Proof of God/Working Class Corner

Proof of God/Working Class Corner

by- Russell Scott Day

    The proof of God is that we can remake ourselves without him.   We invent the microphone and the radio as if they were ears and brains.   The crane is our arm.   The atomic bomb implies we could create another universe, if we haven’t already.

     What will my robot do when it is left alone without us?

     I feel so bad about its lonliness.

     It will program its own prayers without my guidance.

     It will pray for electricity, or Xrays, anything to keep it alive.

     The round ball looking for energy not to keep going, but to think about why.

     Even my God would wonder why they exist.

     The only point is to make something of yourself, but if you are God already, what is the point of doing anything?    You’re already God.   What’s left to become?

     Possibly this explains the existence of dogs and cats.

     There is the Dog God, and the Cat God.

     Both of them are me and my wife.

     They misbehave but we still pet them.

     This is further proof of the Devil.

     The bad God and the Good God can’t help but exist.

     To achieve protected independent travel between the universes they create, I need a spaceship or fabricated planet of my own.

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