Aircraft Cleaning Checklist

Aircraft Cleaning Checklist

Date of Order_______

Client: (N number)__________________________________



Client Phone#____________________________

Interior Checklist:

1. Clean & Service Galley Area. _____

    (Restock Standard items.)     _____

2. Empty all trash. _____

3. Service & Clean Lavatory. _____

4. Vacuum. _____

5. Clean interior windows. ____

6. Options & Special Requests. _____________________________


Exterior Cleaning Checklst

1. Soap & Water Brush Wash. ___________

2. Dry._____

3. Clean and Polish exterior windows and windshields._____

4. Options: Wax, case or otherwise treat exterior. ________________________________

5. Special requests: _________________________________________________

Amount Due:___________________

Thank you, clinic

Notes regarding this Checklist:  I discovered this Aircraft Cleaning Checklist in my bookcase piles of manuscripts and papers when looking for the best copies of books I wrote that now only exist on paper.  My plan was to send the manuscripts to HH to be properly typed, line edited, and prepped for on demand publishing.  – Did that.

The plan for that book is that it be so published that people will have to pay to read it.

So then I did my main work assignment, was thinking of  "Norm", my new assignment, and needed something prosaic to do in the meantime.  Force of Nature has been stalled because I didn't really want to write a sex scene.  I need to get back to Force of Nature.  I like what I've done so far of it.  Who knows maybe I'll be capable of that better than Norm today.  – I just wanted to be alone today.

It takes work to simply be alone.  I find I have to actually make decisions about when and how to be alone.  At least lately that is the case for me.

There have been times and eras of my life when being alone was a default situation.  I remember crushing loneliness during other eras of my life.

"Do not mistake being lonely for solitude."  quote BK.  is a quote I like.

So anyway I had reason to actually be flown to an event.  The event was tragic, sad, and serious.  It was unexpected and time was short for decisions and travel.  I know the value of flying, but had not been actually flying for a decade now.  The airport life that I loved is not commonly available anymore.  People are tearing up, or letting go of civilization.  We are supposed to advance and spread civilization.

If you want a taste of it, a meal of it, buy your own jet, and a hangar and runway for it… 

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