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Psychiatrists Love Insanity is the new book. I don’t have any copies myself yet. I sent off for the five allowed. It was an act of bravery for me to publish my poems. I read poems on the streets of Toronto when I was 19 graduated freshly from high school. Yeah, I was going to be a hollywood type of filmmaker. I’ve had a career. You can spit on it. The facts are there I worked in a lot of different positions. I stood around getting hungry and performing.
Alone and hungry I ate up all the donuts in the box. Cake donuts. Ben Franklin did something like that.
He tells so.
I heard my mother saying she didn’t like Ben Franklin. Ben was bad about being married. I don’t think he really cared much for it. Women in Paris wore perfume.
So Ben made his money being a regular good business man. He put on businessman shows late at night working and getting things done on time. Stuff we think is elementary, still isn’t to lots of people.
There is a unity to the book.
That’s why I left it the way I did. I’d worked on it years ago and sent it out and Fred Chapell, the NC Poet laureate for some time had been kind enough to read it and review it for me, and then it didn’t have anywhere to go.
If I was famous it would have sold because people want to read things that famous people write, regardless. So I am becoming famous, again. Fame without money really sucks.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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