Look on Your Screen Transcendia.org

However things go I will carry on, and you all can look at your screens for updates.

Every time I have come to deliver paper for the box I built for newsletters and posters, the papers are still here, and everybody is looking at their computer screen.

I did not know that paper was really so dead. I am screen present, and this website was made mobile friendly a couple of months back. It, the original Transcendia.org was a wedding present in 2002 or three. I had been writing Transcendia War Commentary for popwars.com.

I had a big readership in China for the Transcendia spiritual practice that used the Bible by spiritual seasons, and the I Ching either to that reading or to a specific question that one might have in mind. It was a big honor for me that some Confucian scholars asked politely for links to examples of Readings as combined that I did there. I apparently had a larger growing readership in China as I got offers to buy Aviation fuel trucks and the like.

The blocking of my writings by the Chinese pissed me off.

That they moved up the primary voting and are obscure about the Bond and all that also pisses me off. I may have had a better shot at a seat in the US Senate, even as Transcendian if it was as we expected to be. Filing fees had to then be paid in February.

Whatever it is that the C.S.A. policies really are, they are not good for any majority of the people of the nation I am aware of, in any way. The “Free Trade” and “Liberalism turned the British Empire into a beggar nation from the 1840s to the turn of the century when it wasn’t long and they had the Great War they weren’t prepared for, typically for them at the start of both wars linked doing a lot of retreats.

They were a hollow shell of the power they had become because the newly rich wanted to live and be for their children like the old rich and got all into the gambling of finance so not to ever get their hands dirty. All the wealth was lost that way then, and is being lost the same way now.

NC is particularly Not Conscious. 25 percent Poverty Working or Not, and the people go along with it? Far as I am concerned the Democrats are just as at fault as the C.S.A.. Mostly around here they can’t seem to think for themselves either. They seem to look up to Kay Hagan who was for the Keystone, and lost anyway.

I could stand to have money to ride around with a stake bed and play guitar with my message. I made my guitars and the work for me. Soon I’ll publish “Beatniks and Spiders” so you can buy it.

To succeed I must have the Currency of Fame, but am not really set up to take donations, so if you want to support me, and Transcendia, you’ll have to buy my books and the Single from Amazon.

I do the Intendor Radio Show every day, and there are two 45 minute Stand up recordings I am trying to get some airplay with. I’ve aimed at WXYZ and WQFS where I did a show, Transcendian Show, of old and new alternative in the mid to late ’90s.

Hey who wants a downer? Or who wants a weak loser? Sanders has to go with a Party that is as deeply flawed and bought off as the C.S.A., but I don’t, and simply can’t.

Sometimes Transcendian on youtube is just entertaining. Otherwise the messages are mine. I do something for it everyday. You will find somewhere in the scroll something you will like. Subscribe, it makes me look better.

All Righty, Raise Hell, Stay well, Get High and get by.