My main goal is to create a country of airports and spaceports

Main Life Goal

by Russell Scott Day

My main goal is to create a country of airports and spaceports without having a war, but only acknowledging the conflict with the situation shared that is like a war but where the enemy is like God.

The God that actually exists from the evidence which is the real world would not actually appear to exist if God existed to keep us from suffering.

Jesus says that God will forgive us for our sins, and we are Gods when we forgive God for our suffering which any all powerful Parent would save us from.

And how could any Great God save us from suffering but to fill our minds with wisdom and wash our bodies with pleasure? Even a suffering brain and a body washed in pleasure would do for most people most of the time.

Why have I gone crazy? Was your question Ted.

I have gone crazy because so many people are doing things that are medieval, which is one way for me to say stupid, or plain evil. There are so many self righteous power fuckheads greed driven and confident because they have a good suit walking around with license to send us to hell before we have nature put us there, that I have gone crazy.

My friend Chuck Timberlake said once that I was so sane that most people mistook it, and that I wouldn’t be appreciated till I was dead.

I’ve never been comfortable with saying, "Follow me." Like Jesus or Hitler or The Pied Piper, and have thought enough about it to say follow the right idea I have, put some thought into the reality that we all know to follow the right idea which is a idea that says that to live forever might happen, but it is not in evidence for me and is only a hoped for shared legacy of bodies to outnumber insects in a universe if humans do what they have the real capacity for and insects actually don’t.

Or in otherwords if the multicentric power balance is not obviated by a clear thinking United Nations with more power than the United Nations soon, our children will die.

So support United Nations Television on your TV, at the very least.


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