There are names I trust.  There are stories to names that matter.  Today for instance we got a new screw gun because I somehow ruined the other one I'd had for a few years.  The one I ruined was a Black and Decker.  These days professionals consider Black and Decker to be throw away tools.  I hear that there is professional grade Black and Decker, discount but it is only available on line.

     Craftsman tools from Sears are typically superior.  It is about as if Sears only exists because their tools and appliances are reliable.  I remember when most everything in the house came from Sears.  My friend Joe Bell of the Sling Blades described some people as "Sears " People.  There was a time when I was a Sears Person then I guess.   I've heard that the professional name of Black and Decker is DeWalt.

     If I was going to become a mechanic, impotent I'd buy a Craftsman outfit, or a Snap-On outfit..  By outfit I mean the whole 9 yards for you need a tool box if you are a professional.  Roadies who do big shows and come out of the big name show union locals, like Local 1, or 52 in Manhattan build custom rolling tool boxes out of plywood.  I'd like to build one of those behemoths.  It is real unlikely that I will ever do so.  My days for some levels and types of work are past.  Arthritis like what I've got is like cancer for it isn't growing tumors in you, but it is just destroying all your joints.

    I think it even made my heart valves work less well, and suspect it damages any interior moviing parts.

    I had a Black and Decker hand saw, powersaw that we called the Destructo saw because it wasn't worth much, and if totally destroyed there would be no tears shed.  I ought not have bought it.  Having it made me look bad.  I bought a Delta chop saw because it would do what I needed and everybody else had the big DeWalt.  Bosch is typically a fine table saw, but otherwise it is overrated.

   I had a light duty Makita table saw.  The Bosch is bigger and better for the portables.

   Before anyone else on the crew had a RotoZip, I got one.  That was eventually my thing.  I tried to get things that no one else had, or that filled a guick and light good enough niche.  The Dremel Rotozip type tools actually outdid quickly the standard Rotozip.

   Someday I want a shop were I can invent some tools, like a quiet and light nail gun.  I wasted money on the gas powered Paslode.  Senco is the standard and there are reasons for that.  A Paslode trim gun is worth having, but the framer is past it's niche of time.  Dewalt offers some battery powered tools that are competitive.

    Battery powered tools are coming into their own like never before these days.   I won't be using them enough to justify buying them.  Just as my days as a carpenter were coming to an end, the Milwalkee 28 volt litium ion battery tools were coming on the scene.  The Milwalkee Sawsall has long been the standard in that area.

    Today our new screw gun came from The Home Depot. I ordered it on line.   It's an 18 volt ni cad powered screw gun.   It came with a battery powered saw and a great bag.  It's a Ryobi.  I've long had good luck with Ryobi, and the story behind the name is that they bought the name from the designer and have the same factory make what they sell.   .   This is different from many Chinese made things from what I hear.  I hear that the name contracts with the lowest factory group in China, which accounts for wide variance in quality.

    It makes The Home Depot look good that they sell Ryobi, instead of Black and Decker.   At least it used to all be that way.  Things keep changing.  It seemed as if The Home Depot was selling some Black and Decker as I saw when I was looking at what they sell on line.

    Buying online is now working out for me.  I'm hurt and huring with every movement from the arthritis.

    But you really do need to have a screw gun, battery powered drill around the house if only so you can teach your wife how to use it.  Ni Cad isn't as great as the Litium Ion, but it is powerful and good if you know how to use them and not destroy the battery by charging before its time.

    So there you have it. 


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