In this book my brother loaned me about some lost German army fighting their way out of Russia, medstore just getting killed because of that's war.  It was written by a French Volunteer who believed in the German cause because his mother was German.  Maybe the title is Forgotten Soldiers.  Well at the end the veteran who lived all of the fighting till the end cover with the machine gun who only lived it would seem as an old soul Veteran from the beginning till the end.  Yeah well I feel like ready to not worry about any story and am so sick of pain I'm ready to see what happens. and don't care if I die trying.

Never was about wasted effort when it came to getting beat up.

Anyway local to IGX my platform has been about having an Airport of our own.  Fly my flag there or not.  I live here and can't see traveling much for awhile, if ever.

Come see me.  I get lonely here at the castle Fitch House, because we rent it like all of Transendia needs long leases around the world.

Other than that its about building on the infrastructure here, and really disc golf and regular old man knickers scotsmen golf is a big draw.

Will get a show regular and special of that with Big Talent.  Glad for some of Sids Funk aren't you around here.  People from all over the world go there to be scared.

I've seen that baseball plaque in Hoboken and you can bet there will be one to me for the political party Engineers and Talent.  

There I'm at war and I mean it with Grover Norquist.  If he comes here I might shoot him.  I'm pegging him as right here an Econ Killer War Master.

You know what they say:  Fuck that guy!, and Economic War tore the USSR apart, so I know it works, and I'm not going to let it work on me.

Transcendia is at war to be you see.

You can be a spy for me if you want to be.  I was born to be a poet warrior illegal behind the controls.  We might be better off if I was in the right seat sometimes.

Anyway I'm humble enough all right okay I got it some of you are better than me at something.

Engineers and Talent together can lead the uneducated we have seen be created who know nothing but how to drive and shoot guns.

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