs for a first class educational experience.

Most all of the philosophical conflicts regarding power, and how it is used are revealed in the University Management of the Local Community Airport. The most dramatic and pivotal revelation came to me when I asked that art be shown and sold at the Local Community Airport. The reasons showing and selling at your airport are obvious to me.

“The University would not allow that because someone would make money.”

The powers of the state of North Carolina for a long long time have been very comfortable with deciding who makes money and who doesn’t. Governors like to say that labor and goods are cheap in North Carolina.

Everytime I hear that sort of image export I feel sold out. 25 percent of the people of North Carolina are living in poverty. This is regardless of the employment figures.

If the governments of the State, from gown to town, and out into the county, on the state and then federal level were protecting and aiding the entire range of citizenry that makes North Carolina strong and just, we would not need to fight about it.

It is not the case, and we need to fight.

How and where do you fight for just treatment of those unjustly treated? Fighting is not fun if you have been beaten up, stabbed, or shot. It is a meaningful word to me.

There are enemies that just say bad things about you, and then there are people that make you lose money, and then those that stab and shot you.

Real enemies make you lose money, have the police beat you for striking or assembling, whereas luxury enemies just say things.

Early in the counter culture wars and generation gap some made the battlefield bombing and robbing banks. They were nullified, imprisoned, or killed.

The only sane battlefield now for the old revolutionary is TV Land. I did write the Resolution that encouraged our representatives of the Democratic Party to make more use of youtube. It is a fringe and flank on the TV Land battlefield.

I make use of it, youtube, as Transcendian. Since I had been so passionate about bugging Meyer, Insko, and Foushee to get them to make political reports and tell to cameras what they were doing, I decided to run for the office I want the most.

On my channel Transcendian I announced my intent to run for the US Senate. I admit I could do better far as TV episodes are concerned. It is a good thing I am starting now. I could have and must fix up the background and pump up into the charisma realm of performance, but my basic aims are presented, and I look pretty good, like it was a good hair day at least.

This is my report to go in the boxes for Democratic Town Hall Precinct Aids to the Voter. I doubt we will be able to constantly keep this box full, since ink and paper and time are dear.

It would be nice if those who have accepted to allow this rack of wood on their property tried a little to print again from here, or and from other websites writings and posters intended to go to the magnet and refrigerator, and put them in the wooden rack of Town Hall Precinct.

You can independently put important political news on paper you might feel appropriate in the box.

The Town Hall Precinct needs more manpower. I think it would be good for us to make another youtube channel and put on it battle videos in the struggle for justice, pragmatic alternatives to the misguided paths so man tread towards doom and despair with a sickening apocalyptic glee.

I’ll add to this a poster with an office phone number.

Meantime I’ll post here and to the Transcendian channel.

Town Hall Carrboro Poster

local election poster

New Transcendian & 23thousandSpams

Bird on the Deck

Deck Bird

Sometimes I do get email comments. I expect that some of the spams were legitimate good messages. I am to be found on FB as me as Russell Scott Day. The Founder of Transcendia page is not as good as it was when they started it. I don’t know if you can now even pay to make it that way.

Transcendian is my youtube channel and I of course want watchers. The Red sidewalk runway for Urban Fashion Pictures Daily is presented where the Exhale sculpture is. It is West Franklin and McMasters. I see girls and guys that dress nice and imagine them having a particular background an expectation of being photographed in their favorite fashions. I’d wanted to paint the sidewalk red and give them a back wall for which the corner of East Franklin and Columbia on the Ackland side would be a place some of the sidewalk could be painted blue, as a Fashion show stop in Chapel Hill.

I wrote notes about the bird with the photo. It is good news that the birds were not killed by the cat.