The Movie Submarine

There was the dream in the Ozarks when I was 4 and had a submarine in the bathtub during a visit to relatives who I have never seen again though there is a picture pf me with them wearing the cap gun cowboy belt and they have on TV cowboy type shirts with down from the shoulders another color that has a point there before the chest really starts.
When in the bathtub I had played alone with a submarine.
Then there was a radio show that I heard through the walls as I was finally going to sleep, prescription but there was no sleep. Neither the submarine and the radio show happened when I was asleep and dreaming.
Now I am going to make a successful movie and all movies mad with a submarine as the set have made mony.
So really what I want is of course money. I want the money to be free you know. It is disgusting. Still we must share the money we will make from the submarine movie.
The Beatles made The Yellow Submarine.
The it is a destined work come from and clearly in my heart from my earliest days disregarding the act of founding a nation of airports.
Submarines do not fly.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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