WLSP stands for WLSP Literary Agency.-Or Writers Literary Screen Play Agency.

I sent these people money, to critique my work.

I sent these people the work in formats they demanded.

I sent these people money for "postage".

I sent these people the best package, hard copies, and CDs of recordings of the table reading of the screen play.

After a couple of years they couldn’t  sell it.

They said they were thinking of dumping me.

I said try one more month, and then fine.

I asked them to send back to me COD my best package.

I got a note saying they had destroyed all I had sent them.

Well, overall, they are very limited and not of much use for people who work to contract.

Second when I sent them money to do what they called an "advanced agency" mailing.

I got two versions.

I think they made both up, since they had located to Florida, and  Florida, is of course an okay place to be, it is not NYC, or LA.

They failed to sell my screenplay.

Then I do have some evidence that they lied since I got a report that was reflective of twice what I paid for.

About two or three weeks ago I promised them that I would post to my website, this one, a badmouth of them, if I did not get back from my supposed agent all that I sent to them.

I have not, gotten the body back in its coffin.

This little thing really pisses me off, and I am forced to follow through, and post my report.

"Oh, Hey, Everything Is Great With Us!

We Destroyed every evidence of our deal!"

Okay, I know the rules.

I got something back from the New Yorker a week ago.

They are not an agent.

I sent them the stuff with a return envelope.

Out of the 6 or 7 hundred bucks I spent with WL, for them to not send back what I sent in hardcopy form, implies to me that they just threw it away.

The two different mailing reports I got imply they are slick.

In either case, whether they are upright or charlatians, they didn’t sell my work.   They are very limited, as far as what a working writer needs as representation, and reports of the destruction of whatever I sent to my agent, without even the ashes, do not  encourage me to recommend them to others, either more skilled, or more salable than I.

I wanted to write them a note that was a simple Fuck You!, you pathetic lying failures, but I restrained myself.

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