I Watered the Trees

Some years back, maybe 4, when I was still whole, more whole anyway and working and walking around like it was nothing, lifting and carrying things and could have even gotten in a fight and given a good account of myself, there was a drought.

This drought went on so long another writer I know who I had to apologize about something to had pointed out it was so severe that there was not even due on the grass in the morningsyou can buy capoten.  Water got short.  We were encouraged not to flush everytime.  We were encouraged to conserve.  We did and they started charging more for what water we did use because they needed the same amount of money, and charged more for the water.  “Thanks a lot!”  So that is just the way things go…

Anyway I remember a one cloud in the sky that I ought to have taken a picture of.  I for on purpose sometimes don’t take photographs so I feel the regret of power not used.  I saw John Edwards a couple of times in the parking lot of the Harris Teeter grocery store when had a camera, which is most of the time.  It is rare that I don’t have a camera.  But I didn’t take his picture and he is famous for running for president and maybe I could have done something with the picture.  He just looked scared and strange to be alone in the grocery store parking lot, and I didn’t really know him and then didn’t take his picture.  It was like the picture of the cloud I didn’t take.  I don’t know why I don’t take advantage of every opportunity.  I just don’t.

Anyway I was worried about two pin oaks in the front yard of the house we rent and heard how to water your trees on the radio and tried it.  Once a month you are supposed to give them a 4 hour? long soaking, from your hose, and that will be enough, they said.  So I did that, even though they are not technically my trees.  The neighbors didn’t water their trees and then limbs started by now falling out of the tree and they have a young child and the limbs were big enough to really hurt somebody, so they had to have the tree cut down.

This is terrible.  I felt a little superior because our trees that matched theres the same two pin oaks, survived.,

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