At Here. Vice Chair Town Hall Precinct

It Can Now Take Up to A year and a Half - Version 4It is June 3 2015. 6 more months and we will be in a new era of stricter identification requirements to enable you to vote. As well the period when you may vote is restricted from what it was. “We only corrected the calendar.” Was what the Republican Governor Pat McCrory said about that.

Because North Carolina is an important state to focus on by outside forces such as the Kochs the machinations are intended to make sure voters of the state help cause the election of a Republican president.

I see a commercial that is played very often here on my TV extolling the Petro Industry drilling and Fracking. Fracking is said on the commercial to be safe. Lying is considered legal free speech.

The legislature of NC is Republican controlled and has been loading the government with a plethora of Right Wing Bills. Renewable energy is the path to a secure energy future. In this case Government subsidization that helps push the energy industry in that direction is required.

The Legislature may be ignorant of the great engineering done by the State University. NC State is where my paths of thought have constantly led me, not the UNC-CH. In Carrboro where I am fortunate to have lived for enough years to not be certain to count properly has rejected the idea of working with me on anything.

I do intend to fight it out. Einstein helps for he said, “You cannot go wrong if your goals are correct.” My goals are to help create good paying jobs that the working classes prefer to do.

Buddha says that one must accept that some things are not for you. Some of us actually like to work outdoors, or operating heavy machinery. There are people who felt their destiny was to fight fires. So locally I seek to advance the availability of fair housing for working class people who typically in the private sector have not gotten raises for 30 years.

This makes a difference when the Hegemon of the County hires Labor. The University by law is not to lead in pay for locally comparable labor by lawful regulations. It can compete internationally for the teachers and researchers it needs for a first class educational experience.

Most all of the philosophical conflicts regarding power, and how it is used are revealed in the University Management of the Local Community Airport. The most dramatic and pivotal revelation came to me when I asked that art be shown and sold at the Local Community Airport. The reasons showing and selling at your airport are obvious to me.

“The University would not allow that because someone would make money.”

The powers of the state of North Carolina for a long long time have been very comfortable with deciding who makes money and who doesn’t. Governors like to say that labor and goods are cheap in North Carolina.

Everytime I hear that sort of image export I feel sold out. 25 percent of the people of North Carolina are living in poverty. This is regardless of the employment figures.

If the governments of the State, from gown to town, and out into the county, on the state and then federal level were protecting and aiding the entire range of citizenry that makes North Carolina strong and just, we would not need to fight about it.

It is not the case, and we need to fight.

How and where do you fight for just treatment of those unjustly treated? Fighting is not fun if you have been beaten up, stabbed, or shot. It is a meaningful word to me.

There are enemies that just say bad things about you, and then there are people that make you lose money, and then those that stab and shot you.

Real enemies make you lose money, have the police beat you for striking or assembling, whereas luxury enemies just say things.

Early in the counter culture wars and generation gap some made the battlefield bombing and robbing banks. They were nullified, imprisoned, or killed.

The only sane battlefield now for the old revolutionary is TV Land. I did write the Resolution that encouraged our representatives of the Democratic Party to make more use of youtube. It is a fringe and flank on the TV Land battlefield.

I make use of it, youtube, as Transcendian. Since I had been so passionate about bugging Meyer, Insko, and Foushee to get them to make political reports and tell to cameras what they were doing, I decided to run for the office I want the most.

On my channel Transcendian I announced my intent to run for the US Senate. I admit I could do better far as TV episodes are concerned. It is a good thing I am starting now. I could have and must fix up the background and pump up into the charisma realm of performance, but my basic aims are presented, and I look pretty good, like it was a good hair day at least.

This is my report to go in the boxes for Democratic Town Hall Precinct Aids to the Voter. I doubt we will be able to constantly keep this box full, since ink and paper and time are dear.

It would be nice if those who have accepted to allow this rack of wood on their property tried a little to print again from here, or and from other websites writings and posters intended to go to the magnet and refrigerator, and put them in the wooden rack of Town Hall Precinct.

You can independently put important political news on paper you might feel appropriate in the box.

The Town Hall Precinct needs more manpower. I think it would be good for us to make another youtube channel and put on it battle videos in the struggle for justice, pragmatic alternatives to the misguided paths so man tread towards doom and despair with a sickening apocalyptic glee.

I’ll add to this a poster with an office phone number.

Meantime I’ll post here and to the Transcendian channel.

Town Hall Carrboro Poster

local election poster