New Site

Today is the first day of the new wordpress website.   I am grateful to Heath and Ed Hettig for the creation of this site.   We plan to maintain this site with all its archives.

Still the time has come for a site that works better to raise money selling the apparell made by Cafe Press with the Transcendian Flag, help and marketing the Xtree poster that will eventually replace artificial trees.

I am a photographer and want to be able to offer photos as posters.

We can't forget my books either.  I'm changing my public name from Russell Scott Day, for sale to Scott Day, levitra | because so many prefer Scott and remember it better.  I'm changing the name of the novella from Homeless Dog, to The Revolutionary, so that work doesn't end up in the pet supplies section of Amazon.

On other fronts I will continue to work for World peace, and progress through science.

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