Working Class Corner, Crime Against the People, FAA Shutdown

A lot of money in taxes is being deprived of the US Treasury by the partial shutdown of the FAA.  This can do nothing but increase the so called budget deficit.  The Republican Party is acting like they are agents of a foreign nation.  Federal stimulus money is negated when states cut back.

The preview is there represented by what is happening regarding the FAA.  Is it legal for members of Congress to engage in union busting by this sort of legislation?  I really don't think so.

In order i suggest those responsible for shutdown of the FAA be stripped of their power, medicine and that the President use whatever legal means allowed him to override FAA shutdown, and then move to do whatever it is that is necessary to maintain US financial credibility.

Damage has already been done.  Proof of intent to engineer more damage stands there in our faces backwards with our noses in it.

I offer a way forward, in order, starting with rectifying the criminal act that is the shutdown of the FAA. 

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