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I Believe

      I believe in not believing.   I know that belief is a choice.   I believe in Ethics more than Morality since our history is filled with reports of Morality driven unethical actions and laws.

      I’d rather have the best of mankind, than the worst of God.

      Of course I pray, and sometimes even I myself think God is talking to me.

      Prayer is a way of thinking with a name for what it feels like whether you chose to pray to Zeus or Yahweh, or the Village statue.

       I have believed in concepts that were proved to me to be wrong.

       So I am careful not to believe in some concepts too much.

       In the case of my overall work of Transcendia, I have tested my ideas with the question of what harm they might do.

       In the world of unintended consequences there may be some harm to some from my vision of a nation of airports with a standard set of minimum laws.

       Maybe I just want to see if I can found a nation like my heroes did?

       Still I had two questions that were come from my youth of UFOs and Atomic Bombs.

        How can I prevent Nuclear War? was one question.

       The other was;  How can I see people from outerspace?

       Due to an alternating period of boredom and bliss I had a vision I named Transcend O Ray, that I have used like a touchstone in my head, and is equavalent to the third eye experience from the art I have seen, and what I think Borges was telling his story of in The Aleph.

      When thinking on the two main questions of my life, which amount to destiny, since we have not yet seen people from outerspace, I am not proved wrong about how we will yet.

       I think we’ll see them on holograms encoded on photons decoded from huge solar panels in space.

       This was what my vision first answered for me.

       – in 1973.

       – in 1979 or so I decided that an international confederation of airports operating as free trade zones through lease agreements in every nation regardless of that nations laws and culture would facilitate economic advancements for common people by being culturally neutral and safe for business due to the cultural neutrality of airports in general.

       I thought and believed that if people had business interests in common that they would be less inclined to go to war, and that by facilitating trading posts I could moderate the threat of war.

       I know that I chose to believe that this is possible and better, but that the evidence shows that you are more likely to go to war with people you do business with, than people you don’t.

       My divorce proved to me that in micro and macro, people with common interests will go to war, and children are like civilians in whom the conflict harms.

       A real nation has an army.

       After my study of nation building I determined that if Transcendia was to become a real nation, it did have to have an army.

        Since I am a Godwin Anarchist I have determined that for a small nation of confederated airports all of my citizens and countrymen ought to be part of the army, and carry the weapons of their choice since I ought not have in my country citizens who would use weapons for the wrong reasons.

       The rules for the use of force start with the right of self defense.

       It is one you may give up as some do, like the Quakers, but it is generally recognized as one right you have inherently, ethically, and codified in international law on a personal and public or national scale.

       What I used to call Nuclear War, I now call Apocalyptic Riot, and I see it coming with the North Korean confirmation of another atomic bomb being exploded.

       Prior to and in an attempt to forstall the current Iraq War, so different from the Afganistan War, I tried hard to get the UN to put out a regular and ubiquitious Television Channel.

       I failed.

       Now as the Apocalyptic Riot approaches I am failing again with the Weapons of Mass Destruction Art Show at the UN.

      UN Day I got an email from the Department of Disarmament Affairs saying that after consultation with the Permanent Mission to the UN of the United States the Department of Disarmament Affairs would not ask for UN support for the show in their benefit because they were concerned about the quality of the art and were confused as to why I wanted to launch little model message rockets during the event when the 4′ by 8′ piece of steel was being painted and scratched and etched on by the attendees and artists.

      I wrote back again explaining that life and art are discovery and that the point of the little rockets was that it wasn’t what you had, but what you did with it.

      I am trying and have tried to do the best I could with my life, and I hope my brother and sisters will remember me well.



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