There is some point to it all.  You watch and learn how to do a few things.  Hands on.  From the first to the last it has to mean something.  It builds up to Christmas when Santa leaves some things around for you.  A red bicycle, and a telescope.  All the things the big kids get you get for just getting big.  Old enough you get them.  Manners.  Ask nice.  Say prayers on your knees.

It is green and there is one tree and you are with the girl and it is supposed to be nice but there are sticks interlaced and all built up under the tree like a picture that turns out to be irritating.  All those sticks soes sitting down is uncomfortable as hell.  You walked there and staying there any time at all is going to be very uncomfortable.  You don’t say so.

There was school and you remember on room or the other for humiliations or fights.  Then there was just something stupid you got for being good.  There it is like all it is is a story you are over and over identified as the fool in.  It ends like that.  You are a fool.

Well you can get over it and you don’t have to buy it.  Some people change their name right off.

It is a good idea to have a few names and more than one identity.  Didn’t you get the message in the comic books kid?  “The message is in the massage.”


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