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I can lose on my own by myself. In Travels With Charley by Steinbeck he tells a story about getting the car stuck that taught him not to waste time trying to do something that wasn’t possible.

It is impossible to work with the Democratic Party to win. When I presented the resolution to advance the Insurodollar as an alternative to the Petrodollar, the people in the Executive Committee did understand it, but thinking for themselves to approve the resolution was impossible.

I was asked to give them more of an authority from some academic they would respect more than me. If I don’t count for much far as they are concerned, screw it, I know what I’m talking about. The Petrodollar is wobbling.

The death of the French President of Francois Hollande Lukoil Christophe de Margerie, in my mind as Total had all the earmarks of a political assassination. That plane, the Dassault Falcon 50 is about the safest in the world having a thrust to weight ratio that will allow it, a three engined business jet to take off like a rocket if it wants. The only other fatal crash of a plane of that sort was a political assassination in Africa where it was shot down. It would be more proper to say “They were shot down.” Since people were killed.

The death of Christophe de Margerie came three months after he had said that there was no longer any good reason for transactions for oil to be done exclusively in US dollars, which are Petrodollars by definition. The currency was invented by Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon.

If you really want to know how to read between the lines when reading news reports, the best primer I know of is The Bourne Identity, which I think now is by Fredrick Forsyth, though it could be by Ludlum. My most published story “In this Medium Town” is a spy story. I was put on the trail of espionage tactics due to my work contributing to the Canadian Inspector Gadget Show. I did detective work recovering stolen property to get my flight lessons through solo.

Sure enough professionals do not leave witnesses or evidence. You follow the motive and the opportunity. It is not a small thing that de Margerie was challenging the Petrodollar. The Petrodollar was invented specifically to deny France gold. It is no wonder a Frenchman with great power over fossil fuel distribution and the currency used might work a bit at pushing up the prestige of the Franc, oh, sorry, Euro.

The way the story read it looked to have been written before Christophe de Margerie was dead. Evidence is everything. I cannot say for sure. Looked like a thermite bomb burning at the wing root at takeoff did the work of killing a man who was undermining the Petrodollar. I imagine there are some Cold War warriors stationed in Moscow who took care of it. There was some sloppiness to the story. The truck the plane hit was one thing then another, and the driver wasn’t supposed to live from the looks of it.

This is politics. War never ends at all for spies and mobsters, now all the same for a long time with all the off book money from drug running and aviation ground services. Page Avjet was definitely CIA MI6, or whatever the British Military Intelligence number is. There was a cooperative set up between the US CIA and British Military Intelligence as the last thing Wild Bill Donavan did.

The ownership of Page disappeared into Malaysia, perfectly situated to keep tabs on Indochina. That President Obama got on Air Force One to go and deliver condolences to those in Malaysia when that airliner went missing meant there was a need for some face to face intelligence briefings. The FSB and the GRU are at war with the USA and the UK. Wars since WWI have been over access to oil.

The way American Airlines moved into Haiti looked like CIA now to me. I’d not surprised if American Airlines was CIA now. Still it is selling the aviation fuel where the money can be better hid, especially in cooperation with the UK because of the oblique banking that keeps the Cook and Cayman Islands rolling in cash. Since my study of the JFK murder I have suspicions that US Presidents are not fully in control of their intelligence services, that were started with separate agendas of their own from the get go.

The sun shines everywhere. It is a threat to the business. The sun is harder to control. With the gutting of tax credits and retention of the so called Renewables Targets, all goes to Duke Power and Tesla. The Tesla Powerwall will need experienced installers and electricians. Apodoca or another of the Not Conscious C.S.A. will do all possible to protect their own, and their own are not at all the Not Conscious small businesses they tout as the real job creators.

Keeping North Carolinians desperate and ignorant with a 25 percent poverty rate working or not is no accident. The C.S.A. resents still the freedom of slave labor. Convenient for the University System they are by law prohibited from paying the working classes any more than comparable private industry pays. No ethical leadership allowed from what is the employment hegemon in all the University towns and cities. What is called private industry has not raised wages for many of the jobs I’ve had in 30 or 40 years. Only the raising of the government mandated minimum wage has kept private industry from paying what they paid in 1982.

The US government New Deal programs like Social Security get a break in all the C.S.A. States since the dole, that given to those washed out of the employment numbers through age or disability get a fixed income determined by what they made when working. There is not a single former C.S.A. State in which a worker gets more than in the Northern USA States. MBAs are simply taught to do everything in their power not to pay labor.

Dividing the working classes with religious policies, or along racial divides works well. The history of redress by the working classes in the auto industry, and in the coal mines required violence. That it requires violence now may be too obvious and any sane person understands that to win there is blood spilt from which they shy if they can get by.

You young people from Not Conscious will go looking for work where it pays, and helps pay off those bigger loans you took on thinking Dad or Mom must have done it, and they are paying for you. Up North you will find the reputation of where you come from makes you look stupid, and less desirable to HR. UNC-CH committed fraud and is on the edge as far as its accreditation is concerned. It will follow you. It is meaningful.

My Union Local 491 Motion Picture card was worth less than the one you buy in NY for Local 1 or Local 52.

I know what I am talking about. “My Past Is Your Future.” There is the Freelancers Union based in Brooklyn started by the MacArthur Grant recipient Sarah Horowitz. To get the right priced ACA insurance I had to get my wife to get it from there. Here in Not Conscious she kept getting quotes the same as she got before the ACA was put in place.

You know people lie to get what they want. The company you work for most of the time will say over and over that they are losing money and would like to pay you more, but simply can’t.

Billy Graham taught all everybody that it was tantamount to a sin against God to harbor suspicions that your employer wasn’t fair with you. I mean come to Jesus? They will tell you Jesus was a great political orator for the Sermon on the Mount. It works as a secular and ethical speech if not inspired by God. I myself would be a stone cold atheist were it not for how the Bible readings by their spiritual seasons, and the I Ching work together. People learned to write and wrote two books better at living as books than ever before and since. All of the others like that Book of Mormon, or the Koran, are just aping on them for the love of power that some dictators had.

You can think for yourself and as a walking body you represent money to all these entities preying on your honest good nature, or even that mean streak that wants to assert your value, and your values. Face it, if an abortion in fact could be characterized as a murder, it is still a woman’s unique right and decision to carry it out if she judges it to be the best thing all around. We tolerate murder as self defense. We accept murder on the battlefield. There are unpleasant decisions people have a right to make about their private lives. Let it go.

But long and short of all I got to say is that I am totally Transcendia and Transcendian and my policies are to support and fund the Engineers, and get energy captured and get pot legalized and get people paid a living wage and get the highway in NC, Not Conscious paid for out of the highway taxes not a loan as a bond, and eliminate 25 percent poverty in NC, Not Conscious.

I am going to have to claim TV Land territory, and I will go to their hideouts and yell and play my guitar, for I can wear a big hat and I can be the man for the Red Necks who want to see a strongman, a winner. I will be the Rat Rider, The Outdoor Cat. I still have bills left over from when I was strong. Just another old sick white man, perfect for the US Senate. And do you really want to pay Burr or Tillis, or me? I’m like you, only different.