I believed in cheap cameras.  I believed in Super 8, here but it was a waste of time and money.  God I hate all the technology changes.  If I was in a teaching position right now, for film production I would rent a digital Panavision for the class to learn how to run.

My first camera was a Brownie with a flash.  I was 12 or thirteen and had never heard of Weegee, but wanted to be him all the same.

I had a Canon SV 518?  I think that was it.  Mostly I shot most with that.  Still I'd use most anything.  Had a wind up combat 16mm Keystone, and a bad Bolex.  Used the Bolex EL.  Last shot with an AC through an Arri II or III.  Use the Olympus now.  Want a Digital Camera that doesn't require me so much retraining and geek head work.

I traded my Crown Graphic for a Minox 35 when I was moving to FLL.  Back then I did a lot.  I have to admit Miami Vice was closer to reality than you might imagine.  I remember setting up my 16 mm projector on the tarmac and showing films departing passengers in airliner jets would get glimpses of on the side of the hangar.

Then there was my newsletter, Transcend O Ray, which was name of the vision that was Aleph like, and became the nation of Transcendia.

Now I live in town.  I'm misunderstood and hated and think I'll go eat worms.

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