Points for Reinvention


Condensing the Points for Reinvention of the UN written by Andre` Lewin

I work  to condense the Points for Reinvention of the UN written by Andre` Lewin Chairman of the French UN Association and originally published in the New York Times of March 15th 2003.

Herein I will work to do this again:

 – An Army.


 Until the United Nations has an army of its own, it will not be effective in defending the defenseless from genocides and the like that history has shown ought to be nipped in the bud regardless of national boundaries.

Until the United Nations has an army it ought to be able to contract with Mercenaries when it is obvious that Crimes Against Humanity are being committed.

The role of Media and Attorneys in the direction of the United Nations Army cannot be ignored and Television and Print and Radio journalists must be protected by the United Nations for they collect the evidence of such events that it is the mission of the United Nations to secure as a shared wealth and experience justifying what we call humankind as different from animals or rocks.

We will leave the defense of the International Attorneys, to themselves for the time being.

 – A UNITED NATIONS TELEVISION NETWORK that is commonly available in the standard way and exemplifies everywhere the principles of Free Speech and Expression that the United Nations is dedicated to as a Right to all souls.


 (Now the purpose and idea behind an exile island as Andre` Lewin has proposed is to make a place that would be similar to the island that the French put Napolean on that would be used to put Bad Kings or Bad Dictators, or whatever you want to call powerful leaders of nations who break international laws and wreak death and mayhem on their own citizens and thereby threaten all of us, especially when Weapons of Mass Destruction, such as Nuclear Bombs exist and are available to people who demonstrate willingness to use weapons of that category.

I do not weep for the arms merchants who get killed by spies in this ongoing conflict that we don’t want to face and is the reason there are spies in the first place.

 A real enemy is someone, or a group of people that are killing you, or trying to kill you and yours, it is not someone who just says bad things about you since they may change their mind and later say nice things about you if you come to an agreement out of the conflict while you are both living.

 This is one of the reasons that Free Speech ought to be a universally protected right for souls.)

 I posit that Transendia, a nation of confederated airports independent of all nations would achieve the need for the United Nations to have such an island as Andre` sees as an advancement since it would be geographically convient, and like an island everywhere, with the added vitality and economic multiplying effect of being a functioning port, not dependent on geography.

 The Blacked out Consensus Convention, and the Right and organized facilitation of the ablity of NGOs and even Individuals to Speak to the General Assembly are actions and are a System that I suspect are to be combined in a balance, but will think about herein later.

 Flying of the UN Flag ought to become more Universal at the least, and would give more souls hope.

 Russell Day/Founder of Transcendia

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