Homeless Dog Meeting Day Founder Lifeboat Man

So everybody it is Monday and that is the day you are sopposed to check in and say something about old business or new business of Transcendia.  It is easier to do that on Foimder pf Transcendia on Facebook, viagra than on the wiki, pills transcenidia.wikidot.com is neglected by me.  Still everything is good.  We have back up.  One day we will have little Shortwave radios to talk to each other on.  For me that would be fun.  That is really what I liked about CR4 for it was like a shorwave radio net that wher these poeple come on ike 7870 80 meters at 7 pm monday nights and check in with each other for DX and see if their stuff is working.  Then they might talk about chainsaws or motorboats.

But being about to communicate is a comfort.

As some know I love postcards and make them and send them to politicians because there it is and they don't hav e to open it up.  Course there is no money in it.  Too bad.

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