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More War Plan/RSD/Transcendia

     My past is your future.

      What are the precedents or experiments of humanity with situations similar to the situations that currently exist?

      My past is your future is what I say over and over is one thing the United States History says to other nations of the world.

      Of course the History of Greece and Rome and the British Empire can say the same thing to the US.

       We are now in a period of multipolar power balance that calls for a much more powerful United Nations since Weapons of Mass Destruction exist that have never been around before and are equivalent to the strike of Asteroids that elimanted the Dinasours.

       My past is your future…

       Permanent war is a fact of life.

       I am not a pacifist.   It is not practical.

       I also recognize that young men will fight.   They fight to defend or possess their women.

       Work is the great spiritual struggle for the material necessities.

       Work is a struggle and the right fight and in the case of the international workers.    It is they whom the armies and the police ought to rightly serve.

       Buying and selling things in an honorable fashion is work, but it is dependent on another class of workers.

        In the case of the merchants I believe even they would understand that if I were directing an army and police force they would benifit if I was directing that army and police force to preserve and protect the infrastructure and those that maintain and expand that infrastructure before I protected their stores.

        A good leader is essentially a good mayor.

        At this time and in this day and age I wonder who the greatest mayor in America is and would like to examine them as potential Presidents even over Senators or Lawyers.

        I would expect a Mayor to be practical.

        A Mayor would know that they have limited powers and resources and if we consider priorities from our limitations we are more likely to be practical.

        Persian and Arab Mayors and Mayors of the US and EU Cities of note would be sensible to convien together to produce strategies for peace in all areas of War and Peace.

       My war plan from the viewpoint of one of the working classes is that I and my class deserve fair treatment and that my governments either local national, or international ought to have to tools to serve and protect my class.

      The rise of International Law is good from my point of view as part of the Working Class.

       I survived in Manhattan partly because I did not have a regular schedule.

       No one on the street really knew when I might depart or arrive or much really where I went.

      As I live now I have a regular sort of schedule and see much the same people at the same time of the day.

      Those who do have regular schedules and duties need a bit more protection than those that don’t.

       In Iraq with whatever forces I had, taking a page from my hero Grant, I would capture and defend the infrastructure, which is what General Grant did when he took over the Mississisippi.

       Lee lost because he went to Gettysburg, where IKE played golf.

       We are in a time of World War.

       It is very nice where I live.

       My only real complaint is that I’m not rich.

       The garbage gets picked up, the kids go to school, the water and electricity runs when I turn the facet or flick the switch.

       The local doctors even saved my life about 6 months ago even though I did not have health insurance.

       I’ve got a big bill but at least I’m not dead.

       It would have been an agonizing death.

       Things are good.

       The infrastructure is working, I have a wife and some friends and a regular schedule inspite of the world of permanent war.

       When I was up for the lottery draft during the Viet Nam War I went to Canada before my number came up and lived in Rochdale College.

       I ended up as a poet newspaper editor and Security Guard for Rochdale.

       Rochdale for me was a better education than Yale has been for Bush apparently.

       Certainly I do know the difference between an enemy and a "Real" enemy.

       In my role as a Security Guard for Rochdale which had legalized all the hallucinegenic drugs in the building at 341 Bloor West up 18 stories, I and the regular police had a floor of common interests, which were keeping the peace and protecting people from violence regardless.

       I’ve told people that I suspect that had I gone to LA or New York when I was 19 and of the seditious mind I was, I probably would not still be alive.

      Canada and Toronto were good to me.

      Last time I lived in Fort Lauderdale people threw eggs on me when I was riding my bicycle.

      Nothing like that ever happened to me in Toronto.

      I am sorry I don’t know who the Mayor of Toronto was or is.

      Let us now look at the functioning International entities like airports and draw from them for balanced government.

      I recommend that there be UN offices at every International Airport for instance.

      Sociologically port cities are multicultural and successful over long periods of time.

      New Orleans is very significant in exposing the pus of festerings in the soul of the US mindscape.

      The combination of the Napoleanic Code and laws that mimic Islamic law, along with its history of endemic corruption are a ying and yang that are explosive and educational.

       You can find every sort of madness in the United States and its states that you can find in the world and all its nations.

       Love Canal in Buffalo is as terrible a story as Bohpal for instance.

       Around where I live the Mayor of Apex failed to protect Apex from a Chemical factory and storage facility that melted down and caused general evacuation.

      The threats to the working classes who cannot afford to not go to work to get their daily bread from wages are more ubiquitious than recognized by people in Iraq or Africa.

      The thing that the US does have going for it is that it is very rare for cops on the street to ask for a bribe.

       I find it extremely interesting that the law codes, that on their face are most fair are most corrupted and corruptable.

       Persian and Arabic law is not the same as Western Common law, but is similar to Mormon Utah and Louisianna law where people do some extreme things claimed to be right with God as spoken to them in their heads.

      Every good working person ought right to cleave to their class and their work and their fellows at work and after that worry about understanding God, more than doing things they think God told them to do.

       Killing people prevents them from working, and really work is more honorable than war and is struggle enough.

       As far as a Working Class War Plan I suggest protecting workers as legitmate work for armies and police and will leave it at that.





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