Some Warning

When first in the Rehab, pills or Nursing Home, depending on your condition and ambititons, there is warning that you may go mad.  The televisions play to the needs of many and duplicate in realty what is supposed to be a private torture.  One is supposed to go crazy all by ones self.

Insane, Crazy, we are not supposed to use the word crazy in a clinic setting, or diagnosis.  It is at least more cheery, crazy.  You have to admit.

So down the hall you go to be put in your square of a roof and window.

I had fear, and shoved it asside because there was nothing much I could do about it..

I had had the second of the operations I need to be able to walk and raise my right arm.

Course I might prefer to have my pained thumb redone.  I use it typing too much.  I limit my columns when the pain gets to be too much.

There is a little plastic bottle of an expensive liquid that I try drops and circled in in hope that the pain will abate.

Normally what I want now is sleep.

My "wound" is about healed and heals from the inside.

The crazy started immediately after the operation.  It came and went.  Finally I admitted quietly to the young nursing assistant who I trusted to not go for the strait jacket that I was having hallucinations.

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