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from trip to C/21 museum and hotel

It pisses me off that I can’t properly run for US Senate, which really means I wasn’t taken seriously and given any support that in fact has nothing to do with money or my rolodex.

I just need a flatbed truck for a stage, like a stake back to go around the state from which to be Outdoor Cat from Transcendia talking with my guitar I made, if you can really call it that, which is possible. I can go to the TV station’s buildings and plug in somewhere to run my amp and sing and speech right there where it would be easy to be filmed.

If I dressed up and wore my uniform and my gun and sword I’d really get press, or get shot. You wear the thing on your hip and it is an incitement, though the sword and the uniform would help stave that off. I may have to go it all alone. Getting people to help me isn’t at all easy.

This is the reason for a Party that ostensibly knows it must work with others to affect change, or go retrograde into the dark ages like what is going on in Not Conscious.

Being nether conservative or liberal nor even “Middle of the Fucking Road” my supporters must simply think for themselves when I say what I support. The State level elections are all gerrymanded, so if I run for a Federal office and actually was to get on the ballot, then that is overcome by voters who know about me and my policies.

The policies are an end to the Prohibition of Pot Federally and Recreationally and Medically across the board: Period. It is a sick hold over from the oppressions of the J.Edgar Hoover FBI days of Beatnik Commie Pinko hatred codified into the laws of the land and making it possible for those who want to push the different, Blacks, Whites, dissidents around.

They used to call them, us, non conformists. Now they call them us still “hippies”. Though in my case and for people such as I, it is old hippies, which as an identification certainly besmirches ones past to a good number of people.

But you know rednecks have been smoking pot for a long time now. They got the pistols and they got the rifles and they got the 3/4 ton pickups with a trailer hook on the back and even a rifle rack for a couple of them sometimes, shot gun is the best thing all around for it all.

When I was moving out after all the messages that I was wanted out along with the insults. Nobody but Nell and this other woman that was roaring drunk pretty in her “My little “Trailer”!” and hung gauze on the posts of the deck and all of that theater. She and Nell thought it was fine an man live with his mom.

When you are poor you want a good place. You want a place you can hang onto. It has to be safe or you get driven out soon enough. Last straw was the 375 micro studio on Mendenhall in Greensboro, better to be called Green City since nobody takes Boros seriously, and the little mean suited man says he wouldn’t rent it to me because of my credit report, which while is not superior I hear on the Tv of much worse. Where do people live?

Girl in the bar told me of the place we have lived in for 10 years? 5 years out of my marriage I have been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes and to top it off broke my left leg all to hell in February. Sucks. Reading with the Reading for the Special Service of the marriage at St. Matthews was Time of Decrease and I had to put a good face on it from the Pulpit.

They didn’t respond to my requests for more of the Special Services. I drifted away from church. Poor teenagers in Hillsbourgh seemed tortured. There had just been a murder between church members I think. It was a bad feeling time for them out there. Starting to know the Commissioners and situations Hillsborough is rough with even the well dressed thinker Episcopalians.

I tried to get on with Michael Malone who was writing Tv and gave him a copy of Jet Beach, probably too racy for his and his wives mind. I was maybe new and am constantly desperate to pay and make something good as Hitler made bad before I die and that is a hell of a goal.

Being aware of the news and intelligence from either IHS or naked capitalism, it is certain that I am behind the power curve and need a great number of follows for an international PARTY of Transcendia. I think I kept thinking of a necessity of an army as defining. Everybody who is a Transcendian is supposed to be trusted with weapons to defend the nation. A monopoly on violence still stands. The weapons are to defend the nation is to be clear as it is on any airport that the fuelers and everyone is to be some focused aware and willing to defend the transit innocent traveler. Especially like your older mother who we hear complain.

I guarantee you that if I even just drove the car out there to the TV Stations and ran my electric cord out and play and speak. It is frightening and depressing to imagine doing it from the start entirely alone. I need guards. I am talking about making some noise. Rock and roll hippie what all guitar and my way of talking will work traveling to all of them, and just using the hordes of television. Like I want teenagers and college students to film and I don’t know who in my band, the Outdoor Cats.

“Progress through fun!”

The Transcendian Message Rocket Program as an act of a strong nation pro-active “Civil” Demonstration went very well. That was when Brownies was going perfect as a bar before I had to stop drinking for awhile from so much Harp and the beating and all the business going out of town for the producers lock out and I was diversified for in front or behind the camera, but that is all in the same business.

So if running there is a point to make that I am a Librarian of Work. I have insights into pain. It is the spiritual struggle for the material necessities, and this nation and all the world are in turmoil with some having itchy trigger fingers for their nukes.

Separating Drug Smugglers from Weapons Smugglers happens right away if they are legalized. Coke is a dangerous drug. You smoke some hash oil you get high without the side effect. Hash oil would prevent my spasms. I am a spastic without Tazanadine.

The point of the port airport nation of Transcendia is sociologically sound for ports are inherently tolerant. Spreading tolerance and good business practices from the port network would moderate world economies.

Using the Insurodollar then happens too. The Insurodollar put into the system will compete with the Petrodollar which having its Petrodollar Imperative will destroy Environmentalists intentions. Too much power.

Love, Make music of your own.