What Thingy

What thingy will thawrt theives from thongy attacks?

Attacks on thongs are tremendous.

Stopping thong attacks with thingys is imperative for the watchers who are non theocratic

Remember the girl under the beach shower in the swimsuit of minimum.

So then attached to the iris eye of the like the Canon auto focus, buy cialis a peaceful

thingy is required.

Thingy this, and Thingy that, and well,

Thingy this and Thingy That, and well.

Well then Thingy this!

Well then Thingy That!

I hate your hat!

I step on your hat!

Take that you thingy thing you!

Wear that thong on your face you rat!

Take that you thingy fool!

Every thing is working well for this 5 minutes.

All is okay.

Where is the holster for my gun?

Where is my Super Soaker?

My American Classic is on the desk.

The Colt is in the night table.

That Phaser Thingy is on Star Trek.

Happy Days!

I remember a girl I never knew!

I Crusade for her.

We march for her.

Oh the beach is wonderful to remember for not a tree, but thee.

You girl of dreams and shopping and purchasing power.

I was the voyeur soldier.

My poems were of love.

Well, not always.

Happy Day!

I shoot all with the beauty gun of temporary death, and awake the fools in heavan.

Here you are pal.

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