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Russell Scott Day/ by line

     The fact is that the only secure business in aviation is selling fuel.   The BTUs required to run airplanes is significant and so far it can only be gotten from gas and kerosene engines fueled engines.

      Fuel cell powered electric motors in ducted fan flying VTOL bodies, viagra buy such as Moller Skycar is working on are exciting from a transformational sort of view.

      However it is going to be a good while before all of the aircraft engines will operate on another fuel.

       Aviation growth will be in the small plane sector.

       Now if I was President of the United States I would encourage Oil Companies to Buy the Airlines as a Defensive move.    It is not sensible to cripple your airlines if you want to be able to defend yourself pro-actively.

        Now it is stupid to put soldiers on an airline and send them to war for purely psychogical reasons.   However it is good if a nations citizens can show their faces anywhere in the world as an accepted matter of course.   Regardless of what you might think about the failures of the British Empire, therapy they got around and they had a powerful empire that did do some good though I am not happy at all with them because they failed the Untouchables in India.

     The pivot of Human Rights revolves around Womens Rights and nations that do not give equal rights to women are not acceptable as governors of Transcendian fortunes.

      So to increase the Civilization of mankind US Oil Companies need to buy the airlines and give them a discount on fuel determined by how much fuel the airlines need to keep the US strong.

       Transcendia is cautioned to buy land in Ecquador for every reason from oil to the proximity of a good place to build space elevators.

      And Blacks and Women ought to become more common as pilots.

      Jesus, how am I making sense here with the madness?

      Well, when I got done reading the paper I remembered that I had said before that combining the oil companies of the US and the Airlines into one set of companies was called for.   This is a very radical idea because the oil companies are cynical and multinational and know that they make money regardless of what you call the airlines since the airplanes will go on flying.

        They have in the US and the West little loyalty.

        I suppose that if I was President of the United States I would determine how much oil the airlines needed to work, and then determine how much could be gotten from the United States for the airlines, and then allocate what was left over for home heat and cars, and make it work out so that car fuel was last on the list of known controllable resources of the nation within its boundaries.

        The powers that be, the rich people, have the airlines by the balls as long as they are separated, which benefits Saudi Arabia and from there leads the subjication of the poor and working classes and leads to the destruction of the middle classes in a cascade.

       Once I pay off my ex-wife and the rest of my bills and can travel again I really ought to visit Ecuador.    They have oil to run one airline at least, plus they are situated near the best place to put up space elevators.

       I would entertain mercenary army volunteers for this sort of combined policies for they would be required.

        The mercenaries that work for the airlines and the oil companies need a good leader overall for it is not a good thing to be a warrior for bad ideas.

        If you are a woman and a mercenary, and a pilot, and working for oil companies and airlines, I would like to know you.

                                               Best- Russell


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