Current Transcendian Issues

Transcendia is Copyrighted and all things on this site are owned by Russell Scott Day.

A Band and two companies on the web are using the Transcendia name, medicine and I am not authorizing them to do so.

I have had difficulty getting through to the band to discuss the use of the Transcendia name, and the two companies have been adversarial.

This is a public notice of my displeasure at the use of my name by others.

Please object for me if you get through to the Band on You Tube, and the other companies.

Transcendian Policies  are being Formulated

I have been studying WWI in an attempt to more fully understand our current political era.   It is ironic to me that  the H1N1 flu of the tail end time of WWI has reappeared, and is lethal.   Those diseases like EBola that are cross species transmitable are most difficult to eradicate.

I have been recommending the vaccination.

From  a responsible  Governmental  point,  the  need  for  international  co-operation  concerning  disease  has  brought  me  to  Polio and the  success  with  Smallpox  as  a  precedent.

-Computer problem  suspends completion of this post.

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