New Transcendian & 23thousandSpams

Bird on the Deck

Deck Bird

Sometimes I do get email comments. I expect that some of the spams were legitimate good messages. I am to be found on FB as me as Russell Scott Day. The Founder of Transcendia page is not as good as it was when they started it. I don’t know if you can now even pay to make it that way.

Transcendian is my youtube channel and I of course want watchers. The Red sidewalk runway for Urban Fashion Pictures Daily is presented where the Exhale sculpture is. It is West Franklin and McMasters. I see girls and guys that dress nice and imagine them having a particular background an expectation of being photographed in their favorite fashions. I’d wanted to paint the sidewalk red and give them a back wall for which the corner of East Franklin and Columbia on the Ackland side would be a place some of the sidewalk could be painted blue, as a Fashion show stop in Chapel Hill.

I wrote notes about the bird with the photo. It is good news that the birds were not killed by the cat.